September 28, 2009
Posted: 1623 GMT


Hello everyone,

Rescue workers are overwhelmed and at least 140 people are dead in the Philippines.

We will start the program with a report from Dan Rivers on the deadly floods in the capital Manila and two dozen neighboring provinces.

The country hasn't seen rain like this in decades. Those in low-lying areas, mostly the poorest of the residents in the affected areas, are suffering the most today.

We will also have full coverage of Iran's long-range missile tests at a time of heightened tension with Western countries. Iran, which last week revealed the existence of a second nuclear plant, is due to hold critical talks with the five U.N Security Council members (plus Germany) next Thursday.

We will look at why Iran has decided to go ahead with the test (Tehran said it's part of a routine yearly drill) and how it may impact talks this week.

Also today, a story that is sparking interest and debate around the world: the arrest of Franco-Polish Director Roman Polanski in Switzerland over the week-end. U.S. authorities asked Switzerland to detain Polanski in connection with a 30-year old case in California. Polanski plead guilty to unlawful sexual relations with a minor in 1978 but fled America before he could be sentenced.

The question is: should Polanski be extradited to the U.S. or should he remain a free man?

Should his crime be left in the past (as his own victim has urged) or should someone who admits to sex with a minor be punished, not matter how long ago the abuse occurred?

Let us know what you think in our poll below.

We are also live in Honduras with the protracted stand-off between ousted president Manuel Zelaya and de facto leader Roberto Micheletti.

Plus the latest sports, business and weather headlines.

See you at the IDesk!


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Peter Leishman   September 28th, 2009 6:09 pm ET

Anyone who admits guilt to a crime, as Polanski has done, must definitely face the judicial consequences. Polanski fled the US to avoid these consequences. For ministers of the French government to infer that since Polanski has lived an exmplary life in France subsequent to his US criminal activity, he should as a result be absolved of responsiblity for his past crimes and pay no penalty for them is absolutely appalling, especially given the fact that Polanski's crime involved rape and pedophilia. What position would Mitterrand take if the young victim of such a crime were his own daughter? France exhibits no honour whatsoever in this sordid French affair. How dare the French president disparage the treatment of women in the Muslim world when his own senior ministers in effect condone abhorent attitudes towards young women!

Sayan Majumdar   September 28th, 2009 6:47 pm ET

Hala, let the latest spree of Iranian missile launches initiate the Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) cooperation between United States and Russia.

Incidentally General Nikolai Rodionov told the Interfax news agency that Iran's launches of its Sejil and Shahab-3 missiles had been monitored by the Russian-operated Gaballa long-ranged phased array BMD radar facility in Azerbaijan, a facility that could be used in a joint United States-Russian BMD system.


Aga Dozde   September 29th, 2009 6:09 pm ET

Dear Hala,

Why should he be treated differently, he drugged and rapped a child, treat him like the criminal that he is.

Please do not set precedence for people getting away with such a heinous crime.

Dr Aga Dozde
Child psychologist

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