March 9, 2010
Posted: 1746 GMT

Hello from the newsroom everyone,

The Greek Prime Minister is in Washington, D.C., the latest stop on the George Papandreou 2010 World Tour, designed to ask for a few favors to help his country out of crushing debt.

There is a very interesting piece in the Washington Post today that puts Greece's – and America's – debt problems in perspective. Dana Milbank writes that the U.S. could be in aa tight a spot as Greece in about a decade.

Greek national debt is about 113% of GDP, way more than is healthy and certainly much higher than what Eurozone rules allow for.

In his piece, Milbank notes: "If current trends persist, an American president will be doing the same thing in about 10 years. He or she will probably be in Beijing, asking for more favorable interest rates or pleading with the Chinese government to keep speculators from betting on an American default."

We will be going live to the White House to ask whether Greece will get what it wants from America, but also, why it would be in the U.S.'s best interest to give Athens a hand on this one.

Speaking of high-level meetings, the U.S. Vice President is in the Middle East this week for talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Joe Biden is the most senior member of the Obama administration to visit the region since the U.S. President took office.

Earlier in the day, Joe Biden was expressing satisfaction that Israelis and Palestinians had agreed to indirect peace talks. But then, right before dinner, Israel said it would authorize the building of 1,600 homes for Jews in Arab East Jerusalem. Now Palestinians are saying this mean no talks are possible.

Expectations regarding peace talks for Biden's trip were extremely low to begin with. We will have the latest from Jerusalem.

Also today, we will have the latest on election result delays in Iraq, the Robert Gates tour of Afghanistan and religious and sectarian violence in Nigeria.

Plus, as always, your complete sports and weather updates.

See you at the IDesk!


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Thot   March 9th, 2010 9:13 pm ET

I don't get that a country, whose people have faced horrors through history, and are so religious, can act in such arrogant, insensitive way with their neighbors. I would expect that “the chosen people by God” had forgiveness, humility and compassion as their major values.
I think most countries around the world think American government as this chicken attitude towards Israel. Is the USA afraid of Israel?
Even if Israel has justified explanations, they loose their reason when they take actions like this.

Jakob   March 10th, 2010 12:36 am ET

I just don´t understand why the Greece goverment are asking the Amercans for help when their Fort Knox gold is thinning out slowly, and steadely, and with this trillion dollar det, they should start turning every dime! The Greek can ask their neigbours
for financial support! There are Italy and France, who can help them out!
But why don´t they aks the Israelian´s for help?
They who only tend to their own little garden behind that great wall of shame...mayby they would get some friends, if they started helping others out. Instead of using their money on taking their hard stand against the poor people of Palestine!

It is true that they got a hold on the Americans...but I suspect the Obama administration, will be more critical of them, when they realice, how hard headed and saddenly stubbern, the Israelians

Biruzz   March 10th, 2010 3:19 am ET

Israel and America do not want peace in the region as it is not profitable to either of them financially or politically. Hamas of course is being played by both these goverment's and is in return making a mockery and fools of the palestinian people.

Is it just a coincidence that the announcement is delivered the day that VP is there? The VP can denounce it and show to the whole world that America tried to stop them but Israel is stubborn. Nobody believes the crap that oozes out of washington, tel aviv or gaza. Money is the king here. Weapons have to be sold money has to be made and people have to be killed. Thats the way it is now. I believe there must lots of other parcels of empty land in the state of israel, so why build here. Because murder and butchering people frightens citizens on both sides, Jews and Muslims and flames the fires of stupidity and revenge.

For a country that is supposedly built on trust and integrity America is sure lacking any credibility where the state of israel is concerned. America can have 2 gulf wars and spend hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight the so called menace that is a threat to the American Way of life. At the same time you guys are planting the seeds of hate and revenge in the other parts of the world.

As I watch the reruns of the mini series Band of Brothers, I wonder how could these people who sent thier children overseas to fight for the freedom of other have gone so wrong. America was a shining beacon in world war II freeing europe and other parts of the world from tyranny and opression. Today the great nation that people wanted their children to migrate to as it was the real promise land is financially supporting and instigating crimes against humanity by aiding the state of israel.

Hamas also does not want peace but we know that they are just obtuse and narrow minded and deviant. But whats america excuse? Is the lobbying union for the state of israel so strong in america that nobody dares says a word against them? Barrack Obama a black man grew up in an america where blacks are in certain quarters deemed as "left back" or have not progressed as much as other folks. Even he when running for president says that America and Israel are best friends. One would think he would be supporting other causes primarily with his back ground.

Nobody hates america most people love it for it constitution and way of life but the sure hate your politics especially when you are being manhandled and manipulated.

miriam   March 10th, 2010 1:07 pm ET

I hope that the March 10th programme will clarify the facts concerning the 1600 apartments.
The fact that the Israeli government had nothing to do with the release of this information.

The fact that the Israeli government is not involved in the technical processes in municipal building projects.

The fact that the building has not been approved and has simply reached a stage in the bureaucratic process which is common to all municipal building processes around the developed world .

The fact that this neighbourhood is not geographically in "east" Jerusalem and that the term refers to all areas to the east, north, north-west, south and south-west of "west" Jerusalem, most of which is hilly and was used by Jordanian snipers between 1948 and 1967 to attack Jewish residents of Jerusalem.

The fact that in one of his many speeches, Joe Biden stated that the US administration too often falls into the traps set by those who wish to isolate Israel.

The fact that the PA continues to incite against Israel and in interviews to Arab media admits that the proximity talks are an intentional path to nowhere other than a non-negotiated two-state solution, one for Palestinians and the other also for Palestinians.

Without honest reporting, the international audience is misled into believing the comments such as those made above on this blog.

Muthyavan.   March 10th, 2010 4:37 pm ET

Greece is the springboard of humans early civilizations and USA is the springboard of modern civilization. Now the two wants to talk about the recent economic dawn turns that is shaping a new order of nations in the current line up to the creation of new rich nations. History is a lesson how some rich nations who were the glory of the past lost their status of a super rich and culture beauty in time because of that nations peoples wastage's and over budgeting of expenses. So it is the born responsibility of each and every citizens of nations to safeguard their nations wealth and freedom by respecting all the other nation's freedom and wealth. By which world nations will move to a new order united by looking and taking care of mother earth's wealth and freedom to maintain a better global environment.

Moving away from the Greek present financial debt to USA position as a leading rich and freedom loving nation, to the long conflict in Palestine and in the world religious and old cultural center city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem has been a Thorn in the middle east peace process for a long time and by taking a fair stand and recognizing the freedom of all the religions and cultures that had adorned this beautiful city. First of all everybody must understand and respect all the religions and cultures that had flourished in this city and agree it does not belong to any body, but must be made as world heritage center for International cultures where everybody is free to go.

Again history is a lesson for all those warriors who thinks they can win the world by force and wealth, declare Jerusalem as their own city of religion and culture. Modern civilization is a lesson to everybody by respecting others cultures and religions only that every bodies cultures and religion will flourish and survive in the modern world. A just settlements and international agreement on the future of this beautiful old city will be an eye opener to all the ethnic and religious troubles of the present world.

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