November 7, 2012
Posted: 2152 GMT

Robert Reich says when he first heard President Obama had been reelected he felt “relief.” Listen to why he believes Obama is the right person to work on the economy from the White House.


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October 6, 2012
Posted: 246 GMT

CNN’s Chief Political Anchor, Wolf Blitzer, came on the show today to break down the latest jobs report and how the candidates are responding.

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October 5, 2012
Posted: 1706 GMT

Hello everyone,

Very busy day today at the I-Desk. We will bring you the latest on radical cleric Abu Hamza, who lost his last ditch appeal to avoid extradition to the United States. A high court in London ruled that Abu Hamza and four others could be extradited immediately to the U.S. to face terrorism charges. CNN’s Dan Rivers is in London and will bring us the latest live.

Big news today came in the form of a very unexpectedly positive September unemployment reading in the U.S. This is certainly very welcome news for President Barack Obama, whose lackluster performance in his debate against Mitt Romney on Wednesday did him no favors.

Not only did America’s jobless rate fall below 8% to 7.8% in September – its lowest level since January 2009 – but the number of jobs created in August and July was revised upward. I can imagine some administration officials are now breathing a big sigh of relief.

Nick Paton Walsh will cover the latest from Syria and the spiraling violence in the suburbs of Damascus. There are reports rebels have shot down a fighter jet outside of Damascus. We’ll bring you the latest on that.

That and all the big news stories of the hour as they develop, as always!

See you on air,


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October 3, 2012
Posted: 2355 GMT

Presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley, came on the show to preview the first debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama. He says the candidates have to be gaffe-free in a challenge of "not messing up."

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January 31, 2012
Posted: 2350 GMT

Thanks for watching our special coverage today. In just a few hours, Floridians will have chosen their Republican nominee.

Here is a behind the scenes look at our camera position in Tampa. We'll be back tomorrow for more coverage from Florida. Hope you join us then.

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Posted: 1616 GMT

Hi everyone,

I spent some time with ordinary Florida voters just a few hours before the crucial Republican primary in this state. Mitt Romney is enjoying a firm double digit lead over former House speaker Newt Gingrich. Whoever ends up winning, voters told the Idesk team they just want a candidate who represents them and who can fix the economy.

Florida's economy is worse off than the country as a whole: the unemployment rate is 9.9% vs 8.5% overall. And the long term unemployed account for over 50% of those without jobs, the highest in the nation.

Check out my report from Tampa:

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