November 27, 2009
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May 27, 2009
Posted: 1333 GMT

Hello everyone...

First of all, Isha Sesay is doing double-duty at the I-Desk, while Hala does her civic duty in the United States (meaning: she has jury duty).

Alright, down to business:

We have a busy day at the I-Desk, starting with German officials meeting with Opel, regarding the auto company's future. There are several other enterprises, which are bidding to buy Opel, including companies from Canada, the U.S., Italy and Russia. Opel, of course, is General Motors' subsidiary in Germany... and, GM is dealing with its own issues. We'll be talking live Diana Magnay, outside an Opel factory, and with Stephanie Elam, who's handling the GM side of things.

Also on the agenda, the Champions League final. Manchester United and Barcelona face off in Rome, just before the late edition of I-Desk gets underway. We'll have live updates throughout the hour, including live pictures from Manchester & Barcelona, as fans celebrate (or don't celebrate) their teams.

We'll also continue to bring you the latest on the situation in North Korea, following another missile launch. And, the situation in South Asia keeps getting worse. Nearly 200 people are dead in Bangladesh, following a killer cyclone earlier this week. Our World Weather Team are closely monitoring the situation.

That'll do it for now... Don't forget to vote on our poll (see below). Who will win the Champions League final?? We'll see... at the I-Desk!

J the P.

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May 7, 2009
Posted: 1500 GMT

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April 14, 2009
Posted: 1347 GMT

Hey All-

We missed you yesterday, so today we’ll have to make our entry twice as fun.

First off, the lovely Isha Sesay is hosting again, while Hala gets another day of R & R.

Now to the good stuff: U.S. President Barack Obama is addressing the economy, in a speech today at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. How will his words affect today’s markets? Will he increase confidence in a not-too-far-off recovery?

We’ll bring you that speech; and, we’ll be talking with our man Richard Quest about this and more.

Also, our Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider has some interesting new numbers just released, about whether people think President Obama has a plan to save the economy.

Morgan Neill will be live from Cuba to discuss recent comments made by Fidel Castro on President Obama’s easing of travel restrictions to the communist country. Castro says he doesn’t want “charity”, so then what does he want?

Pirates, pirates and more pirates– ships keep getting hijacked off the Horn of Africa. This time it’s a Greek cargo ship. Can these Somali pirates be stopped and if so, how? When will these ships start trying to combat the terror?

And an interesting new study will be published next week by a group of University of Southern California scientists about the effects of Twitter on the development of morality. It says that the streams of information are too fast for the brain’s “moral compass.” What does this mean and is it something to be worried about for yourself or your kids?

We here at I-Desk certainly don’t suffer from any moral deficiencies… but, then again, we missed the online social network-age by a few years.

We’ll have all this and more so tune in. Till airtime!!

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March 31, 2009
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March 30, 2009
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March 13, 2009
Posted: 1415 GMT

If 'other' please leave comment

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March 5, 2009
Posted: 1524 GMT

Hello readers and viewers,

Well... Interest rates at 0.5% for the Bank of England. It's a new all-time low for the venerable 400 year-old institution. The BoE is also increasing money supply, a fancy way of saying it's printing money.

On the same day, the European Central Bank is cutting interest rates as well: it slashed 50 basis points off its main lending rate to 1.5%. Sounds good, except that it also slashed growth rates for the Eurozone.

When will this all end? The Bank of England has cut rates six times since October. Still, banks aren't lending. Still, consumers aren't borrowing. Governments are in a hysterical bailout frenzy, using every economic tool in their arsenal.

Still, we're frozen in credit paralysis.

We'll talk about this and the prospect of American carmaking giant General Motors facing bankruptcy. Jim Boulden is in London and Stephanie Elam is in New York with the latest on GM and today's stock market declines.

Also at the I-Desk: we take you to Brussels where Nato foreign ministers are meeting and resuming formal ties with Russia. We'll be live in Brussels and in Moscow with Russian reaction.

A lot more, including Michael Jackson's comeback annoucement and amazing video of a man, hit by both a train and a truck , who lived to tell the tale. You don't want to miss it.

See you in a few hours at the International Desk.


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March 4, 2009
Posted: 1522 GMT

Hello readers and viewers,

Another busy day at the International Desk. We will kick things off with coverage of U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's speech to Congress in Washington, D.C.

He is scheduled to address Capitol Hill in the hour preceding I-Desk.

Although the British PM, who was finance minister during the boom years in the U.K., has been under pressure to take some responsibility for making mistakes that lead to the current banking meltdown, is not expected to issue a personal mea culpa.

Instead, he will urge the United States to seize the moment and to work collectively to find solutions to the recession that is threatening to plunge the world into a prolonged downward spiral. It's being called a very Rooseveltian "global New Deal."

We will be talking to University of Maryland professor Peter Morici for his post-game analysis on Mr. Brown's economic proposals.

Also in the show, we will be covering the International Criminal Court's arrest warrant for Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir. We have Robyn Curnow in South Africa and Nic Robertson live on the show for that.

The latest on the investigation of the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team with Stan Grant from Lahore, Pakistan as well as Hillary Clinton's visit to the West Bank will feature prominently at the I-Desk.

Back to work for me. See you on TV!


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