January 31, 2012
Posted: 1616 GMT

Hi everyone,

I spent some time with ordinary Florida voters just a few hours before the crucial Republican primary in this state. Mitt Romney is enjoying a firm double digit lead over former House speaker Newt Gingrich. Whoever ends up winning, voters told the Idesk team they just want a candidate who represents them and who can fix the economy.

Florida's economy is worse off than the country as a whole: the unemployment rate is 9.9% vs 8.5% overall. And the long term unemployed account for over 50% of those without jobs, the highest in the nation.

Check out my report from Tampa:

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The King Of The World   January 31st, 2012 7:20 pm ET

I'm so happy cause you're so happy! 🙂

I saw your show just now. You are so amazing!

Leonor Montenegro   August 29th, 2012 6:52 pm ET

I saw a tiny bit of Mrs.Romney speech and, frankly, I was a bit disgusted. She was supposed to humanize her husban and she started by saying that she had MS and breast cancer. Tough luck, and I'm glad she oevrcame those msfortunates. However, I totally fal to see,how hat has any bearing on what is at stake: choosing the United Staes president for the next four years. That Mrs. Romney had MS andbreast cancer s, unfortunate, and unfortunatey somewaht common. But that doesn't qualify or disqualify her husband for the job. If I was applying for a job (and Mitt Romney is doing just that) I wouldn't dream of having my husband in the job interview saying how much I was qualified for the job because he had had cancer (??!!).

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