September 29, 2009
Posted: 1630 GMT

Hello everyone,

We'll start the show with the threat from torpical storm Ketsana as it barrels toward Vietnam. We'll tell you if you are in the path of the storm and how the weather might affect your travel plans.

The tragedy continues to be the Philippines, where Ketsana drowned portions of the country. More than 240 people are now confirmed dead and hundreds of thousands are affected by the floods. Dan Rivers is in the Philippines with the latest.

We will then go to Washington, D.C. for more on the meeting between President Barack Obama and the new NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

President Obama is in a tough spot: he must decide sooner rather than later if the U.S. will send more troops to the battlefield in Afghanistan at a time when public opinion is wavering in its support for the war. On top of that, some powerful members of the Democratic Party say it's a bad idea to increase America's military presence in Afghanistan.

Meantime, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, who recently spoke with the U.S. President, wants more troops to defeat the insurgency. And the NATO Secretary General will be pressing for more of a commitment from America.

President Obama has said he will not make a definitive decision until the mission in Afghanistan is clarified. Is NATO there to pacify and stabilize the country? Or is there to defeat the Taliban? Or is it there to find and root out Al Qaeda only? But isn't Al Qaeda now in Pakistan?

So many questions, so little time, so much at stake: this could be the most important decision President Obama makes for Afghanistan.

Also today, we will have more on the violence in Guinea. Reports that government forces gunned down dozens of opposition protestors. Human Rights groups are calling what happened in Guinea a massacre. We will bring you the latest.

We will also go live to Wall Street and cover all the other top developing stories of the hour.

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Humble Admirer   September 29th, 2009 6:30 pm ET

To Miss news universe Hala , love gan do miricales , isn't it ? the thing is I can't perceive everthing from the news , but I like to tell you ,That I really wish to discover , the person behind the cnn /screen , and I-desk setup . And have a never ending peek through those beautiful green eyes, afterall maybe .....just maybe you could be my Wonderwall .........

Thot   September 29th, 2009 6:49 pm ET

Polanski could have ended this story ages ago, if he had presented himself to justice. With all the lawyers he seems to have, and adding the fact that the victim herself has no interest on going on with this story, this case would be probably resolved and forgotten already.
If he had done that, beside the talent he has, he would end up being seen as a righteous and sensible man, who had courage to face the consequences if his acts.

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