August 10, 2009
Posted: 1836 GMT

This could be a potentially catastrophic death toll: officials in Taiwan say there are up to 800 people "missing" as a result of mudslides caused by the high winds and rains of Typhoon Morakot, including an entire village in the Southern part of the island.

We'll go live to Taiwan for the latest and we'll track the path of this storm and other weather systems expected in the region.

We'll also talk about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Insurgents and Al Qaeda mounted coordinated attacks in Baghdad and near Mosul today. This shows a degree coordination and organization and it means the insurgency is still very much capable of deadly tactical precision.

Al Qaeda and other groups are trying their hardest to stoke sectarian strife, putting Iraqi security forces to the test. Can they handle keeping Iraq safe? Take part in our daily poll below.

We'll also discuss Afghanistan. We are live at the Pentagon with Chris Lawrence. The commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan General Stanley McChrystal is quoted in today's Wall Street Journal as saying Taliban forces have the momentum in certain parts of the country. But some Pentagon sources are now telling CNN that is not the message the General wants to send. We'll set the record straight with a live report at the half hour.

We'll also bring you the latest from the Obama-Calderon-Harper summit in Mexico. Leaders of the United States, Mexico and Canada pledged to work together on containing an H1N1 outbreak, trade and the drug war. Mister Obama also said some interesting things about healthcare and the Canadian model. Does he think Canada's system could work for the U.S.? We'll go over that.

All that and the rest of the day's top business and sports stories.

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Muthyavan.   August 11th, 2009 1:29 am ET

Weather calamities have hit very badly Asia's East Pacific coast countries Japan, Taiwan and China. The intensity of it force may die off soon, but the damage done and the number of life lost will take some time to come out. After effect of the damage will haunt the remaining people for many years to come, while their life will be spent in future with more threat in their minds, during this season of every year. Can the environmentalist and scientist dealing with global warming and climate change predict exactly how threatening the future weather calamities will be?.

jwpeu   August 13th, 2009 11:14 am ET

The Taliban were trained, armed and financed by the US to fight the Soviet Army in Afghanistan. If it was wrong, according to NATO, for the Soviet Army to be in Afghanistan, why is it ok for US. Why are US troops in Afghanistan?, to establish US style of democracy? or is it to increase the surrounding of Russia and have a military footprint in the region

Margaret C.   August 20th, 2009 4:01 am ET

I am a citizen of Taiwan and I would like to comment on CNN's polling on "whether Taiwan’s' President Ma should step down". First of all, the topic of “whether our president should step down or not” is not for the foreign press or the whole world to decide. ONLY citizens of Taiwan should have right to decide such matter. Please STOP BEING ARROGANT. In many recent local Taiwanese talk shows, where the invited guests as well as viewers can voice their opinion, certain CNN reporters were being viewed as very arrogant and disrespectful. How can a reporter not knowing the international etiquette? By calling the president of any country “This man” is not only disrespectful to the president of the country but also disrespectful to the people of the country. Taiwanese people can call whatever they want, they can express their frustration. However, there is NO PLACE for any foreign man or woman to be disrespectful to us. Certainly, any foreign country and their citizen have NO RIGHT to interfere with our domestic policy including where to abolish the president. Thank you for your concern, but please do not go over the boundary!!!!!!

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