March 29, 2010
Posted: 1631 GMT

Hello from the newsroom,

We are looking at today's Moscow subway attack from all angles today. We will be live in the Russian capital where authorities say two suicide bombings have killed at least 38 people in Moscow's metro. They say they believe two women blew themselves up at the height of rush hour.

The pictures coming to us from the scene are horrific: two bodies lying lifeless on a train platform, the surrounding area dotted in blood. Outside, injured survivors, dazed and in shock, sat on sidewalks waiting for medical help.

There has been no claim of responsibility for the bombings but suspicion immediately fell on Chechen separatists, who've carried out similar attacks in the past.

We will talk to an expert on mass transit attacks and on the use of so-called "Black Widows," women suicide bombers who fight alongside Chechen Islamist militants.

Also today, as we prepare to air our 930pm CET special on the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, we will go live to Rome where our Diana Magnay will talk amore about Vatican reaction to accusations the Pope (long before he became pontiff) protected high-level clerics suspected of abusing children.

Plus we will have the latest numbers from Wall Street and all your weather and sports headlines, as always.

See you at the IDesk!


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philo   March 29th, 2010 5:18 pm ET

The Russian train attack is horrible and leaves me angry and feeling helpless as I remember one such day in Nairobi on 7th August 1998... again a morning.. all calm until it happened. I feel insecure whenever am in any enclosed place since then because I was near and in a building. I was recently almost leaving a church when suddenly some people moved to the back while the ceremony was going on. It still haunts my mind.. what can happen anywhere in the world in a few seconds.. and soon we shall not know if it is this or that group... Al Queda or Chechnya Separatists life is in peril.

and yes, i was in a Catholic church on that day i feared an attack. It did not happen but right now the Catholic Church feels bombed itself in a different manner so to speak.. It is a very hard time. We must accept much has gone wrong .. and not look just to the Pope but also the lay or ordinary people who have let the church get away with murder.. and they know it it is going on all the time. In the church, the voice of the people is said to be be God's... vox populi, vox Dei.. but not when you say the Pope or the priests are naked!

Jakob   March 29th, 2010 10:03 pm ET

Its horrible, and tough for people´s sence of security.
A staff reminder that there are desperates.
That terrorist organizations, will use!
Poor people with poor judgement, for there own gain.

But we can only sit back and wait, for the russians to start talking peace with the Chechenians, a big part of the people will never accept being rooled from Moscow. and the faster they realice and recognize that In the Kremlin, the better off we´ll all be!

I can only wonder when the time is comming, when all men will be like the voice of God. But it can only be the meek and the rightous! Men (and women) of God, who will speak with the voice of him.

A. Smith, Oregon   March 29th, 2010 11:35 pm ET

With hundreds of tons of Depleted Uranium littering both Iraq and Afghanistan by US Military troops, I'm surprised the enterprising Muslim's have not powdered that radioactive material and placed that into American and Russian subway tunnels and stations.

The US Dept. of Defense has depleted Uranium at the top of their list in area denial and with it's radioactive half-life of 4.5 million years, it lasts far longer than the toxic mess that the UK has when they created and stored Anthrax on offshore islands during WW2 and didn't supposedly use however those islands still are extremely deadly to anyone that steps foot on them some 70 years later.

No doubt this attack on the Russian subways, is in direct retaliation for the Soviet war on Afghanistan in the 1980's and the subsequent war on Chechnya that followed. Good thing that America didn't invade Afghanistan or America could likely receive the same retaliation in 20 years, go figure!

Muthyavan.   March 30th, 2010 12:23 am ET

It is an early morning horror of killing innocent workers who are rushing to their work places and has nothing to do with these suicide women killers political aims. It has become the usual targets all over the world in countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and in middle east, daily these thousands of innocent poor peoples and bystanders are killed by suicide bombers for some political reasons which is unknown to them. They are the bread winners of many thousands of families who latter suffer by these killing for some thing which they are not at all responsible.

These killings are at increase all over the world and in a big city like Moscow security personnel's are not aware
when and where these attack will occur. It is so difficult to know when these attacks will take place in a busy place like Moscow,Baghdad, or Karachi and is a challenge to the world security forces. The fanatic religious suicide bumpers are not going achieve any political victory by these mass killings, Only it will add up to hatred among majority of the population and a worst sin to their political aims.

Thot   March 30th, 2010 10:30 pm ET

I've often wonder how a book that started to be “written” long before Christ, can still globalize people around a Church that hasn't do or tried much in fallowing the times.
The principles written on It may be still very valuable, but yet, I find difficult that people can still relate to the daily circumstances described their. It's a total world apart from what we live in now, even though we may recognize that mens behavior hasn't improved that much through out times and still keeps on doing the same mistakes.
Just think, if the Apostles were living in our time they were probably twitting to spread of the "good news", instead of going from place to place.
Maybe these is the right time for Catholic Church to real have a look upon the world and make some reform on the way it faces the their present and looks for the future.

RAJIV(pintoo)   March 10th, 2011 6:46 pm ET

Hala, i can never forget those days when me approached media to clearify my knowledge on humanity.Media not only listen but given me priveledge to express..Me & my family will remain oblidged for entire i see limited programme of those anchor whom me admire most as all my queries has bn answered. U one of dm.Now me feel very satisfied when see u so mature & confident in managing all human related issues. Once again me thanx Media all for dr B+ approach to humanity related subjects.yours

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