October 21, 2009
Posted: 1833 GMT

Hey there, everyone...

There have been several big stories at the I-Desk this week. Some of you have already commented on our Facebook page - which, if you're not a fan of, you really should be. Just search: CNN I-Desk.

Anyway, we want to get your take on this week's big stories, which seem to have huge implications. Among them:

1. Afghanistan runoff election - The newly scheduled November 7th runoff pins President Hamid Karzai against his main opponent, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. Right now, Mr. Karzai holds a relatively large lead over Dr. Abdullah. Of course, the outcome of this election could play a pivotal role in the future of the war efforts, in that country. What do you think will happen? And, what do you think the U.S. and NATO forces should do, in response to the election? Or, even, before the election?

2. Iran nuclear deal - It's a story, which broke earlier on Wednesday. Details of the proposed deal are still being worked out, and everyone needs to completely agree on them. But, essentially, the deal could lead to a brand-new relations between Iran and the West. Do you think Iran will abide by the deal? What do you feel will come of the negotiations?

3. H1N1 vaccines - The much-anticipated vaccines are now being given to healthcare workers in Britain. Some people in China, Iraq and several other countries are also receiving the "swine flu" vaccine. But, others are skeptical that it'll work. What are your thoughts? Do you plan on getting the vaccine? If not, why?

Those are just a few of this week's big stories. Feel free to comment on these, or anything else you've seen at the I-Desk.


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April 30, 2009
Posted: 1708 GMT

Today is going to be a different day at I-Desk. We'll be devoting the whole hour to picking apart the H1N1 Flu (aka Swine Flu). We'll have a panel of experts live in the studio answering questions and we'll go live to our correspondents who are, as usual, right where the action is. Leave your comments below and we'll be sure to try to ask as many of them as we can live on air.

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April 28, 2009
Posted: 1740 GMT

–I dont think its going overboard,the more awareness created on this or any other major health issue the better... (dm104)

–Never too much coverage, when it comes to updating people of outbreaks such as swine flu. It is better to be over informed! lol (DjOracle)

–nah. it's all good. of course, media better EDUCATE people PROPERLY, otherwise it'll be no better than fear mongering, IMHO (gotthammer)

–Not all. Good coverage. Some folks just don't want face reality ! Vic in Germany (Don_Bacardi)

–yes-the media spreading fear. Not the message on Causes and prevention

–I live in Mexico City and things are running quite smoothly, I reckon the press is a little overboard.

–It seems the only newsworthy event around the world last evening (afternoon stateside) was swine flu. If CNNI is any indication. (ukrainiac)

–People in Mexico are not saying this...people elsewhere should try to be less selfish.It’s wrong to say "media is overreacting." (FawadAli)

Kepp Tweets coming at

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Posted: 1431 GMT

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April 27, 2009
Posted: 1255 GMT

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