September 25, 2012
Posted: 1751 GMT

Hello everyone,

Today, we will start the show off live from New York, where the United Nations General Assembly is officially under way. We will break down the speeches so far, including U.S. President Barack Obama’s address. He paid tribute to American ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate last September 11th and expanded on the notion that the assault wasn’t an assault on America only, but on universal democratic ideals.

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Also, today, we will run Bill Neely’s must-watch report from the frontline in Homs. He is following regime snipers and soldiers as they battle rebels in a street by street stalemate in Syria’s third largest city. I don’t recognize the images in Neely’s piece as Homs at all. The scenes are of the aftermath of an unimaginably brutal, violent war.

Nick Paton Walsh will join me live for a look at Save The Children’s report on the child victims of the Syrian conflict.

Here is an excerpt:

“I knew a boy called Ala’a. He was only six years old. He didn’t

understand what was happening. I’d say that six-year-old boy was

tortured more than anyone else in the room. He wasn’t given food

or water for three days, and he was so weak he used to faint all the

time. He was beaten regularly. I watched him die. He only survived

for three days and then he simply died. He was terrified all the time.

They treated his body as though he was a dog.”

Wael, 16

The testimonials in the organization’s report are extremely hard to read. You can find them here:

Also today, Elizabeth Cohen joins us on the discovery of a new virus that can be extremely deadly. It has already sickened two men in the Arabian Gulf.

Plus, CNN’s Chief U.S. Correspondent John King joins us for a look at U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speech in New York at the Clinton Global Initiative. Where does Romney stand in the race? We’ll break down the numbers.

And, as always, the latest weather, sport and business headlines.

See you on air!


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khalidawami   September 25th, 2012 6:47 pm ET

My point of view is that yours present democracy is not acceptable to the poor nations and people.The question is that what is the other-way of democracy is followed.I will discuss on your blog after one or two days later. I hope you give some place for some words in your blog with happily.

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