April 21, 2010
Posted: 1642 GMT

Hello everyone,

We will give you the latest on the improvement in travel conditions across Europe. Now that things are getting better, attention is now turning to the cost of grounding tens of thousands of planes for almost six days.

Only one thing was sky-high during the crisis: the price tag associated with shutting down so much of Europe's airspace. What longer-term impact will it have? Who should be responsible for the billions of dollars lost?

Also today, it's been 99 days since the deadly earthquake ravaged large parts of Port-au-Prince. When I was in Haiti back in January, the city was still completely leveled, people lived out on the streets, bodies were still waiting to be collected. No doubt the situation has drastically changed, but that doesn't mean there still aren't major threats facing the people of Haiti.

We will speak to Matt Marek of the International Committee of the Red Cross. He's been there since day one. There are some interesting initiatives to try to protect homeless earthquake survivors from potential hurricanes and severe weather: the Red Cross is helping set up "Disaster Risk Reduction Teams" composed of locals.

I'll also ask Matt what the biggest need is today for ordinary Haitians and how much of the money donated for earthquake relief efforts has been spent.

Join us for that and the rest of the day's top stories.

See you at the IDesk!


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Smith in Oregon   April 22nd, 2010 9:54 pm ET

I've heard Billions raised have not been spent and yet the latest media shots of the infamous Haitian tent camps clearly show NOT A SINGLE BALE of CHEAP STRAW has been spread on the muddy ground to help those residents deal with the mud quagmire they are forced to walk thru on a daily basis.

A mere 100,000 dollars would more than supply ALL of the Haitian tent cities with enough Straw to prevent the mud quagmires from building up, and yet aid agency's and giant corporate agency's are holding onto Billions of dollars given to help the Haitian people.

Smith in Oregon   April 24th, 2010 7:56 pm ET

While sweeping Federal immigration legislation which allows many millions of illegal immigrates to become American citizens in a well understood and followed manner is the answer, however that would DOOM the Republican party so I suspect the Republican party of NO would attempt to block and obstruct such legislation from being signed into law.

Any Republican led green light for bigoted police officers to indulge themselves by harassing and legally tormenting anyone that leaves a Mexican store, restaurant, has brown skin, has a sun tan, has black hair, wears what that officer thinks are Hispanic clothes OR that corrupt officer just wants to harass anyone and LIES about the excuse to do so is going to lead to police brutality, police abuses and many class action lawsuits against the State of Arizona.

A great many 'Consumers' will now boycott Arizona business's, Arizona Conventions, Arizona national monuments.

A great many 'Abused Individuals' will join class action lawsuits against the State of Arizona.

While Fox news entertainment and the Republican Party is trumpeting this 'victory', it will cost Arizona a great deal of their hard strapped cash thru lawsuits, thru national boycotts on the Arizona corporate business's based there, on State tourism and most importantly Arizona will be seen as a pariah by the vast majority of Democratically led States across America.

And Which Arizona based Corporations and Companys are now in the boycott cross-hairs?

Best Western

Cold Stone Creamery

Dial Soap Corp

Fender Musical Instruments

Go Daddy

Braid Group – TGIF Fridays, Wendy's, Marriot, Hilton.


Ping Golf

PF Chang Bistro


Feel free to post additional one's that have a nationwide presence.

Smith in Oregon   April 27th, 2010 7:32 am ET

I strongly suspect the backroom political deal to spirit Manual Noriega away to France was a further attempt to prevent Manual Noriega from going on the record to state how involved former US President Bush Sr. was involved with the Cocaine trafficking in South America during the infamous Iran Contra Affair illegal drugs for gunrunning fiasco.

Relatively unknown Florida State Attorney General Janet Reno indited Manual Noriega and then Bush Sr. crafted a bogus series of suspensions of American and International laws to kidnap a leader of another country.

Bush Sr. had been previously trying to get rid of and discredit when the International Monetary Fund suddenly dropped the Panamanian currency into the worthless bin in hopes of creating a overthrow of the Panamanian president. It didn't work, so in steps Janet Reno and her legal challenge to American and International law.

Even during President Clinton's term in office then US Attorney General Janet Reno appeared to have repeatedly crossed the lines of American and International laws with shocking results. The tear gassing of children including infants in the locked compound at Waco Texas was without a doubt the worse breech of American laws in a very long time.

What does Manual Noriega know about the Bush family values? It was Bush jr. that again like his father disposed of a sitting nation's leader, it certainly seems to run in that crass and corrupt family.

Bush jr-Cheney's term in office saw a literal explosion of the Opium-Heroin production in Afghanistan of some 500x. Allegedly their hand picked choice for the office of President of Afghanistan (Karzi) and his extensive clan (Karzi's) have long been involved primarily in the Opium-Heroin and smuggling business.

It appears the Bush Family business went from being heavily involved in some of the extremely unpleasant activity's in South America over to the Middle East.

I would love to see Hala interview Manual Noriega in Paris, France in regards to how involved Bush Sr. was in the trafficking for arms affair.

Smith in Oregon   April 29th, 2010 5:49 am ET

Republican lawmakers earlier today were floating the incredibly racist notion that children born in America from illegal immigrants 'lack the soul of American citizenship' !!!

What? Republican lawmakers are stating Hispanic children who are American Citizens 'lack the soul of American citizenship' ??!!!

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, Amendment 14. shall not be interfered with by States in regards to American citizenship.

This Republican Party attempt to demonize Hispanic Children born in the United States speaks very highly of crass demeaning Racism.

Republican lawmakers and their Tea Party followers often thump following the US Constitution. Apparently they greatly deviate from that Republican Mantra when it is self-serving, go figure!

I suspect many Arizonians will immigrate to America when Arizona goes bankrupt from the boycott.

I hope the Democratic Party continuously tells the Hispanic Community and the voting public, 'Remember Arizona' come mid-term election time.

Smith in Oregon   May 9th, 2010 11:46 pm ET

It is entirely refreshing given the horrific heavy crude Oil spill gushing in the once pristine Gulf of Mexico that Media and Public discussion has turned to the huge ongoing grievous harm that Petrol-Chemicals have done to ALL Americans and ALL humans living and breathing on earth.

For many years I have complained sometimes loudly that 'we' are being bathed in carcinogenic chemicals in the air and in our food as a result of Big Oil, Big Coal and Big on burning fossil fuels.

These carcinogenic chemicals cause a wide range of diseases which impact all humanity on earth and cost Americans an enormous amount on resulting Health Care just dealing with those suffering directly and indirectly from chronic exposure to Petro-Chemicals.

How many millions were chronically exposed and poisoned by LEAD when Big Oil placed Lead in Gasoline for decades? Everyone knew blackberry's and fruit that grew along the roads in America were heavily contaminated with LEAD.

Was Big Oil sued and forced to pay for millions of infants and adults suffering from chronic LEAD poisoning? Of course not, they owned the courts and most of the Republican lawmakers.

How many millions were chronically exposed and poisoned by Wood Alcohol which former President Big Oil Bush sr. ordered to add to Gasoline? Wood Alcohol is a known carcinogen and a strong poison in aquifers and ground water across America became contaminated with Wood Alcohol as a result.

Was Big Oil sued and forced to pay for millions of infants and adults suffering from Wood Alcohol poisoning? Of course not, they owned the courts and most of the Republican lawmakers.

Imagine the same Republican lawmakers entirely outlawing and banning many recreational drugs whose LD50 toxicity is so large it is practically impossible to ingest a life threatening amount, AND yet those same corrupt lawmakers and jurists declare it is fine for their Big Oil and Big Coal primary donors to pour, spew and produce enormous amounts of extremely toxic chemicals which end up in your food, in the air you breath and in the water YOU drink!

The current system of vastly corrupt laws and regulations places the burden on the government to prove that a chemical is unsafe before it can removed from the market. The standards are so high, the government has been unable to ban chemicals such as asbestos, a widely recognized carcinogen that is prohibited in many other countries.

About 80,000 chemicals are in commercial use in the United States, but federal regulators have assessed only about 200 for safety.

Big Pharma's products that are being flushed down the toilets across America and around the world are poisoning everyone downstream whose local and city water supply's depend on that fresh water.

Mother's milk is increasingly being ever more contaminated with dangerous Petro-Chemical's. For decades Big Oil and Big Coal have been protected from laws and regulations which would force them to deal with the results of their products. Force them to pay for the damage they cause and the diseases that result.

Mothers across America and around the world should stand up against Big Oil and Big Coal and demand they and their toxic chemicals be held entirely accountable for any and all ill effects they produce and contribute to the infant and human condition.

saadia pakistan   May 29th, 2010 10:33 pm ET

Are the world geological experts monotoring Attabad lake situation in Gigit Baltistan Pakistan . Thanks!

saadia pakistan   May 29th, 2010 10:35 pm ET

Are th eworld Geological experts monitoring the Attabad Lake situation.

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