October 30, 2009
Posted: 1612 GMT


Hello everyone,

It really doesnt matter what side you are on in Honduras: the fact that the country has reached a deal to re-instate ousted President Manuel Zelaya and hold elections – as planned – in November should be good news for everyone.

It means all Hondurans, those who accuse Zelaya of abuse of power, but also those who passionately oppose him, have an opportunity to rejoin the democratic process.

And this is encouraging because when a country strays from democracy, it can extremely hard to dial things back. (Just look at the Middle East for the last 50 years where, believe it or not, there were embryonic democracies at one point).

The Honduran deal, brokered by a team of U.S. diplomats, still has to be approved by the Honduran Congress.

This might delay things a bit, but analysts agree the crisis that started when a military-backed coup removed Manuel Zelaya from power, seems to be on the verge of resolution.

Elections planned for November 29th are still on and both sides are agreeing to recognize the vote outcome.

Manuel Zelaya is still reported to be inside the Brazilian embassy and we are hoping to connect with a reporter who is there as well.

Then, we are live in Russia for more on Iran's response to a U.N. nuclear watchdog proposal to enrich the country's uranium abroad. We still don't know what is contained in Tehran's answer and there is fear it may set conditions unacceptable to Western powers.

Also today, we'll go live to Washington for the latest on Barack Obama's ongoing discussions with advisors on whether to send more American troops to Afghanistan.

We will also look at ex-French President Jacques Chirac ordered to stand trial for alleged corruption during his tenure as Mayor of Paris. Jim Bittermann will be live with us from the French capital.

Plus, as always, Wall Street action and Guillermo Arduino at the weather center.

That and more at 7pm CET at the IDesk.

See you then!


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Megan Mills   October 31st, 2009 1:13 am ET

Regarding Mel's return to president of Honduras:
Point is, not only is the whole world watching, but, there are a
ton of moderates hoping that Mel doesn't say anything stupid. Obama didn't just
these guys down here to negotiate, he sent them down here to finish the whole
story in one weekend. Seems he gave them the ammunition to
finish the job.

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