March 31, 2010
Posted: 1634 GMT

Hello from the newsroom,

A quick note to tell you what is coming up at the IDesk today.

We will kick things off with the latest on calls for billions of dollars in donation top help rebuild Haiti, still in ruins after last January's earthquake.

There is a conference at the United Nations and world leaders are discussing just how much money will be needed to help Haiti get back on its feet. The problem isn't only financial, of course. The logistics of getting the aid where it is needed is one of the biggest challenges. Also, with a weak and corrupt central government, who will manage the billions of dollars in aid and make sure it helps the people who so desperately need it?

Also today, we are live in Russia and Afghanistan. Both countries have suffered from suicide bombing attacks. Matthew Chance has the latest on the investigation into a Moscow subway attack that killed 39 people Monday and Atia Abawi will tell us about a deadly bombing in Helmand province.

In U.S. news, President Barack Obama is relaxing oil drilling restrictions and opening vast portions of America's coastline to oil exploration. The U.S. President called the decision painful but necessary. Environmental groups are unhappy. We'll have the latest on the story.

Plus all the rest of the day's top headlines, including a possible live interview with one of Iraq's top politicians, technology permitting.

See you at the IDesk!


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Kelvin   March 31st, 2010 5:37 pm ET

Hala would the accusation about Dr. Allawi having support from former Ba'ath party members have come up if he would have lost by 2 seats? I'm curious

Muthyavan.   April 1st, 2010 1:33 am ET

Afghanistan connections and the Moscow subway explosions are alarming and how long will these killings and suffering of innocent peoples is going to continue. Weather the reconstruction of earth quack damaged buildings in Haiti or the repeated everyday explosions killings and endless war in Afghanistan has a single aim of the International society, is in fighting against the spreading of drugs in the societies.

Millions of money spend in Haiti should reach in the affected poor people's house reconstructions and creation of local people's participations through locally managed NGOs should be encouraged. International contributions should encourage in establishing a true people's democratic government away from the influence of world powerful drug cartels presence in that Island nation.

New Government taking power in the oil rich iraq and the connections the new leadership had with former Ba'ath party looks it is going to be a brand new developments approaching in the internal politics of Iraq soon.

A. Smith, Oregon   April 2nd, 2010 10:52 pm ET

Billions of American taxpayer dollars, contributions and huge monetary grants from all over the world, and yet ZERO straw bales laid on the ground in the tent city camps where the residents have to crawl thru ever deep MUD to simply walk outside.

Just like the $208 Million taxpayer dollars that Bush-Cheney's administration 'supposedly' gave in 2007 to the Haitian people for economic recovery, there is no evidence of that whatsoever to be found in Haiti.

In 2008 there were No emergency drugs, shelters, food, medical supplys, construction equipment, dump trucks, fresh water plants. Despite the FACT that country is in a Hurricane and Earthquake zone and despite Bush-Cheney supposedly gave Haiti $208 MILLION US taxpayer dollars one year earlier.

The FRAUD upon the Haitian people is so invasive and widespread, it's difficult to even gauge the scope of its boundary's.

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