August 4, 2009
Posted: 1610 GMT

Hello again, everyone...

Please forgive the delay on our updates from the I-Desk. It's been quite a busy few days, while Hala continues her holiday. And, since that's the case, Isha Sesay is on double-duty as the presenter for BOTH editions of the International Desk.

As you've probably already heard, former U.S. President Bill Clinton is back on the world stage, with a seemingly historic visit to North Korea. The mission of his trip is to bring two American journalists, who have been in North Korean custody for months, back home. But, of course, the nuclear issue could always come up. Already, Mr. Clinton has met with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il.

As usual, we are covering this story from every angle... First off, our World Affairs Correspondent, Jill Dougherty, is monitoring the latest from Washington. She will bring us up-to-date. Then, our Chief International Correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, will join us to put this visit into perspective. Christiane is one of the few western journalists, who has reported from inside North Korea. And, we'll delve into her expertise. And, over at the White House, our correspondents are closely watching the Obama Administration's reaction. Did they send a message with Bill Clinton, for Pyongyang? Find out... at the IDesk.

Other news we're watching... A disagreement between top leaders of the U.S. military, regarding the future of troops in Iraq. Our Pentagon team is working that story. Also, a suspected terror plot foiled in Australia, kids recruited to become suicide bombers in Pakistan, and an ambitious diplomatic mission in South America by Colombia's president.

We'll explore all of those stories, plus the latest breaking news... tonight at the I-Desk.

See you then!
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Sheril Collins   August 4th, 2009 7:52 pm ET

I did not agree with your title of the Article: 'Clinton's Return'.

President Clinton is only taking on obligations that other previous Presidents have undertaken. In partıcular, President Jimmy Carter. He will fulfill his continuous service to the US which most other world leaders fail to answer. America is blessed by its leaders.

vic benedicto   August 5th, 2009 3:49 am ET

Congratulations to Bill Clinton. He brought home the 2 girls.

Jasmine   August 5th, 2009 10:02 am ET

Shrill Collins,
Please the whole mess of 9 11 in New YorK and all those morgage issues and financial crises that US is facing now is because of how Clinton choose to have a blind eye during his administration time and left the next presidents to deal with the mess.
He just wanted to be " Popular " like a movie star and in all honestly achieved his goal. He new exactly about what Al Qaida was upto and yet did nothing. It was at his time that they signed that Banks signed agreement of the morgage and..
Now he goes to Korea and suddenly the pardon the American Journalists in the same day. Aren't you even a bit curious about what was offered to Korea? I am 100% sure something must have been offered. I know Clinton and Obama are great speakers but not even the best of Politicians / Psychologist can convince someone with few hour of conversation . Unless there is something that they offered Korea.

I am also sure that the fear factor was not used by Clinton since it does not work with government like Korea or Iran. They are evil dictators and there is not much that scares them.

So If I was an American I would worry of what was offered to Korea and what US had to offer.

And wait they are going to probably do the same with the three American that are not held in Iran.

So if i were you I would worry about what

Sayan Majumdar   August 5th, 2009 10:54 am ET

The North Koreans are sure to “barter” few agreements in their favour as against release of the two American journalists. For the North Koreans there are no other points for retaining them there.

The nuclear issue will as usual be the bone of contention.


Omar   August 5th, 2009 4:18 pm ET

I am very proud of the way Bill Cinton handled himself throughout this entire episode, he has truly been incredible!.. I hope he is always there in this sort of role. im a fan of this man, he has tought me a thing or Deserves a medal!
The Clintons are welcome to visit my planet as honored guests anytime they like..

Omar   August 5th, 2009 4:30 pm ET

I am very proud of the way Bill Cinton handled himself throughout this entire episode, he has truly been incredible!.. I disagree about the claims that he didnt do anything he was stonewalled by vested interests in his own government, To critisize him now is not right, It would have been a greater insult if these two had been allowed to stay in NK jail for12 years, what he did was not politicaly motivated, but was a humane act, he as a father can understand better what it feels like to have one's daughters imprisoned, I hope he is always there in this sort of role. He is a role model for me he has tought me a thing or two..Deserves respect and appreciation for what he did, who cares what the north koreans gained or the us lost, this is'nt about politics it's about doing the right thing..and about saving lives.
I'd give him a medal for what he did, he is my hero!

Desmond Price   August 5th, 2009 4:52 pm ET

No question, North Korea would never release the girls except promised something. The next days or months would prove this. However the two women are now free because of this and in these days of a morbid readiness to violence, that is exactly what the world needed. We as humans have a lot to learn about respect and diplomacy. Sometime all we needed do is talk to each other. There is much more than the nuclear issue at stack and experience has taught us who suffers the most: the common man on the street.

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