October 8, 2012
Posted: 1749 GMT

Hello everyone,

A shortened note today after a busy morning covering Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech in Virginia today. We'll be analyzing the address Romney hopes will bolster his foreign policy credentials and provide the basis for an attack against U.S. president Barack Obama. Wolf Blitzer will be joining us for analysis from Washington.

We'll also look at Hugo Chavez's narrow win in the Venezuelan presidential over the weekend. Paula Newton joins us from Caracas.

Plus, an American congressional report says some Chinese telecoms companies looking to expand their business in the United States can't be trusted and pose a security threat. Chinese firms ZTE and Huawei are disputing the findings. Jill Dougherty will have the latest from Washington.

See you on air!


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Mutaz M. AhmedBasha   October 9th, 2012 12:57 am ET

I think the president Obama his foreign policy is quite weak especially in middle east, it was not fully understood and thus is controversial with respect to peace in middle east and human rights reverse to Romney has clear view about foreign policy.

Yes it's strongly dangerous for expanding Chinese telecoms companies in regard to spy policy. However, China is not ally with USA, and it's matter of national security more than economic issue.

Muthyavan.   October 9th, 2012 3:53 am ET

China has become a world leader in production and export of most of the commodity Products in the world today. Though still china is in slow moving process twords becoming a true democratic people's republic. But compared to the old red China, thing have changed a lot and still it is in the process to bringing in more changes. In the mean time lot of oposition has arisen to some of its deals in Canada and USA. Because of the elections in USA these deals are looked with suspicious look. True facets about today's reality is china is leading in all industrial exports and several so called rich countries are in debt to China's balance of payments.

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