March 25, 2010
Posted: 1718 GMT

Hello from the newsroom,

Today, we will start the show with the question of gays in the military. The Pentagon announced a few hours ago that it was relaxing the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, a rule that prevents gays and lesbians from serving openly in the U.S. military.

President Barack Obama had called for the rule to be repealed entirely. This is seen as a step in that direction: it will now be harder to "out" homosexuals in the military and only high-ranking officers will be able to asses if someone has broken the rules.

We will go live to the Pentagon with Barbara Starr and we will take you live to Afghanistan, where Chris Lawrence is on assignment for more reaction to the Pentagon announcement from ordinary soldiers on the ground.

We will also talk to Alex Nicholson, head of Servicemembers United, the largest organization of gay and lesbian troops in America. What does he think of the Pentagon announcement?

Plus, we have a report on the latest purported Osama Bin Laden tape in which a voice threatens America with retaliation if accused 9/11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammed is put to death. Is it him? Are these messages even relevant anymore?

And big news out of Brussels, France and Germany have struck a deal to bail out Greece. the package is reportedly worth $23 billion. We are waiting for details on what the plan will require Greece to do and who will pay for the rescue package. Jim Boulden will bring us up to date.

Hope you can join us!

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A. Smith, Oregon   March 25th, 2010 7:06 pm ET

Don't Ask and Don't Tell sounds very much like Pope Ratz's response to the hundreds of child rape cases. Why did Pope Ratz look the other way for decades when it appeared time and again that safe guarding parish children should have been at the very top of the list of his duty's.

Today's scandal comes from a Priest rapping children in the Church confessional over many years, where Pope Ratz was employed as Cardinal Ratz for many years.

Yadjel Makhlouf   March 26th, 2010 4:28 pm ET

Hello, Ms Hala Gorani
I want to comment on the title above " Don't ask, Don't tell".
I have to say: Sex is one of the most principal pillar of life for both: Man and animal alike, and when sex is mentioned, the first thing to be associated with it is pleasure. There people differ widely: Indeed, some people try their best to get pleasure out of sexual intercourse merely for the sake of pleasure and unfortunately foreget that sex is only a necessary step forward to give birth for children in order to preserve the continuity of the humankind. Then, the devil comes and lures them out of the right way: he deludes them by whispering " the major sin" into their ears,homosexuality. This is a figurative introduction to the question I am trying to clear up a bit. There are inherent rules of sex in this life for the humankind and also for the flora and the fauna alike. The main idea behind this rules is: The creation of this life including the universe is based on ,say, the couple male and female always associated together.
All people, whatever they are, know for sure, that sexual anomaly (homosexuality) is a dangerous and contagious disease, even more a widespread epidemic threat over stability and continuity of life. Also, they know, undoubtedly, that marriage is the only lawful and sacred bond which allows sexual intercourse between man and woman.
Also, they know that neither adultery nor having sex beyond marriage is immoral and illegal. In short, it is a major sin in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
Let's get to the bottom line of this matter: Homosexuality is a dangerous deviation(quirk, anomaly) from innate impulse( instinct) and consequently, homosexuality has always its causes and its results. A society in which such behaviour is allowed cannot survive and is inevitably ruined because homosexuality destroys its social network and pushes it towards violence and crimes. Normally, any social network is based on duty but homosexuality undermines this concept and as a direct result : inhibition of any civilisational social effort. Ms Hala Gorani, I hope you appreciate my contribution to your successful show as your best friend.

A. Smith, Oregon   March 26th, 2010 7:13 pm ET

The recent public revelations that Pope Ratz halted the investigation of a Wisconsin priest accused of raping and sexually molesting some 200 deaf boys have eerie echoes in Italy, where 67 deaf men and women accused TWO DOZEN PRIESTS of raping, sodomizing and sexually molesting children for years.

The two cases are the latest in a ever expanding sex abuse scandal on both sides of the Atlantic that now threatens Pope Ratz himself. The office charged with disciplining clergy was long led by you guessed it, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict XVI, and a church prosecution in the Wisconsin case was stopped after an appeal to Ratzinger.

Yep, Pope Ratz previously as Cardinal Ratz STOPPED a ongoing church prosecution in the Wisconsin case of a Priest raping, sodomizing and sexually molesting 200 deaf children.

Given the wealth of evidence that Pope Ratz totally knew what was going on for several decades, that Pope Ratz actually protected the clergy pedophiles, that Pope Ratz actually helped move the clergy pedophiles to other unsuspecting parishes where the clergy pedophiles struck again and raped and sodomized more children, POPE RATZ STATING HE WAS UNAWARE IN THIS POST REAGAN ERA, JUST DOESN'T CUT IT!!!

A. Smith, Oregon   March 26th, 2010 7:42 pm ET

Todays Bad News in Korea could swiftly escalate into War

While it is extremely provocative for North Korea to threaten using and launching it's half dozen Nuclear Weapons on South Korea and the ten's of thousands of American Troops stationed in South Korea, that heated rhetoric by North Korea has been going on for many months.

However, today a South Korean naval warship was attacked and sunk in the disputed waters off North Korea today and some 60 South Korean sailors are reportedly missing. It sounds early on that the South Korean naval vessel hit a mine that blew a hole in the bottom of the ship which quickly sank.

This Bad News in the hotly contentious naval boundary's between North and South Korea's could easily spill over into further attacks and loss of life. With North Korea pushing as many provocative buttons as it can, it is going to take a dedicated effort by America and China to help prevent this latest violence from escalating and engulfing the entire Korean Peninsula in War.

Muthyavan.   March 27th, 2010 3:07 am ET

Same sex issue and sex scandals in church are hunting the modern world away to a new form of culture in creation. Now the new don't ask policy and don't tell policy to the armed forces will protect their future sex life. Why can't the religious heads also adopt a similar policy to protect the unmarried priest's attacks on children so that more and more accusations don't come up.

Tomorrow Saturday March 27th 2010, @ 8 PM is going to reminds humans how bad we are destroying mother earth nature. This new don't ask don't tell policy in Armed forces and spreading stories of accusations against religious heads in churches is a real threat to the existing nature of humans livings practised so far in the world.

Bail out news for Greece economy is a good news by powerful EU economic powers so that all the EU states strong unity will increase,

A. Smith, Oregon   March 27th, 2010 10:05 pm ET

Tens of Thousands of Americans are languishing in America's massive prison system solely because they were guilty of obstruction of justice and they conspired to shield and protect a suspect.

It is becoming ever more clear that Cardinal Ratz, now Pope Ratz deliberately and fully obstructed ongoing US and World Court's cases on serial clergy pedophiles and conspired to move these alleged criminals to various new locations where many of the serial pedophiles continued their child predication in a unsuspecting parish.

What Pope Ratz did appears to be a Criminal offense in the US Justice System as well as the Justice System's found around the world.

I can think of no worse example of a religious figurehead.

Pope Ratz should resign.

Biruzz   March 29th, 2010 6:48 am ET

Live and let live.

Stop playing the role of GOD. God is already getting a bad name from politicians and people who claim to love and cherish his (or her) teachings. God does not believe in abortion, so being a good believer i should bomb abortion clinics. God does not believe in homosexuality so we should punish and bully gays and lesbians. Listen I have news for all the people who claim to represent god when speaking, SHUT UP. If we have been bad when judgement day comes, god (he or she) can judge and pass sentence. If we have been good we get another chance at the roulette table. If when we die and discover there is no such thing as god then the atheist can laugh at us.

Here is something for us to think about, if there is a god (he or she) and god has allowed us to live and breathe all these years, all of us including believers, atheist and agnostics then arent we kind of playing god when we pass judgement on others when god also granted them a life.

Dont bend the rules and believes of any religion to your liking and do not condemn somebody if he or she has a different idea of life. Live and let live.

A. Smith, Oregon   March 29th, 2010 9:12 am ET

What is going on with the South Korean warship that struck a mine and sunk? The latest news appears to indicate South Korea is stating it wasn't a mine. However after carefully reading the entire statement, South Korea actually is stating their warship didn't strike one of their South Korean mines. It doesn't state they didn't strike a North Korean sea mine!

It is very typical for a mine to be swept to the rear of a vessel where it is briefly entangled with the propulsion system where it explodes. Upon exploding, the mine briefly creates a large air pocket which cracks the ship in half from the sudden lack of support in the middle of the steel hulled ship.

South Korean divers have repeatedly dove down to the separate half's of the South Korean warship. A quick visual inspection would tell even a amateur if the explosive was outside of the vessel or the blast came from inside of the warship. OBVIOUSLY, if the explosion occurred from outside of the warship, that vessel either struck a submerged mine or was hit by a North Korean torpedo.

My question is why the cover up and silence, the South Korean divers certainly know if the explosion was outside or inside the warship.

A. Smith, Oregon   March 30th, 2010 4:05 am ET

Thanks almost entirely to a team of lawyers here in Oregon who are representing several hundred children that were raped, sodomized and brutally sexually molested for several years by priests and clergy from the Vatican, there appears to be a paper trail of orders from the Vatican and then Cardinal Ratz, now known as Pope Ratz.

That paper trail appears to indicate it was Cardinal Ratz who was shielding, protecting and moving serial child pedophiles to other locations where those predator serial pedophiles continued with another parish of innocent victims.

Pope Ratz is currently claiming and hiding behind Sovereign Treaty's and Sovereign Authority to being immune for Aiding, Abiding and Conspiracy leading to child rape, sodomy and multiple sexual abuse of children in his care and under trust to him.

By hiding under being a leader of a Sovereign Nation is immune from prosecution fly's in the face of former Panamanian leader Manual Noriega who was alleged to have been involved with illegal drug exportation, where as Pope Ratz's possible crimes would be far worse, far more heinous and impact far more American family's.

Pope Ratz has instructed parishes to declare bankruptcy rather than honor the US Court ordered monetary settlements be given to the child victims. Which those parishes across America have done.

Pope Ratz has instructed suspected serial pedophile clerics to move to a unsuspecting parish of new innocent victims which they did.

The Cardinal that appeared to be obstructing US Justice Courts in the multiple child rape and sodomy cases here in Oregon was moved by order of Pope Ratz and given Pope Ratz's former job he held when then Cardinal Ratz appeared to look the other way and cover-up all of the ongoing child rape and sodomy cases by the Church.

The Oregon Case appears to be headed to the US Supreme Court asking to include Pope Ratz and The Vatican in its defendants and whom monetary settlements could be lodged against. The Pope is meanwhile hiding behind Sovereign Treaty agreements like a disgusting reptile under a rock.

I can think of no worse example of a religious figurehead than Pope Ratz.

Pope Ratz should resign.

Scrivener5   April 5th, 2010 6:32 am ET

The leadership of the gay and lesbian movement need to be held accountable.

Accountability is necessary in order to hold people to specific goals and outcomes.

It is clear that Prez Obama is a "trojan horse." Prez Obama is a gifted orator. That is about all that he is. He can talk the talk. He cannot/will not/is too incompetent to...WALK THE WALK.

It is high time for the leadership of various interests to QUICKLY identify a viable candidate who is serious and who means business.

Campaigns are expensive. Campaigns cost MILLIONS of dollars.

Competent leadership will act QUICKLY.

Isabel Diaz Page   October 11th, 2010 11:18 pm ET

I´m glad that AT LAST someone had the guts to say what he thinks about homosexuality. It is not normal. This society is SICK. We are living in Sodoma and Gomorra, and God´s justice has already begun for mother earth.
Today´s gays are the rembrants of Sodoma and Gomorra re encarnated.YES, we all have had different sexes in past lives, but we must assume our present sex in this life. That is a part of the trials of each life, everything else is wrong. ¿What are we teaching our children?
What can gay parents teach their adopted children? Congratularions for the man that is running for Myor of New York.
Isabel Diaz Page – Chile – South America

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