October 3, 2012
Posted: 2355 GMT

Presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley, came on the show to preview the first debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama. He says the candidates have to be gaffe-free in a challenge of "not messing up."

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Muthyavan.   October 4th, 2012 1:04 am ET

Debates matters a lot in the last minute swinging votes. Many middle class voters wait till the last moment in desiiding which way should they vote. Specially with all the problems the present day working class voters will wait till last moment which way they should vote so that life will be more happy economically. Debates and TV advertisement has a major effect on majority of last minute swing voters. Beside these sections ,there is a large section of voters whom are not satisfied with any of these two candidates. If any of these last minutes debates and advertisements make them to go out and vote. Then there will be a major impact on the final result of the elections. Success of democracy always depend on large numbers going out and voting.

Podo3500   October 14th, 2012 10:23 pm ET

Debates rely matter, but I feel in a place like the US, it's influenced by money and party politics. For a people to blame its President for one unfortunate misunderstanding in North Africa, they forget all the successes and gains Obama has done for America. Those families who returned from Iraq and Aftganistan is one solid proof to show how much President Obama feels about families. His killing of Osama bin Laden, has been completely abandoned by the Moderators. Yes, it may be all about the economy, but Americans forget that the economic downturn stared only after 9/11 caused by Bin Laden? Its appalling to see that those 3000 families that died, have been forgotten so quickly and focus is now on four unfortunate lives lost in an Embassy. Do you all know what it took to kill Osama Bin Laden? Guts and determination .

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