May 20, 2009
Posted: 1745 GMT

Hello everyone,

We'll be looking at Iran's latest military-slash-pr manoeuvrings. The United States confirmed today that Tehran successfully tested a surface-to-surface missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers, therefore capable of reaching parts of Europe.

We'll go live to Tehran for more on the military tests and will take you to Jerusalem, where Israeli officials are again sounding alarm bells about how vulnerable they are to an Iranian attack (and why some in Israel say they should just take out Iranian sites themselves and get this whole thing over with.)

Also, at the Idesk – and this is the subject of our poll du jour – an Irish government report released today reveals shocking findings on child abuse in the Catholic church and Catholic-run schools and prhanages from the 1930's to the 1990's. We'll break down the report's findings and bring you a live report on the latest reaction.

Plus, we'll look at the U.S. Congress' vote to deny President Obama funding to close down Guantanmo Bay and to transfer terror suspect to U.S. soil for prosecution in civilian courts.

This is a bi-partisan slap-down for Obama and is focring the American president into finding a way to keep a key campaign promise.

The issue is where to move these high-risk detainees if Congress continues to block the proposal to close Gitmo until they see a plan on where the prisonners will be held.

What are the President's options? Organizing an American federal court location outside the U.S.? Begging allies to take more detainees in?

If not, will Mister Obama be forced into leaving them at Guantanamo and trying them in military tribunals? The fact that a handful of suspects will go through military commissions has angered some Obama supporters, who says he's renigging on promises made during the campaign. What will they say if all 240-plus prisonners stay in Gitmo?

We'll be looking at the congressional vote and what it means going forward.

On the lighter side, we'll be talking about the UEFA cup final and the latest on Michael Jackson, whose promoters says his summer comeback concerts in London are postponed to next year. Did you really think they would go ahead on schedule? Really?

Ok, I won't say I told you so.

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SensibleAli   May 20th, 2009 6:19 pm ET

History: U.S. military didn't really know how to deal with top-ranking Nazi prisoners after 1945. Most Germans later accepted the Nuremberg trials' outcome as being just and fair. But there had been no precedence, no law, no procedure whatsoever as to how to deal with that. Everything had to be invented from scratch.

Hitherto the same with Gitmo. The international community hasn't a word to say. Obama needs time in order to gain more insight. Or maybe he's waiting for the world public to loose interest.

Bob Macdonald   May 21st, 2009 5:02 pm ET

I think there should be a process but I am also a realist. Already released Gitmo detainees have gone back into the field to fight US troops. Let's face facts: these guys are REALLY angry with America and the west. Really angry. And you want to release them so that they can just get on a plane, or walk around our cities?

I think they should be placed in a permanent facility for lifelong detention. This place could be like a normal prison, and have work and recreation facilities. But they are just too much of a risk to let go. As for the weak excuse that detaining prisoners of war just fuels jihadis, I am not buying it. They have bigger goals and they don't care what happens to their people as long as their goals are achieved. This thing is going to go longer than my or your lifetime. It is sad but true.

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