September 21, 2009
Posted: 1617 GMT


The history books may one day talk about the fall of 2009 as the period when U.S. strategy in Afghanistan either succeeded or took a turn for the worse.

What that exact refined strategy is (one must "define success) or how many troops it will take to control a worsening situation is still an open question for many. But according to a leaked report, the man in charge of military operations in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, is reportedly asking for more troops.

The Washington Post has published portions of the leaked document, in which McChrystal says more troops on the ground or needed or the war will "likely result in failure."

The highly anticipated document is now said to be on President Obama's desk for review.

We will cross over live to the Pentagon for more on that story.

We will also go live to Pakistan and New York for more on the courtroom appearance of a young Afghan-born man, who is at the center of a terrorism investigation. Najubullah Zazi's will face a judge this afternoon. We cover the latest.

Plus, we will talk about another kind of the courtroom drama in France. Former French Prime Minister Dominique Villepin is in the dock, accused of smearing current French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the years leading up to the last presidential election. Jim Bittermann is live in the French capital.

Speaking of drama, we will preview some of the most highly anticipated United Nations General Assembly speeches and a ruling against Formula One team Renault.

All those stories and the day's top business, sports and weather news.

See you at our new time at the International Desk in 45 minutes!


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Fawad   September 21st, 2009 4:55 pm ET

"Succeeded or took a turn for the worse"

It's hard to imagine Americans are facing possibility of a failure.
I was listening to Atia Abawi on CNN, and it was incredible to hear Afghans may turn to support Taliban a.k.a. terrorists.

Troops are required only if the US wants to follow the same strategy which worked in Iraq but without guarantees that whether it will work in Afghanistan too.

What is needed in Afghanistan is honest government regardless what the constituencies are.

Good thing is unlike President Bush, President Obama is flexible in his approach. He remains in a recalibrating mode. And this is a good quality. Reassess then act.

SensibleAli   September 21st, 2009 7:35 pm ET

The media love making matters worse than they actually are. It's definitely a sign of improvement when we're discussing the failure or success in Afghanistan. – There will be no final V-Day. Skirmishes will be ahead on the long and winding road to 'success' – which is achieved when the Afghan people are happy and satisfied. It takes two to waltz – are the Afghans coming along with the Western troops?

Itai   September 21st, 2009 8:14 pm ET


whats about berlusconis drug dealer?
the guy who did server the prostitutes (and drugs) for the berlusconi playboy partys and which got arrested now
any news about him?

and whats about the rumors from italy over 54% italians wanna take the soldiers back from afgahnistan whyle berlusconis right wing wanna let them stay there
is he now realy in a clintch between the questionarys of italians and his right wing mates?

Itai   September 21st, 2009 8:24 pm ET


do you think obama is flexible?

think about the undeployment in the USA and in europe
if all this soldiers realy will come back to home what do you think they will work?

i guess the master plan is to send the half of population in a war and let them die so the other half can work

if the talibans would give up all fight and would say we are peacefuly now and if osama would shoot him self...
all this soldiers can go back and then?
for sure not work!

so they have to stay where they are or go to some other place maybe north korea or star wars city

if they will return to home they will only crash the system

thats why they had imeadiatly to move from iraq to afgahnistan and why the war there must be!

this war creates jobs (someone must make bombs now) and this war saves jobs else the undeployment will detonate like a nuclear bomb

and this sistem of job creating is aplied not only to the USA but also to europe

its darwinism
kill others to survive
thats nature

Itai   September 21st, 2009 8:32 pm ET

hala's french sounds sooooo good
i did hear how she pronounced the names of the french politicans on court

it was awesome 😀

Muthyavan.   September 22nd, 2009 1:01 pm ET

Afghanistan is not a problem for the US armed forces,its present administration or for another country which is actively involved in bring a duly elected people government for the citizens of Afghanistan. Afghanistan was without a proper law and order government responsible for the developement of its country and answerable to the international society. Besides it has become a spring board for manufacturing terror against many international targets like 9/11 attack. It is also the world biggest illegal local drug manufacturing heaven sending billions worth drugs around the wold annualy, which is affecting human health and causing increase crimes in societies.

Because of all these international problems many countries around the world have send troops including NATO and are fighting the Taliban insurgency to install a duly elected Afghan government. On the other hand Taliban is also internationally supported by powerful drug cartels and Muslim religious fanatics. Mccrystal leaked document, may have the same view of all the armed forces heads from all the nations serving in Afghanistan and it needs a joint action by all countries involved in this fight. The so called support from the present Afghanistan leadership for increasing troops is baseless,specially when they can't hold a genuine corrupt free election and get full support of afghan peoples.

vic benedicto   September 22nd, 2009 9:55 pm ET

the solution is simple: Get out!
stop killing innocent women & kiddies.

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