September 25, 2009
Posted: 1319 GMT

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SensibleAli   September 25th, 2009 2:33 pm ET

Iran's nuclear program: Why does Ahmadinejad need the bomb? It would be wiser to include him in a negotiation process and make him see the advantages of Western partnership. Every voluntary step to comply with the West is to be welcomed. So why punish Iran for being honest, for once at least.

Atlatl2   September 25th, 2009 2:38 pm ET

The problem with sanctions is that they don't directly effect the people they are targeting. Instead of hurting the regime in power they hurt they people who are more likely to be hurt by price fluctuations.

The IRGC (Revolutionary Guards) controls 70% of the economy and all of the black market, you think they are afraid of adding more items to their offerings? The regime is not afraid of black market cornflakes and gasoline, they are are afraid of international arrest warrants and asset seizure. They should be treated like the organized crime syndicate that they are.

Amir   September 25th, 2009 2:44 pm ET

of course YES! I'm Iranian living in Iran and still I say YES! that's what we need here to get rid of ahmadinejad.

shahnaz   September 25th, 2009 2:48 pm ET

i just want toknow what about israel , usa, pakistan, india ,and.......?why they can have atomic weapon? when they gone to destroy these weapons?when it gone be no more doubel standers among the world politician?

Njabulo Sibisi   September 25th, 2009 2:50 pm ET

I don't believe Iran should be punished for hiding a uranium enrichment plant. Simply because it has stated repetitively that it has no intention to create a nuclear bomb. It is the sovereign right of every state to harness nuclear energy for peaceful and defensive purposes, why must Iran be refused such a right while the likes of Israel, Russia and the U.S happily stock up on nuclear bombs. In the interest of fairness all countries should be asked to destroy their nuclear weapons and modify their enrichment plants to harness nuclear energy for power generation only – lets see how many comply.

Njabulo Sibisi
South Africa

Amir   September 25th, 2009 3:03 pm ET

@SensibleAli it was not about being honest Ali, they only admitted to that because they found out that Washington has already found about their secret place so they though that it's has a better look if they admit themself before US makes it public. don't ever think of this government being honest, that's an IMPOSSIBLE.

Femi Adeolu Amele   September 25th, 2009 3:09 pm ET

It is an uncivil culture to turn the table on agreement papers or decisions. If every 8 out of 10 UN countries do the same, then UN Summit must be a contained chaotic conference!

CJ - Brazil   September 25th, 2009 3:13 pm ET

Unfortunately, nobody has a clear view/understand of Iran government true intentions. Western always will be afraid of them. Historically, they always mix religion and politician in a way which creates a sense of great instability, that way, we do not feel comfortable in accepting that.

Njabulo Sibisi   September 25th, 2009 3:16 pm ET


Regardless, are we privy to all secrets of the United States and its covert activities, most certainly not. What Iran does with its nuclear programme is its own business as long as we assured they are not making nuclear bombs

Amir   September 25th, 2009 3:26 pm ET

@Njabulo but it's completely in my business my friend, cause I live in Iran, and it has effect on me, when international power can help people of Iran to reach their goal, why not doing it? this is not their first time to sanction a country!! and this time it really for good of both sides!! people of Iran, and the whole world!

Halabee   September 25th, 2009 3:38 pm ET

Man the Shiah community always suprise me

Keira   September 25th, 2009 4:25 pm ET

Let's be pratical here - negotiating w/ the guy (Ahmadinejad) is NOT going to work. The guy's nuttier than a fruit cake. You don't make a crazy person see reason b/c they're incapable of it. It's one thing to LISTEN to what he has to say, which Obama and I think the world has done, but it's another to invite Iran to 'join the family' - in a manner of speaking.

It goes beyond hiding these nuclear facilities. Ahmadinejad is 'trigger happy'. He doesn't care much who he destroys. If he was a rational human being, I don't think the world would care much of Iran had nuclear warheads, facilities, etc. But since Ahmadinejad is not exactly the most rational being on the planet...that spells danger to me! YES to the sanctions!!

Cara   September 25th, 2009 4:36 pm ET

Although I do believe that Iran shouldn´t be able to ´break the rules´ without any consequences, I don´t think now is a really good time for sanctions, as it will probably make more constructive efforts practically impossible. I don´t think that will bring about a solution, it will only make things more difficults. Regardless whether or not this was real ´honest´, at least the world knows now.
I think we should be careful that all of this doesn´t escalate into yet another war. I guess that then, even if the enrichment program is for ´peaceful purposes´ now, it won´t stay that way.

jeremiah   September 25th, 2009 5:16 pm ET

This is such a joke, as long as China and Russia welcome rogue nations with open arms.... sanctions are a joke because there is no accountability.

Someone   September 25th, 2009 5:20 pm ET

NO! Since simply it will help just other opportunist countries to enjoy the black market made from more sanctions. this will directly effect people's day to day life.

bashir   September 25th, 2009 5:24 pm ET

What amazes me about all this nonsense about Iran, is that no one among these world leaders has been courageous enough to question Israel's more than 200 Nukes. Or is not being a member of NPT an excuse to develop Nuclear weapons? If so, Iran should sign out.

Suha   September 25th, 2009 5:44 pm ET

No one wants a nuclear war although USA was the country who developed it AND used it. Iran has the right to develope their energy and even make a bomb. Why not? Israel is a threat and n. Korea. It's because of America's double standards the world supports Iran.

Sunil   September 25th, 2009 5:54 pm ET

Why can't US and other countries support Iran to built safe nuclear energy? It will build confidence in Muslim world to cooperate with rest of the world. Else we will keep on following the "Eye for an eye" principle and result is obvious.

Lami   September 25th, 2009 5:58 pm ET

We've been here before, I could remember India and Pakistan not co-operating with IAEA and the proliferation process. There is got to be equality across the board. History is not on the side of the western world, USA, Britain and France have serious imperial past and have been involved in many regime changes in many parts of the world. on these basis, I think it is the right of every sovereign country to acquire any modern technology to defend its state.

sy   September 25th, 2009 6:19 pm ET

I think at this stage sanctions on Iran can't make things better not to forget that Iran is cooperating thou a little to late

RemO   September 25th, 2009 6:45 pm ET

This is funny. No one can dictate to Iran what to do. Those who think they can, need to ask them self how they would fill if Iran is let to dictate the rules to them. No one like to be dictated or humiliated. Mistakes are made, now it is time to fix them. Problem today is lack of free thinkers in world...

Itai   September 25th, 2009 11:04 pm ET

No sanctions against iran

why not?...

.iran cares about sanctions as much north korea does ... absolutly nothing
.sanctions will hurt the regular iranians and not thoese who are meant to be hurtet by the 3 of 20
.sanctions will be the proxy for every black marked ... iran will go in to the defense and they will get theyr radioactive material illegaly and do maybe a bomb with it also if they never planed to do so .. and also the illegal marked of many other materials will grow imeadiatly
.iran will turn into a basket of all illegal activities and the region will get very destabilisized!
.there are accusations but there is no evidence about a nuclear bomb plan
.other countries will get stronger and will get more support in theyr critic about the western world ... all g20 and not only the 3 or 4 dictators of them will get threatened by uncalculatable powers

so if the west is interessted in a stabile and peacefull world they should not destabilisize others but start to clean the own house

so what should the west do to get some security and to prevent nuclear bombs which are eventualy planed, eventualy not

the west should start to support the peacefull nuclear power program in iran?


.the west gets involved into the plans and would gain more controll over the doings
.the west would show to iran that the west is interessted in peace and not a enemy which is trying to oppress the iran
.the west would weaken the critics about the west by others
.the west would show to others that it is able to deal with other cultures and that the west is not only a mafia of super powers but also a partner which is interessted to help others and not only a clan who feeds on resources of others
.the west would show one thime that it is able to help others dont matter of which culture and not only able to turn the half world into a unsecure warzone in which people get poorer and poorer as allready done with all the colonies as iraq, whole africa, middle east, and much more early america as whole

.. its time to grow up in the west!
be wise and look at the long therm
and dont isolate your self from thoese who acctualy give all theyr resources for a western world in luxuriosity on the cost of people in need because the western unability to stay on its own feets

we all know the west cant stand on its own feets .. there is not enough oil in the west and the west is not able to grow enough food for it self
the only thing the west can do is play monopoly
if the donators of resource to the west will join together and deal among them self maybe with the g100 the west will face a dark desaster grown by the own mentality of capitalistic imperialism

thoese are strong and bad words.. but...
i my self life in the west ... and actualy i am in fear of getting isolated by the poorest who make it possible that i can life a good life, healthy and whith enough food each day
i actualy had to reconize that we life on theyr resources as i allready did know as far idea in my mind
and if they 100 will isolate the 20 ... i am afright of that idea... i will have to fight for food and loose my health, TV and internet will not help me because i would have to worry about my life each day
to prevent this the west should start now to get involved with this 100 and should start to share with them on the cost of unnessesary luxuriosity
maybe this is the only way to prevent a total desaster

Everton   September 30th, 2009 12:56 pm ET

Not only sanctions but also to Bomb Iran.
This arab country should not allow to hav any nu. weapon
so is better to act now than wehn it too late.


Aga Dozde   October 1st, 2009 2:42 am ET


Iranians are not Arabs.
How would you like 70 years of oppression? Iranians are honest, hard working, peace loving, people who have had to put up with crap forced on them by internal or external regimes.

Leave them alone and let them make the right decision.
Nothing but understanding will help the 70million people living there Think about the one Billion who live around Iran, what could happen unimaginable .

To allow anyone to go to war there must be a valid reason not innuendos and financial interests.
REMEMBER "weapons of mass destruction".

Ahmadinejad is a lost sole and badly miss informed he has just as much influence and power to say what goes in Iran as Jennifer Lopez, think of him just as an distraction to make sure we are listening.


The outfall from War with Iran means more than anyone could imagine.

Do not be fooled by the false comments made to initiate a disaster the same fools started Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, WWII, and WWI.

freedom   January 31st, 2010 1:17 pm ET

7 million $ horse

It iamazing, isn't it? Payin so much money for one horse, and guess who did it, some one who probably does not even ride one. The owner of this 7 million dollar horse is noone but the leader of Islamic Republic of Iran Mr. Khamenei. And the funny part is these are guys who hate American Capitalism. what a nice step feeling the gap. I think a capialist spends his own money so he or she is more careful with spending it, should I buy this or not and then decide. these guys do not have to worry about that they just spend money that is not theirs to begin with. and back to the horse, I do not know much about horses and their prices but for the sake of 7 million dollars, I hope she flies.

aga dozde   February 1st, 2010 5:50 am ET

I do not see what the buying of an horse has to do with nuclear power stations/ambition. Let us assume it did have something to do with sanctions against a nation. Why is it so difficult for you (Freedom) to understand that the PRESIDENT of a country who has been in power for sometime now and earned money in all those years got him self a horse. I am sure people with less a standing in life then a PRESIDENT have bought them self’s items that they will not use. You have selected a screen-name that means nothing anymore. More innuendoes and meaning less comment that could confuse this issue.
This is an important issue potentially it could change the life of 65 Million innocent people.

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