March 10, 2010
Posted: 1720 GMT

A quick note today as we prepare a very full show.

We are live in Washington off the top with a live report on President Barack Obama's meeting with Haitian President Rene Preval.

We will then take you live to Jerusalem for the latest on what some have called an "embarrassment" for U.S Vice President Joe Biden, currently on an official visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories: the announcement by Israel that it is building 1,600 more homes for Jewish Israelis in predominantly Arab East Jerusalem.

We will be talking to Israeli Government spokesperson Mark Regev at the half hour and asking him why the Israeli Interior Ministry made the announcement during Mister Biden's visit.

Jeane Meserve will bring us new developments in the case of the so-called "Jihad Jane" – a female American convert to Islam accused of trying to recruit fighter to wage "holy war."

We are also live in Kabul with more on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad to Kabul.

That and the rest of the day's top stories, as always!

See you at the IDesk,


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Magnus Ahlberg   March 10th, 2010 6:50 pm ET

I truly hope that everyone who sees Mores new movie: Capitalism A Love Story, truky takes notice and understand that the American system of Congress and The House is doomed to fail and has done so for over 50 years.
It is unjust, the people don`t have the last say and regulations can be done without a single trace back to the ones who try and influence the different members.

It is to easy to make laws and regulations in the congress and most of the people there don`t seem to care for either the country of America, nor it`s people.

You, the people of America must voice your opinions, no matter if you are read or blue, and make the system change from the ground up.
Obama can`T do it himself, he needs you, the people, to say enough. Everyone must see that your system is truly broken and that investing money in, for example, The military, is just crazy. Do you need a private army? Hell no!

Please, make some changes, make America more stable and try to support each other. Socialism is not evil, if done moderetly. You can still have private industries, but make sure they do it not for profit, but for the common good, or to enrich their lives, not with money, but with a meaningful excistance.

Universal healthcare, god infrastruvrue, insurances that work for you, not the companies and basic university education for all, free of charge (belive me, it is possible, we have it here in Sweden) based on your grades, not income. That should be basic things and you support it with a nice enough tax rate, that go up if you make more money. It is not unfair, think of it this way. You put some money in to the pile in order to make a better sociery that will run more smoothly, and you will get a better education rate in the process.

That`s all for me

Muthyavan.   March 10th, 2010 6:50 pm ET

Haiti President has a major role to play in this difficult days of the people of Haiti which is devastated by a major earth quack with 300,000 of its citizen has died with its capital and many parts of this small nation destroyed. Haiti is a country which is located in the path of the periodical Atlantic tropical storms that moves toward USA and Mexican coast with heavy destruction's every time. This time it is hit by one of its worst historical earth quacks on record, needing an international support to recover from its destruct ions. Making Haiti as a true democratic nation which can stand on its own economy is a very important aim for the international society. As it is also located on the way to market for billions worth of drugs from world rich drug loads located in South America.

Earth quacks have hit many part of the world in recent times some time generating tsunamis in the sea with huge damages to humans and properties. Worst was the Indonesian tsunamis that destroyed many nations in the south and south -east Asia in 2004 December. It is a challenge to the world scientific society which is more less neglecting this Physical science researches studies on global earth quacks and the natural causes behind it . To a more attractive and wealthier field of today's development on information technology. What I am trying to point out is study of earth science is also needs more attention from the universities and scientist.
Why the Israel government choose to make a statement at this time when USA Vice President is visiting their nation on future peace talk to middle east problems indicate that Israel is adamant as that of Ha-mas warriors on disturbing the future peace in middle east.

Jakup   March 10th, 2010 11:08 pm ET

Couldn´t agree with you more!!! Interesting points your pointing out to us...about the American system and Congress.
This is extremely important, that these things are gonna change in The U.S. It´s eating them up, the whole thing is not sensible at all... and there´s nothing really evil about socialism.
But the Americans are gollafied, by their own good standing, with the dollar bill, and the system...The machine!

For example, Just look how they clap, when Obama's speech to Congress was held in full wiev sits House speaker Nancy Pelosi all "gollafied" with the man speaking oh so fine about their long lost love (Politics) But as a very smart man once said..." we only have democracy cause we haven´t found a better substitude!
A lot of people like the system or systems. Also in Scandinavia. All though it seems so perfect its far from it! The Machine is being furtalized by the yea sayers!

Haiti is pending on some efficient politicians, in the next run of times.
They seemed hesitant and chokked. They still need all the help they can get, from the more developt world, rebuilding the country.

And sure more study of the earths layers, plates and underground, is a must!

And hey the Israeliens do what they have done for years, what their goal is? beats me! Mayby they just wanna be a little enclave, till the end of time! but it can end up being a bad decision, self-proclaimed martyrdom!

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