June 29, 2009
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Hello everyone,

Today we'll kick things off with the military coup in Honduras. What a throwback to another era: military officers barging into a Latin American president's home in the middle of the night and forcing him out of the country. How 1970's.

What is interesting about this story isn't just what happened in one poor Central American country, but its ripple effects through the region and beyond.

First of all, in the last decade, the whole continent has been shifting to the left with powerful and vocal presidents like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Many of the region's leaders met in Nicaragua for a meeting and reaffirmed their support for the ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, a Chavez ally.

And then, there is the U.S. reaction: unlike George Bush, who during a brief coup against Hugo Chavez supported the dissenters, Barack Obama has outwardly condemned the putsch in Honduras, calling on all to "respect democratic norms" and the "rule of law."

The question is what the significance of the putsch is for the region and what it means for democracy in central America.

We'll have full coverage from the Nicaragua conference, from the White House and analysis with our Latin America correspondent Karl Penhaul, who will be on set with me here in Atlanta.

Also today, we'll talk to legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin about Bernard Madoff's 150 year prison sentence for defrauding people of billions of dollars. What happens now to Madoff's assets? Once sold, who decides which victims will receive money and how long will it all take? What about Bernard Madoff's wife Ruth, who said today in a statement that "not a day goes by that (she doesn't) ache over the stories" of the victims of her husband's Ponzi scheme. Will she hold onto to some of her assets?

Plus, we'll continue to follow the story of the aftermath of Michael Jackson's sudden death. We're hearing that a judge has granted Jackson's mother temporary guardianship of the pop star's three kids.

And of course the latest from Iran, where the powerful Guardian Council has declared the hotly contested presidential election correct, based on what it says is a partial recount. Our Reza Sayah is at the Iran Desk and will bring us the latest from inside the country.

Plus all the day's top news stories from around the word, as always.

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fredy membreno   June 29th, 2009 6:29 pm ET

we in honduras dont ´acept a micheletty how president
he is bad persons and have bad history live . we want help , thanks

Ursula   June 29th, 2009 6:39 pm ET

Hi Hala. The Honduras coup feels like the mini-Chile version of 1973. You are right – it's so 1970s. Can US afford to have this kind of unrest in its back yard? Although a small country, Honduras is sending a powerful message to other Latin American nations.

Pedro Canales   June 29th, 2009 7:16 pm ET

President Zelaya is trying to turn Honduras communist. He doesn't want to leave the throne as president, he wants to be the Honduran 'Hugo Chavez'. The Honduran people and the congress and military have been batteling against him for months following the constitution. Honduras wants a new president, and wants to vote in the elections in November.

We don't want Mel Zelaya staying on as president, but he keeps fighting quite pathetically. The majority of Hondurans are against the president and feel safer with military presence until a new president is elected. On Tv all you see is the 'hundreds' of supporters who want him back, you never hear about the THOUSANDS who protested against him last week to leave his post.

from citizen in San Pedro Sula

Tony K   June 29th, 2009 7:22 pm ET

Fredy Membreño, needs to go back to school.

Its funny how international media, now posts Honduran National Congress/ as "non democratic"....

Its a shame our country has to go thru this, I expect the best for my country and that a new ELECTION can take place in the next months.

michael   June 29th, 2009 7:24 pm ET

Well 150 years aint fair cuz he was only bein smart,what bout drug lords and big time murderer,i guess they deserve 600 years

Nelson Martel   June 29th, 2009 7:24 pm ET

The international community is get the story wrong in Honduras, the ex president Mel Zelaya was acting above the law and godlike. We dont want another authoritarian president, who was acting on the influence of venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. The international community has to get the story right before it condems the new goverment, who acted to protect democracy.

Elisa Alvarez   June 29th, 2009 7:26 pm ET

Honduras: The Truth
1. The event this morning should be taken as an arrest against a Honduras citizen, Manuel Zelaya, who broke the constitutional Honduran law in multiple occasions over the last few days.
2. This SHOULD NOT be taken as a Coup d'état.
3. The vast majority of Honduras firmly opposes Manuel Zelaya and are in favor of his arrest.
4. The current news being portrayed in international networks appear to be heavily tilted toward a contrarian view of most Hondurans.
5. The majority of Honduras are not in favor of Manuel Zelaya and are extremely proud of our congress and military for their stance in favor of democracy and peace.
6. The events happening today were caused by an attempt by Manuel Zelaya to manipulate our country and its constitution to fulfill his ultimate goal of remaining in power indefinitely.
7. The world should be proud of Honduras as we are the first Latin-American country to stand against a tyrannical leader who has tried to topple democracy and peace in our country.
8. Declarations made by Hugo Chavez should be discredited immediately. He should, as President Obama said, allow Hondurans to solve this issue through open communication following LEGAL processes.
9. It is not only in the interest of Honduras and its citizens that democracy prevails (supported by the events today and Manuel Zelaya’s arrest) but also in the interest of the UNITED STATES that no other countries align with Hugo Chavez (and his puppets) to build his empire against democracy and peace.
10. In case Hugo Chavez tries to use military force in Honduras, we hope and pray we can count on the United States to stand along side Honduras against the fight against tyranny and oppression.
Hondurans, please pass this on if you are in favor of peace and democracy.

Francesca   June 29th, 2009 7:27 pm ET

Hello im from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.. I write here to declare that it is great that we couped the president because he was doing an ilgal move that many people werent in favor. Many people told him to leave it like it was but he didnt listen and we did what it needed to be done if we wanted to keep having a democratic government. Mel jusr wanted to follow the steps of Chavez, he wanted to have four more years just to gain enough control to end up with all the power and ruin us all.
Viva la democracia... Viva la libertad...

Francisco Sanchez   June 29th, 2009 7:27 pm ET

CUT THE CRAP!!! Only if you live in Honduras You´ll know that the former president MANUEL ZELAYA is an unpopular person. 90% of hondurans are happy with the decision made. WE WILL NOT SEE OUR GOVERNMENT BECOME A LEFT SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST GOVERMENT. WE WILL FIGHT. Manuel Zelaya has no respect for the constitution and has adressed for the past 3 and a half years, issues not even relevant to HONDURAS problems. PLEASE TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, READ AND INFORM YOURSELVES BEFORE DECLARING YOUR SUPPORT TO OUR FORMER PRESIDENT. WE NEED PEACE AND GOVERNMENT STABILITY.

Hermes Machado   June 29th, 2009 7:29 pm ET

Hello to all the Readers!!
I would like to say thanks to CNN the only broadcasting network that was informing the people of Honduras during this aweful situation in our country, I woke up at 6 in the morning on sunday when i saw military trucks go by my house and i was wondering what was going on. after finding out the present situation i turned on the news in our local channels and none of them were informing anything, surprizingly all the main channels in the country were broadcasting soccer games as if we were ignorants and would keep us busy with soccer. CNN in spanish was the only one covering live the situation my whole family kept tunned to ccn and when the president was ready to make a statement on tv all the way from Costa Rica all of the sudden the electricity was shut off in the entire country, thanks to this ERA of communications we were still able to follow news tru internet later on on sunday our cable provider which is owned by one of the most influencial people in the country took away cnn signal off the air...TALK ABOUT FREEDOM!! I am so sad that my country is going back into the dark ages, I am not for the President nor for the congress I AM ALL FOR DEMOCRACY. I HAVE LOST FAITH IN ALL THE REPORTERS IN HONDURAS and thanks again to CNN for keeping our people outside of Honduras informed of what is going on. this is a reginal EMERGENCY.
I pray this does not become something habitual again.


Maria Moreno   June 29th, 2009 7:30 pm ET

We as honduran citizen do not want Mel Zelaya back, he is just a corrupt and incompetent self called leader.He's just a muppet managed by Hugo Chavez and its revolutionary fellows, who wants power for him self and close friends. Will the honduran people is suffering of hunger and diseases such as H1N1.And I don't know what does Venezuela have to do with our problems, even threatening invation, they should look out for their issues and leave ours in the Honduran authorities hands.

michael   June 29th, 2009 7:30 pm ET

And the man already old so it would have sounded better by sayin life in prison not 150 yrs

Rebecca   June 29th, 2009 7:32 pm ET

Even though micheletti isnt the best option he is much better than Mel .. we will have democracy and freedom with him...

PRINCE EDISON   June 29th, 2009 7:33 pm ET

The ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya should know that the voice of the people is the voice of God, though i strongly condemn the coup but this should serve as a deterrent to other regional leaders there who want to follow the path of Hugo Chavez by turning them self to life president.

The United Nations and international community should come to the aid of Honduran's by helping in putting a true democratic government that shall have the interest of it's citizens and listen to it's citizens.

Xera   June 29th, 2009 7:34 pm ET

If Madoff would tell us, quite shamelessly, that he has come to fail just this once in his life, then it's only obvious that what he considers as his personal failure is nothing but the fact that he was ever caught. I may then urge him to try not to succeed with yet another scam in prison!

Victoria   June 29th, 2009 7:34 pm ET

WE WILL not have MEL back... no way we want to keep our freedom, our rights, our democracy.... That is not a answer we have a new president Roberto Micheletti.. Mel is not the president...

Regina Mojica   June 29th, 2009 7:35 pm ET

It is questionable if one can call the interruption of Mr.Zelayas presidency a military coup. The supreme court had voted against the referendum Mr.Zelaya was organizing in order to be allowed to serve a second term in office. (Just like president Chavez did!) A honduran president is allowed to be in office only for a period of four years. Mr. Zelaya abused his executive power and went ahead (with the background support of president Chavez from Venezuela) with the referendum. The military acted under orders of the honduran government. New elections will be taking place in November.

Victoria   June 29th, 2009 7:35 pm ET

WE WILL not have MEL back… no way we want to keep our freedom, our rights, our democracy…. That is not a answer we have a new president Roberto Micheletti.. Mel is not the president…

Jorden de Bouve   June 29th, 2009 7:36 pm ET

What's on earth is happening in Honduras? A small group of business or whatever elites seizes power, drops off the former President in Costa Rica and call it a day. Regardless of the fact that the Honduras` population and outside world fully disagree. How long with this situation last? It cannot last long of course. Give it a few days and they will be pushed out of power again (hopefully without too much bloodshed) ...

Nancy   June 29th, 2009 7:40 pm ET

We the majority of Honduran citizens do not accept any form of violation to our country's constitution. That's what has happened here and the world has to know the truth. There is no military coup, for we have a democratic president that has come to be according to our laws. Our ex-president wanted to change our constitution so he could be re-elected for another term, which is against the law in our country. This person has said his intentions are for the well being of the poor people in our country. However he' been squandering our country's budget for his benefit and not directing the budget to our country's needs. You may observe that what he's been wanting to impose on us is the same thing Venezuela's and Bolivia's presidents have done to their country. And we don't want to have that here, we condemn this and want nothing but respect for our constitution, and peace for us all. Thank you.

Gabriel Jalil   June 29th, 2009 7:41 pm ET

Honduran government is being bombarded by false propaganda. Our ex-president Mel Zelaya was in violation of constitutional laws. As a consequence, our chamber of congress had a unanimous consent to remove him from office. This was done with the approval of the Honduran Judicial Supreme Court. More peaceful approaches were attempted, but Mel Zelaya did not cooperate and considered himself above honduran law. Due to his lack of cooperation, he had to be removed by military force in order to preserve our democratic government.

Mirna   June 29th, 2009 7:43 pm ET

As a Honduran, I am not proud of how things were handled. However, we do not want to become a second Venezuela. Zelaya is nothing more than a puppet of Chavez. If he remains in power he will change the constitution in order to be reelected and we will end up with a dictator.
I do not understand how developing countries are making Zelaya into a victim when the real victim is the Honduran folk.

Zelaya must be incarcerated. We DO NOT want him back!

sebastian rivera   June 29th, 2009 7:43 pm ET

We don't want to Micheletti how president. He will Sell public enterprises as HONDUTEL. This organization gives more benefits to the government for their social projects.

Gabriel Jalil   June 29th, 2009 7:47 pm ET

Next in line to presidency is our vice-president, by constitutional law. After the vice-president, the president of congress has precedence. Since our vice-president (Elvin Santos) voluntarily renounced his position in order to run for the next presidential election, Micheletti by law had to take the presidency.

gabby   June 29th, 2009 7:57 pm ET

As a honduran teenager i feel proud of our congress and militars,they are the real heros of our country; everything happen because of the need to protect our democracy and our constitution.
Now we only hope for the internacional organizations to aprove our new goverment and understand that the ex-president Zelaya was turning our goverment into a copy of president Chavez in Venezuela making ilegal acts and trying to change our constitution so that he could be reelected, and thats the reason why his goverment was overthrow.

Alejandra   June 29th, 2009 8:00 pm ET

Am from Honduras and i just saw that you are talking about us and i just want to give my point of view because is really shameless for all of us and am really upset most of all the countries suppor this man Mel Zelaya cause his just accepting everything that Hugo Chavez tell him to do his trying to make himself look like innocent when his been really mean to all of us hi let Hugo Chaves make fun of us and al of this mess was produced by Mel BECAUSE HE GAVE MONEY TO ALL THE POOR PEOPLE TO SUPPORT HIM. a lot of people dont support his idea of the CUARTA URNA but they just don't let us express our selfs the most excellent thing that happens to us is that they kick Mel from the country because he said this was just going to be a normla survey but then he said that if the answer of this was true it was going to be accepted and everyone knows he had been making this survey form more than 3 weeks he went from house to house to make this question and he made you sing he also paid 1000 lps to the taxis so the support it his just been lying and wants to make Honduras like VEenezuela and is really sad to see everyones is letting him he just want to continue been president this whole mess is made by him so no one takes him from the presidence his the only president that has try to do this but we are not going to allow him because we dont want him as president his just a ant to submit Honduras to do what hi wants and i just called all the countries to really investigate all of this from all the point of view and not just accept wat this insane man EX president says and i hope he stays for the rest of his days in Costa Rica our somewhere else but no in Honduras!!!
Out JOSE MANUEL ZELAYA from honduras Out!!!

The King Of The World   June 29th, 2009 8:09 pm ET

hi Hala Gorani! I love you.

Andrea   June 29th, 2009 8:12 pm ET

I am Honduran. I think the world is having the wrong concept. The person who was threatening our constitution is Manuel Zelaya. The problem is coming from a long time ago when he repeatedly have been affecting our constitutional order. I think that it is honorable what the country is doing, by doing something about it, dont letting the making of a new constitution in the hands of this man, this lefty. In the news all you can see is the protest of a very small percentage of the people in Honduras. This protesters are poor people that have been influenced by Manuel Zelaya with the Populist concept. Ive seen in the news how people are fooled by him with a simple pay of Lps. 500 just to get their vote. He feeds some percentage of the hungry just to win his crowd.
Our country faces so many problems like the Influenza AH1N1, our public educational sistem is at crisis and this man ignores all of this issues concentrating on his own benefit. Most people are relieved that this man is out of here. Dont bring him back. All he promise is not for the good of our country but for himself. How can everyone be victimizing this man alligned with hugo chavez, a man who brings missery to his own country? Im only 18 years old, but even though my age, I can see clearly through a very critical and dangerous period how much damage this former president has been doing to the country even though the many warnings of the other powers like the congress and the supreme court. God Bless Honduras!

Julien Spectore, Paris   June 29th, 2009 8:15 pm ET

There are a lot of point here, but first of all... take it easy, gentlemen. Aren't you a little bit out of senses saying century and a half is not enough? A desire for a brutal vengeance was never a sign of a civilized man. Then, please, let's not take the story that simple. It's for the CNN to picture enraged but satisfied with their righteous anger down-and-out victims in front of the national court, where the justice have just triumphed over a financial monster, marking the greatness of the american judicial system. For a somehow coolly curious mind it's a life story of an outstandic personality, whatever devil he was, and a remarkable story of corruption and greed and self-delusion. Sure, there was a fraud, but, say frankly, didn't a lot those decieved investors closed their eyes against something they didn't want to see? Sure, there were a lot of those who have never heard about Madoff before last December, and they are trully decived and hurt and fully desrve a compassion. But what about many more other "victims" who must have suspected something, given their business records and social status, but ignored the most explicit red flags, including direct warning letters. And finally, why don't you want to arraign those CEO guys from Wall Street who brought about all that fianacnial mess and comfortably "parachuted" with millions in their pockets, or hedge managers who made billions on that crises, or after all those legislator who made it possible to steal legally. That's the real enemies of society, not less dangerous than the 71-eyers old grey-headed froud. And of course, our own greed.

Andrea   June 29th, 2009 8:21 pm ET

We will not put Mel Zelaya back in power like Venezuela did and signed their own obituary as a FREE COUNTRY!

Daniel Pinto   June 29th, 2009 8:28 pm ET

I need to explain the world that it is not a milliatry coupe, i am a small business here in honduras,and i beleive that peoplñe around the world should know the truth, I have no interes in politics nor national neither international, but what we need is peace and the possibility to work and defend our families, Ex president Manuel Zelaya has been using the poeples money and government to do things that are above teh law, and that is not possible, he would not obey the law, and he put the poeple and country of honduras on an international situation were the people like me almos became broke on our businesses.
I am not rich nor will ever be but I am gratefull that the supreme court Ordered teh millitary to arrest and take Mr. Manuel Zelaya Out of teh country .
Please to all the international organizations, before you judge incorectly of what has happened here in Honduras please visit honduras ans see that there is peace, and only a small group of poeple that do not really represent our country.
our chamber of commerce, and all organized assotiatons that are responsible for our countries development re readyto work again and in peace.

Laura Urquidi   June 29th, 2009 8:30 pm ET

The comments of your journalist/analyst Karl something really upset me.
Zelaya is not trying to help the "poor", he was trying to illegally skip the Honduranian Constitution to somehow as a result of the "inquire" change this Constitution to allow him to eventually stay in power for ever, if possible as his Cuban hero Castro. Chavez and Morales did the same, but were not stopped on time, and have able to install Constitutions with multiple re-elections, so they can stay in power as long as possible.

Regina Mojica   June 29th, 2009 8:30 pm ET

President Chavez is on guard and demands that the U.S. and the rest of the international community does not get involved in issues concerning latin american countries. Is the world dormant?!!!! Don`t you see the domino effect president Chavez is trying to produce in latin america to extend his socialistic views througout the south and central american continent ? He is agressibly trying to distort the peace in latin america and activily and financially (with his petro dollars) buying power!

Guillermo A. Erazo P.   June 29th, 2009 8:41 pm ET

We are actually living one of the must dangerous time, how come a wonderfull Democracy like the USA can separate from his office somone like (President Nixon) who demostrate abuse of power in the historical case of Watergate and his way of violating the law; and this Honduras former President who didnt suffer a Cup but a separation from office regretable by force, but the country was forced to do that, because he was defiant the entire political and judicial system, and violating our law; againg and againg the proper courts and different instances try subsequently to prevent this behavior, one should know a little bit more about a our constitution and its law system of a country like Honduras, must countries officialy donot ; therefore they are condemning our country without hearing the truth

Michael Ackerman   June 29th, 2009 8:51 pm ET

e need to international community to understand that this was not a military led coup, it was a constitutional order to exile the president who did not follow the laws established by the constitution of Honduras. The military ordered by the courts and the Congress did the right thing, and we are very proud that a Chavez Socialist Empire is not coming to Honduras. This should serve as an example to other latin American countries that in future might be bought with oil money ( from Venezuela ) to apply socialist policies. We are a poor country but we are strong to defend our rights and our freedoms, we wont allow a Chavez here , or a Fidel Castro, Viva Honduras , Viva la Democracia.However as a Honduran , I prefer to have the international community against us, then having Chavez as a friend.

Pedro   June 29th, 2009 8:56 pm ET

Hello, im from Honduras and i will tell you people from CNN that Mel Zelaya needs to stay out of Honduras for good, this Man was the worst president ever and besides hes CRAZY hes trying to follow up Hugo Chavez another insane crazy man.



Patricia Rodriguez   June 29th, 2009 9:00 pm ET

Hi, I live in Tegucigalpa, an I wanted to give my opinion because many people have every thing wrong... Hondurans are glad Mel is out of our country, it is not true that everyone wanted to go in his direction, most of the people are firmly against a government that is guided by Chavez into communism. Since Zelaya has bin president our country has really sunk in poverty, drug dealing, corruption etc. Zelaya was attempting to do everything Chavez has done in Venezuela starting with this controversial "cuarta urna", witch was already declared illegal, but he did not backed out but tried to continue with an illegal act. Stop making him a victim when he is really the person that was taking down the country by false promises, by threatening people, creating a negative atmosphere and fear in the people. THE BEST decision OUR GOVERNMENT HAS MADE IS GETTING RID OF THAT MAN; THAT PUPPET, THAT grid y AND CORRUPT PERSON, who has used our money to pay for his hidden agenda.

Lillian Reina   June 29th, 2009 9:01 pm ET

Iam totally against this military coup in my country.... we have moved back several decades...! It is true that the majority of honduran people don´t backup the democratic elected president Zelaya, but this is because we don´t have acces to media, the new "president" has blocked all tv channels and programs that are not saying what he wants to listen and this is an attempt to democracy and are treating honduran citizens as if they were animals... doing what they want with the people. If they had nothing to fear they wouldn´t block information. We have the right to decide for ourselves and make up our very own criteria based on our personal analysis. It´s a very dangerous situation 6 of the ambassadors from differente countries have already left Honduras and we could lose all international help! Its a critical situation really... president Zelaya is not a saint but was elected for president democratically and by the people so by the same way he should leave too.

gabriella   June 29th, 2009 9:22 pm ET

Please US presidents a reporters understand what the Ex president of Honduras wanted to do, he wanted to make Honduras a country like Venezuela and Cuba, didnt you guys see what he did to get back to his hands the boxes for the cuarta urna, wake up and see he is not the poor man he is trying to appear to be.
Please US president help us like Bush helped other countries in the past.

Polivio Castillo   June 29th, 2009 10:57 pm ET

Hello, I just want to say, that our ex-president Mel Zelaya, was trying to take the power of the country. He comitted a felony because our supreme court said that poll was illegal. We are traying to protect our democracy.

Nicole   June 29th, 2009 10:58 pm ET

I am shocked at the world governments' dissapproval of President Zelaya's destitution in Honduras. Congress, Supreme Court, Military, and most importantly the people of Honduras are united. Everyone is happy with the new President and thrilled not to become the next Venezuela or Cuba. It is more a democratic country today than it was when Zelaya was in office. I only see coverage on the ex-President's side of the story, and of his small group of paid supporters on the street. Please interview the other side: the new, organized, democratic government of Roberto Micheletti and the millions of Hondurans supporting him.

PANCHO ALVAREZ   June 29th, 2009 10:59 pm ET

Dear all:

International media is getting it all wrong. President Zelaya was acting against the constitution long before he was replaced legally yesterday. Most of us, hard working citizens, are really happy action was taken. Zelaya is a follower of Hugo Chaves´doctrine and has bought consciences with our money. The "thousands" of followers (as you have been misinforming) are payed to do that.
You should really send people that take the time to really INFORM. Tell Krapsutaya that she should take a walk around Tegucigalpa since Tegucigalpa is much bigger than only the Presidential House. Please, help us real hondurans to get our country back. We love to leave in peace and Zelaya has done nothing but to divide our honduran family.

Adolfo Jose H.   June 29th, 2009 11:44 pm ET

When a country really need´s that USA interferes they don't do it, and if they do they don´t investigate what is really hapenning. First they have to listen both sides of the story and in this case all country's are just listennig Mel Zelaya's side and behind him is his teacher Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.
People of the world we are a country that has lived in peace since many years know.
No Country or President is going to take our freedom.

Jessica   June 30th, 2009 1:07 am ET

Hi, I live in Honduras and wanted to express the satisfaction that the military and congress did, they actually prevented the country to become Venezuela or Cuba, It´s sad to see how the world has turned against Honduras just because our ex president wanted to rule Honduras the wrong way and take our FREEDOM.
Please help us show the world it´s not what president Zelaya says,, please support our Country like the US have always done with the World,, how can you think Zelaya being Chavez and Fidel buddies want something good for us or any country.
PLEASE there are millions of Honduras families that seek PEACE AND FREEDOM.

Carlos   June 30th, 2009 1:07 am ET

Will CNN and our government get their facts straight on the Honduran crisis? The ousted President Zelaya is not the victim here. This is a man that was bent on following Chavez’s playbook to become president for life and came to power amidst strong suspicions of electoral fraud. He ignored the supreme court of Honduras, when they ruled against a referendum Zelaya wanted held last Sunday, to open the door to a change of the constitution, so he could stay in power beyond his constitutional mandate; he shunned the National Congress and even his own party’s leaders warnings. Zelaya tried to intimidate people in the political class of his country, threatening some with killing them and their families if they did not support him about the referendum and his agenda. This is a man that did not leave any room for political compromise or negotiations. Had the political class in Honduras not acted with the help of the armed forces, the country would be on an irreversible path to become another Venezuelan-style regime; Chaves and Ortega (Nicaragua) were going to make sure of this. It’s important to note the Honduran military did not oust Zelaya to impose their own power. By all accounts, they are acting strictly under the orders of legitimately elected officials and institutions, namely, the National Congress, government leaders (some of the same party as Zelaya), and even members of the Supreme Court. This was the only way this incipient democracy could defend itself from this wannabe dictator and his crony thugs. President Obama needs to catch up to these facts and the true nature of a Manuel Zelaya, before Chavez and Ortega make good on their talk about invading Honduras. Most of the people in Honduras are fine with the turn of events; demonstrations from Zelaya loyalists, so far, have only numbered a few hundred people at a time on the streets. Most Hondurans understand Zelaya would have eventually become another dictator. Let’s keep our sympathies for those that are risking life and limb to save democracy in Honduras and now have to wonder if a hitman from Zelaya or Chavez is going to make good on their threats.

Gerardo   June 30th, 2009 1:37 am ET

im proud more than ever to be a Honduras citizen, we have show to the world that Honduras its a country of laws......not even the president its above the law.

The International community need to know what really happen in Honduras....theres was not a military coup, it was a constitutional order to remove the expresident Zelaya for breajing our law....the exile was necesary because zelaya was using the money of the national budget to make his plan.

He spoke about he had 400k letter of the people telling they want the referemdum.....but he dosent say he pay $25 for letter, if you want medical public care you have to sing the letter....maybe $25 for rich country its not much is the cost of a honduras you can buy the grocery for 15 days

please send people to honduras to learn what really happen


Hellen   June 30th, 2009 3:51 am ET

hi, am from Honduras.
i love my country i want to tell the world the truth about what really happen , and is not being told, our EX president Zelaya is not a honest person, he is following that mentally challenge person of Hugo Chavez advice on how to direct a country, which all of us knows how the situation is in Venezuela,he has no respect for the Honduran Laws,he has brought our country to misery, when he should have been paying attention to more important issues in the country.
the world needs to realize he is not the victim, the world needs to know both sides of the story.

blessings to all,

TIRDAD GHARIB   June 30th, 2009 6:00 am ET

Dear Hala Hello ,I use to Live In Costa Rica in 1986 and went All over Central America, These Countries Are Not stable at All Back then They use to Call Costa Rica The Switzerland Of Central America But there were so much corruptions with Bank, Government , And So Many Other issues Thank god I live Between Switzerland And the Usa Honduras Was Never Stable either, I lost 2OO Thousand Dollars With an Irannian President Of the Bank Ibesa, In San Jose Costa Rica.Called Yazdani Hojabar And never Recover The money, Ibesa and Biesa,Export And So many Other Poor People In costa Rica, See you On Tv Hala Trully yours Tirdad.

Gina   June 30th, 2009 6:56 am ET

People outside of Honduras must understand that the events of the past few days are the end result of problems that have been brewing for months in Honduras. Problems caused by Zelaya and his power-hungry struggle to convert Honduras into another Venezuela.
Yes, Mel Zelaya was democratically elected, most of my family voted for him. But he ran on a DEMOCRATIC platform, not as a socialist or a leftist. If he had shown his true colors then, he would have never won the election.
Imagine if over the next few months Obama became buddies with Chavez and Castro and decided to change the US constitution so that instead of two possible terms he could stay in the White House for another 15 or 20 years.
Imagine that he got upset because Congress wouldn't back him up and decided that he would then dissolve Congress and create a "national assembly" made up of his closest allies to take their place.
Mel Zelaya is not a democratic president, he is a dictator in training.
There is also a side of Zelaya that non-Hondurans have never seen: his wealth. He is not only a very wealthy landowner in Honduras, he has also used the country's coffers to fund his private plane, his daughter's shopping sprees in Miami, and his handmade boots, just to name a few things.
Most Hondurans do not want him back!!!
The ambassador of Honduras to the UN has a lot of nerve backing him up. But we know he does this because if Zelaya is out, so is he, and that's where his nice life in NYC would end. If Zelaya is no longer president, Mr. Jorge Arturo Reina can say goodbye to his sweet life in the US with all expenses paid. So his support of Zelaya is not based on truth but on a self-serving agenda.
Mel Zelaya stepped into power as a democrat, with big promises to end crime and corruption.
The hardworking people of Honduras believed him and supported him. They never expected him to turn on them by becoming close allies with leftist dictators.
During his time as president, Honduras has sunk even deeper into debt and crime.
Zelaya is nothing more than a power-hungry, self-serving hypocrite. The fact that he wears that hat and lets Chavez call him "comrade" does not make him "one of the people". And the people know that, and they don't want him anymore!

Carol   June 30th, 2009 7:02 am ET

As a citizen of Honduras I first want to thank the opportunity CNN gives us to communicate our thoughts and desires. First of all I would like to say that our country Honduras has already gone through so much, historically, but this past Sunday instead of moving forward politically and as a nation we have gone a bit back through the decisions and allies of our ex-president Manuel Zelaya Rosales. It is aggrevating the situation we are a living; the country wants peace. I want peace and my family as well. There are thousands and thousands of people against this whole plan that Zelaya had been processing with other presidents of other nations and the other actions that illegaly were processed by him. We want our constitution to still be our constitution. We want to be independent from other nations. We are happy with our new president, decision that was made due to the fact that the ex-president of Honduras was not able to help our country instead has taken us into a lower level. There is a saying in spanish, I am not sure if this is the way it translates to english... but it goes like this "tell me who you hang out with, and I will tell you who you are"... This is exactly what we can conclude of this man, Zelaya. His friendships speak more than what he can even try to explain on TV or through any way of communcation. Please, do not try to base your final opinion on what this man (ex-president) says. The fact that he was taken out of his house was for his own protection, so him trying to use this scene so that others can see him as the victim is wrong! Wake up!! Open up your eyes to the nation's cry!! He talks about his rights, but what about the nation's rights! What about the nation's cry! What about what we want! He is being selfish by wanting his rights to be respected, when illegally he has disrespected the country's rights.

We love our country and we stand firm.
Authorities of the World, hear our cry, hear what we have to say.
Investigate this ex-president's background. Decisions were made because of his lack of managing his authority. He was seeking his own and others benefits. Issues that pertain a country should and only be solved by those whose citizenship is from that same country. Others should not even try to manipulate any sort of ideas to creater a greater chaos.

HONDURAS stay firm and strong. We are one, lets just learn a lesson. This is a time to link arms, and to pray for our country.

Thank you,
Carol Carvajal

Edson Anariba Soliman   June 30th, 2009 7:50 am ET

Today i can say for the first time on my life well not that long but sure 21 years leaving on this planet and well onhonduras too is the first time that i can say ImProud to be an Honduras citizen its incredible to see how our Thanks god now our Ex-President Manuel Zelaya wanted to violet our consitution that is not ok and that is why he was Forced to get out of the presidence of The Honduras goverment i dont know why International Tv Channel's had a bad idea!! of whats really happening in honduras I am a university student of Honduras, living, studying and working in my beloved country. I share my time San Pedro Sula and el Progreso!! and i can Assure you We DONT LIKE MEL ZELAYA as President he is a Vulgar not Prepared SPoiled Human Being
My family is hard-working, starting a business from Nothing, ambitious and dedicated. We belong to the working class, on Honduras not from what our Stup... ex-president likes to call the elite cupola that rules the country. It is very ironic that he speaks of the “poeple”, when he has never been part of the “people.” or as he called the people of hondurans Pubelo o pooor people He is from one of the richest families in the state of Olancho. He Owns apple's of terrain on Olancho and he might be involved on Drugs poeple might say!! And that family’s wealth should very much be looked into a serious international or national investigation's!!. He didn’t even finish his college studies; and he is thanks gos The Expresident of HOdnuras!! quite embarrassing to have such a president. well again now expresident please try to comunicate to the poeple of the world try to informe them Roght PLEASEE we really would apreciate that!!!

NAZ   June 30th, 2009 9:51 am ET

While I ws watching the news about MJ 's father I was shocked how can a father and a mother be FINE!!!!! after such a death of their son
althoug they had some problems before ı find his press conference totally insensitive and cold.
I am really sorry for MJ

David Noe   June 30th, 2009 12:30 pm ET

Manuel Zelaya broke the laws or our country, then the military legaly arrest him and send him to Costa Rica because Saturday he changed the executive ordinance of the opinion inquire for a new question calling a "constituent assembly" planning on Monday give a real strike to the congress. It's not truth that Manuel Zelaya destitution was ilegal. It's not a military strike. Why some americans citizens thouth hondurans lives on trees? Zelaya is a liar. Please send objective reporters to Honduras because you are giving a faulse information to the world.

Carlos   June 30th, 2009 5:17 pm ET

The world is making a huge mistake interfering in Honduran affairs to try to reinstall Manuel Zelaya as the president of that country. Everybody is blinded by this false impression that Honduras underwent a military coup, when in fact, what happened was directed by a lot of elected officials, the National Congress and members of the highest court of Honduras. They saw this course of action as the only peaceful alternative to an impossible impeachment process that would have ended in a huge blood bath and civil conflict, possibly ending the Honduran democratic system to be replaced by a populist/communist system like the one in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia or Nicaragua. The Honduran military has NOT made any claims to rule the country, they acted on behalf of democratically elected officials and institutions; it is not their coup.

Most of the people in Honduras and Hondurans abroad were happy with the turn of events, including Liberal party supporters (the same party Zelaya and Micheletti both belong to); read the blogs and online polls like the one from Univision. Initially, the protests inside Honduras from backers of the Zelaya regime were tiny and peaceful, but they are now gaining in numbers and are becoming violent. This is the result of an active core of Zelaya and Chavez agents, spurred on by money and support coming from abroad. These agents are also making a very intelligent use of the world’s misplaced outrage and all the free press their cause is getting from uninformed world leaders like President Obama (it pains me to say this, since I like him a lot). Hillary Clinton seems to be more informed about what is really going on, but I don’t think they get it yet at the State Department. For years the US has let these populist, pseudo communist, regimes take over most of Latin America. Honduras is the next domino in this game.

Some European countries are happily going along with all this and siding with the ALBA countries because they are getting billions of dollars in contracts. It is not out of political conviction that they are siding with Zelaya, it is out of weakness; they need the money and they can’t afford to lose billionaire contracts. We find ourselves in the unique conundrum of having the US, the EU and other major democratic countries, siding with the political aims of the ALBA group of nations headed by Hugo Chavez; it is as if Chavez is pulling the strings and the rest of the world’s leaders are the puppets.

Take a breath, think and try to see beyond the visual range of your noses “world leaders”. You are not circling the wagons around a banana republic’s military coup, you’re pushing the wagons off a cliff and you are chained to them, when, all the while, Chavez, not believing his luck, keeps on smiling and relishing the moment.

Nobody in the EU or the US gives a hoot about Honduras, let’s face it. They all want the genie back in the bottle (so they can keep making their money and getting their political contributions), but they don’t care what happens with the bottle afterwards. When the fragile government in Honduras succumbs to international pressure or military intervention (as in the type promised by Chavez and Ortega), a blood bath will soon start in that country. Zelaya and his family are no strangers to using murder to further their aims (his dad amassed the family fortune killing and railroading any and all who stood in his way, including catholic priests and nuns that tried to help the victims, mostly poor peasants and small farmers). On Wednesday the 24th, Manuel Zelaya himself, pistol in hand, lead a group of his personal body guards, special police and loyal military personnel to the air force base in Tocontin (which is also the civilian airport for Tegucigalpa, the capital) and made the small contingent of air force soldiers, present at the base, give him the ballot boxes taken away from him, as a result of the Supreme Court ruling against the referendum Zelaya wanted to hold the same Sunday he was put in an airplane headed for Costa Rica. As he was leaving the base with his thugs, armed to the teeth with machine guns and pistols, Manuel Zelaya joked with one of his men about how he had made all the base soldiers so nervous and how they cowered before him. This is the quintessential Manuel Zelaya; a thug, a murderer (soon to graduate as a mass murderer, when he gets back to Honduras by the hand of the EU, US and Chavez et al).

Manuel Zelaya is not a patriot, but just a traitor. He demonstrated he is not a patriot when he didn’t say anything when Chavez called all Hondurans stupid; he is a traitor from the moment he is conspiring with foreign leaders to invade the country of which he says he is the President (think about an American President asking the Chinese and the Russians to invade the US to reinstate him after he had been ousted from power). Congratulations to the American government for their part on the impending disaster about to befall Honduras.

Camilo Gutierrez   June 30th, 2009 5:57 pm ET

Please also report on the big peaceful rallies that non paid, regular Hondurans are making to show positive support in the legal oust by the executive and legislative branches from the Hondurans Government of the ex-president Manuel Zelaya

Gabriel Barbiery   June 30th, 2009 7:01 pm ET

Shame on you CNN! Your coverage has been a totally one sided monologue in favor of South America's left wingers. Your reporters are not showing the real truth. Your reports are so questionable that you should feel a shame of what you are reoprting to the world. We are small country but with more moral statue than your ignorant news cover. Why don't you go Venezuela and cover the real truth about Chavez who took power by terror.

NFDV   June 30th, 2009 7:49 pm ET

It bothers me to hear corrupt, communist leaders, say they are fighting for democracy. Democracy isn't only the right to choose a leader, it is also the right to throw of the current leader is he/she fails to follow the laws, and begins limiting the rights of the people.

Zelaya wanted to impose reelection, so that he could stay in power for as many years as he wanted, similar to the cases in Cuba and Venezuela. He one of the many puppets of Chavez.

Now the world wants to condemn Honduras, for preventing Zelaya from going against the Constitution. Nice. Where was the world when Daniel Ortega ROBBED the people of Nicaragua of their votes? Where were all of these "Pro-Democracy" Presidents? And where were they when Daniel Ortega won the elections of Nicaragua, with 38% of the votes??

The media has not shown the whole story. These countries aren't like most countries. Putting Zelaya in jail only would have caused bigger confrontations, and eventually he would have found his way out, just like Chavez a while back. I am proud of Honduras for standing up to these power-hungry monsters. It was about time someone did.

Choosing one's leaders is not the only part of democracy. Another beautiful part of it, is giving the people the power to overthrow their leaders when these refuse to follow the laws.

As Thomas Jefferson correctly stated in the Declaration of Independence:

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Wendy Rivera   June 30th, 2009 7:52 pm ET

Honduras may be a little, poor, unknown by many, third world country, but we have definetely have shown the world that here in Honduras, nobody is above the law, LAWS ARE RESPECTED, FOLLOWED AND OBEYED BY ALL, and anyone who does not agree to this, then will pay the consequences! It is sad to all of us Hondurans, who were born here, live here, have invested here, and love our country, to see how the media is making EX PRESIDENT MANUEL ZELAYA seem a martyr!!! How sad is to see how people can easily be fooled by a person! It is true that we elected him DEMOCRATICALLY, but he too fooled us, and when we realized that he wanted to take away our democracy, our freedom, our liberty, our peace, it was when he also expelled him from our country DEMOCRATICALLY!!!! You all who don´t understand what happend in HONDURAS should definetely get a copy of our Constitution, read it and make your conclusions. We are HONDURAS, our constitution is different from yours, we are an independent country!. WE MAY BE SMALL, UNKNOWN, POOR BUT WE ARE PEOPLE STILL GUIDED BY MORALS AND VALUES, AND THE LIGHT OF OUR HOLY SPIRIT!
We are tired of haring the media taking Zelaya´s side, most of what you´re saying is not true, we, 90% of the Honduran population, are happy that he is gone, and we support 100% our newly elected president and all the ministries!!!
God bless Honduras!!!!!

Luis Valladares   June 30th, 2009 8:43 pm ET


I am a viewer of your programming here in Honduras. The reason for my e-mail is to express my concern for what is happening in our country. Last Sunday Manuel Zelaya Rosales , ex president of Honduras was exiled because he ignored a court order that prevented the act of a popular census which intended to break our constitutional order and perpetuate him in power.
As a democratic nation we have legal procedures to consult our people. Manuel Rosales Zelaya ignored those figures and proceeded to violate our laws. With the help of thugs like Chavez, Ortega, Correga, and Morales he intends to mislead the world by making him a victim.

We the people of Honduras are the real victims of a government that has not balanced the budget and is 10 months overdue in handing it to congress. Manuel Zelaya Rosales has ignored issues like Health, Security and Education. The world media is calling the disposition of this government as a “coup” which is totally false. In response every single government, including the US, has condemned the change and has called for the ousted president to be put back in office.

History shows how he was following Chavez's script step by step to get re-elect, which is CLEARLY prohibited in the Honduran constitution. He was turned down by Honduran Congress, Supreme Court, Electoral College, his own party, members of his cabinet and the Armed Forces. Relentless, he decided to continue with "survey" which by the way published as an official decree by the President, making it "law" already determined to be illegal by the other 2 governmental entities.

It is sad to see how organizations like the OEA an UN have gone out to help Manuel Zelaya. Chavez has found a great diplomatic allay in the OEA and the UN entities willing to vouch for the institution of repressive governments who intend to perpetuate their rule and believe they are above the law, so be the case of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador using fraudulent popular census paid by the Venezuelan government.

In the last few month our country has received tractors form Iran, Light Bulbs from Venezuela and lots of Venezuelan petro-dollars to move us into a dictatorship. CNN please don’t help their cause!!!!

My intent is to tell the world not to vouch for thugs and manipulators who think they are above the Law.


Luis   June 30th, 2009 9:02 pm ET

Hala, the world has got it all wrong: there was no coup in Honduras. The military acted upon the civilian order of the Supreme Court to inmediatly proceed to detain Zelaya because he had commited several acts against the Constitution and the law, including treason. It had to be the military because part of the local police was in favor of Zelaya (after he had paid them and many others a lot of money to support him). Whay you see in TV is people who are happy that the civilian power acted promptly to erradicate a govenment led by one of the puppets of Hugo Chavez. Like anything, there's people in favor and other against but the vast majority of hondurans are happy that Zelaya and his gang is finally gone.

gloria h   June 30th, 2009 10:33 pm ET

most of us in Honduras absolutelly despise ex president Zelaya, he is a traitor who tried to sell us to Chavez in exchange for an unlawful dictartorship. I hope he rots in exile and is never allow into our beautiful country again. The devil is out where he needs to be!

Carlos   June 30th, 2009 11:17 pm ET


Please get this one right. Just a few facts:

1) What is happening in Honduras is not a MILITARY coup; the armed forces are not claiming power, not even a voice in the government; this is not a repeat performance of their military dictatorial past.

2) The man that replaced Zelaya, is of the same party as him and he aims to govern constitutionally and in accordance to the democratic system that exists in Honduras, which has a general election coming up in November of this year, five short months from now.

3) the Honduran Congress and all the other political institutions, including opposition parties, retain all the powers and protections they have always had. 4) If you have to call this a coup, it is important that you realize it is not a military one, but an institutional one, in the sense that it was driven by a consensus of the political institutions of the country, including the opposition and ruling parties, the Honduran Congress and Justices of the Supreme Court. They all saw a need to act to preserve their democracy from a would be dictator: Manuel Zelaya.

4) The whole mess of putting the President in an airplane and sending him out of the country, was done for two main reasons: a) to avoid bloodshed and; b) for fear that Zelaya was too well backed by violent elements inside Honduras and foreign powers, and he could have made a move for dictatorial power very quickly, had the Honduran Congress initiated normal impeachment procedures. These concepts might sound alien to you, but you have to put this information in the context of a what it is like, for a very poor country’s political class, to defend its fledgling democracy in a society where murder for personal gain or for politics is common place; where the police doesn’t even have bare minimum resources to act against, or investigate, most crimes, and even when they manage to bring a criminal to justice, people with money can buy their way out of a conviction. The rule of law in Honduras is limited by the actual power to enforce it.

5) Zelaya is not a victim, a good guy aiming to introduce populist reforms for the benefit of his people, as he has been portrayed by some; he is more like a thug, out for his own power, who has been using death threats and intimidation to try to impose a referendum (which had no hope of being a truly democratic one) to bring about constitutional reform, which would have turned him into president for life and brought about a regime like the one from Chavez in Venezuela. He also threatened to dissolve the Honduran Congress before the elections, that could have left a power vacuum that would have surely been exploited by him and his backers. There was a lot of money Zelaya was throwing about to buy support and votes on the referendum he aimed to have last Sunday; a lot of this money was coming from Chavez.

6) Above all, and for Christ’s sake, will you please report on who this guy is in bed with: it is the ALBA group with Chavez at its head. These are not governments friendly to the US or her national interests in the region. I understand the European Union siding with Zelaya; they have no choice; if they don’t, Chavez and the other countries of the ALBA group will interfere with billions of dollars in contracts and investments those EU countries have made in that part of the world for decades now (sometimes disregarding American sanctions or embargos). Is the US that weak too? Can’t the US government see that, by aligning themselves with Zelaya, they are handing Honduras to Chavez? How much more ground does the US want to lose to those that hate America and would do her harm? Have we forgotten how Chavez has tried to align himself with everybody that would want to attack this country, including Hamas and the Iranian government of Ahmadinejad?

The ALBA group leaders are turning entire populations, who traditionally had looked up to the US as a role model, against America and Chavez and his cronies feel at their happiest when they are amidst those who mean to harm the US. Hondurans, by enlarge, and their leaders chose not to follow down this path and they took a stand. They deserve respect and not demonizing.

Miguel Montalvan   July 1st, 2009 11:48 am ET


Luis Pinzon   July 1st, 2009 1:59 pm ET

Honduras: Democracy does not consist only of electing a president. It consists also of institutions that must be respected. As it seems, the Honduran democratic institutions and constitution contemplate the destitution of a president. Instead of condemning the Hondurans, let us hear what their institutions have to say and also, let us respect their democracy. It must be understood that democratic constitutions can vary from society to society, depending on their needs and circumstances.

Rossana Rosa   July 1st, 2009 7:43 pm ET

Please stop calling what happened in Honduras a coup, and please stop saying there's a new military government. Jose Manuel Zelaya was removed from his charge because of his repeated violations to our laws and because he was planning to dissolve the Congress and our Constitution. Most of us here in Honduras are happy he's gone and would really appreciate if the international community stop defending him, because taking his side is taking Chavez's side, and the world leaders should realize democracy can also be attacked from within the corrupt governments and that's what Zelaya did. The military acted out of orders by the Supreme Court and I repeat we do not have a military government.

Rossana Rosa
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Felipe Colby   July 1st, 2009 7:44 pm ET

I live in Honduras, in Tegucigalpa even, and have for the past nine years. I find the coverage that CNN is giving to the situation here to be very disturbing, as the overwhelming impression given is that the country is in chaos, that the decisions made by the government had no basis in the law of the country, and that somehow Mel Zelaya is a hapless victim in all this.

The country is enjoying peace...a kind of peace that has not been felt much since Mel took office, and especially in the last year or more with his pretensions to be another Hugo Chavez.

Scaring people and planting ideas that all this happened strictly by direction of the military, that Mel had done nothing wrong and that there are continued problems in house is irresponsible and just flat out wrong.

If you want to contact me, schedule an interview, see the work being done here, or anything else, feel free, I would enjoy the opportunity to provide a counter perspective to what is being presented in the international media versus what most of us know here that live and work here. You require us to leave an me if you so desire!

Daniela Funez   July 1st, 2009 7:46 pm ET

Dear Mrs. Garani,
I just saw the report that Mr. Penhaul sent from Tegucigalpa. He can not be further from the truth: saying that yesterday’s demonstrators were FORCED by private companies and that my country is under strike.
Yesterday’s Demonstration was held by Honduran citizens, just like myself who want to live in freedom, peace and democracy. It was to get the international community to react and see things for what they are: Honduras will not be another Venezuela.
Mr. Zelaya broke our laws; he wanted to change our constitutions to emulate other totalitarian governments. CNN has always held my respect when it comes to delivering the news without are letting down a whole nation at the moment.

Grace Werner   July 1st, 2009 7:49 pm ET

What is wrong with the international community, here the honduran people are fighting their lives to have democracy and we dont even get a "Good Job", instead their trying to condemn us and make Manuel Zelaya come back as president. Im sorry but were the honduren people and we get to decide what happens in our country and what the military did was the right thing to do. there our heores. BUT WAIT why dosn't zelaya say what he was goign to do Junes 29, he was going to disolve to congress, thats the version no one hears(or they just dont want to hear). Mr.Zelaya is just a CHAVES WANNABE and follows the same script as Chaves,Castro,Morales,Correa, ect. and we all know who invented the script "the king of comunsim" Fidel Castro. So this goes to the international community " if you want to condemn us go ahead and if you make Zelaya come back as presidnet and we the people loose our battles against communism, i just hope you realise the mistake you made not to yourself but to us the people"

antonio   July 1st, 2009 7:50 pm ET

Nice democracy now in Honduras

Comunications broken

chanels closed if trying to tell the true

Journalists desapears by the police

human rights devastated

water tanks whiht red water to can arrest at the Protestant people if this goes mark in red

please people of the world we are a minory whos speak whiout fear please tell the true... nobody can justified military coup... nobody can be over the laws

Free Honduras

excuse my english

Gerardo Banegas   July 1st, 2009 8:11 pm ET


You just said there is a sort of campaign orchestrated by Micheletti supporters. I feel so sad, becuause CNN does not accept the fact that the explicit majority of Honduran natives donot want Zelaya back. Why any CNN reporter has come down here to make a deep research on the subject and you will see that Zelaya was corrupt, had ties with Venezuelan narcos, did not respect any other law or institution and that his removal was the only alternative. You state this is a military government, for GOD´s sake, there´s no military in office, they are not giving orders; they just received an order from the Supreme Court and Congress to arrest and deport the president. The congress and Supreme Court named Micheletti President for six months so that elections can take place next November, elections that Zelaya was going to suspend. Honduras will not accept OAS command we prefer to be expulsed form OAS to have Zelaya back in here. Don’t you see he was a Chavez pupil, and was doing the same his master did in Venezuela. Ironically the removal of Zelaya was to defend our democracy.

Roberto   July 1st, 2009 8:24 pm ET

I am a Latin American who lived the days of military coups for many years and let me tell you they are not good for anyone, but sometimes you don´t have any choice to take the matters in your hands. Nobody wants to go back to those days, but some people want to rule for ever, like in Iran and especially in Venezuela this guy wants to be forever there, he wants to be like Cuba and is expanding the ideology to some countries now the turn was for Honduras, and I praise the people and military who make the hard
action against this president who was democraticly elected but was trying to change the way of the country to a socialist state.

Marisol Pinto   July 1st, 2009 8:52 pm ET

What Antonio is saying is 100% lie only two journalists and their channels that were in favor of illegality are purpously hiding in fear of legallity or to cause this kind of statements...Beleive me pleaople in Hnduras don´t miss them. Authorithies allready said publicly they wont take any legally actions against them even if they did broke the law because they publiclly tried to manipulate people to make an illegality, received lots of money from the government and are being investigated for corruption.

The military took actions against some protest because they were vandalic broke into private property adn injured police man obvouslly they had to took actions in the US someone take a rock and throw it to a police officer beleive me some water is not exactly what he will receive. The ones who protests of the new government is only the 10% and of this people about 80% are people that are triyng to make anarquy not one peacefull march in favor of manuel Zelaya.

So Antonio soorry wheter you have poor analisis of the situation or you have any politic interest.

Honduras is now free if the world lets us....

Regina   July 1st, 2009 8:55 pm ET

Dear Hala,
I was dissapointed to hear that you think the viewers writing in your blog are just part of a campaign making negative comments about the expelled ex president Zelaya. At the time I counted the comments, the results looked as follows:
1) 48 were for the new CIVILIAN Micheletti government (temporary until November when new elections are taking place according to our Honduran laws)
2) 6 were for expelled ex president Mr. Zelaya
3) 4 were commenting on Maddof
4) 1 comment about Michael Jackson
5) 1 comment was irrelevant, from the "King of the World" telling you he loves you

We viewers, are speaking from our heart and trying to disperse the truth about the real situation which is happening in Honduras.

I was hoping you would get a real idea about the populations feelings in Honduras when you showed the arial view of the peacefull rally taking place in Tegucigalpa, which was supporting the new Micheletti government. You actually expressed you were surprised that the supporters of the new Micheletti government looked more numerous than the Zelaya backers.

This is not a campaign! This is a plea from our hearts to explain the world what is really happening in our country.

Should democracies in the world now allow the abuse of the executive power?

Sincerely yours,

nancy machado   July 1st, 2009 9:02 pm ET

The Americas should not close their eyes on this matter. How can we permit to have a leftist wing president whose only interest is to follow Chavez and be another country run over by that hard line thinking. Honduras should not be left alone, i think we are being isolated for something that other goverments should have done in the past and not permit Chavez's tyranical influence on the region.
Democratic countries are diminishing, and if Zelaya returns then that is exactly what will happen. Another democratic nation will bite the dust.
We need help, and we need full coverage on what this bad president did, what he has gotten us into, and what he is taking us with his hard headedness. Without Chavez he is nothing!!!!

Claudia   July 1st, 2009 9:13 pm ET

Dear fellow neighbors from Honduras, thousand of Nicaraguans who have been subjected to years of oppression, election fraud and demagoguery form Mel Zelayas friend Daniel Ortega, stand by you today and support your constitutional given right to depose a rouge President, a traitor who thought he was above the law. Here in Nicaragua where the Constitution is violated on a daily bases, where the OAS and the UN stood by and supported Ortega, while the most outrageously flagrante fraud was taking place, where the constitutional order was TREULY violated and the International community stood by and did nothing for the Nicaraguan Democracy, where hundreds of gang members paid for by Venezuela and FARC money assaulted violently the peaceful protested of the election fraud of Nov 2008. I admire your courage to stand UP to penny to bit Dictators and you have said "de aqui no pasaran, Jodido!!!!" I wish and so do many Nicaragua’s we had your strength and courage to fight for your country and your democracy, which only us Central Americans know how had and how much blood has been shed for the chance to be free. Please don't give in to any pressures; because once Zelaya crowns himself king of Honduras, like Hugo has in Ven and Ortega has in Nic and many other Dictators, No one will come to your aid... NO ONE! So if they isolate you so what... It's better to be free and alone then to become a hostage of EL SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI and ALBA and any other dumb idea Hugo the Imperialist puppet master, Gorilla may come up with. Nicaragua is on the verge of absolute ruin; don't let the same thing happen to your beautiful country, BE THE DIFFERENCE, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, LONG LIVE FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!

antonio   July 1st, 2009 10:47 pm ET

Marisol Pinto

this is not de legal way to down a Honduran citizen... iam against goriletti, against Melaya... this pair just be delincuents... iam speak for the poor people whos dont now what is the really


Salvatore D   July 2nd, 2009 2:19 am ET

Just want to remind the world that God puts kings to rule nations but also takes them away from those positions. There is NO coup in Honduras, NO military is in charge here, the world needs to focus on WHY Zelaya was removed. We were headed to become muppets of Chavez. I thank God for what happened, for giving the guts to the congressmen and judicial power. I pray the Lord to continue to have mercy on our country and peace be over us.

Gerardo Banegas   July 2nd, 2009 4:57 am ET

Do you know Antonio, that that act that you say is ilegal is stated in our constitution. And by the way OAS has made a stop, now they are sending a mission to Honduras conformed by Mexico, Canada, Colombia and Peru to hear the new goverment accusations and by the way there is a lot of evidence to jail him for 30 years. Do you know that INTERPOL has now an order to arrest for Zelaya. Do you know that there has been peaceful rallies supporting the new goverment and rejecting Zelayas come back in all Honduran cities and towns and the number of people attending is amazing. Do you know that the goverment will announce a referendum run by international observers from OAS and UN and from all countries so that people can decide if they want Zelaya so that the world can see we dont want him anymore.

Gerardo Banegas   July 2nd, 2009 5:36 pm ET

I agree with Salvatore until the other side of the story is heard, the world will know that the removal of Zelaya fom offce is stated in our constitution and laws and that was in defense orf our democracy as ironic it sounds. Weeks before this happened all christian population from all denominations were praying in their churches because of the crisis that Zelaya was provoquing. There´s no doubt that GOD protected us from a bloodshed if Zelaya continued in office. As time goes by and impartial and objective journalists start reporting, the world will know how evil this man was. Zelaya was elected so was Hitler.

manuel valladares   July 2nd, 2009 8:02 pm ET

we do not want democracy to dictatorships such as Venezuela's president wants to impose.
too much interference from the Venezuelan government departments, please find out more are asked the causes that led to the dismissal of Mr Zelaya.
lied to the people of honduras and lied to the international community and as children of an individual believed the lies that to this. whether Mr. Zelaya would continue in power at this time be more isolated than ever that we dive into an disctadura no longer existeria the Congress was looking for something that dissolve the National Congress in power to perpetrate in order to please Hugo Chávez.

I speak of a non-binding consultation to realize the June 28 but had already played dirty and there ordered to publish in the Official Gazette the decree for the convocation of a constituent assembly where the survey was not binding but will NOT had become binding.
we live in a democracy and should help if you think that United States has a president with these ideas so removed from office immediately because they are against continuity.

in Honduras there are laws and there are those who obey the law and disrespect this country has been punished.



Democracy Democracy is what we want.

antonio   July 2nd, 2009 8:11 pm ET

Gerardo Banegas


"Do you know that INTERPOL has now an order to arrest for Zelaya"




Thania Schrunder   July 2nd, 2009 8:55 pm ET

I'm proud of my country. Proud to see Honduras marching together defending our democracy.

Dear Hala,
I'm very dissapointed because you think the people who is writting in this blog is only creating a negative campain against Mr. Zelaya. There is always to sides of the story, I wonder why the so called Zelaya's supporters are not defending him in this blog.

Klaus Koepp   July 3rd, 2009 9:02 pm ET

For the past year I watched in horror as the Chavez led, Iranian financed ALBA gained ground in Honduras. Mel Zelaya, poster child of corrupt presidents, dragged Honduras into ALBA and following the Chavez playbook of "Dictatorship for Dummies" prepared to break their constitution and assume a quasi-permanent presidency. Ignoring his supreme court and ordering his military to back his illegal actions finally resulted in a last minute backlash from civilian and military leaders that quite possibly saved this democratic nation from a future of commuist oppression. I did not however watch this on CNN. According to you folks a misunderstood Mel Zeleya has been stripped of power by a military coup. Somebody is way off here. Are you missing the record crowds supporting the new interim goverment? Are you too busy trying to catch red hatted goon squads from Nicaragua and Venezuela getting into it with government troops? Try getting the truth instead of going after video teasers. Do that and you may lose the "Chavez News Network" label. You are misleading the American people and should state your bias instead of presenting yourself as a news agency. Thank God the Honduran people have the courage of their convictions.

Jessica   July 5th, 2009 5:40 pm ET

Ms. Hala:

I'm proud of my goverenment too. I hope Zelaya never returns to our country. We do not want a Chavez dictating our country. The OEA should see that we do not want to have another Cuba or Venezuela. Also have his supporters pay for his expenses while out of our country. He spent over one million Lemps in shopping and accomodation the first three days out with our country's money.

Mari Razon   July 5th, 2009 11:55 pm ET

It doesn't make a difference whether the political community now ruling in Honduras had constitutional reasons for bringing down their sitting president as they claim. There is no justifying breaking International Law. You cannot barge in, kidanp and remove anyone from his or her home without due process. This only gives left wing emerging parties more fodder for their propaganda. After all this is over, the Hondurenian Army, trained by the US, should be abolished. There is no room in this new Latin America for this type of organization!!!! Honduras is too poor a country to sustain such an organization!!! They should spend their income on education, health, and on their basic services such as electricity, communications, police force, and on sustaining their natural resources.

Mari Razon   July 6th, 2009 1:19 am ET

If, as some blogers from Honduras state, Zelaya's disapproval rating was so high, why were the politicians so afraid of his "referendum"? Also, if they have enough proof to actually arrest him, why didn't they arrest him last Sunday? The army was strong enough to kidnap and deport him, why didn't they just detain and then arrest him? I insist that this just makes it easier for him to justify his leftist politics. Why didn't the Congress think this out and do it legally???!!!

Mari Razon   July 6th, 2009 1:30 am ET

Nobody wants Chavez in Central America, but we must always act within the law. How can we fight Chavez's tightening leftist grip with acts like these in Honduras? A right wing army is just as bad as a left wing army. There should be no army!!!! This is the only way that Central America can go forward with equl opportunity and justice for its people. We need jobs, education,and a future for all our children. Not right wing coups and left wing manipulation!!! Wake up, there is another way!!!!

Claudia   July 6th, 2009 5:07 am ET

During a Press conference conducted by the Latin American Presidents supporting Zelaya along with the head of the OAS (MIguel Insulza) and Security Council of the UN (Miguel D'scoto) declare that there persistence for the return of Zelaya to power in Honduras is not a sign of support to the deposed President but a support for Democracy. For someone who lives in Central America and is old enough to remember the 70's and 80's, this so called support to democracy is a blatant lie, the increasingly authoritative and demagogue movement in Latin America use democratic methods to perpetuate themselves in power, braking the oath they swore to uphold when they first became Presidents, to uphold the laws and respect and follow the constitution of their counties, laws and constitutions, that for all intended purposes, have been becoming more and more democratic these past 30 yrs. but since people forget the past and there is no interest in documenting history, history is repeated, the only difference is that instead of having Right wing Dictators we have Left wing Dictators. Now LA is dominated, to different degrees, by Chavez and not so much the US, on the contrary the US has become increasingly hands off when it comes to LA. So I find it funny when people talk about US influence or US intervention or US funded armies, when now what we have in LA are Drug money (FARC) and Chavez funded left leaning demagogues who lie their way to power and corrupt institutions so that the democratic methods produce fraud and more corruption. So what good is democracy if the gov that calls itself democratic is intrinsically corrupt and self-serving? When Democracy no longer stands for a system of government but becomes a propaganda label? Who knows what will happen to us in Central America, who knows what will happen to me in Nicaragua where elections are violated by destruction of ballots and phantom voters, and when the pro gov militias attack peaceful protesters and where the International community has sanction with freezing of aid but Ortega is still here and standing pretty with Chavez and Raul and the OAS, UN and other LA demagogues. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NO ONE TO TURN TO BUT OUTSELVES, YOU WOULD HAVE TO LIVE HERE AND LIVE WHAT WE HAVE LIVED THROUGH TO UNDERSTAND OUR STATE OF MIND, BUT WE ARE UP A CREECK W/OUT A PADDLE, IF DEMAGOGUES LIKE ZELAYA AND ORTEGA GET THEIR WAY. We will never be able to have a Democracy the way the US or some other countries have it and that makes me sad. I don't blame Hon for the bad way they handle the Zelaya situation, because we live it here in Nicaragua and right now our biggest fear is that Ortega will get the 56 votes he needs in the congress to amend the constitution and we are done for. I wish we had a congress and a judicial system here as the Hon people have it. Here all is bought and paid for. So think a bit about us who live in CA and how our rights are stepped on over and over and over again before jumping to conclusions and condemning us for our decisions and/or mistakes.

Peter Mariaselvam   July 6th, 2009 5:36 pm ET

I think Claudia has summed up the reality of the situation in that region. In the beginning I had a feeling that Chavez had good intentions and working towards the freedom of the oppressed people. But now I know he is just another Leftist Dictator against the Rightwing Dictators of the past. His only aim is to punish the US what ever it takes. I am not a fan of the US but his actions are taking the whole region into the past of the Dictators,only difference being he says he is a leftist or socialist, bringing hardships to the ordinary people. Look at his friends Iran,North Korea, China,Burma,Srilanka and so on,where human rights are minimal or non-existent. TELL ME WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE I WILL TELLYOU WHO YOU ARE which idealy suits Chavez. I am sure the people of LA have come to realise what Chavez and his commrades are leading them to. The US is making the same mistake of supporting the Right wing Dictators of the past and now by allowing Chavez to have ways. In the end US and the international community are doing injustice to the people of the region by not standing up to Chavez or ignoring his activities.

Jonathan Coulter   July 6th, 2009 6:10 pm ET

It is easy to portray it as a 1970s style coup d'etat, or as your British reporter consistently asserts a clash between 'traditional elites' and 'working class'. I find the reporting superficial, overlaying the local reality with European pre-conceptions of Latin America.

You need to dig much further and elicit expert opinion.

I would carefully examine the following presumptions:

a) That this is a traditional Latin American coup, led by the military. I see it otherwise: as a stand-off between the organs of State: the President (Executive) on the one hand, and the Legislature and the Judiciary on the other.

b) That Zelaya is on the side of the poor and downtrodden: In fact he comes from Honduras' traditional elite, going back to colonial times (pre 1821), and is from a leading right-wing landowning family, as every Honduran knows.

c) That this is a clash between working class and traditional elites: In the past, Honduras has been a more open society than some of its elite-dominated neighbours (El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua), but it has a very strong tradition of political opportunism, Leaders will go to great lengths to remain in power, or as Hondurans would say 'quedarse en la guayaba'. CNN needs to keep a much more open mind as to whether Zelaya is leading a working-class rebellion, or whether he is manipulating the poor to remain in power.

antonio   July 6th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

Isis Obed Murillo, de 19 años



Thania Schrunder   July 9th, 2009 6:10 pm ET

Dear Hala,

Please tell your reporter in Honduras that if must of the people protesting against Mr.Zelaya belongs to the middle class....Honduras would not be one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Just because I have access to a computer does not make me poor or middle class.....if people like me (with access to internet) do not tell to the world to investigate what really happened who will. and for your reporter information, unfortunatelly the poorest people of my country are the easiest to manipulate in time like this....... because with a few lempiras you can buy the support you need..........I'm just asking to further investigate what really happened......I always watch your show because I know sooner or later a good thing will happen.
I refuse to see my country like Venezuela or Cuba and worst I will hate to see Hugo Chavez winning over Democracy. I will continue to give my opinions onplaces like this, no because I'm rich but because I care and must important because "desde lo mas pröfundo de mi corazón amo a mi Honduras"

Megan Martinez   July 9th, 2009 7:42 pm ET

I’m a resident of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I live in an upper middle class neighborhood close to Toncontin Airport. My family and I applaud the reaction that the international community has had towards this coup and the mind boggling events that have unfolded since then. This new government has been nothing but contradictory since the very beginning. They say that President Zelaya is guilty of several crimes including drug trafficking. Instead of charging him with these crimes and handling it in a court of law they kick him out of the country at gun point! Mr. Micheletti say’s that they took President Zelaya out of the country for his safety as well as the general public’s safety do to the fact that an uprising would occur if he was imprisoned within the country. The appalling violence that unfolded on Sunday does not convince me that this new government is concerned at all with the safety of the Honduran people. I hope an INDEPENDENT investigation will be done to uncover what really happened. The fact is that the people supporting this new government are the following: Wealthy & elite, upper middle class, middle class, opportunist liberals and nationalists. They have all been brainwashed into believing that if they don’t support this new government then they are unpatriotic supporters of a communist regime. There are many others like myself that do not agree at all with what’s happening especially with the never ending propaganda that’s flooding the newspapers and local media. What we are living in now is a military regime! But not many seem to have the courage to admit to this. I do not necessarily support President Zelaya but what I do support is TRUE democracy. If someone is voted into the position of being president they must abide by the laws as every other leader would, if there is a situation where there’s the assumption that this president broke a law(s) the courts must then intervene (weather the general public agrees to it or not). If this president is found guilty he must be impeached and must serve his time in jail as any other law breaker would. This of course is easier said then done in a country that hides behind the rules /constitution when it suites their purpose and breaks them in the name of patriotism and democracy (a.k.a self gain). I don’t think this situation will be resolved anytime soon, in the mean time this entire country will suffer (especially the poor) from the repercussions of this new government while the newly appointed leaders bask in the glory of their newly claimed power positions. Here it’s all about getting what you can – while you can. At any cost.

Daniel Pinto   July 27th, 2009 4:32 pm ET

I would like to comment on what Meagan Martinez wrote, I would not like to say that she is wrong, but the perspective that she has is precicely what the past Government (President Zelaya) wants people to think. She say's that the elite, upper class, middle class and and lioberal opprtunists..... well I am neither of this. I have worked with my wife for 16 Years just to survive, and we do not sell to the government, we have a small company that as I said we almost became broke because of this situation, Is president zelaya going to help? naaaa, he would'nt have even if he was to still be president. As I said Before we need peace to work and security.
Also Remember our constitutionn states on article 239 states that the person whom has been president cannot be elected or presidential designate. Whom ever breaks this disposition or even proposes to reform and all whom supports directly or indirectly will cease immediatly their jobs and will be unable to work for ten years on any public function."
When expresident Zelaya was taken he was not the president of Honduras, and he did it to himself. and last lets come to a reality ex president Zelaya was used to send masses of people to all whom was againt him, and we have seen it till this day, he uses teh humble people to do dirty work, look at him at the border just this weekend, he was being covered by the humble people and he was afraid. Afraid of what? no one here wants to kill him but he has to present himself to court, he has to be arrested.
My opinion is Independent and based on the law, and I have had no profit at all from this, but only that ib almost became broke, please my family and I need to work. LET US WORK so that we canpay our debts and educate our children.

Lang Elizabeth Lloveras   October 22nd, 2009 5:38 am ET

Ex-President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales is known by the company he keeps, drug lords, gang members and criminals enjoyed his protection while he was in office. The previous President of Honduras, Ricardo Maduro Joest had had a zero tolerance policy against gangs (maras) and was beginning to experience some success in making a dent in the crime, the murders, the protection rackets, the kidnappings, and the drug trade, all of which flourish anywhere the gangsters run things.
Zelaya undid all the good Maduro had done, and allied himself with the criminals. Two cases in point:
1. My late brother's first wife is now in her late seventies, with emphysema and osteoporosis, unable to work. She had been barely able to support herself by renting out two tiny storefronts left her by her late father, in the center of Tegucigalpa. Zelaya gave the gangs free run of the downtown, and every time she finds a tenant for one of these properties, the gangs threaten him, demand protection money which he cannot afford and he is forced to vacate.
2. Some years ago, my brother became involved with a Chilean gangster woman in Honduras, who with her crime family and their accomplices has looted my parents' estate to the point where I am job hunting at age 64, with severe arthritis. Since my mother and my sister died within two weeks of each other in February of 2000, I have been fighting a series of legal battles in Honduras, trying to recover even ten cents on the dollar.
The Chilean woman and her nephew were finally sentenced to four years in prison, and although they were allowed house arrest, their passports had been confiscated. José Manuel Zelaya Rosales returned this woman's passport to her, even though she had been sentenced in three cases, just for crimes against my family, as well as several other cases brought by others. Zelaya then lent her the pretty new plane that Chávez gave him, and flew her to Chile which does not have an extradition treaty with either Honduras or the United States.
This is the man that you feel sorry for, a megalomaniac who believes himself to be above the law, and who helps criminals escape justice in Honduras, because they give him money! Please try to get your facts straight. I have been a devoted fan of CNN for years, but now I think the majority of Hondurans have it right: You are behaving like the "Chávez News Network" insofar as Honduras is concerned.

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