September 26, 2012
Posted: 1719 GMT

Today on the show, we will take you live to the Athens and Madrid where mass anti-austerity demonstrations are taking place. In Greece, we saw protesters clash with police. In Madrid, tens of thousands poured out onto the streets to signal their frustration with the Spanish government’s pledge to make deep budget cuts.

We will also go live to New York for more on some of the most anticipated speeches of the day. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Egyptian president Mohammed Morsy both addressed the general assembly hall in New York.

Nick Paton Walsh will bring us the latest on a twin bomb blast targeting the military’s headquarters in Damascus. This is the deadliest and most strategically important hit for the FSA since a bomb blast killed top security officials in the Syrian capital last July. All the while, Syrians continue to die every single day at an alarming rate. Today alone, activist networks report more than 200 Syrians were killed across the country.

There’s a new poll giving U.S. President Barack Obama a sizeable lead in key swing states Ohio and Florida. At this stage, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has to be thinking hard about what to do to help him rebound in states he knows he can’t win the presidency without in November. CNN’s Mark Preston joins me live from Washington to break down the last numbers.

See you on air at 1pm EST/7pm CET


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NVE   September 26th, 2012 7:22 pm ET

The police were right to arrest mona Eltahawy for defacing Pamela Geller's sign. Pamela geller uses WORDS to get her maessage across. The Jihadists use bombs.

Sérgio de Campos Curado   September 26th, 2012 8:33 pm ET

How I wish if UN had a plan – that no one knows, even press – for intervening in Syria, with the goal of bringing the ceasefire! @sergio_curado

Muthyavan.   September 26th, 2012 8:55 pm ET

All these sudden fast developments around the wold indicates today's international political, and economical situation is moving into a very sensitive position. Beside of these sudden middle east and European developments. Tensions among Asian supper powers over some barren unoccupie Pasific Islands is getting warming up and threading to open the old second world war wounds again. At present it is a great threat to world peace is facing the world today. Tensions among many countries around the glope along with challenges to the rule of many countries, from workers and opposition parties is adding a very disturbed world today. A steady majority rule in November 2012 ,USA election to the President and senate will only help to ease these situations arrround the world. As it looks now all the other world supper economic powers are still plunged by major internal problems, preventing them from taking a world leadership.

Mark Hefner   September 27th, 2012 11:21 pm ET

Since trying to do things the democratic way are not working, are there any lessons from the Communist playbook that we can use in Greece and Spain? I'm not talking about a long term solution, only long enough to fix the problem.

I wonder how their citizens would react if the world told them new austerity measures would include establishing communism in their country.

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