January 15, 2010
Posted: 1743 GMT

Hello everyone,

Today we will start with Jonath Mann in Port-au-Prince who is covering the tragedy in Haiti and the rescue teams still hopeful they will find survivors under the mountains of rubble.

Also in the 1pm Eastern hour, we are expecting President Obama to again speak live about the catastrophy in Haiti. American military personnel and aid supplies are strating to stream into Haiti. A US Navy ship with helicopter, hospital beds and the capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of clean water is off the coast of the island nation right now.

We will be join by Lieutenant General Russell Honore, the man who led the military response to the Katrina disaster. He's been somewhat critical of what he says was too slow an American response in the 24 hours after the earthquake struck.

We'll talk to him today for his take on American help as it starts to reach the desperate people of Haiti.

And, one of the organizations whose work make such a tremendous difference no matter where in the world there is a need, Doctors Without Border will talk to us live from the quake zone. We're hoping to connect with the head of the organization's Haiti mission.

We'll be going live to Haiti throughout the hour with reports from our team of correspondents and producers, so look for the latest information from them, as well.

See you at the IDesk,


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Ana   January 15th, 2010 6:52 pm ET

Jonath Mann just now in his report was very offensive, saying that one would have to wait for US to come in Haiti to have things fixed. Well, Mr. Mann, just tell me one instance when US trood did anything more than mess things up some more.
US, after having heartily supported Papa Doc who sigle handedly put Haiti some 100 years behind the whole world, wanted nothing else to do with Haiti, so much so that when the UN saw the need to intervene so that Haiti could at least get some institutions they had to get south american forces to help, as US and EU washed their hands. well, those south american forces were there working slowly- it took them some 2 years only to get haitians to trust them- and they are still there, were also hit by the quake, have dead among them and they will go on doing the good job they were doing without the US who were unable even to get a plane to Louisiania in 2 days after Katrina when Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and others (countries that have not much training in calamities, most of them never having any) already have sent mobile hospitals, food, aid, people, doctors etc (most already working if cnn cares to look for them) while US is saying they will have some people there next week!

JANE O.IKEJI   January 15th, 2010 7:54 pm ET

I want to ask, is there any possibility for planes to drop relieve materials for the people in HAITI? I thank the US Navy for their assistance so far.My concern right now is for the people who are in HAITI because there is going to be an outbreak of epidemic if the dead bodies are not buried in mass immediately,this is because at CNN tonight i can see people covering their noses from smell of corpses.Doctors without boarders thank you for your help for HAITI Victims.Please let this be a distress call for all.

Adekunle O Oluwashola Israel   January 15th, 2010 8:58 pm ET

Why is this World so evil? .Do will need to allow the poorest Nation to pass through this kind of situation the people of Haitian are passing through now b/4 the so call develop Nations pay attention to the kind of problem that can be avoid.
If Only all this money the world are Donating to them right now as been giving to them few years ago, they would have at least develop some detective system that can prevent or even limit this ungodly situation that is happen right now.
May God be with the living ones & grant mercy to those that lost there life.

Reginald G. Michel   January 15th, 2010 10:11 pm ET

I am a haitian american living in Atlanta; while the coverage is excellent you guys have not spoken of the epicenter where the earthquake hit carrefour; it would be a good idear to go there which is the south of the capital.

Bero   January 16th, 2010 12:42 am ET

You know, I was talking to one of my students today in Spain and we were looking at the cost of the film Avatar which was more or less 310 million dollars and he said to me "with that money, it would be possible to save so many people in Africa´´. It goes without saying the people in Haiti. I'm not saying that Hollywood should be abolished but isn't it time we got our priorities right? Please don't ask me to put money into banks when the most part of that money goes
to pay the administration of NGOs rather than to the people who really need it. A country like Haiti needs a revolution!

Portia Harloff   January 16th, 2010 4:26 pm ET

I can certainly sympathize with the Haitians anger. One airport, damaged, limited usage and how many planes arrived with reporters, cameras, crews oh yes they gave their water to Who? Sanjay bandaged a baby, a Red Cross plane which is equipped would have aided many more why don't we limit the number of reporters who flock to tragedies and let the first responders get in. The rest of us can wait patiently to see the suffering. Why does everything move so slow.

Dana Stoddard   January 16th, 2010 4:32 pm ET

Can we get General Honore, Reactivated,, So he could get something done with getting relief supplies to these people,, He is a no nonsense Soldier,, Thinks outside the box with use of assets,available, Choppers sling loads, lz,s ,etc,, all this and more is needed to avert more deaths,, This is the reality,, It is wonderful the world has responded,, But get the goods off the air strip !!!!!!,, Thanks , Former Nam vet

Paul,Jean LLM   January 16th, 2010 6:34 pm ET

Go to request a prayer for Haiti. Write any short prayer in any language, it will be automatically translated to French.

Vernice wiberg   January 16th, 2010 7:54 pm ET

This is to all the CNN reporters, Michael Holmes, Errol Barnet, Becky Anderson, Hala Gorani, In the disater Zone, Anderson cooper, Johnathan man, Dr Sanjay, All the ones I havn't Mentioned, Thank You CNN, for doing the hard work you do.
I am an American living in sweden, And all the coverage that I get here during this time is on CNN. Thanks again guys for all your hard work...These stories are hard to report, But you get the job done

Vernice wiberg

MJK   January 16th, 2010 8:39 pm ET

I am currently living in Bolivia and would like to donate some money. Do I just go to any given NGO and give them cash? I don't think so. I would like some ideas so the money does not land in the wrong hands.

cnnhala   January 16th, 2010 8:46 pm ET

Go to for a list of highly vetted charities.

Marie   January 17th, 2010 12:14 am ET

The help stays at only one place there are many other places in Haiti that haven't even getting help whatsoever. The helps need to evacuate to the other places there. There are people in Carrefour, Delmas, Petionville, even those places doesn't stop there inside Carrefour there streets, like Coteplage 18, 16, 24, etc... so the helps need spread out because they Saturday at one place and the other people at the other places are dying. survivors are dying due to the fact hat they are not getting any help. To the help "If you really want to help spread out don't expect them to come to you because where that are some of them can't even move because they need assistance, medical assistance.

John Simms   January 17th, 2010 9:25 am ET

Port au Prince.

This is not the moment for pedantic quibbles about the pronunciation of the capital of Haiti, but nor is it for the mispronunciation of same by most of your news anchors and reporters.

Until this week most people would not have been able to locate Haiti accurately on a map, let alone name its capital. However, generally the pronunciation of foreign proper names that we do not know or are unsure about, we learn from TV and radio. Thus, if only out of courtesy to the inhabitants of a country, town or individual, broadcasters have a responsibility to pronounce names correctly. And CNN, as one of the world’s leading networks, has a particular responsibility in this respect. Otherwise the mispronunciations pass into everyday use and it becomes preactically impossible to correct them.

The case in point: Port au Prince is obviously a French name, therefore pronounced “Port-o-Prance”, not too difficult even for such poor learners of foreign languages as the British and the Americans. But your news people pronounce Prince as in English. This is a ridiculous hybrid: it should either be pronounced correctly, or – as a poor alternative – fully translated, thus Prince’s Port or Prince Port (The Spanish, for example, call it Puerto Príncipe).

If your reporters’ and editors’ professionalism does not require them to check names before pronouncing them in public, they should be obliged to do so by the responsible directors. Does CNN not have a style book? If it does, it should be continuously updated with “new” proper names ... and used!

Kindly pass on this message to those who need to see it.

Carole Fenn   January 17th, 2010 4:24 pm ET

Please add the Children's Nutrition Program of Haiti to your list of agencies neededing donations to assist Haiti. They are incredible humanitarians. The link for them is:

The staff will have incredible first hand accounts of Haiti before, during, and after the Earthquake..

Thank you,

Carole Fenn

A. Smith, Oregon   January 18th, 2010 8:15 pm ET

Does the Haitian people look like any of them actually received the $208 MILLION taxpayer dollars in economic relief a mere 3 years ago from the infamous Bush-Cheney administration?

Where is the indignation over the utter lack of accountability on the Bush-Cheney administration that is on record of giving $208 Million taxpayer dollars to the Haitian people!

There was no stockpile of emergency medical supplys,
There was no stockpile of emergency medicine.
There were no desalination fresh water plants.
There were no fleets of heavy equipment.

Haiti is in both a Hurricane and an active Earthquake zone, it is UTTER FRAUD to have taxpayers given $208 Million dollars to Bush-Cheney in 2007 and for the Haitian people to have None of the above items now.

It entirely appears that Bush-Cheney gave $208 MILLION US taxpayer dollars to a handful of Bush jr's. friends in Haiti.

The Obama Administration should demand total accountability for that large amount of taxpayer dollars given a mere 3 years ago that is entirely missing in Haiti at this time of great need.

Anyone else notice the silence by the very vocal Dick Cheney on the Haitian relief effort? How about explaining to the American people who you gave that $208 Million US taxpayer dollars in economic help to in Haiti, Dick Cheney? Come out into the spotlight you big Cockroach!

Is Dick Cheneys Halliburton/KBR or an affiliate construction firm involved in building those modern concrete death-traps in Haiti? Those contractors should be charged with Manslaughter and their parent corporations should be held liable and slapped with
huge class action lawsuits on behalf of the victims family's.

Hala! Ask your talented staff and guests HOW surviving family members in America and Haiti can file class action lawsuits against the American Corporations involved in building those modern concrete death-trap buildings.

Hala! Ask your talented staff and guests HOW surviving family members in America and Haiti can pressure the US Congress and Senators for the US Justice Dept. to issue manslaughter charges against the American Contractors involved in building those modern concrete death-trap buildings.

Karim   January 19th, 2010 8:18 pm ET

Hi Hala,

I like to express my utter frustration towards the way humanitarian aid is developping in Haiti. We have too much laws and rules and especially sheep like people who will go to any length on following these rules step by step without the guts/brain on thinking outside the box. It is because of them the situation on Haiti got this bad.

Food, water and medicine should have been droppped from helicopters and/or planes from the very beginning. The whole story about it causing any violence among the population is complete nonsense! Why? Because in the first few days after a huge catastrophy, like the earthquake in Haiti, people are still dazed, in mourning or confused, to even start thinking about rioting for food! All they want to do is find loved ones or help anyone who needs it. The longer international aid waits, the more angry and frustrated people will become, resulting in ever growing chance of riots, plundering and other forms of survival tactics. A child can figure that out. But for some reason beaurocrates and politicians cannot....disgraceful!

I am also frustrated by the so called humanitarian face politicians want to show.
I am astouned at how quick some well known politicians got to Haiti and gave all kinds of `helping hand` speeches to comfort the public. It´s all talk but no walk. Are they there because they really want to make a difference for the good of Haitian citizans? Or is it more some kind of jesture, an act of redemption following the unsuccesful Climate conference or perhaps to have a more permanent role after Haiti is rebuild? It's not a bad spot for a warmongerer's thinking....

Thirdly is the presence of the "peacekeeping" force.
I understand some desk people are afraid that things might get out of hand? Why? By bringing men with guns into the streets, you create the exact opposite of peace! You bring fear and fear has the tendency to make people do unexpected things, Again, think out of box mr. whoever issued more troops to Haiti! Not to mention the fact that the U.S. military force is mostly in the hands of private cooperations! Could be a band of mercenaries for all we know. Somehow i got a 24 series feeling about this....Who keeps an eye on the people who keep an eye out?

I totally agree with A. Smith!
Good writing man, I am glad there are at least some people in the world who speak their mind straightforward!
I also think Bush and Co. need to be brought to justice, preferably at the international court in The Hague because they are the "axis of evil".

Examples on how inhumane people have become:
In The Netherlands the rescue team wasn't allowed to leave for Haiti on what might have been the very day the earthquake had struck (I am not sure of the original departure day) because "the paperwork" was not in order. Yes, the dutch bureaucracy finds a piece of recycled paper more important then a human life!

After the great tsunami in Indonesia, a special fund was made to raise money for the tsunami victims. If my memory serves me right, more then 20 million euro's was raised but less then 50% actually made it to Indonesia. The other 50% dissapeared........!

Eric Brito   January 20th, 2010 1:14 am ET

Today I read that the vice-president of Bolivia was criticizing the fact that US troops were in Haiti. His "logic" is to say that they are not doing anything that the people of Haiti need, like doctors or rescue people from the ruble.
It's incredible that a person of that caliber as a vice-president would make such an incredibly stupid comment. Apparently he must not watch television in Bolivia. Of course, they probably have it very much control so people in Bolivia doesn't knows the truth. But, just in case, it was the government of Haiti who ask president Barack Obama to send members of the military to establish some level of control because Haiti's government infrastructure has been severely damaged by the quake.
People of Bolivia need to tell your vice-president to just be quiet and let the rest of the world take care of the situation. We thank you for sending supplies which are really in need. However, what the people of Haiti really don't need is people like you.
I hope that someone in Bolivia's government would feel embarrassed by those comment and tell him to go hide someplace so nobody can hear him.

Alberdina Bos   January 20th, 2010 5:33 am ET


Crushed between layers
of concrete
Dusty, dark, pressed, hot
Teacher, Banker, Student, Costumer, Bargain hunter
waiting, hoping, breathing, hoping

Crushed between layers
of concrete and lumber
Crying, shouting, pleading, whispering
Everyone Someone, Anyone, Hello
Hurting, fearing, thirsting, fearing

Crushed between layers
Of concrete and lumber and sheet metal
Dazed, confused, disoriented, stuck
Mother’s baby, Father’s boy, no one’s child at all
Scared, al alone, hungry, al alone,

Crushed between the layers
Of concrete and lumber and sheet metal and red tape
Hopes, dreams, potential, aspirations
Individuals, Citizens, Ordinary Folk, People
Breathing, gasping, panting, gasping

In memory of all the loved ones who perished


Paul   January 20th, 2010 5:46 pm ET

Thanks I-Desk.

One year of Obama administration has shown that governance is a different ball game after campaign; though, the war on terror is being approah diplomatically, Obama appears to be loosing out in the home front, the National debt, umployment indexes says it all. The flip-flop of Democrats in Mass. shows that Obama has a tough battle ahead. For us in sub-saharan Africa, specifically in Nigeria, all the euphoria that greeted his emergence has diminished with the way and manner Obama had approah US-Africa relations, Nigeria's decadence notwithstanding, only time will tell. Paul, Abuja, Nigeria

Michelle Rizok   January 20th, 2010 11:31 pm ET

My comments are regarding the devistating crisis in Haiti and the need for medical supplies. I would appreciate it if you would forward this question to Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper, specifically.

I am curious to know if any pharmeceutical companies have donated medical supplies and/or pharmaceuticals to the crisis in Haiti, in this critical time of need. I have heard no mention of any leaders in the pharmeceutical community, to contribute aid to Haitians.

I have heard and have seen CNN coverage, however, of suffering victims undergoing precedures without medication to help them. Pain meds would be a good idea to assist with the amputations...don't you agree? And how about some antiseptics, I'm sure these companies could provide a boat full at no loss to their annual gross profit margins...

To the CNN reporters and staff, thank you for your dedication and committment, as well as your continuous initiative to break all borders and boundaries, to give us the all environments and conditions. God bless!

Michelle Rizok
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

George Rodrie   January 21st, 2010 4:35 pm ET

Just wanted to know what can be done to Get the doctors on the ground the equipment needed to operate at a more human form.

I just heard of another plane with medical supplies turned away at the airport, heard it here in the News on a local Puerto Rico TV station.

As Gen Honore said the in Louisiana they had about 200 Choppers in the air during the operation and the levels in Haiti r much less, of what i hear. Is this tru?
I understand the need for fuel, yet the US Military has refueling abilities in the air.
and god knows Amputating limbs without the appropriate tools and caring for the patients after is the differance between life and death.
wish i had a magic wand to fix these problems but i can't, I donate to the Red Cross and UNICEF to help ...

Cece   January 21st, 2010 5:23 pm ET

Please CNN shine the light on people who are still ALIVE in Carrefour -Feuilles @ Universite St Joseph ( St Joseph University) some 90 people stuck and AID is not reaching TOWN within Port au Prince. Please aske Anderson Cooper since he's the one putting the truth out there to SAY it in his reports or the AID organizations. Please SAVE US! MAKE DISASTER CAMPS AS WE NORMALLY DO WHERE THE PEOPLE CAN BE DIRECTED TO AND GET FED!
the Aid organizations should be in touch with RADIO SIGNAL FM the only staion working in the country.
PS: Canape Vert, Petion-Ville, Leoganes, Delmas, Fontamara- NO FOOD OR WATER SINCE THE QUAKE.

helmy el aassar   January 21st, 2010 6:41 pm ET

to whom it may concern
a few P.V.C pipes with a simple design i made & tried succefully conected to an aircompressor could vaccum the rubble and stones in 1% of the time men take to do manualy .
whitch would save lives as well as uncovering corpses without cuts that macheins causes.
if any one can take it there please contact me.

Manny   January 22nd, 2010 6:45 pm ET

This is regarding the recent story of a man that got shot for a bag of rice in Haiti. I feel it is inappropriate to show such a disturbing video of a man, black man dying especially when kids are at home watching TV.

Seconding CNN will never show such a video of a dying European, American. Is this fair? Is this what you call a civilized, democratic society?

Success   June 9th, 2010 3:03 am ET

Hello from Vyatka River!!! Thank you for information! Itґs a good idea for next full revision...
Write more!!! :)))

Zak Fisher   July 3rd, 2010 4:01 am ET

Food Aids are badly needed by third world countries like in Africa in Asia.-'-

Christopher Taylor   July 19th, 2010 11:21 am ET

food aids are badly needed by third world countries and we really need to give something to the poor.-,`

Soap Dispenser `   October 11th, 2010 4:53 pm ET

food aids are mostly needed by the poor coutnries in africa and also in asia-',

Sophia Harrison   December 13th, 2010 6:30 am ET

we can always give food aid to the african countries if we just save some pennies and donate it to them ~',

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