April 2, 2010
Posted: 1636 GMT

Happy Good Friday to all who celebrate/observe! We are live in Rome today for the Pope's service and the continuing controversy surrounding the Vatican's response to the ongoing Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal.

Also, Russian officials have identified one of the two suicide bombers they attacked the Moscow metro last Monday.

They say she is a teenager born in 1992. Matthew Chance will bring us the latest from Moscow.

And, Mohammed Jamjoom joins us from Baghdad with the newest developments on the case of a Lebanese TV host sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for "sorcery." It is extremely difficult (in some cases impossible) to get any information from Saudi officials. It is unclear if authorities have commuted his sentence or how Ali Sibat is doing.

Yesterday, a Lebanese official told Sibat's lawyer that he would not be executed today as planned. What now? We will look into this disturbing story.

Also, crucial March unemployment numbers are out today. The U.S. economy added more than 160,000 jobs but the unemployment rate for the country is steady at 9.7%. President Barack Obama is already seizing on the figures, suggesting that the economy is finally turning around. Is it? We will analyze the figures.

That and all the rest of the day's top news, weather and sports stories.

See you at the IDesk!


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Tanya   April 2nd, 2010 5:12 pm ET

Facebook group:

Petition with emails/addresses/fax numbers (Amnesty International):

Chris   April 2nd, 2010 5:20 pm ET

Hala, No man is above the law. Many people are accused of child abuse and brought to trial, some proven guilty and others innocent of the charges. Why aren't these priests being brought to trial? It seems to me Catholic priests are above the law.

Jakob   April 2nd, 2010 9:45 pm ET

Good Friday, also known as Holy Friday, Black Friday, Great Friday,
But those callings do not suffice...and live up to the greatest/saddest day in mankinds history! Some call it long friday which I think fits better. This was the longest and most trying day for any man. And what he went through was an undying statement of love, for us sinners´. There are way to little remembering these days!
I know there are some ignorants reading and posting comments here, but I am not affraid of their poor judgement.
They would shun and wouldn´t understand, or willingly learn, or ever know, about the word.
If Jesus stood in front of them waving a magic wand! more possible making great miracels just by thought, or a raising of his hand. They would probably take to evil ways like farises did two thousand and ten years ago! to cast the light into the darkness! That is their aim and intention, they don´t even know which side they are fighting for! And why they do what they do!

Ana Maria   April 2nd, 2010 9:56 pm ET

You and Fareed Zakaharias (GPS)are my choice as respecting the basic rules of media from my view a neutral European perspective of INFORMING with no arrogance in CNN
From Brussels I watch CNN and BBC together with other French TVs. I assume you speak also French so my comment to the flash about employment in USA Why do you have to ask others point of view so partial always turned to negative such as that lady from wall street?instead of looking for more constructive motivation to people to GO TO SCHOOL FACULTY UNIVERSITY OR EXTRA hours courses to LEARN, not only recycling those unemployed as those risky to join the first because their motivation or their skills did not follow a continuous process of new profiles, open ,by reading more than watching players on Tv screen( an illusion and unhealthy manner, because body does not exercise .....increases frustration) ,learning something new every day! ?
suggestion, instead of be part of "guess people of media , act,as per your own slogan be part of the solution!
" Companies in USA called Canards boiteux " had to change and start realizing what we in Europe(Belgium) had to handle 15 years ago, with one difference, the certitude of success just come if individuals never stop learning or having a hobby, speak extra languages etc etc. PME made our economy growth and kept better along crisis but they can not keep people as on a family company, just by loyalty, so it is that market of HR
. The offer and demand is not in line because of past neglecting attitudes. in USA
High Schools and universities must seat around a table and hand in hand create bridges with the help of executive search people or Head Hunters you never interview...and fast!
My suggestion target please more debates with executive search of small business, of technical tasks and of top executive and ask them to rewrite a new plan of skills which people must have to fulfill new requirements for new sectors or old sectors once cleaned up(dépoussièrer) well expressed by the President Obama , obviously if there will be opportunities in Health Care sector, fine, drive young and old to recycle but tell them to be motivated to be part of the new demand! It is cynic from your co-speaker from NY her comment!
Obviously she never had to manage a company..
If people finds part time jobs or temporary it is a Success!
May be ,look for supportive data in Belgium a small country with good experiences in Management of HR to bring confidence because 60% of temporary often will be converted into fixed positions;
Whom is ready to study after work to re-evaluate himself will be lucky!
In one year time a lot of people could have already acquire new objectives or be better positioned to get them.
I wish you luck
Sincerely yours
Ana Maria

Petel2   April 2nd, 2010 10:29 pm ET

If your jesus was teed at the temples and kicked the tables down, what would he do today?
Likely kick down the pillars knocking the vatican down.
It IS NOT hearsay about the popes involvement and he ought to quit pretending he is a victim, he is not!
The victims have always been the families of those children who committed suicide and children today mentally ill at the hands of these beasts, headed by the pope.
If ratzinger has done what was right, many abuses would have never happened.
There were enough documents and conversations ratzinger had that proved he was well aware of these abuses a long time ago.
Why were there no document that stated; get the child medical attention, tell the parents so they can help the child or to tell authorities the child needs help.
Instead ratzinger ignored these sodomized children and today claims he is the victim, he is a liar.

Jakup   April 2nd, 2010 11:26 pm ET

I guess I had that comming!?

The wicket day is never at hand, the love of the Lord is a land.
In green pastures we will lie. with the one who decides. Like The flower small and wice. it is the crop not the size.

Frowned cause he´s the one, who no one believes a single word from. He´s poor eyes cannot see, but he´s reaching out for thee!
Nothing but a wounded lamb, and that was how they said he would stand.

But yet a lion with pain to bare, no one knew no one cared!
He felt their caughf in his soul, the energy floting that was his role.
But there were no limits, who looked through time? he wonder, why me, all this time.


M Ariely   April 3rd, 2010 1:32 pm ET

The People Preacher compared criticism of the many sex abuses to anti- Semitism.

I propose to open the Vatic archives and a public enquiring to find what they know about sex abuses, anti- Semitism, and the Holocausts- and why nothing has been done to stop them?

Has the Church the courage?

The Anti-Semitism has been adopted by the Church almost 1600 ears ago.
The Church has incurage anti- Semitism ever since.
Only the last 20 years the Vatican has started to review the church historic role in harvesting of anti-Semitic .

The Vatican has been informed 50 years of the sex abuses- and done nothing to stop the sex abuses.
As well The Vatic was very silent during the Holocaust period.

earle,florida   April 8th, 2010 3:17 pm ET

Man,and Woman were put on earth to pro-create,period! It is immoral to deprive a human of sexuality through marriage. What is it the Catholic Church doesn't get? To ask a healthy male,female to be celibate in their prime is pure insanity – all it does is manifest a paranoia fetish for the bizarre. The road to hell is paved with good intentions,...especially when they are unrealistic,....shame on the greedy Catholic Church,and it's diabolical deceptive conceit . If Jesus were alive today he would surely thrash the establishment as the "House of Satan"! Shame, Shame, Shame,...not to allow priests ,and nuns too marry if they so wish,and lastly ...please take all your confessional booth lined with haunting cryptic guilt to the dump and burn them in Hades' ! Thanks I-Desk

Smith in Oregon   April 14th, 2010 4:01 am ET

Pope Ratz should Resign.

The Vatican should be sued back to the Dark Ages.

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