October 10, 2012
Posted: 1731 GMT

Hello everyone,

Today on the show, we will look at the collapse of that huge European aerospace and defense merger between EADS and the UK’s BAE Systems. The $45 billion deal was designed to create a giant to rival U.S. plane maker Boeing. Jim Boulden joins us from London with more on what led to the collapse.

We also bring you the latest on a congressional hearing in Washington looking into the September 11th attack on the American consulate in Benghazi and the deaths of ambassador Chris Stevens and three other U.S. citizens.

Prepared testimony to the House Oversight Committee hearing is expected to show that Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy will address specific criticism by Republicans that authorities were ill-prepared before the Benghazi consulate attack. We’re live in Washington.

Later, an update on the condition of Malala Youssufzai, the brave 14 year old Pakistani activist shot and critically wounded by the Taliban for campaigning for girls’ education. The assault on Youssufzai had shocked many people, including ordinary Pakistanis. We’re hearing from one of her doctors that her condition is slowly improving after a three-hour operation to remove a bullet from her neck. Reza Sayah will have our report from Islamabad.

We also have new video of a clash between rebels and regime forces in a key town Syria’s Idlib province. Nick Paton Walsh will be live with us from Beirut.

We’ll have all that and the rest of the world’s top news stories, as always.

See you on air!


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September 21, 2012
Posted: 1536 GMT

We will be looking at continuing demonstrations in some part of the Muslim world on this Friday. Arwa Damon will join us from Benghazi, where four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya, were killed on September 11th.

Reza Sayah will report from the heart of an anti-Western demonstration in Islamabad, Pakistan. Angry demonstrators burned down two movie theaters to protest that anti-Islam film produced in the United States.

Also today, a CNN exclusive: our chief medical correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta has interviewed researchers from Houston's MD Anderson Cancer Center. They are announcing a new program to reduce deaths from 8 types of cancer within the next decade. We'll break this down for you and tell you if this is something we should all be optimistic about.

As always, we will have the latest on the conflict in Syria and the toll it is taking on tens of thousands of civilian Syrian refugees now forced to live in Turkey to escape the violence in their home country.

Plus all your sports, weather and financial news. Join us at the International Desk for your daily news roundup!


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October 18, 2009
Posted: 1525 GMT

Hey there, everyone...

Hala is on holiday all week. Isha is filling-in most of the week. When she's not in, we'll have a guest appearance from BackStory's Michael Holmes.

No matter who's at the helm of the I-Desk, we'll continue bringing you the latest stories with live reports from around the world. And, from what we can tell from this weekend, Pakistan and Iran will most likely be among our biggest stories this week - with a suicide attack in southern Iran, and the military offensive in Pakistan.

Starting with Iran, dozens of people were killed. Some leaders in the government are blaming the United States, for having some kind of hand in the attack. What do you think?

And, in Pakistan, the military offensive is in full swing in South Waziristan. Is that going to be enough, to stop the Taliban?

Let us know your thoughts... We'll share some of them throughout the week. See you then, at the I-Desk!

J the P.

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August 7, 2009
Posted: 1648 GMT

Hello again, everyone...

First and foremost, we have an encore appearance by BackStory's Michael Holmes today, as he fills in for Hala. And, for those of you wondering, the very-well-rested Ms. Gorani returns on Monday.

Now, down to business:

Today, we're following Typhoon Morakot, which is slamming into Taiwan, as I'm writing this update. We have a journalist on the island, who is monitoring the situation. And, he'll join us live at the I-Desk. Of course, we'll also have the latest forecast, and a look at what's next for the strengthening storm.

Also, we're taking you Pakistan, where there are reports that Taliban leader, Baitullah Mehsud, is dead. Pakistani officials say he was killed by a U.S. drone attack; while, the United States military has not confirmed the death. We're getting the latest from Islamabad, as well as The Pentagon.

Over in Iran, just 2 days into Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's second term, a scathing report is released by Amnesty International. The human rights group claims that Iran has executed 115 people, just between the June 12th election and Wednesday's inauguration... compare that to 196 people executed between January 1st of this year and the election. An unbelievable jump! But, how does Amnesty know for sure? We're asking an official from the group, who is joining us live at the I-Desk.

Next door in Iraq, our Arwa Damon is tracking two stories. Both extremely sad. One of them is sure to make you cringe. It's a report, you just can't miss.

And, finally, a light-hearted end to the show... What do Pope Benedict and famous rapper, Snoop Doggy Dogg, have in common? We'll show you.

See you tonight... at the I-Desk.
J the P

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August 4, 2009
Posted: 1610 GMT

Hello again, everyone...

Please forgive the delay on our updates from the I-Desk. It's been quite a busy few days, while Hala continues her holiday. And, since that's the case, Isha Sesay is on double-duty as the presenter for BOTH editions of the International Desk.

As you've probably already heard, former U.S. President Bill Clinton is back on the world stage, with a seemingly historic visit to North Korea. The mission of his trip is to bring two American journalists, who have been in North Korean custody for months, back home. But, of course, the nuclear issue could always come up. Already, Mr. Clinton has met with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il.

As usual, we are covering this story from every angle... First off, our World Affairs Correspondent, Jill Dougherty, is monitoring the latest from Washington. She will bring us up-to-date. Then, our Chief International Correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, will join us to put this visit into perspective. Christiane is one of the few western journalists, who has reported from inside North Korea. And, we'll delve into her expertise. And, over at the White House, our correspondents are closely watching the Obama Administration's reaction. Did they send a message with Bill Clinton, for Pyongyang? Find out... at the IDesk.

Other news we're watching... A disagreement between top leaders of the U.S. military, regarding the future of troops in Iraq. Our Pentagon team is working that story. Also, a suspected terror plot foiled in Australia, kids recruited to become suicide bombers in Pakistan, and an ambitious diplomatic mission in South America by Colombia's president.

We'll explore all of those stories, plus the latest breaking news... tonight at the I-Desk.

See you then!
J the P

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April 23, 2009
Posted: 1500 GMT

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April 10, 2009
Posted: 1439 GMT

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March 3, 2009
Posted: 1506 GMT

Hello readers and viewers,

Topping the rundown today, we will be looking at U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's visit to Washington, D.C. American President Barack Obama chose to make Mister Brown the first European leader to visit his White House.

The men will be discussing the economic meltdown, of course, and ways to help stop the hemorrhaging money and jobs. Gordon Brown, who was U.K. finance minister during Britain's boom years, wants a global "New Deal," a holistic worldwide rescue plan.

So far, it's an ambitious talking point. Will it work?

But our big debate topic today is the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan. This is not just an attack against a team, it's an assault against Pakistian, Sri Lanka and the sport of cricket itself.

We will be looking at how cricket is more than a pastime, but an obession in many parts of South Asia and how targetting the game is about inflicting psychological terror on an entire region.

Stan Grant will be live with us from Pakistan, Paula Newton from Afghanistan, Justin Armsden is covering the International Cricket Council reaction from London and Marc Mckay is on the set with me discussing the future of the sport.

We are also planning on talking the former Pakistani cricket captain and star Rameez Raja from Lahore.

Check out the poll below. We are asking viewers whether Pakistan should continue to host cricket tournaments. We will be reading out poll results at the end of the hour so please weigh in!

Back to work, see you on the air.


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