March 11, 2010
Posted: 1732 GMT

Hello everyone,

The cameras shooting the Chilean presidential transition of power shook and rattled today as Chile was once again rocked by a strong tremor. It was probably the strongest aftershock to hit Chile since the 8.8 magnitude earthquake destroyed entire coastal villages there almost two weeks ago.

We will be live in Santiago where the head of CNN Chile Rolando Santos will tell us what the aftershock felt like and whether it is impacting presidential inauguration ceremonies in the country.

We will then take you live to Baghdad where preliminary election results in Iraq are starting to come in. It looks as though current Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki's coalition has a slight edge. But the party will have to form alliances and that could take weeks, even months. How will political wrangling impact the country?

Also, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is headed for Jordan today after a tumultuous visit to Israel and the West Bank. The Israeli government announced new housing plans in East Jerusalem just as Biden was sitting down to dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The American Vice President condemned the move and Palestinians have now pulled out of indirect talks with the Israelis. We interviewed government spokesperson Mark Regev at the IDesk yesterday, and many of you had strong reactions following our energetic discussion. Keep posting your thoughts, I always appreciate open discussion!

We are also live in New York with a look at numbers on Wall Street. It may not feel like it if you are one of the millions of newly unemployed people in the U.S. and Europe, but jobless claims figures are beating expectations on a pretty regular basis. There is no more hemorrhaging of jobs in the way we saw a little more than a year ago. The only problem is that we are not adding jobs at the level the world economy needs to truly bounce back from the tyranny of slow to no growth.

That and the latest developments from Greece and Britain and your weather and sports headlines.

See you at the IDesk!


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nimitz benedicto   March 11th, 2010 8:06 pm ET

somehow I feel Chile is blessed and/or they are drilled/ready for earthquakes. Fortunately, this latest strong earthquake has not caused high number of fatalities.

Can it be an auspicious sign of what their new president is to face in the future?

miriam   March 12th, 2010 5:37 am ET

Hala, you still refer to the building announcement as a "government announcement". It was not. It was a municipal, procedral, technical stage in zoning, the same as occurs all over the world. Even if it was announced at a controversial moment and milked by the media, left wingers and Arabs, this does not change the source of the announcement.

The proximity talks have not been impacted, despite the rhetoric coming from the Arab leaders and spokesmen. It is, as usual, all too easy for the media to display their gullibility with respect to their lies, however those are all they are.

It would be more useful to report on the hypocrisy displayed by the Palestinians. While they rant and rave about Israeli actions, they continue to incite and plan public ceremonies to name public spaces after notorious, murderous terrorists such as a square in Ramallah, the day after Biden's visit.

Which is more detrimental to peace efforts, the planning of homes within an established Jewish neighbourhood in northern Jerusalem, 5 minutes drive from down-town, or the glorification of terrorists such as one responsible for the death of 37 Israelis civilians and Americans on a bus?

Biruzz   March 12th, 2010 8:16 am ET

Hello Hala,

I trust that Mark Regev and the israeli PM must think that the world is occupied by fools with this foolish statements.

Building houses on stolen land is a crime. They have done it repeatedly and what is their best friends response " Condemn It". It is strange how the so called developed nations, the ultras of modern civilization, the G7 can sit back and do nothing, no sanctions no blockades nothing at all when israel goes around stealing land and killing people. If it was any other nation these so called ultra nations would be fighting tooth and nail to crucify them. Well of course China is not included because of financial reasons, they owe the chinese money so lets not infuriate them

We all know that that half if not more palestinian politicians are corrupted and are more interested in lining their pockets rather than helping their own people. This is not a secret. But this land that is being stolen is their land. The world elite, the ultras cannot condemn Venezuela, Iran, Sudan for their barbaric behaviour but condone israels act. Double standards. I can bully you and get away with it, therefore i will.

The greatest nation in the world (america claims to be) is crumbling in its moral authority by sanctioning and allowing the systematic destruction of the palestinian and the theft of their land. There is an alternative to all this, stop providing israel with weapons and moral support. As long as they know that they will receive Americas money and support they will not stop the destruction. This has to be done soon before the whole regions erupts completely.

Among all the people in this who have been singled out and massacred due to their race or Judaism we would expect more sympathy and rational thinking from them. It sickens me every time I watch a film or documentary about WW II on how the nazis butchered and tried their best to kill the jews. It is unbelievable that man could kill another because of their believes or race. The world stood up as one and ended the nazi regime the tyranny. What is happening now in the middle east does not compare to what happen in world war II but the ideology is more or less the same, isnt it.

miriam   March 12th, 2010 2:38 pm ET


The main problem is the disinformation that leads you to believe that it is "stolen Land".

Firstly, by the correct definition, Israel does not "occupy" the West Bank that she gained in 1967 in a defensive war against the Jordanians who were not an internationally recognized sovereign.

Despite this fact, Israel has complied with international law that applies to occupying powers, ie she has continued to apply the laws in force within the territory immediately prior to "occupation" and safeguards the capital of 'state' properties and administers them in accordance with the rules of usufruct. (Hague regulations and 4th Geneva conventions).

In the WB, land laws are based on the 1858 Ottoman Land Code, ammended by the British Mandate and the Jordanians. Under Israeli rule, they have remained essentially unchanged. The laws regulate acquisition, utilization, disposition and registration of all types of landholdings.

After 1967, Israel determined which lands were state lands according to the Ottoman laws, with notices served to local villages allowing opposition and objection.
This process still applies today and is flexible and especially lenient on the claims of Palestinians.

Most Israeli settlements are situated on rocky, uncultivatable hilltops an Ottoman class of land that determined that it was usually state property.

The political rhetoric that simplifies the issue to a matter of "stolen" and "occupied" land is too easily swallowed and accepted by anyone who doesn't know the real facts.

Biruzz   March 14th, 2010 9:15 am ET


Let me believe that the state of Israel actually applies and complies with thise law.

The land belonged to Palestinians. There was no such state called Israel. It is their land, it always will be their land and it was stolen from them and a state was formed. The ultras now want o form what they call a two state situation. Let me be foolish and easily swallowed, I steal you land all of it, then I will give you back a part of it, and we will call it the two state situation. And you can only accept the land that I wish for you to have. Nice laws. Basically I will rob you blind, give you back a part of the loot and you walk away.

But despite all that that the palestinians are willing to talk about a two state solution and every time there is a slightest glimmer of peace more land is being stolen and more developments are being planned. Are there no other paces in israel where there can be development and where the israeli can also live in piece. Has it maybe got something to do with leaving or creating markers so that the lines are drawn again so that they will no going back.

The State and the Ultras need to grow up.

miriam   March 16th, 2010 6:53 pm ET


What's the problem?

Anti-israel comments get printed but pro-Israel comments don't?

Do you have a problem with the truth or do you just go along with the psychologically manipulating anti-Israel rhetoric?

cnnhala   March 16th, 2010 7:02 pm ET

Please check the blog for your published comment (s) before making baseless accusations. Best, Idesk.

Thot   March 16th, 2010 9:24 pm ET

Being such a modern and clever nation, I don't get why the USA so blindly fallows Israel!? If there are friends, shouldn't be their duty, as friends to tell them they are taking the wrong way/actions? And make an honest and more direct stand about it?
I sometimes feel people who don't like you are able to be more honest and direct with you then the your so called friends.

Thot   March 16th, 2010 9:25 pm ET

Being such a modern and clever nation, I don't get why the USA so blindly fallows Israel!? If they are friends, shouldn't be their duty, as friends to tell them they are taking the wrong way/actions? And make an honest stand about it?
I sometimes feel people who don't like you are able to be more honest with you then the so called friends.

Thot   March 16th, 2010 9:32 pm ET

Or maybe those who are apparently blind just choose not to see, because otherwise that would mean to take an inconvenient turn and admit their fault.

miriam   March 17th, 2010 12:20 pm ET


I agree with your comment about the figurative "blind"

Those who narrow-mindedly allow themselves to be indoctrinated with every anti-Israel mantra without bothering to find out the real facts fit your theory well.

Friends have the privilege tof telling their friends secrets and to criticize them if necessary. However, they do not have to agree on everything and certainly don't have to put their lives in danger to please the other.

Enemies who admit they don't like you are hardly going to be regarded as having honest intentions when handing out advice. They prefer to see you endangered and out of the way.

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