April 2, 2009
Posted: 1742 GMT

Did you see it, during today's I-Desk??

We did a live shot with our good friend, Richard Quest, who was live at the Excel Center in London.  The goal of the hit was to analyze the G20 Summit.  Was it a success?  Of course, Richard answered that flawlessly.

Then, our plan took a bit of a detour.

Hala brought up Michelle Obama's apparent faux pas, when the U.S. First Lady half-hugged the Queen, during Wednesday's reception at Buckingham Palace.  The moment was caught on camera.  And, minutes before I-Desk started, the Palace released a statement, calling it a "mutual and spontaneous display of affection."  So, we decided to ask Richard about it, since he's our resident royal expert.

And, in typical Richard fashion, he demonstrated the half-hug, by dragging correspondent Paula Newton into the camera shot.  It was HILARIOUS!!  As you might imagine, the moment was completely unplanned... and, you could tell from Paula's jovial reaction.

Then, once that was done, Quest was simply just Quest.  He stopped in mid-sentence.  The entire control room, and Hala in the studio, were not sure what he was about to do.  Then, out of nowhere, Richard brought over European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, for a quick live interview. 

From our side of things, a planned 3 minute segment turned into 6 minutes.  But, no complaints from me.  It was great television!!

I hope you saw it... If not, don't worry.  Keep it tuned to I-Desk every day, because I'm sure we'll have plenty more.

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