September 21, 2012
Posted: 1536 GMT

We will be looking at continuing demonstrations in some part of the Muslim world on this Friday. Arwa Damon will join us from Benghazi, where four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya, were killed on September 11th.

Reza Sayah will report from the heart of an anti-Western demonstration in Islamabad, Pakistan. Angry demonstrators burned down two movie theaters to protest that anti-Islam film produced in the United States.

Also today, a CNN exclusive: our chief medical correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta has interviewed researchers fromĀ Houston's MD Anderson Cancer Center. They are announcing a new program to reduce deaths from 8 types of cancer within the next decade. We'll break this down for you and tell you if this is something we should all be optimistic about.

As always, we will have the latest on the conflict in Syria and the toll it is taking on tens of thousands of civilian Syrian refugees now forced to live in Turkey to escape the violence in their home country.

Plus all your sports, weather and financial news. Join us at the International Desk for your daily news roundup!


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Karim Abug   September 21st, 2012 8:43 pm ET

In Libya and exactly in Benghazi the people (also families) were demonstrating against the militias, asking them to join the official forces. It wasn't about ansar al shariya protesting against filmmaker insuting prophet.

Russel   September 21st, 2012 10:37 pm ET

Your IDesk blog has been inactive for many months. If you plan on continuing, I suggest you let your followers know you are back.

Muthyavan.   September 26th, 2012 8:05 pm ET

Good you are back again after a very long time this block must be kept alive round the year. When news and opinions are evolving around the year, this blog is playing a major role shaping the world opinion regarding these new developments.

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