December 28, 2009
Posted: 1400 GMT

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December 23, 2009
Posted: 1141 GMT

Greetings, everyone!

As you may have noticed, Hala is on holiday all of this week. It seems that it's that time of year, when lots of people take a few days off. You go around shopping for that perfect gift. And, you celebrate with family and friends.

In that spirit, we would like to wish all of you very Happy Holidays! You've all been amazing viewers, as we near almost one-year on the air at the I-Desk. We hope you stay safe in the coming days, and Hala will be back soon with her daily "Today at the I-Desk" blogs.

See you then!
J the P

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December 17, 2009
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December 15, 2009
Posted: 1644 GMT

Hello everyone,

It's our second day broadcasting live from the London studio and it's been very exciting so far.

The studio is smaller, so I can't take those long strides when I walk around from camera to camera, but overall, the amazing technical crew here has managed to replicate the I-Desk feel on camera with about a third of the space we have an Atlanta.

Onto what we have planned for the show today.

We will kick things off with the maiden flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Several times delayed, at one point an embarrassment for the American planemaker, today is a crucial PR move for the Seattle-based company.

It needs to show the world that its jumbo aircraft will be a big seller and a big revenue maker. We will cover the maiden flight live.

Also today, the announced British Airways Christmas period strike. If you are currently holding a BA ticket or plan to fly through London after December 22nd, then you'll want to tune in.

Plus, the latest on violence in Pakistan with more deadly bombings today. We also have an interview with the head of U.S. Central Command, General David Petraeus. CNN correspondent Arwa Damon asked Petraeus about the challenges in Afghanistan and Pakistan in America's new regional strategy and we'll feature a portion of her interview.

We are also live in Copenhagen where delegates are trying to come to an agreement that will allow world leaders to unveil a UN pact to fight climate change.

And, on a lighter note, we have the list of nominees for next year's Golden Globes. George Clooney's "Up In The Air" is one of the most nominated movies. We are live in Los Angeles with a report.

Plus all the rest of the day's developing news stories, as always.

See you at the London IDesk!


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December 8, 2009
Posted: 1725 GMT

After a month of relative calm in Iraq, a devastating string of coordinated suicide bombings has killed more than 100 people in Baghdad. Once again, insurgents (the government is blaming Al Qaeda linked terrorists) struck near official buildings in various neighborhoods.

This shows a degree of coordination and planning that must worry Iraqi leaders and the United States, a few months before national elections.

We are live in Baghdad.

Fresh attacks in Pakistan as well, blamed again on Taliban militants. Recent bombings in Pakistan have killed hundreds in just the last few weeks. There as well, the aim is to destabilize the country's leadership and send a message that security forces cannot keep the population safe. We will bring you the latest.

We will take you live to Afghanistan and Capitol Hill, where U.S. officials are discussing and defending President Obama Afghanistan strategy. First, the U.S. defense secretary made a surprise visit to Kabul and met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Then, the commander of international forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, is testifying on Capitol Hill. We will tell you what the man who asked for a troop surge in Afghanistan is telling lawmakers today.

And, the latest on what is turning out to be a rather sad story for Tiger Woods' family. Amid rumors of chronic infidelity and broken vows, we are learning that Woods' mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital today. We will bring you the latest on that story.

Plus a live report from Copenhagen where there is some optimism that a move in the United States might help broker a deal at the climate summit.

See you at the IDesk!


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December 3, 2009
Posted: 1747 GMT

The Al Qaeda linked group Al Shabbab, at war with a virtually powerless Somali government, has dealt it worst blow to the country's leadership: a suicide bomber killed sixteen people including three acting ministers at a university graduation ceremony.

We are live in East Africa with the latest on this attack and its implications for the impoverished and lawless country.

Also today, we will take you live to Pakistan for a look at the Pakistani Prime Minister's visit to the United Kingdom. Youssef Raza Gilani is talking about President Obama's strategy for Afghanistan. The United States knows it must rely heavily on Pakistan to combat Taliban and Al Qaeda elements in tribal regions, but Pakistan seems to have a few reservations with America's plan. We will go over them.

We are live in Brussels for a look ahead at the NATO meeting. America wants NATO allies to contribute at least 10,000 troops but it looks like the U.S.'s allies won't come anywhere near that number. Is the U.S. disappointed? John Roberts will join us at the IDesk from Belgium.

Plus, more fallout from the Tiger Woods scandal, a look at the Bhopal disaster anniversary and the latest business and weather news.

See you at the IDesk!


(Photo: Mohamed Dahir/AFP/Getty Images)

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December 1, 2009
Posted: 1728 GMT

Today, we will cover all angles of the expected announcement that the U.S. will send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and that President Barack Obama reportedly wants the war over in three years.

We are live at the White House, with the political implications of increasing troop levels in an war that is becoming more and more unpopular in the United States.

We are also live in Afghanistan with reports from the battle zone as well as the latest on Afghan President Hamid Karzai and President Barack Obama's pre-speech phone call.

Then, we will analyze the expected military reinforcement: where will the troops deploy, will the new plan work and what is the timeline for an eventual exit strategy? We will speak with former General David Petraeus advisor and Iraq surge supporter retired U.S. Army Colonel Peter Mansoor.

Also today, we will bring you coverage of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech, which we are expecting in the 6pm CET hour. He postponed his address yesterday and this will be the first time we hear from the leader since Tehran announced that it wanted to build ten new nuclear plants.

Then, we are live on Wall Street where investors seem to have completely forgotten about Dubai's debt crisis, as much of the world has. We'll tell you what else is moving markets.

And the top news from Latin America, where ousted President Manuel Zelaya's future might be decided tomorrow. We will explain why.

Plus all the the other main developing news stories.

See you at the IDesk!


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Posted: 1345 GMT

As we await Pres. Barack Obama's announcement about his new plan for the War in Afghanistan, we wanted to know your thoughts. Mr. Obama is expected to increase troop levels by about 35,000 troops. So, here's our question:

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