October 14, 2009
Posted: 1613 GMT


Today, we'll start the show with a live report from London on British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's announcement that 500 more U.K. troops will join international forces in Afghanistan.

But Brown said the troops will only be sent if key conditions are met: the extra forces will have to have the right equipment and other NATO countries will have to agree to send more troops too.

Also today, we're keeping our eye on the main stock index on Wall Street: the Dow Jones is once again flirting with the 10,000 mark. Investors are cheering better than expected corporate results.

Some key economic indicators are pointing to a bounce back and that is adding to enthusiasm on the markets. But are investors getting ahead of themselves? Some analysts say this may be too early to put the Champagne on ice.

We will have a live report and analysis.

The editor of People Magazine will join us to talk about an interview and newly released photo of Jaycee Dugard, the woman abducted 18 years ago at the age of eleven.

We will ask him what she told the People Magazine reporter and what her state of mind is today, after spending almost two decades away from her family, allegedly imprisoned by a child rapist.

Also today, a big day for World Cup fans. We will take you live to Turkey for a match-up rich in meaning and tension. Rivals Turkey and Armenia will be battling it out on the pitch in World Cup qualifier action. We are live in Buenos Aires, as well, where it's a do-or-die day for Argentina.

And don't forget to vote in our poll today on what you think of a French Vogue photo shoot featuring a White model painted Black. Is it art? Is it racism? Let us know what you think below.

See you at the IDesk!


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Fawad   October 14th, 2009 4:34 pm ET

Way to go Gordon. The last British PM was quite the same “spontaneous.” I bet his decision is not driven by a lot of thinking. If more troops are the solution than the number has to be way more than 500

Joshua   October 15th, 2009 11:57 am ET

Hello Hala. I watch CNN, but merely pick a few programs especially business news (World business Today and Quest Means Business). These programmes help me a lot to make sense of the changes in our financial world. Also as an undergraduate student of economics in a Nigerian University, they are our REAL economics classrooms. I however was delighted to see something on your show earlier this week while I was waiting for Quest Means Business.
A truck driver in Hong Kong returned money that is worth a fortune to the police. I was thrilled as i wondered whether we still have people as sincere as that in our planet. Even Guillermo Arduino, your weather man was also stunned.
Here in Nigeria though, you do not get such sincerity (except of course by God’s own intervention). The main reason is that since so many people are corrupt/wicked/unpatriotic and deceitful, you are sure that the Police will share the money amongst themselves, and kill you or accuse you of stealing the money and only turning up part of it. Eliminating you will assure them that they can share the money without being caught. That is still the same reason why public office holders leave their treasury empty (and even collect taxes ahead) so that the next administration has to start all over. How i pray that the current MP’s probe in Britain that even implicated the Prime Minister will knock on the door of Nigerian politicians. (Just knocking on their doors is enough. I didn’t mean that such a probe is possible here).
I will like to mention that i now enjoy the show, and will try to always keep up with it. I signed up for TWITTER and FACEBOOK, with my e-mail address, but find it difficult to use the technology. Since we are in a period of five month university strike period, i think i have much time to learn and keep up with your show.
Joshua Ike

Joshua   October 15th, 2009 12:07 pm ET

I hope i will have enough courage to watch the stories of the ordeal of the abducted girl. I wonder why people are so cruel in this planet. I also hope that the story may bring relief to those who share same ordeal

Muthyavan.   October 18th, 2009 12:43 pm ET

It is highly appreciable that UK has agreed to send more troops in spite of a high public opinion against sending any troops to Afghanistan. Additional troops is a must as the existing UK troops are facing a hard time in its fight against Taliban resistance. Fight in Afghanistan to install a legistemitic people elected rule in Afghanistan has intensified now better than ever with similar heavy fighting in full form in adjourning Pakistan, Iran, and India. It has become an essential international efforts to give the right help so the democratic people rule in south Asia is defended.

The sudden surge in Wall Street stock market is nothing but disappearing economic bubbles created still in the unsteady economic weather pattern prevailing in the world economic dawn turns.
Finally you can't classify colour paintings on human body as a form of racism ex bits,it is only a marketing trend in the fashion world of high grade arts exhibits.

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