March 12, 2012
Posted: 2342 GMT

United Nations Under-Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos joined the I-Desk today for the first time since she returned from Syria. She discussed the proposal she submitted to Syrian Authorities as well as recent violence in Homs and the possible threat to Idlib. Amos also talked about the importance of access for humanitarian efforts.

Watch the interview here:

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Muthyavan.   March 13th, 2012 2:19 pm ET

The death toll and violence is continuing in Syria inspite of mediation by Arab league for some time and Kobi Annan now. The struggle for democratic reform in Syria has moved into another dangerous region of sectarian clashes one powerfully armed one dominant group backed by the regime against the small unarmed peacefully demonstations conducted by the various minority groups. This is the recent casualties are increasing daily and mediation effort by many are turned dawn, under the pretex of fight against the terrorist . Truth is many thousands of children and women are gun dawn daily because they can't escape from this armed groups. Armed groups are trying to terrorize the people who are fighting for more democratic reforms and to bring dawn the present regime by killing their women and children.

Russel Governale   March 24th, 2012 9:44 pm ET

The latest updated to the previous comment is that the U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos complained on Thursday (March 22) that aid agencies have "limited access" to needy people inside conflict-torn Syria, despite the Security Council's demand that relief workers be allowed into besieged Syrian towns.

Russel Governale   March 30th, 2012 8:38 pm ET

Apparently there are no current updates to what is happening to her proposal as presented in the March 12 interview. Previous comments above were to track the progress but it does not look like her proposal had an impact on the humanitarian effort. Can you interview her again to get an update?

Marie   May 28th, 2012 4:57 pm ET

I just saw the story Jamie's China. I'm so happy this story broke. A year ago this month, I was living in Shenzhen, China. I worked for a international school. The police came in one day out of the blue demanding passports of all the teachers. They made photo copies of the passports and took our pictures. The next day my boss, another teacher and I had to go to the plice department to be interviewed. Before I left for the polic department, I called my aunt to make sure she knew were I was going and if she did not hear from me to come find me. I was scared to death.

My interview lasted for two hours. I was ask questions about the school, how I got my job, where I came from, who the was running the school, how much I was paid, what I did with my money, who paid my rent, how I got my visa and other things that I had no idea what they were talking about.The police who interviewed me spoke broken English. I had a really hard time understanding him. All my answers were wrote down in Chinses. At the end of my interview, I had to sign my name on the interview papers and put my finger print on everything. All the teachers at my school were interviewed. I was the only who had a two hour interview.

On the last day of school, the police came back to our school. They pulled us all in to a meeting. They told us that we should be jailed becasue are visa were wrong. It was a mistake the school made. Well, we were not put in jail becasue the police balmed our school. My company who runs this school got everything fixed early the following school year. By that time I had left China, to work at another school.

As I look back on this situation, I wonder if I will ever be able to get a visa to visit and why does China keep doing this.

mario perez   June 1st, 2012 5:25 pm ET

i am Mexico man and i have been keeping my eyes on syria and i don't now what the people are doing to help the people of syria.It has been rell sad to see people being killed like there life are nothing.I hope there will be help i send my love to the syria people and hope this come to a end soon.Some time i wish i cold going to syria and help kids and mothers out but i am one person and i sad for all syria people.I think the US should going in to syria and stop this man from killing off his people.If the US go in to syria it would come to a end in a good way.I ask the US place help the kids of syria they need you this now no tommorow no next week now.I plan to go to syria soon.well i send love and hope to all syria people and i will keep my eyes on syria to the end.Thanks mario perez

Voiceinthedesert/Troubledgoodangel   September 28th, 2012 10:11 am ET

Ms. Valerie Amos is clearly unfit for the position of the UN Undersecretary for the Humanitarian Affairs! All she does, is to "perennially trying to help." That is not whay the UN mandate is! She must go, and be replaced by a man ready to fight! Syria needs solution for the humanitarian crisis right now. Give Assad ultimatum! Give him a day or two to open safety areas for people where to be cured, fed, and protected! No more than two days. Enough is enough!

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