August 18, 2009
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For anyone wondering if Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was planning on staying in power for as long as humanly possible, a statement made today during an official visit to Washginton, D.C. provided a clear answer: the 81 year-old said he plans to seek another term in office in two years.

Mister Mubarak met with U.S. President barack Obama at the White House to talk about a new peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians. In their post-meeting remarks, neither leader brought up democracy or human rights issues in Egypt. Both discussed peace plans and hope for a better future in the region. Barack Obama said he was "encouraged" that Israel had stopped granting construction permits for new settlements in the West Bank.

We'll go live to Cairo where Ben Wedeman for reaction to Mister Mubarak's Washington visit.

Also today, we'll take you to Afghanistan for the latest on a day of violence, only two days before presidential elections scheduled for Thursday. We'll also discuss U.S. and NATO plans to try to secure polling stations on the day. Will the elections go smoothly? Will expected electoral fraud discredit the results for ordinary Afghans?

Plus, we will bring you the latest on the Russian-crew that disappeared for several weeks aboard the "Arctic Sea" cargo ship. Turns out the crew lived through weeks of uetter terror at the hands of hijackers who demanded ransom money. Matthew Chance will bring us details from Moscow.

And there's a fascinating story Jim Clancy will tell us about at the International Desk. Israeli scientists can prove that DNA can be "manufactured." In other words, scientists were able to fabricate blood and saliva containing DNA samples from a person other than the donor. If this is indeed possible, then it could cause chaos in the criminal justice system, where so many convictions hinge on DNA evidence.

We'll aslo have the rest of the day's business and weather stories, as always.

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EDIT: The Egyptian embassy in the United States said shortly after Hosni Mubarak's comments at the White House that the Egyptian president's words had been mistranslated. they say he did not announce that he would run again in 2011 and that Mister Mubarak had not made his mind up.

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The King Of The World   August 18th, 2009 7:49 pm ET

Say to Hala that I love her.! Hey,say to Hala that I love her!!!!!!

I love you Hala!

Muthyavan.   August 18th, 2009 10:43 pm ET

President Hosni Mubarak as a long time ruler of a big historical country Egypt will have many things in his agenda specially in the current middle east peace talks. This will be a very difficult and challenging trip for him specially with the Israel Palestine conflict at a very dangerous flash point. As head of a powerful middle east nation his words and assistance will be able find a lasting peace in this long running ethnic conflict in middle east.

Michael   August 19th, 2009 4:10 pm ET

I may be a way out in left field, but, why don't we broadcast they bombings as the stupidity they are ie: " Another group of idiots blew them selves up today. Oh well. " Yes it is sad what they do to others but perhaps we need to not promote the terror and destruction but the stupidity of these people.

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