October 26, 2009
Posted: 1110 GMT

Hey there, everyone...

First of all, Hala continues to be off for most of the week. She'll be back, before you head back to your weekend. Isha is manning the later edition of I-Desk, while Hala is on holiday this week.

Now, for the news - It was a busy and deadly weekend in Iraq and Afghanistan. Starting in Iraq, where the country is mourning the deadliest attacks in two years. Well over 100 people were killed in Baghdad, hundreds more wounded. In Afghanistan, helicopter-related deaths ruled the weekend, as more than a dozen NATO servicemembers, most of them American, were killed. So, what's the solution in either country? For Iraq, the U.S. still plans on pulling out, despite the surge in violence after their forces left small towns in June. In Afghanistan, the opposite plan appears to be in play, with U.S. Pres. Barack Obama considering an increase in boots on the ground. Are these the right courses of action?

Now, for the accused war criminal. Radovan Karadzic refused to appear in court Monday - essentially, boycotting his own war crimes trial at the Hague. Karadzic claims he hasn't had enough time to prepare for his trial. Should the judge force him into court? Or, should he grant more time?

Those are the biggest stories we're following right now at the I-Desk... Of course, if that changes, we'll have the latest for you.

See you then!
J the P

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September 7, 2009
Posted: 1342 GMT

Hello everyone...

This week, Hala is on holiday. So, Isha is manning both editions of I-Desk all week long.

Today, we're starting with a new effort by the NATO commander in Afghanistan, to win the hearts and minds of the people. The U.S. Defense Department has released a new video, featuring General Stanley McChrystal. In the fully translated video, which is airing across Afghanistan, McChyrstal sends a message to Afghans about NATO's goals, and their role in helping their homeland.

The video comes on the same day that a Swedish group claimed U.S. forces stormed into a hospital, and tied down employees, among other things. Atia Abawi is watching both of those developments from Kabul. She'll join us live to break down the details.

Also on the docket, new comments by Iranian Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regarding his country's nuclear program. We're also covering a major verdict in Sudan, new Israeli settlements approved in Palestinian territories, and a BIG change for drivers on a South Pacific island. You don't want to miss that!

In the United States, today is the Labor Day holiday. So, the entire country is taking it light. So, we'll reflect that a bit, towards the end of the show... with a look at surfing and tug-of-war.

See you then!
J the P.

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March 5, 2009
Posted: 1524 GMT

Hello readers and viewers,

Well... Interest rates at 0.5% for the Bank of England. It's a new all-time low for the venerable 400 year-old institution. The BoE is also increasing money supply, a fancy way of saying it's printing money.

On the same day, the European Central Bank is cutting interest rates as well: it slashed 50 basis points off its main lending rate to 1.5%. Sounds good, except that it also slashed growth rates for the Eurozone.

When will this all end? The Bank of England has cut rates six times since October. Still, banks aren't lending. Still, consumers aren't borrowing. Governments are in a hysterical bailout frenzy, using every economic tool in their arsenal.

Still, we're frozen in credit paralysis.

We'll talk about this and the prospect of American carmaking giant General Motors facing bankruptcy. Jim Boulden is in London and Stephanie Elam is in New York with the latest on GM and today's stock market declines.

Also at the I-Desk: we take you to Brussels where Nato foreign ministers are meeting and resuming formal ties with Russia. We'll be live in Brussels and in Moscow with Russian reaction.

A lot more, including Michael Jackson's comeback annoucement and amazing video of a man, hit by both a train and a truck , who lived to tell the tale. You don't want to miss it.

See you in a few hours at the International Desk.


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