May 19, 2010
Posted: 1442 GMT

Photo of Faisal Shahzad released by the U.S. Marshalls Service. Shahzad appeared in court in Manhattan yesterday to hear the charges against him related to a failed bomb plot in New York's Times Square.

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Smith in Oregon   May 19th, 2010 10:51 pm ET

And this utterly pathetic individual received 'bomb training in a camp in Pakistan' ? That dog won't hunt, this idiot couldn't blow himself out of a paper bag, even if it were 'recycled'.

The only reason this hapless bomber was allowed to board his fight was in my 'opinion' the FBI team that had trailed him the entire time had alerted TSA to let him board to see who else would join him on his flight back to Dubai.

Did the same FBI Team follow him to Times Square and see him abandon his vehicle?

Did the Taliban or the FBI threaten the deaths of the alleged Times Square bomber's Wife and Children in Pakistan IF he didn't try this utterly failed bombing attempt?

Every step of the way, it appears the would be bomber consciously wanted to FAIL. Why is that, was he extorted, threatened or blackmailed into attempting to set off a fire bomb in Times Square?

Muthyavan.   May 20th, 2010 11:03 am ET

This action by a recent US citizen of Pakistan origin has put millions of Pakistani decent peaceful citizen of many who fled Pakistan and living in many parts of the world. Faisal Shahzad and his connections in Pakistan who are making things worst for Pakistan, are determined to make things worst for millions of people who fled for freedom, time to time from Pakistan and leading a peaceful life elsewhere in many countries around the world. It is a land mark success as for security crack dawn in USA , compared with the sleeping security arrangements that were in force when 9/11 took place.

Ariely   May 30th, 2010 4:28 am ET

I hope that the following assessment will not materialized

*The free world has started to pay the price of many years of ignorance boosted by president Obama political "Chemberlian" style*
Terror made by either in-house or external people will increase
Indoctrination for terror by Islamism has a long history.It is ongoing in the west for over 40 years.
TV documentary programs disclosed Islamist activities teaching hate in USA and UK.
However no significant measures have been undertaken to stop those activities.

The Islamist indoctrination has gained a significant speed and advantage by:

•Using modern media communication technologies to reach Muslims worldwide and teach the use of terror as a tactical toll has
•Using Mosques and preachers worldwide to spread the ideas, recruit new activist
•Updating the terror tactic- the terror of individuals without connection to any organization- individual terror including children age 10 and up and married women without husband permission
• Cleverly using the west human rights values and freedom of expression to protect their activities
( links:
TheTheo political roots of islamic terrorism "
The roots of Islamic terrorism " )

Rashid Rasheed   June 9th, 2010 12:20 pm ET

Hello.I am Rashid from Pakistan every one here in Pakistan condemns timesquare incident but international media is not behaving in responsible manner shahzad is living in us from a longer period he is not only Pakistani but also an american.but media is saying only Pakistani terrorist.

Robert F. LeFevers Jr.   September 27th, 2010 7:49 pm ET

I am so F ing ANGRY!!!!!!! The Dutch Government is (USING FORCE!) evicting famlies from there homes!!! Over 200 multi-family homes in Amsterdam were cleared out! What kind of country throws their own people out in the cold streets? Something needs to be done!!!! and SOON!!! On October 1, 2010 People here will not be able to Kraak buildings anymore!!! (SQUAT HOMES) And now the proccess of removing people from the only homes that they can afford. Thousands and thousands of people will be homeless! How can we help our Dutch famlies and friends? R.F. LeFevers Jr In the Netherlands

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