August 27, 2009
Posted: 1812 GMT

We'll kick things off with a train derailment in Turkey. We are receiving dramatic pictures of the accident as the train was traveling between Ankara and Istanbul. It's yet another accident in a country where the railroad infrastructure has been criticized for not being safe.

We are hearing that 2 people have been killed and more than a dozen injured. We'll take you there live.

Also, we are continuing to follow the funeral and memorial plans for the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Yesterday, all major U.S. networks aired special tributes to the last surviving Kennedy brother of his generation.

The idea that Ted Kennedy's death essentially sealed the lid on the Camelot era, with all its glamour and scandal, seemed to make Americans nostalgic. Today, there is even word that the famous Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts could become a museum or an educational center.

A little later in the show, we will speak live from Jordan with Unicef representative Thomas Davin, who's just returned from Yemen, where fighting between government troops and rebels in the country's North is creating yet another pocket of misery in the Middle East.

Thousands of civilians are once again forced to flee to safety to escape the violence. The Unicef says it will need to set up camps to provide shelter for internally displaced people; U.N.-speak for people who become refugees in their own country.

On the financial front, we have more encouraging economic reports today. Is the worst behind us? I know I ask this question every day but I'm still wondering if it's possible to bounce back out of a recession when unemployment continues to be a major issue. With enough government spending and a semi-conscious housing market, can we see growth?

All that and more at the Idesk.

See you on TV!


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Monjurul Hassan, Sweden   August 27th, 2009 6:42 pm ET

Ted Keneddy's heroic support to our people and struggle during our liberation war in 1971 will be remembered always with honour. His contributes towards humanity, godness and mankind will make our moral and eyes more widden. A good best star from the skay has fallen off, we all will miss him and will remember him the best man ever walked in this planet.

Biruzz   August 28th, 2009 2:39 am ET

I am not a big fan of Ted keneddy.

The fact that he backstabbed Hillary Clinton and campaigned for B Obama made me mad. But being the politician that he is he probably went with the tide rather than to stand with the clintons who he was worked with an known for decades.

But despite that credit should be given to him for passing bills in the senate for the healthcare of children and equal pay. Those were enormous contributions towards a better and more civil society.

But his death would probably receive less media attention even in the US that a certain pop singers recent demise( i refused to acknowledge by name). Go figure. By the way the "Frank-Skank" linkage to obvious but stlll funny.

Every time i hear that another country (especially in the middle east) is at war (holy or unholy war) a song from the famous group comes to mind: Another One Bites The Dust.

Osy Nkem   August 28th, 2009 8:07 am ET

Why Moslem world are such a chaos? Yemen has started and who know where will be next, Moslem leader should stand up and bring everyone on board in order to save the next generation.
Osy J'burg

Rev. Father Lance P. Krzywicki   September 1st, 2009 2:41 pm ET

I do not see Kennedy as the great Lion of the Senate, instead I see a man who used his wealth and office to his benefit. Anyone else would have gone to jail for taking the life of a young women. He destroyed his first wife, cheated at Harvard and used his name to protect his nephews during their problems in Palm Beach. I don't see anything but a typical politicians whose only concern was himself. Camelot was media blitz, if never was a reality.

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