March 12, 2010
Posted: 1735 GMT

Hello from the newsroom everyone,

Today we are live in Rome and in Berlin with the latest on sex abuse accusations against the Catholic Church in Germany. Today, the German Archbishop sat down with Pope Benedict the 16th for 45 minutes to discuss the latest in a string of allegations.

The sex abuse could that has hung over the Catholic Church in Europe – from Ireland to Austria – is this time hitting particularly close to home for Pope Benedict: the alleged abuses in Germany took place in a Cathedral where the Pontiff's brother was a Choir Master.

Don't forget to vote in today's poll on whether you think the Pope is doing enough to address allegations of sexual wrongdoing, Weigh in below.

Also today, we'll go live to London where the French President is making a splash. He is accusing the United States of setting a bad example when it comes to protectionism.

Sarkozy was referring to a military refueling contract awarded to U.S. plane maker Boeing and not to European rival EADS. His words clearly hit a nerve in America: Sarkozy was the main story on Conservative website The Drudge Report in the United States.

Speaking of military contracts, I'll be talking to former Clinton administration adviser Toby Gati on Russia's recent nuclear deal with India. Just a few weeks ago, the United States sold armaments to both India and Pakistan. What do recent developments mean for U.S.-Russia relations? How does it change the power balance in the region?

Staying in the AFPAK region, we will then take you live to Pakistan, where there's been another deadly bomb attack.

Later, we'll bring you the latest developments on a probable British Airways cabin crew strike. We'll tell you how it might impact your travel plans.

All that and the latest news, weather and sports updates as they come in.

See you at the IDesk!


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