June 22, 2009
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Dani   June 22nd, 2009 5:16 pm ET

The Holocaust denier is now committing a Holocaust against his very own people.
What has happened to the politicians all over the world, only one Neda is filmed, many others are being killed silently.
Mr. Barak Obama what has happened to you, why are you keeping quite on these crimes that are going on the streets of Tehran and all other major cities in Iran!

Bruggen Marc   June 22nd, 2009 6:11 pm ET

I vote Yes.
Because people are tired of living under a load of religius dictatorship.
People are disadvantaged in terms of information ,technology, human rights, etc.
People see that this 30-year regime only benefits for senior citizens and not for the man in the street.
They want a system where people can freely develop and study.
So the world has to support these people whom want to be free and want to do self-development.

Bye bye Belgium.

HHA   June 22nd, 2009 7:41 pm ET

Here is Tehran. The city of angles lying in the streets forever for their country freedom. Who cares the Ayyatolah power! We care our beatifull daughter of Iran killed and brave sons tortured and executed in the street everyday. Who know the futue1 But I only wish the future do not come! I see only blood and blood! The government side with all the brutality kills youth. And most of the people are calling for changing of the regime! The religous leaders really became nervous, when heard people saying their old slogan agianst themself, Death to (their enemies), ow hearing people say you are our enemy by saying "Death to Khameei" . Hearing people say everynight on their house roofs, "God is greater" means "How much you are big we won't scared by you, God is Greater than you" and he supports us, knowing the way government responds by thousands of security forces to people outrage show the weakness of regime as well as their brutal Ayyatolahs.

Viva freedom, Viva Great Iran

Pedram   June 22nd, 2009 7:56 pm ET

I didn't choose any of your poll options.
I'm Iranian; and I want to tell a bit more than an option:
What weakens Khamenei is not these protests
Khamenei made the biggest mistake in his whole life and whole era of islamic republic; that's what ruined many things for him.

These protest just plays the role of a learning assistance (!) for him to understand the magnitude of his mistakes

the protests could and can do many things; but nothing to Ayatollah's power
This Ayatollah's power depends on 1)the military and legal rights that he have in constitution and 2)the justice that many people was thinking (and unfortunately even now some people ARE thinking) that he have (NOTE that many people in Iran are following State media and its AMAZING LIES!); but he ruined everything in recent days by lying and defying these men and women of PERSIA as rioters and terrorists

He forgot that the Shah whom he and many other people threw him out, was saying such words and having such behaviours with people


mario robert   June 23rd, 2009 6:36 am ET

buddy i think your right .

Benjamin   June 23rd, 2009 10:04 am ET

Yes these protests will weaken the Ayatollah's hold on power. For a very simple reason, ever since Islamic Revolution in Iran, supreme leader was respected by a majority of the Iranians, due to his religious position. But after this election, he made his biggest mistake by supporting Ahmadinejad unconditionally. The irregularities in the election were so obvious that now many people are thinking supreme leader is not fair.

The taboo is broken now, he has lost his reputation among different groups of the Iranian population, and this is just the beginning, it will initiate a domino of the chain reactions that will back fire on his face.

Sterling   June 24th, 2009 5:50 pm ET

I find the criticism of President Obama statements concerning Iran completely absurd. There is in fact very little he can do. The U.S. has maintained a hostile attitude and caused immense suffering to the Iranian people through its self-righteous sanctions (which, as in Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea etc. affect almost exclusively the ordinary people, not the elite rulers) for decades, not to mention deliberately putting itself outside the loop and thus being unable not only to quietly help improve the situation but also insuring that it has almost zero reliable intelligence about what is actually going on in the country.

Moreover, Americans also seem to be completely unaware that the current religious dictatorship is a direct result of America's earlier interference in Iran, assassinating their elected leader and installing the Shah, a vain and cruel dictator in his place (why CNN caters to Farah Diba, the Shah's widow, who lives on stolen funds in splendid exile is beyond my ken) which led eventually to a popular revolution – as American support for the dictators Somoza in Nicaragua and Batista in Cuba led also to popular revolutions which resulted in regimes unfriendly to the United States.

What do the Reptilicans think they are talking about and what do they propose? Isn't the complete failure of the Neocon policies over the past years enough? Do they want another unending war? What do they mean by standing up for American values? Are they referring to our relationships with Saudi Arabia and China, those paragons of democracy on whom the Freedom Folks depend for oil and virtually all their consumer goods? Certainly it is a tragic situation in Iran, but more ignorant insincere BS from lunatic right-wing Americans about "values" and being "tough" is not going to help.

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