April 3, 2013
Posted: 2347 GMT

A French group of Jewish students is suing Twitter for $50 million dollars over racist tweets. One of their members came on the show today to discuss the lawsuit.

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September 16, 2009
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Fans and celebrity friends alike are sharing their admiration for the actor who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.  Hala and Nicole look at the overwhelming response:

What's your favorite Swayze moment or line from a movie?  Join the conversation!

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August 6, 2009
Posted: 2024 GMT

Hello everyone...

This is a POST-IDesk edition of the "Today at the I-Desk" blog. We had very little time today, before the programme, to put together a preview.

But, here's what you missed... And, we invite all of your comments on any of the topics.

Off the top of the show, we started with Hillary Clinton's trip to Africa. The U.S. Secretary of State landed in South Africa during the later edition of I-Desk. And, our Nkepile Mabuse helped preview the diplomat's trip, including a possible visit to former South African leader Nelson Mandela.

One of the biggest stories of the day, in terms of instant global impact, was the hacking of Twitter. The way everyone is reacting, you'd think the entire Internet crashed. HAHA. No matter whether you're a member of Twitter or not, the cyber-attack (aka: denial-of-service attack OR D.O.S.) did have a wide-reaching impact. Our Colleen McEdwards joined us from the Newsroom to breakdown the hacking, as well as a quick explanation on what the heck a D.O.S. really is.

Then, breaking news happened! The U.S. Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor, as the next Supreme Court Justice. With the confirmation, Sotomayor made history, as the 1st Hispanic justice on the high court. Of course, the confirmation was expected... but, it was a matter of how many opposition senators would vote FOR her. About 15 minutes after the confirmation, Barack Obama spoke from the White House, to give his reaction... And, as always, you saw that LIVE at the I-Desk.

Finally, if you missed the end of the show, you missed a VERY different walk-off (or dance-off) by Isha Sesay and Patrick Snell. The pair waltzed off the set, following a light-hearted story about a woman who enjoys dancing with her horse. Ummm, no comment from this producer.

Hope you enjoyed it... See you Friday, at the I-Desk.
J the P

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June 16, 2009
Posted: 1742 GMT

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, some of you obejected to my use of the term "Twitter revolution" to describe what is happening in parts of Iran right now. A few found it limiting and felt it didn't acurately reflect the wide nature of the protests and rallies that have divided segments of the Iranian population.

The term, widely circulated in the days following Iran's contentious presidential race, is not meant to reduce the political crisis to what can be tweeted in 140 character messages, but to signal the beginning of a new threat to regimes who try to suppress their citizens' messages of protest.

Governments can only control so much; messages and photos of what is happening in iran, circulated via Twitter, have made their way out. They've provided a certain measure of insight into what is happening in Iran today when added to other forms of reporting and newsgathering.

Ok, now that's out of the way, a quick note on actually reporting the Iran story. CNN's Reza Sayah is in Tehran for us today but, like other members of the foreign press, is barred from covering rallies on the streets of Tehran. So he will be live for us from another location.

We'll also be analyzing the aftermath of the presidential election with an Mahmoud Ahmadinejad supporter, Kaveh Afrasiabi, and will ask him at least one question submitted to my Twitter oage (@halagorani.) Thanks for all your suggestions.

Also today, we'll look at President' Obama's latest remarks on North Korea. He is hosting his South Korean counterpart at the White House today and answered reporter questions about the North, stating that he believed a nuclear-armed Pyogyang posed a "greave threat" to the world. We'll analyze the U.S. President's remarks.

We are still looking into reports that three Western tourists recently kidnapped Yemen were murdered and will discuss efforts to get the remaining hostages freed.

And a look at why stock markets are still feeling deflated, despite good economic news.

That, ans the rest of the day's top stories, as awlays.

See you on TV!


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June 2, 2009
Posted: 2139 GMT

In a CNN/Opinion Reasearch Corporation poll released today, 46% of Americans say they view the Muslim world "unfavorably" versus 41% in 2002.

Here are your responses on Twitter @Halagorani:

– "Could it be that Americans are tired of being insulted by the people they have tried so desperately to help?" (P_Coleman)

– "Muslims are becoming more divided,we fight amongst each other which doesn't give the world a good impression." (Nazti)

– "We dont care about views of americans to us. We Muslims are more than one billion. And there are Muslims in america." (WazirO)

– "Media could be partly blamed on why Muslims are viewed this way..." (AndyStar88)

– "The Muslim world does not do enough to counteract its extremists. The moderate Muslim seems to be more a myth than reality." (ManOnASoapBox)

– "Because Hollywood and mainstream media in the US does't show other than that. We also lack the power of Arab Media." (AliDahmash)

– "I think Americans are looking at the constant fighting in those areas and the bizarre things such as child marriages in Saudi Arabia." (Leetchie)

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April 28, 2009
Posted: 1740 GMT

–I dont think its going overboard,the more awareness created on this or any other major health issue the better... (dm104)

–Never too much coverage, when it comes to updating people of outbreaks such as swine flu. It is better to be over informed! lol (DjOracle)

–nah. it's all good. of course, media better EDUCATE people PROPERLY, otherwise it'll be no better than fear mongering, IMHO (gotthammer)

–Not all. Good coverage. Some folks just don't want face reality ! Vic in Germany (Don_Bacardi)

–yes-the media spreading fear. Not the message on Causes and prevention

–I live in Mexico City and things are running quite smoothly, I reckon the press is a little overboard.

–It seems the only newsworthy event around the world last evening (afternoon stateside) was swine flu. If CNNI is any indication. (ukrainiac)

–People in Mexico are not saying this...people elsewhere should try to be less selfish.It’s wrong to say "media is overreacting." (FawadAli)

Kepp Tweets coming at

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