January 27, 2010
Posted: 1729 GMT

Hello again from Port-au-Prince,

Today we'll bring you a story on how the Haitian capital's roughest neighborhoods are surviving in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated large swaths of the city.

We traveled to the ironically named "Bel Air" section of town. This is rough gangland, where life was hard even before the earthquake with guns, drugs and prostitution.

After the disaster, people tell me they have not received aid here yet. They say they have no running water, no tents, and no access to relief shipments. We spoke to former Bel Air resident Stevenson Merisier, who works for us as a translator here, and who guided us through the unforgiving streets of his childhood neighorhood.

Also today on the show, we will go live to Davos, where French president Nicolas Sarkozy is opening the World Economic Forum. He's expected to talk about the economic crisis and what the international community's response to the disaster in Haiti should be. This is an important political stage for the French President. We'll break it down for you.

In other news, we're monitoring the results of Sri Lanka's election. Incumbent president Mahinda Rajapaksa was declared the winner in yesterday's poll but his challenger, the country's former army chief, is challenging the results.

Plus, ancitipation is building about Apple's new tablet computing device. As always with Apple, there is great secrecy surrounndig the release of the company's latest product. Some details have been leaked but we will only know what the tablet looks like and whether it will be an industry game-changer in the 1pm Eastern hour, just as IDesk goes to air.

All that and the rest of the day's top stories, as always.

See you at the Idesk,


(Photo Steve Turnham/CNN)

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May 19, 2009
Posted: 1423 GMT

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May 14, 2009
Posted: 1519 GMT

tamil rebel

We continue to receive fiery and opinionated responses to the unrest in Sri Lanka on our blog. In response, we want to use this post to establish a forum for anyone who still wants to share their thoughts. Think of it as a discussion or sounding board for all things related to the current situation in that country. Unfortunately, we will have to delete any comments on the topic left on unrelated blog postings. Thanks!

-The I-Desk Team

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May 12, 2009
Posted: 1242 GMT

We want to thank everyone who has contributed their thoughts on the unrest in Sri Lanka over the past few days. Unfortunately, due to high volume, we've had to disable comments. We've simply been unable to keep up with the pace! For everyone who posted their opinions: we hear your voice. And for everyone we couldn't accomodate: we apologize and rest assured you won't go unheard. Thanks!

-The I-Desk Team

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May 11, 2009
Posted: 1523 GMT

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March 3, 2009
Posted: 1506 GMT

Hello readers and viewers,

Topping the rundown today, we will be looking at U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's visit to Washington, D.C. American President Barack Obama chose to make Mister Brown the first European leader to visit his White House.

The men will be discussing the economic meltdown, of course, and ways to help stop the hemorrhaging money and jobs. Gordon Brown, who was U.K. finance minister during Britain's boom years, wants a global "New Deal," a holistic worldwide rescue plan.

So far, it's an ambitious talking point. Will it work?

But our big debate topic today is the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan. This is not just an attack against a team, it's an assault against Pakistian, Sri Lanka and the sport of cricket itself.

We will be looking at how cricket is more than a pastime, but an obession in many parts of South Asia and how targetting the game is about inflicting psychological terror on an entire region.

Stan Grant will be live with us from Pakistan, Paula Newton from Afghanistan, Justin Armsden is covering the International Cricket Council reaction from London and Marc Mckay is on the set with me discussing the future of the sport.

We are also planning on talking the former Pakistani cricket captain and star Rameez Raja from Lahore.

Check out the poll below. We are asking viewers whether Pakistan should continue to host cricket tournaments. We will be reading out poll results at the end of the hour so please weigh in!

Back to work, see you on the air.


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