August 19, 2009
Posted: 1843 GMT

It is the kind of violence everyone hoped Iraq had overcome, the bloodbath at the height of sectarian and insurgent violence.

Today, in Baghdad, there was a reminder that almost after two months after U.S. troops withdrew into their bases, insurgent attacks can still create bloody chaos in war-torn Iraq.

We'll go live to Baghdad for the latest on a series of coordinated explosions that have claimed almost 100 lives in the Iraqi capital.

Also today, violence in Afghanistan on the eve of important presidential elections. Atia Abawi is in Kabul. We'll go to Pakistan, as well, where the country's foreign minister is talking to CNN about Afghanistan and the Taliban.

An interesting story today about New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who is meeting with North Korean diplomats at the governor's mansion in Santa Fe. The North Koreans are the ones who reportedly asked for these meetings. We'll go live to New Mexico for a report on what is coming out of the meetings.

Plus, I'll talk to a cyber law specialist on a fascinating ruling that could impact how ordinary people blog. A former model has won the right to force google to divulge the identity of a blogger who insulted her online.

This means the former model, Liskula Cohen, can sue the cyber heckler. Is this a good thing? Or is this a dangerous precedent that threatens everyone's online privacy?

We'll have all those stories and the day's top business and weather headlines.

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Thot   August 19th, 2009 7:29 pm ET

As long there is division in Iraq, and no understanding between the different parts, it doesn’t matter how long the USA troops remain there. The violence in Iraq could prolong for years.

Richie Walker   August 20th, 2009 4:13 pm ET

DISGRACEFUL! I'm embarrassed for the Scottish government. Like your guest just said...'Oil & Politics'.

Sick to my stomach.

Richie Walker

Muthyavan   August 20th, 2009 5:09 pm ET

Explosions in Iraq, Coccus in Russia, Afghanistan and in Pakistan are creating a widespread terror in the minds of humans regarding the future of peace in the world. Every time an explosion occurs it kills instantly many lives,destroy some beautiful land marks and also leaves many badly wounded. It leaves a large scales mark and untold suffering among many communities in years to come. But it is only a head line new in the CNN International desk and in many news medias around the world, the agony and suffering of the affected who are innocents, go unnoticed in many places.

Today most of these explosions are carried out by some individuals or their supporters against the will of other majorities of peoples to force them to subjecting to what some wants to be. These terror tactics are the cause for increasing explosions around the world and its main targets are destroying the multi- democratic views in the modern societies.

nana.verona italy   August 20th, 2009 7:24 pm ET

270 lives equals to oil contracts

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