May 29, 2009
Posted: 1843 GMT

Hello everyone,

If you're looking to buy a carmaker on the cheap, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Opel, and its 25,000 workers in Germany, look like they've found a savior in Canadian auto parts company Magna. The German government is bending over backwards to push the deal along and help General Motors' European arm find a buyer, extending loans and facilitating the deal.

As for the big mother company, General Motors, it's not in better shape. Its stock hit a historic low today. Even unions, aware of the financial disaster at GM, are agreeing to labor deals that will lower payroll expenses at the company.

In a few days, America's largest carmaker and one of its most iconic blue chip brands, is expected to file for bankruptcy protection. The U.S. government will own most of the company and the stark, sober realization that a new kind of car has to come off those Michigan assembly lines will fill the air of every boardroom meeting at GM.

Already, the carmaker says it will use abandonned factories to make compact cars. Will it be too little, too late?

Also today, we will talk North Korea and Pakistan. We will have a report from South Korea on yet another Pyongyang missile test. We'll be live at the Pentagon with U.S. reaction.

We're live in Pakistan as well, with the latest on the military offensive against Taliban forces and the string of violent attacks by the group this week has authorities in Islamabad increasingly nervous.

For our UK-philes out there, we have a live report on Prince Harry's trip to New York City. He is visiting the site of Ground Zero in Manhattan and taking part in charitable events. And because it's Prince Harry, a young man who's shown his penchant for late night partying and headline grabbing behavior, I'm pretty sure we'll have a lot to talk about by the time his trip wraps up in a few days.

Finally, based on my quick Twitter poll on the subject, many of you (as I have) are growing tired of the Susan Boyle story. Her success is heartwarming, sure, but isn't just that we all love a classic feelgood story of a homely, lonely woman who goes from anonymity to stardom overnight?

And now, the fairy tale seems to be taking a dark turn, with tabloid reports that Boyle is having meltdowns ahead of the reality show final that help make her a global singing star. We'll be chatting with an LA Times reporter about that.

So, a lot to get through.

See you on TV!


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Rick   May 30th, 2009 3:09 pm ET

regarding north korea, i am just wondering – who died and made the usa, the judge to say what country can and cannot have nuclear plants? i mean, i do believe that democracy is not for everyone, like if china is democratic right now, then it will all fall apart – just what happened to russia before. i do think that we need more trust and respect for other nations. all of these bruhaha is all about the insecurities of first world countries to stay in power forever – like the usa. so the economic crisis and the closing of the iconic gm is a big blow to them. i do think that we need to remain in our seats and remain cool headed. all of this publicity is just what north korea wants, and the media is falling right into what the nk wants.

James   June 1st, 2009 5:12 pm ET

Well, where is the American people say in all of this??? Where is the Congress??? We are giving them approximately fifty billion dollars to get them "Lean and Mean" whatever that means. There are too many "if's" in the equation for it to be a sound plan. We have high unemployment, credit is tight, and people are loosing their jobs and houses. How can they afford to buy a car? Who's going to lend money to an UNEMPLOYED PERSON???? Our Government and President is lying to the American People and our children and their children and generations to come will have to pay this money back. This is a waste of money when we are already in a bad financial crisis.

Heidelberg Germany

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