October 6, 2012
Posted: 246 GMT

CNN’s Chief Political Anchor, Wolf Blitzer, came on the show today to break down the latest jobs report and how the candidates are responding.

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TSENG CHAON CHUN   October 27th, 2012 7:25 am ET

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, why party to elect the President of the United States and sold arms purchase to Taiwan together, Taiwan, in addition to a green card people, no one can be the right to vote, but I have on the U.S. sale of Taiwan's military procurement bill in doubt in fact, support for Taiwan to find Belarus on behalf of the United States Republican Party: 1 United States this income would be sufficient enough to pay or assist any Taiwan costs caused by the war in China and Taiwan, it? 2 of the United States and Belarus official diplomatic arms purchase agreement, including China, the agreement clearly? threat to the United States, or U.S. Republican presidential candidate is not elected U.S. President must sell military procurement to Taiwan? 3 U.S. states citizens agreed to sell to Taiwan arms purchase, resulting in the Asia war, is bound to the need for the United Nations to assist the theater, U.S. fiscal hidden sound great U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speak before you go, the integrity of U.S. foreign policy. Taiwanese, is not crucial in Taiwan to become the target of attacks, because of the international situation and the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan is not unwise, Taiwan license can not buy arms purchase, doubles as incorrect behavior in the international countries, while U.S. President Barack Obama did not to threaten the United States, to disqualify a observer countries in the United Nations has not argued distrust of the European Union at the United Nations General Assembly, and the U.S. presidential election, the European Union to help Republican U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but I do not know this Asian strategic style of the United Nations Economic peaceful cooperation between countries would cause, not war peace deal with international issues, the EU honors , if the end result is to assist Taiwan's arms purchase war caused by the Asian countries, and differentiation in the EU system will inform national political parties in the United States for the European Union is not a part of the distrust of the Republic of China, about 23 million people for the fact that cognition is not clear, a certain deception things I request Assistance for disarmament on al-Qaeda thirds dictates of Taiwan, the Taiwan people need to help the country, rather than economic cooperation in the international? proposed military procurement of Taiwan's arms purchase in the United States presidential election, this state of mind I do not know why? is not Taiwan's help, I have intervention U.S. arms sales to Taiwan this matter, the United States should be more clear, U.S. citizens in the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made, I need to the knowledge of the citizens of the United States, because Belarus is U.S. President Barack Obama Go, was for the abolition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is set to the al-Qaeda thirds dictates things, indeed not to.
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