May 14, 2009
Posted: 1519 GMT

tamil rebel

We continue to receive fiery and opinionated responses to the unrest in Sri Lanka on our blog. In response, we want to use this post to establish a forum for anyone who still wants to share their thoughts. Think of it as a discussion or sounding board for all things related to the current situation in that country. Unfortunately, we will have to delete any comments on the topic left on unrelated blog postings. Thanks!

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Lasi   May 14th, 2009 3:43 pm ET

Why don't you people mind your own business? why always you people are trying to interfear small third world countries like Sri Lanka, Funny thing is The Same thing United States is doing in Afganistan and Iraq and nobody say anything.... you know why ? ....Because it is USA ..................... have any of you visited Sri Lanka to see what actually happen over there? please go to Sri Lanka and See from your own eyes They Actually Fight Against Terror

dils   May 14th, 2009 3:50 pm ET

srilankan government is purposely aiming at Tamil people and continuously bombing in safe zones and killing everyone in the name of "war of casualty' but its not. its more than that. its a genocide of tamils. please every human being in this world should be aware of what is going in there and try to help those innocent beings who are being killed every single second in a brutal way. imagine yourselves and families in that position and think what will you do to protect them. you don't actually have to be connected to these people. we are all human beings some people might have forgot about it. but there are lot more people who did not. this is a humanitarian crisis. who ever hates war please join with these people and support them for Tamil Eelam, what they call as a solution !!

Christopher Seneviratne   May 14th, 2009 3:56 pm ET

Leave Sri Lanka to manage her own affairs. It is because of foriegn country interference that is broblem is there for the last so many years.

Anitha   May 14th, 2009 3:57 pm ET

I dont understand why there is still noone to take action to stop genocide Sri Lanka...People are suffering as you can on on several pictures...Pleasee helpp them...please...people are being killed for no reason...please take action and stop this immidiatley.....

John Manley   May 14th, 2009 3:58 pm ET

Since independence, Tamils have been killed and oppresed by all successive Sri Lankan Sinhala governements(GOSL). Tamils fought peacefully for more than 30 years. They negotiated with GOSL and several pacts were signed but latter seen them torn off at the opposition of the Sinhala people. Tamils were denied Jobs, education, evicted from their lands to give them to Sinhalese. Then LTTE came into the scene. It was created by GOSL's mistreatement of the Tamils. You all know what happened in Rwanda. Same thing is going to happen to the Tamils in Sri Lanka and the international community must take action to save them. I think it is relevant to give what Sinhala leaders said about Tamils here. (1) First GOSL president said to London Telegraph "the more I starve the Tamil people, Sinhalese people will be happy and I don't have time to think about Tamil's opinion" (2). Army commander Mr. Fonseka said to National post "this country belongs to Sinhala budhists. Tamils can live here, but can't demand any thing because there are minorities".
If you still don't think that International community should intervene in this matter, then you are one of those people who don't believe in the holocost or Rwandan mass murders.

sajeev   May 14th, 2009 3:59 pm ET

srilanka government killing innocent people from 1958.singhagovernment army murderer,raped andtake tamil people properties.all army officer are now rich. they are killing all teenage boys and girls .but UNO never take action becauseBankimoon buddist..srilanka government used chemical veapons.

k.rajalingam   May 14th, 2009 4:00 pm ET

to be direct , i feel all the world leaders particularly INDIA try to ignore or pretending like pressing the sinhalese goverment to stop killing innocent people at sri lanka. if it is really concerning them, a single stern warning will make the blood thirst sinhalese to halt the war againts our minority tamils there. who cares about, afterall we are ethnic indians.when we have been beaten and brutally murdered by malaysian police we send our petition to england but nothing happened.(they brought our forefathers from india)what else we can expect from so called world leaders whom are closing their eyes not one but both. but one thing for sure the cycle of karma will be taking turn soon for the sinhalese and retribute them for sure.

S   May 14th, 2009 4:01 pm ET

'War on terrorism" is an old chapter from the book 'Bush Doctrine'. President Obama has re written it with appropriate changes. Sri Lankan president Mahinda and Co. has been using this term to abolish and suppress the minority Tamil community in the island. Please note that both Sri Lankan defense secretary and army commander are US citizens or permanent residents, and they also can be accused of interrogations charges of killing innocent people, by the Obama administration. Sri Lankan dictators will pay for what they have been doing to the Tamils for the last 50 years or so.

Ram   May 14th, 2009 4:05 pm ET

If Srilanka has nothing to hide why not allow media and independent UN monitors? Srilankan government is committing a 21st century genocide while the world is watching. Shame on all those who talk about human rights etc.... Think of the women being raped and killed; Men abducted and killed; Babies without food and water ....

Ranjan   May 14th, 2009 4:08 pm ET

There is no democracy for Tamil peopls under Sinhalese goverment.When you look at Srilanka's history Tamils people are suffered lot of times. Majority of Sinhalese people are brainwashed by their goverment.In this situation how can anybody expect Tamil people can live peacefully with sinhalese people?

Kumar   May 14th, 2009 4:10 pm ET

Thanks to CNN idesk for opening a forum on one of the hot issues in the world at present. The government has been shelling the no fire zone (NFZ) and forcing the civilans to move out, which has claimed casualties on the civilans including many children. ICRC couldn't make their rescue operation from the NFZ and aid workers are being killed, according to recent news papers. Satellite images 'expose' secret Sri Lanka shelling', according to metro news paper on 14th May 2009. Even though US president made a humble request for cessation of hostilities for safe evacuation of civilians, the government is refusing. So only way our would be for UN security council to act on this. Otherwise, more and more civilans are going to die.

BM   May 14th, 2009 4:10 pm ET

LTTE is not just group of people with guns, LTTE is another word for “Tamils’ Freedom” Every Tamil has LTTE in them, us Tamils got tortured by Sinhalese for over 40 years. Now living all over the world as refugees. Not only LTTE, all Tamils are fighting for FREEDOM from Sri Lankan terror government and Sinhalese. Why don’t you all Sinhalese give us our homeland, we all can live peacefully. Sri Lanka !!! don’t separate LTTE and Tamils, LTTE and Tamils are one big Family. LTTE is our FREEDOM FIGHTERS. FREE TAMIL EELAM.

mathy   May 14th, 2009 4:12 pm ET

Please help to stop, the genocide in Srilanka. Save the Tamil civilians. Take action against Srilankan government

LAL   May 14th, 2009 4:14 pm ET

there is no firing on civilians by govt>>
ltte is'nt let da civilians out>>>
ltte are hiding n killing da people>
people hearts Prabaharan>
Prabaharan trying to escape>>
so Prabaharan is not a leader anymore>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Pakeer   May 14th, 2009 4:15 pm ET

Mr Lasi your president not allowing any meadia to go there, now you are saying CNN to go there! are you people sick? you telling your me your goverment not killing tamil peoples? you think we make all the pictures? over 30 years you could not touch Prabaharan you people think now you can catch him? you are dreaming!!! with out Indian help you all are piece of cake for us. wait what and see what will happen to your president and others!!!! war will not over yet....... until Prabaharan live you always be in trouble..... you peopls has only big mouth.....

s.saravanan   May 14th, 2009 4:15 pm ET


In last 48 hours, Sri lankan militaray forces were heavily shelling into the safety zone. also they are shelling to hospitals. couple of Thousands of people were killed and thousands of people were serious injured.Sri lanka never follow the war rules. the are wideluy using into safety zone Chemical weppons such as Cluster bombs, Multibaral artilery shelling,Posparus burning bombs etc ...

there is no medicines,no food, no shelter to affeted people,who are living in small safety zone.

Sri lanka Gournment (Sinhalese) plans genoside on Tamils around last four decades.In this past four decades tamils lost one hundre thousand and fifty thousand people by the this teriible war. Especially in last three or four months war happens very badly.In this period around twelve thousand people were killed, thatswhy i mentioned this is genoside.Therefore UNITED NATION immdietly stop the war in Sri lanks.They want invlove and Please save our Tamil communities.

Until 1948,Sri lanks was one of colonial country to British,They left from Sri lanka in 1948 and gave independant to the Srilanks. Singhalse,Tamils,muslem are three nationalities in Sri lanka. Singhalese are majoriety(70%) in Sri lanka.So following days they got major empowerment in politics at parliment.So following days tamils left their rights in the country. specially Singhales were majoriety in Gouvernment jobs,Universities, All kind Ministry position such as Local affairs,education,health,sports,leligion affairs every where. So tamil were losing their education, human rights,jobs,and own lands etc...

Following days, they(Singhalese) conroled tamils in many ways, therefore,we(tamil) got lots of sufferings, such as our peple were violently horribly were killed,people were kidnapped,Womans sexual abuse by the (sri langan)sinagalese military forces, thousands of displacements.These above reasons detemined to us we want protest against singaleese. there tamils(Freedom tigers) are protesting against to Sri lanka gouvernment past three decades.
Now you will be clear about real senario of sri lanks. so please understand our real problems and gives our separete own land(TAMIL EELAM) from singaleese gourment.



sub   May 14th, 2009 4:16 pm ET

Other countries should not forcibly interfere in to internal problems, in Sri lanka or in any other country.

Praba Sivam   May 14th, 2009 4:17 pm ET

Why don't we care about Sri Lanka?

Western governments and societies are always quick to condemn atrocities in the Middle East and Africa. But there's been a lack of comparable outrage over the events in Sri Lanka.

It is complete Genocide of Tamils by the Govt o Sri Lanka.

Why UN is waiting??????????

Stop the Genocide..We can't waste anymore Tamils life..

jaya   May 14th, 2009 4:19 pm ET

we can see the truth now.Rajapakse is want clear the tamilans not the LTTE.He is blocking the world from seing what is going on the war zone.If the SLA claim that they already covered LTTE it should be done now.So they use PRABAKARAN name as a victim so that the SLA can kill more tamilans to prevent the LTTE to grow.I think the real buddisht religion wont do this.Same on them.

Yaso   May 14th, 2009 4:20 pm ET

The International Community Intervene In Sri Lanka. This a war without witnesses and we need to change that. Has our society not learned from what has happened in the past(The Holocaust in Europe, the genocide in Rawanda, the massacres in Yugoslavia)? Action should be taken before it is too late.

Concerned   May 14th, 2009 4:21 pm ET

@Lasi: "Why don’t you people mind your own business?"

Then why don't you stop asking the international community for money!!! Like 1.3 Billion from IMF to buy more weapons. US has already stopped all funding to SL.

Gai   May 14th, 2009 4:23 pm ET

Any one ever woundered why tamil people didn't want to leave to go to the arm's decignated camps. Because life in there is so much worse. No food or medicine, for tamil people this is used to and bearable. But being separated from you husband, wife, brother, mother father............ not knowing wheter you will see them again........... Young girls being raped by the army, what life do they have after this. Mothers being forced to have abortion incase their child will become another tigher. Being forced into place wired and electricuted. How long does it take the government to verify if these innocent people are tigers or not. If the government is not guilty of anything why there are not letting international media/aid in to this area. Being with the army is HELL. May be tamil people see heaven being with their freedom fighters.

M.V.MOOVEINDHAN   May 14th, 2009 4:24 pm ET

It is unfortunate that the whole world is silently watching the state terrorism committed by the srilanka.this apathy emboldened srilanka to continue its slaughter of the innocent tamils with the utmost impunity.under the false propaganda of fighting terrorism the srilankan government is perpetrating genocide of this crucial juncture UN should intervene, as done in other countries during genocide,in srilanka and stop the impending total annihilation of tamils urgently.had the srilankan government accorded equal status to tamils ,who are the original inhabitants of this land ,srilanka would have flourished as a peaceful nation.atleast now the international community should engage srilanka to arrive at a permanent settlement as per the aspirations of the majority of tamils.

Susan   May 14th, 2009 4:26 pm ET

LTTE Brutality must end once and for all. Terrorism must not be sponsored or supported by the International Community in any country. Why support a Terror Group. THEY ARE NOT FREEDOM FIGHTERS. They have not done anything for their own poor tamil people trapped in the North. 30 years is a long time and a life time for many. It is now evident that LTTE only built bunkers and brutal wepons of warfare with the support of International Community. Millions of Dollars have been wasted on one mans pipe dream.
30 long years the poor Tamils have lived in fear from their own backyard Tamil Tigers. The Tigers must be wiped out. Terror must end. Tigers are not the voice of the Tamil People. At last the Tamils are free to live peacefully.

Pat   May 14th, 2009 4:26 pm ET

As a Brit living and working in Sri Lanka I am disgusted with the comments coming from my own "motherland". Leave Sri Lanka to get on and finish this problem, stop trying to interfere you have enough problems of your own to worry about!!

A Wijekoon   May 14th, 2009 4:26 pm ET

CNN should have asked the world " If your sovereign government is in the process of apprehending terrorists banned by several countries of the world would you support intervention by the international community.' You may then get the right response.

Suresh   May 14th, 2009 4:28 pm ET

In 1796 British landed in Sri Lanka, there were Tamil Kingdom in North and Sinhela Kingdon in South. Britsh merched both kingdon for their easy government and 1947 handed over every think to Sinhalese but since 1947, majority sinhales dont accept Tamils' basic rights already morethan 200000 Tamils killed in last 50 years. So this is the basic concept to get a separate Home land to Tamils.

Siv   May 14th, 2009 4:28 pm ET

President Obama's call to end civilian suffering is a good starting point. But more needs to be done. What is important to note is that the Sri Lankan government is going to continue with their shelling and other abuses against the Tamil civilians. So international intervention is needed immediately.

Also, I am very disturbed by reports of sexual abuses and other atrocities taking place in the Government run detainment camps. The Sri Lankan army should be kicked out of these camps and the international community needs to take care of them and resettle them immediately in their home towns. Also, go for a UN monitored referendum in order for the Tamils to determine their political future.

siva   May 14th, 2009 4:30 pm ET

There are 2 issues in the sri lankan conflict. The root cause of this conflict-The aspiration of the North & East Tamils aspirations for a decent life where they can have a control of their destiny , and then the LTTE problem ( which started because the root cause was not solved by the succesive sinhalese govt.
The truth is that the majority is not honest to itself. This problem could have been solved long ago ( & as a result there would have been no room for LTTE to be even born) If the sinhala politicians had the political will and maturity to address the problem straight on. Of course there has to be some giving in, and taking but you need to be honest. At the end of the day , if we remove the label sinhala, and tamil from our identity we are all the same brothers. Unfortunateky for their own political gains , both the tamil parties, as well as the Sinhala parties did not give in, instead to get their next election did not find a solution. Even now .. the sinhala govt thinks that there is no problem at all...

Even if the LTTE is crushed, the Tamil issue will continue more strongly and ferociously both from those living, and by the curses of those innocent civilians who were slaughtered by their own government. . In this context The worl community.s concern is welcome. They should bring the present govt of sri lanka to the worl court.

BAVANI PERUMAL   May 14th, 2009 4:34 pm ET

Each and Every day Srilankan Army Shelled in Civilian Place & attacked hospital and safety zone, Pregnant women brutally killed, Almost 1000 over people are killed every day.Who is going to question Srilanka ? Some people may think this is internal problem of a country.why we should worry about?Definitely we should worry because,When innocent people are killed for no reason by their own government any where in the world as a human being with some IC should raise a voice against genocide. To STOP killings of innocent tamils civilians by srilanka government. IC should immediately intervene to protect tamils. Tamils and Singalese CANNOT live together ever and forever. Now days LTTE is only one can give peacefull life for Tamils in srilanka.Hitler Re-born as Mahinda Rajapakse (Srilankan President). We want Tamil Ealam.

Peter   May 14th, 2009 4:35 pm ET

I can understand why Sinhalese people are angry over LTTE, however if Tamils were given the equal rights since independent 1948 we will not be in this position. I don't think many people realise that Tamils in Sri Lanka cannot become President or Prime Minister due the Sri lankan law. Also, this current situation is only the phase one just about to conclude. The phase two will be guerrilla attacks which will cause more devastation.
Simple answer would be, this will not end until it is politically revolved!!!!

sanu   May 14th, 2009 4:35 pm ET

pls LTTE our breath

nayaki   May 14th, 2009 4:36 pm ET


Susan   May 14th, 2009 4:36 pm ET

To the International Community : DONT CONTINUE TO SUPPORT LTTE TERRISOM. They are a bunch of Bandits.
If you want to help the Tamils – Give freely to the poor Tamils who have suffered due to the war. Start with housing and livelyhood projects. There is much to be done in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

loges   May 14th, 2009 4:36 pm ET

L T T E isnot terror, they are family member they save our tamils, not terror grop. please understand still one voice coming from vanni that thanks for our family member's ltte

nada   May 14th, 2009 4:37 pm ET

stop the war as soon as possible

Maruni   May 14th, 2009 4:37 pm ET

Sri Lankans (both sinhala and Tamil people in the country) have suffered alot by the LTTE terrorism for more than 25 years. Young Tamils lost their lives in terrorism activities which they were forced to do. The recent operations are humantarian activities to protect the Tamil civilians from the LTTE. The government of Sri Lanka with the best disciplined army in the world is carrying out this restore law and order of the country. The Sinhala people have already extended their helping hands to the civilians who are recued and brought to government ruling areas, with food, clothes and other stuff.

We can manage our own affairs and the Tamil civilians are not a burden to a nation blessed with hospitality. Therefore the greatest help the European countries can do is to keep quiet without intervening to the affairs within our territorial boundaries.

Seenivasan   May 14th, 2009 4:38 pm ET

Srilankan Tamils are suffering lot and killing. Since Jan/09 there are about 9000 tamils already killed by Sri Lankan Gaverment.
International Community only watching no real action, Are they waiting to kill all Tamils in Sri Lanka?
India direct the war behalf of Sri Lankan Goverment for the filty benifit, it is true. India is killing 18000 tamils for single Rajeev kandhi. He got the panishment for previous mistake for Sri Lankan Tamil in 1987-1989.

Internation Community should overcome India to resolve the problem otherwise India will be King of World not USA.

SUNTHA   May 14th, 2009 4:38 pm ET


Thamizhan   May 14th, 2009 4:39 pm ET

Hi Lasi...
I had a dog named Lasi... He was a good one.
Unfortunately he was killed in 1986 during bombing by the SL Air Force. I still regret leaving him out when we were hiding in the bunker.
Anyways, make sure you don't go to anywhere closer to a tamil homeland you might end up like Lasi...
"" please go to Sri Lanka and See from your own eyes They Actually Fight Against Terror ""
I agree with you you should ask everyone NGO ICRC UN UNHCR .... all of them to Sri Lanka and especially to the No Fire Zones to see whats happening ....

Oh BTW who is not allowing them to go in there !!! 😮 ...

Sri Lanka is waging a War without witness and you are sitting here and barking like my dog...

Amal wickramasingha   May 14th, 2009 4:39 pm ET

The photo shown in the blog by cnn has been named as a tamil rebel.This nameing itself shows that the CNN is trying to destrote the real situaton in Sri Lanka.Those cannot be called as rebals but a terorist organisation spoon fed by the CIA to desabilize asian region by creating seperate state for LTTE in Sri Lanka inoder to undermine India.Thereafter USA and UK think that thay can establish a miltery base in this separeted sate so that thay can create problems in asian region to undermine China India Pakistan and malyasia.Go to hell.CNN is Gobels media.UN is a pupet of USA.If you try to intervine to the internal matters of Sri Lanka, You will have to face for serious repercussions that you faced in vietnam war.

sivashanmugam   May 14th, 2009 4:40 pm ET

Srilankan GOVT is the MOST DANGEROUS TERRORIST Government in the World. Srilanka is not Ruled by Human. The Sinhalese are Aliens.


Fernando   May 14th, 2009 4:40 pm ET

CNN, BBC, or what ever media: pl note Govt of SL is almost finishing the ruthless barberic terrorism in SL. So pl help the Democratically elected Govt rather than LTTE

malar   May 14th, 2009 4:41 pm ET

Srilanka is doing state terrorism, Stop| the genoside. Food & Medicines should reach the affected people.

thurksel   May 14th, 2009 4:43 pm ET

SATELLITE images appear to reveal the devastation wrought by heavy weapons which Sri Lanka's government denies using. The pictures show 'destroyed structures and crater-like features consistent with widespread shelling,'said the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Apparently pictures taken before and after attack on Saturday, they also reveal a mass civilan exodous. The images contradict SL military claims. UN and international intrrvention got be there to deliver food ,aid and find a solution to the terrible conflict, which has been going on for last thirty years. please do not wait any longer

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 4:44 pm ET

Why my country has a responsibility?
My country should take measures to protect Tamil civilians, as we pledged to do when adopted the “responsibility to protect” or "R2P" at the UN World Summit in 2005.

At the core of this norm is the obligation to protect peoples from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing, rather than waiting until atrocities have already occurred, as states have too often done in the past. There can be little doubt about either the magnitude, or the imminence, of the peril Tamil civilians now face in Sri Lanka. Why my country is ignoring its obligation?

martha   May 14th, 2009 4:45 pm ET

The situation in Sri Lanka is abominable. By the time the international community stands up and does something, there will only be human ashes left in the north/east of Sri Lanka. This is everyone's business.

Kana   May 14th, 2009 4:45 pm ET

Killing tamils not new to srilanakan goverment, because they are doing this from 1956.

Mohan   May 14th, 2009 4:45 pm ET

It seems clear that the both the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE are at fault concerning the safety of civilians in the North. The LTTE for not allowing them to leave and the government for indiscriminate shelling with no concern for civilian life.
Having lived recently in Sri Lanka, the Government has the power to truly change things in that land. It had a wonderful opportunity after the tsunami but it did not take it.
There is undoubtedly institutional racism within the country, which the present government has fuelled rather than seeking to stop.

s.surya   May 14th, 2009 4:45 pm ET

Dear Sir,
CNN representative and Mr. President Obama and Un Security Council
I all ready Contact about 20, times with email Mr. President Obama and Un Security Council
I would like to bring this matter to world urgent attention that the Indiscriminate barrage of shelling by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on the so called ’safety zone 6 kilometer’ starting from Saturday night to Sunday morning killed more than 3,000 innocent civilians including large number of women and children, medical sources in Vanni said quoting the injured who managed to reach the makeshift hospital. Dead bodies were scattered everywhere and 814 wounded managed to reach the makeshift hospital up to 9:25 a.m., doctors said. The death toll at last count, over the past one month is 12000 killed and over 23500 critically wounded. The number is constantly increasing. The Sri Lankan government is currently killing five hundred average people a day (Last Week) what is happening in Sri Lanka, Same thing if the Freedom fighters do in Sinhala area that’s terrorist what is this every humans to be safe life why genocide Tamils in sir Lanka we are Tamils we need permanent solution and permanent peace please every country help. The government may win the war, but innocent Tamil people will never get peace in their life. Everyday some innocent Tamils are disappearing in government controlled areas. No law, no order, no investigation. Loved ones do not even know what happened to them. They are scared to talk what going on real. Does something for these innocent Tamils need get permanent solution The government has banned all the media from the conflict zone Tamils have been denied their rights United States is deeply concerned by the continued unacceptably high levels of civilian casualties why international community remains silent International Community and United Nations were responsible for this Killings Mr. President Obama and UN Get involved attention to this problem otherwise within 20, years China control the world
Please kindly consider the srilankan Tamils deadly situation as an important humanitarians’ matter and take immediate necessary actions to protect our innocent Tamils life
I all ready Contact about 20, times with email Mr. President Obama and Un Security Council
Yours Sincerely
Valvai S.surja
Attached Proof
violates Geneva Convention by permitting Sri Lanka to commit slow-motion genocide – Prof. Boyle
[ Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 06:04.26 AM GMT +05:30 ]
Pointing to the statement issued by the U.S. Department of State that after an informal meeting at the United Nations that "[t]he United States is deeply concerned by the continued unacceptably high levels of civilian casualties," expert in International Law, Professor Francis A. Boyle said, the Obama administration is violating the 1948 convention for continuing to give "green light" to the Government of Sri Lanka to destroy the LTTE no matter what the cost to innocent Tamil civilians. Lawrence Christy, the head of Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) Field Office on Monday put the death toll of civilians at more than 3,200 killed during the weekend.
Boyle explains: "the implication of this official Statement by the United States Government is that there exists an acceptable level of civilian casualties to be inflicted by the Government of Sri Lanka upon completely innocent Tamils in Vanni. "Yet under international humanitarian law civilians can never be made the object of a military attack–as just happened in the GOSL "massacre on the beach" of Tamils over the weekend. So 2000 murdered Tamil civilians in one operation is "unacceptably high" in the opinion of the Obama administration.

"The conclusion is obvious that the Obama administration continues to give the proverbial "green light" to the GOSL to destroy the LTTE no matter what the cost to innocent Tamil civilians so long as their death and destruction and genocide transpire in increments of somewhat fewer than 2000 Tamil civilians at a time. "Slow- motion genocide indeed here being advocated by the United States government in violation of the 1948 Genocide Convention, to which it is a contracting party," warns Prof. Boyle.

Bruno   May 14th, 2009 4:45 pm ET

Since the independence from the British successive Sinhalese governments have suppressed the Tamil minority in a systematic way.
The communal riots initiated and supported by the Sinhalese government can attest this. One example to show. The % of Tamils in Sri Lankan army is less than 1%. Why?
Why can't the majority population let the North and East go that belong to Tamils and run by Tamils. What seems to be the problem?
Tamils do have a separate language and a religon.
Where in the world that anyone can see a govt bombing and killing its own people that it claims to liberate? Why are the white vans running in the night to abduct and kill people. What happened to Sunday Leader editor Lasantha?

Chan   May 14th, 2009 4:46 pm ET

If there is Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka, how can hundreds of thousands of Tamils peacefully live in harmony with other communities, specially with Sinhalese all over the island and why did hundreds of thousands of Tamil civilians leave LTTE and come to the government controlled areas? If LTTE is the sole saviour of Tamils, why do they kill their own people along with other innocent people? Please come and listen to what the innocent civilians who have fled away from LTTE have to say about LTTE. Please listen to what thousands of families of all communities in Sri Lanka who have lost their loved ones, have to say about their feelings. We Sinhalese have no grudge with Tamils and we treat them as our fellow citizens who too have the right to live in any part of our motherland. However we insist on the fact that we will not give in to a bunch of brutal idiots who have ruined our country for the last 3 decades.

Thiru   May 14th, 2009 4:49 pm ET

The cruel Sinhalese( by the history, Sinhalese are generation of lion dad and human mom – that might be the reason for being animals!!) think that Sri Lanka is their country and they can do whatever they want... they can kill, rape Tamils…anything they want... that is why they hate international community interference in Sri Lanka.

The Sinhala cowardian military could not fight with LTTE even though they get lots of weapons from china, Pakistan and India. India also supplied 15,000 soldiers too.

When LTTE kills lots of Sri Lankan Army in the battle, SL army kills innocent Tamils to revenge.

The world knows how bad the Sri Lankan Army as they did in Haiti

Thusha   May 14th, 2009 4:49 pm ET

I could think of a song (for Gaza) which explains the pain & desperation of the civilians who are bombarding with Shells and air attacks each minutes by the SL govt:

"Women and children alike
Murdered and massacred night after night
While the so-called leaders of countries afar
Debated on who's wrong or right

But their powerless words were in vain
And the bombs fell down like acid rain
But through the tears and the blood and the pain
You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze".......

No matter what when a state fail to protect its own civilians the IC has the responsibilities to take action against it.

banu   May 14th, 2009 4:52 pm ET

Please people dont think everything you see on internet is true.I live in sri lanka and there is NO genocide going on.Yes a few civilians have been killed,but that is happens in every war.It has happened in iraq ,vietnam,pakistan every where but do you call that genocide?welcome to reality......... If there was genocide from the begining of the war would there be any tamils left here in sri lanka?..................We dont mind interference of the international community if its consitent all the time.When bombs go off blowing civilians into pieces in colombo or when the tamil tigers butcher civilians in remote villages do the international community react in the same way as when a shell falls in the safe zone?Hmmmm..................... they dont do they?.......................A majority of the sinhalese people believe that tamils were side lined in the past. that is because of short sighted politicians garnering votes,but now a majority of the sinhalease believe that this country is for all races and they should be treated equally.So please do not believe everthing you hear and see on the internet or tv and stop spreading hatred !

RP   May 14th, 2009 4:54 pm ET

It is urgent and important that the world realizes what is happening in Sri Lanka before it is too late. A genocide happening against Tamils in Srilanka. This is a racist war and it is not a secret. The government itself has plastered the countryside with enormous placards lauding the military with the slogan, in Sinhala, the language of the Sinhalese majority, stating: "Soldiers, our race salutes you!" Not "the people", not "the country", but the race. And all these placards exhibit the stated provenance of the Ministry of Defence or other government institutions. Interestingly, none of these hoardings are in Tamil, the language of the people the government claims it is seeking to liberate.


Reagan   May 14th, 2009 4:56 pm ET

Ref: Lasi.
Thank you for you agreed that SLA is killing tamil people by indicating USA attack on Afganistan. 3rd world countries are supporting to state terrorism. So, western country inetervention inevitable.. tamil people want their intervention because, they are the victims. Government is killer. If you say that SLA is fighting against LTTE, can you tell me, why SLA is attacking hospital and killing tamil people? Do you mean that tamils not belongs to Sri Lanka? If so, let tamil people to get their freedom. you can't cheat the world any more.

Welldone CNN. keep your good work.

Suthan   May 14th, 2009 4:56 pm ET

Since Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam , who is the only safeguarding force for Tamils have declared ceasefire I wish to bring your attention on following .

1) Tamil Tigers have announced unilateral ceasefire long time ago. Srilankan racist government has taken this as begging of defeated Tamils which is not true. You know we are already frustrated with this military victory of Srilankan genocide army and this will lead the problem into massive scale. Frustrated Tamil youth will get into more aggressive mood which will lead to further attacks which the world will see as terrorism. So we need to stop the war urgently and bring both the parties calm down to solve this issue.

2) One can see that the Army is guarding all over the places in North and East and still after capturing Jaffna (Northern tamils only city) Still there is not civil mechanism effectively running. Army is ruling the people on gun point for 13 years means , Tamils have been suppressed by Singhala only Army. This would give you a clear idea that capturing Tamil areas by defeating Tamil army will not bring any peace to country. Whole North and East is under gun point and no Singhalese government could bring a effective civil governments and withdraw army because they know Tamils do not want to be ruled by Singhala government. They want self determination.

3) You might understand that the Tamils all over the world have expressed their pain and only in Srilanka where Tamils could not exercise their rights to protest against government. This is the obvious answer why Tamils have been forced to take arms and why cannot they simply lay down even all the pressure is on them. When we cannot exercise our basic human rights in the government area even after 30 years of fight, who can assure that we will get our rights when we are defeated?

4) After subsequent state sponsored riots against Tamils 1956, 1971 , 1977 and 1983 and with the failure of democratic attempts by various Tamil political parties , only Tamil youth forced to take arms. Once Tamil youth started arms struggle only Singhalese stopped the violence against Tamils which is very clear answer why still we do not want Tamil army not to lay down arms. We believe if Tamil tigers lay their arms down , very soon we will be killed by riots which is well evidenced in the history.

5) I wish to notify that the Arms struggle has started when Singhalese government prevented Tamil from entering state universities by bringing quota system which says majority of the seats are for Singhalese. This is system is still existing which is really a racial discrimination.

I wish you could understand the necessity of immediate ceasefire and it is also equally important that Tamil power is not compromised by military victory. Please be kind enough to raise your voice

aran   May 14th, 2009 5:02 pm ET


rajan   May 14th, 2009 5:02 pm ET

The srilankan government has killed over 10,000 innocent tamil civilians over the past three months. They continue to bomb make-shift hospitals in the so called 'safe-zone' area. A genocide is taking place in srilanka, and if the UN does not intervene, it could result in the complete annihilation of tamils.

Lalith de Alwis   May 14th, 2009 5:02 pm ET

Yesterday, I received and viewed a video clip emailed to me and (going by the address line) to a large number of others in different parts of the world. It was a video clip purported to have been taken on a mobile phone by an aid worker in the land strip in Sri Lanka currently occupied by the LTTE and the large number of Tamil civilians held allegedly as a 'human shield' by the LTTE. The video clip shows a young boy of between 10-12 years, who it appears had tried to escape from the clutches of the LTTE to the area controlled by the Sri Lanka government forces, just seconds after he was re-captured and had both his legs decapitated by the terrorists as a warning to others who may think of escaping. One leg was cut off just below the hip; the other, just above the ankle. The boy is rolling on the ground, crying. His father is beside the boy, hugging him and cradling him in his arms while trying to comfort him. His mother is screaming in the Tamil language at the top of her voice. An aid worker is bending over him with a strip of cloth in her hand. The video clip was very short. Probably no more than 30 seconds. I have never seen anything more horrifying or gruesome in my life. I could not fall asleep last night till the early hours of this morning. I kept trying to figure how people who claim they went to war to save and liberate their people could behave in this way to one of their own people, – and a young innocent boy at that. I am a father myself and a very mild person by nature but, at that moment, if I had the ability to do so I have no doubt I would have unhesitatingly killed the men who did this.

This is what war does to people. It de-humanises them and brings out the bestiality in them. I believe the world is better off if it leaves the Sri Lanka government and its army to finish the job it started, – to eradicate the LTTE completely and, equally importantly, to create an environment in which the Tamil people can live in peace, harmony and whatever relative prosperity a third world country can provide for its people.

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 5:04 pm ET

There are three main rules of Sri Lanka's war

The First (and most important) Rule: Conduct the War Without Witnesses. Ensure that the theatre of war is out of bounds for the media, international monitors and aid agencies.

The Second Rule: Give the Army a Free Hand. Do not constrain them with rules and international conventions.

The Third Rule: (In the absence of witnesses), Don’t Worry About Human Rights Violations.

Why should the International Community which had successfully made Kosova an independent state for the killing of 1500 people remain passive though more than 7,000 Tamils have been killed in the last three months alone?

Thayaparan, T   May 14th, 2009 5:04 pm ET

Lasi wrote:
Why don’t you people mind your own business? why always you people are trying to interfear small third world countries like Sri Lanka,

Well! Lasi!

Why your president shopping for arms in Pakistan, China, Iran etc
China is building its harbour and military intelligence facilities in Srilanka!
Indian military intelligence supporting your military carrying out this war


Lasi wrote:
have any of you visited Sri Lanka to see what actually happen over there? please go to Sri Lanka and See from your own eyes They Actually Fight Against Terror:

Well! Lasi! You are misinformed again!



Please change your thinking in the name of humanity, human rights and brotherhood of fellow tamil citizens.

We tamils begging international community to ACT RIGHT NOW to protect tamils before the whole rcae is wiped out from that killing field (Srilanka).

N.U   May 14th, 2009 5:05 pm ET

The people dying in Sri Lanka is not only members of LTTE but children and women too. The things that are happening there should be observed and brought into the media. Tamils are getting tortured and murdered cruely every day. If the media gets into the area of Vanni they would be able to tell the world what is going on in Sri Lanka is pure cruelty. The tamil population in Sri Lanka is minority but the tamil population around the world who have been forced out of the country is a lot. We, tamils just want our Tamil Eelam. We want a place where we can live in peace. We want our part of Sri Lanka!! I dont believe this is too much to ask for.. We are all humans and should have a place where we belong to. A place where we can walk around freely without the fear of getting bombed. A place where we can be tamils without fearing if our brothers and sisters would be taken away from us.

Venki   May 14th, 2009 5:08 pm ET

Looking at some of the previous post of my Sinhalese friends, they all want to finish off the LTTE at the expense of the life’s of the innocent Tamil people. If the people killed in the north was relatives or loved ones and babies of Sinhalese people they may not have supported the WAR

How many of those Sinhalese who have commented here, his / her life has been disturbed or destroyed by Tamils? They could hardly say anything, but if you ask the Tamil people the question of how many of their life's have been ruined by Sinhalese forces ? majority will say YES.

Truth is the Sinhalese people have been brain washed by the local politicians over the years, none of them have experienced or lost anything in this WAR.

Tamils have gone through the worst time, loved ones being killed or abducted and killed by government forces, sisters and mother being raped by the Srilankan and IPKF forces and many more to add. We all know the true behaviour of the Sri Lankan forces in Haiti, inspite of it the world beleive what they report.

I would plead the International Community to force Sri Lanka to allow UN and other humanitarian agencies to visit northern state of SL to see what the truth is? Do not trust the SL ministers, they sit in Colombo and report whatever they feel like.

If the UN and other super powers of the world, don’t act immediately, they would be making the biggest mistake in the history of killing all the Tamils in the Sri Lanka.

If Sri Lanka does not listen to International community now, after finishing the WAR what guarantee do you all have to believe that the rest of the Tamils will live in peace.

International community please intervene and help saving at least few of the Tamil lifes

Indra   May 14th, 2009 5:12 pm ET

No more Genocide. Srilankan terrorist government is killing innocent tamils. No food , No medicine ....... The Rajapakse brothers are ruling the country , lying , twisting the stories.Sri Lankan forces are using Chemical Weapons. why no body id doing anything?
Help the innocent tamils and save them.

A Doctor From SL   May 14th, 2009 5:12 pm ET

Mistakes have been committed by both parties' Politicians in 50s and later, now it has been followed by same politician. this what indians' and western peoples' intention too, which our local politicians/people do not realize(actually Indians and westerns dont want see the flourishing Srilanka in its economy like Singapore) .

if you see in the world map Srilanka is in the center. which could be used as a hub in most transport. (foolish politician dont realize this)

further more,Indians, Chinese and Westerns are gaining massive amount of money from both parties by selling their ammunition.

in my opinion if both parties get together and think about countries development and bright future by using those money which they are utilizing for purchase of ammunition.

unfortunately, or may be countries' faith, innocent children, young and earnest are dying from both parties.

Rathan   May 14th, 2009 5:12 pm ET

Indiscriminate violence and killings of minority Tamil people by the majority Sinhalese in 1958 has created only one Prabaharan and his LTTE. But we have to wait to see how many more ruthless Prabaharans are going to be in the future after this massive killing of innocent Tamils by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Chamantha   May 14th, 2009 5:12 pm ET

LTTE is about to be defeated.They should have taken the responsibility of killing both Sinhala and Tamil people in Sri lanka. Sri Lankan army shows their Immanency in fighting and rescuing the innocent Tamil people who are being used as a human shield by the LTTE. The international community and LTTE are accusing to the Sri Lankan government saying government has been conducting the ethnic cleansing operation in Vanni. But, it is far beyond from the exact situation.SL government has the authority of its people. So, We kindly invite to the all the diplomats and UN officials who are blaming to the government to visit here and see the correct condition.

Thamizhan   May 14th, 2009 5:15 pm ET

Hi Lasi…
I had a dog named Lasi… He was a good one.
Unfortunately he was killed in 1986 during bombing by the SL Air Force. I still regret leaving him out when we were hiding in the bunker.
Anyways, make sure you don’t go to anywhere closer to a tamil homeland you might end up like Lasi…
“” please go to Sri Lanka and See from your own eyes They Actually Fight Against Terror “”
I agree with you you should ask everyone NGO ICRC UN UNHCR …. all of them to Sri Lanka and especially to the No Fire Zones to see whats happening ….

Oh BTW who is not allowing them to go in there !!! …

Thusam   May 14th, 2009 5:15 pm ET

No matter where the terrorism we should against it. We the Sri Lankan had suffered enough from this barbarian LTTE. Now we have the freedom even going in a bus without fear. Why these international people need to sustain terrorism in the world…..I can’t understand. If they act like this way they are the one who responsible for 9/11 like incidence.

Andrew mcavoy   May 14th, 2009 5:19 pm ET

When blatant terrorist tactics are unleashed on a poor vulnerable agrarian society by a brutalist military state they flaunt the laws of the geneva convention on human's as if the 29th century did not happen. I guess the pursuit of Capitol and trade leaves no room for diversity and different beliefs.the Sri lamkan government do damage to any hope for world peace. A seemingly peaceful nation have been militirised to such a degree in the pursuit of power in the north, that it seems unlikely to be safe again . You can displace a people but you can't remove beliefs patriotism and homeland.
What I saw happenings year past in January was not in any way serendipitous. Cold calculated evil.
And in such a gem the dye could be cast for tolerance.
Back off Columbo

Benadict   May 14th, 2009 5:19 pm ET

Hello All,
I have a question for all of you, that when Iseral started bombing in Gaza, they only able to do so for six days. The world was able to do anything and everything to stop the killing of innocent people. Good Job There,
Then comes the South Ossetia in Georgia, Rusian tankers rolled in could not do it for more than 2 weeks, because of the worlds pressure. Once a super power and now an economical power Rusia, Withdraw its troops from there.
Thinks of Sri Lanka a tiny country, no oil the economy is totally depend on the Americans and Europians. Not willing to stop the war evern though all these countries asking. I am not sure if Iserel & Rusia can stop the war why not Sri Lanka. Dis all these internation organizations and countries putting enough pressure on Sri Lanka to stop the killing of innocent Tamils for the last six months. Over 10, 000 people are killed in the new wave of violance. What does the UN has done to stop this. Do we really need UN if it can not save the innocent peoples life.
What ever it is we need to save those people. At least do something to stop the killing these innocent people. My family came from Vanni region to Vavuniya with what they were wearing. I am happy at least they came here live. But those who died, God help them.
President Obama, please I beg you help save the innocent peoples life.
Ben from Toronto

Samuels   May 14th, 2009 5:20 pm ET

It is the obligation of every right thinking person to feel and express their outrage at this gross violation against humanity.
No war or battle is an event by itself.
The atrocities in Sri Lanka against innocent civilians cannot be justified whether it is by an organised army, a state or anyone else.
Neither military intervention nor political posturing will resolve the deep and entrenched position by a majority group, which does not recognize the basic human rights of a minority.
There should be an international mediation for the resolution of this long conflict that dates back to 1958.

thay   May 14th, 2009 5:21 pm ET

What a world!! just watching the killing of innocent tamil civilians and most importantly some are supporting for this government in its action of endangering a minority population. For those who support SL government Tamils are inferior than DOGs.

Tharsan   May 14th, 2009 5:21 pm ET

They gotta stop this war RIGHT NOW, there are too many tamils dying . This war has been happening for abt 25 yrs now so I think the international communtiy has to get into this issue

Nilmini Subramaniam   May 14th, 2009 5:22 pm ET

I thank CNN for the wonderful opportunity to express our concern over the mass murder, ethnic cleansing, arrogance against the powerful and caring countries who is genuinely trying to bring equal rights and peace to the nation, war crimes against a civilized population during their desperate helpless situation, periodic and meticulous act of suppression and racial atrocities by the Sinhala Buddhist leaders.

why the international community is confused over interfering in our ethnic conflict.

1. LTTE began suicide attacks on the govt forces and officials (but remember we did fight for our rights in " Ahimsa " method when we were attacked 2 decades before eth LTTE was born. History will tell you how many times the Tamils were beaten, killed from time to time as a part of ethnic cleansing.

2. Lankan govt chose the " war on terror" word when USA was fighting against the Taleban and Alqaida. LTTE is not trying to discipline the general public and attacking the world beyond SriLanka. They did kill few leaders, which I would say a mistake but certainly not misjudgment. It's very unfortunate that so many people mistaking by comparing the issue and number of people killed in Lanka to Darfur. As Time magazine indicated, there aren't that many Tamils in Sri Lanka to be killed by the Lankan Govt.

It is very unfortunate for the LTTE and the Tamil people for not getting the justice due to these unavoidable situations that we had to go through in the past. But believe me I have witnessed the dedication and determination displayed by the members of the LTTE in fighting to get back our freedom, rights and dignity in our own country.

The majority Sinhala and Tamils were living in harmony until the infamous SWRD Bandaranayake , followed by his wife and J.R.Jayawardene deeply deivied the nation by introducing racially favored rules and regulations against the minority Tamils. Things have gone so far that most of the Sinhala public don't even want to believe that we belong to Sri Lanka. All what is stuck to their mind is Sri Lanka is for sinhala buddhist only and everybody else are just problem creators. Its sad to see that the Sinhalese are backing up the Lankan president for a complete victory over the LTTE, without taking into consideration that for every LTTE cadre they are killing 100 innocent Tamil civilian.
It's a shocking revelation by so many of my Sinhala friends that what all they know about the conflict is, LTTE is a bunch of terrorist killing everybody. Nobody has the time or the willingness to find out who are these LTTE, why most of the Tamils support them, Who are these Tamils and what kind of a life, authority, education and wealth they enjoyed just few decades ago and how and why they are living a dog's life today begging for life's basic necessities (leave alone food, electricity, water and shelter, we are begging for life). I

Its so irony to note that we began the protest 3 decades ago asking for the university admissions that we were denied (which we were qualified for), the job interviews which turned out be failure just because we were Tamils, the overseas scholarships that were denied in favor of Buddhist students and questing why the govt is killing us and chasing us from effluent areas of Lanka after robbing all their wealth almost 5 ethnic violence before the LTTE was formed. Now we are ended up with nothing but to beg for our lives and the Lankan govt is fooling the rest of the world by comparing us to some terrorist that they are fighting to kill as and save the world. (Note{ The Lankan govt set fire to the only tamil library which was harboring countless and invaluable books of ancient Tamils of lanka)

I urge the international bodies to intervene and find a permanent solution to our conflict and most of all please stop these killings at once. We will be wiped off the phase of the earth very soon and that's what is expected in Sri Lanka now.

Please help us.....

Ram   May 14th, 2009 5:23 pm ET

Sri Lankan government did massacre Tamils in past but this regime doing the genocide on Tamils. International community have the responsibility to avoid this massacre. What ever happened to Rwanda can repeated here so act quick.

Barathi   May 14th, 2009 5:24 pm ET

YES...International community must intervene srilankan issue.
its already getting late.
i am still Wondering why UN and it's ORGANIZATIONS left the war zone.
why they have not questioned back SL Government on this issue.
so, PLZ come out and SAVE TAMILS.

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 5:25 pm ET

We should understand the root cause

The Tamils grievances is over 60 years old, while the arm struggle has been going on only for the last 30 years. Soon after the Sri-Lankan independence, the Sri-Lankan government was quick to implement anti-Tamil policies, making the Tamils feel aliens in their own native land, and depriving them of basic rights. Tamils were protesting against the discrimination in a Ghandian way (that is what people do in democratic countries), but the Sri-Lankan government chose violence as a weapon to suppress the Tamils legitimate aspiration, and force them into submission.

People around the world should understand that the LTTE are freedom fighters. They are forced to arm by the Sri Lankan governments who ruled the country for the past sixty years. The LTTE is the one and only real representative of Tamils in Sri Lanka. The world should understand the truths that happen in Sri Lanka now. The North and East are the Native of Tamils; they don’t like to leave from their origin. Sri Lanka Government never ready to give the freedom to Tamils; so LTTE should get it by fighting. LTTE are not terrorist; they describe like this by Sri Lanka Governments. Actually Sri Lankan Government is doing the genocide in North. No media, no humanitarian organization is allowed to go to the place where the war is happening. And the Government is senses the numbers of dead and injured. When you look the numbers of injured people coming to Trincomalee with the help of ICRC; world could understand the truth. The people who are living in that area are like to live in their own area. The war never ends in Sri Lanka until a solution is given by the Government. So, the International community should Help Tamils to get a permanent political solution that guaranteed by UN.

Eugene   May 14th, 2009 5:26 pm ET

UN should get involved to keep people in safe zone and IDP Camps save. Otherwise there will be no guarantee for these civilians life. If anyone who knows what happened to Tamil youths after capture of Jaffna will only know what will happen in those IDP camps. I think that is the reason that government is keeping international media and NGO away from safe zone and camps. Most of the Tamils don’t trust the government and need international monitors to keep innocent Tamils safe.

I think this is a perfect situation for R2P.

Thank you.

Jeyawardane   May 14th, 2009 5:28 pm ET

Tamils in 1947 wanted a united Sri Lanka and supported Sinhala leaders to freedom from Britain. What happen then, Sinhala leaders made many ammendments to the constitution and made the minority Tamils frustrated. The fighting is reasonable and this is the time all countries to involved and solve this problem. There want be a solution as one country. To stop killing of both side divide the country and see how they (Tamils) survive.

rajan   May 14th, 2009 5:28 pm ET

regarding banu's don't know whats going on in your own country because the srilankan media don't have the guts to report this..and if they do report this rajakapse will use his army to kill journalists are allowed in the conflict independant journalists have to sneak into the warzone and report the truth, e.g channel 4 news.

Jeyanthan   May 14th, 2009 5:30 pm ET

I agree with Jey, give what tamils want and see how they survive

prakash   May 14th, 2009 5:31 pm ET

we are not talking about LTTE. we are talking about Genocide of Tamils by SRI Lankan Government.
Tamils have all their rights for self detemination.
International community have their right to involved in Srilanka According to R 2 P

2 states are better than one in WAR.

Thank you.

Jeyawarda   May 14th, 2009 5:31 pm ET

Tamils in 1947 wanted a united Sri Lanka and supported Sinhala leaders to freedom from Britain. What happen then, Sinhala leaders made many ammendments to the constitution and made the minority Tamils frustrated. The fighting is reasonable and this is the time all countries to involved and solve this problem. There want be a solution as one country. To stop killing of both side divide the country and see how they (Tamils) survive.

krishnan   May 14th, 2009 5:31 pm ET

I don't know why western countries or United Nation delays its action to stop slaughtering Tamils in Sri Lanka. Sinhala army in Sri Lanka slaughtered more than 3000 tamils including 500 children and more than 2000 women and old people within one week. western countries and united nation are confused with the name of Sri Lankan Army. please don't consider as Sri Lankan Army. that is not the army of a country. this is a sinhala army that means 100% of military personals are from sinhala ethini community. there is no even a single person from tamil community. So, this does not represent army of a country. they don't recruit minorty people. So, this sinhala army is doing ethinic cleansing. They have slaughted several thousands tamil minority people. In order to kill easily and with low cost, they announced a safety zone and then this poor tamil minority people is gathering there. So, they easily kill them by shelling and bombing. This is like slaughter kill animal in the slaughter house. he brings animal slaughter house and kill them. and also sinhala army don't allow any injured people to get treatment and safe their life. they think you should be died. so, they are bombing and shelling even the hospital.

Sri lanka is not a one counrty. because of british colanization, two nations brought as single country and called Sri Lanka. before that, tamils had their own nation. I don't know why international community is not helping tamil community to get seperate country they had before british colonization. In kozovo, only few thousands was killed but international community helped them to get seperate country. There is no longer possible to two ethinic group live together in this sinhala dominated country.

Please American people and America ( the greatest democratic freedom country) should act immediately through United nation to get seperate country for tamil minority to live peacefully as they lived several hundred years ago in their own tamil nation.

GOD Bless America

Senaka   May 14th, 2009 5:33 pm ET

This is stupid Poll - Hey I Thought CNN guys Know whats happening around the World..... Guys LTTE is a banned TERRORIST Organization...

I Know You Wont Put This Up But Hey You reading this just get it to your brain that we Love Sri Lanka Did You Guys comment When 1000 of People Died Just for Nothing....

U will Know when something Happens to your Family....

Hope some One Of Your Family has Or will Be Killed from A Terrorist Attack......

Then Put Up a Poll asking If They Wanted Terrorist To end Or To Just Kill More People....

PLs Pls don't encourage Terrorist Groups in the future....

May God Bless Your Family....

asin   May 14th, 2009 5:34 pm ET

i do not know why the sri lankan armies have to kill tamil people, when they and the tamil tigers can fight together.
thay are killing the tamil blood, and it is our job to save them!!!


A Doctor From SL   May 14th, 2009 5:34 pm ET

In Modern world racism as cast, race, religion, Blacks, Whites and etc should not arise. all are under one human category.

with out fighting all have to keep this in mind and proceed in their achievements and personal goals.

Suthan   May 14th, 2009 5:35 pm ET

After subsequent state sponsored riots against Tamils 1956, 1971 , 1977 and 1983 and with the failure of democratic attempts by various Tamil political parties , only Tamil youth forced to take arms. Once Tamil youth started arms struggle only Srilankan stopped sponsoring the riots against Tamils which is very clear answer why still we do not want Tamil army not to lay down arms.

But later to 1983 Srilankan army started the genocide. Within 26 yrs , 1.8 million (50%) Tamils had to flee tho country. 220,000 (7%) Tamils are killed. Within 6 months 10,000 Tamils killed and within two weeks around 2000 killed.

We believe if Tamil tigers lay their arms down , very soon we will be killed or chansed away from our homlands!
Who ever argues against me please try to answer,

why you all are covering up the entire killings by the name Tamil Tigers? Why don't you all about prior to Tiger era?
Why Srilanka ban jouralist? Why no access to UN? Answer is simple , the created propaganda about human shield ( i believe even world has believed it due to strong propaganda) will go fake. I know if somebody is allow to enter the safet zone ( we call is killing zone though!) whole truth will come out.

What happened to those kids and youth ( 5000 youth) who were captured by Srilankan army from safety zone? ( it might be safety zone because they are under Tamil Tiger control)

Why Srilankan army still keeps the Kilinotchy as gost town?
Why not it be open to people? What those screaming noises heard by those sinhala army cooks? Are they the voice of Tamil girls taken away from concentration camps?

I know people will say its lie...if it is lie why not IC, NGO , UN or journalist are not allowed? A true man doesnt have anything to hide!
Srilankan Army is blood hunting. Believe me , truth will soon come out with evidences!

mayuran   May 14th, 2009 5:36 pm ET

tamil tigers freedom fighters!!
they're fighting for freedom!!
please EU lift the ban of Tamil Tigers!!

deegan   May 14th, 2009 5:37 pm ET

To those who brush it away, term it so much propaganda, I challenge you... PROVE IT to the world. Call for NEUTRAL third party observers, to see what is happening and report to the world. Let it not be left to doctors and nurses and humanitarian workers, afraid for their lives and that of their charges, to struggle to put the word out.
It doesn't have to be Tamils or Sinhalese.

People from many countries and cultures are sickened by this inhuman carnage, they are joining the protest marches in Canada, UK, US to bring atention to the situation and to bring pressure on the SL government. SL government just says, no such thing is happening but no one can go and check for themselves. In the end the truth will come out, but if we wait, more and more innocents will be massacred, to add to the thousands already lost.

I hope and pray that the nations of the world and the UN will get the SL government's attention SOON and challenge them to at least allow independent observers, if not take more active steps to protect the civilians.

Richie   May 14th, 2009 5:38 pm ET

Well can't we see from the debate here that we have a big issue in SL. And why SL gov not allowing others to witness their genocide? that says it all. Tamil Eelam is the only solution.

If SL gov says everyone hands off from SL (especially CHINA & INDIA) then just fight. You will know who will win. But as tamils we are more educated (this is the root of all the issues, singhalese were jelous about tamils in white collor jobs in early days wanted to remove from the country).

We don't beleive in fighting, we were forced to do so by Singhalese.

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 5:40 pm ET

Sri Lanka rejects the international community, again!

UN, US, UK and EU are unable to prevent the abduction and extra judicial killings of journalists in Sri Lanka. They are unable to pressurize the Sri Lankan terror state to bring the perpetrators into book. Worst part is no investigation is conducted on these incidents.

The reason is these killings are designed by the state and carried out by military and para-military forces.

If the International Community cannot stop these atrocities and persuade the Sri Lankan terror state to allow independent international media and international aid agencies into the Tamils (Tamils are minorities who are recklessly killed by government for over 7 decades) region, how will they prevent the killings and disappearances Tamils in so called "rehabilitation camp".

These information about Sri Lanka may be new to international community which until recently was not willing to listen to the sufferings of Tamils in Sri Lanka, but Tamil people are quiet aware of what will happen to them once they are put in the barb wired concentration camps run by Sri Lanka state (as they have faced the Sri Lankan state brutality for decades). That is the reason Tamil civilians took refugee under Tamil Tiger's territory. But Sri Lanka with its well funded, powerful propaganda machinery, made the world believe that the Tamil civilians are used as "human shield".

International media very enthusiastically writes about this "human shield" theory just adding "reports cannot be independently confirmed as journalists are not allowed near the war zone".

Wannian   May 14th, 2009 5:41 pm ET






Nathan   May 14th, 2009 5:41 pm ET

Finally the world is waking up to the State Terror unleashed on the Tamil community for decades. Sri Lankan Government doesn't apologize for any thing. It has NOT persecuted any offenses against the Tamil community. It is a common occurrence for Tamils to go missing in that country. Recently the Government has got on to the Bush War on Terror doctrine to crush the Tamil uprising hoping the world will not take any notice. There was NO LTTE before the 80's and there was a reason why LTTE came about. Sri Lanka, What you can't hide is Genocide.

Chathura   May 14th, 2009 5:42 pm ET

well i am living in SriLanka and itz funny all you people judge what s happening here just by internet.we see the truth daily.AND WHEN I SAY "WE" IT INCLUDES ALL SINHALESE,TAMILS,MUSLIMS.

i really dont know what s wrong with you people.but i know that once the WAR IS OVER (which is going to happen very soon) all you refugees will no longer have a reason to claim political refugee status and live in foreign countries.that is the reason some people are so freaked out and attacking Srilankan Embassies and temples all around the world.

If SLA is killing 1000s of people how come over 150000 people came to government area???
if SLA is shellig hospitals how come the war is not over yet? there is only 5 square KMs to save.if SLA is shelling No fire zone they would have finished this months ago
i need a simple answer for these questions

i am sinhalease but i live with tamils and muslims.we all had a bad past but this is the time to change our attitudes.all you people in foreign countries before you make comments about Srilanka's issuses think twise about your sources.I DARE YOU ALL WHO ARE CLAIMING SLA IS MURDERING, THAT YOU HAVENT COME TO THIS COUNTRY.

A Doctor From SL   May 14th, 2009 5:43 pm ET

GOSL and LTTE should stop shelling its own citizens.

GOSL is behind the Indian election, worried that, if Soniya's Govt get defeated there will be a sudden influence in SL issue. thus trying to masacre entire community in that region.

Barathy   May 14th, 2009 5:44 pm ET


Rasitta   May 14th, 2009 5:46 pm ET

Sri Lankan army has killed almost 10000 civilians since the begin of this operation. This is a genocide. All tamils, regardless of LTTE supporters or not, are very furious by this genocide. We will never forget this genocide. How can we live with singalees under this government? Even under UNP government, we will feel the same. I think that we cannot live under this government anymore. For both Sri Lanka and Tamils it is really best to live in a separate nation. So, I think Tamil Eelam is the only and final solution for this war. We will not rest until we create the Tamil Eelam.

I request every Tamil in this world to support us to create Tamil Eelam. It can take decades, but i am sure we will create it one day.

menan   May 14th, 2009 5:46 pm ET

The fact is, the international communuty are`t doing enough to stop GENOCIDE in sri lank. and they only makeing some unusefull statment about the war, they comments are based on sri lankan goverment reports, not a independent based report. they even not showing any intrest to find out about the real situation in vani. WHY NOT U.S ACT AS A PEACEMAKER. Bring a better life to TAMILS.

jey   May 14th, 2009 5:47 pm ET

tamils are LTTE. LTTEs freedam fighters.

Raj   May 14th, 2009 5:49 pm ET

Tamils are part of Sri Lankan history and they deserve the same RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITES as well as other citizens of Sri Lanka. Big question is, are they having the same RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITES? If not why? What would you do if you are deprived of your rights?

I do agree that violence is not a solution for any issue. Did Sri Lankan government do any thing to diffuse the situation, other than using force and making comments (by head of the nation during the riots) such as “I can make majority of Sinhalese happy, if I can starve the Tamils to death” (J.R. Jayawardene). If this is how a nation’s majority feels like, how do minority populations survive? Lankan government wants Tamils to live at the mercy of Sinhalese? Current fighting by Sri Lankan only proves that it can go to any extent such as wiping out Tamils from the island by massacring ordinary people in the pretext of LTTE. If that is not the case, why they are not letting any media to go there?

Nadhini   May 14th, 2009 5:51 pm ET

In fact innocent people are getting killed in the North of Sri Lanka in the name of this war between srilankan Government and the ltte. The Government is attacking regions announced safe zone. How can the Government of Srilanka justify this action. How can a safe zone be safe if it is unsafe? How can a state bomb his own people?

If Sri Lanka doesnt want to listen to other representative countries like France or London or USA, what does it mean? Why dont they allow local news agencies or international news agencies to publish whats happening? So do they have something to hide!!!

Even after many steps of protests in Tamilnadu Indian Goverment is useless in taking concrete steps to stop this killing. They didnt even askto stop the war . Atleast a foreign news agency had taken some steps to collect the opinion we appreciate the great job and we give our support .

The international community intervene in Sri Lanka should have been done long ago. The international should come at least now to intervene and stop such cruelty. Should a survey tell, if international community should intervene, to stop the cruelty? shouldn't these authorities help the miserable people to find their freedom? Or aren't they human enough? more than 50'000 people are death... There is no time to think, an action is needed! Where is Human Right! Every person owns to live in peace and in secure and not in threat to life or physical condition.

Why hesitation? Is it because you think you won’t gain anything in Sri Lanka? You will gain the smile of the innocent people and they'll be thankful! I say YES for the intervene of the international community in Sri Lanka.

Jeyanathan   May 14th, 2009 5:52 pm ET

What Lalith De Alwis says is an immagination, I know what happened to the 10 year old boy who trapped in the SLA landmines and the medical aid worker with no other alternatives take off the legs to save his life.
NO medicine
NO doctors
NO bed
NO operation theatre
This is not uncommon in among Tamils. They loose organs to live and see the TAMIL HOME LAND.

Seelan   May 14th, 2009 5:53 pm ET

LTTE all of the freedom-fighters (LASI & LAL) just dont give the comments that is real . lots of media people were killed in collombo and army controlled zone & the government should save the people but here is opposite view, government is responsible for people's death. y don't u ask media to check or u go and check whats happening over there. recently UK's Chennel 4 reporter's were deported .......WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marshata Viviovich   May 14th, 2009 5:57 pm ET

It is sad in the West – people, politicians & media – see this issue as an issue of LTTE. The Western Media writes, "The war will be end soon." What do you mean by this statement? Yeh! War with the LTTE may be over; but the root of the whole problem – the state terrorism of sri lanka- will continue to pound on minority Tamils worse than ever. We in the West will not care anymore as for us terrorism unleashed by soverign states is fully ok, and we can defend such terrorism in the name of guarding the integrity of the terrorist state. Look at UN and even look at the statements by President Obama and foreign ministers of European nations; "We agree with the use of power by the sri lankan government.' CNN and its sister media never bothered to report about the pathetic state of journalism and deths of journalists in sri lanka in the hands of sri lankan terrorist state. Are you waiting for Ms. Chritiane Amanpour to produce a wonderful documentary (or wonderfool mockumentary) on the genocides of Tamils in that island in five years? You never bothered and still do not. All what you care about is your ratings; the maximum you can do is going to Indian Capital and interview few people whose vested interests against Tamils in the island are not known to many Western journalist. Why can you not question the no independant journalist in Tamil regions by the sri lankan government? Spitting what the government gives will not be a good journalism nor defining terrorism in terms of post 9/11 fear and wear; the sri lankan state terrorists want to walk freely with their bloodstained hands of genocide of Tamils that has no less severe – if not worse than those in Darfur and Congo, claiming this is war against terrorism; it is simply NOT. It is a terrorist state winning its war using Chemical weapons, phosphorus tips, cluster bombings and indiscriminate shelling, and delibrate starvation, above all nazi style concentration camps of its claimed citizens masquarding "war against terrorism." No this same terrorist state wants $153 millions of our money for patroning the mess it has created; giving money to sri lanka in the name of helping IDPs is nothing but providing incentives to a father who molestered his own daughter. If anyone wants to help Tamil IDPs in the island, PLEASE PLEASE help by means of international aid agencies, NOT through the terrorist state of sri lanka. These same Tamils did not get their Tsunami help that they supposed to get, and the money was diverted to where all know.

Geofrey   May 14th, 2009 5:58 pm ET

This is not the time to point fingers at as who is at fault.My grave concern is about the civilians who are trapped in that small area.Time is running out on them.If the UN or NATO fail to intervine(I am talking hours),then we are going to see another Rwanda or Cosovo.

Sri   May 14th, 2009 5:59 pm ET

We are not "supporters of a terrorist organization' – But definitely supporters of Tamil Eelam. Tamil Tigers are the only organization fighting for this cause from start. There were others but, later sucked into the greed of power and money and let us all down. There is a common question from everyone other than Tamils and Sinhalese, why can’t you get along? Why can’t you live together? Just read the Blogs people, you can see the differences. Tamils cannot trust this Sinhalese government anymore. The whole world knows what is happening in that country. Unfortunately for the Tamils there is a cloud called Terrorism hanging over them. Innocent lives were taken and will be taken away until some world power realizes the difference.

Sheea   May 14th, 2009 6:00 pm ET

The LTTE is not fighting for the fun of it.
They are fighting to protect tamils. It would welcome the sri lankan government if the LTTE would lay down their weapons. As the Sri lankan army could wipe out the tamils even faster. If the LTTE is holding back the civilians, then its because its the best for the civilians. The civilians are facing torture, rape, disappearances and so on in these camps of the SLGo. Civilians are not getting any food, water or medicine and are just left to die. The children in these camps are even going so far that they are drinking their own urine. The international community has to go down to these camps and into the war zone to see for themselves, before everyone is exterminated in the war zone. Do you (IC) still want to watch and have an experiment with the tamils how far this can go? Actions by the IC are already overdue. So do something against SL now and do not trust the SL lies!!! The SL have been playing with you long enough!
Sri Lanka is the true TERRORIST!!!

Raj   May 14th, 2009 6:00 pm ET

I believe in having one-state Sri Lanka is the best. However, the minorities' right should be given to them. They are human and not lower-class community in their own soil. Why don't continue the fight against LTTE just as before. The government has been doing it carefully without harming many civilians but focusing only on LTTE. Now, there have been killing spree on innocent tamil civilians under the name of war against terror. The war on terror should only kill terrorists, not a pregnant mother, babies or elderly.

Janani   May 14th, 2009 6:01 pm ET

Just forget about LTTE. Thing about the thousands innocent civilians whose are killing everyday by Srilankan Government. This war must be stopped and they should immediately get food and medicine.

Tamils can not live under Sinhalese chauvinism. East and north are the home land of Tamils. Before the colonisation there were kingdom for Tamils. So this is a reversion of sovereignty. And this is suggested in international law. As per Newton third law there is an equal reaction for every action. Sinhalese chauvinism and the discrimination against Tamils created the eelam war. What is the best solution? Conduct a plebiscite under the UN supervision. Let those Tamil people to decide their independence. This is the true democratic way. There won’t be any problem there won’t be any blood shed. International communities should do this plebiscite.

There are the Sinhalese do not support this war. War is terrible. Because of these stupid Nationalism and Fundamentalism thousands of innocent civilians loosing their life. Love is Great. Humanity is more important than everything. Sinhalese society should understand this. With out any solution this war never come to an end.

maran   May 14th, 2009 6:01 pm ET

wait we will show no more LTTE or not anna will can do anything

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 6:01 pm ET

Only Solution is a Separate country, Tamileelam!!!

The leadership of the Tamil people before independence demanded a power sharing to protect the minorities and put forward proposals like 50/50. The 50/50 demand was that Sinhalese people would have 50% of the power and the rest of the minority groups combined will have 50% of the power (Tamil speaking people, Malay, Burgers, etc). If there was a move by the Sinhalese majority to enforce laws that favoured them the minorities would combine together to face it using the 50% power invested in them. But the British rejected it; they did not even think to make it a federation before they exited the island putting the minorities at the mercy of the majority.

Independence was granted, the Tamil leadership and the Tamil people continued to embrace the Ceylon identity even when the Sinhalese brought in laws that made the country into a Sinhalese nation. Malay, Burgers, and few Tamils saw the disastrous future and have begun to exit the island. Tamils in the plantation area were disfranchised leaving them stateless. Tamils people were subjected to rape, murder, colonization scheme organized by the government, etc. Even then the Tamil people could not even dream of an armed struggle and continued with the fruitless political struggle with a repressive majority who knew nothing but violence.

Tamil leader Samuel James Velupillai Chelvanayagam negotiated a pact on July 26th 1957 with then Sinhalese Prime Minister Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike. The pact did not ask for a separate state in any form and only asked for the regional council as well as the Tamil language to be treated as equal. Buddhist monks and extremist protested outside of the Prime Minister’s residence and demanded the agreement to be torn, which the Prime Minster gladly did as violence on Tamils and colonization of Tamil areas just continued without any question.

Since independence to 1976 the Tamil leaders were cheated by the Sinhalese leaders who would agree to pacts and tear them apart or never implement them. The Tamil leaders foolishly followed the Ghandian path of non-violence who was meet with police, Sinhalese thugs attacking them, beating them and humiliating them in front of the Tamil people specially the youth. Tamil political leaders could not stop the violence on the Tamil people, colonization of Tamil area and they couldn’t even get justice to the victims that had all the evidence required to get the culprits convicted. In 1976 they came together and created the Vadukoddai resolution (exercising the Tamil people’s right to self-determination) that put forward Tamil Eelam as the only way for the Tamil people to live with dignity and peace. The following year, an election gave the Vadukoddai resolution the legitimacy it required from the Tamil people who overwhelmingly endorsed a separate nation. The mandate given by the Tamil people were thrown in the Trash by the Sinhalese and unleashed even more violence including unprecedented colonization of the Tamil areas as never before.

As a Tamil I wished the earlier generation of Tamil leaders would have picked up the arms and showed the Sinhalese thugs/armed forces the exit door from Tamil Eelam rather than participating in a fruitless political drama with the Sinhalese which only dragged the Tamil people down. The only thing the Tamil political leaders have done well for the Tamil people is the Vadukoddai resolution and the mandate for a separate state in the election of 1977.

A Doctor From SL   May 14th, 2009 6:02 pm ET

all the people of Srilanka were living peacefully during MOU period In last three decades except the politicians. The both parties politicians were preparing for massive scale war, which has been executed now.

During MOU period, people from south were traveling to north and vanni people were traveling to South.

so why cant these politician stop this nonsense and live peacefully.

I recommend that Srilanka should be taken over by The British Government again and settle this issue as in 1948..

Indu   May 14th, 2009 6:03 pm ET

I like to tell the sinhalese friends, forget about tamils or LTTE
turn around and see what is happening to you all. The name of the war politicians are eating the wealth and not developing the area sinhalese living, Go to south part of Sri Lanka other than Colombo all the down south area , people live without basic facilities.

Stop blaming LTTE or tamils after couple of years you will come to know about Mahinda Rajapaka and the politicians . They will do nothing for Sihalese either .
For Tamils always support from the Governments are denied , they always work hard and come up.

suja   May 14th, 2009 6:07 pm ET

Thank you, to The I-Desk Team for opening this topic for discussion. Please SAVE the innocent Tamil people.

Manicks   May 14th, 2009 6:08 pm ET

Sri Lanka is carrying out genocide by targeting innocent people including elderly and children behind closed curtains in the name of "fighting against terrorism". The world need to realise the successive governments have been doing this for more than 50 years and state terrorism is the main cause of problem is Sri Lanka. Only the international intervention can stop this. The media need to bring the truth out...The international community should act immediately to stop this.

Krish   May 14th, 2009 6:09 pm ET

Hallo everyone
Please let us go, let us free we kan´t live with the Singalis as one Srilankan there not a huemans. LET US GO, LET FREE TAMILEELAM

Prasath   May 14th, 2009 6:10 pm ET

tamil civilians' life is most important right now!! IC pls send independent observers into the "no-fire" zone and the barbed-wire camps.

SLA stopp killing your own ppl, how can you claim that you represent tamils?? As sb. else already said is is not possible for a tamil to become president of Sri Lanka.Thus Tamils are not represented.

Think of USA. Blacks are a minority. How come Barack Obama became president?? This is a real democracy representing the ppl.


AR   May 14th, 2009 6:10 pm ET

A few days ago, someone asked me what nationality I was. I replied in an instant, " I'm Tamil." , without realising that Tamil Eelam is not yet a nation that I can belong to. Although, I am a British National, in my heart I consider myself to be a Tamil. I can never become English, my skin will always be brown. I want my homeland to be liberated. I want a place to call my own, my country. The LTTE are not terrrorists, they are our freedom fighters, our sole representatives in that hellhole Sri Lanka.

The two-state solution is the only solution. The international community must understand this. We NEED your help. Thousands of people are dying everyday. Those that survive are leading horrendous lives; women ruthlessly raped, children kidnapped and killed.

The world is a selfish place but I believe that within every human being there is a glimmer of selflessness. PLEASE, PLEASE help us.

Krish   May 14th, 2009 6:10 pm ET

Hallo everyone
Please let us go, let us free we kan´t live with the Singalis as one Srilankan there not a huemans. LET US GO, LET FREE TAMILEELAM

Joseph   May 14th, 2009 6:13 pm ET

– The truth will come out only if the Sri Lankan govt let international media to go into the war zone and report (recently they deported a british channel 4 team)
– The Sri Lankan govt says that the people comming out from the LTTE area telling that LTTE is forcefully holding them against their wish – this is only one side story because if the people talk against govt they will be killed. They dont speak freely, the soldiers are watching.
– The Sri Lankan military seperating kids, youths, olds, males and females separately in camps. Easy to kill. Now news comming from Sri Lanka is they take ORGANs and then kill the people

Tamilian   May 14th, 2009 6:16 pm ET

This is the very good opportunity to western countries to show that these are the countries respects human life and human rights in this world. Tamils, we, belive that american people are the only people in the world respect human life and freedom of human rights as you brought democracy in IRAQ and Afcanistan. you are still sacrifice your life and resources for the peaceful life of human all over the world.

you are directly fighting for terrorism and indirectly fighting for state terrorisom. In Sri lanka, even if wester countries consider LTTE as terrorist but most of the tamil minority did not consider as terrorists. Any way, in the view of western countries, there are two terrorisom, one is LTTE and other one is Sri Lankan government state terrorism.
This is a very good opportunity to America and western countries to destroy these two terrorism. Now, LTTE is powerless but sri lanka government is high level of terrorisom. Then, if the America, western countries and United Nation act immediately and help tamil minority to get sepearate country. then, both terrorisom will be eliminated with least cost. United Nations give this peaceful separate country in the hand of moderated tamil political party. or to select tamil their own government. Because LTTE is powerless they can not come to power or western countries can prevent to come power . So, This is the good time to America, wester countries and united nations to eliminate state terrorisom and LTTE terrorisom.

This is the very opportunity to show the people all over the world that China, Russia and Iran that supports state terrorisom in Sri Lanka and prevent this tamil slaughtering issues in the United Security Council. These are the countries that do not respect human life and human rights in the world and support state terrorisom and other terrorisom. This is the good opportunity to corner these countries from the heart of all humans in the world who does not accept slaugtering humans by state terrorisom. America and western countries care human lifes in the world. Please cat immediately right now to eliminate state terrorism by creating new tamil nation as it was before several hundered years ago.


Roshan Tilakaratne   May 14th, 2009 6:16 pm ET

Yes, LTTE. They are the sole representative of Tamils.

LATHAN   May 14th, 2009 6:17 pm ET

I could read lot of people coments saying....

"sub May 14th, 2009 1616 GMT

Other countries should not forcibly interfere in to internal problems, in Sri lanka or in any other country."

then they shouldnt ask other country to help them financially and if it's internal problem.... Then its not war on terror. This is civil war.

I belive time for all the country to lift ban on Tamil representive L.T.T.E

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 6:17 pm ET

The Sinhala Nation is not for any political solution!

Enough is enough. It is about time that the carnage and destruction taking place in the island, now called Sri Lanka, is stopped. All Sinhala majority governments that have carried out genocidal attacks against the Tamils say that they are going to 'liberate' the Tamil people from the Liberation fighters, as if any Tamil had requested them to do so, other than a few bootlickers who are doing so for personal benefit.

Tamils first tried non-violent Satyagraha and parliamentary methods to redress their grievances, to no avail. Repeated pogroms against Tamils were part of life, and lasted till the genocidal attacks of 1983, after which the war started. It should be noted that ever since liberation fighters started fighting, the pogroms, as such, have stopped.
Whenever a new Sinhala majority government has come to power (which was all the time), it promised to solve the issue, but never got down to it. Some times, they point to the constitutions, saying that they do not permit action. Constitutions, which are man-made, can be amended. It is a well known fact that Tamils did not participate in the drafting or approval of either of the two new constitutions implemented after independence. Protections provided in the original constitution for minorities were omitted in the latter ones. The 13th and 17th amendments to the constitution have not yet been implemented in full.

Communalism has gone very deep, and – left to themselves – Sinhalese and Tamils will never, ever, find a solution. If Sinhala nation is sincere about resolving politically it would have done long time ago!

If separation is good in between Czech and Slovaks ; East Timorians and Indonesia; Kosovo from Yougoslavia, then it is good for Tamileelam and Sri Lanka as well.

maran   May 14th, 2009 6:18 pm ET

sri lankan goverment stop killing of tamil people

simon   May 14th, 2009 6:20 pm ET

If the only reason why the Sri Lankan government is fighting the Tamil separatists is to unite the country, it should declare cease immediately for it has won the war. If on the other hand the hidden agenda is to annihilate the Sinhala and the Tamil people, the blood bath should continue.

The leadership of Sri Lanka (both politicians and the army) must bear in mind that the Tamil separatists started the war is no excuse for crime against humanity.

Tamilan   May 14th, 2009 6:20 pm ET

The Sri Lanka must allow UN in to the war zone to provide food and medicine to the people who choose to live in their land. world should not allow the govt to uproot Tamils from their native land.UN must take necessary step to safeguard those people, who has been adopted by the Sri lankan army. As you know all, how many Tamils are missing ???? in govt controlled areas. last year alone more than 2,000.This year govt and paramilitary killed more than 10000 and 20,000 injured. is it not enough why world not doing anything to stop this genocidal war against the Tamils.I think Tami's can't live with Sinhalese any more.enough is enough.As US and European are the most respect the value of human right, they must intervene this problem and solve it .World was seen one holocaust. Now is seeing another one what we have done so far nothing????

subu   May 14th, 2009 6:20 pm ET

No more bloodbath. Stop the war from both side, find a political solution by giving equal rights to TAMILS. No more political drama or blame game.

Bavani   May 14th, 2009 6:24 pm ET


sajee   May 14th, 2009 6:26 pm ET

Why International community don't understand this is Genocide againt Tamils. Srilanka army using chemical weapons in War Zone which is banned by all over the world. What more evidence international community need to know? plus remember NO independent media in War Zone at all. People in Vanni is not held by LTTE. They wanted to stay in Vanni rather then getting killed by Srilankan army .Remember it's their HOMELAND and LTTE is their FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

Sheea   May 14th, 2009 6:27 pm ET

@Lalith de Alwis

It is horrible and it is bestiality.
And it was the SL Army who chopped the boys legs off. The Army just clothes like the LTTE and carries out these inhuman actions. What you saw is false propaganda from the SL government. And this is why the tamils want to stay with the LTTE and are feared of the SL army.
The LTTE is trying to protect the tamil civilians and are not beasts like described by the SL government and army! If the captured civilians give statements like the LTTE is killing the civilians then it is because they are threatened by the army to do so, otherwise they will killed.

Nathan   May 14th, 2009 6:29 pm ET

It has to be realized by everyone that innocent civilians from infants to elderly are the ones who suffer. statements wouldnot do any good to alleviate their suffering. the poweres have to do better to bring jsutice to the tamils

praba   May 14th, 2009 6:29 pm ET

thanks a lot for doing this great job,the world should take action against this genocide before it is too late,already more than 10000 deaths within 3 months.

Gajen   May 14th, 2009 6:29 pm ET

Who is LTTE?
Why do they fight? or Who forced them to fight against the shinhala majority government?

If you search the answer for these questions, You will findout the better picture of this poor people's fredom fight.

love my country!!!!   May 14th, 2009 6:32 pm ET

Why won't the international community intervene more?
Why don't people in my own country realise that this war is costing the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters?
I am against war at all costs. Terrorism must be defeated but the war is not the only answer. The war may get rid of the LTTE and that is a good thing because terrorism must not be tolerated. But what people fail to see is that war has its many after effects.
War has many after effects which are very dangerous to a developing country like Sri Lanka. I think the war is too big a price for my country to pay for defeating terrorism which can be defeated by careful, diplomatic talks. How is my country going to pay back all the loans? how will my country progress forward?
I kindly urge all those who suppport the war and think that the war is the best solution, not to think shallow but to think deeply about how much the war already has destroyed. Do we want any more destruction for our Mother Lanka?
I love my country and I love my people and I hate the war.
I am not a budhist but I know quite a bit about budhism, and I really dont understand why a budhist country cannot practice what Gauthama Budhdha has preached!
International community, please intervene before more and more people are killed. Please dont decide not to because you wont gain anything politically, but intervene because we are all fellow humans. Please show that you stil are human.
And all people in Sri Lanka who oppose the war , please speak out, because keeping silent is as good as supporting the death of poor, innocent soildiers and civillians alike.
God bless Sri Lanka

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 6:32 pm ET

Genocide RED alert
In early March, 38 members of the U.S. Congress sent a joint letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighting the fact that Sri Lanka is one of eight “Red Alert” countries experiencing ongoing or imminent genocide, referencing a ranking produced by the New York-based Genocide Prevention Project. Human Rights Watch had reported that, from early January to the end of February alone, over 2,000 Tamil civilians had been killed and over 7,000 injured. More recently, government forces continue to kill or maim an average of 100 civilians a day.

US has added Sri Lanka to GENOCIDE watch list! It is GENOCIDE!

The Office of War Crimes Issues of the U.S. State Department has added Sri Lanka under its watch list of Genocide.

Siva   May 14th, 2009 6:35 pm ET

Tks to Idesk team,
I find lot of comentators commented against the plight of the tamils and the background of the problems. I agree with Jayawardana's comments. I beleive he is one of the intelectuals who fully understand the root cause of the problrm. We need people like Jayawardana in the singahala majority people.

1) Root cause; Singhala majority Government denied the rights of the minority tamils
2) All democratic ways adopted by moderate tamil leaders was either crushed by singhalaease government by using force.
3) In 1977 The famous moderate leader S.J.V Selvanayagam known as Eelaththu Gandhi declared the only option left to tamils is to asking seperation from Srilanka and got the aproval from majority tamils in that year election.
There are so many agreements made with then respective governments and all are unilaterily dishonoured by then governments.
4) The youths felt and frustated to take arms because all other methods faied.
5) youths are not terrorist but named as terrorist by interested countryies for their own geo and economical benefit.
6) The Flag: The tiger emblam flag is belongs to tamils nation because this flag derived from a Tamil King Pandiyan who rueld the northern and eastern srilanka. His flag is a tiger flag.
Whoever write pls 1st study the history of tamils and why youth tooks arms.
6)Why do you all want the people of the vanni to leave their soil . Why cant Un sponsored camps be setup and care them.
The last Question; Do the Srilankan Governmnet ready to accept that eastern and nothern part of srilanka is the home land of tamils and come for a political soluthion that is same as canadian federal system. Do not kill tamils.stop evict the tamils from their home land and colonosing the majority singhalease. 1st introduce the federal system like in canada. If you introduce there will be no reasons to fight.

John   May 14th, 2009 6:35 pm ET

I was a humanitarian worker in the north and east. I can tell you this genocide started way before the tigers were around. There are so many dead Tamils, 6500 ( thats 3 times as many as in Gaza)! If Sri Lanka doesn't have anything to hide, why not let independent observers in?!

prem   May 14th, 2009 6:36 pm ET

tamileilam vere soon

Priya   May 14th, 2009 6:37 pm ET

I think US should mind their own business. Interfearing in SL business is like trying to solve next door neighbors problem when you your house is on fire,Lol. Living in US we know how people suffer without jobs, food and living and still fighting and sending troupes to Afgan and Iraq. How can US preach something and do something different?
Leave Sri Lanka alone. We are a 3rd world country with full of brave people. So let us solve our problems.
As a Sri Lankan i am proud of our president's courage to deny all good for nothing ideas from rich countries. LTTE terroist are putting pressure on other countries when they are loosing . Terrorisom should wipe off from the whole world. Then people can live peacefully. I don't know how US forgets 911.
LTTE cannot be comfort by hugs and lullabyes they need the only language they understand to comfort them and Mahinda and our forces know the language well.

Pasindu   May 14th, 2009 6:37 pm ET

IF Prabhakaran is areal Leader Thamil Peoples Will never leave him alone>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

but today THOUSANDS of Thamil Peoples coming to the Goverment Control Areas Why did they do this???????????????

Because they Prove that to the World Prabhakaran is not areal leader. he is only a murder.

Thamil Peoples hate him because he kidnapped their Children for his terrorist now they are very happy because now they have rescued from that killer by our Forces..

Sinhala people don't want to insult to thamils' because we live together happily in past Prabhakaran is the person who going to break that our relationship.

So thats Why Sinhalees going to help them when they came here. dont you see that????????????

Their was a New Hopes To All Sri Lankans.

Thiru   May 14th, 2009 6:39 pm ET

Lets not have a ceasefire because....

We are only 158th on the list of worst media rights offender...we still have seven more to work lets not let Human Right prevail yet.

We have been listed in the top 8 of the genocide watch list but we are not yet the first ....we need more time to get lets not have a ceasefire yet.

We have chased out 1.5 million Tamils out of Sri Lanka but there is another 2 ceasefire yet.

We have only killed 100,000 Tamils....we still have work to no ceasefire yet.

We have made only 40,000 Tamil women widows...we need more time to finish the ones no ceasefire yet.

We have empty cells in our police stations and Tamils are still roaming the streets of no ceasefire yet.

We haven't put enough people in concentration camps yet.

We have vans still looking for people to disappear.

Our guns still have bullets and we need more tamils to finish it off.

We haven't killed enough Tamils yet. And therefore no ceasefire yet.

We have rid ourselves of Lasantha, Sivaram, and host of other thorns but we still have more to finish so lets not have peace yet..

We have gotten rid of five Tamil MPs but we still have 22 lets not have a ceasefire.

We have managed to kill only 65 humanitarian workers in the last few years...and you and I know there are more of those where they come from...!

So lets not have ceasefire.

We still have poor sons and daughters of the south with no jobs....

We still have to eat our living by selling our sons to paedophiles...

We still have to send our women to middle east to wash and clean to put food on our tables...

And we need our people to not know all this...for that we need to have the war lets not have ceasefire.

We have signed off an Hambantota, Mannar, Trinco and KKS but we still have no ceasefire yet,

We have begged for money from all countries but we haven't approached Somalia yet,

Our country has one week of reserve money lets not have a ceasefire yet,

Lets not have a ceasefire until every single Tamil is wiped off the face of Sri Lanka...

Lets not have a ceasefire until we have bankrupted our country...

Lets not have a ceasefire until every one in the world knows who we are for what we have done.

Let us continue with the slaughter...

Let us continue with the genocide...

Let us continue to make this world a living hell!

Because we are chosen sons and daughters of Buddha.

Let us continue...

Let us make our Gotabaya's words a reality...

"Let our soldiers feast on Tamil women while the Tamil men's blood drip into the ocean and make it red".

Let us make war...Let us kill more Tamils...Let us rid the world of another race...

So please make the call to the Whitehouse and let them know that our guns won't be silenced until the last tamil falls.

Afterall we are the followers of Buddha dhamma.

Thank you,

Moda puththa

Ragu   May 14th, 2009 6:42 pm ET

No more Sinhalese. We Tamils want to live alone minding our own business. Why can’t these Sinhalese get out of Tamils lands and let the Tamils do what they want to? I think these Sinhalese who complaint about the Americans should know most of their Sinhalese leaders are Americans citizen.

uthayan   May 14th, 2009 6:44 pm ET

Sri lankan Government and army are killing innocent children, pregnants, people living in the war zone. they use heavy weapons on people.
they are denying to permit required medicine even food to that area.

fleeing from the area is almost the peoples decision. nobody can urge them to escape their native area. they may not hav the way to survive if they do so. who is going to look after them.? people already came out from the area have no foods, propper medicine , water, shelter, and basic needs.

The government report was only 70000 peoples living there, but after that they announced 120, 000 peoples managed to escape that area.

the detention camps are considered open jail, people cannot go out from that, no independent medias or NGO not allowed inside the detention camps and war area. because this camps are used by government to sexual abuse, killing, torture, and etc.

because of these habitual things happening in detention camps the rest of the people living in the war zone( 160 000) r very feared to come out.

if the government is doing the right thing why they dont allow independent medias or UN for that detention camps and the war zone.
more than 10000 peoples killed within 90 days more than 20000 peoples severly injured by the attacks of sri lankan army. SL army use poisious gas, cluster bombs, phosporous bombs, even they are internationally banned , on the innocent people.

so i kindly request the world community and UN to stop the war immediately and save all the peoples living there. and provide the foods and medicines tio those people.

india, keep out your forces from our area.

Suranjith Peiris   May 14th, 2009 6:46 pm ET

The main question is this:

Answer the second question and the answer to the first will be obvious. Let us not argue about this issue.

Jenova Reginold   May 14th, 2009 6:47 pm ET

For all those people who are saying that the LTTE are holding innocent civilians hostage HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT IS TRUE?
If there is no media coverage of independent reporters in the region how do we know what is actually happening in the so-called "safe zone" .
This is one of the 3 main things the Tamil community in Canada is requesting. Allow UN aid workers and the International media to cover incidents in the region on Vanni so that people can know the truth.
If there is nothing to hide why is the SL government not allowing the media to enter? Clearly because they have a lot to hide, not to mention the organ trade that is going on in the region as well.
They are cutting out organs of DEAD bodies. That alone is feverishly disgusting!
MAYBE the LTTE uses civilians as human shields MAYBE the LTTE uses child soldiers and suicide bombers but that's so much better then starting up an organ trade business from DEAD innocent civilians!

Jegan   May 14th, 2009 6:47 pm ET

International community has not done enough to stop this evil Srilankan Genocidal Government. Statements are not enough. Sanctions and firm actions against Rajapakshe regime will only stop this genocidal war.

Vijay   May 14th, 2009 6:47 pm ET

Thank you for taking an interest on the sad & horrendous bloodbath taking place in Sri Lanka where the innocent Tamil women,children & elderly are being killed & maimed in their thousands.Thank you for bringing it to the attention of the world,as it has been waged without witnesses so far.Please help to stop this atrocity immediately.

siva   May 14th, 2009 6:48 pm ET


ampanai   May 14th, 2009 6:49 pm ET

A genocide of Tamils has not received the same attention that genocide in Europe or genocide in Turkey or genocide in other part of the world. There is still this kind of basic discrimination against the Tamil people and their problems.

Sri Lankan state officials openly reiterates to media that Tamil civilian hospitals are legitimate targets. Sri Lanka uses cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs (for photo evidence see links below) and chemical weapons on Tamil civilians and on the hospitals in which Tamil civilians are treated. Now the Sri Lankan terror state's purpose of not allowing journalists into war zone is solved. Whole world is very merrily watching my people being killed by the Sri Lankan government in 1000's.

"while the killing continues, while tens of thousands of people are being barricaded into concentration camps, while more than 200,000 face starvation, and a genocide waits to happen, there is dead silence from this great country [India]. It’s a colossal humanitarian tragedy. The world must step in. Now. Before it’s too late." .Arundhati Roy, writer and activisit, in an article appearing in Times of India.

Johnson   May 14th, 2009 6:51 pm ET

UN should intervene in this 3 decade old problem with 2 communities in Srilanka with it power, i hope, still UN has power to do justice to the oppressed and faciliate freedom to crushed in civil rights and can do what is best for Tamil people who are massacred by Srilankan Army in the name of LTTE. Otherwise, Srilanka should allow all the international visitors into NFZ.
Every country when it got independence many has followed peaceful protest and some followed war. I too support peaceful protest is the only solution. But Great man Nethaji Subas Chandra bose formed an army to kill British officers who ruled India and they were praised everytime for their courage in India. LTTE killed their opponents in this freedom struggle. The greatest blunder done by LTTE was PM Rajiv's assasination, which gave the name of terrorist organisation in India and hence just sight seeing with empty promises to Tamil community in India. Though I am not supporting LTTE action of killing the leaders, history goes with this for every freedom fight.

Amal raj   May 14th, 2009 6:54 pm ET

The Sri lankan government has killed a lots of tamil people. this government is a terrorist Government. LTTE fights for freedom of tamil people not for terrorism. They are not against to any other country. The Srilankan army kills innocent people and put the innocent people into the jail for a long time. Army commanders kill the tamil boys and sell the body parts to earn money. If there is not LTTE then there is not Tamil in Sri Lanka . So the international countries must help tamils from genocide

vignes   May 14th, 2009 6:56 pm ET

the un security council sould involve immediately to save lives in srilanka

Mathinilaa   May 14th, 2009 6:58 pm ET

Stop the war and make the judgment to divide Tamil eelam from Sri lanka , no more joined living in that country. Everything should done by the presence of International commity. And punish the Raja paudse brothers and Defence leader Sarath by the people of the whole world.

Canadian   May 14th, 2009 7:00 pm ET

Friends, No one know what is really going on in North Sri lanka. It might be true that LTTE is the one doing the killing, and it might be true that the Srilankan army/government might be doing the killing. The only way to be sure of that is if the government let western independent media in.

But It doesn't matter. We all know for sure that everyday innocent lives are dying. NO one is denying that. It doesn't matter if it is 300 or 3000. Life is a life.

But I am more concerned about what is happening to them before they die. I heard that woman and underage girls are being raped and humiliated. Young children are disappearing. Bodies of young boys disappeared in the "rescue camps" are found in the morgue with their internal body parts (kidney, liver...) missing. These stories might not be true. But WHAT IF THEY ARE????

NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HAS THE RIGHTS TO SAY MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, when innocent lives are dying in horrible ways!!!

Sudho   May 14th, 2009 7:02 pm ET

All Sri Lanka needs to do is let in independent reporters. Their excuse is that the war zone is not safe. Then let them at least, in to the welfare camps.

It is obvious the government is complicit in murdering Tamils from the above fact. It is likely the Tigers are as well, though again there is no independent reporting to verify because of the government barriers.

So as an international community why are there tax relief from the EU for Sri Lanka's exports? It is obviously not needed if the country can fund a war.

Amal raj   May 14th, 2009 7:02 pm ET

We thank for CNN to give us good oppotunity to say our problem to the world.
We kindly request all the countries to make necessary action to stop Tamil genocides and supply food and medicine to our people who are in vanny.. Please do not ignore this issue as it is a very serious matter, where as we have lost faith on the Sri Lankan Government due to the reasons that they do not respect or obey our public opinions as we wish to stop the war immediately, as I would also like to say the Sri Lankan Government does not take attention to what other Governments have required them to do so. And we request to acknowledge Tamils freedom.

We are fighting for our mother land. We had our own kingdom in the Island for many centuries. The remaining of our ruined kingdoms is still known to be in Mullaitheevu and Jaffna. LTTE is our guards. We ask for our rights and freedom only. Sri Lanka was not one country in the earlier history. There were Tamils Kingdom and also the Sinhalese Kingdom. But the British rulers jointed it as one country for easier ruling. The Sinhala Government has already killed many Tamils in the racial violence. Lastly Sinhalese killed innocent Tamils in 1983 that’s when the LTTE was formed to save our people. They are not against for any other countries they are fighting to save our peoples’ precious life and freedom rights; But Many countries have banned the LTTE.

We kindly request all the countries to lift the ban of LTTE as we do not wish us to be tagged as terrorist. could you please try and take legal action towards this issue. LTTE does not kill innocent people, But the government intelligence has played many tricks to show LTTE as terrorist to the world killing the innocent people by keeping bombs in public places and accuses the LTTE and blames all on us where as on the other hand we know its them who has been doing all this tragedy.

Our LTTE leader has ordered to the cadres not to kill innocent Sinhalese people as well. They have aircrafts also. They have already attacked 9 army targets using aircrafts; they also have extremely dangerous artilleries. If they had decided to kill innocent Sinhalese they could have killed many, but they didn’t do so, and they do not wish to. From this fact it has been proven that the LTTE does not kill innocent people. We kindly require you not to believe in the false propagandas of Sinhala government. The Government kills the innocent people using extremely dangerous and harmful weapons such as multi barrel rockets, cluster bombs, aero plane bombing and chemical weapons, which has been banned by many countries, also many more other unknown weapons have been used, due to this it has been shown/reported that the innocent people have been attacked more than the LTTE,

The government is asking the people to come out of the safety zone which has been announced by the Government. When they come out of the safety zone, the army makes the people naked to check them then; they are confined in the camps. In the refugee’s camp it has been reported that they kidnap the young boys and girls, they kill the boys after torturing them and kill the girls after sexually abusing them, it is proven that our people have been treated in cruelty. There is also not enough food and proper maintenance. The government has intended to keep the people for five years denying permission to return home. So please help us to overcome from these problems and let our people get freedom.

Please do not ask the LTTE to lay their arms down because they are the guards of our people. If they hadn’t saved our people, Tamils would have already been exterminated from Sri Lanka. We have already sacrificed many lives for our freedom.

Eelaval   May 14th, 2009 7:02 pm ET

I just would like to Thank you for covering our issues and apologizes for the inconvenience for public. We are Tamil Canadians and we thank all Canadians who support. Every single day we hear that 1000s and 1000s being killed so what we could do? We need ceasefire to save our people. Behalf of Tamil Community, I would like to thank CNN to cover our issues and please try to cover more about what is the real situation in Sri Lanka. If Sri Lankan govt. is not doing genocide why they can't allow media people there? They are lieing to all world........Please all interentation communtily and UNO help us to save Tamils from SL govt.

Thank you.

Geofrey   May 14th, 2009 7:03 pm ET

If the hands of the government is clean then they should let the media in.It's not healthy for sri lanka to ignore President obama's call for truce.

rajan   May 14th, 2009 7:03 pm ET

The LTTE SHOULD NOT BE REFERRED TO AS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. They have been fighting for our human rights and without them, the srilankan government would have wiped out the entire tamil population in srilanka 60 years ago.

Sudho   May 14th, 2009 7:03 pm ET

Lasi, killing journalists and allowing white vans to abduct people is not fighting terror. Keep the government in check, next it will be your family. They don't care about Sinhalese either

StephanieR   May 14th, 2009 7:04 pm ET

RIght now who cares which side has committed more faults?!

A permanent ceasefire should be announced to STOP the bloodbath ASAP.

I will say however if the civilians caught in the crossfire were singhalese (which it wouldn't be because the war is happening in tamil dominated areas) there would be a totally different situation and the government would not be so wreckless.

Sugani S   May 14th, 2009 7:04 pm ET

Read this link

Emmanuel Victor   May 14th, 2009 7:05 pm ET

Let the media in, aid works in and then decide about SriLankan government. If SL government cannot allow the international communit in to the war zone, we feels that SL government is some thing wrong. The UN satelites pictures show that SL government is using prohibited war weapons in the war, and killing innocent tamils. We strongly condemn any government killing innocent people in the name of terrorism. It is state terrorism by SL government. How Children and elders dead by the SL government. Some body has to pay for this crime one day. We are, as a neutral out sider, could not sleep watching all those children dead bodies.

Do not blame LTTE, as a government SL government have to protect all individual, but SL government is committing state terrorism and trying to wipe out an entire ethnic group.

kathy   May 14th, 2009 7:08 pm ET

God save our Tamil people. Please Obama help our peopl for God sake.

eayavab   May 14th, 2009 7:08 pm ET

'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'- Mahatma Gandhi.

The terrorism must me extinguished at any cost. But that comes about in fundamental changes in the structure of the country. I'm a Sri Lankan tamil of indian orgin. I havent been to the north at all and i dont know what it looks like.The north is a war affected, under developed part of the country. They dont have electricity or any other basic needs available to them readily..As sri lankans, we are well aware that there are marks quota that need to be satisfied to enter university in SL. The students up north have to get the same amount of marks as the students in colombo and less than people from the south or any other part of the country?? hows that fair?? Killing lives are't the answer, i totally agree. but what have the government done to listen to the people up north? Do you blame them for resorting to terrorism? The blame lies in the government that runs the country. surely!!
The government is tackling terrorism by taking up terrorism is not the solution. What guarantee can the government give for the tamils around the country that they wont wipe the tamil community? All the events happening in SL are an indication of a separation of race in the country... Anyone forgot the VERY SMALL EVENT that failed called 'ETHNIC CLEANSING' .. Tamils in Colombo were transported to the north whilst the government waged war.. Ex LTTE commanders are big allies of the government.. Karuna for instance.. There is also a 'WHITE VAN' group that actually kidnaps the tamil entrepreneurs in colombo for ransoms but are rarely or if not hardly spared!

The international community have to devise a plan for the goverment who seem utterly incapable of handling a fight against terrorists. The people of sri lanka must first stop seeing all tamils as terrorists and give them a chance to experience life like a human should. Secondly its nobody's country to own! nobody was born with a country and nobody is taking the country with them when they die...! So make the country a better place for people to live. No developed country has racial discrimination when it builds a country.. (only when the people get sucked into the addiction called 'POWER'). There should be no room for a sinhalese or a tamil in the country. There shuld be room only for sri lankans.

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 7:09 pm ET

Who are defending the Tamils?
LTTE took arms to defend the Tamils when every effort taken by the Tamils to fight for their rights through democratic means had failed to bring results. Democracy never worked in Sri Lanka because the majority are the Sinhalese and they always support the regimes that oppress the Tamils.

Terrorism is the theme of this century; but does it mean national liberation or humanitarian laws should be discarded to the dustbins?
All freedom struggles in past history were dubbed as terrorism by respective countries. Taliban is for imposing a particular religion on all, and by that yardstick even Sinhalese Government can be named as Sinhalaban, since they want their religion, culture and language thrust on Eelam Tamils.

America views whole world with terrorism yardstick. They are so obsessed with terrorism, naturally because of Taliban attacks. America fails to differentiate between freedom movements and terrorist organizations.

Tamil   May 14th, 2009 7:10 pm ET

Tamils were forced to be realized very clear that they can not live with sinhalese under united Sri Lanka by recent genocidal activity by the Sri Lankan government with the mass support from sinhala population. This is the time for the international comunity to listen what the voiceless tamil want. The tamils clearly said several time that the need a separate state in thier land where they born and bred.

How can sinhalese say that tamil has no problem in Sri Lanka? Any thing about tamils should be said by tamils. Every sinhalese talks about terrorism and ltte. LTTE is the cosequences of the long lasting descrimination on tamils and they came to the scenario in 80s but the problem started in 1949. Kindly request sinhalese not to fool your selves and others by saying terrorism, ltte, this and that.

Kottiya   May 14th, 2009 7:11 pm ET



Antoinette   May 14th, 2009 7:13 pm ET

Why Tamils wants the international community to interfear in Sri Lanka is to get Justice. The years of protests, fightings and peace procedings brought only the lose of more than 70,000 tamil innocent lives. Therefore it's the time for the international community to interfear bring political solution.
If the Sri Lankan government has no blood in their hands, why it stops the international media inside the war zone?
UN has the responsibility to save the tamil people who are in the war zone, in refugee camps and in the hospitals. There is no one to tell the story of what's going on in between the army check points on the way to the camps.
The UN has to act immedietly to stop disaster. Just delivering reports and talkings without any action seems silenly encouraging the blood path. There is no point of delays now and later appologises as the history shows..

Mathu   May 14th, 2009 7:18 pm ET

YES…International community must intervene srilankan issue.
its already getting late.
i am still Wondering why UN and it’s ORGANIZATIONS left the war zone.
why they have not questioned back SL Government on this issue.
so, Please come out and save tamil inocent.

eayavab   May 14th, 2009 7:19 pm ET

Suranjith Peiris : Are u retarded mate ? Ofcourse the fight is against terrorism and not the muslims. Do you not associate with friends whom are muslim ? If not that's sad and is an indication of the mentality of the majority of the sri lankan people. The fight is against the ethnic group called tamil then isnt it ?? ? It was delayed for about 20 years and now its inevitable. Isnt it not the fault of the Sri lankan majority of creating a terrorist group ? Do you still not see the wide picture as to why the terrorist group still has support ???

Revathi   May 14th, 2009 7:20 pm ET

Pls help dat helpless community in sri lanka...they r humans some mercy.....stop fighting....n try to figure out a solution.....dey need help......!!

Jana   May 14th, 2009 7:20 pm ET

Tamils issue in Srilanka is falsely reported by Srilankan Army ( only report coming from Srilanka) as the war on Terror.

Its a complete distortion of the truth in the post 9/11 world to use the terrorism cover for ethnic cleansing.

International community has to understand that whats happening in Srilanka is an outright ethnic cleansing of the oppressed by the oppressor for the last 40 years.

Tamils there need to have right to self determination and this kind of flawed constitution of country favoring majority sinhalese needs to be rejected by the International community.

Freedom is the first and foremost thing to be there for a human being and the Tamils in Srilanka deserves that after the bloody oppression for so many years.

World save humanity, save Tamils!

ampanai   May 14th, 2009 7:22 pm ET

The tag of Tamil Tigers
The tag of terrorist organization is like crucifying a freedom movement. Nelson Mandela was termed as terrorist, and almost all freedom fighters including India’s Nethaji were branded as terrorist at one point of time, till world revised its view to endorse their struggle. It is a global phenomenon, but to brand the freedom fighters of Tamil Eelam is a grave mistake since they are fighting to protect their kinsmen from genocide.

LTTE represents the real anger of the Tamil people against discrimination, humiliation and oppression by Sinhala chauvinism.
LTTE represents real frustration of Tamils who earlier demanded equal rights through democratic means and resulted in empty promises and broken truces.
LTTE represents hopes as it resists genocide of Tamils in the hands of Sri Lanka.
Finally, the LTTE cannot be blamed for not surrendering to the Sinhala army of the chauvinist regime.

Logen   May 14th, 2009 7:23 pm ET

International Community (IC) should involve to solving this conflict. Since innocent Tamil Civilians in the hands of the barbarian government of Sri Lanka.
Daily life for Tamil Nation;
Young Tamil men and women are regularly taken in mysterious white vans, tortured, raped and sometime killed, while they are in custody of Sri Lankan Armed forces. Tamils are forced out of their homes and lands and made to live in open fields and in barbed wired camps. Food and medicine are regularly denied to Tamils and they are a let to die of starvation and diseases.
Those who live in the open fields are bombed and killed daily in hundreds. So called Sri Lankan safe zone for Tamils has become the killing fields of Sri Lanka. The country that was called as a paradise on earth has become a real hell. Demons of destruction are dancing in the lakes of blood. Rockets, shells, cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs and other dangerous weapons are used by the Sri Lankan forces to kill innocent Tamil civilians .In order to hide the truth from the international community, Sri Lankan government has cowardly barred reporters and journalists from entering the safe zone.

Richard Dixons   May 14th, 2009 7:24 pm ET

Sri Lanka: A Paradise turned into Kingdom of Vultures!
Land that was known for beautiful beaches and waterfalls has now been turned into a Kingdom of Vultures.
Dead bodies of the innocent Tamils are dragged away by stray dogs and wild beasts while the survivors hide inside the bunkers.
Let the dead bury the dead as the living will be dead if they try to bury the dead. Screams of the innocents can't be heard to the far away lands because the rulers of Sri Lanka are not even allowing the birds in the sky to carry the messages to the lands of the living.

Mothers cuddle their crying babies and hide in the bunkers all day long. Starving mothers don't have anything to give for their children. Frightened parents wipe their tears and pretend to be strong in order to comfort their children who are tormented by the demons of war.

Food and medicine are denied for the innocents and many of them are forced into starvation.

Most of the wounded are let to die in the open fields. Those who are fortunate enough to make to the make shift hospitals have their limbs amputated without anaesthesia. Caesarean operations are carried out without pain relievers.

Chinese F7s and Russian MIG fighters fly over the skies of Vanni continuously and they regularly bomb hospitals, schools, churches and orphanages. Cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs are used against innocent Tamil civilians.

Children are dying in front of their parents and the parents are dying in front of their children. Many of the dead have nobody to mourn for them. More than eight thousand innocent Tamils have been killed just within the last three months.

Tamils are now left with nothing. All their homes and farm lands have been made into grave yards. Many families have lost their loved ones. Thousands of orphans and widows are longing for death than suffering from hunger and untreated wounds in the killing fields of Sri Lanka. They have no more comforters left to comfort the victims.

Destruction came upon the Tamils suddenly

People of Vanni in the Northern part of Sri Lanka once had their barns full of grains, children played in the parks and on beautiful golden beaches, fishermen went to the seas, farmers went to their farms and the mothers worked hard at homes. They had the money, resources more than enough even to send their children abroad for education. They were neither prisoners nor hostages.
All came to an end when the Buddhist Sinhala rulers of the country decided to destroy the lives of the minority Tamils in the disguise of “War on Terror”.

As part of the so called deceptive humanitarian and rescue operation, Sri Lankan forces surrounded an area that is almost two times bigger than Singapore, bombed and destroyed all the hospitals, schools, orphanages and homes in this prosperous land that was once flowing with milk and honey.
They destroyed farms, fruit trees and the cattle belonging to the people who have lived there for years. They dropped cluster bombs and killed so many thousands of innocent people including children, women and old people.

They have forced people into starvation and made them to live in tents and bunkers for months. All this is according to them for just to catch or kill few hundreds LTTE fighters that were living among more than three hundred thousands of innocent Tamil civilians.

Tamils who are forced to live in the open fields are bombed and killed in thousands. Those who leave the war zone are sent to barbed wired concentration camps and torture camps. The ones that live in the other parts of the country live in open prisons with the constant fear of abductions, extrajudicial killings, torture and rape.

Land of mourning is not far away from the lands of freedom but the mourners in the free world never came to comfort the dying.

Their hands are tied and their voices are suppressed. Their loved ones living in the lands of freedom have been knocking on the doors of the kings and queens. Nobody has so far come to rescue the Tamils from these man made pits of hell.

Thousands of Tamils are living in the so called safe zone which is the most dangerous place on planet earth

Sri Lankan government had few months ago, declared a safe zone in a tiny strip of land and asked the Tamil civilians to move in. People were moving in and started to live in tents and bunkers. They are no longer protected from the rain, sun and the bombs falling on them.

Mothers and children are forced to live in bunkers, fearing from the Sri Lankan forces

Sri Lankan forces have now reached to the borders of this tiny over populated safe zone and started to use heavy weapons on innocent civilians. People are now getting killed in thousands. They are making the people to starve.

They let them to die with their wounds because people don't have access to proper medical care. Wounded civilians that are treated in the make shift hospitals are bombed again by a murderous regime that has no respect for human lives.
While Tamils are being slaughtered in thousands in the war zone, the ones that come out of that area are sent to barbed wired concentration camps where they are kept as prisoners.
They were forced out of their homes and made to live in open fields

Aid agencies, foreign diplomats and Journalists are not allowed to see these notorious camps except to the one that is used only for propaganda purposes. Friends and relatives of the detainees can't visit these horror camps.

Children are separated from mothers and fathers and sent to different camps. People are treated like wild animals. Food packets are thrown at them from military vehicles. They are forced to drink unclean water collected from irrigation tanks.

Children are separated from the parents and sent to separate camps, Mothers and fathers are forced inside the wired fence

Tamils are dying of diseases. Many have become mentally ill. Even the very severely ill people are not allowed to leave the camps and to live with their relatives.

There are fears that many of the young people who are taken away from these camps for questioning, might end up in torture camps and mass graves.

When the Sri Lankan military did a similar operation in the Northern part of Sri Lanka several years ago, thousands of Tamils were taken away for questioning. Many of them were killed and their bodies were dumped in mass graves. The military commander, who was responsible for those atrocities, is now overseeing the barbed wired camps.

Young Tamil men and women are filtered out and regularly taken for questioning. They are tortured, raped and sometime killed in the torture chambers of Sri Lanka.

Most of them are kept naked in these torture chambers in order to prevent them from fleeing. One of the popular phrases used among the Sinhala forces is about feasting on the women of Vanni while turning the Indian Ocean red with the blood of the Tamil men.

Mass graves found in the Tamil Land (1998), Innocent Tamils were tortured, killed and dumped

Torture camps of Sri Lanka are a well known fact that has been documented by many International rights organisations.

World very well knows how the Sri Lankan soldiers were asked to leave Haiti after they were blamed for rape, while doing peace keeping operations as part of the UN force.

Although the images of the dying Tamils are beamed through the television stations and internet all over the world, many people have only a little knowledge about this internal civil war that can one day even turn into a confrontation between nuclear armed India and China.

How is the world reacting to the current situation in Sri Lanka?

Why are they killing the Tamils?

Are all the Sinhalese people racists?

Who are partnering with Sri Lanka to slaughter the innocent Tamils?

Why do they do what they do?

Who are defending the Tamils?

Who are so far the winners and losers in this dirty War?

Why should we stop Rajapakse from continuing with the War on Terror?

Who can save the Tamils?

Why did the nations wait till it got so worse?

What is the UN doing about the whole crisis?

What would be the consequences, if the Nations didn't intervene?

What is the Solution for the problems in Sri Lanka?

How is the world reacting to this?
Cries of the dying children and women are reaching to the skies but they haven't yet touched the hearts of those who have the ability put a stop to this man made disaster within minutes.

We have the technology to reach out to the injured in North Pole in minutes. We have built rockets and space stations. But we have failed miserably to save the lives of innocent children and women in a land that is only twenty miles away from a country that claims itself as the largest democracy in the world

As the scenes of Rwanda and Kosovo are being repeated on their TV screens, the leaders of the free nations have so far failed to bring peace to this troubled Island.

Why are they killing the Tamils in Sri Lanka?
Deception, foolishness, ignorance, arrogance, hatred, pride and greed. All of these evils come together and make people to commit crimes against humanity. Sinhala Buddhist extremists want to wipe out Tamils from this tiny island and they have so far been successful in killing many thousands of them.

Fellowship of the living and the dead. They have no mourners, no comforters

Hitler slaughtered millions of Jewish people for a simple reason that they were different. Muslim extremists kill people all around the world that they treat the non Muslims as infidels.

In the same way, Sri Lankan governments that are backed by the Sinhala Buddhist extremists have been persecuting the Tamils in Sri Lanka for more than 60 years.

Muslim extremists use Quran as their source of hatred and the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka have a holy book called Mahavamsa, a book with controversial writings, full of hatred towards the Tamils. Sinhala youth are indoctrinated by lies and deceptions in schools.

Form of Buddhism that preaches violence and hatred towards Tamils in Sri Lanka

This book is very specific to Sri Lanka and not used by Buddhists in other countries. Buddhism in Sri Lanka is not the peaceful one that is preached by Dalai Lama in Tibet. One of the former prime ministers of Sri Lanka was assassinated by an armed Buddhist monk.

President of Sri Lanka and the Defence Secretary are busy with thir Buddhist rituals while thousands are being killed in the Tamil Land
In the fifties, sixties and seventies, the Sinhala extremists slaughtered thousands of Tamils with knives and swords. They burned them alive and destroyed their homes. Hundreds of thousands were made homeless and sent to the North of the country in ships.

State Terrorism: Tamils were killed and their properties were burned in the seventies long before LTTE got into the scene
Now they kill Tamils with cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs. They bomb hospitals, schools and orphanages in Tamil areas.

Are all the Sinhalese people racists?
There are many peace loving Sinhala people living in Sri Lanka. Several academics, human rights activists, journalists, Christian leaders and professionals from the Sinhala community are supporting the Tamils in their struggle for freedom. Some Tamils even tend to intermarry with the Sinhalese.
Lasantha Wickramatunga: This well known Sinhala Journalist was killed for telling the truth
Although the extremists are only a minority among the Sinhalese, they have been successful in influencing politicians, military leaders and ordinary Sinhala people to incite racial hatred, violence and discrimination against Tamils.
Buddhist extremism has gone to the extreme levels that more than Hundred thousand innocent Tamils have been killed, six hundred thousands are made homeless and forced to live in camps, fifty thousands have become orphans and widows and many thousand Tamils are now disabled and mentally ill.

Majority Sinhalese support the War on Tamils and they elect politicians who come up with racist policies.
Who are partnering with Sri Lanka to slaughter the innocent Tamils?
China and Pakistan are giving the weapons and ammunitions. Iran and Libya are providing with low interest loans for Sri Lanka to purchase arms. India is orchestrating the whole war in Sri Lanka by providing intelligence and military expertise.

Why do they do what they do?
All these countries are trying to satisfy the racist regimes in Sri Lanka in order to look after their strategic interests in the region.

China is fishing in troubled waters. Sinhala extremists who have been killing the Tamils all these years wanted to get smart weapons to kill the Tamils in thousands as opposed to knives and swords that can be used to kill the Tamils only in hundreds.

Sri Lankan Defence Secretary in China with top military officers

They went and asked India for weapons. India refused. They went to the West and the East. Nobody wanted to give offensive weapons to Sri Lanka. Two countries came forward. It was China and Pakistan. They obviously asked for something in return,

In recent times, China has been actively involved in building ports in the South East Asian countries including Sri Lanka. China is spending 1 billion dollars to construct a port in the south of Sri Lanka.

China is planning use this port as a refuelling and docking station for its navy, as it patrols the Indian Ocean and protects China’s supplies of Saudi oil. Ever since Sri Lanka agreed to the plan, in March 2007, China has given it all the aid, arms and diplomatic support it needs to defeat the Tamils, without worrying about the West.

China has so far given six F7 jet fighters free of charge, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Pakistan is also trying to spread it's influence in the Indian Ocean and in order to build a launch pad in Sri Lanka.

Pakistan has transferred huge amounts of automatic rifles, heavy mortars, multi-barrel rocket launchers, artillery and tank shells to Sri Lanka in recent years.

Sri Lanka is also getting JY-11 3D air surveillance radars, armoured personnel carriers,

T-56 assault rifles, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, missiles and bombs

Iran provides low-interest credit to Sri Lanka to help them to purchase military equipment from Pakistan and China and to train Sri Lankan Army and intelligence officers in Iran.
Iran is now very pleased with the anti western policies that are being adapted by the Sri Lankan government.

India never wanted to supply offensive weapons to Sri Lanka which is the very reason why the Sri Lankan government went after China, Pakistan and Iran in the first place. Having 65 millions Tamils in India, it will be difficult for India to give offensive weapons to kill the Tamils in Sri Lanka.
However, India faces a real threat from China and Pakistan in it's own backyard. Sri Lanka has always maintained good relations with India.

In order to look after it's interests in the region and to deal with the threats from China, India had come up with the clever idea of providing with intelligence and military expertise to Sri Lanka.

Many Sri Lankan ministers have recently acknowledged that they wouldn't be winning the war without the help from India.
There are reliable reports that many Indian soldiers are fighting along with the Sri Lankans on the front lines in Vanni. Several intelligence and military experts from India are helping fifty thousands of Sri Lankan soldiers to cause so much damage in the Tamil Land.

Even the so called medical professionals sent by India to Vanni to treat the wounded Tamils are mostly intelligent officers who are more interested in gathering information from the Tamil civilians than treating their wounded.

This is not because India hates the Tamils and loves the Sinhalese but they are not ready to see Sri Lanka going into the hands of China and Pakistan. More than seven hundred Indian fishermen were killed by the Sri Lankan Navy within the last few years but India is willing to sacrifice even their own for a greater gain in the region.

Who are defending the Tamils?
LTTE took arms to defend the Tamils when every effort taken by the Tamils to fight for their rights through democratic means had failed to bring results.

Democracy never worked in Sri Lanka because the majority are the Sinhalese and they always support the regimes that oppress the Tamils.
Say for instance. If a country has eight thousand deadly Muslim extremists and two thousand westerners, Most of the westerners would be one day sent to the graves under a democratic government because the majority rule over the minority.

When the democratic governments in Sri Lanka were sending the Tamils to mass graves, Tamils had no option but to fight back.
According to the recent survey, majority of the Tamils support the LTTE and see them as their representatives even though LTTE had made few tactical mistakes in the past.

Tamils in Sri Lanka and India, Tamil Diaspora have now emerged as a powerful voice to support their suffering people in Sri Lanka.

Who are so far the winners and losers in this horrible War?
Sinhala Buddhist extremists in Sri Lanka are already celebrating with flags and fire crackers that they have achieved what they always wanted to
More than eight thousand Tamils have been killed, twenty thousands are wounded, three hundred thousands of Tamils have been made homeless just within three months and many thousands have become orphans and widows.

Only country in the world that regularly bombs and kills it's minorities

Almost all the Sri Lankan Tamils are now either homeless or they live in homes that are open prisons. This brings joy to the Sinhala extremists whose sole aim is to wipe out Tamils.

China has a lot to rejoice for, because they have been successful in securing their interests in the region. They are now busy building a port in the South of Sri Lanka that will be used as a refuelling and docking station for its navy, as it patrols the Indian Ocean and protects China’s supplies of Saudi oil

Pakistan has made enough money by selling cluster ammunitions and fire arms. They have also found a platform in the south of India to launch attacks against India.

India is a looser. India has made a historical blunder by assisting the Sri Lankan government to commit genocide against Tamils. Once the war is over, Sri Lankan government will go after China and Pakistan as they did before. India has now lost credibility both among the Tamils in Sri Lanka and India.

India would have been in a better position if they helped the Tamils to establish a prosperous secular state in order to free them from State oppression and to secure Indian strategic interests in the region. Even now, it is not too late for India to change its mind.

LTTE is now left to fight on their own without any help from other countries. But they are supported by a powerful Tamil Diaspora which means LTTE can't be defeated by bombing the whole Vanni although they are facing defeat in the Vanni.

Why should we stop Rajapakse from continuing with War on Terror?

When the twin towers fell and the innocents died, we declared war on Terror. We have done the right thing and we have been successful in preventing many disasters in our great cities.

Unfortunately, some of the countries that have been terrorising their minorities for a long time have started to use the loop holes in the "War on Terror" strategy. to declare war on the vulnerable.

Theory of War on Terror has failed miserably in countries like Sri Lanka because the oppressor has got the freedom to declare war on the innocents who are already going through hell in their hands.

Wounded children still have to hide in the bunkers

Many freedom movements that have been fighting for the freedom of the oppressed are now wrongly branded as Terrorists groups.

Some of these countries like Sri Lanka have been spending so much money in doing false propaganda, to convince the world that these freedom movements had links with Al Qaeda.

War on Terror is a great idea but the problems come when we wrongly recognise the Terrorists and the ones who are fighting the Terrorists.

When the “War on Terror” strategy is used by a Terror government that is already killing it's own citizens, alarms should be raised to protect the vulnerable.

Did we permit Saddam Hussein who was a democratically elected president to wipe out all the Kurdish people? Hitler was democratically elected but he was still responsible for killing millions of Jews.

Rajapakse government, although it is democratically elected, shouldn't be allowed to use the “War on Terror” agenda to annihilate Tamils.

UK government would never bomb the whole city of Belfast and force people to live in the bunkers without food and medicine for months, if they had to catch few hundreds of IRA rebels. They wouldn't use chemical weapons against innocent women and children unless they had a hidden agenda of killing the people.
Sri Lanka is doing something what no other governments on this earth would do for their own citizens.

The way how the war is being conducted in Sri Lanka is a clear proof that “War on Terror”, “Humanitarian operations”, and “Hostage rescue” are just the buzz words used by the Sri Lankan government to deceive the international community.

Who can save the Tamils?
India has now got itself into a mess by orchestrating the war in Sri Lanka although India has no enmity with the Tamils. They are doing it to protect their interests in the region as they are becoming very nervous about the threat from China and Pakistan in the Sri Lankan soil.

India hasn't so far come forward to rescue the innocents and they won't do it in the future because they are ones guiding the Sri Lankan military to fight the battles.

China is obviously fuelling the whole situation by freely giving offensive weapons to Sri Lanka in order to look after their strategic interests.

Tamils can only be saved by the Western countries.

US, UK, France and other EU member countries are already pressurising the Sri Lankan government to stop this war.

Arrogant leaders in Sri Lanka have so far no not listened to warnings from the free world

Why did the nations wait till it got so worse?
Sri Lankan government has been very successful in demonising the Tamil struggle with lies and deceptions. [ Lies and Deceptions! Comical Alis of Sri Lanka! ]

They have been so far successful in convincing the world that the military operation was a legitimate “War on Terror” strategy that targets only the rebels and not the innocent Tamils. They have managed to ban reporters and journalists to the war zone in order to hide their war crimes.

Western media also has failed miserably in their duties to give importance to this trouble spot where thousands of innocents are perishing.

What is the UN doing about the whole crisis?
As usual, UN has so far failed to protect the innocents. They failed in Rwanda and they failed in many other countries where millions died of man made disasters. They always waited till it was too late to act.

UN had sent it's representatives to Sri Lanka few times in the last few months, but they couldn't convince the Sri Lankan authorities to stop the war.

UK and the US are working really hard to bring the Sri Lankan issue before the Security Council. China, being a permanent member is not allowing the war in Sri Lanka to be discussed for an obvious reason that they are also partnering with Sri Lanka.

They don't want to be blamed for fuelling the war in this tiny island by freely supplying offensive weapons in order look after their own interests in the region.

What would be the consequences, if the Nations didn't intervene?
We would regret forever for repeating the same mistakes that we did in Rwanda.

Sri Lankan government would continue to use cluster bombs and phosphorus bombs to kill the remaining innocent civilians left in the safe zone. Many Tamils would continue to die of hunger, starvation and diseases. Young men and women in the concentration camps would end up in mass graves.

Sinhala Buddhists will be settled in the Tamil areas and the names of many Tamil towns and villages will be changed into Sinhala names.

Wounded LTTE with the support of the Tamil Diaspora will continue their struggle for freedom.

Nuclear armed China and India might one day confront each other as both of them are competing to dominate the same region.

This trouble spot in the Indian Ocean can one day would become a threat to the whole humanity if we didn't intervene to stop the madness that is going on, in this tiny island which has already been turned into a Kingdom of Vultures.

What is the Solution for the crisis in Sri Lanka?
World doesn't need any more proof to recognise the war crimes that are being committed against Tamils. Hospitals are bombed. People are deliberately forced into starvation and death. Voices of the victims are suppressed. Chemical weapons are used against innocent civilians. Many Tamils are locked up in barbed wired concentration camps.

UN should intervene to save the remaining Tamils in Sri Lanka without any delay.

It is time that the Nations should get together and protect the Tamils from annihilation by invoking the Responsibility to protect clause (R2P).

World doesn't need to sit and wait for millions of skulls and bones to appear on their wide screen TV sets.

Responsibility to Protect (or R2P) concept was born in 2001 and embraced at the UN World Summit in 2005. The heart of this new international norm is the belief that if sovereign governments fail to protect their own people from genocide, ethnic cleansing, or other major crimes against humanity, then the wider international community must take whatever action is appropriate.

The new norm emphasises assistance and prevention, not coercion, but it also accepts that it is sometimes right to fight. The bottom line is that the world cannot just stand by.
Tamils lived in their own Nation before. This hard working and highly literate community is once again capable of building a secular state like Singapore in the Indian Ocean.

It is time for the West and India to support the Tamils to establish a State on their own.

Richard Dixons

guruprasad   May 14th, 2009 7:25 pm ET

Hi to all..first understand I am saying to everybody, ltte s are not terrors i will say who are ltte's the tamilans are living in few places in srilanka more than thousand years and more over there is one bridge bet tamilnadu and srilanka and few places are belong to tamil nadu before thousand years due to natural disaster the bridge got broke and it got separated and it looks like island called srilanka, eventhough few places belon to tamilnadu after some years the majority people occupied srilanka called singalies and we tamilians are not disturebing them we already had been there for more than years so we have rights to live but thya saying its their place it is fair? no, ok wat ever why do they want to kill innocent people by all too much first see we are humans under this roof of earth nothing we are going to take...IF PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THE ACTUAL CAUSE AND REASON BEHIND THE SRILANKA PROBLEM JUST SHUT AND SIT DON UNNECESSARLY WRITE BLOG AS U LIKE even this also sin u hurting others by words.

kethees   May 14th, 2009 7:26 pm ET

please mr.honorable president Obama do something to stop the genoside in srilanka.i am living in Canada.feeling really bad that my sisters and brothers are being killed in our home land.please please do something you are world Leader if u think you can stop this with in a minute but why dont u even try anything?????????

Navam   May 14th, 2009 7:29 pm ET

No aid to Sri Lanka!

The Sri Lankan government is happy to buy state-of-the-art military hardware to shell Tamil civilians to oblivion, but won't provide help to the 200,000 civilians it has so called "rescued"? The more 'aid' we pump into Sri Lanka, the more the Sri Lankan government is free to spend the rest of its budget on its killing machines.

Sri Lanka has the audacity to scold the West for not giving them handouts. It is like the beggar scolding the person who s/he is begging from. Unbelievable.

kalai   May 14th, 2009 7:29 pm ET

It is urgent and important that the world realizes what is happening in Sri Lanka before it is too late. A genocide happening against Tamils in Srilanka. This is a racist war and it is not a secret. The government itself has plastered the countryside with enormous placards lauding the military with the slogan, in Sinhala, the language of the Sinhalese majority, stating: “Soldiers, our race salutes you!” Not “the people”, not “the country”, but the race. And all these placards exhibit the stated provenance of the Ministry of Defence or other government institutions. Interestingly, none of these hoardings are in Tamil, the language of the people the government claims it is seeking to liberate.


sathees   May 14th, 2009 7:30 pm ET

International community please save our tamil brothers and sisters , they are being killed by brutal SL army forces. SL army is ready to do anything in the name of boodha. it is a clear geonocide bieng conducted by the Sinhala government with the support of Sinhala majority people. I try to talk to my ralatives in colombo and jaffna, they dont want to share their thoughts over the phone and ther are really fiered by the governtment's action to block freedom of speech by killing reporters.

Naren   May 14th, 2009 7:34 pm ET

Tamils just want to be able to live in peace with dignity in our homeland – that's all we want! The Sinhala State however seems to see the need to attempt to exterminate our people, our identity and our history. It is sad that they feel they need to destroy another race in order to reinstate their own existence.
What the world is seeing today is the reason why Tamils need a separate homeland. We are not safe, we are not protected, we are not even respected as humans in Sri Lanka.... we cannot live like this anymore. Tamil Eelam is the only solution!

Logeswaran   May 14th, 2009 7:35 pm ET

International community is full responsible for the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Funding money aids
Giving Weapons and prohibited weapons, Advising by military groups
Not warning for killing innocents people
Bombing Hospitals, Temples, Common Places, Residential areas.
Only warning LTTE saviors of Tamils for not doing anything wrong.
Not warning to the govt. using chemical weapons.
Not forcing Govt, to accept LTTE Ceasefire.
Govt. Broke the peace talk no action taken by Peace mediatirs

suren   May 14th, 2009 7:42 pm ET

It’s clear that srilankan government don’t want the world to see what they have done to Tamils. That’s why they have banded all media and international organizations. If they really care about Tamils they supposed leave them to live like a normal srilankan not put them in special camps to torture, rape and kill.

Kuddy   May 14th, 2009 7:43 pm ET

Yes, The international community should intervene srilankan issue.

Tamil people are being killed by the government army in the name of terrorist. If the government is doing a great job to rescue people from the LTTE clutches, why the Govt doesn't allow the international monitor to the place. so, its obvious that they are doing silent genocide. Say they rescued people from the place where so called "kept as human shields", then why the people kept in the detention camps and make them silently die. They were living with peace and harmony in the LTTE's stronghold.
So, finally the truth is being told to the world that tamils can not live together with sinhalese extremist with "PEACE". Even though Government wiped out the LTTE, sinhalese extremist are gonna attack tamils saying that srilanka belongs to sihala people. I'm not saying this, srilankan history is saying this.

tiger   May 14th, 2009 7:44 pm ET

no more rajapakse......

Nathan Surya   May 14th, 2009 7:45 pm ET

If a government wants to fight against a militant group, it can do so. But Sinhala gov is waging a war against the innocent Tamil people for last 30 yrs. Tamils want to live under our own governance. We had our own kingdom before the Europeans came. Britain gave the whole country to the majority Sinhala race. We just want our self-rule back. If a government opens fire on it's citizen, bombs their traditional homeland as if it is another country and impose economic bans upon people, that Gov can not call them as their citizen N can't claim sovereignty over their land. They wiping out our people silently & systematically. We will keep knocking on the good hearts of Intenational community till our people and land are freed. We do not wanna cause any harm to anyone. When someone come to your traditional homeland and kill your people just because they are powerless minority. What will you do? We will keep knocking..... would you all just open your eyes and see what's really going on in a land where no international body or free media to witness what is really going on. 50years ago our population was about 3,500,000. Today, after 50years, our population has gone down to 3,000,000. People are either killed or forced to fled from their homeland where we llived for thousands of years.

bala   May 14th, 2009 7:45 pm ET

Thanks for CNN for about Genocide tamils in srilanka. India is a leading country this war. they are in srilanka not sl army. SL army can't fight with LTTE.
we are very sad about Mr.Obama statement. LTTE not stop tamils. They are still with LTTE. They are Family members. What happen SL control areas? rapped,killed kidnaped every day.

Mr.Obama we have only one that our home land other solution can't . SL state terrisom like kittler. If you want help!
1.Please permanent stop the war.
2.USA accept our freedom declare our land like Kosovo.
3.SL Stateterror leaders bring icc and Funish.

Thats all we need not a statement. Act now and help us. You are our Sunshine Mr.Obama

Ahathiya   May 14th, 2009 7:47 pm ET

The world will understand very soon next Nelson Mandela is Mr. Prabakaran

kumar   May 14th, 2009 7:48 pm ET

President Obama,
Please stop the innocent civilians killing in Sri Lanka. The sri lankan forces are killing babies, children and womans and elders indiscriminately.

They bombed and shelled Hospitals and temporary shelters of civilians and killed more than thousands overnight. But the entire world is just watching. Releasing statement is not going to help.
After we loose all civilians lives, who needs a political solution or post conflict solutions and rehab of tamils. Tamils are minorities in sri lanka , Half of them already dead while I wrote this comment. Please Please save the remaining tamils in that island from the killers.

Aknal   May 14th, 2009 7:48 pm ET

By Solomon’s Justice (“splitting the baby”) every fairminded person would now know that Tamils of the Island, that used to be called Ceylon (Ilankai in Tamil), are not the children of the Sri-Lankan Nation (the Sinhala Nation in the Central, South and West of the Island) –
Tamils of the island are the children of Tamil-Eelam (the Tamil Nation in the North and East of the Island)

Pease do what is just and (help) restore Tamil-Eelam and prevent the Tamils of the island from being totally devourered by this ruthless and tyrannical Sinhala regime! –

If you are moral and listen to your conscience, you will take every action possible to stop this GENOSIDE!

Dil   May 14th, 2009 7:50 pm ET

Please stop the war in Srilanka and help the tamil people.


Thevarajah   May 14th, 2009 7:51 pm ET

If the government is genuinely trying to save the Tamils, will the government let the UN supervise the IDP camps without any army presence? Why do they have to surround the camps with barbed wire? Why do they have to deport the BBC channel 4 reporters who filmed the actual happenings in the camps and informed to the whole world?

Kerry Nehvue   May 14th, 2009 7:51 pm ET

The conflicts in sri lanka have been carrying on for more than 20 years. i have taken this interest as i have seen the prrotests in westminster, it has really made me open my eyes t the world, i have never seen a protest so passionate and long lasting as this. as i have researched it has come to light that all arounf the world the same protest is being held and have been non stop for over a month now. The tamils who are staging the protests are very passionate about the issue and so are even fasting till their last breath, it should never have come to that point specially in this time and age we are in now. I find it painfull to see that in order to make someone to listen to their plea they have to harm them selves.

I feel after all the research that i have done, i too can have my say now. The Sri lankan goverment if genuine should have taken into account the voices of the western world, but they chose to ignore and hence making them selves invincible as they have China and Russia and India backing them. This should not be taken lightly, as this could be the same in the future with othere countries of the world.

The Sri lankan Government has been consistently rejecting the unicef and other organisations who were there to help the tamil people during this war, not only this, World Journalists and media have also been forced to leave and have no way of portraying the real news, recently they had allowed some media in, however this was only under the watchfull army and were not allowed to speak with the tamil people alone. This is a fact as the jopurnalists themselves reported this.

I urge with my belief and hope that this country of mine along with all the powerfull nations will intervene and help the tamil people during their darkest hour. The true value of a life is obviously no issue to the sri lankan goverment or the rebels, however i hope that it is of value to the western world. If the solution is to give the tamils who are stranded all over the world with no place to call home, as in Sri lanka, persecussion is all there is for these warm people, hence the beginning of the rebellion in the first place. Please Give the Sri lankan Tamils a Home they can call their own Just as we all do without a second thought. These people have no other yearning, but a home land and their breath.

Aravinth   May 14th, 2009 7:53 pm ET

Obama! our only hope is you, Please save the Tamils, AIR DROP FOOD AND MEDICINE IMMEDIATELY PLEASE.

use 'R2P' to intervene Srilanka

Thuvarakan   May 14th, 2009 7:54 pm ET

Sri lankan Gvt shelling innocent tamils and killing.actualy it is a geoniosied.International community should take action to stop this geonioside and protect tamils and give self government to them.Srilankan Prisident and Army commander should be taken under war crimes.

Shan   May 14th, 2009 7:56 pm ET

Tamils in Sri Lanka have been deprived their basic rights by majority Sinhala Goverments ever since it got independent. My family also one of the many thousands of Tamil families have been chased away from Sri Lanka and happily living in US and WE ARE PROUD TO BE A US CITIZEN.

Thank you THE WORLD PRESIDENT OBAMA making such a strong statement yesterday on behalf of deprived Tamil people in that island.

My strongly believe is THE PRESIDENT will not stop with the statement yesterday but with DEED very soon.

Mahinda Rajapakse   May 14th, 2009 8:07 pm ET

"I am not worried about the opinion of the Tamil people... now we cannot think of them, not about their lives or their opinion... the more you put pressure in the north and east, the happier the Sinhala people will be in Sri Lanka... Really if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be happy, Naturally if I kill all Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be elect me as president for rest of my life"

saman   May 14th, 2009 8:07 pm ET

srilankan government is terrorist because they kiled all our country nationalities ,,, government are no.1 terorist in the world ,, i am shinhales ibut iknow this government doing wrong and genocide ,,, i know about shinhalers they thinking this is only shinhala country only they can lived here other people not alowed to lived ,,,, if they thinking tamil peoples are srilankan people they will not kill and genocide ,, so u have to make quickly acction on the government and president mahinda ,,,,,,ok bhudu sarana

Alex   May 14th, 2009 8:12 pm ET

Sri-Lankan army is a terrorist army LTTE is don't terrorist they help tamils LTTE is a Tamil Eelam Army Pls help the tamils in Tamil Eelam at Sri-Lanka.

Theva   May 14th, 2009 8:12 pm ET

Every minute the Internationl community delay..we are loosing hundreds of our loved ones.. PLEASE bring sanctions against srilankan government and save tamil people from it's genocide..

ramanan   May 14th, 2009 8:12 pm ET

stop the systematic genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. tamil tigers are freedom fighters. we Tamils got the only right to decide what we want. we want free Tamil Eelam.

noel   May 14th, 2009 8:14 pm ET

we don't live with srilankan goverment because srilanka army raping our tamil woman and child. so we want our tamil eela land and freedam. so ltte is gard our tamil peoples. tamilen tamilen .

NIRUBA   May 14th, 2009 8:15 pm ET

First of all thank for President OBAMA.ples......... ples save tamil's life and stop the genocide.Most of the Tamil people ran out to save their life , because of the War.Even we live in here, but in North part in SriLanka........i do not know ?
When the world gonna realice the true situation .
ples act right now

NO to ceasefire   May 14th, 2009 8:15 pm ET

That is right lets not have a ceasefire because....

We are only 158th on the list of worst media rights offender...we still have seven more to work lets not let Human Right prevail yet.

We have been listed in the top 8 of the genocide watch list but we are not yet the first ....we need more time to get lets not have a ceasefire yet.

We have chased out 1.5 million Tamils out of Sri Lanka but there is another 2 ceasefire yet.

We have only killed 100,000 Tamils....we still have work to no ceasefire yet.

We have made only 40,000 Tamil women widows...we need more time to finish the ones no ceasefire yet.

We have empty cells in our police stations and Tamils are still roaming the streets of no ceasefire yet.

We haven't put enough people in concentration camps yet.

We have vans still looking for people to disappear.

Our guns still have bullets and we need more tamils to finish it off.

We haven't killed enough Tamils yet. And therefore no ceasefire yet.

We have rid ourselves of Lasantha, Sivaram, and host of other thorns but we still have more to finish so lets not have peace yet..

We have gotten rid of five Tamil MPs but we still have 22 lets not have a ceasefire.

We have managed to kill only 65 humanitarian workers in the last few years...and you and I know there are more of those where they come from...!

So lets not have ceasefire.

We still have poor sons and daughters of the south with no jobs....

We still have to eat our living by selling our sons to paedophiles...

We still have to send our women to middle east to wash and clean to put food on our tables...

And we need our people to not know all this...for that we need to have the war lets not have ceasefire.

We have signed off an Hambantota, Mannar, Trinco and KKS but we still have no ceasefire yet,

We have begged for money from all countries but we haven't approached Somalia yet,

Our country has one week of reserve money lets not have a ceasefire yet,

Lets not have a ceasefire until every single Tamil is wiped off the face of Sri Lanka...

Lets not have a ceasefire until we have bankrupted our country...

Lets not have a ceasefire until every one in the world knows who we are for what we have done.

Let us continue with the slaughter...

Let us continue with the genocide...

Let us continue to make this world a living hell!

Because we are chosen sons and daughters of Buddha.

Let us continue...

Let us make our Gotabaya's words a reality...

"Let our soldiers feast on Tamil women while the Tamil men's blood drip into the ocean and make it red".

Let us make war...Let us kill more Tamils...Let us rid the world of another race...

So please make the call to the Whitehouse and let them know that our guns won't be silenced until the last tamil falls.

Afterall we are the followers of Buddha dhamma.

Thank you,
Real Sri lankan

Saravana   May 14th, 2009 8:16 pm ET

For all justice loving people of the entire world:

From the very beginning, the International Community (IC), for all intents and purposes, sided with the Sri Lankan Government (SLG) in defaming the Tamil side. Several factors such as the geopolitical interests of the opposing regional and world powers and the trend after 9/11 contributed to the biased approach by the IC. The fact that the armed insurgency was part and parcel of the long-standing struggle of the entire Tamil people for justice and dignity got pushed further onto the back burner. In this context, the SLG managed to lobby the foreign governments and was able to get needed resources to silence the voice of the Tamils in the name of “war on terror.” Without this support, both militarily and financially, the SLG would never even have imagined or launched this massive onslaught and created such a chaotic and catastrophic situation for those innocent civilians. So, the IC has a moral obligation to intervene and act in an effort to stop this madness.

Thank you.

Thamil Maravan   May 14th, 2009 8:16 pm ET

had a quick read thru some of the commets here.. But still International Communitiy should pay more attention into Sri Lanka's situation as the SLG kills innocent ppl under "FIGHTING againt terror" statement.

Quick Question to ppl who suports SLG... If SLG is NOT killing any ppl
1. why the Government kicked out INternational Medias out ? ie recent Channel 4 ?

2. why cant the Government allow UN to go & help IDPs ?

Simply its genocide..

Sebastian   May 14th, 2009 8:17 pm ET

I do not understand why the whole world is so silent towards the genocide that is taking place in Sri Lanka. This is 21st century! The very fact that the Sri Lankan goverment does not allow international organisations to help the wounded and the afflicted Tamils tells a lot about the secret agenda of the Sri Lankan government. Please help the suffering Tamils who do not have enough water, food, medicine and shelter.

Mohan73   May 14th, 2009 8:24 pm ET

Ltte is not terro Group but LTTE Fight for his freedom
Ltte fight against Sri Lanka army and not against singale People
Ltte have never killed aney noe from singal ethnic Our aim is to crate one land wich belongto tamil: Tamill Elam
Tamil Peopel wont Tamil Elam
Tamil Peopel wont Tamil Elam
Tamil Peopel wont Tamil Elam
Tamil Peopel wont Tamil Elam
Tamil Peopel wont Tamil Elam

Sinthu   May 14th, 2009 8:28 pm ET

LTTE which stands for liberation tigers of tami eelam, who are tanils freedom fighte who is fighting for tamil people to live happy and peace. Tamil tigers and tamil eelam is the only soulation for tamil people. All international conutries please please help us tamil people to create the tamil eelam for tamil people to live safe and secure. Tamil tiger are freedom fighter, but the srilankan army an dthe govermnet are theterrorist, who is killing tamil over 35 years. The tamil are b treated unfairy and being killed by the govermnet for many years. The only supporters and only back up the tamils got is the tamil tigers. i repeat again tamil tigers and the sperate homeland which should an dmuct name as tamil eelam is the only soluation to solve all the problems that the tamils ave.

aluthkolla   May 14th, 2009 8:30 pm ET

Srilankan President Rajapaksa is a terrorist and he is like Hiltler .
Sonia Family(Indian Rulers) are supporting to Rajapaksa.
They have to be punished by International comittee for mass killings Tamilchildren and civilians.

at the same time Rathika kumarasamy who always cry(acting like crocodile )she also get punished because of misusing her oportunity for helping Srilankan president for probaganda war.She always cry for childsoldiers ,but now so many thousands of our children has been murdered by Srilankan and indian military .but She still crying for childsoldiers.Is she a real woman(hiltler)?

Those who ever supporting to kill our people have to be punished at any cost

Thamilarin Thagam Thamileela thaayagam

we are fighting for our rights
Our homeland is Tamil Eelam

Tharindu   May 14th, 2009 8:32 pm ET

Why you guys cover only one side of the story. This need to be over with the destruction of LLTE. There are so many deaths due this war going back to years and years of bloody crimes that LLTE has commited on Tamil and Sinhala people. You people want this war to continue for your own benifits. I hope you think of the long term goal of finishing this war.

Jeya   May 14th, 2009 8:34 pm ET

yes as everyone said tamil tigers are freedom fighter and our leader should be prabaharan and our home land is tamil eelam.
we want ceasfire and spearate homeland.
tamil tigers are freedom fighters there are not a terrorist, the srilankan government are terrorist, who is killing our tamil people and raping our tamil girls.
please please please help pur tmail people, and please please don't take the tamil tigers as a terrorist. please investigate the murders and arrest the srilankan president, as he has killed more then 2/3 of our tamil population. please help the tamils.
tail tigers-–freedom fighters

Kode   May 14th, 2009 8:34 pm ET

"Counter terrorism" at the cost of humanity. Hatred and killings based on ethnicity. That is what happens in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Army and other Sri Lankan armed forces are almost complete Sinhalese and well known for their grave human right violations. Even as peace keepers we all know what they did in Haiti.

Suntharam   May 14th, 2009 8:41 pm ET

Everyday so many tamils are being killed by Sri Lankan army. People are in safe zone without food , shelter and medicine. Sri Lankan Army continue artillery shelling in the safe zone( Sri Lankan government announced the safe zone as the fire free zone ). International community should apply pressure to stop the war. We, tamil people, need a peaceful life. Our only hope is the international community. The USA government should apply pressure on Sri Lankan government to stop the war. Please Help us and save us.

The Peace talk should be started between Sri Lankan Government and LTTE. We, Tamils, need our homeland. We have to live in sri lanka with all the rights.
First of all, the genocidal war should be stopped
Please help to stop the war.
Thank you

Akilan   May 14th, 2009 8:41 pm ET

Why srilankan government kiliing innocent tamil people? Reason GENOCIDE.

Uthayan   May 14th, 2009 8:44 pm ET

Tamils are really disappointed because international community hasn’t done enough to stop genocide. I have noticed few comments saying SL government is not doing anything wrong. Can I ask you a question? Why don’t SL government allow international media? I beg international community to send Independent media to Srilanka immediately if you really want to save innocent Tamil civilians. International community sent their troop to Afghanistan because Osama killed American people. Can you allow Srilankan government to kill an American or British? . Mahinda and Singhala government have been killing more than thousands of minority Tamil civilians every day with Indian government support. Can US and UK tell me what you have done to stop this genocide?. Are we not human being?.

vasuthevan   May 14th, 2009 8:45 pm ET

Sri lankan Government and army are killing innocent children, pregnants, people living in the war zone. they use heavy weapons on people.
they are denying to permit required medicine even food to that area.

fleeing from the area is almost the peoples decision. nobody can urge them to escape their native area. they may not hav the way to survive if they do so. who is going to look after them.? people already came out from the area have no foods, propper medicine , water, shelter, and basic needs.

The government report was only 70000 peoples living there, but after that they announced 120, 000 peoples managed to escape that area.

the detention camps are considered open jail, people cannot go out from that, no independent medias or NGO not allowed inside the detention camps and war area. because this camps are used by government to sexual abuse, killing, torture, and etc.

because of these habitual things happening in detention camps the rest of the people living in the war zone( 160 000) r very feared to come out.

if the government is doing the right thing why they dont allow independent medias or UN for that detention camps and the war zone.
more than 10000 peoples killed within 90 days more than 20000 peoples severly injured by the attacks of sri lankan army. SL army use poisious gas, cluster bombs, phosporous bombs, even they are internationally banned , on the innocent people.

so i kindly request the world community and UN to stop the war immediately and save all the peoples living there. and provide the foods and medicines tio those people.

india, keep out your forces from our area.srilankan government is purposely aiming at Tamil people and continuously bombing in safe zones and killing everyone in the name of “war of casualty’ but its not. its more than that. its a genocide of tamils. please every human being in this world should be aware of what is going in there and try to help those innocent beings who are being killed every single second in a brutal way. imagine yourselves and families in that position and think what will you do to protect them. you don’t actually have to be connected to these people. we are all human beings some people might have forgot about it. but there are lot more people who did not. this is a humanitarian crisis. who ever hates war please join with these people and support them for Tamil Eelam, what they call as a solution !!
thank you

indran   May 14th, 2009 8:50 pm ET

Srilanka is continues to fool the world as spreading the news as they will finished the LTTE by 48 hours since 04 th of February 2009. Becourse of this, the news of 100s of Tamils were killed each day by Srilankan government was not appear on the main news channels around the world. Sadly the killing of Tamils is reached to 1000s in each day this week.

sellakkandu   May 14th, 2009 8:51 pm ET

Re: Dramatic Action is Required in Sri Lanka

May 14, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

We thank you for your speech on the White House lawn yesterday. It is important to acknowledge that bloodbath (as the U.N. calls it) is taking place.

The carnage in Sri Lanka goes on. The government forces continue to shell and bomb civilians in what the Sri Lankan government calls the “safe zone.” Hundreds (nobody knows yet just how many) were killed in the “Mother’s Day Massacre,” said the U.N., but medical sources in the “safe zone” say the number was in the thousands. A month ago the U.N. said that 6500 civilians had been killed by the government in the prior 90 days, with another 10,000 injured.

That this is just the latest phase of the Sri Lankan government’s sixty-one year campaign of ethnic cleansing of the Sri Lankan Tamils is obvious to us.

During your presidential campaign—when moderator Tom Brokaw asked during the debate, for instance–you seemed to promise that the only compelling reason for the U.S. to intervene militarily in a foreign conflict (with no security threat to the U.S.) was genocide. Tamils everywhere in the world heard you and believed you.

When you appointed Samantha Power and Susan Rice—both of them familiar with the modern problem of genocide—to positions of visibility and influence, our sprits soared.

Now, we Tamils are dismayed and disappointed that genocide is going on in Sri Lanka and ask why you are doing nothing about it.

Tamils have written to us here at Tamils for Obama not only asking the above question but also suggesting three ways that the U.S. can take effective steps that are short of American military actions. These are:

1. Use American diplomatic influence to isolate Sri Lanka internationally, cutting Sri Lanka off from its arms, trade, and financial support.

2. Persuade the U.N. or regional good actors to serve as peace keepers (or peace bringers), while the U.S. provides moral and logistical support.

3. Remove the “Terrorist” stigma that the U.S. glued to the Tamil Tigers. This was a policy of the Clinton and Bush administrations which gave the Sri Lankan government a moral legitimacy in carrying out the Sri Lankan campaign of genocide. We Tamils consider the Tigers a legitimate resistance group; armed resistance (i.e. the Tigers) did not arise until 1983, when the government’s ant-Tamil ethnic cleansing program was already 35 years old.

Ms. Rice “swore to myself that if I ever faced [mass killings] again, I would come down on the side of dramatic action, going down in flames if that was required,” as she was quoted in The Atlantic Monthly in 2001. We have to agree. Dramatic action is required, and the mass killi

Rasitta   May 14th, 2009 8:51 pm ET

Sri Lankan government has started a new trade , that is killing young people from IDP camps and take out their organs and selling them .Recently found hidden freezer by a catholic father in Polanaruwa proves this trade. May be Sri Lanka can earn more money than in selling tea and rubber.

Keeth   May 14th, 2009 8:52 pm ET

SriLanka is a "State of Terrorism". International community has not done enough to stop this evil Srilankan Genocidal Government. Statements are not enough. Sanctions and firm actions against Rajapakshe regime will only stop this genocidal war.
Will They do and save Tamils????

Dayan   May 14th, 2009 8:52 pm ET

Srilanka ethnic conflict is an internation issue. An apperent genocide is taking place right now..the world is only 'deeply worried' and merely asking the government to stop the shelling! Of course the government will never stop killing people...if the world only 'talks'. No point to make comments now. The genocide is perfectly being carried point to worry after evrything happend...unfortunately Srilanka is no exception!!!

viskanp   May 14th, 2009 8:54 pm ET

Sri Lanka, an example of state terrorism, Genocide on Tamils,
Government killed and managed to hide genocide from the world.
The World have given almost all the statements to Sri Lankan Government but none of them was listened. There is no media or no independant observers in the war zone. why the world still has an soft touch on Sri Lanka?

Say, In England and Ireland, though the people speak same language and religion they cannot stay or merge together. Why dont you thing about the tamils? How can be cuturally regious wise, language wuise separte ethnic groups can live together???

Since the Internally displaced peoples (IDPs) are also suffering a lot. There is a slow genocide is going on. Rape, torture, kidnaps are going on. The tamils are kidnaped and killed for the body parts. There are less evidence as no independant journalists are allowed. and the false stories are made and forced to build up by sri Lankan government.

Tanga   May 14th, 2009 8:56 pm ET

Srilanka govt. systermaticaly eliminating the Tamils from the day it got indipendance.It is majority state terraism.They have trreoised tamils with their forces to leave their fertile land .All the wealth of the tamil are plundered by the Srilankan forces.Now majority of the tamil have nothing of their own.They have been displaced even over 50 times in last year.It was Gosl terrorism created the Ltte the tamils were pushed to the wall they took arms to defend them.Every time an attack it is sponsered by the sihalese G ovt.

Abeywardena - Pakkaya   May 14th, 2009 8:58 pm ET

US President Barack Obama ask me to allow UN humanitarian teams access to the combat zone to ease the unfolding "catastrophe" there.

I said "That is not possible," Because, "As a responsible government, we can't guarantee their safety.

LOL...... but we responsibly carry out the genocide of the tamil race in Srilanka. As per Mahawamsa and our modaya bikkus we have to finish the tamils in Srilanka and make Srilanka sinhala only land.

I also said to President Obama "as long as your banker (China) support us, you can't dictate terms to us.

Hooola, Raja-Pakkaya company and our sinhala sons of the soil will finish the tamil race within next 48 hours.

joshan   May 14th, 2009 8:58 pm ET

Thank you for breaking your silence and talking about SL. However, by the time of a debate there will be no civilians left. it will be time for the war crimes tribunal to step in. The inaction of UN, US and EU is giving the SL government enought time to wipe out the rest of the civilians too.
What worries me most is the "Cry of Innocent People" falling into deaf ears, inspite of satellite evidence. Why is the international community silent?
I have written a lot of comments previously and nothing has come to avail. Why should I still keep writing? Is this another time wasting exercise until the government of SL wipes out the rest of the civilians too?

It is very evident in the comments that there is no chance to live together in that country SL. My relatives are still living like prisoners in the other parts unable to speak or express their openion. They have to register them selves with the local police (as if they are criminals). Some are surrounded by army camps, some are ringed-in like animals and the rest are being killed at will by the SL forces.

Tamil women fullfill the sexual appetite of the soldiers (who are former prisoners). Young men and women disappear on a regular basis to supply with "Human Organs" for the Sinhalese.

It is not too long before all these will come to light but, it will be too late by then for so many thousands of innocent civilians.

I lived in SL too, but survived because I spoke Sinhalese but not my fellow travellers. They didn't speak Sinhalese and had their brains blown. This happened in 1983. My father was murded in 1977. My great gran parents were burnt alive in their home in 1956. Can you blame LTTE for all these.

The LTTE was the making of the Sinhalese governments attrocities against the Tamils. The LTTE followed the steps of the government forces "Eye for an Eye" tactics to stop the killings of innocent villagers and school children. LTTE did stop all those killings, didn't they? So the same treatment always has been the best medicine. So how come LTTE is a terrorist group and not the succesive governments of SL? If my family has lost several members without reason, then they are terrorists too.

However, the question is how to save the innocent civilians lives?
Mr. Obama has spoken, at last but is it enough or should he go further? This needs to be discussed NOW.

There won't be a tomorrow for the many thousands in Vanni.

If you care about humanity, ACT NOW!!!!!!!

Nava   May 14th, 2009 8:59 pm ET

“The Sri lanka is a dangerous country. Not only because of the Sri lankan gouvernment who are evil; but also because of the India who don't do anything about it.”

But US & European Community are there to save the tamils!

Thanks US, The president of US and all others for supporting Tamils for Freedom

It's really funny to see how Rajapakse ambasadors make a fool of themself when they are answering some jurnalist questions!

long life for LTTE!!!

Sharon   May 14th, 2009 9:00 pm ET

All of a sudden the international community dare to give some comments.... well what about 25 years of silence? Now that we have a little hope of ending the war, they all want to interfere and make it all back to years of fighting.If there is a cease fire, once the tamil tigers will recharge their stock of weapons sold by the western countriesthe war will start it has always been!!!
The international community knows that the LTTE is one of the most fearful terrorist group and nobody helped Srilanka for 25 years to fight them....oh is it perhaps we don't have oil??? Well nobody helped stop terrorism in SL and now that they can't sell their weapons if the war stops, the card of human rights is played. Well i think USA and all the other western countries should look at themselves and see if they always acted according to human rights.
THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SHOULD NOT INTERVENE IN SRILANKA unless if its to help to govenment to fight the LTTE which is The most dangerous terrorist group in the world (they are worse than Alqaida!)

Gajan   May 14th, 2009 9:03 pm ET

Sri lanknkan Gov is tamils killing Gov, please free tamils from this state!! tamils need independend home land .. this is the one options what tamils have now. ....

Pakeer   May 14th, 2009 9:03 pm ET

Rajapaksha and his fellows are dreaming too much....... they will never win this war with our Leader!!!!!!!!

Mala   May 14th, 2009 9:03 pm ET

Sri Lanka do not allow any independent news agencies in the war zone to witness the WAR CRIMES by the srilanka state... !!!

but still using the HEAVY WEAPONERY ANS AIRIAL BOMBARDMENT on tamil civilians ..!!!
UN should act more responsible for the lives of the tamil civilians in srilanka ..
every day 50 to 100 ethnic tamil civilians are killed by the airial bombardment ..!!!!
Save the tamils in srilanka ..!!
International leaders, condem the srilanka's state terror.. !

ruban   May 14th, 2009 9:04 pm ET

i have only one question,


Selva   May 14th, 2009 9:05 pm ET

What I really really don't understand is how people can just sit back and watch all these innocent people dying...they are not just dying from shellings and injuries but also from lack of the most essential materials: food, water, medicine...they have done nothing to deserve it...why is nothing being done to stop the genocide? why?...

gustavo   May 14th, 2009 9:07 pm ET

The World should understand, that SRI LANKA governement ( with fascist and nationalist sinhalese politicians) is using the term of "terrorism" to justify the extermination of the entire tamil people in SRI LANKA. Western countries should understand that it's their duty to bring peace and good harmony in this country. Otherwise it's the influence of China like in Somalia which will bring the smell of death. IT WILL BE THE DEFEAT OF WESTERN COUNTRIES WHO ARE FIGHTING FOR HUMAN RIGHTS.

priya   May 14th, 2009 9:07 pm ET

everyone knows what is happening in few people said above because its a 3rd world country no one really cares..... what has the innocent tamils done to deserve such a big punishment? well as far as i knw the biggest mistake they have made is letting sinhalease people to enter srilanka first of known srilanka was owned by tamils and it is a tamil country... we was kind enough to let the sinhalease people come and get a life in our contry now look what they are doing to us!!!! and the punishment for this is our peoples life.....

ruban   May 14th, 2009 9:08 pm ET

if srilankan goverment doing right thigs why they not alow any media in to the safety zone. in gov controld area they have idp camps.
UN ICRC and MEDIA are not freely alowed in to this capms
gov saying that they want to save the tamil peopla from ltte so why the gov killed more than 12000 tamil civilians in four months

Nick   May 14th, 2009 9:12 pm ET

Its sad that every day 100 of Tamils are getting killed and all the war mongers are justifying the killing. To those who comment about 1000 of Tamils live peacefully in other parts of srilanka...yes they are living peacefully becos of number plate less white vans and so call intelligent officers comes at night and take the youngster's at their long these morons going to fool the world...I lived most of my life in Colombo and still have the childhood scar from parents took me to north after 1983 riots against Tamils in colombo, thinking we would be safe among the Tamils....Racist bastards never left us in peace there... the spineless dropped bombs indiscriminately from skies and shells from grounds...feared for their child my parents send me back to Colombo.... then came the white vans with no number plates....with no other choice they gave farewell to me with all their thinking back of the past and those who were unfortunate to escape the hell and seeing and hearing the brutality committed on innocent Tamils....its everyday living agony.....Tamils living in peace and harmony in other part of the srilanka??? Give me a break and go to hell.....

Mathivanan Balakrishnan   May 14th, 2009 9:12 pm ET

May 14th, 2009 2059 GMT
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Hello Hala Gorani,

I would like to thank Mr.President Obama for his view about Srilanka issue. I want to tell him to know about the fact happening there and not to hear merely by statements given by the notorious srilankan government. I am not a sympathiser for LTTE but bloodbath happening to my brothers and sisters in srilanka hurting me a lot. Please ask your president to save these innocent people. They are neither a terrorist nor a trouble maker, all are innocent peace loving people. I know media is a strong tool to expose the truth and I urge CNN to give more importance to this issue and bring the truth to the world. Once again I am thanking Mr.President for his speech about the srilankan issue.

kannan(italy)   May 14th, 2009 9:13 pm ET

Tamils were forced to be realized very clear that they can not live with sinhalese under united Sri Lanka by recent genocidal activity by the Sri Lankan government with the mass support from sinhala population. This is the time for the international comunity to listen what the voiceless tamil want. The tamils clearly said several time that the need a separate state in thier land where they born and bred.

How can sinhalese say that tamil has no problem in Sri Lanka? Any thing about tamils should be said by tamils. Every sinhalese talks about terrorism and ltte. LTTE is the cosequences of the long lasting descrimination on tamils and they came to the scenario in 80s but the problem started in 1949. Kindly request sinhalese not to fool your selves and others by saying terrorism, ltte, this and that.

Anthony Nunez   May 14th, 2009 9:19 pm ET

Hey, what the heck is wrong with Sri Lanka. I thought it is a nice country. Their stupid military is killing their own people.... This is the first time, i see a brainless president like this.
Our government should go and help those innocent tamils. I am gonna call my friends also.

Nilmini   May 14th, 2009 9:21 pm ET

A kind note to Jayawardene, who is a Sinhales giving his fair thought on the issue. Like you I have seen a handful of mindfull people who has actually thought about the root cause the issue. Sadly though Jayawardene there aren't many people to push the Govt to a happy , fair and final resolution.

Thanks again for your favorable comment

David R   May 14th, 2009 9:21 pm ET

In these tragic times, it is regrettable that some merely exist in the nausea of their own spineless and shameful selves.

If the comments of these Sinhala chauvinists be a mark of conscience of its people, it is in no doubt found to be morally bankrupt.

The tears of the innocent Tamils, mercilessly devastated by 60 years of Sinhala genocide will not rest until the justice for its people is delivered.

“For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”

Rooban   May 14th, 2009 9:22 pm ET

Tamil Tigers is the heart of Tamil People in Sri Lanka. Without LTTE Tamil people can not survive in Sri Lanka

Salim Yanez   May 14th, 2009 9:22 pm ET

Sri Lankan govt is killing their own people?????
Ethnicity issue!!!!!!
Budha said something and these guys are doing something else. Our president is so much better than their president.

Hey Nunez,,,,, I agree....
We (world) should help those innocent tamils.

Siriratnam   May 14th, 2009 9:23 pm ET

housands are dying to day in Tamilellam, mainly due to the failures of the past Tamil politician from 1920 and upto1983 and also due to the majority rule. Is this called democracy? Shame on it!!!

When will the world wake up from its somber?

Tamils of Srilanka is very near to their extinct, (We all know what will happen to the rest of the remaining who had been saved by the gracious majority in 30 years at least!!!?) but who cares? However, many people of 21st century are highly skilled, more civic minded, modern, even care birds, animal, plants and in fact every thing that you call it they will, of course except human beings if they happened to live very, very far away.

jey   May 14th, 2009 9:32 pm ET


Vigna   May 14th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

So many lives have lost because of the racial discrimination and the ethnic cleansing of Tamil minority by the Sinhala majority governments. Unless and until Sinhala majority governments stop their discriminatory and genocidal behavior, the struggle for equal human rights and freedom will be there for generations to come. International community should intervene and bring about a solution so that Tamil can live with freedom, justice and liberty in their own land. Tamils have lost hope in the racist Sinhala governments because of the injustice and discrimination caused to them since independence form British rule. Peaceful struggles by the Tamil minority for equal rights, so far has been met with brutal military force by the Sinhala governments. It is now up to the international community to see that justice done to Tamils.

Jay Jeyaseelan   May 14th, 2009 9:40 pm ET

Tamils have been fighting for our rights for more than 60 years. For about 30 years, we asked for our rights peacefully. We followed Gandhi's ahimsa methods and what happened? Successive Sri Lankan Governments used violence, intimidation and terrorism to crush all our peaceful methods. They did not move an inch; instead, they intensified their acts of discrimination and colonisation. In the end, Tamils had no choice but to take up arms to defend themselves. The fact is that successive Sri Lankan governments sow the seeds for the birth of LTTE. They used racism to win votes and they have never treated Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka as second class citizens. Now the divide between Tamils and Sinhalese is so wide, the possibility of living side by side in a united country is very slim. The Sinhala regime has to change so much to win the hearts of Tamils. The chances of that happening with Rajapakse and Co at the helm are virtually zero.

They think they can hoodwink the world forever. That is an illusion. Tamils are spread all over the world and well respected. Their children are highly educated and they haven't forgotten about their roots. Their uprising all over the world against the Sri Lankan regime is touching the hearts of Westerners. The politicians, academics, journalists etc. are all talking about these young lions. These young lions have taken the Tamil struggle to a new dimension now. Politicians all over the world are listening to these youngsters and they are making friends in high places. Rajapakse and Co are making lots of enemies in the western world.

People in the south, mark my word, you may be laughing now, but we Tamils are going to have the last laugh. You think, Rajapakse and Co are the saviours. I am telling you they are the curse to your country. Unless, they come to their senses and give Tamils full autonomy, the whole world will stand by the Tamils and help them to create TAMIL EELAM. The Tamil Diaspora will not rest until Tamils in Sri Lanka live with dignity in their own land.

Gowri   May 14th, 2009 9:41 pm ET

Sri Lankan Singhala politicians have planned the this Genocide for years and slowly carrying it out. Only for the current govt to become impatient and wanter to finish off the Tamils altogether. They tried to force their language on us. when we resisted we were beaten up, murdered and our properties destroyed. They tried to restrict our access to higher education by introducing quotas that favoured the majority. We didn't even have to protest,we were beaten up again, murdered and our properties torched.
Like the Nazi book burning they bunt our library, one of the largest in Asia. Heinrich Heine 's words “Where they burn books, they will also, in the end, burn humans.” has become true now. few years after the Nazi book burning Jews were burnt in Gas chambers. The Tamils are still burning.

Ranjan   May 14th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

International community must take immediate action to stop genocide in Sri Lanka. Just sending reports will not help to stop war.
We Tamils urge tha international community and UN to take immediate action by sending UN peace keepers and Red Cross to the war zone.

SHAM   May 14th, 2009 9:45 pm ET


whtvdeserve   May 14th, 2009 9:46 pm ET

The money, effort, energy and all other resources spent on this power struggle in this tiny island for the last 30 years (whatever the name you want to call it) should have spent on education, health, and development. The barbaric actions of LTTE or the military actions on LTTE both resulted only in destruction of civilian life whether it happens in Colombo or Vanni. People who support both sides are idiots. Support the average poor hardworking families and children (with your hard earned money or with your beautiful words), not with weapons, who deserve to live a better life without thinking of any personal gains (rarely happens) . Life is not eternal, history will and can be distorted at anytime. So the question of homeland (for Sinhalese or Tamils) is just for personal pride only.!!!

shan   May 14th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

In Sri Lanka all Tamils are dying .One government calling self democracy and well deciplined military. But they kill their own people. USA have to help this poor innocent people.
But they kill and steal body parts from Tamils. This is true and its
very bad.

vivatamils Kiri   May 14th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

I think -Sri Lanka Government has no respect for no one – this issue is not just like Now ( humanitarian crisis) Colombo try over decade to press their finger over tamils, now its a great chance to clean tamils for Sri Lanka – and they people in IDP camps will never will see their Home again!!

They will lief in this camps – and when the War is over – No one will get intreats even CNN about those people.

Sri Lanka, an example of state terrorism, Genocide on Tamils, Government killed and managed to HIDE genocide from the world.

And everyone knows- this was is not still war against -son called terrorism-!

World Leader did see that – this struggle go further and further until the Sri Lankan Government give Rights and Dignity to Tamil maybe today LTTE is death but tomorrow there will be other Group – I am definitely sure about it the at group will grow out of these so called relief camps!!!! They will find support! Because every tamils in Sri Lanka is looking for Dignity – which we no have in Colombo, Jaffna, Trincomalle, Manner so on...

vivatamils one day we get out Rights & Dignity

Ferdinand   May 14th, 2009 9:52 pm ET

David Milliband et al show moral bankruptcy in haranguing a Sovereign democratic nation such as Sri Lanka in it's fight against a ruthless terrorist organization (the worst in the world) whilst he and Hillary Clinton would justify collateral damage to civilians in Iraqi and Afghanistan.

steve wilson   May 14th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

In Sri Lanka there is a silent genocide against the tamils. Since the british left they gave full power to the blood thirsty singhalese government who are killing tamils since 1956. Now the total genocide increased up to 2000 innocent civilians (two thousand)a day including young children and elderly pregnant women. This genocide is supported by most of the countries, such as India, China,Russia,USA,UK,Canada and Japan..ect. What does the singhalese government get out of killing innocent tamil civilians.

Fazal   May 14th, 2009 9:55 pm ET

It is obvious that the Srilankan Government has something to hide because there is a media ban and therefore I think that the international community should intervene to see what is really going on. The international Government is not acting fast enough hundreds of people are been killed every week. Please take more positive action!

Partheepan   May 14th, 2009 9:58 pm ET

TamilEelam is the only Solution for Srilankan Tamils for Happiness future Life..otherwise in 30years (about) SRILANKA is a Sinhala Buddhist Country...

lucky   May 14th, 2009 10:00 pm ET

Everyone has there opininos ,but it should also make sense such as sayingg the Sri Lankan president id good, is nonsense the UN has filed cases agaisnt him tis been proven that he is killing people. Tamil Tigers are not killing the civilains, their trying to save them. The President of Sri Lanka is going to be punished for what hes doing nad we need the international communites to get involved. Please think about the people thta are still in danger. If someone if murdered in Canada, they find the criminal and put htem in jail, but when we show everyone proof of hospitals, schools being bombed and show them the culprit why isnt he being punished?

krishnaveny   May 14th, 2009 10:02 pm ET

Stop the Genocide SRI LANKA.

minni   May 14th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

Our leader mr.V.Prabhakaran is uniqe; this world coudln´t tolerate HIM !
NO,.............. this world do not wake up,thats imposible. They can do only leaving maseage or report.Our leader coming back soon,then all of these international comunity will wake up together.this countryes must obey the rules from- India +Japan+ China,because they´ve already sign up to most of these Investment agreement and aktivities. so they will SHUTT UP ! they know the values of LIVES, but they are helpless.
WE want Tamil Eelam,we got it,thats trueth.

A true tamil...   May 14th, 2009 10:03 pm ET

These protests taking place in downtown, Toronto on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 is to please or tell the Canadian government to take a step into the genocide taking place in Sri Lanka. Safety should not be a great issue today because the Tamil community knows what is law and what is not. On Sunday, we were emotional about the fact that 3000+ innocent tamil civilians were killed. We ask the viewers to be fair and judge these issues by the facts. We ask that you don't complain about the traffic because if this were happening in any other country, those people from that race will not sit still at home. That is what we are doing. Please help us and ask Canada to do something about the tragic situation that people like me and you have to go through.

We, as the Canadian Tamil community, appreciate the fact that you are taking this genocide into deep consideration, but please don't be biased and talk on one side. In two days, almost 6000 people were killed and many of them were children and senior citizens. People who are trapped in the war zone don't have food to eat or medication to cure wounds. What will the do? The Tamil community of Canada stepped forward onto the Gardiner Expressway, why? Because this is the only way our voices could be heard. For the past 4 months, we've been protesting on the sidewalks, but has the Canadian government taken so much care? NO. Today, when the other citizens of Canada are having problems traveling, the government actually talks about what they should do. We only did this because our mothers, fathers, sisters, grandparents and every other family member in Sri Lanka are being murdered for no solid reason. We've tried many times to get prime minister Stephen Harper to help the Tamils by sending a ceasefire, but what has he done to save those innocent live? NOTHING! We are fighting for our rights and OUR homeland, therefore, our voices should be heard. Please don't ignore our bloodshed tears.

And for those of you who stick up with the Sri Lankan cruel government should understand that no one wants a battle. No one wants to be killed. No one wants to fight over land, but what your government is doing to such innocent lives is ridiculous. Do you not have a heart? Will any human do this in their lives. I am ashamed to call Mahinda Rajapaksa a president and Khothabai a leader. It is truly shameful that we have such leaders. Mahinda Rajapaksa will face the crime and will have to suffer more than what our people are suffering right now. If God is truly there, then see what happens. Tamil Eelam's victory is surely to happen soon and when it does, watch what happens next.

P.S. If anyone hasn't noticed...Hitler is reborn as Mahinda and will die in the most tortuous way. All sins on him.

Kamal Kanthan   May 14th, 2009 10:04 pm ET

1)Tamils have been slaughtered for more than 60 years. Sinhala Buddhist extremists killed Tamils in thousands long before LTTE got into the scene.

2)Sinhala extremists have been burning schools, libraries, properties belonging to the Tamils all these years.

3)In the early days they killed the Tamils with swords and knives. Now they do it with weapons freely given by China. China has it's own interests in the region.They use cluster bombs and chemical
bombs against innocent Tamils.

4)LTTE is a tangible manifestation from the oppressed Tamils to fight back and free themselves from the Terrorist State.

5)Sadly, governments in many countries barred LTTE but they never looked at how the Sinhala racist government has released Terror on innocent Tamils. Fighting back State terrorism is not Terrorism.

6)Some organisations blame LTTE for recruiting children when they are 16 but they keep quite when hundreds babies and toddlers are massacred by the Sinhala armed forces.A 15 years old by seeing his family getting killed by the Sri Lankan army will not wait till he becomes 17 to fight for the freedom.

7)We fight for the rights of the animals, we talk about making poverty history but we have ignored the Tamils that are dying in thousands everyday. We have the resources, we have the technology, we have the brains, but our hearts are so hardened.

6)Churches everywhere that preach about Jesus the Saviour who told about Good Samaritan. Where are the good Samaritans?

7)Government of Sri Lanka is deceiving the international community with lies and deceptions. Their hidden agenda is to wipe out Tamils to satisfy the majority Sinhala population. They spend so much money in doing false propaganda overseas.

8)This war has made all the Tamils all over the world to realise the fact that there is no way Tamils can live with Sinhalese in the future.

9)Tamils had their own country before it was merged by the British. International community should intervene and help Tamils to have their own state that women and children can live without the fear of Torture, rape and murder.

10)Please don't wait till it is too late.


Kunaratnam   May 14th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Tamil pepole like to live in Ceylon with human beings not with wild animals or stone age pepole like lasa

Norton   May 14th, 2009 10:07 pm ET

Stop genocide tamils in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan goverment killed 10,000 peoples less than 3 month.

Still world is didn't take any action againt sri Lankan goverment.

Why China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Indian helping to Sri Lanka?

Thilak   May 14th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

I would like to ask few things.
SL Gov is fighting this war for so many years, why so much fuss against it just now? If SL gov is killing tamils, why do they come to them from LTTE clutches? Most tamils live outside LTTE controlled area, then what is happening to them? Those are FACTS. The only reason why anyone is so disturbed now, is the fear of LTTE loosing its grip, they are clearly not the innocent tamil civilians living in SL. There are plenty to research on this if you are really interested to know why.

lucsiga   May 14th, 2009 10:12 pm ET

Thank you USA,
Thank you Precident Obama,
You are Great Nation,Without USA this world is distroy by all evils.
USA you have a stand for all citizen rights in this world.
Our great nation precident Obama please help to innocent people in sri lanka. when this people get justice and freedom fights, arms and struggles will go away automaticaly. there is no freedom for tamils
past 60 years.

Pravindran   May 14th, 2009 10:12 pm ET

Stop the war. Stop Killing. Safe the innocent people. Please don't support the killers who ever it is. USA and UN please do the right think.

Ferdinand   May 14th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

The Tamils are not only burning but being shot and indiscriminately shelled by the Frankenstein they created, to help carve off a part of Sri Lanka for a mono-ethnic state of their own. The Eelam will die with the Tiger who is for extinction and will be a forgotten history. Racist Supremacist Tamil Diaspora (like Gowri) above should, (and would) genetically dissolve into the western countries they adopted. Enrich the white gene pool and leave Sri Lanka forever for all Muslims, Singhalese, Tamils and other communities to live in peace, build the nation to its pre colonial splendour.

B.Rajalingam   May 14th, 2009 10:14 pm ET

This is good, i mean your forum. firstly who created the LTTE?. the original tamil people were discriminated and pushed to the corner. the indian tamil descendants were either laborers or traders they were living among the sinhalese peacefully. the bottom line is the sinhalese were worried that they are no match against the hard working tamils. there are no national leaders with intergrity. the two major political parties had to win the majority votes and in the process crushed the tamils' rights totally. basically there is no rule of law. most of the women folks are treated like 2nd class citizens, the irony is they themselves dont understand. now the situation is like the abusive, bashing husband(wife=tamils' husband=srilankan Govt) is telling the neighbors, i will solve my problem please dont interfere. who is to bell the cat?. If there is justice, fair play & equal rights things may change. Without a major intervention the cancer could not be cured. May God Help Sri Lanka

Ben   May 14th, 2009 10:19 pm ET

People of all races live in harmony if you travel from the airport to south of colombo. Why is it that whole of west believes terrorist properganda and not believe govt of Sri Lanka. The west should look at their own backdoor where the LTTE is quite happily abusing the system for credit card fraud, benefit fraud, banking fraud, drug smuggling, thuggery & gangster violence – IF US/UK alone tackle LTTE fund raising in their territories, govt. of Sri Lanka does not have to fight a war.

Rajkumar   May 14th, 2009 10:20 pm ET

It is Actually terer from goverment this is verry verry denger time
for the tamils

John Edward   May 14th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

Sri Lankan government is not willing to go for ceasefire because,

it gives time for the UN and other human rights organization to investigate the genocide and the war crime that perpetrated by Sri Lankan government.

The evidence of:

– using chemical weapons, cluster bombs, thermobaric weapons, heavy shelling on the civilians populated areas by SLA

– food, medicine and other essential items as weapons of choice to kill the Tamils

– Torture, rape and disappearance

– attacking on hospitals (

will emerge.

Lets give voice to stop the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka!

Rahu   May 14th, 2009 10:21 pm ET


keethu   May 14th, 2009 10:21 pm ET

please help to srilankan tamils.nobody don't know their problem.srilankan government is not saving tamils.everyday killing hundreds of children and womans.even obama knows about srilanka.but i don't know why are they waiting to make a decision about srilanka.please take a decision quickly and save the tamils.

kannan   May 14th, 2009 10:24 pm ET

All the countries in the world and the responsible leaders are all saying that the ltte is holding the civilians. How do they know? There are no media or independent observers. It is simply what the Govt. of Srilanka says for false propaganda to make the ltte sound demonic.If indeed they are holding them it is because they need them to fight for them. Why then would they kill and maim those civilians.All the evidence shows that the army are firing into the protected zone. I find it impossible to understand these UN,US,EU,UK,china and Russia leaders not questioning the actions of the Govt.People getting abducted and killed,MPs assassinated.Neutral editors assassinated,Tamils being taken away by white van kidnappers and no one ever being charged.Mr.Ban should resign in shame.

John   May 14th, 2009 10:27 pm ET

No fire zone

Terrible attacks.

No fire zone under very heavy shell attack, cannon attacks, multi- barrel attack, air attacks.

No fire zone people face immense problems. Severe shortage of food, hospital services disturbance, Injuries following shelling, and poor water sanitation facilities.

Congested or overcrowded civilians area was under heavy shell attack. Terrible attacks.

Killings: preventable deaths
Each and everyday hundreds and thousands of civilians are killed and injured in the safety areas. Those people are living in very vulnerable conditions and they do not have proper meals, vegetables, nutritional food, medicine, drinking water and sanitation facilities.

The shell attacks and the aerial attacks still continue in the SL Govt. declared safety areas of Mullivaikal and still killing innocent civilians and injuring more.
Each and everyday preventable deaths are happening. What we can do? Who will help the innocent?
Many do not have hope on their future.
Innocent Tamils:

Many civilians were killed while they were in bunkers, and could not find them. Innocent civilians were killed thousands and thousands, but we are only counting the number of death bodies and injured people and unable to stop these killings.
The displaced people came out from Vanni to Jaffna district and Vavuniya district were kept in the camps under very high surveillance.

Food, Water, Medicine, basic facilities:
Severe shortage of food is affecting all people and many children and elders life are under great risk. 47,000 families consisting 165,000 members are still in Vanni without food, water or any other basic facilities and facing danger of shell, bomb attacks daily.
Food shortage is major problems and many people are waiting in long queue to get kanchchi. Innocent civilians especially the infants, children, women and elderly are suffering much.
The food situation is a glaring reality and should be taken into account by the International community to prevent the repetition of the Ethiopian food crisis in this part of the world.
Food shortage in the safety areas of Vanni is very high, repeated request for food supply & Medicine to the civilians in the safety areas is futile.
So people need further foods supply very quickly

Mothers and Feeding Mothers
Luke 11:27 While he was speaking, a woman from the crowd called out and said to him, "Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts at which you nursed."
Mothers are crying at hospital and asking milk powders. Feeding mothers do not have meals and they are unable to feed their child well. Many of them asking milk powder but we do not have stock.
Elderly people
Thousands of elder people are very severely malnourished and they are only surveying with kanchchi.

The make shift hospital functioning in Mullivaikal attacked repeatedly. This is the only hospital giving care for the injured civilians. many injured patients were killed in these repeated attacks.

Pleadings and Protests

Repeated calls and pleadings and protests all over the world to save the innocent civilians life in NFZ the Vanni area failed and more than Three thousand five hundred were killed from Saturday last week end
There is even talk of food air drops by powerful governments such as the USA and the EU. But this will lead to further complications such as international law of sovereignty. Desperate situations require desperate remedies and air drops cannot be excluded. Therefore we appeal that extreme measures of air drops be adopted to prevent a starvation crisis in the Wanni.

Facethereality1   May 14th, 2009 10:28 pm ET

"Children are dying in front of their parents and the parents are dying in front of their children. Many of the dead have nobody to mourn for them. More than eight thousand innocent Tamils have been killed just within the last three months."

"Tamils are now left with nothing. All their homes and farm lands have been made into grave yards. Many families have lost their loved ones. Thousands of orphans and widows are longing for death than suffering from hunger and untreated wounds in the killing fields of Sri Lanka. They have no more comforters left to comfort the victims."

Richard Dixon

Gow   May 14th, 2009 10:28 pm ET

Dear International Community

If there is a will, there is a way! If you put your heart to it, you can
put a stop to the Tamils suffering once and for all. Devolution is not the answer because it only works in a democratic state not in a country where state sponsored terror is unleashed frequently on the minority.

Facethereality1   May 14th, 2009 10:31 pm ET

"Tamils who are forced to live in the open fields are bombed and killed in thousands. Those who leave the war zone are sent to barbed wired concentration camps and torture camps. The ones that live in the other parts of the country live in open prisons with the constant fear of abductions, extrajudicial killings, torture and rape."

"Their hands are tied and their voices are suppressed. Their loved ones living in the lands of freedom have been knocking on the doors of the kings and queens. Nobody has so far come to rescue the Tamils from these man made pits of hell."

Richard Dixon

Siya   May 14th, 2009 10:33 pm ET

Since january 2009, thousands of innocent tamil civilians are being killed by srilankan army. UN, Why don't you take action? UN, must takle action immediately against srilankan government. Please save our innocent tamil civilians.
LTTE is not a terrorist...They are freedom fighters.

Facethereality1   May 14th, 2009 10:34 pm ET

"Deception, foolishness, ignorance, arrogance, hatred, pride and greed. All of these evils come together and make people to commit crimes against humanity. Sinhala Buddhist extremists want to wipe out Tamils from this tiny island and they have so far been successful in killing many thousands of them."

"In the fifties, sixties and seventies, the Sinhala extremists slaughtered thousands of Tamils with knives and swords. They burned them alive and destroyed their homes. Hundreds of thousands were made homeless and sent to the North of the country in ships."

" Now they kill Tamils with cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs. They bomb hospitals, schools and orphanages in Tamil areas. "

Peter   May 14th, 2009 10:35 pm ET

International media must get immediate access to the Tamil areas to find out what is happening to the people.

Impose sanctions against Sri Lanka if it continues to block independent witnesses.

Facethereality1   May 14th, 2009 10:37 pm ET

"Buddhist extremism has gone to the extreme levels that more than Hundred thousand innocent Tamils have been killed, six hundred thousands are made homeless and forced to live in camps, fifty thousands have become orphans and widows and many thousand Tamils are now disabled and mentally ill."

" Majority Sinhalese support the War on Tamils and they elect politicians who come up with racist policies."

Richard Dixon

Rescue workers within the Mullaiththeevu Safety Zone have counted more than 1200 bodies after the large scale slaughter Saturday night and Sunday morning by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) with the use of cluster ammunition, multi-barrel rocket launchers and cannons, sources from Vanni said. The workers fear that there may be additional bodies yet to be uncovered, and the numbers killed will likely rise. Rescue workers also said several hundreds were very seriously injured, and the critical shortage of medicine at the makeshift hospital in Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal will lead to many more deaths. Meanwhile, Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal Hospital staff said, until 3:00 p.m. the number of bodies brought to the hospital was 378, injured totaled 1122. The staffers added that 106 of the dead, and 251 of the injured were children.

Jayatharan.S   May 14th, 2009 10:37 pm ET

In 2005 at the world summit the United Nations general assembly recognized their responsibility to protect, populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and other crimes against humanity. However, even with these new conventions there is no change in the political mindset of the western powers. These recent developments do not indicate any political change but an advance in American and Western hypocrisy. Responsibility to protect is no more than a political rhetoric, which attempt to humanize military intervention in order to gather more public support. Countries intervene not just because they have a legal or a moral obligation but rather they have fixed interests. This can be clearly seen in the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka. One can argue that the international community is hesitant to act because it wants to eradicate terrorism from the island nation of Sri Lanka. This cynical assessment is also not sufficient to excuse the negligence of the international community. It is true that he LTTE have carried out suicide bombing and other forms of terror against the Sri Lankan state. However, the LTTE is regarded in the Tamil community as freedom fighters. One can argue to fight state terrorism; one has to use terror itself. The outlawing and criminalizing the LTTE the west have criminalized the Tamil struggle. The LTTE is the radical yet the physical manifestation of the Tamil aspirations. By outlawing the LTTE the West has isolated them from and has forced them to disengage from political talks, and above all they have condemned Tamil aspirations of a separate homeland.. The idea that the United States and her allies intervene in a pure respect of humanitarian law, is a flawed approach to reality.

Shentthan   May 14th, 2009 10:38 pm ET

The funniest thing is that the people who have posted their comments in favour of Sri Lankan Government have directly or indirectly accepted that their is a brutal war going on against tamils (Systematic Genocide)..... Thats all enough for UN to interfere into this matter because civilians are being killed in an intent to wipe out the complete ethnicity from their motherland where they are living for almost 1500 years and in which they ruled themselves and had their own country till the colonization begun..... So i plead to UN to take the Humantarian Actions and to bring Permanent Ceasefire And then a referandum to the tamil people and they will decide what they want..... This is democracy and this is Humanity and Human rights...........

Martin   May 14th, 2009 10:41 pm ET

If Sri Lankan Govt. is doing right thing why it is scared to allow diplomats, MP's, NGOs and media to the Wanni although they are ready take risk. Then International Community (IC) can make sure who is doing attrocities and who is using people as human sheild and the who is using food and medicine as weapons for the war. One the other hand LTTE already informed its willingness for ceasefire and there there is no point of asking IC to LTTE to come for ceasefire and the SL Govt. rejects the IC appeal. Therefore IC should take strong action such as economic and diplomatic sanctioins or military action such as dropping the food and medicines and India did in 1987 during the Operation Liberation conducted SL Army. Don't wait for UN Security Council's decision and do as early as possible because every day more than 300 people killed and 1000 injured due to the shelling, boming and firing of SL forces and starvation and inadequate medical facilities. I understand only 1500 people killed in Kossova and withing 5 – 10 years but SL more than six decades this situation has been existing but UN doesn't understand the people's will. Although the peacfull demonstrations failed and successive SL Govts. suppressed using SL forces and the Arms Struggles started. So many agreements were unanimously abrogated by the SL Govt. the recently Tsunami and Ceasefire some of them. The clearly given mandate for seperate state based on the famous Vaddukoddai Declaration in 1976 at the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) conference and endorsed the following year General Election by electing TULF MPs from North East Sri Lanka which became main Opposition at the Parliament and again in 2004 General Election Tamils gave mandate to the manifesto(LTTE is the sole representative to the Tamils) of the TNA which secured almost all the seats from North East (22). I think after 1977, this is the free and fair election held in North East and I am the one of the eye witnessed. The recent polled conducted among SL Tamils living in Norway based on Vaddukoddai Delclaration shows the Tamils diaspora' s will on behalf of the Tamils living in SL where they open mouth only for eating. They are scared of living in the military controlled area and day by day most of them are missing either from the IDP camps or homes. Media and MP's too scared to open mouth because of the past experience. Recently Lasantha assasinated and Tissanayagam, Vidyatharan and so on are imprisoned or threatened. From 1958 during riots Tamils were sent back to North East from rest of the country and recently from Colombo to Vavuniya and this also shows SL Govt. also accepted the seperate state. Although SL Govt. time to time to drag the time by setting up committees to find political solution in that series the in 2005 All Party Representative Committee(APRC) set up and UNP and TNA are either not invitied or participated. My view is there is no secure or safe place for SL and Indian Tamil in Sri Lanka unless the Seperate State. Therefore, like Kossova, East Timor, Eritrea, the independance state for the Tamils is the only solution. The speedy action of the IC towards establishing the independance state can only safe the precious lives of the Tamils rather asking LTTE to lay down arms before finding the solution(cause for the arms struggle).

Reality   May 14th, 2009 10:42 pm ET

The US admits that the LTTE is the most ruthless "terrorist" group in the world today but CNN can not bring itself to call the Tamil Tigers terrorist – they are "rebels" . It epitomises the duplicity and double standards of the west. While the US bombs and kills thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan because there are "terrorists" in those countries. Sri Lanka is criticised for attempting to crush a group that has terrorised all communities for the last 30 years. The US is causing a humanitarian crisis far greater in Pakistan and Afghanistan over a million people homeless and held hostage. The Sri Lankan forces are trying to free about 10,000 still held hostage by the Tamil Tigers (over170,000 have been rescued) without bombing – that is the difference and the delay in ending the conflict but to unprincipled media and politicians in the west, they hide their own deplorable actions by focussing attention on others.

Joe   May 14th, 2009 10:43 pm ET

I can see so many uneducated Sri lankan Sinhalies writing here without even knowing the history of the Tamils Of Lanka Lack of education and Lack of Budhha's teachings these people type some rubbish no wonder they are called moodaya's

Sathya   May 14th, 2009 10:44 pm ET

Please aask Srilankan government(Barbarians) to stop this terrible genocide.They are killing (not killing, cleansing) our tamil people in Vanni. Sinhala government think that they are the only ones have to live in Srilanka. Because of that srilankan Sinhala troops are using banned weapons in our motherland to kill our innocent civilians. International authorities should deal with this problem. Please save our tamil people. thank u.

Ranji Puveendran   May 14th, 2009 10:45 pm ET

All over the world, Tamils are protesting continuously. From these protests, the world should know there is genocide is happening. Why does UN wait? Does UN want each and every tamil to be killed? UN should act now rather than feel sorry later. Because of banning LTTE, the whole world is helping to kill tamils. The wold's silence is a biggest weapon to kills tamils. Please don't wait act now. Each and every protest, we say "LTTE is Freedom fighers. They save our lives. They should not lay their weapons since they have been protecting tamils.

nawaz   May 14th, 2009 10:46 pm ET

there is a saying in sinhala... " sinhalaya moadaya ... kavung kanda yodhaya.... modayaghe goo hathpole"... meaning...... sinhalese are fools..they are only good for eating .. they spread their shit in all places. now this saying is there since ages and created by themselves

Shara   May 14th, 2009 10:49 pm ET

Stop killing tamil people!!!!!!

Nisha   May 14th, 2009 10:50 pm ET


Jayatharan.S   May 14th, 2009 10:54 pm ET

Every one says LTTE killed indian prime minister and other political heads who tried to eradicate the tamil race and for that they are considered terrorist. then what do u call the Sri Lankan Government that killed 80 000 tamils???? only ignorant people will claim that there is no genocide, and it is foolish to claim that the LTTE is an Terrorist organization. have everyone forgotten how the war started? did everyone forget the terror that was unleashed upon the tamils?
who is to blame for the death of thousands of tamils? why is the west condemning the LTTE and not the Sri lankan state? is it because Sri lanka is a democracy? what kind of democratic government bombs its own people?what kind of democratic government denies food, aid, water, shelter, and medicine to it own people.? and why is the world standing by? didn't they learn anything from Rwanda, Darfur, Somalia or Nazi Germany?

jeeva   May 14th, 2009 10:55 pm ET

please save tamil from srilankan army and navy,air froce. LTTE CAN SAVE ALL TAMIL PLEASE HALP THAM. if no more LTTEall tamil have to die. before1975no more LTTE but lot of tamil kill by srilankan army and singala peaple. please please find out how many tamil killed before 1975. black july 1983 so many tamil killed by singala save save tamil .

Harmony   May 14th, 2009 11:05 pm ET

15 May 2009

I agree LTTE Brutality must end once and for all. There is no place for Terrorism in this world. SL is one country and must not be divided. Why can't all people live in harmony as they used to, blacks, whites, all races and religions. Perhaps there is no room in this world for an idealist.

Wartornchild   May 14th, 2009 11:08 pm ET

My life

In the 90’s my father was a freedom fighter
I had lost him in the war of independence against Britain
At early age though, I got married to a Indian soldier
He got killed in the war
I became a single parent raising children
When the Indians got thrown out in 97'
My eldest son was murdered for his eyes which were sold to Japanese
In a horrible fire fight with the Srilankan navy, my son a sea-tiger died
I buried the remains of my youngest son or what could be found of it
I am now dying, my relatives all killed in Jaffna
Thinking of what they have done to my family
In Vanni I live with my young daughter
Who herself is raising a child born out of rape

This is not only my life, but also those of the other 250,000 remaining with our last hope , waiting as the drum of death beats its drums, approaching nearer and nearer in the from of the Sinhalese army

logan   May 14th, 2009 11:09 pm ET

Sri Lankan Singhala politicians have planned the this Genocide for years and slowly carrying it out. Only for the current govt to become impatient and wanter to finish off the Tamils altogether. They tried to force their language on us. when we resisted we were beaten up, murdered and our properties destroyed. They tried to restrict our access to higher education by introducing quotas that favoured the majority. We didn’t even have to protest,we were beaten up again, murdered and our properties torched.
Like the Nazi book burning they bunt our library, one of the largest in Asia. Heinrich Heine ’s words “Where they burn books, they will also, in the end, burn humans.” has become true now. few years after the Nazi book burning Jews were burnt in Gas chambers. The Tamils are still burning.

vincent   May 14th, 2009 11:10 pm ET

I am a sinhalese but I don't think my government is doing right to innocent Tamils. Tamils are humans too, insted of giving their freedom we are killing them. We are killing Tamils from 1948, please this is enough.
I am really ashamed of my self beacause i am a sinhalese.

karun   May 14th, 2009 11:11 pm ET

Dear CNN, as per reports due to current civil war the death toll is around 70,000 which stay unchanged, for donkey years. In fact it must have crossed easily 100,000 limit if the recent atrocious state killings of defenceless Tamil minority people are accounted for. Unprejudiced figures, if available, will clearly demonstrate the capability of the trigger happy Sri Lankan troops’ handy work to their credit. More credits for abduction raping and dumping the victims’ dead bodies. To add more, the revelations made by Sinhala army cooks of torture of Tamil prisoners. Extra judicial killings of journalists and politicians never brought the perpetrators into book. Internationally it was a blunder to ban LTTE without going through the history and events to know how and why it has come to exist. If UN, EU, USA, UK are unable to intervene or prevent who is going to save the Tamils? What benefit the mankind can expect from so called UN, EU etc. Are they merely to keep people employed to waste public money visiting countries and holidaying in luxury hotels worldwide? What is the Solution to stop genocide? Next….. Wait for a Repeat of another Rwanda holocaust ……. Immediate ceasefire……… Supply of food and medicines for displaced and trapped people…… Hold a referendum to find the verdict of Tamils choice….. If no one can do these … let LTTE look after Tamils and lift the ban imposed on them

Dr C P Thiagarajah   May 14th, 2009 11:15 pm ET

Sri-lankan Tamils should be given the chance for self determination and thereby self rule in their traditional homeland. It is a basic HR demand. Why is that the Sinhalese community wants to deny this and doing all subjugation of an ethnic minority? In this enlightened world no one could suppress another ethnic community. The whole world should support this principle of democracy. Sri-lanka should allow free media into the country and must allow the Tamils to carry out day to day activities without army interference. No economic development and industries are allowed to function in Tamil areas for the last 60 years. Now the Tamil areas ara under arny rule and hence seige.The Tamil homeland is scorched earth now. Most of the houses are damaged and people are leading a squalid life. Will UN intervene with US push and give TH their self rule. Tamils will be grateful.

theepan   May 14th, 2009 11:15 pm ET

USA and UK go to sri lanka stop the war imediatly coverment please.. if you delay every minuts die 50 civelians atlease. so you are a my god. i wont see what happent my family. i can only bleve you....

Chanaka   May 14th, 2009 11:16 pm ET

Enough is enough.
Hang Sri Lankan president and his brothers. There will be no more cries...

vincent   May 14th, 2009 11:18 pm ET

Please, my sinhalese brothers go to "tamilnet" website and see what we are doing for poor Tamils.

Chanaka   May 14th, 2009 11:18 pm ET

Let the Sinhala people speak freely and decide the next DEMOCRATIC government to rule them... Until then Sinhala boys do not have a life in Sri Lanka....

Chanaka   May 14th, 2009 11:19 pm ET

STOP THE GENOCIDE IN SRI LANKA.. Isn't this disgusting people???

Sinna   May 14th, 2009 11:20 pm ET

Hey sihaleese, first of all, all of you have a look what exactly heppening in the name of fighting against terror. I am not telling what LTTE doing is correct, they did hell lot of bad things. But for sure the government is doing the things now is very very bad. Kill as much as LTTE, no problem. They are figting for freedon and you are fighting against terror. But do not kill civilians. I am sure, the Sri Lankan government wnted to wiped out all tamils from Sri Lanka. If you all sure your government doing correct things, that is good, lets 3rd party like UN to have a look at the war zone and civilians camp. Who ever soughting our government doing correct things, you all are Singhaleese bot not BUDDHIST.

ahivbaba   May 14th, 2009 11:20 pm ET

Very soon Sri Lanka is going to face the international tribunal for its war crime against innocent tamil civilians.

Rajeevan   May 14th, 2009 11:21 pm ET

Its funny that everyone says that let sri lanka deal with this as an internally...they have tried that...that is why ppl are dying in the thousands now. How else should we look at this except an attempt at genocide. Lets for a moment go back to 1983..Remember the slaughter that happened. Remeber Sri lankan president Jaywandana who said, "if the tamils have to suffer and the sinhalese can live peacefully the killings are worth it." Should i pull up the tons of hate messages that are sent to me... Calling me slaves to their country. Since when did that become a sinhalese country.. Lets for a moment talk about the Sri Lankan flag. Why is the Sinhalese lion holding the minority hostage with the knife. What does the other colors mean. Tamils, interracial and muslims...So if we want to talk about symbolism is that what that flag stands for. Why doesn't the sri lankan government if they are fighting a war on terror...let media in iraq how US did. Its cause they ain't fighting War on Terror....they are fighting a War against thats the truth...The tamil voices should be heard...they deserve the right to live in their own country and they shouldn't be second class citizens...

ahivbaba   May 14th, 2009 11:22 pm ET

if there is no peace solution acceptable by tamils no one can live in Sri Lanka

anton manickam   May 14th, 2009 11:26 pm ET

please save the tamils in tamil eelam.we need international suport right now.

Kumar   May 14th, 2009 11:27 pm ET

People who writing the for their own political agenda...please please open your mind....


Reason: Two Parties are involved in this LTTE and GOSL

Compare to LTTE, GOSL sri lanka has grater responsability for these civillians. i.e. if they cliam TAMILS ARE OUR PEOPLE!!!!

Do you really thing in the Name of Finishing the LTTE, killing these innocent TAMILS would bring peace to these island?

Sinhalese people, if you have a heart, please don't write only tamils are "Our Brothers & Sisters" but also show this in action

Priyanka   May 14th, 2009 11:39 pm ET

There is a government declared no-fire zone in the northern east part of Sri-Lanka, but it just so happens that that zone happens to be the most dangerous part of the country thanks to the Sri Lankan Government! The constant shelling is destroying countless innocent tamil lives who are trapped there. When it was found that there was intense shelling in the last couple of weeks in that area, the Government bluntly pointed the finger at the LTTE for the shelling, how the hell is that possible? why in the world would the LTTE shell an area where they are inhibiting and killing off the people whom they are risking their lives for and fighting for these peoples' freedom? Such shelling was discovered through video footage taken in the area and that taken through satelite imaging. Once this was evidence was presented to the Government, they said that they may have done that a few months ago when clearly the damages created by the shelling only appeared in these images in the last few weeks! Can't the international community see the discrepancy of the Governments allegations? Note that when the LTTE extended their hand for peace talks and cease fire, the Sri Lankan government rejected. Not to mention that it was the SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT who broke the last cease fire agreement. Furthermore, even if the Government was fighting what they call a so-called 'war on terror' then why are they killing off so many innocent civilians? Isnt their main goal to fight with the minimal deaths of innocent people? Rather, we are seeing many INNOCENT tamil people who have done nothing wrong, mercilessly butchered! Is it not obvious to the international community that there is a GENOCIDE of the tamils taking place in Sri Lanka??
PLEASE HELP STOP THE GENOCIDE IN SRI LANKA!! before its too late.. the world just doesnt need another genocide after we only recognised the genocide of the tutsis' in Rwanda and the holocaust in Germany after hundreds and thousands.. heck millions of innocent people were killed!

Fran   May 14th, 2009 11:41 pm ET

Slaughter of tamils by "provoked sinhala majority" is nothing new to tamils since 1948. It has been happening in North East, Colombo, in other part of has been carried out by SL in small and large scale in the pat out of view of the world. war crime by SL is not new to tamils either. LTTE was born out this circumstances. Now "Flawed LTTE" a distraction used by successive chauvinistic buddhist SL GOV.
Only difference of the current slaughter of tamil is that it is happening in full view of the word, in mega scale.
International community has failed to read the murderous nature of the SL Gov. and had tied the hands one bad guy (LTTE) and let the other bad guy (Sri lanka) to prey on innocent civilians.
We got to wait and see how collective guilt of international community is going to find justice to the people who were slaughtered.
Wrath of silent majority of tamils ( not LTTE supporters) has fallen on Sri lanka and will not sleep until the justice is served. Justice may be delayed but not denied.

elavan   May 14th, 2009 11:43 pm ET

75% of Sinhalese will always elect their so called 'democratic government'. 25% minorities will be always suffer...
this is not how democrat should work.
if a country does not care about it's minority civilians IC should intervene
thats how mordern civilisation works.

Tamils & Sinhalease will never live together happily. history says.. hundreds of years of fighting... will never end... separation is the solutions

let us live in our own land. not in concentration camps..

darsnath   May 14th, 2009 11:43 pm ET

I think the concept of post-conflict reconciliation is out the window now. Things have gone way too far. People from both the Tamil and Sinhala communities feel insecure about the other. I don't buy the arguments of some pro-Sri Lanka people that the Sinhala and Tamil communities live in harmony in Southern Sri Lanka. The Tamil community just lives there. But they don't enjoy the same privilages as the Sinhalese. Plus, the Tamil people will have to register with the police and will have to explain their reason for being in Colombo (if not they will be arrested or abducted, tortured and/or killed). Plus, the root causes of this conflict will never be addressed given the nature of extremist politicians in Sri Lankan politics. So, just go for the political divorce. Two separate states: the two people will be living in peace seperately!

Lanka   May 14th, 2009 11:46 pm ET

LTTE is a Terrorist organisation.... when they bombed colombo and killed innocent people... where were you all...

Is only Tamil people humans and not others??????

stephen fisher   May 14th, 2009 11:51 pm ET

Srilankan goverment doing silence genocide war, killed more than 10,000 childrens,womans and innocent poeple. more than 3000 young girls and boys separate from their parents. Those girls and boys are sexual abuse by SLA and killed for thier human parts(eg eyes,kidney).

singalese people are accecpting which ever thier forces doing and done. they celebrating their victory of killing and rapeing children.

Please safe innocent people and children.

Tilak   May 14th, 2009 11:54 pm ET

Sri Lanka is a sovereign country which has a democratically elected government. Let it solve its problems. Sri lanka is currently in a humanitarian operation to rescue Tamil civilians being held by LTTE terrorists as a human shield. LTTE Terrorists are putting bombs at their camps and carrying out propaganda to win world's sympathy and to damage image of the SLA.I have couple of photos showing that these terror supporters are acting in front of a camera to film such an event. In that photo you can see photographer is smiling and taking the photo. Can some one smile during a shelling operation? If I have an e-mail address I can send them to you to see. This is not the first time that Terrorists and their sympathisers used this type of things to win world's sympathy. Even 1983 incidents are their well planned thing to win world's sympathy. If SLA needs to bomb these camps they can do it by one night. Because of civilians held as human shield by the terrorists I am very sure they do not do it. These civilians are forcibly used by the tigers to fight with the army. Up to now more than 150000 have been rescued. Please see video recently released by the Army showing terrorists are using civilians for their terror acts. They are shooting them when they are trying to escape. Some westerners need to stop war against terrorists, give them a fresh breath to re group to kill innocent civilians. It is their business for arms dealing.

Terrorist sympathisers and terrorists all over the world are carrying out demonstrations, attacking foreign embassies, blocking road ways making illegal activities. These people need to rescue terrorist leaders with the support of International community. As a law abiding International community do you accept this?

Please help SL Government in this humanitarian rescue operation. I do not need to tell you about this terrorist organisation which has named as the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world. This was named by the FBI not SL Government. These terrorists invented suicide kits which are currently being used by Al quida. Even these terrorists have trained Alquida.

They have killed thousands and thousands of innocent civilians regardless of whether they are Sinhalese, Muslims or Tamils. They have killed hundreds of democratic leaders in the country and abroad including Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi. They have killed their own democratic Tamil leaders. Today Sri Lanka Army has found large stock of claymore bombs in the heart of Colombo brought by the terrorists for civilian blood bath. So far they have found about $30m worth of explosives and war items in war areas. These items were brought during the Ceasefire period and was supported by various western NGO's other Aid Organisations. It was told that NGOs have given training to the terrorists to use these items. Luckily current government has chased them away. If the government didn't do it entire civilian population in Sri Lanka would have been finished by now. If you are supporting such an organization it is like you are supporting Al-Qaida against brother America.

NY Andy   May 14th, 2009 11:56 pm ET

First of all , everybody should understand the value of human life. You might have different opinions. I have some call as terrorist problem , some call this as ethinic issue. Wot eva has lasted for 61 yrs! 250,000 people killed god...isn't it big amount for the size of that tiny island?
I think about 99% of those killed are ethinic Tamils. So it amounts to big problem. 50% of Tamils have fleed the country and now they are living all over the world. So it is no more a problem for Srilanka but a problem for everybody. Problem for the countries who gave asylum to Tamils.

World should have addressed this issue when Tamils started coming to abroad. It is too late now, but late is better than never. I belive president Obama is a man with realism.

So Us should listen to Tamils and Srilanka. If it handles it as terorrist problem I know Tamils will not give up. So it is needed to be solved through negotiations.
If anyway it should be resolved through discussions with Tamils wots the point of war? If you will have to negotiate anyway then why not now?

All srilankans and Tamils should understand there is no need of war. If Srilanka wants to keep it good , then talk to Tigers, Talk to Tamils. Accept the right of Tamils which will solve the problem

Two countries without war is better than one country with civil war!

karnan   May 14th, 2009 11:57 pm ET

Singhalease thinking that they are winning the war , the world should understand that this war cannot be won and the LTTE cannot be defeated as it is in the hearts and mind of all the tamils living all over the world . The government of Sri Lanka is trying to hide the truth by baning all the media and aid organisations .you can clearly see the frustration of the SL government and the singhease people , even they do not like this Poll.
Tamils and singhalease in Sri Lanka have so many differences , we have completely different culture, religion,language .We Tamils have been constantly discriminated by the singhalese for the last 60 years , now it has reached its peak ,1000s of tamils are getting killed almost everyday .This is clearly not a terrorist problem , there is an ethnic conflict where the Majority is carrying out genocide on the minority Tamils. World has a duty to protect the voice less Tamils. There is no point releasing statements , and proofs of satellite images . There is nothing more to prove , Tamil babies, children, pregnent women and elderly people are geiing killd everyday by the Sri Lankan government .No food or medicine allowed to those people for almost a month .Where is the justice ! what is the purpose of UN's presence?We Tamils have cried enough , All over the world the Tamils are protesting ,are all of them are terrorists?Why the world branded the LTTE as terrorist organisation?have they comited any crimes in any part of world ?Only they are fighting against a brutal government and its genocide on Tamils. How can you justify that Using suicide bombing is an act of terrorism ? LTTE's targets are always Miltry , not the civilians, on the other hand the government of Sri lanka is killing innocent civilians everyday using all the internationaly banned weapons, Isn’t a state terrorism?We Tamils need justice , we need separate state , this is the only way wil bring peace back in Sri lanka. singhalese should realise this truth. please do not live in a dream world , the LTTE cannot be defeated , world must not wait anymore , we tamils had enough , and the world has seen enough ?PLEASE ACT NOW , ASAP, DELAY WILL COST 1000S OF LIVES.

Theeban   May 15th, 2009 12:02 am ET


Bavani   May 15th, 2009 12:03 am ET

It is not a question of supporting LTTE or gov of Sri Lanka. This is war against innocent civillians in the name of 'war against terror'. Stop killing innocent people. Stop the killing and sit down on the table for talk. Peace agreement between LTTE and Gov was broken by the Government not as they say by LTTE.
As per history, Tamils and Sinhalese had separate kingdoms until British merged them together in early 1930's for their administrative convenience. When they left they gave the power to Sinhalese and there was a small piece of right for Tamils in the consitution. Soon after the independance, Sinhala gov brought Sinhala only official language, then Sinhala thugs killed thousands of tamils who protested peacefully in a Ghandian way, burnt their homes, looted their possessions.That small right was also was removed from the constution in early 1970s by GOSL. They repeated killed thousands every 10 years. 1958, 1961, 1977, 1983 an on going. LTTE was born out of GOSL's discrimination, oppression, supression and murders on Tamils in early 1970's. When LTTE had control over majority of 'Tamil Eelam' land they established a secular state. Many time governement sat down with them for a peace talk, but every time they broke it and started the war. Now it got worse. Sri Lankan Government and the SL army which has 99.99 sinhala soldiers, wants to wipe out the whole tamils from the island and want to own the whole island as Rajapakshe and co says ' we are majority we should rule the country'. SL army burnt the tamils' library (WHICH WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST 6 IN SOUTH ASIA AND CONTAINED IRREPLACEABLE MANUSCRIPTS) thinking they can erase the history of the Island. Do they not know there are millions of history books all around the world about the island -Eelam – this was the orinal name then changed by British to CEYLON then changed again by Sinhalese Gov to Sri LANKA. Between 3000-6000 BC the island was joined as one continent with India-Bharat. Due to tsunami or earthquake the island was formed.Tamils are original natives of the Island of Eelam. Prince 'Vijaya' came from middle part of India ( I believe Orissa). According to history prince Vijaya was very cruel, due to many complaints from the public his father(King Sinha) deported him to this Island. He put prince 'Vijaya' in a boat with 700 of his friends, mates and servants. he landed in the south part of Eelam and met the daughter of head of the hunters called ' Kuweani and married her and established his own little kingdom in the south. Tamils gave him shelter and food and treated him as their friend. He brought his own culture,language and religion from 'Orissa'.During Emperor Ashoka's time buddhism spread to the island. Emperor Ashoka's sister 'Sanhamitra' dedicated her life to Budha and Budhism and brought the religion to the South and Sinhalese adopted buddhism. Tamils had their own kingdoms in the north and east including polanuwa, anuradhapura and even in the middle of the island 'Kandy' and had close ties with mother land South India and many times there was wars between Sinhalese kings and Tamils kings. In early 17th century Dutch and portugese came and ruled separately had separate administrative governments(tamils and sinhalese).British came and put it all together and gave power to sinhalese when they left. People who talk about history of Sri Lanka better do some research before they speak.
It seems now what is going on in the island is, who wants more power in the Indian Ocean. Tamils got caught in the middle. Give tamils' rights back and let them live peacefully.

Thamilan   May 15th, 2009 12:04 am ET

Our people have been killed daily no one is ready to stop this war , every one simply say there is problem including UN even though they new exectly what is going on in srilanka.

Alreday more than 10000 people died , no media freedom, if you doubt about this please contact Channel 4 UK.

Please help Tamil people to live in their own land with freedom

Rose   May 15th, 2009 12:08 am ET

Lasi : Looks like you are commenting out side of Srilanka. If you are in Srilanka, you will be gone by now for inviting foreign MEDIA.
CNN knows better. What happend to repoter Lasantha(singaleese) ?.
Moreover US,Britain, France, Norway, & UN has the pictures honey. Dont try to fool them.

Lasa: His excellency Obama doesnt talk rabish. Give some respect. I know it is toomuch to expect that from you people.

Susan: Where did you get the idea that LTTE killing its own people ?
Karuna amman who is the best man for your president is killing innocent tamils. Thats why we say only Prabaharan can save Tamils and he is the only leader that Tamils can TRUST. Others like Karuna, ect will do any thing for Money and women which he prooved.

Support innocent Tamils and help them get their only solution TAMIL EELAM. CANNT LIVE WITH SINGALA extreamist who says that this is only Singala Budhist country.

His excellency Obama & Madam Hillary Clinton : Please recongnize the Tamils self detemination.

Thank you CNN

Himansu   May 15th, 2009 12:09 am ET

Other nations should not intervein in Sri Lanka's ongoing issues with government fighting against LTTE to end this terrorists. All these years the other nations did very little to even notice what has been happening in Sri Lanka, and why bother now? Frankly it would be very difficult for an outsider/ other nation to look at and analyse even understsand the real problems that has been happening in Sri Lanka for almost more than 3 decades. Therefore it would be best if the other nations stop this intervein and let SL Goverenment handle this for the sake of fighting against Terrorists, and let them finish what they have started .

Paul Shan   May 15th, 2009 12:10 am ET

I don’t understand why there is still no one to take action to stop genocide Sri Lanka…People are suffering. Please help them…please…people are being killed for no reason…please takes action and stop this immediately…..And Thanks to CNN idesk for opening a forum on one of the hot issues in the world.

Roshan   May 15th, 2009 12:10 am ET

Tamils have been discriminated since 1958.

so tamils need to be saved from our singhala government.

Dinesh   May 15th, 2009 12:19 am ET

International powers should intervene immediately to stop the massacre in Srilanka, The Srilankan army doesn't distinguish Tamil people as Civilians or LTTE terrorists, and slaughtering all tamils, regardless.

Eezhan   May 15th, 2009 12:36 am ET

The killing has to be stopped. It is clearly an ethnic cleansing. The IC must get involved and solve the issue. The must make sure the minority tamils get their rights back. President Obaama must get involved. Immediate need is to bring a cease fire and then negatiations.

humanitarian reliefs materials are to be sent to the war areas. Independent media and minotoring groups must be sent IDP places and the no fore zones to ensure public safety.


God Bless and Save Tamils

A disturbed soul

J. W. Norman Almeida   May 15th, 2009 12:39 am ET

Most of your "LTTE- supporting" contributors find it so easy, in the guise of "humanitarianism", Tamil homeland, Sinhala discrimination, etc. to forget very conveniently the heinous crimes of the LTTE _ let me remind you – cold blooded murder of Rajiv Gandhi – the late Indian PM, several Sri Lankan Ministers & others. Cold-blooded death of countless innocent women & children in their senseless cold bombings. The extortion rackets run by these Tamil thus – child prostitution, Drug peddling, Human trafficking, countless Credit Card scams, (the victims of which have been the stupid Westerners themselves !). This is a shameless terror outfit that the West for the sake of cheap "Blood-tainted" electoral Votes refuses to condemn. Very good, let the West let these suicide bomb capability thugs make their homes in Western countries – WE pray that Sri Lanka's unpatriotic rubbish be tomorrow the troublesome gain of the West – especially the UK. These will be finally the weakest link in the West's so called "War on Terror" ! Good Luck Brown .... Good Luck Obama ! In your stupid naivety you cannot see the gravity of what your peoples have inherited ....... ! God Bless you & thank You for your acceptance of Sri Lanka's "garbage" !!!

Eezhan   May 15th, 2009 12:42 am ET

Sri Lanka government has been massacaring the tamils for the last 40 years. This has to be stopped. This cannot be allowed. President Obama has to stop this. This is clearly a genocide. If people are concerned about the human lives, then just get involved and work beyond your limits.

Pleaseeeeee, help the tamils in Sri Lanka. There is no human rights, free media, freedom of speech or anything. It is a democratically elected dictatorship government which is ruled by the Four Brothers, the family of dictators.

Save the tamils.

J. W. Norman Almeida   May 15th, 2009 12:51 am ET

Let's face it, aggressive killer, suicide bombing LTTE types are NOT wanted in Sri Lanka ! Go & make your home in the West where you can protest, block roads, squat (coolie-like) on pavements, scare politicians, threaten locals, block roads, yell yourselves hoarse and generally make a nuisance of yourselves to the local populations in the stupid countries that have adopted you .................... we are so delighted to have got rid of your ALL from Sri Lanka ! Please don't even think of coming back ............... when there is a "backlash" and Western countries kick you out & "the fever of humanitarian causes" runs out and you are no longer tolerated in the UK and the US – you can then enjoy a new, fresh wave of "super-protesting" – something LTTE supporters are so jolly good at ! But above all please DO NOT come back to Sri Lanka .................. we will be ready for you .......... !

Pathman   May 15th, 2009 12:51 am ET

There is a easy solution to the problem: Independent State of Tamil Eelam!!!

Pradeepan   May 15th, 2009 12:54 am ET

Yes. our own tamil people are being killed by the LTTE....

LTTE leaders' aim is not saving tamils – though they say soo, but they on their own personal propegenda..

i know there is no conflict between Tamils and Sinhala there. I see a lot Sinhala people sending goods to the IDP Tamils in North..

Some Media ( I say biased) publish that 100s of civillianced killed in NFZ. But I dont know how they have verified them... Everything is said by a so called "doctor"... who knows that "doctor " is a LTTE member who is speading false news after killing its own tamil people

kathy   May 15th, 2009 12:57 am ET

attention lanka:

you are telling about one bombing in colombo. if you have some human sense think about today;s situation.1700 civilians killed in one day. you can see the horrible photos if your family in that photo? think son of Buddha are adding curse not only you your generation too. this is reality.pls international community don;t wait anymore. save our tamil nation.why did we leave fro our country? we did have everything in our homeland.but not freedom.pls now is the time to save tamils in srilanka.

thabo   May 15th, 2009 1:00 am ET

thanks for your care. fighting not a solution. no body gets anything. well poor civilian get kill every day by ruthless srilankan government. what for? to get a tamil homeland.. well there is no value for human in this world. god bless tamils and the world.

Facethereality1   May 15th, 2009 1:01 am ET


Thomas Dorkings   May 15th, 2009 1:04 am ET

Unfortunately Tamils have fast become "the modern Jews" of the world – no one really wants them ! How sad ................. the moaning, screaming & protesting in the West will NOT help ! Already Canadians are fed-up of these professional protesters, people in the US are divided and the Klu Klux Klan (the "KKK") will do a good job – where others can't. The UK is gradually seeing why they are called "Terrorist Supporters". The good old EU will finally fall back on what used to be called "the German" solution. Then we can all look forward to Eelam in heaven ........................ what better ? May God Bless us All !

Rajcholan   May 15th, 2009 1:07 am ET

Dear Sir/Madam,

First I thank for this commenting site relatingglobal facts which really gives opinions of public in democratic manner and I also offer my high respect to all americans electing honourable Law Prof. as a president of USA with building strong harmony between other
societies living in America.The real sturggle for freedom mean
tamil descent in so called Ceylon/Sri lanka is to regain their lost
kingdom tamileelam.As to remember no sinhala buddhist racist leaders are genuine and honest from post independence of Ceylon/
Sri lanka from 1948.Sooner independence totally ruined plantation
tamils depriving their vote and citizenship rights.This population is
still great foreign exchange earner more than 70%for Sri lanka
then slowly continued their atrocities against tamil population via
indirect activities such as neo colonization in their north/east homeland,implementing all sort of discriminative activities as in education,economy,oppression,state terrorism,abductions,
disappearance,harassment compelled to struggle tamil population
for their birth right.Every successive sinhala buddhist racist leaders
continues their cheating global community holding a political solution
package as an eye wash drama from beginning today sooner geared
military solution instead political solution.Therefore as confirming the
act of state terrorism(genocidal war in Sri lanka) an humbly request
your Honourable President to take military intervention into Sri lanka
saving innocent civilians approximately sorrounded in the war zone
approximately more than 175,000. Thanks again ..........take care!

rajah   May 15th, 2009 1:08 am ET

The world has to only read Mr Richard Dixons comments to understand what is going on in Sri Lanka. Written very well. Hope President Obama opens his heart.

Joseph   May 15th, 2009 1:09 am ET

Readers of these comments will notice that Tamils are requesting the intervention of IC while the Sinhalese (or Sinhlalese posing as foreigners) oppose it vehemently. This tells a lot: Sinhlaese leadership of Sri Lanka has a lot to hide from the outside world. What the Tamils asking is simple: Let the independent media like CNN into the war zone (or the so-called "no-fire zone") and let them decide who is the "practicing" terrorist here. Sinhalese know that if this happens, it is only a matter of time before their leader Mahinda Rajapksha is indicted for crimes against humanity. So , this is the reason behind the strong opposition from the Sinhalese who write here. All other reasons for this opposition, like sovereignity, independent nation, demoractically-elected govt, are BULL SHIT. In many people's opinion, Sri Lanka is not a soveriegn state anymore; it's just a terrorist outfit run by a bunch of fanatics.

R Murugan   May 15th, 2009 1:11 am ET

Sri Lanka is worse than Nazi regime. During the past few days thousands of children, women, and civilians have been massacred by the Sri Lankan Forces. Safety zones and hospitals are targeted deliberately. Chemical and other banned weapons are used. Tamil girls in the IDP camps are raped. Youths and children are separated from parents and be abused. More than 60 elderly people are starved to death as court ruled. The army kills the Tamil youth and then take out their organs to sell. Tamil parliamentarians who are selected by the people are not allowed to visit these people. Local and International media not allowed. NGOs not allowed. What else you want???

Santhosh   May 15th, 2009 1:12 am ET

Srilanka should Stop the War and Tamil people should have their own country and please don't watch the media and get fooled by srilankan government saying that they did not kill civilians ..

Thank you

RAM   May 15th, 2009 1:14 am ET

Simple and straightforward. GENOCIDE is happening is Sri lanka. If oppostion party is voted in, they will slowly kill people, that is the only difference. Specially in times of elections in either Lanka or in India the killings will either decrease or increase depending on how much money is been given to the party controlloing POWER IN LANKA, which always is a SINHALA LEADER. Always it is the Tamil civilians who get killed and Tamils can never be Voted to Power. But some Tamils are in the government as ministers, but they are not voted . They are actually QUISLINGS WHO HAVE been 'HONOURED' BY THE GENOCIDAL GOVT. Infact their ethnic origins are different, but they may have a TAMIl name, because they lived in Tamil areas and this happens with many who call themselves as Sinhalese, but truly speaking many declared that they are Sinhalese , because, they don't won't to be targeted and also because of criminalising the TAMIL community. There are thousands if not in hundred of thousands have declared SINHALESE like this. I challenged every one I met over in Colombo, specially the ones who said that they are Sinhalese and those who can't speak Tamil to prove who they are.. Not a single one who claimed as non – Tamil were able to, because most of them were from South India (these are people who claimed to be Sinhalese) and many had a farer skin and are of Indian or Persian origin. The whole lot living in Colombo which controls the power, if you dig deep you will know that many of them were NON BUDDHISTS and have CONVERTED TO BUDDHISM TO ENTER INTO BIG TIME POLITICS as only a BUDDHIST CAN RULE THE COUNTRY. What sort of STUPTD CONSTITUTION IS THIS. BARBARIC BUDDHISM AT ITS PEAK. RELIGIOUS FANATICS .....

shane   May 15th, 2009 1:16 am ET


Why do people keep interfering with the Sri lanka community problems. This is something we will deal with and please leave us alone no one else has the right talk about it. People talk so much about it and no one has any idea for 38 years how srilanka suffered becasuse of this war and now it is down to the last few miles and people want us to end this???? The government is taking drastic measures to make sure the cilivilans are not injured but it is a war. And for the sake of ever parent that has lost their sons to the war, ever child that has lost their parents and for everone that has shed a tear it is becoming a dream come true to end this war. LTTE is a banned terrorist organisation that is a disgrace to the humna community and please dont judge this as a war against a minority becasue it is not. Unfortunately the majority of people involved are tamils but We srilankans love peace and harmony and now it is coming true so please let us end this war and encourage the rebels to lay down their weapons.

suja   May 15th, 2009 1:19 am ET

We Tamils are asking urgent action from your Government to protect the Tamils from Srilanka Singhalese Government. If you fail to stop this war, many thousands of innocent Tamils are going to die. Peoples are dying without food and medicine; the Srilankan army is continuously shelling in the safe zone so ICRC couldn’t deliver anything to the region, recent statement from ICRC. This is the biggest human catastrophic in the world. We believe that only America can save these people from this Srilankan Singhalese government.

suja   May 15th, 2009 1:22 am ET

We Tamils have been fighting since 1948 for freedom because of systematic discrimination. Arms struggle started 30 years ago because of no other choice to save our people from Srilankan Armies. There was genocide against Tamils in the past. When there is a political solution to the problem, we think there is no need for arms fighting. So America should involve in this problem to find a peaceful political solution to the conflict. We need immediate and permanent ceasefire, humanitarian access to the war zone and presence of United Nation.
Tamil tigers are fighting for Tamils rights in Srilanka. Tamils people are not trapped in the area but they seek protection from Srilankan army. Tamil tigers are protecting them from srilankan armies. America must involve in this matter to find a political solution to the problem otherwise Srilankan will kill every Tamils in the country step by step. Tamils genocide is all part of the srilanka now. Everyday Tamils are missing under army-controlled area. There is systematically Tamil genocide. Nobody take action to protect Tamils from singhala regime.

balasundaram   May 15th, 2009 1:28 am ET

Last five months Srilanga goverment say few hundred LTTE only left in srilanga, But any one who have commen sence ask srilankan government, "Why 10,000 innocent people (including baby,children),20,000 people (baby also)wonded,two hundred cvill people lost their home ,now srilanga army open jail for last 5months, all that for to eliminate few Ltte freedom fighter ".think vote for humans,don't think race or relign.
Thanks CNN.

Jason Ward   May 15th, 2009 1:29 am ET

The international community should understand the tatics that Sri Lankan government is using to kill innocent civilians. They are singing an old song like LTTE uses child soldiers, sucide bombers so on so on but actually if you count the innocent heads who were killed in this conflicts, The number will be more than that of LTTE's. The government is killing innocent in the name of Bush's "War on Terror". LTTE is fighting for their own people's freedom. According to the reports, they are also violating the international laws. But I would say this is because the international community is not understanding what the real issue is. The only picture they see is the terrorism. What we are seeing in Srilanka is genocide. The Srilankan government has been trying to eliminate the Tamils for centuries. Tamils consists of 25 percent in Srilanka; if the tigers (LTTE) did not exist the Tamils would have been wiped off completely in Srilanka. I do not support terrorism but when you look at LTTE's history, they have lost 25000 of it's soldiers fighting against the government. Is there anybody could think this many people are terrorists? Something is smoking here!

K.Sivakumar   May 15th, 2009 1:32 am ET

I am very much convcerned about the killing of Tamils by Sri Lankan Army. World coutries and UN should interfere and stop the war. LTTE is not a terrorist group. It is fighting for the freedom and equal rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka. I salute Mr.Prabakaran, LTTE Chief for his bravery and his freedom struggle. I pray god for a long life Prabakarn to lead the freedom struggle. India should order Rajabakse to stop the killing of Tamils.

Ananthy   May 15th, 2009 1:33 am ET

Please help to stop the genocide of Tamils in SriLanka

Sally   May 15th, 2009 1:44 am ET

I am so tired of the Tamil Tigers. They are just another group of terrorists like Al Queda using terror tactics on innocent people. There is no justification for these acts or justification with voicing their beliefs in a way that interferes with the lives of innocent people in countries other than Sri Lanka. It would be more productive for the United Nations to come up with a strategy to help Sri Lanka as a whole not just the Tamils. The country is made up of all kinds of people from different cultural backgrounds.

Vanan   May 15th, 2009 1:52 am ET

International Community must step in to protect the Tamils in Sri Lanka who are caught up in the war zone as per the doctrine Responsibility to Protect. Sri Lankan Government started slaughtering the Tamils in hundreds and now the Sri Lankan Government is slaughtering the Tamils in thousands. International Community must step in immediately to protect the Tamils from the Sri Lankan Government. Sri Lankan Government is not even allowing the ICRC ships to evacuate the wounded Tamils with heavy bombarding and shelling.
Food and Medicine must be sent immediately to the war zone.
Independent reporters as well as NGOs must be allowed to the bring the truth as to what is happening in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Government has certainly something to hide from the international world. Yes. It is War Crimes.

Theepan   May 15th, 2009 1:55 am ET




Paddy   May 15th, 2009 1:56 am ET

In Sri Lanka, the Government is fighting one of the deadliest terrorist groups that has killed many innocent civilians, both Tamil and Sinhalese. As much as affluent countries such as USA and UK have the right to fight terrorists, not only on their home soil, but in other countries as well, Sri Lanka should also have the right to fight terrorists in their own country.

Aloysius Kumar   May 15th, 2009 1:57 am ET

Initially Tamils were asking for their rights in a peace full and silent way. But the srilankan government and its army have started to kill innocent Tamils in the name of Budhdhaa. It is not LTTE who started terrorism. Government has made them to take weapons in their hands to fight against lankan army in order to save Tamil from merciless lankan army. LTTE has never innocent singalise. But the lankan government has killed at least 200000 innocent Tamil. Now say who is the terrorist. If you watch closely from the year 2006 LTTE have never involved in offensive attacks. They was just defensing in order to save Tamils. LTTE is not a terrorist organization. LTTE is a freedom fighting movement. Please stop war and give separate home land for Tamils. Singalise are not ready to give equal rights for Tamils. Even singalise citizens are also against Tamils. That is why they are encouraging the man eater Rajabakshe. We want to live a peaceful life in our home land. For that we need to have separate Tamil Eelam.

naveen   May 15th, 2009 2:00 am ET

Mr. Obama & Ms.Clinton should pay their grave consern about there bloody US army who are killing thousands of inocent Afgan & Iraqi people by suing air-strikes & using white phosphorous (P) These shameless people never talk about their bloody works but arrouse all others dirty things. Sri lankana have presedent & we dont neet any consern of those bloody american government.
I think stiil those stupid Americans havent lernt form 11/09 & u will lern more in near future from Mr. Osama bin ladin. We happily waiting for that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Nathan   May 15th, 2009 2:05 am ET

It is clearly visible the SL government and its forces are carrying out a genocide against Tamils. If IC is waiting for India's decision, IC also fail in SL issue as India failed. India does not have a steady and clear forign policy. So why the IC expect India should take first actiob in SL issue. India's only action in SL issue is strongly supporting SL's genocide against Tamil. Eventhough the SL government carried the genocide in Tamilnaadu, I think the Indian government support SL.

How can we live with a community which strongly support its government to kill our people. So only sollution is separate state which is Tamileelam.

Thanks a lot CNN. Please push the US government to take our problem in its hand and bring a solution.

Assessment   May 15th, 2009 2:07 am ET

Some people here are giving wrong picture to the world in relation to the war against terrorism, LTTE terrorists, even for the History. There have never been a Ealam or Tamil Kingdom in Sri Lanka. They were invaders. They have come from Tamil Nadu . Anyway these Tamils are living in peace and harmony in the island. Very small percentage from this Tamils has been self appointed as saviours of these people and trying to create a separate land . These Tamils do not like terrorists. How can a terrorist who is brutally murder innocent children in front of the parents be a freedom fighter. These bogus freedom fighters are killing pregnant women by cutting their belly. They are killing babies by bashing on trees. Are they freedom fighters? They know only kill people brutally. They have never gone to a school.
We have suffered from this curse for about thirty years now. Enough is enough. Let SL government to finish them. Support in current humanitarian operation. Up to now more than 150000 civilians who have held by terrorists as human shield have been rescued. Day by day thousands are escaping. If they were caught terrorists are shooting at them. If these terrorists are freedom fighters why 150000 civilians have escaped from them.

Isaz   May 15th, 2009 2:07 am ET

All moor people in this world now should be unite. Our main enemy is not Alqueeda. Our main enemy is this shit US government. So we should be unite & try to eradicate this bloody people form this planet if all the world people need peace.

Chelvadurai   May 15th, 2009 2:11 am ET

No Food to Tamils
No Medicine to Tamils
No Freedom to Tamils
And also...
No Brain to Rajapakse

Mayuran Sivagurunathan   May 15th, 2009 2:11 am ET

The Sri Lanka government is the modern Nazi regime. Any countries who support them are those who have long history of supporting Communism and human right violation. Everyone knows Sri Lankan government is an oppressed regime. I mean after all there is reason why the Human Right Watch has Sri Lanka on it's list and the whole world is spitting on it's face for not allowing journalist into it. Only God know the torture and inhumane acts carried out by the Sri Lankan government. It is pretty obvious the UN is not going to do much about the problem in Sri Lanka. When it comes to stopping genocides, the UN is as useless China is in protecting basic human rights. But I know the Tamil people the power and will to raise awareness of this problem and pressure countries like US, UK and Canada into taking actions. Keep up the peaceful protest and demonstrations that have become a symbol to our community and we will bring down the Nazi Sri Lankan regime.

sathees   May 15th, 2009 2:13 am ET

stop killing our brothers and sisters. With in last two days only, 1700 people died due to brutal bombimg by sinhala govt. and hospital is currently closed. Dead bodiers are unattended around the hospital. No fire zone in SL is the most dangeroug place for the innocent civiliens.

I cant believe a govt is behaving like babarians and bombing on its own people.
Therre is no way to live under these babarians in the future. I won't go back to this sick country unless we have our own peacefull nation.

David G   May 15th, 2009 2:13 am ET

Government of Sri Lanka is committing war crimes and ethnic cleansing of Tamils with money from China and Iran. The government is about to carry out a mass slaughter in the next 24-72 hours and then blame it on Tamils. International press, media coverage and urgent actione needed to safeguard the Tamils from these 3 pariah, tyrant and terrorist governments of Sri Lanka, China and Iran.

vanangapattu   May 15th, 2009 2:13 am ET

the singalese are lying to the world about the mass killing of innocent tamils... their even trying to justify the genocide....

but world is monitoring carefully on sri lanka.....

the table will turn soon against the killers.....!!!!!
we will prove to world who we really are......

singalese will lern a historical lessan from us........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
time will tell the truth..... sooon........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Permy   May 15th, 2009 2:14 am ET

Good to know Tamils and LTTE history. Please help Tamils from SRILANKA gov.

Nanthawathie   May 15th, 2009 2:14 am ET

Sri Lanka government president and brothers are war criminals and dragulars. The SL government is a terrorist government. They are not human. They are minimaruvo. Too same on sinhalese people for us.

aarul   May 15th, 2009 2:14 am ET

LTTE is not just group of people with guns, LTTE is another word for “Tamils’ Freedom” Every Tamil has LTTE in them, us Tamils got tortured by Sinhalese for over 40 years. Now living all over the world as refugees. Not only LTTE, all Tamils are fighting for FREEDOM from Sri Lankan terror government and Sinhalese. Why don’t you all Sinhalese give us our homeland, we all can live peacefully. Sri Lanka !!! don’t separate LTTE and Tamils, LTTE and Tamils are one big Family. LTTE is our FREEDOM FIGHTERS. FREE TAMIL EELAM.

nayo   May 15th, 2009 2:24 am ET

No more LTTE!!!!!!! WE Dont want Terrorism. LTTE is The terrorist organisation not a political party. So we do not want LTTE in future.

tamil periyan   May 15th, 2009 2:28 am ET

Only Soultion is Separte Country TAMIL EELAM

Thani Kumar Cheran   May 15th, 2009 2:30 am ET

The racist Government of Sri Lanka controlled by the chauvinistic Sinhalese is committing war crimes and ethnic cleansing of the minority Tamil people. Ever since the British left the island of Ceylon ( renamed Sri Lanka by the Sinhalese majority), Tamils have been systematically persecuted, tortured, raped and killed by the Sinhalese. The non-violent, peaceful protest by the oppressed Tamils were met with violence by the Sinhalese. After every form of peaceful protest failed, the Tamils were forced to take up arms to protect themselves. The only hope for the Tamils right now is the immediate intervention by the international community, specifically the UN. If immediate action is not taken, the Sinhalese-dominated government will wipe out the remaining Tamil people.

Krish   May 15th, 2009 2:30 am ET


Basic for the conflict:
-Tamils declared as non-citizens after independent from British -1948
-Sinhalese Colonisation in Tamils home land since 1948
-Sinhala made official language- 1956
-Ethnic Standardisation , slashed Tamils University entrance-1972
-New constitution without Tamils participation – 1977
-Tamil citizen are not treated equally – over 60 years
-Mistreatment of Tamils- Over 60 years

Tamils response non-violently when Sri Lankan Gov killed thousands of Tamils from 1948 to 1983. What has happen during that period, Tamils lost not only their lives and also their properties, home land etc…. When SL Gov killed thousands of Tamils, either USA or IC navel labelled them as “terrorist”. How long Tamils can non-violently response to the act of violence by the majorities. When we respond the same way what SL Gov has been doing for long years, Tamil Tigers labelled as “terrorist”. Now, ask yourself, though hundreds of Tamils kill by SL Gov, do you see any attack on Sinhalese, they live peacefully. WHY? Tamil Tigers return to “democracy”.
ONE WAY TO STOP THIS WAR, ATTACK ON CENTRAL PART OF SL, SIMPLE. Why Tamil Tigers don’t do that, don’t say that incapable to do so. Tamil Tigers don’t want to repeat the act of violence. That’s it. That’s why we all pleading help from international community.

Sivan   May 15th, 2009 2:35 am ET

Dear Arosha...LTTE supported by all over da world indirectly.They fight for for their rights.No one can destroy LTTE.Till now thier fight,not run away.If can ask ur stupit sri lankan gov to fight with LTTE not killing the innocent people over there.I challange ur stupit sri lankan gov to catch Prabakaran.Im sure ur gov not cappable to do tat coz sri lankan army work for money but LTTE work out for thier rights and for thier people.

Hubi   May 15th, 2009 2:37 am ET

Every mother's tears are the same. How would you feel if your kids died? Would you kill other kids? Well the Sri Lankan government have been killing the Tamils. They want the Tamils to all be erased in Sri Lanka. Please help the Tamils!

Thank you CNN

Kay   May 15th, 2009 2:37 am ET

I don't think that the US will intervene in this war because both China and Russia are openly supporting Sri Lankan Government and opposing the discussion of this crises at the UN convention. The US will have more on their plate than they could chew! But the sad part is that the Tamil ethnicity is being wiped out at a rate of 1700 per night!!!!! So much for humanity! Why do we learn history? So we can learn not to repeat the mistakes and lead a better future. Why do we hold Holocaust Memorials all over the world???? If SOMEONE doesn't do anything there will be Memorials for the Tamils. I think that someone to do the right thing is USA. TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.

Prabhu   May 15th, 2009 2:38 am ET

While Cuba and USA could able to find a table to discuss and resolve them conflict, Why can not Sri Lanka talk with LTTE if the peace and better being of them citizen is the only the motivation. The Sinhalese majority Sri Lanka government and Sinhalese only Army wants to kill as much as possible Tamil, in the name of war against terrorism. The Sinhalese majority government already destroyed the Tamils Economical, Educational and basic Infrastructure foundation/sources.

From Jan 1, 2009 to till date the Sinhalese Army killed more 8000 Tamils and wounded 15,000 +.

It's a structural genocide of Tamils with out any witness. The CNN and other international media should cover this issue and should present in the conflict area to give independent coverage of the issue.

Late is better than Never. Please save Tamils in Sri Lanka

Vasan   May 15th, 2009 2:39 am ET

Tamil struggle in Srilanka lasts for 60 years. We started as non-violence to get our rights from oppressed sinhala regime. As their guns suppressed our non-violence, we started to fight against them last 30 years.

Upto now, more than 100, 000 innocent people killed in the war by Srilankan military assault. No one in the world concerned about this atrocity.

Over 10, 000 people were killed and 20,000 people wounded in last 4 months. It appears that the world community wake up slighty now.

Please consider to take urgent action to prevent further bloodbath in our home land.

Everybody including President Obama pleaded to stop the war and shelling. But Srilankan government does not want to listen. Their aim is to distroy the whole tamil race in Srilanka.

Only one option to save the tamil's life in Srilanka to send the UN forces to Srilanka and stop the war.

Arjun Logeswaran   May 15th, 2009 2:40 am ET




mahes   May 15th, 2009 2:41 am ET

"Klerk risks repeating Netherland's criminality on Srebrenica genocide"
[TamilNet, Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 23:06 GMT]
By dismissing the horrendous rights violations of Sri Lanka in the safety zone of Mullaiththeevu as "not applicable" to providing favorable tariff treatment to Sri Lankan textiles under the GSP Plus Program, Pieter de Klerk, Netherland's Acting Permanent Representative to the UN, is in danger of repeating Netherland Government's history of criminality on Srebrenica genocide again on the genocide currently taking place in Vanni, Sri Lanka, a legal scholar in the U.S. pointed out. Inner City Press which carried the Dutch Representative's statement, mused, "[i]f the killing of thousands of civilians, hundreds in the last weekend alone, does not implicate the EU's [European Union] notions of human rights, perhaps these notions are bankrupt."

Piet de Klerk, Netherland's Acting Permanent Representative to UNAt a panel discussion Tuesday on the European Union and Human Rights, at the United Nations in New York, Inner City Press asked the Netherlands' acting Permanent Representative, Piet de Klerk, what the EU is going about following up on its favorable tariff treatment to Sri Lankan textiles under the GSP Plus program, on which the EU purportedly considers human rights. DPR de Klerk said he didn't think that human rights were "applicable to this sort of situation."

"The Dutch Government was criminally responsible for the genocidal massacre of 8000 Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica in July of 1995 by Serbia. So of course it comes as no surprise that the Dutch Government has no problem with the Srebrenica-style genocidal massacre of 10,000 Tamils in Vanni by Sri Lanka in 2009. History is repeating itself," said University of Illinois law professor, Francis Boyle, who was a key player in bringing indictment against Slobodan Milosevic for committing genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The criminal complaint for the Srebrenica massacre included the Dutch nationals, Joris Voorhoeve, Dutch Minister of Defense, Dutch General Cees Nicolai, in the UN Chain of Command and reporting to Voorhoeve as well, and the Dutch Colonel Thomas Karremans, in charge of Srebrenica at the time of the massacre.

The Dutch government resigned on 16 April 2002, a week after a report on the 1995 fall of Srebrenica held political leaders partly responsible for failing to protect Muslims in a UN safe 'haven' in Bosnia.

Full text of the criminal complaint against United Nations' officials follows:



The Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinja Association, headquartered in Vogosca, Bosnia and Herzegovina file a Criminal Complaint with the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Madame Carla Del Ponte, on Friday, February 4 against the following Officials of the United Nations Organization and others for the role they played in the fall and genocidal massacre at Srebrenica in July of 1995: BOUTROS BOUTROS-GHALI, KOFI ANNAN, YASUSHI AKASHI, BERNARD JANVIER, RUPERT SMITH, HERVÉ GOBILLIARD, JORIS VOORHOEVE, CEES NICOLAI, THOMAS KARREMANS, ROBERT FRANKEN, THORVALD STOLTENBERG, CARL BILDT, DAVID OWEN, MICHAEL ROSE, THEIR SUBORDINATES, SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC, RADOVAN KARADZIC, AND RATKO MLADIC.

The genocidal massacre at Srebrenica was the single greatest human rights atrocity perpetrated in Europe since the genocidal horrors inflicted by the Nazis during the Second World War. Approximately 10,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were systematically exterminated during just a few days by the Bosnian Serb Army under the direct command of Milosevic, Karadzic, and Mladic. During this time, the above-named United Nations Officials and their subordinates deliberately and maliciously refused to do anything to stop this genocidal massacre at the U.N.-declared "safe area" of Srebrenica despite having the legal obligation, the legal and political authority, and the military power to do so.

The Complaint accuses the above-named United Nations Officials and their subordinates of planning, preparing, conspiring, instigating, complicity, and otherwise aiding and abetting, in the planning, preparation, conspiracy, complicity, and execution of crimes referred to in articles 2 to 5 of the ICTY Statute: Article 2–Grave Breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949; Article 3–Violations of the Laws or Customs of War; Article 4–Genocide; and Article 5–Crimes against Humanity.

Under ICTY Statute article 18(1), this Complaint establishes a "sufficient basis to proceed" toward the investigation and indictment of the above-named United Nations Officials and their subordinates by the Prosecutor. Pursuant to article 18(4) of the Statute, the Complaint requests that the Prosecutor prepare the appropriate indictments against the above-named United Nations Officials and their subordinates, and transmit these indictments to a Judge of the ICTY Trial Chamber for confirmation. If confirmed by the Judge, theComplaint requests that pursuant to Statute article 19(2), the Prosecutor request the Judge to issue international warrants calling for the arrest, detention, surrender and transfer to the Tribunal of the above-named United Nations Officials and their subordinates. The Complaint also requests that the Prosecutor ask the confirming Judge to freeze the worldwide financial assets of the above-named United Nations Officials and their subordinates so that the Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinja Association might receive some small degree of reparations for the terrible harm that the above-named United Nations Officials and their subordinates deliberately and maliciously inflicted upon them and their deceased next-of-kin at Srebrenica and its environs during July of 1995.


Mothers of Srebrenica & Podrinja
Sakiba ðere 9
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Professor Francis A. Boyle
Attorney for the
Mothers of Srebrenica & Podrinja

Hubi   May 15th, 2009 2:41 am ET

May 15th, 2009 237 GMT
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Every mother’s tears are the same. How would you feel if your kids died? Would you kill other kids? Well the Sri Lankan government have been killing the Tamils. They want the Tamils to all be erased in Sri Lanka. Please help the Tamils!

Thank you CNN

thiru   May 15th, 2009 2:43 am ET

TNA warns of more bloodshed in the coming days
[TamilNet, Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 12:20 GMT]
Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has pointed out that 3000 Tamils have been killed and more than 1000 have been wounded in the last 3 days in the Vanni region, in a press conference held in Colombo on Tuesday night. Tamil National Alliance leader MP R.Sampanthan states, “The Government of Sri Lanka is mass killing Tamil civilians after denying them food and medicine. This is the reality. More bloodshed can happen in the next few days. We appeal to the International community to immediately stop this systematic slaughtering of civilians.”

TNA parliamentarians further pointed out that more than 10,000 Tamil civilians have been killed while more than 20,000 wounded within the last 3 months.

TNA leader R. Sampanthan, Jaffna district MPs Mavai Senathirajah, Suresh Premachandran, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, N. Srikantha, Batticola district MPs Ariyanenthiran, Thangeswary, Kanagasabai, Trincomalee district MP Thurairatnasingam, Amparai district MP Pathmanathan and Chandrakanthan participated in the press conference.

MPs, R.Sampanthan, Suresh Premachandran and Srikantha explained the present situation in detail.

MP Sampanthan states, “there is genocide taking place in Vanni; the entire international community is being silent; we don’t want just statements of condemnations and pledges without any action; the killings of civilians must immediately be stopped; this is our urgent request”. MP Sampanthan also stated that legal action will be taken against the Sri Lankan Government’s genocidal acts.

MP Sampanthan further states, “It is the Government forces that are killing the Tamil civilians using various heavy weapons; there is no doubt about that; Mu’l’livaikkaal hospital has been attacked many times; medical staff have been killed and injured.”

“Since the war started MP Kanagaratnam is in the conflict zone with the people and he informs us daily of the immense suffering of the people; doctors and civilians have been killed in the daily attacks on Mu’l’livaaikikaal hospital.”

“The dead and wounded in the shell attacks by the Government forces, lay scattered on the roads and inside bunkers without the wounded being unable to reach medical help. The makeshift hospitals severely lack medical facilities, medicines and medical staff to care for the wounded.”

“There is no UN, International media or NGO presence in the conflict zone; there are no witnesses to the carnage taking place. In this war without witnesses, the Government of Sri Lanka is openly lying and saying there are no civilian casualties.”

Aarany Lavan   May 15th, 2009 2:45 am ET

The United States Citizen Gothabeya Rajapakse and a United States Resident Sarath Fonseka continue their mass slaughter of innocent minority Tamil civilians including in the hospitals in Sri Lanka unabated to advance their aims.
There are various reports including BBC documentaries evidence the situation as dire emergency because the Duos continue to suppress the Tamil innocent civilians from food, shelter, medicine, water, etc.
The same native Sri Lankan Tamil – U. S. Citizens strongly believe that the U.S. President could stop the mass slaughter of innocent helpless Tamils slaughtered by U.S. Persons Gothabeya Rajapakse and Sarath Fonseka.
Mr. President, I urge you to take urgent necessary steps to stop the mass slaughter. As you know already experienced mere diplomacy by US Representative is Sri Lanka did not work with Sri Lanka Government, in my view it would not work in the future. The only solution is separation.

sivavelan   May 15th, 2009 2:45 am ET

'Unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe' in Vanni says ICRC
Thursday, 14 May 2009 21:08 administrator

Humanitarian assistance can no longer reach civilians in conflict zone while hundreds of seriously wounded or ill patients blocked in the conflict area have been waiting in vain for several days for desperately needed medical care, said ICRC on Thursday.

"No humanitarian organization can help them in the current circumstances. People are left to their own devices," said the ICRC's Director of Operations.
Even the local doctors inside conflict zone said Thursday morning, they cannot do anything more. Continuous and intense shelling have left them hiding in bunkers while hundreds or may be thousands of patients wailing for help. They said they want the ICRC to run the hospital.
UN Spokesperson in Thursday's press briefing said about 150,000 civilians are left inside the zone.
For the third consecutive day, a ferry chartered by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and anchoring only a few kilometres away from the patients has been unable to evacuate them because of continuous heavy fighting, said ICRC.

"Our staff are witnessing an unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe," said the ICRC's director of operations, Pierre Krähenbühl, from the ICRC's headquarters in Geneva today. "Despite high-level assurances, the lack of security on the ground means that our sea operations continue to be stalled, and this is unacceptable," added Mr Krähenbühl. "No humanitarian organization can help them in the current circumstances. People are left to their own devices."

Thousands of people remain trapped in a small area along the coast within the conflict zone. As fighting goes on unabated, civilians are forced to seek protection in hand-dug bunkers, making it even more difficult to fetch scarce drinking water and food.

An ICRC ferry, the Green Ocean, is carrying 25 metric tonnes of urgently needed food. The last time the ICRC could offload food and medical supplies and evacuate patients was last Saturday, 9 May. In addition to the ferry, a cargo ship, the Oriental Princess, carrying another 500 metric tonnes of food from the World Food Programme, is waiting off the coast north of Mullaittivu, ready to deliver the food to civilians.

"We need security and unimpeded access now in order to save hundreds of lives," said Mr Krähenbühl. "The ICRC stands ready to carry out its humanitarian work as soon as conditions permit."
UN and Obama administration are too late and proposed too little for the suffering mass.
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News edited by Tamil National [ editor@tamilnational.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]

Nimal   May 15th, 2009 2:47 am ET

If the situation rises where the Government of Sri Lanka's armed forces takes out the Tamil Tigers, what happens to the freedom of these people are have the victims of thirty years of human rights abuses. SRI LANKA has been reported for not allowed foreign journalists into the north of the island. Not to mention, deporting Channel 4 journalists for covering the TRUTH, and then forging their confessions. Shame on you Sri Lanka! The Gotabaya Rajapakse has stated that in Sri Lanka the word "Free Media" does not exist because in times of war, the media should support the state. Is this what sovereignty is? There is not aid allowed into the area and Sri Lankan forces when in Haiti were suspended from peace keeping for raping young girls in Haiti. The atrocities committed against TAMIL women and girls by the Sri Lankan Armed forces is unbearable.

Sri Lanka, your war without witness is NO MORE! The world is watching!

Shenika Wijetunga   May 15th, 2009 2:49 am ET

It is so disappointing of countries like USA and Canada to not intervene and stop the Genocide in Srilanka. The more you wait, every day innocent civilians are dying and women are getting raped by military people. I am a born sinhalese and I CONDONE what the government is doing. Tamils should NOT have been discrimated against to start with. And the only folks who had guts to stand up were the people who joined the LTTE. If not for them, there would have been more tamils slaughtered by the govt.
A govt should protect its own people NOT Kill!!!

When will the international community wake up and save the lives of these people??

Pramodya de alwis   May 15th, 2009 2:50 am ET

This is Sri Lanka. Keep your hands out of our country. Why all you people cant remember Americans and British destroy the culture and human life in VIETNAM. They cant remember about there past. Because they are working fr money. In past Americans used to kill Blackish people. Now they are talking about violence in sri lanka. Dear MR. OBAMA you are the president for America not for sri lanka. Please remeber the past years of your country's humanity. Proud to be a Sri Lankan. On behalf of sinhala, Tamil, Muslim & every sri lankan.

Anchala   May 15th, 2009 2:50 am ET

Stop The Killing Of Innocent Tamil Civilians who are stranded in the war zone. They were moved into the area known as the "SAFE ZONE"
But how safe was it? Shelling is happening inside the "Safe Zone" , where many innocent civilians are giving up their lives without any mercy. If there is nothing happening there, and if it is the Tamil Tigers, who are "killing their own blood", why isn't any media allowed inside where the war is happening. What is there to hide, Sri Lanka if you are as innocent as you say. Mothers Day is known to acknowledge mothers all over the world for what they have done for us. So why were many mothers killed with other family members with CHEMICAL WEAPONS in a short period of time. We need help from International leaders to put a stop to this devastating war. PLEASE Help us!! Please help us call out for an immediate, permanent seizefire. This has nothing to do with the Tamil tigers, but is a war between the government and innocent tamil civilians, who are losing really badly in this war. They desperately need the help from International Leaders.

Tom Thambiah   May 15th, 2009 2:52 am ET

90% of the Tamils voted for TNA in the last election. No elected Tamil member from north and east are with the government. All of the MP's are treated as terrorists by the government and some of them were brutally murdered by the racist and terrorist government. More than 8000 tamil civilians were killed by the terrorist government in the recent past. Rajapakse and co.continue their killing,rapes and starving the tamils for death both in detention camps and in safety zone in the name of war aginst terror. The international community including UN and the neighbouring India is simply watching the human right violations by the government for the past 30 years. infact India is supporting the state terrosm to continue and India is blocking the truth to come out.
Please interfere directly and save the tamils from state terrorism and help Tamils to live as equal citizens of the island. The President and his brothers along with army commander should be charged with crime agains humanity.
The LTTE is not a terrorist organisation. They are freedom fighters and all the Tamils support them. But unfortunately, they are named as terrorist by the terrorist government in the name of war on terror and the IC believed it.

Nayana   May 15th, 2009 2:56 am ET

ONE THING THAT I FIGURE OUT IS ! WHY all the countries want to help this country is to grab a place. that is the TRINCOMALIEE HARBOR . every one knows why it is special i dnt hv 2 explane it .



Kay   May 15th, 2009 2:56 am ET

As for LTTE=TERRORIST sayers.....FYI LTTE only came about in the late 70s and the Tamil struggles started 20 years before that. Let me give you a scenario: what would you do if your mother and sister gets raped and hanged to death infront of you??? Stand there and watch? Take legal action? If you said legal action then you really don't know how the Sri Lankan government works...they are the culprits who comit such heinous crimes. There is numerous scenarios: 1) 12 year old girl goes to school amids the bombing and shelling only to learn that her entire history is rewritten by the goverment! 2) A highschool graduate is ready to apply for university but he has to have 30 points higher grade to get in while the Singhalese students gets in with avg grade! ........ So the LTTE is the Effect not the cause of this war.

Logesh   May 15th, 2009 2:56 am ET

Sri Lankan Government should stop this......And other international countries should give them pressure to stop this genocide ASAP ..

Naresh   May 15th, 2009 2:59 am ET

I do not think that we need to explain to anyone in anymore what Tamils have had been going through in Sri Lanka .we need an immediate action from international community. Sri Lanka is no longer hiding under the shield of sovereignty.

Gopikrushna   May 15th, 2009 3:05 am ET


donsuneth   May 15th, 2009 3:06 am ET

I strongly believe that the LTTE has brought nothing but misery to the lives of the poor Tamil people of SriLanka and to the region. Hence this LTTE menace should be exterminated from SriLanka as well as from the world and i feel that the international community should join hands with the SriLankan government to eradicate the illegitimate insurgency and protect the Tamils from their so called redeemers and to give them a chance to face the reality where Tamils will be treated as Srilankans.

It's really nice to see the USA president has asked the LTTE to give up their war cause there is nothing left for them but to suicide themselves.

Ananthy   May 15th, 2009 3:10 am ET

Srilankan gov is a ruthless gov. SL action clearly shows that it is committing war crime. Please media take the truth to public. Take an immediate action. Save the Tamils.

GypsyOwl   May 15th, 2009 3:16 am ET

If anyone takes the time to analyse the comments left here and in other websites, one thing becomes very clear.
There seems to be enormous hatred among the Sinhalese towards the Tamils – even at this stage when thousands of them are dying and many more thousands live under the most horrific conditions imaginable. This only goes to prove that the two communities can NEVER co-exixt in one country.
The government of Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese people have shown the world that the Tamils truly are a separate people.

karthi   May 15th, 2009 3:18 am ET


Udesh   May 15th, 2009 3:18 am ET

LTTE is a terroriest. They want to see blood of the human, They are mutans......they killing thousand of Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim. People a crurle terroriest organization in the world.

Reva   May 15th, 2009 3:18 am ET

" ALL 4 ONE...ONE 4 ALL" that's LTTE....valka Tamilan...Malarum Tamil Ellam.

Mohan Devadas   May 15th, 2009 3:18 am ET

Sri Lanka had a great time of living in harmony by all people. History has created the reason for this bloody war. But, in a civilized society, there is a way of demanding your own rights. The basis for this problem is poverty none other else. But, Tamils perceived it as a racial issue. The same problems that Tamils have in the north exist in the south and common to Singhalese and all. So, the international community should have intervened in eradication of these problems related poverty in early days. Not only tigers, Singhalese also took arm in 1970s and 1080s over the same matters. So it is clear that the root cause is related to poverty and structural matters that lead poverty. So, international community should have involved in solving them. Now, the government is trying to cure for a chronic wound that has been killing the country for more than 30 years. International community must support government to do it. Terrorism can not be accepted in any part of the world. It is the fact that terrorists are from women, children, the youth and the old living in the north, because, they have been created by the uncivilized "Prabakaran" who is worse than ' the worst evil in the world. "So, support the government to defeat ill evils"

suenya   May 15th, 2009 3:19 am ET

Anyone killing anyone is wrong- but we have to find out exactly WHY it all began...

1) The average cut offs to get into university was higher for Tamils than for the Singhalese

2) Once work ready, the Singhalese were not hiring Tamils


Then.. the tamils wanted their seperate state.. because of the discrimination.. many individuals left the country and are now living in other areas of the world.. the rest that can't afford to leave had nothing but to fight for their rights... the LTTE was formed.

Both sides fought, Tamils fought for their own state and the government wouldnt give it to them. Bombings began.


NO.. now looking back everyone would agree.. we should all feel the same about the LTTE.. all they want is FREEDOM. Freedom from the discrimination.

I BELIEVE.. that the governement in Sri Lanka should be overthrown.. and a new government should step in. Half Tamil/Singhalese who are not strongly for either sides OR get the British back in.

I just want the genocide to stop and the discrimination to stop.

Tissa Ariyaratne   May 15th, 2009 3:23 am ET

No, definitly not. We don't need an international community to intervin in our internal probles. Our soildures can manage the tererist issue in our country. We don't have an ethnic problem. We have only a tererist proble create by the Bull Prabhakaran.

Sarah   May 15th, 2009 3:35 am ET

Please let the helpless, voiceless Innocent Tamil civilians in war torn area to stay their homeland (their own places) with equal rights what the humans have in the civilised country. Please involved and stop the war and offer the shelter, water, food and medicine to those helpless people. Those place no media, no third party in presence.However the Srilankan Government announce the safety zone there the rate of raping, kidnapping, torturing, killing are very high (genocide of Tamils) in Srilanka. Once again humbly request you please help those helpless voiceless people.

Velupille Prabakaran   May 15th, 2009 3:42 am ET

Well! I started this war to be a king of a separate land in beautiful Sri Lanka. I could not study well. I knew that English is essential to be a well known political figure. But, I don't know English, and I thought to be a different leader.

Other thing is that I don't want to share my success with other Tamil leader, and I believed that I should be the one and only leader in my dreamed land. So, I wanted to have my own followers who do what ever the thing that I tell to them. That's why I could create 'suicide bombers'.

I really wanted to see people's blood as well. Specially, the Singhalese's blood whether to see it is red or not. So, I killed thousands of innocent people in the public areas, busses, trains, schools, temples and churches' and any where I want to see blood.

But this ‘Mahida’ is really a one like historic king 'Dutugamunu' he is really doing well.

My strategy to use civilians as a human shield is unsuccessful as he strategically get civilians out of my dreamed land with no harm to them.

Now only thing I have to do is cheating the international community and the international media to tarnish Mahinda's name.

So, I force international community to talk for us. Otherwise, I will send my suicide bombers to answer you all. Will see whether this will work or not.........?

Velupille Prabakaran   May 15th, 2009 3:44 am ET

Hi all! Well! I started this war to be a king of a separate land in beautiful Sri Lanka. I could not study well. I knew that English is essential to be a well known political figure. But, I don't know English, and I thought to be a different leader.

Other thing is that I don't want to share my success with other Tamil leader, and I believed that I should be the one and only leader in my dreamed land. So, I wanted to have my own followers who do what ever the thing that I tell to them. That's why I could create 'suicide bombers'.

I really wanted to see people's blood as well. Specially, the Singhalese's blood whether to see it is red or not. So, I killed thousands of innocent people in the public areas, busses, trains, schools, temples and churches' and any where I want to see blood.

But this ‘Mahida’ is really a one like historic king 'Dutugamunu' he is really doing well.

My strategy to use civilians as a human shield is unsuccessful as he strategically get civilians out of my dreamed land with no harm to them.

Now only thing I have to do is cheating the international community and the international media to tarnish Mahinda's name.

So, I force international community to talk for us. Otherwise, I will send my suicide bombers to answer you all. Will see whether this will work or not.........?

laila   May 15th, 2009 3:45 am ET

Are these sinhala people humen or animals? Even after witnessing the hospital attacks ,innocent people and kids getting killed ,they 'r keep on siging with the government that they are killing only the LTTE.
What a crual race,not fit fto live in this world

Suthakaran   May 15th, 2009 3:46 am ET

If we can come to colombo and do our studies, If we can work hear in colombo, what else we need?

Pls we don't want a separate land this is a small country. what we need is to live peacefully.

So no need LTT. they need to get support to protect there benefits only. not for TAMILS.

caroline   May 15th, 2009 3:48 am ET

hello Lasi,
It is interesting that you would tell people that they should visit Sri Lanka before action is taken by the international community. NGO's and media have been banned from the war zone and sufficient humanitarian aid is not granted by the government.
No matter how large or small a country, a genocide is a genocide and the state of Sri Lanka is run by a fascist, racist family mirroring Hitler's regime.

naga   May 15th, 2009 3:50 am ET

watch the news ever u guys hear 10 LTTE is dead 20LTTE is dead no this SLA can't touch the LTTE that so they killing the civillians so pls save the tamil peopls from SLA. pls save srilankans from tamils if anybody want to jumb the high jumb he will go back to reach the highet we are just going back only when we watch the front the whole SLA will finish in minutes

Samanmalie   May 15th, 2009 3:51 am ET

There should be an end to the terrorism in Sri lanka. CNN, mind your own business, let the govenment to look after their citizens

sudath   May 15th, 2009 3:52 am ET

our precident Mahinda
protect all the nation with tamils in our land.
and he can defeat terrorism. already he has done it.

wonderkid   May 15th, 2009 3:53 am ET

SL president rajapakse and his brothers must be tried at international courts for war crimes and must be hanged to death.

Priyanthi   May 15th, 2009 3:57 am ET

I must ask a simple question from the international community and media.

Think that in your own country, If any group of people who kill general public, and ask for a seperate land for any reason by fighting against your demoraticaly appointed government, then, as the citizens of your country who will you support for? To your government or to the terrorists (rebells)?

Decide whether to support government of Sri Lanka or the LTTE after answering to the above queastion....

thilak   May 15th, 2009 4:00 am ET

Sri Lanka is not fighting against Tamils, but against booldy LTTE terrorist. LTTE should be eradicated form our mother land to live all the civilians in clam and peasfull land.

subhash   May 15th, 2009 4:02 am ET

Sri Lanka is a free country which not a colony of any of the european countries as they would love to think & Sri Lanka is figting against cruel LTTE TERRORISTS who has killed many thousands of civilians,monks,priests,poloticians & LTTE is killing many more all over the world as they are a main dealer in heroin & other illeagle drugs!!!!
Sri Lanka has the full right to fight against terrorists like this & All you foreign forces better stop falking your fingers in to SriLanka as we aqre fighting towards freedom for our country from brutal terrorism!!

pradeep sri lanka   May 15th, 2009 4:04 am ET

hey if u didn't visit vanni don't talk ab civiliance i'm in sri lanka.i went vanni & distribute food for civiliance they hate LTTE.THEY WANT THEIR LIFE.since 25 years they saw only dead body because of LTTE.PLE COME TO SRI LANKA & VISIT VANNI & SEE WHT HAPPENED IN VANNI.DON'T TELL LIES IN CNN.

Thiva   May 15th, 2009 4:09 am ET

INternational community please start to put more sanction on Srilankan government!! Srilankan regime is not ready here your pleas, its time to show your power!!
Today and yesterday alone 1700 people killed including 100s of children and more than 3000 are injured...Hospital is being shelled by the army...All the doctors from the only running make shift hospital are in bunkers to escape from brutal cluster and phosphorous bombs!!

Saxena   May 15th, 2009 4:11 am ET

The need of the hour is to stop the war immediately. This could happen only if the international community put pressure on the Srilankan government and threaten for sanctions. As a process international observers or UN observers must be sent to the war affected areas immediately.

madu   May 15th, 2009 4:11 am ET

What a nonsence.why don't these stupid buggers try to understand the reality.there is no other country like SRI LANKA ,where the calm and peaceful people live.any one who has a brain will understand every one lives under the BUDDHISM lives safe.acctually CNN/BBC etc. are works for money and get money from LTTE including UK/USA CHIEFS.They have no sense of humour.Its a well known fact that white people( and some of asian stupids who belive as powerful) want to currupt and destroy the countries which are going to stabilized and which have lot of resources as did it past.Why don't come and see the reality without barking.Im proud to be SRI LANKAN and I THANKS FOR GOD NOT TO BECOME FOOLISH WHITE WITH OUT BRAIN.See what happen to you and to us in future......

bala   May 15th, 2009 4:14 am ET

you don't the SL govt allow international media to the camps where people are held?

Sivakumar   May 15th, 2009 4:14 am ET

No Country in the world used Chemical weapon, cluster bomb on the Citizen of their own country.

This will prove that how can Tamil leave peacefully and with harmony with Singles..

So International community should Recognize the Eelam as separate country..

I can strongly say, India also involve in killing Tamils and helping Srilanka for the Genocide... So the International community should not listen to the Indian Cong govt..

Jeeva Sanmugam   May 15th, 2009 4:15 am ET

The government of Sri Lanka has cleverly banned all the free media from the country and is not allowing any international reporters in to the country either. Doesn’t this strike people as odd? If people are in “safe zones” and are being treated well, then why not allow the international community in to see this? Why not allow humanitarian aid into these camps? What have the government got to hide? Surely if the government is winning the war this means they have wiped out the LTTE, so why then can’t people leave these camps and go back to their homes? Why keep them imprisoned for the next 3 years?

The international community need to think logically and not be blinded by a so-called democratic nation! Why is the Sri Lankan government being allowed to do this? In years to come we will look at this and see that the Tamils were failed by the international community! We talk about the holocaust, this is comparable. We have innocent civilians in camps who are being starved, interrogated, raped and murdered! I am utterly disappointed with the international community for not doing anything so far. The Sri Lankan rulers will one day have to face the music at the International Criminal Courts!

What needs to happen:
1. Immediate cease fire
2. Access to aid and humanitarian organizations to Northern Sri Lanka
3. International community access to report on what is going on!
4. UN presence to ensure the safety of Tamil civilians and that Sri Lankan government is re-housing the stranded civilians in a responsible way…not to keep them in camps like animals
5. A UN monitored referendum among Tamils to decide their future

Senthil Kumar T.K   May 15th, 2009 4:16 am ET

Srilankan government killing its own country people on the name of war against terrorist and whole world is simply watching and telling regrets for the kids and women who are dying there...... I feel shame to say that i am living in this cruel world...... Humanity completely died in this world......

Chathura Ganegoda   May 15th, 2009 4:17 am ET

Sri Lanka is a 3rd World developing country!! Which means Sri Lanka was/ is / will be depending on the Developed countries That's true! no-one can deny it! But the fact is that though the Sri lanka depends on european countries, that doesn't mean that all those countries have the authority to interfere or to persuade sri Lankan government with regards to the Internal conflicts of Sri Lanka. Because as all of Sri lankans know the LTTE was/is/ will be a virus to the developments, to the Peace of Srilanka since 1980's.

Though different Srilankan governments tried to give a solution by going for various peace processes, it is visible that it is not effective.. the main reason is that the LTTE is not fighting behalf of the Srilankan Tamils , they are fighting to achieve some narrow minded objectives..If some one disagrees...please talk to me!!

So to get-rid of this virus, the cure is not to waste time on meaningless discussions, Sri Lanka Government should first rescue the Poor Srilankan Tamils from the LTTEs' threat then destroy the LTTE for ever. That is what exactly hapenning in Srilanka right now. By now Sri Lanka Brave, Intelligent army have been able to rescue 80% of Tamil people from the LTTE"S threat and now LTTE is on the grave!

There is one thing thing we shouldn't forget, though The LTTE is spread only in Sri Lanka, their narrow minded supporters are all over the world. Specially in India and European Countries, and some of those supporters are rich enough to pressurize their governments,so when they see that thier narrow objective is going to get dissolved, they try to pressurize Srilnakan Government through various International Organisations and International forces.

If you are well educated and open minded..think whether this actions are fair or not!

As Srilankans that's is the Reason why we do not want International Community Intervene In Sri Lanka. Because if they stop this rescue mission which carried out by the Sri Lankan Army, and go for a peace talks the result is LTTE supporters will Fund LTTE again to regain their energy and man Power. As we have seen LTTE will never come on again War Starts then Tamil Srilankans..Sinhala Srilankans will be in trouble!

Is that What they want??????? Think ........

Vipul   May 15th, 2009 4:19 am ET

If any genocide was happening in Sri Lanka that was carried out by the LTTE. Bus bombs, Central bank attack, attacks on airports, massacres on sinhala civilians in border villages, killing of both Tamil and Singahala intellectuals who talked against LTTE, Killing of democratically elected leaders both in Sri Lanka and India – This is genocide. They managed to deceive the entire world using false propaganda for three decades. This has become a wealthy business to the LTTE now. Most of the LTTE supporters fled from Sri Lanka by creating a false picture to the entire world just to establish their organization in other countries. I urge the world “Not to Harbor Terrorism”. The most fierce terrorist group in the world has entered to your country creating a false picture about Sri Lanka. Its up to you to decide whether to put the future of your country to jeopardy by allowing LTTE supporters on you soil!

Hashi   May 15th, 2009 4:21 am ET

No more LTTE....

Dilip   May 15th, 2009 4:22 am ET

The world is disgraceful to the descendants of few thousand years old intellectual dravidian race

Cumar   May 15th, 2009 4:23 am ET

If you consider the LTTE a terrorist organization for their activities such as bombing Columbo...then what do you say about the government that is doing more than just bombing but depriving the civilians of essential needs like food, water and shelter?...Why are you saying no to the LTTE but nothing about the sri lankan government? If anything, you should be angrier at the government not the LTTE. Everyone should understand that the LTTE are defiantly freedom fighters.

Prasanna   May 15th, 2009 4:24 am ET

CNN, check the polls received from Sri Lanka and polls received outside Sri Lanka. Unfortunately you cannot as polls and comments are posted from emails originating from the internet but not from countries. These opinions are from 20 millian Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other ethnic & religious people born, live and left Sri Lanka against more than 350 million Tamils born and live many parts of the world.

So, put above factors for the poll formula. Check out the results….. ???? Exiting isn’t it?

Randika   May 15th, 2009 4:25 am ET

LTTE is a Group of terrorists and SL army is fighting with them, not with the Tamils.

Sri Lanka is belong to all srilankans not to sinhalees, tamils or muslims.

If LTTE terrorists want a tamilealam they have to find it from somewhere else. not from sri lanka. Srilankans will never let that happen.

rakeenan   May 15th, 2009 4:26 am ET

World Tamils ready to prepare for inventing new chemical/gas/biological weapons to perish the singalese – please think it – if the world community is not bothered about genocoide

sam   May 15th, 2009 4:31 am ET

hey everyone just go to sri lanka and see from ur own eyes how tamils ( living in sl) are suffering fm LTTE, some tamils ( who living in foreing countries) are lying coz if the war is over dey may have to come back to sl, coz der living in der as a REFUGEES.

Shaya   May 15th, 2009 4:37 am ET

Few more days..... and the ltte will be reduced to dust! Then all Sri i Lankans can begin the healing process.... tamils and sinhala alike. All these so called Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch can go find some other country to focus on so so that they can continue to get their donations....

Raj   May 15th, 2009 4:39 am ET

Please help tamils in Srilanka. Srilanka want to kill all the tamils over there.

Siva-n   May 15th, 2009 4:40 am ET

Lasi. If all tamils are killed by srilanka goverment then the international comunity will responsible for this situation in future.i don,t understand why the international comunity and UN still did not open theire eyes. the srilanka gouverment did not allow the mMdia,UN aid worker,NGOS, and human rights representative in the war every one can understand easly the srilankan gouverment is doing genocide.if the srilankan goverment is doing righ tthings or going in rightway why they want to ban media.NGOS,Un, and Humanrights representative in war zone?but The LTTE is calling Media,NGOS,UN and Human rights represantative to war zone come and see what is happening in war zone. the LTTE is not terrorist organation.they are freedom fighters. for tamils people.the mejorityt amil peoples(98% tamils are supports) are support to the LTTE.

Upul   May 15th, 2009 4:41 am ET

The LTTE has done enough damage to the Tamil nation for last 25 years. The tamil youth are living in N/E are 25 years behind the youths
of the rest in country. Prabakaran is uneducated and he knows only
terorism. He missed lot of oppotunity given to him for a fair deal. This
is the result of his own activity and no body can help him.

Logan   May 15th, 2009 7:11 am ET

Really comapre to Mr.Rajbacksa with Mr.Sadam & Mr. Gitler.
Mr.Sadam & Mr. Gitler is 1000 better than Mr.Rajbacksa


Really indian congrees leaders did not know differance between vengeance & pepole killing. it will reflect in tommrow TN counting.

umakanthan   May 15th, 2009 7:13 am ET

Sally and others!

There is no discrimination against any other community in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan is only bombing Tamil people in Tamil areas. The airforce or artillery units are not bombing Galle or Kandy but Tamil areas and the UN security council which has hidden agendas knows very well who is in the wrong.

As an Indian, I know that in a recent incident involving militants of the Maoists who had looted an armoury and were fleeing to another state the IndianAir force supported ground troops by shooting rockets from a helicopter.
A public interest litigation got an injunction against use of aerial bombing as it was against civil norms to engage in heavy weapons against ones own citizens.

So, even if LTTE was in the midst of people that is no excuse for the use of heavy artillery and aerial bombings by the Sri Lanka govt.

The UN which is supporting a fellow member in this war crime is also culpable of this heinous crime. When the world is sitting on the fence just because some idiots in the UN and some heads of state who would not know whether Sri Lanks was in the southern or northern hemisphere is issuing bullshit statements about terrorism and crap. The history of Sri Lanka has shown both Sri Lanka and India involved in a war ot genocide with the aim of bringing a proud and revolutionary people to their knees by denying them food and medicine and bombing their hospitals and people living in tents with nothing to protect against these crime but the militants on who they can rely on.

I have spoken to many people from Puthukudiirruppu and they have their family in the 'No safety zone'. They all know it is the Sri Lankan troops which are killing the Tamil civillians and forcing them to move out by shelling and aerial bombing. The Tamils and Tigers are like the Sea and the salt in it. The Sri Lankan Govt. know this, that is why it is trying to burn the seawater to filter the salt out of it. Has the fire ever burnt the water?

Arun   May 15th, 2009 7:18 am ET

Sri Lankan government,
locking out the media and claiming that there is no evidence against them is the very own evidence they have against them!

The truth is LTTE did't allow people allow to leace and the Sri Lankan army killed thousands of innocent civilians to get few hundred LTTE.

Bandara   May 15th, 2009 7:23 am ET

LTTE organization is a terrorist organization so it should be wiped out from the country.Sri Lanka government is not attacking to the Tamil people.the innocent people is not allowed to come to the government control area by LTTE terrorist.

Sumith   May 15th, 2009 7:29 am ET

LTTE is a Terrorists. Most western countries talk about defeating terrorism. But practically we can showed they are indirect support to Terrorist
Ex: UN support LTTE as Indirected. ( written article about the war as "Dark Victory" )
banished 4 British Media Persons from Sri Lanka

Just we can determined Who are the person like war and terrorists

anu   May 15th, 2009 7:30 am ET

UN asked to stop war from government of Sri lanka

america, canada,UK and china asked to stop war from government of Sri lanka

government of Sri lanka refuse to stop war

it want to carry out war

government of Sri lanka-
this is the government that use heavy weapons towards own people
this is the government that use chemical weapons towards own people
this is the government that use prevent food supply to own people
this is the government that use prevent medical supply to own people
this is the government that shell on its own hospitals
this is the government that keep tamils in detention camps who were in their own houses
this is the government that allowed the army to rape tamil women
this is the government that make injured large number of tamils
this is the government that make 'disappeared' large number of tamils
this is the government that killed large number of Tamils

in the name of war against terrorism
it carry out terrorism

how can a Tamil live in this country with safe?

government of Sri lanka did not give proper respect obama's call.

I feel the America -the most powerful democratic country should take its reponsiblity to protect Tamil civillions.

the America should take immediate rescue operation to save Tamils
I beleave it

LATHAN   May 15th, 2009 7:37 am ET


95% of Tamils around the world and opposition Party of Tamil Nadu, Wants SEPERATE COUNTRY FOR TAMIL’s (EELAM)

Leave the Tamil’s alone. No way Tamil can live peace fully with Sinhalese & there Government. This problem not just started. It’s happening since British left Ceylon.

At this moment we have to worry saving Tamil people from genocide. Give them peace full life. (Separate country Tamil eelam)

Sinhalese have their reprehensive who is Sinhalese Government and
Tamil's have L.T.T.E (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam )



Life the ban on L.T.T.E (solo Tamil reprehensive)

Roshan   May 15th, 2009 7:39 am ET

Please help the Tamils in Sri Lanka .
More then 10000 Tamil civilians have died in a couple of months
Take action now!!!

Tamil   May 15th, 2009 7:39 am ET

We want to have our homeland back.
LTTE are freedom fighter.

Here are the reasons:
• When Portuguese took possession of the island in 1505 there were 3 Kingdoms
•Tamil Kingdom in the North-East – Tamil Homeland
•Sinhalese Kingdoms in the South-West
•1505 -1658: Portuguese held the island
•1658 – 1796: Dutch usurped control
•1796 – the British took over
•Portuguese and Dutch ruled the Tamil and Sinhala Kingdoms separately,
•British artificially joined them for their administrative convenience only in 1833.
•On Feb. 4, 1948 – British left the Island leaving it as one country, CEYLON, leaving political power in the hands of the ‘majority’ Sinhalese.

Systematic Genocide of Tamils

1915-More than 100 Tamil Muslims was killed. D.S.Senanayakka was involved and arrest by British Government. He released because of one tamil lawyer. Criminal like D.S.Senanayakka was SL first president.

1948 – 1 million Indian Tamils declared as non-citizens

1949 – Sinhalese colonization in traditional Tamil homeland. Still happen

1956 – “Sinhala only Act”. Systematic genocide of Tamils

1958 – Systematic genocide of Tamils

1961 – Systematic genocide of Tamils

1970 – “Ethnic standardization” University admission to Tamils
-same entrance exam, but Tamils need to score 30% more

1972 – New constitution without Tamils participation
–Unilateral name change from Ceylon to Sri Lanka
–Declaration of Sri Lanka as a republic
–Buddhism made state religion

1974 – Systematic genocide of Tamils

1977 – Systematic genocide of Tamils after election (more than 3000 Tamils was killed)

1981 – Systematic genocide of Tamils

1983 – Systematic genocide of Tamils. (More than 4000 Tamils and 58 prisoners was killed by Singaleses, jailer and polices. Never happened like this in the World then SL.

60 Years... The result:

•More than 90,000 Tamils Killed (Documented)
•More than 10 000 Tamils Disappeared
•More than 20,000 Tamil orphaned children
•More than 35,000 Tamil widows
•Hundreds of Thousands of schools, houses, hospitals, churches, temples, villages and livelihood destroyed.
•More than 800,000 Tamils Internal Refugees
•Nearly 1 Million Tamils made to flee the country

Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka Sri Lankan Army Commander (2008)
"I strongly believe that this country belongs to the Sinhalese but there are minority communities and we treat them like our people. We being the majority of the country, 75%, we will never give in and we have the right to protect this country. We are also a strong nation. They can live in this country with us. But they must not try to, under the pretext of being a minority, demand undue things"

President: Chandrika Kumarathunga 1999
"Tamils were not the original people of Sri Lanka"

President: D B Wijetunge (1993)
"Minorities are like creepers clinging to the Sinhala tree."

Oxford educated National Security Minister Lalith Athulathmudali 1985
"Only way to root out terrorism was to remove the concept of ‘traditional homelands"

Oxford educated Senior Minister Gamini Dissanayake soon after the 1983 Riots
"Who attacked you? Sinhalese. who saved you? Sinhalese. It is that we who attacked and protected you. They are bringing an army from India. It will take 14 hours to come from India. In 14 minutes the blood of every Tamil in the country can be sacrifi ce to the land by us”

President J.R.Jayawardene, Daily Telegraph, July 1983
"I am not worried about the opinion of the Jaffna we cannot think of them, not about their lives or their opinion.the more you put pressure in the north, the happier the Sinhala people will be here Really if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be happy"

Mrs. Wimala Kannangara M.P (1981)
"If we are governing, we must govern. If we are ruling, we must rule. Do not give into the minorities"

Ceylon’s first Prime Minister,D.S.Senanayake
"Today you are brought here and given a plot of land. You have been uprooted from your village. You are like a piece of driftwood in the ocean; but remember that one day the whole country will look up to you. The fi nal battle for the Sinhala people will be fought on the plains of Padaviya. You are men and women who will carry this island’s destiny on your shoulders. Those who are attempting to divide this country will have to reckon with you. The country may forget you for a few years, but one day very soon they will look up to you as the last bastion of the Sinhala"

Prad Nathan   May 15th, 2009 7:41 am ET

Stop The Genocide of Tamils and CHARGE Sri Lankan Gov with War Crim. Stop the War and let the media and UN into the Safe Zone. UN please save these innocent tamils from Sri Lanka Gov.

Sri Lanka Gov should be charged with War crime for shelling the makeshift hospital and killing Tamils in 1000's.

Kadira   May 15th, 2009 7:44 am ET

It is sad to see Sri Lankan history being warped by some of the LTTE sympathizers in this forum. Sri Lanka was never of two kingdoms one for Sinhalese and one for Tamil. That is a blatant fabrication of history. Sri Lanka surrendered to the British in 1815 as one country and not as two kingdoms and the British, took over Sri Lanka as one nation. If anyone is referring to the issue between the Sinhalese and the Tamils, then you have to go back to the time when the invaders from South India was invading and destroying Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese and Tamils (native) to Sri Lanka have always lived together and fought together to chase the invader away. The current situation in Sri Lanka came into being thanks in part to the British favoring the Tamils over the Majority Sinhalese when it came to education, government jobs, highly placed jobs and the racist Tamil and Sinhala politicians. The separate state demand of the LTTE is an ideology born in India and adopted in Sri Lanka by extremist elements. As a nation Sri Lanka can never allow a separate state giving 75% of the land and sea resources to 10% of the population especially with anti Sri Lankan politician dominated Tamil Nadu just 20km away. The LTTE is a terrorist organization that has killed the people whom it claims to represent this includes many intellectuals as Neelan Thiruchelvam. It is sad to note what we in Sri Lanka can see as LTTE treachery is not shown on the so called free media of the west. Pictures of LTTE shooting civilians who are escaping to the government side, crying mothers who scream and beg in front of TV cameras asking the government forces to save her family from the LTTE clutches where they say they are being made to undergo unimaginable suffering. The western media chooses to portray the government of Sri Lanka as the evil state and LTTE as the savior of civilians. The western governments who are massacring innocent civilians by conducting air raids over Afghanistan, Iraq etc is demanding the Sri Lankan government go for a ceasefire and is proposing that the murderous LTTE leaders be given amnesty and be allowed to surrender to a third party so that they can be saved from their imminent capture by the Sri Lankan forces. It is very apparent that it is not the concern for civilians that is the foremost at David Miliband and Hillary Clintons agenda but it is the saving of the LTTE to which they have been covertly supporting behind the screen (god forbid if the LTTE leadership spills the beans of how they were funded by the west whilst banning it as a terrorist organization). It is very obvious the way the media and the west has been agitating, threatening the legally elected government of Sri Lanka in the name of saving civilians knowing very well that any pause in the war will never help the civilians. It is very easy to control the entire Indian sub-continent if there are violent hotspots around it at strategic points such as in Sri Lanka. The LTTE has become a part of this western strategy. India helped LTTE to raise its head and the west uses it as a strategic tool and no longer under the control of India. The special love between the misguided Tamil Diaspora, western nations and the LTTE is causing more hardship to the already suffering civilians trapped in the war zone. Do you really think the LTTE which used all the ceasefires throughout the 30 year war to re-arm and regroup and during the recent past when ever there was a pause in the war, built up 8ft high earth bunds around civilians so that they could not escape (using forced labor of the same civilians) and from whom they are keeping away the food and essential items being sent by the government and around whom they are now placing weapons using white phosperous in attempt to create a mass killing of the civilians to blame the government of Sri Lanka and somehow induce foreign intervention will ever release them if there is a pause in the fighting? Has anyone watching the international news networks seen the sacrifice the soldiers of the Sri Lankan army making in order to save their Tamil brothers and sisters, even as yesterday when the army opened and escape root for the civilians they also laid long leads of rope so that the civilians can hang on to it and cross the lagoon which was never depicted in any news network. Have they ever mentioned the lives lost in the army creating escape routes in the attempt of opening up the earth bund build by the LTTE so that the civilians can run free? Instead the government of Sri Lanka is being accused of killing innocent civilians by using heavy weapons. If the SL military was using so called heavy weapons etc the war would have been over a long time ago. The Sri Lankan economy has suffered a long time and people of this beautiful island have suffered too much for the west to come in and destroy the last chance at peace for this nation.

jp   May 15th, 2009 7:49 am ET


to every one on the page do any of you stay in sri lanka ?

i have lost my family, friends and evey one i know becouse of ltte

no more ltte

i think the tamil people will be happy

Robin   May 15th, 2009 7:49 am ET



rajiv   May 15th, 2009 7:52 am ET

CNN, please be responsible. The LTTE is a arguably the most brutal terrorist organization in the world, which has over time been directly responsible for the killing of nealy a hundered thousand people from all communities.

It is the ltte who are killing their own people. I cannot understand how these people lie like this. It is the sri lankan army that is losing life and limb in their attempt to safeguard the civillians being held as human shields by the ltte, by not using heavy weapons.

I call upon the international community to not listen to biased, emotional and blatant liars who are protesting and tarnishing lanka's image but learn the truth abt what is happening.

Why is it that the al qaeda, the taliban, hamas, etc are chastised but the LTTE and its supporters who have the worst and most barbaric track record given so much international support ?

ela   May 15th, 2009 7:54 am ET

World Again wait and making MISTAKE like Rwanda.... After the Genocide .... Socalled International Community make REPORT how they kill, which weapons used etc.,..... So, Please Act immediatly... every minute delay hundreds of Tamils are killed by SriLankan Govt.

Anitha   May 15th, 2009 7:58 am ET

I personally think that some of you should consider and get it into your head that TAMIL TIGERS (LTTE) ARE NOT TERRORISTS.
Even though LTTE means more than everything to me. Since some of you don't support LTTE, i would say that i am not expecting you to support LTTE or what so ever. I am just asking you to think of the hundreds of people who die every day. No human with good heart would even try to kill people in this way. Not even their enemies.

I apologise if i have mentioned something wrong.

BUT please don't say that other countries should not interfear. Its been happening for years and years now. People do not have the chance to live in peace for a while.

We just hope that there will be a peaceful end, with the help of other countries around the world.
The only thing we Tamils can do is supporting our people by protesting till the end. until we get an answer. ALL tamils please take this to hard and come to Parliament S quare.

Another fact that i would like to share with you is that there are also a few Tamils that do not support LTTE and do not help to stop the war and genocide in Tamil eelam. You lots are Tamils as well and most of you even lived on that land. you know more than most students how Tamil eelam is like. It is your homeland.....why would you be against this?

Sumith   May 15th, 2009 7:59 am ET

Finny .... Americans attacked to Iraq......Are you seen any atom bombs from Iraq?..... No...
They defeated million of peoples with children, But CNN or UN or Somebody no comments "Humanity or mankind" .How are the Medias was told about these things. WE ARE NOT blunder heads...east countries are steadily support to us. We are Not fear LTTE.

G.Chayan   May 15th, 2009 8:02 am ET

In SriLanka, war against TAMILSM (minority Tamils) not on Terrorism and GENOCIDE going on for decades in the closed doors. No media, No NGOs, No food, No medicine, No shelter... War Without .....So called Safety Zone is only in name, it means nothing. Government repeat shelling hospitals in safety zone. In the name of rescuing civilians, wiping out Tamil Nation from their homeland. More than ten thousands civilians lost their life within last three months. IC know this and now only raising their voices. Before IC take any action there will not be any TAMILS very soon. How many holiday makers to Sri Lanka, know the dark side of the country...

peter   May 15th, 2009 8:08 am ET

LTTE urges IC to save civilians in the name of humanity, SLA attacks kill 1700 in 48 hours
[TamilNet, Thursday, 14 May 2009, 12:06 GMT]
The LTTE on Thursday called upon the International Community to protect the civilians from the ongoing carnage by taking whatever measure required. "The LTTE is ready to engage with the International Community in its actions to bring an end to the humanitarian crisis." The statement came as Sri Lanka Army (SLA) continued its indiscriminate barrage causing untold human tragedy. Initial estimate by the LTTE Peace Secretariat Thursday afternoon was 1,700 civilians killed and over 3,000 wounded within the last 48 hours. The catastrophic situation has been made worse by the acute shortage of food and medicine, the statement said. "Local doctors who are trying to work in these hospitals have decided to hand the hospitals over to the ICRC in the hope that under ICRC management the hospitals may be spared from bombardment."

Full text of the press statement by the LTTE Peace Secretariat follows:

Catastrophic situation: Over 1700 killed and 3000 injured within 48-hours – ICRC Ships prevented

The local aid workers in Vanni Region estimated 1700 civilians have been killed and over 3000 injured in the last 48 hours due to the persistent use of heavy artillery and mortars by the Sri Lankan armed forces. The catastrophic situation has been made worse by the acute shortage of food and medicine.

The ICRC ship carrying emergency supply of food provided by the World Food Organization (WFO) has been prevented from delivering its consignments due to refusal of the Sri Lankan Government to provide security guarantees, even though LTTE has given all clearance and guarantees . And another ship working on medical evacuations also prevented from reaching shores with the same reason.

In the face of relentless bombardment, 1400 patents and their families are facing untold hardships and there were no one take care of these patients. All doctors and medical staff have abandoned the hospital and gone into bunkers. Local doctors who are trying to work in these hospitals have decided to hand the hospitals over to the ICRC in the hope that under ICRC management the hospitals may be spared from bombardment.

Despite international concerns and condemnation by international leaders, the Sri Lankan armed forces are continuing with its campaign of targeting the civilian population and destroying civilian infrastructure.

We call upon the international community to protect the civilians from this ongoing carnage by taking whatever measure required. The LTTE is ready to engage with the International Community in its actions to bring an end to the humanitarian crisis.

peter   May 15th, 2009 8:10 am ET

1200 bodies counted, hundreds seriously injured, aerial bombing continues
[TamilNet, Sunday, 10 May 2009, 11:26 GMT]
Rescue workers within the Mullaiththeevu Safety Zone have counted more than 1200 bodies after the large scale slaughter Saturday night and Sunday morning by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) with the use of cluster ammunition, multi-barrel rocket launchers and cannons, sources from Vanni said. The workers fear that there may be additional bodies yet to be uncovered, and the numbers killed will likely rise. Rescue workers also said several hundreds were very seriously injured, and the critical shortage of medicine at the makeshift hospital in Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal will lead to many more deaths. Meanwhile, Mu'l'li-vaaykkaal Hospital staff said, until 3:00 p.m. the number of bodies brought to the hospital was 378, injured totaled 1122. The staffers added that 106 of the dead, and 251 of the injured were children.

The casualties and the seriously injured include many elderly, women and children.

The bombing which subsided until noon Sunday increased after 12:00 noon when Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter jets carried out two bombing raids at 12:45 p.m. Sunday, sources from inside the safety zone said.

Rescue workers said the counting of the dead is continuing and the actual number killed in the worst-ever man inflicted carnage by Sri Lanka state will not be known for a few days.

The large scale slaughter is believed to be a result of India prodding Colombo to finish the war before the change of government, political circles in Colombo said adding that the 'war on terror' has appeared to have been translated into 'war on civilians' in the time of Obama Administration.

Thushyanthan   May 15th, 2009 8:12 am ET

To all the members of the Sinhalese community, out there spouting empty rhetoric about 'fighting terror' and labelling all peace activists as 'terrorists' and 'pro-LTTE', please start to read a bit more widely and look at the evidence that shows that the Sri Lankan is guilty of mass atrocities, war crimes and attempting to perpetrate genocide.

Ignore the LTTE for a while and consider the plight of the thousands of civilians who are being slaughtered daily. The UN estimates that more than 7000 men, women and children have been massacred in the last few months alone. The government is delaying supplies of food and water to the so called safe zone in an attempt to exterminate even more Tamils.
Their propaganda machine seems to be running smoothly, with the entire Sinhalese community believing every lie that they come up with. Ask yourselves, if they are really trying to ‘fight terror’, why have they prevented free media from accessing the conflict zones. Just a few days ago, Channel 4 reporters from Britain were arrested and deported for reporting on the situation inside the concentration camps. Any media that does manage to get in, is given a sanitized tour by the government and is prevented from conducting a thorough investigation of the concentration camps they run. Reports have been emerging from the camps that people are raped, tortured and killed, and that pregnancies forcefully terminated. But funnily enough, we are meant to simply take the government’s word for it that these are all false, and nobody can actually verify the government’s denials.
Furthermore Sri Lanka has a brutal history of dissenting journalists being assassinated in broad day light without the assailants ever being found. Strange isn’t it? In fact in their 2008 report, Reporters Without Borders ranked Sri Lanka 165 of 173 in its 2008 World Press Freedom Index, the lowest ranking of any ‘democratic country’ in the world.New York-based Genocide Prevention Project in its 2008 report included Sri Lanka as one of the eight "red alert" countries where genocide and other mass atrocities are underway. On 8th December 2008, a task force headed by Madeleine K Albright, former US Secretary of State and current advisor to Obama and Clinton released a report on world genocide threats which included Sri Lanka on its list of locations where genocide is occurring.

I think that to any rational person, all these factors would indicate that the government is attempting to conduct a genocide without witnesses, and is merely using the LTTE as an excuse to slaughter as many Tamils as it can before someone intervenes. But rational thinking is always the first thing to go in a spiteful mob, incited by hateful propaganda and set on ethnic cleansing. If any Sinhalese people out there decide to question their government’s unverifiable claims, and look into the issue at a deeper level they may be unpleasantly surprised by what they find.

Here's a link for any interested parties:

chama   May 15th, 2009 8:12 am ET

all these people who r living overseas,there against this war because if sri lanka wins the war they have to go back to sri lanka,they left sri lanka because of the war saying they can't live there so they were given refugee visa now that the war is over they have to go back.this is a joke.My advice to the cnn do not believe all these people who protest against the the war.let the war end god bless the sri lankan forces say no to ltte

Saman   May 15th, 2009 8:12 am ET

LTTE nomore

peter   May 15th, 2009 8:12 am ET

thisaara   May 15th, 2009 8:13 am ET

the international, please don't listen to the Tamils' eating Singales and making them as slaves or converting them to their race(never it can happen, but who lives in out side the north east in Sri Lanka have do live so, even no rights to say that I'm a Tamil – to clarify this should go for another independent poll- even I'm afraid to tell this because I'm living in Colombo.) I'm not an LTTE supporter until come to Colombo, I'm originally from Jaffna. But now I decided I cann't live here with this discriminating and killing sinhala society. I can realize the need of separate country. I wanna join in the LTTE and fight for Tamil Eelam now, but LTTE said me that as a civil engineer, we need you to use your education to construct our country. now if we loose you, then in the future we may not get you back. and they gave me the honour of their member. But If international is not helping us to be separated from this Killer's Government, I can not wait until other members on my team to fight and get the separate place where we are before these sinhales came to sri lanka, I will really take the arms in to my hands. I know the risk of sending this comment, even though I believe the international community, specially US, UN to get a permanent solution for the ancient Tamil community in Sri Lanka. Please US and UN help us. India, China is helping our Government to do this Genocide of Tamils. this is the last minute of our breathing, If no body is helping to us. First ask this government to compromise and negotiate in front of a 3rd Judge. I'm ready to die to get my native black back and ruled by our race with all self aspirations.

peter   May 15th, 2009 8:14 am ET

kulan siva   May 15th, 2009 8:14 am ET

21st centuries MASS MASSACRE underway SRILANKA.40.000families of 165.000 TAMIL PEOPLE danger of wipe out. but U S and the E.U , U N just giving STATEMENT not ACTION. going to talk the same story like RWANDA?

Free Tamil Eelam
Free Tamil People
Tamil Tiger's are freedom fighter's

Anitha   May 15th, 2009 8:17 am ET

one of the comments i read:

May 14th, 2009 1837 GMT

"""""IF Prabhakaran is areal Leader Thamil Peoples Will never leave him alone>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

but today THOUSANDS of Thamil Peoples coming to the Goverment Control Areas Why did they do this???????????????

Because they Prove that to the World Prabhakaran is not areal leader. he is only a murder.

Thamil Peoples hate him because he kidnapped their Children for his terrorist now they are very happy because now they have rescued from that killer by our Forces..

Sinhala people don’t want to insult to thamils’ because we live together happily in past Prabhakaran is the person who going to break that our relationship."""""""


subo   May 15th, 2009 8:23 am ET

No comments will save innocent Tamil peoples .I kinldy request singalese people before they comment to think twice as they do not realise the situation in vanni.

Suren   May 15th, 2009 8:25 am ET

please stop the war. Stop killing people.

A.S   May 15th, 2009 8:26 am ET

The conflict have been going on for over 60 years now and the tamils have always been the victims in the war of terror. I still do not understand how everyone can classify L..T.T.E as terrorists. They were only formed in 1976 which is around more than 30 years ago! I as well as other tamils believe that the ban of L.T.T.E should be taken away. In 1983 there was a suggestion that a separate state is the the only solution to stop all this, thats what we all want, thats what the tamil tigers are fighting for, why would tamil tigers want to hurt other tamils what do you all think they would get out of it? Obviously the GoSL would get victory and a place just for their own people. I just want to thank channel four for telling the truth and Obama thank you for demanding an immediate ceasefire, i had always had faith in you but we all knew we had to be patient becuase you had your own things to sort out!! Three weeks back Tamil Tigers were willing to give up because of their worries of more people dying. Rajpakshe, Gotabaya said no, he wanted to carry on until till everyone dies. Its an amusement for him, why else would they put dead bodies in the freezer, to see how they react, it is horrible! Also there is no basic needs to help a little child breath, essentials are not being sent to the one's that need them, i just saw an video of a beautiful baby die, it was horrible! I was born in Britain where democracy and freedom had always been here for everyone, i feel that people there deserve the same!!


M. Sanjan   May 15th, 2009 8:28 am ET

LTTE is nothing more than another terrorist group!!!! the use of child soilders, suicide bombers and human sheilds proves nothing more than that this group is far worse than a terrorist group! they even killed a group of sl army women soilders who were helping the tamils in the north by giving them food and medicine! they kidnap children and make them join the LTTE by force and if any1 refuses they just kill them! after all that, after all the evidence i don't know, i still dont understand why some people support the LTTE??!! yes the killing of innocent people should be stopped but that doesnt mean you should support the LTTE!!! the LTTE is never safe for people!! they can never offer help in this manner!! this country is very small they shudnt divide it further!! the LTTE should be stopped, should be stopped, should be stopped!!!

thisaara   May 15th, 2009 8:31 am ET

Asking LTTE only that allow civilians to be safe is not a good opinion. 1st we should think why the government asked them to leave their homes. they shelled and made the civilians to displaced from their own land, while LTTE never hurt them like this. First settle them to their own place. already clearly we Tamils expressed that we need our homeland back. No way to live with this Ghosts in the future.

vasuki   May 15th, 2009 8:34 am ET

We don't need to comment any more as the poll shows 77% of the people took part wants International countries to intervene srilanka against the Genocide.

Ataraxia   May 15th, 2009 8:35 am ET

Please visit Sri Lanka and see yourself what is really going on. Anyone can visit the liberated areas. Ofcourse no one is allowed in or out from the small patch of land which is still under LTTE.
Pls Don't just fabricate porkies that harm the racial harmony. Sri Lankans, especially Sinhalese majority is donating millions every day to help support the tamil hostages fleeing from the clutches of LTTE. The only civilian killings happeining in Sri Lanka are by the LTTE, when the hostages (innocent Tamils) are trying to escape.
99.9% of Tamils in Sri Lanka don't ask for an eelam or complain abaout any descrimination from the government. It is only the LTTE and the beneficiaries try to favricate such a lie!
It is sad to see how some people are trying to use the word "genocide"! If there is a genocide or even any descrimination or mistreatments, why all Tamils are trying to escape the clutches of LTTE and come to Sinhalese dominated areas?
Please don't destroy the peace and harmony in a country for your selfish goals. Let's have a world free of terrorism and fear!

Ragavan Ambighananthan   May 15th, 2009 8:37 am ET

Dear Hala Gorani,
We Eelam Tamils, really appreciate your special blog for discussing the ethinic cleansing in SL.
Within next 24 hours SL government is planning to use chemical weapons to kill tamils and blame it on LTTE, but the International community is pretending that nothing has happened.
Words are not enough now, we need Action fro US and UK.
International community showed a different attitude for Kosovo and different one for us, probably we are untouchables, probably our part of land does not have oil nor other resources for super powers to show interest. UN, which should be the mother of justice, is behaving like a step mother to us even after the satellite evidence. I have nothing to say anymore.


chamil   May 15th, 2009 8:38 am ET

i completely agree with sally.. sri lanka is a nation with different cultures and races.. and although the majority (over 70%) are sinhalese. there are also tamils (around 18%), muslims (around 10%) and descendants of european settlers.. we all live in peace in government controlled areas. i studied at a private school in colombo along with president rajapaksa's sons n we were educated along side tamils, muslims and all other races.. they are our friends n brothers.. if genocide was the aim would u send ur children to the same school?? would over 60% of the tamil people live in the capital of colombo alone?? the only deliberate killing of tamils is done by the ltte itself, so they can maintain their power n say that they are the sole representative of tamils.. if you look deeper you ll find the number of tamil leaders that have been killed by the ltte and you ll also realise that some of the most protected parliamentarians are tamil leaders that dare to oppose the ltte (eg: douglas devanandan). their own eastern wing leader, Karuna, left the ltte and is now in the parliament.. every sri lankan is given free education and healthcare by the government. thats a dream to most other minorities around the world.. please help the government with the rehabilitation and resttlement of civilians but dont provide the ltte with another escape route.. i have never had the privilege of living in a war free, terrorist free sri lanka and i dont want that to be the case for my children as well.

maaran   May 15th, 2009 8:41 am ET

the sri lankan gov. will realize the fit back very soon. dont think the tamils are stupid. they will teach the strong lesson very soon.

Indi   May 15th, 2009 8:45 am ET

Sri Lankan Governments carrying a systematic genocide over tamils

IC should take action to save Tamils in Sri Lanka and LTTE is freedom fighters of Tamils EElam

Thanks to CNN to give opportunity for expressing our opinions.

Chanaka   May 15th, 2009 8:47 am ET


You asked us to stop votin gon tuesday (12th) in your iDesk show.

At that time it was 54% YES and 46% NO, the result of the the Sri Lankan poll. That day you did not publish the result.

Still you left it active for two more days, and you published a result of 73% YES and 27% NO, obviously an organized LTTE tamil community handy work, on Thursday (14th) in the Becky's show.

So, I guess you are happy about giving them time to regroup and score as much YESs as possible! 'Cos it's more marketable! I think I will let the ppl to judge your professionalism of the trade.

Regroup...that's exactly why Sri Lanka nedes NO intervention and do NOT listen to so-called super powers to stop the war. We don't want the LTTE to breath life anymore.

This is the end.

This is my final comment on your show.

Black   May 15th, 2009 8:54 am ET

International Community should intervene Sri Lankan war to avoid massive genocide. Sinhala government is not in a position to listen to anyone those who advise them to stop the war. They have rejected the requests made by US, UK, France and other countries. Even they named the International Organizations like UN and ICRC as terrorist Organizations. Further they named reputed International medias like CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera as liars. If they are really wants to fight LTTE only, then they should allow the UN peace keeping forces to enter into Sri Lanka and to evacuate the civilians safely. Thereafter they can fight with the LTTE. The actual fact is Tamil civilians are scared to go to the custody of Sinhala Army. They are well aware of the Sinhala army.

Rayanathan   May 15th, 2009 8:56 am ET

I am a Tamil man,but I hate LTTE because they kill all the tamil top leaders in Sri lanka and few of my family members ,they dont wants people to be educate because educated man never help to the mission of LTTE.

So now this has come to an end and we all Tamil people can live with other cummunity people in Sri lanka with very happly and peacefully,so we all are now have to back and support to President of Sri lanka for his efforts and this dirty master of LTTE should kill or hang like Saddaam Hussain.

Asanka   May 15th, 2009 9:04 am ET


Ranga   May 15th, 2009 9:04 am ET

Have any of those who accuse Sri Lanka of killing innocent civilians seen anything or visited Sri Lanka...I don't think so....What's the big deal....USA can kill 100 of civilians and that stupid Hillary says "SORRY".that's it.....Why do CNN,BBC,USA,UK,FRANCE,UN believe what LTTE says...They are terrorists...Come and just watch what they've done to innocent tamil civilians in Northern SL...It's not the canadian tamils(LTTE) or LONDON LTTE TAMILS OR LTTE IN FRANCE OR BBC OR CNN OR ANY ONE who aided them when these innocent people crossed the borders and came running towards the SL army seeking refuge and's the army itself and people in sri lanka helped them to survive.....USA bombed IRAQ....killed 10000 odd civilians to fulfil thier hatred towards Saddam Hussain....It was not because of weapons of mass's that hatred and oil which made USA kill so many innocent civilians..that's where the lie started so to cover up the lie they came up with so many lies now USA is in war with lot of nations giving the reason "war on terror"..But if they feel OSAMA BIN LADEN is a terrorist How comw PRABHAKARAN not a terrorist but a freedom fighter...BIN LADEN ONLY ATTACKED USA ONCE FOLKS...ON 9/11.....AND HE IS A PRODUCT OF USA.....BUT PRABHAKARAN MURDERED THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE 100S OF DIPLOMATS,PRESIDENTS OF SRI LANKA, A PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA OVER 30 YEARS.....USA DO NOT KNOW WHERE BIN LADEN IS SO THEY BOMB THE ENTIRE WORLD TO KILL HIM SO THAT USA CAN SLEEP IN THE NIGHT.....BUT WE IN SL KNOW WHERE PRABHAKARAN IS...OUR ARMIES ATTACK WHERE HIS COLLEAGUES ARE.....HOW COME THIS IS NOT A PART OF WAR ON TERROR.....CNN PLZ ANSWER......LTTE MAY NOT COMMENT COZ THEY GOT NO BRAINS...BUT I STILL BELIEVE CNN WITH REPORTERS LIKE ANDERSON COOPER HAVE A WEE BIT OF BRAINS LEFT OVER LTTE MONIES...AND OTHER UNKNOWN REASONS.......

Lakshmi   May 15th, 2009 9:04 am ET

I have been reading the comments. There is no doubt that those passionate comments are by the so called asylum seekers. I f there is no war they will have no reason to wait in those countries.I they are so concerned about the innocent Tamils they should have collected enough provisions for the IDP'S instead of wasting time on demonstrations to save the megolomaniac prabha and the bunch of his killers. Only the SL southerners are trying to help the IDP's by collecting what ever possible from people in the south.More affluent Tamils are living in the south without any problem. It is inevitable that all new comers to the south are checked and registered considering the number of suicide bombing by these so called innocent Tamils. Most of the Tamil and Sinhala leaders were killed by suicide bombers. I too would have been a victim but escaped with minor injuries. Westerners are trying to interfere because of China and Russia and other non-aligned countries who are our real friends.They will learn a bitter lesson with the likes of those asylum seekers( ltte in disguise) when they create mayham like what they displayed in most countries. I do hope the Army will finish there job and capture Prabha and his boys before long. Its up to the govt to give the just demands of the Tamils but no division of the country. May the people whether Sinhalese, Tamils or others live in harmony in a peaceful country without the scrooge of Terrorism.

Asanka   May 15th, 2009 9:07 am ET




Dunstan   May 15th, 2009 9:07 am ET

Sinhala Friends!

You all are right and other are wrong?

BBC Wrong
CNN wrong
BSKYB wrong
Channel 4 Wrong
Obama Wrong
David Milaband Wrong
Grorden Brown Wrong
ITV wrong
algecira Wrong
Reuters wrong
ICRC wrong
Human Rights Watch wrong
UN wrong

only Mahinda Rajapaksha is right!

God Bless you All!

Pavi Vemaleswaran   May 15th, 2009 9:08 am ET

Right what is happening in sri lanka is NOT war its GENOCIDE. Someone has said that if one doesn't know the facts then go and see what is happeningin sri lanka but the problem is its the sri lankan government that is not allowing anyone to go into those areas where all the fighting is taking place, so waht does that tell you? What have they got to hide that no independant journalists etc. are allowed. And even if the odd one is they can't talk to anyone without the civilians going through the army they can't get a free,true response from the civilians. So i suggest some people no offence but the majority of them are the Sinhalese, open your eyes and tell people the truth instead of telling lies!


*Tamil Tigers Thirst Is Tamil's Homeland*

Pavi Vemaleswaran   May 15th, 2009 9:10 am ET


Someone Who Loves Peace   May 15th, 2009 9:12 am ET

I think the international committee or any of the western world should not intervene in sri lanka matters, because I am sure the president of sri lanka wants to ask the international committee such USA and UK to give guarantee that USA and UK will not let the leaders of LTTE to escape if the president of sri lanka stops the war. But he would not ask the question because he and other polictical intelligence know that the LTTE will use the soft side of the USA and UK to escape from the sri lanka government.

Also I still don't know why on earth the USA or UK or any other international commitee is not putting pressure on the LTTE to release the civilians instead they are telling the Sri lanka to stop the war.

Also if the LTTE supporters says LTTE are tamil people and tamil people are LTTE, why don't they put pressure on the LTTE to release the civilians and if they say no one has the right to tell the civilians to move from their habitat area, they why do the LTTE supporters say that LTTE are their sole reprensentative. Why don't LTTE supporters tell the LTTE to release the civilians and fight as a brave group and istead of using them as human shields. The only motive here is to kill their own people and claim that sri lanka army killed them and get sympathy from the western world so that the western world will put pressure on the sri lanka to stop the war.

Also I would like to tell the CNN that the LTTE's are killing their own people who are fugitives.

So please let sri lanka handel its own business and by involving in sri lanka matters the western world is loosing its values across the international and presidential scale.

Don Rajeewa   May 15th, 2009 9:15 am ET

It is simply stupid to see so call western nations are genuine towards peace in other nations, as those countries are the countries sell weopens to other terrios organizations through third parties, while portion of those money goes to NGO & INGO's to cre ate and manipulate peaceful nations. Fourtune days of west is over, eastern hemisphere countries becoming the world powers. Why after manipulators. stop! be intellegient! Don

Sonali   May 15th, 2009 9:16 am ET

Some people are justifying what the GOSL doing by saying That LTTE has killed some politicians and etc. If you want to compare do it properly and see how many innocent people are killed by LTTE and how many innocent people are still being killed, raped, abducted and tortured by GOSL. They are saying that LTTE is a terrorist organisation at the same time comparing there government with LTTE. What is wrong with them? GOSl has successively achieved something that is expanded the gap between Sinhalese and Tamils and by this telling the whole world that they will never let Tamil people live peacefully in that country.

What kind of people can support their government when that government is killing and destroying the life of so many people. Will they support the government if it does the same thing in their area and put them in detention centres.

They are putting all the blame on LTTE. Can they explain what happened in 1958 & 1977? Who are they going to blame this for? If you have a wound try to cure it don't try to make it bigger and bigger by your foolish act. Most of the Sinhalese people don't know anything, not even the history. They only listen to the politician and their Buddhist monks (instead of preaching the good things they are determined to do the opposite).

If any one wants peace they have to follow the right direction.

Put your self in those innocent people's position and think. Try your best to save those people.

If they want they can stop this. I don't know why IC is reluctant? They are only creating a problem which they will never be able to solve. What are they waiting for? From histrory haven't they learn a lesson? They are only putting the concrete base for more Prabaharns to rise.

Raj   May 15th, 2009 9:17 am ET

Hospital Attacks in the war zone – please have a look at the link

Raj   May 15th, 2009 9:18 am ET

Hospital attacks in the war zone. Have a look.

A Doctor From SL   May 15th, 2009 9:18 am ET

This Arms struggle in SL have been there nearly for three decades. utter waste of money, Both parties are not spending the funds for the WAR, out of their own pocket, all belongs to people of Srilanka. which Should be utilized for the Development of the country.

and in my point of view, even if you devide this small tiny Island in to two!, definitly that will become another INDIA and PAKISTAN in future.

and I too Accept the Following statement posted by a Forum member here:

"The money, effort, energy and all other resources spent on this power struggle in this tiny island for the last 30 years (whatever the name you want to call it) should have spent on education, health, and development. The barbaric actions of LTTE or the military actions on LTTE both resulted only in destruction of civilian life whether it happens in Colombo or Vanni. People who support both sides are idiots. Support the average poor hardworking families and children (with your hard earned money or with your beautiful words), not with weapons, who deserve to live a better life without thinking of any personal gains (rarely happens) . Life is not eternal, history will and can be distorted at anytime. So the question of homeland (for Sinhalese or Tamils) is just for personal pride only.!!!"

Ariyanandasilva   May 15th, 2009 9:19 am ET

Hello CNN,

Sri Lankan problem is for the Sri Lankans to settle. No forign power should interfere with Sri Lanka. The leaders in the world must have problems in their own country to be settled.



BRIAN   May 15th, 2009 9:19 am ET

I live out side Sri Lanka but I see minority Tamils. People who contribute to this war some of them are drug traffiikng in USA<UK<GERMANY and many parts of the europe.They think they do not have a country they are playing a game for the past many many decades.
They are asking for a seperate state?

Why do you need a seperate state?/
Why cant we live with harmony who cares Burgers , Muslim, Hindus Christains.
Why the terorist have killed many people including their own Tamil people who do not like this war asking for a separate state???

My good good frieds are Tamils and I am a sinhalese.
When we meet we never even talk about a war.
Never talk any thing about anything we traet them like our own brothers and sisters.
Few people are causing this problem. They are the real Terrorists.
UN please understand just because big shots you know who supports Terrorists, very soon if you, UN intervene you will have to pay the price by helping this cancer to grow.


Rukshan   May 15th, 2009 9:23 am ET

Tamils in Sri Lanka have realized that liberating innocence is done gracefully. You know our goverment provide meals not only liberated tamil people, but people under coltrol of LTTE. Have you ever heared any story like this. Even our opponent are fed by us. Isn't it funny ? But these things are happening.

Most hurted people is not in Sri Lanka but in USA, Canada, UK, Norway etc. We can understand their situation. With economic crisis most of these western countries have decided to send migrants back to their homeland (job cut). So tamils living outside Sri Lanka have no more lebelled "Political victim". Therefore, they need to accept this truth since no war here they should come back. Even you are rude on us we are not rejecting you because we are Sinhala Buddhist (mostly). We we taught to treat even our enemies by great philosopy – Buddhism.

Therefore, making comments on offshore is no longer valid. We have no problem with you but with people who chaned your minds by false information. Sri lanka is a place to live anybody. Come and enjoy. But 1st thing you should do visit these displaced camps and see how rude LTTE was. You will never ever talk about LTTE anymore. Talk to these people and realized. You cant hide the truth.

Listen what is saying by Karuna, Pilleyan, Daya Master, George Master. They were the people who faced this practically. Not like yours spending luxary life in west.

So welcome to Sri Lanka. We are waiting. Not to harm you. But to help you to realize the truth. Join hand with you. Life is short. So let's not waste time on killing each other. We have no problem with tamils.

Thamizh Sudar   May 15th, 2009 9:24 am ET

Hell on the Earth is SriLanka. International community must intervene to stop the genocide in SriLanka. Death becomes part of our daily life and unimaginable to see the suffering of SriLankan Tamils. No food, No cloth to change, no hospital, what else, because you are a Tamil in SriLanka. Liberation Tigers fighting for independent of Tamils and the World beloved the diplomatic lies of Lankan politicians. China and India helping the Government of SriLanka to crush the Liberation Tigers for there best interest of their Nation.

Obama is our hope, Hillary Free Tamil Eelam.

Thamo   May 15th, 2009 9:29 am ET

Genocide of Tamils and the Struggle for Tamil Eelam
The concept of Tamil Eelam was developed day by day and Tamils all over the world believe that it will become in reality one day. All of the Tamils have been affected some way or the other by alien Sinhala rulers time to time. The struggle for Tamil Eelam first expressed by our leader S.J.V.Chelvanayagam in 1975 and reinforced by the mandate that we gave to the Tamil United Liberation Front in 1977, and reiterated in the Manifesto of the Tamil National Alliance in 2001. It is also about re-establishing the Tamil Kingdom that the Tamil people enjoyed before the British unified the administration of the island of Ceylon in 1833.
The concept of Tamil Eelam was developed based on two fundamental things/believes.
1. Sinhala people do not want to share any power with Tamils instead they are carrying out genocide attack on Tamils time to time (Genocide of Tamils by majority Sinhalese)
2. Tamils will not live under the oppression any more (Struggle for Tamil Eelam/Freedom)
Genocide of Tamils
“I am not worried about the opinion of the Jaffna people… now we cannot think of them, not about their lives or their opinion… the more you put pressure in the north, the happier the Sinhala people will be here… Really if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be happy.” – President J R Jayawardene, Daily Telegraph, July 1983 [1]
This is the Sinhala ruler’s mentality and we do not see any change on this so far, but their stand becomes stronger with the help of the words “war on terror”. Sinhala rulers want International Community to believe whatever they say and support their genocide attack on Tamils. If the International Community asks any question about their wrong doing, Sinhala authorities will put the blame on the International Community again as supporting the terrorism or called them as terrorist. This is the usual practise these days by any Sri Lanka government official.
“Some 6000 Tamils have been killed altogether in the last few years… These events are not accidental. It can be seen that they are the result of a deliberate policy on the part of the Sri Lankan government… Democracy in the Sri Lanka does not exist in any real sense.” – Senator A L Missen, Chairman, Australian Parliamentary Group of Amnesty International, expressed his growing concern in March 1986 [1]
International Community is giving voice time to time against the genocide of Tamils but again start to believe in the Sinhala ruler’s promises for some reason. When Sinhala rulers have economy problem they start to negotiate with Tamil national leadership, but they could not come up with any short of proposals that will satisfy Tamil’s aspirations. So far they did not implement any of their own promises that they have made to Tamils people whether it satisfies us or not.

Mr Rajapaksa said foreign envoys were "trying to preach to us about civilians". "We have seen how Afghanistan is bombed. Those who come to preach to us [have] seen how Afghanistan is bombed. It must be made clear that before accusing others, you must have the strength to know what you do yourself," he said. [2]

Recent western province election result shows that the Sinhala people are giving their support to current government agenda on genocide of Tamils, as President J R Jayawardene predicted in 1983. The main opposition, the UNP, secured 29.6 percent of votes while the JVP had 2.4 percent. The three districts of the Western Province, Gampaha, Kalutara and Colombo have 91, 87 and 76 percent of Sinhala population respectively. Rajapaksa’s UPFA lost all seats in Colombo city where the Sinhalese are only 41.4 percent, showing that the voting was clearly on ethnic lines. The province holds 51 percent of the country’s wealth. So the Sinhala people do not change and therefore genocide will continue.

Struggle for Tamil Eelam/Freedom
Tamils do not have any alternative other than fight against the state terror committed by the Sinhala rulers. The way of resistance transformed into armed struggle in late 70s. We have more than 30 year’s history of armed struggle against state oppression. Now Tamils have one and only freedom movement called LTTE. In Manifesto of the Tamil National Alliance in 2001 we gave mandate to LTTE as our sole representative.
Current genocide attack on Tamils killed more than 7000 innocent civilians including thousands of children and injured more than 15000 including children, women and elderly people since January 2009. This genocide attack on Tamils is now defended by the young Tamil Diasporas all over the world. Tamil Diasporas have become a voice for our voiceless people who are suffering in their homeland. Tamils as whole are angry against the Sinhala rulers and we will not let down our people back in Tamil Eelam. It is now our duty to make sure that they will go back home and live peacefully in our homeland. So our freedom struggle will continue until we get freedom from Sinhala occupation.

Issue of Human Shield by LTTE
My father still in the “fire-zone” which is so called “no-fire-zone” by Sinhala rulers only. We are originally from Kumarapuram, Paranthan which is in Killinochchi district. My father is a retired principal; he knows what is going on and has the capacity to take his own decision. He was living in his own house and he did not want to leave his house. I tried to bring him Colombo in several occasions but he did not want to live in Colombo. I had frequent contact with him via letters and telephone. One of my school mates was working as doctor in Killinochchi hospital and he knows my father well since my father visits the hospital for his medical condition. I have the contact with doctor as well.
After my father displaced from our house, I told my friend to help my father to come to Vanuniya or Colombo, since his body condition will get worse if he does not have regular food and medicine. After the displacement Killinochchi hospital shifted to Puthukkudiyiruppu and my father went and met my friend there. My friend advised my father to get admitted in the hospital then he will be able to send him to Vavuniya so that he can get regular medicine and food. But my father refused to do so and said “it is better to stay here than go to army controlled area”. Since my relatives were also with him, he wanted to stay there. After couple of days my friend came to Vavuniya with medical convey and now working for detection camps, where the displaced Tamils are jailed eventually.
Last month more than 100,000 people came to army controlled area and I was searching for my father in all detection camps through my friend. He found some know people from my village and they said that my father stayed closer to them in the “fire-zone” and would have moved towards LTTE position when army came in. I believe he has moved further into “fire-zone” voluntarily with my relatives. There are lots of friends and close relatives in this detection camps and I heard some of their horrible stories.
What I can understand and say is that Tamils did not leave LTTE as Sinhala rulers claimed. Tamils did not have food, medicine and any basic facility there instead Sinhala army firing shells and bombing the civilians. It is obvious that Sinhala rulers are using food and medicine as weapon of war. So people are running for food, medicine, shelter and to keep away from shelling, chemical attack etc.

Any relationship will sustain for ever, if and only if there is a healthy and win-win relationship. As far as our struggle is concerned Sinhala rulers want to make sure Tamils will lose in this struggle at any cost even if they lost. Current situation is lost-lost scenario. Therefore it is the time for International Community to get involved and give justice to Tamils. Now the both Sinhala and Tamil community hate each other more than ever. I do not understand how long the International Community will keep on asking to both to love each other and I do not understand what human nature made them to keep on asking like this.
It makes me feel guilty for doing nothing to avoid the genocide attack on our people. If we all joined the LTTE and fought against the Sinhala army we would have won the war by now. Now only my friends, lot of Tamils people and I feel we made mistake by avoiding the call from LTTE to join them fight against oppression.
If anything happen to my father, there no any other option than join with LTTE and fight against Sinhala oppression. It is now in the hands of International Community to handle this problem and take the side of oppressed people so that oppression will end soon.


Suresh   May 15th, 2009 9:32 am ET

First, thanks to CNN to allow leaving comment. Some one are said LTTE is terrorist. Who LTTE? They are fighting for seperate homeland last 25 years, thats why Tamil people must be freedom in their country. So, Is LTTE terrorist? Why doesn't SL Govt accept our request? The SL Govt is spending all money to kill tamil people now a days. Every one can see, The Govt allocates more money in Budget for defence cost. Why is it? To kill & wound Tamil innocence people.

There are moer people Killed & injured last few months. Why? Are they terrorist? Why does no body understand?

The mean time, we need ceasefire immediatly. Please every body (Sinhales or any foreign people) think, if anybody is killed or injured in your family or relations, how will be your feeling? Only tamil people know the affecting of shelling & air attacking. Others don't know. Thats why writing bad comment here. They must go there and must be few minutes.Then, they can understand tamil people feelig.

So, please don't write bad comment.

I kindly request Presidents of foreign countries, please intervene In Srilanka civil war, give us good decision ans safe the Tamil innocence people.

Thank you.

Mahesh   May 15th, 2009 9:33 am ET

Should see the end of LTTE for a economically strong country. this is not a issue between Sinhalese & Tamils. This is all about TERRORISM.

lavanya   May 15th, 2009 9:36 am ET

LTTE are freedom fighters.The real terrorist are srilankan government.Tamils in srilanka are discriminated from 1950,after it was freed from colonialation.Before british,there were two kingdom in srilanka one is tamil and other one srilanka.After independence,the sinhalese people came to power,they tried to suppress tamil communities rights and wellbeing.First Tamils tried to fight against discrimination in ahimsa way,but many people were massacared and fleed to abroad as asylums.Then only they took arms.It is only LTTE can save tamil people.FREE TAMIL EELAM.SAVE TAMIL PEOPLE FROM THIS SRILANKA STATE TERRORISM.

guna   May 15th, 2009 9:36 am ET

I don't know why the world always gave the statement but nothing to do as an effective solution to this WAR. It is now compare to any other country this is a real GENOCIDE. Whether it is Tamils or Signalise are in this WAR both are get kill in some point. So I think definitely the SRI LANKAN government need some help because they are out of order.

nesan   May 15th, 2009 9:37 am ET

we want our rights,
CEYLON is a two nation , two country. before 1948.


Mohan de Alwia Esrisinha   May 15th, 2009 9:37 am ET

It is incredible how people who no nothing of the Sri Lanka situation or its history is writing incorrect and totally malicious things about the tamil situation. Especially to Mr.Manlay I would like to invite him to come to Sri Lanka to see the situation by himself. I offer him free board and lodging and transport in Sri Lanka. I dont know about Ruwanafa but in Sri Lanka we have a war with terrorists with whom we have tried on more than ten occassons to negotiate spending millions of dollars by hosting them in International Cities like Geneva etc. There are more tamils living 70 percent of tamils in Sri Lanka live outside the conflict zone without any problem. We have a problem with tamil civilian casualties in the conflict z one as the terrorists are using them as a human shield Mohan

Mayu   May 15th, 2009 9:38 am ET

Sally, you didn't see the actual problem over there. The problem is that the Tamil community was suppressed and oppressed in the last five to six decades. The Tamil political leaders have made several agreements with the Sri Lankan governments – lead by different parties – but non of those agreements were neither respected nor adhered. The suppression and the oppression continued until today. After a massive communal riot against Tamil community, the Tamil youth, especially well educated youths, had decided to fight against the government force that was treating the Tamils as slaves. That struggle had taken several turns and but the Bush administration simply categorized them as terrorists. But it is not really in that nature. It was the cry of a minor community. Nobody was hearing their cry for a long while. Today the world has awakened; thank god for it. The Tamils in that country simply want a peaceful country without any suppression and oppression.

Senthil   May 15th, 2009 9:40 am ET

international community has to find out Why its only tamils are suffring in Sri lanka since its gain Independnt from Briton.Becouse Of mafority Singlese.And LTTE is not terrorists they are the voice of Tamil people.

Saz   May 15th, 2009 9:42 am ET

Surely the main problem is that people are dying. Is it not our job as humans to conserve lives. Even saving one life should be main priority, so how can anyone allow the killing of innocent civilians, both tamil and singhalese. Maybe if the killing was confined within the army and the people who are actually putting themselves forward to fight, the taking of lives would not be such a great problem. Is it not the duty of the goverment to step in when it is clear something horribly wrong is occuring in the world. Even if it may not aid the goverment in relations with other countries, surely taking this risk to protect innocent people is worth it. Although both Tamil and Singhalese people are dying, the tamil people have no official support and so the killing of them seems to be hidden. Help is needed urgently, a small country like Sri Lanka could be helped immediately.

Shantha   May 15th, 2009 9:45 am ET

Welldone Srilanka . You are not harming Tamil people but you save them from L.T.T.E . Then Why many countries do not help.Please help Srilanka in this matter. Thanks , Shantha

Amal   May 15th, 2009 9:45 am ET

Sri Lankan army on a war with bloody LTTE tigers, not with the innacent tamil civilians. Their mission is to rescue the hostages from LTTE terrorists and eradicate the terrorism from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan People Suffered 30 years because of the LTTE terrorists. So people those who dont know about the LTTE, please not submit a comment here and mind your own work.

siri   May 15th, 2009 9:46 am ET


Devinda Fernando   May 15th, 2009 9:47 am ET

People are caught up between two evil men of 21st centuryLTTE is a terrroist organisation. Sri Lankan Sinhala government is a racist state. Both side are killing innocent people. In this case IC should use 'R2P' to protect people. Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a recently developed concept in international relations which relates to a state's responsibilities towards its population and to the international community's responsibility in case a state fails to fulfil its responsibilities. read more about 'R2P' @



Saz   May 15th, 2009 9:48 am ET

Also the tamil tigers may have cold bloodedly killed the MP but that is nothing in comparison to the thousands of lives taken by the Sri Lankan goverment. They may be classed as terrorists but is it terrorism if they are meerly trying to support their people for basic rights. No one called the english terrorists for taking over Sri lanka, a country not even remotely connected to them.

Suraj SK   May 15th, 2009 9:51 am ET

Find out how deadly LTTE is...
World Most Dangereous Terrorist Group who is trying to under cover there true face by using innocent tamil people. They even kill threre own tamil people.

KAMALI   May 15th, 2009 9:52 am ET

To everybody i can say one think save tamil people please. if singala people think about tamil mean why are they celebrating vashak in killinochi? million people diying are there so you don't care about them isn't it? Even unbon baby children are tererrist on your eye? please this not timeto see who win or not please save tamil people.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy THIS WOLRD I HATE uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
you are BLINDand DEAF our people are diying evey minite and second, but what you can do for us just giving report and speech ........

why every singala people have'nt got heart like great ever singala human lasantha? please save tamil people please please....... anybody ................ please ...

mathy   May 15th, 2009 9:52 am ET

Attention please,If UN discuss with india about genocide of tamils by srilanka's government it is not worth because india is doing all support for srilanka.

Oviya   May 15th, 2009 9:53 am ET

-Systematic Tamil Ethnic Cleansing is done the Terrorist SL Government & Sinhalese Thugs

-More than 80,000 innocent civilians killed since 1948 since Britain left us with the Sinhalese Thugs.

-10,000 innocent civilians killed since Since January using chemical weapons & heavy arms.

-If the Sinhalese & the SL government think we would live them, it would be wrong

-We need our security, equal rights and peaceful life in our Homeland, the international community must accept this and recognise the Tamil Eelam.

-LTTE is not Terrorist org. and they are freedom fighters/Safeguard of Tamils.

-If we get our Nation and freedom/independance, LTTE would lay down their arms to the Tamil Eelam Police.

Shehan   May 15th, 2009 9:54 am ET

All these negative comments are from the tamil people who are abroad and supporting the LTTE with financial aids to carry out their terrorist activities. If not for this LTTE Sri Lanka would have been another singapore or even better. This was something which would have done long years back and at least now all sri lankans Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamils, Burghers all should unite in one language to combat LTTE terrorism and take our country towards prosperity. People who wants to have a elam state can go not Tamil Nadu and have their seperate land there. We dont have a land to be seperated but can live together in peace & harmony with all races. Sinhalese only have this small island but we are not racists. We are defineatly not combating on tamils but LTTE is for sure

rajah   May 15th, 2009 9:56 am ET

If one can get his hands on the sessional paper no. 111-2003...... REPORT OF THE PRESIDENTIAL TRUTH COMMISSION ON ETHNIC VIOLENCE(1981-1984) printed on the orders of the then President Chandrika Bandaranaike, he will see a fair report.
Leavimg the SL govt to resolve the problem is like leaving a battered wife with the abusive husband to solve their problem.

ilangkavi   May 15th, 2009 9:57 am ET

Lots of peoples still saying LTTEs are Terrorist without even knowing what is happening in Srilanka. LTTEs did not come from different planet, they came from tamil people, they are tamil and they are fighting for tamils right. The people must know the root of tamil's problems before even say tamils(LTTE) are terrorist. The LTTEs are tamils and tamils are LTTE. By eliminating LTTE, the tamil's problems is not going to be solved and rest of the tamils will fight until they get freedom. So It is all in world's hand to to decide tamils have to carry arms to get freedom or not.

Jana   May 15th, 2009 9:58 am ET

First of All Thanks to Creat this Blog Friends
We Tamils will be very Happy when the world helps us.
Please Help All People round the worl to stop Killing Our Tamil People
Please Please Thanks to Everybody and CNN. OBAMA and Every other Presidents should help Tamils to live their life like an normal Human with HUMAN RIGHTs and Our tamilans Nation THAMIL EELAM.
LTTE Prabahkaran is only our tamils Chef. No Body Else can Replace his Place TAMIL Tigers Fight for Our Nation and FOR US TAMILS .

One More thing : LTTE They Arent Terrorists THE ARE The One and Only FREEDOM FIRGHTER of TAMIL PEOPLE.

WE All HOPE THAT WORLD WILL PUSH Sri Lankan President Rajapaksha to Stop the WAR and Killing HelplessTamil People.

Shan   May 15th, 2009 10:00 am ET

Today 15th May, the 1.5 km area in Srilanka in which are trapped about 120, 000 innoscent tamils including babies, children, women & elders are in FLAMES!
NO words to express! Tears only!
International Community!
Please look back as how you helped Kosova.
Russia! Did not you free the 2 States from Georgia?
How about East Timor etc etc ......

Reid Goodman   May 15th, 2009 10:01 am ET


Oviya   May 15th, 2009 10:01 am ET

A message to all the Families of the 58 Regime, 59 Regime Army Soldiers and the Indian Soldiers, who are in the Vanni filed:

The sin of your sons, husbands and Fathers do in the battle field using Chemical Weapons & heavy arms to kill innocent Tamil Civilians, would definitely reach you, you would suffer one day.

joganathan   May 15th, 2009 10:02 am ET


clement   May 15th, 2009 10:02 am ET

ltte save tamils.all tamils are supporting ltte.i dont understand why international community stop genocite in srilanka.plese support innocent tamils save them own land

noel   May 15th, 2009 10:06 am ET

President Obama,
why you don't help our tamil peoples . rajapaksa his brothers and sarthponseka are war crimenales. you must take action mr .obama please .

prapakaran   May 15th, 2009 10:07 am ET

please stop genocide of tamils from singaleese

kannan   May 15th, 2009 10:08 am ET

if no LTTE......
you can't see evenone srilankan tamil now .....

Shan   May 15th, 2009 10:08 am ET

No Reporters, No Aid Agencies in the No fire Zone!!!
What does it mean?

No Reporters, No Aid Agencies in the interment Camps!!!
What does it mean?

Not allowing ICRC to evacuate the Tamils from the Safe zone!!!
What does it mean?

Not allowing ICRC to give food to the Safe zone!!!
What does it mean?

Not Enough Food/Water/Clothing to the people in the interment Camps!!!
What does it mean?

Not allowing relatives to see the people in the interment Camps!!!
What does it mean?

Why the SLG is keeping in the IDP's in the interment Camps, eventhough thay want to go out!!!!
What does it mean?

Chandra Iyer   May 15th, 2009 10:09 am ET

My whole heart opinion is the Srilankan (present) Government never going to do anything useful. IC should go not only to save the Tamil people and solution for their struggle. LTTE formed by the Srilankan government. They are all pure Tamil people. Lately joined by few Sinhala brothers and sisters too. Unless US, UK and European union put a Solution right now on the table, this fight never going to end.
IF THERE IS A FIRM EQUALITY SOLUTION, LOTS OF TAMILS EVEN DON'T KNOW WHY THE LTTE IS FIGHTING FOR, I CAN GUARANTEE THAT THE LTTE WILL surely give up their arms. They don't feel safe with the promises given by the Srilankan Govt. UN observers can be there to monitor the situation without any INDIA (congress party) influence. Please let the Srilankan people live peace fully without any fight. My request go to not only to IC but also to Sinhala, Tamil and other community too. If they don't act now it might be a start for WW III.
Because if you observe the countries involve in this conflict, that is the answer for it too. There are group of nations Group 1) China, pakistan, Libya, Iran, Russia. Group 2) US INDIA UK, Europe and Allies. IT IS UP TO YOU SIHALA AND TAMIL (Those who oppose the equality for Tamils). Thank you.

Gita   May 15th, 2009 10:11 am ET

Well done Norman Almedia. You have said it well.
Let the Western Countries inherit the garbage. If anyone is not happy to live in Sri Lanka they are free to leave.
Sri Lanka is a free democratic land.
If you cannot live by the law of the land – find another place to live.

We are sick and tired of this long drawn out war with the LTTE.

Shan   May 15th, 2009 10:12 am ET

Whatever the Fanatic leader Satham did in Iraq, Now Mahinda & co is doing in sri lanaka to do the Ethnic Cleansing of Tamils.

Peace   May 15th, 2009 10:13 am ET

I hope the only soulution for Tamils is a Tamil Eelam due the more than 30 yeras war and killed over 100000 people and 300000 dispalced. This is enough

I found this comment on CTV news regard Toronto Tamil Protest. At least few people research why we protest?

Adam Brown
So I did my research with this so called terrorist group. For many years I did not really have an understanding of the problem that was occurring in Srilanka. What sparked me to do my research was mainly because I was a victim on the Gardiner; I had to wait 5 hours to get back to my home. At the moment I was very upset with this community till I did the research. What we are seeing in Srilanka is Genocide. The Srilankan government has been trying to eliminate the Tamils for centuries. Tamils consists of 25 percent Srilanka; if the tigers (LTTE) did not exist the Tamils would have been wiped off completely in Srilanka. According to Doctors Without Border last week at a refugee camp a body of a 16 year old girl was found. According to medical report Doctors cleaned out 1.8L of Semen from her body, she was rapped by the Srilankan Army. This is not new there; there are many cases like this that has been happening. The media intends to not cover the issues mainly because Srilankan government has banned all media personal covering the warzone.
At this point I understand the frustration the Tamil Canadians are going through but these protests are not just happening here they are happening around the world. There is this pro Tamil website I actually was spending hours with my wife reading the news. It is very sad of the issue that is happening there and our prayers are with them. I completely support the protest that this community holds and I urge all non Tamil Canadians such as myself not to be selfish and to do research of what is happening and support their cause if not then we should keep non-supportive comments to ourselves.

Austin Fletcher   May 15th, 2009 10:14 am ET

First of all the Sri Lankan Forces should stop killing the innocent Tamils and respect the human rights. Second of all SL Govt has to come up with the solution which can be satisfy the minorities. If SL Govt had treated the Minorities with generousity there shouldn't be a war in the island.

arul   May 15th, 2009 10:18 am ET

why the srilankan government is not allowing any journalists or aid workers to the conflict area? because they wanted to hide everything. srilanka is a fail state.they never say the truth.always with the help of satelite picturs the world knows what is actually happening there.

we tamils never going to live together with the singalese anymore.we need seperate state definitely.tigers is the only saviors for tamils.we always back them.they are the freedom fighters.they sacrifises a lot for us.we will continue to fight untill we get tamil eelam.
untill tamils get their rights srilankans won't have peace anywhere in the country.

Peace   May 15th, 2009 10:19 am ET

I hope the only soulution for Tamils is Tamil Eelam due to the war since over 30 yeras. Over 150000 people died and over 300000 people dispalced by majority Singala Bhudiest. It is enough, they need peace and that only gives by separation from Singal Bhudist.

I found this comment on CTV news regard Toronto Tamil Protest. At least few people research why we protest?

Adam Brown
So I did my research with this so called terrorist group. For many years I did not really have an understanding of the problem that was occurring in Srilanka. What sparked me to do my research was mainly because I was a victim on the Gardiner; I had to wait 5 hours to get back to my home. At the moment I was very upset with this community till I did the research. What we are seeing in Srilanka is Genocide. The Srilankan government has been trying to eliminate the Tamils for centuries. Tamils consists of 25 percent Srilanka; if the tigers (LTTE) did not exist the Tamils would have been wiped off completely in Srilanka. According to Doctors Without Border last week at a refugee camp a body of a 16 year old girl was found. According to medical report Doctors cleaned out 1.8L of Semen from her body, she was rapped by the Srilankan Army. This is not new there; there are many cases like this that has been happening. The media intends to not cover the issues mainly because Srilankan government has banned all media personal covering the warzone.
At this point I understand the frustration the Tamil Canadians are going through but these protests are not just happening here they are happening around the world. There is this pro Tamil website I actually was spending hours with my wife reading the news. It is very sad of the issue that is happening there and our prayers are with them. I completely support the protest that this community holds and I urge all non Tamil Canadians such as myself not to be selfish and to do research of what is happening and support their cause if not then we should keep non-supportive comments to ourselves.

suren   May 15th, 2009 10:20 am ET

i am not really understand why the international community like UN was established , srilankan gov have been killing the innocent people bruttaly for last seven months but their action only in words and statements by the time they take an action there is no tamils in lives please please take any further productive action against srilanka urgently

Abi   May 15th, 2009 10:21 am ET

What do u mean leave Sri Lanka to deal with it's own affairs?that is a fair enough comment if it was address about 30 odd years ago. How would the Jewish community feel if the IC didnt intervene in Germany's affairs?It is not about the country's's to do with the mass killing of the tamil population.They are killing children because the child was born tamil?What right does anyone have to take away a life?they are taking away numerous lives...and you want people to step back and not give a damn?How does that work?Tamil Tigers are not a terrorist organization, but its understandable to have differentiated opinions on that.However, the ongoing protests and growing awareness is NOT in support of the LTTE, it is aimed to try and end the genocide.The SLA claim that they cannot distinguish between the LTTE and civilians, how is that possible?How can you not tell the difference between a LTTE member and an 8-month-old child?How can you not tell the difference?If it is terror on the country, why are they killing, raping, attacking their own civilians?

Jeya   May 15th, 2009 10:21 am ET

NO body can't stop the Tamils Genocide by Sri Lanka Govt. for last 69 years. Sinhalese people don't know the bottom through the top. We tamils only experiencing through this Genocide day by day from 1948. Now only the World is UNDERSTOOD. We hope that the World will COME to STOP this Genocide. Who is terrorist, SL used that 9/11 and planed and controlled the Freedom fighters with the help of US. BUt Sl can't hide the genocide from the WORLD media like CNN. CNN is the VOICE of poors.

yuvan   May 15th, 2009 10:21 am ET

Hi Viewers;
Shinhalees are worst betrayers inthe world.. you know why.. when srilnaka got independence in 1948. Who worked toward that.. all our tamil genious and lawyers fight and got the freedom from British.. ANd that time we all treat then as sisters and brothers but those Sinhala hunning fellows are moved with the full plan in their mind.

From independence 1948 till now; 61 years... LTTE formed in 1978. Now you all are thinking after 1978 only..Did anybody think WHY LTTE FORMED?.... Then you know the clear answer. The Sinahala governmet and the sinhala people killed so many Tamil educated people before LTTE Formed in 1978. From 1948 to 1978, there were countless planned murder of tamil businessmen, doctors, Lawyers, |Engineers and Students. Even children and women wer killed by sinhalees under the sinhale gov order.

So international community has to be very carefull of the SL gov propaganda of genocide of Tamil.

Dutch & British know about Tamil people in sri lanka when they rulled and they know Tamils are how smart and intelegent. All the while sinahalees who came from india by punishment and got married in Ellam, that time they don't have a language or no writing skill and letter not yet formed. Thay also used Tamil as their language . Thery history is only 300 yrs. Everyone kows about that . Then only they formed their language and now they are saying Tamil came to srilanka to work. What a stupid argument. only in upcountry british brought some indians to work in the Tea plantation and they don't have the citizenship in srilanka. Something like a pass holders. But nativeley Tamils were rulling north, east and the central ..They never workd for others.

Here we have to think carefully. Tamils were in Elam are well educated and they worked inthe government when Dutch & Brithish were rulling Sri lanka. They never worked as a worker or slave. All the while shinhala boys and girls worked as a house main in Tamil's homes. Even when Sinhalees want to have a holiday for the full moon day to pary God Budah.. They don't know how to talk to British.. Then the Tamil lawyer went to UK and got the permission from queen. its very clear in the history... now they turned the storey up side down.. Anyway .. Hi my sinhalees brothers and sisiters.. you may hide the truth but not for all the times...

just think in your heart how faithfull you are... Justise will never fail.

Check the following links

Still we have a lot to show. but i think its enough for tday

Oviya   May 15th, 2009 10:22 am ET

I don't blame the terrorist SLG for this appalling situation, because it is arrogant & doesn't care about Tamil & their children. but, I blame the UN for it didn't take any action until this minute.

Not only the SLG should be in the War crime tribunal also the UN should be punished for it's negligence at War crime tribunal.

Eelapiriyan   May 15th, 2009 10:22 am ET


In last 48 hours, Sri lankan militaray forces were heavily shelling into the safety zone. also they are shelling to hospitals. couple of Thousands of people were killed and thousands of people were serious injured.Sri lanka never follow the war rules. the are wideluy using into safety zone Chemical weppons such as Cluster bombs, Multibaral artilery shelling,Posparus burning bombs etc …

there is no medicines,no food, no shelter to affeted people,who are living in small safety zone.

Sri lanka Gournment (Sinhalese) plans genoside on Tamils around last four decades.In this past four decades tamils lost one hundre thousand and fifty thousand people by the this teriible war. Especially in last three or four months war happens very badly.In this period around twelve thousand people were killed, thatswhy i mentioned this is genoside.Therefore UNITED NATION immdietly stop the war in Sri lanks.They want invlove and Please save our Tamil communities.

Until 1948,Sri lanks was one of colonial country to British,They left from Sri lanka in 1948 and gave independant to the Srilanks. Singhalse,Tamils,muslem are three nationalities in Sri lanka. Singhalese are majoriety(70%) in Sri lanka.So following days they got major empowerment in politics at parliment.So following days tamils left their rights in the country. specially Singhales were majoriety in Gouvernment jobs,Universities, All kind Ministry position such as Local affairs,education,health,sports,leligion affairs every where. So tamil were losing their education, human rights,jobs,and own lands etc…

Following days, they(Singhalese) conroled tamils in many ways, therefore,we(tamil) got lots of sufferings, such as our peple were violently horribly were killed,people were kidnapped,Womans sexual abuse by the (sri langan)sinagalese military forces, thousands of displacements.These above reasons detemined to us we want protest against singaleese. there tamils(Freedom tigers) are protesting against to Sri lanka gouvernment past three decades.
Now you will be clear about real senario of sri lanks. so please understand our real problems and gives our separete own land(TAMIL EELAM) from singaleese gourment.


Justice01   May 15th, 2009 10:24 am ET

Compared to the figures how many tamil people the GoSL they killed, especially deported with the whie van and nobody knows where they ended up, LTTE did not kill that much people. LTTE is famous for killing those espcially within the cadre, who oppose and endanger the higher aim. I think that is up to them and not that different from USA eleminating AL-Queada. But concerning blowing up innocent people, you guys really mess up everything. Sri Lanka is not only about LTTE and GoSl, there are also several other paramilitary groups on each side(EPDP, JVP,EPRLF). Those are the real barbarics. They are mostly responsible for blowing up busses and trains. It is always easy to read the western news and think ah ya, LTTE are terrorist. You have to prove really who is responsible with evidence. IF LTTE kill someone they admit it. They admit they killed premadasa but they never admit they killed rajiv gandhi. You all know how it works in these countries , they force someone to say this and that and thats it the whole world believes it. India had troubles within their parties and we never know what happens behind the scences. Rajiv ghandi was also attacked by a sri lankan soldier, while he visited colombo. He had enough enemies.
It was really a wonder that they did not alleged that LTTE is resonsible for the Tsunami, i would not have wondered if they did.
Media is a huge propaganda machine in every country, so I would not believe everything. Try to think for yourselves logically.
By the way as long as Sri Lanka does not change its constitution, does not integrate also tamil soldiers, does not open universities also for tamils on the same equal basis as singhalese, does not change all the names of the streets in singhalese, especially in tamil populated areas, does not attack catholic churches, etc...there will be never a minimum basis to live toghether as one nation.
We are like opposing chemical molecules, which automatically explodes, because we have nothing in common: different races, different languages, mainly different religions, different ambitions.
I think it is legitimate that Tamils have a right to have their country back, because during colony times, the dutch and portugese treated singhalese and tamils seperately, as it was and the english came and mixed up everything and gave back the whole country into the hands of singhalese, now Tamils are forced to live toghether with singhalese although they had a separate Kingdom.

nimal   May 15th, 2009 10:25 am ET

Politics is a dirty game my singalese bros/sis. The bottom line is people are dieing in both sides. The sri lankan economy is also dieing. The only beneficiaries is the President and his brothers, who will lose out if they stop this war. How ? – Figthing the tamils is an election winner, multi-million weapon deals with super powers doesn't happen without any financial gifts to the government, ie the Rajapaksha brothers not a sigle outsider. Most of all once the country is distroyed Gobaya and brothers will settledown in good old United States of America ! Finally who is a terrorist ? The Goverment who has never disclosed the death toll of the poor foot solidiers. PLO was branded a terrorist group now accepted as freedom figters. Because of this war LTTE might become the freedom fighters !

Thilak   May 15th, 2009 10:29 am ET

Why not any of the LTTE sympothisers ask Prabhakaran to free up innocent people?
Why is he hiding behind those poor people and letting them to take the bullet?
May I also know who among these pro-LTTE people living comfortably abroad send some aid to help the tamils?
Many of the SL people (mostly sinhalese in south) did.

Moore   May 15th, 2009 10:29 am ET

The World is DEAF. The World is BLINE. The World is Ruthless. I can see so many people protesting at the Queenspark. Huge Crowed. I wonder So many human chains and Rallies happening in the world. All these people are terroist?? I wonder how the Governmnet of each countries let the so called terrorist in their country???

OPEN YOUR EYES WORLD. This is not a fighting with terrorist, this is a genocide. THE WORLD MUST STOP THIS AND INTERVENE.....

Because LTTE is a reasonable fighters, fightting for their people, I think the Singhalese are lucky that no one of their people getting kill by LTTE. Thats surprising also its very unbelivable when you say LTTE is killing its own people, its rediculos to see these kind of uneducated people comments....

Why even singhalese from out side country doing so terrible activity l;ike breaking the temple ???? wake up and be a human not an animal.....World please stop this.

vimal   May 15th, 2009 10:30 am ET

shinhales kill tamil people day by day every one know even u.n.o pls
help tamil people pls read srilankan[ellam] his;tory who tamil in ellam

Anu   May 15th, 2009 10:30 am ET

We have to do something to stop this war going on in SriLanka as innocent civilians are being killed and brutally murdered by the SriLankan Army. A Government should only consider to help the individuals who live in their country as well as other countries but the SriLankan Goverment is not taking any further action than just getting rid of all the Tamils who live out there. This war HAS to end and it has to end NOW! Tamils like us would keep on protesting until we get permanent ceasefire! All I'm asking and begging is, anyone who has an authority to help those innocent Tamil civilians out there...could you please, and please and PLEASE do something...?...People one the other side are suffering with no food and nowhere to live, and some people have lost their families in the massive Tsunami attack...and now....on the other hand..THIS...THIS ENDLESS WAR HAS 2 END SOMEHOW!....Otherwise, there would never be a new start to live a new life for those Tamil children as well as adults and elders.

Anura   May 15th, 2009 10:32 am ET


ukave   May 15th, 2009 10:34 am ET


Its sad that every day 100 of Tamils are getting killed and all the war mongers are justifying the killing. To those who comment about 1000 of Tamils live peacefully in other parts of srilanka…yes they are living peacefully becos of number plate less white vans and so call intelligent officers comes at night and take the youngster’s at their will….how long these morons going to fool the world…I lived most of my life in Colombo and still have the childhood scar from 1983…my parents took me to north after 1983 riots against Tamils in colombo, thinking we would be safe among the Tamils….Racist bastards never left us in peace there… the spineless dropped bombs indiscriminately from skies and shells from grounds…feared for their child my parents send me back to Colombo…. then came the white vans with no number plates….with no other choice they gave farewell to me with all their savings…now thinking back of the past and those who were unfortunate to escape the hell and seeing and hearing the brutality committed on innocent Tamils….its everyday living agony…..Tamils living in peace and harmony in other part of the srilanka??? Give me a break and go to hell…..

Thirumal   May 15th, 2009 10:42 am ET

As it always say by Sri Lanka that we are a "Republic Government" , they do all the genocide against Tamils in the same land. International communities also looking this genocide without doing anything strongly against Sri Lanka. This give more confident to Sri Lanka government that nobody will not invlove in this inside problem and they can do whatever they want the bloodbath of Tamils. You don't thing it is also terrorism by a government. How long you are going to wait for it. The international communities are loosing the trust which the Tamils had. The Tamils are not Jesus to show their next cheek to the Sri Lankan government's terrorism.

kuna   May 15th, 2009 10:47 am ET

SLG has been sayiing, it would defeat the LTTE within 48 Hours since February, Hence UN is waiting for those 48 Hrs.

UN, How many more '48 Hours' you need or wait until the whole Tamil Nation wiped out by the Terro- SLG & Rajapakasa Family?

No need to take any action, after the entire ethnic community wiped out or got mental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UN.. Please take action now, no more negligence on Tamils.

mathi   May 15th, 2009 10:47 am ET

sl army killing tamil children and cevilan.
why they (srilankan army) killing only tamil people?
why they not allow food and medicen to tamil people?

S.B.V.P   May 15th, 2009 10:49 am ET

I consider that though it is late for CNN to be engaged in Sri Lankan issue it is worth to have a forum on this issue.

LTTE is/was a by product of the policies of Majority Singalese politicians who ruled this island since independence. Should these politicians treated the tamils as kins with equal rights there wouldnt have such a terrible events happening.

Even now after killing so many tamil civilians they do not want anounce any solutions. IC and the SL Govt must understand why people take up arms against a government of majority race. Until you analyse the root causes you cant solve this issue. Singala only act, riots against tamils in 1958, 1978 and 1983, state sponsored colonisation of historical tamil homeland with singhala criminals, limiting the university admission to the tamil boys who scored much higher markes than the singala boys, burning of Jaffna Library, JR Jeyawardene, Premadasa, Chandrika, Ranil and now Mahinda (all singala presidents of Sri Lanka) all contributed to this situation. Must mention the role of india and the LTTE's non compromising stands on the formats of solutions also contributed to this situation.

Now the hour of the need is to protect the civilians. Everyone knows that the tigers are cornered. Keep them like this for some time. No need to use heavy conventional wepons. In few weeks all (civilians and LTTE) will come out. When the SL Govt uses heavy weapons knowing that civilians will be killed clearly shows that the intention of the SL Govt is to kill as many tamil civilains as punishment to stay in LTTE controlled area.

IC, UN, EC must make arrangements to UN and INGOs to access the civilians and provide them with cloth, food and medicines.

After killing so many tamils in such a horrible way (cant describe – but one day some one will print a book then the world will CRY) the majority buddhist singala leaders who say they are buddhists and follow Lord Buddha who preached the middle way cant make peace with tamils for generation to come.

There is no military solution to an ethnic issue. Have the SL Govt proposed a decent solutions for the legitimate issues of tamils, tamils themselves would have rejected the LTTE. Why cant the SL Govt after 50 years could not propose any solutions. I see lot of singala friends are showing hardlines in this forum but sure that will not solve this problem.

Hope this CNN form could be a launching pad for a consultation process to address the core of the Sri Lankan ethnic tamil issue.

Thangavadivel.S   May 15th, 2009 10:49 am ET

Thank to obama ,the honorable president of USA of giving pressure to
Sri Lankan terreriste gouvernment to stop the war and make access
for the Un peopleof hummanitarian activities.

Chandrak Subramaniam   May 15th, 2009 10:51 am ET

World Must Know....

1. Tamil people don't want to leave from the LTTE controlled area since Sri Lankan Government will kill/rape them without any witnesses (no media/NGOs) in the internment camps. As a result,
Please allow the media and NGOs to help the Tamil people
International community (AID) workers and the media should be allowed in every internment camps in Sri Lanka
2. Without Tamil Tigers, Tamil people won't even have a chance in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Government will wipe out Tamils from that island.

kumar   May 15th, 2009 10:52 am ET

The LTTE not asking freeland it's own. The Tamil Eelam have to be free from Sri Lanka as soon as possible.Becours this request done by TULF in LTTE is curring out our request.....
So this world lift the bant of LTTE. than whiten one week LTTE will END this war....Thay will KIG out SLA....

Pregash   May 15th, 2009 10:58 am ET

Sally, can I just ask in response to your post, how informed your views are. I doubt very much that you have read up, done any research on the core cause of all this mess. The discrimination of tamils by successive singhalese governments has been this cause. The Ceasefire that was drawn up last in 2002 I think it was, that broke down due to the Sri Lankan government is also a strong indication of the government's intentions. I mean there is so much evidence and voices coming from top officials, highly powerful countries, and yet the sri-lankan government do not want to acknowledge this. They simply and foolishly believe it is okay for them to deny it and carry on, even audaciously ask for a loan from the IMF. The west apparently had no business in sri lanka. So why should the major contributors to the IMF (i.e. the west) loan them money, Surely the government can provide for themselves. Ignorance and foolishness are the only two words that can describe their attitude.
More to the point in response to your comment, fair enough everyone in sri lanka may need help, but who first, when, by what means and what conditions should be the questions rasied. I think any tom dick or harry could answer the first one. The thousands of civilians dying from war torn experiences, lack of food, lack of medication, water and even air!
It is ridiculous to make acceptable the government's priority to destroy the tigers at the expense of innocent civilians. If they believed tigers to be set up in singhalese areas, would they really annihilate the tigers at the expense of singhalese civilians? I think the answer to that question sums up the Sri Lankan government's intentions. This can be taken forward to charge them with the war crimes which are inevitable, whatever the future course of actions, which remains to serve their purpose of wiping out the tamil race.

christy   May 15th, 2009 10:59 am ET

people like SALLY don't understand the problem of the tamils or the ethnic cleansing in long tamil tigers have been a terrorist group and how long the srilankan goverment have been killing innocent civilians?people around the world just started to raise thier voices and it is too late.we tamils expected you to raise your voices ages ago.i witnessed how brutally my peple were killed by air raids(SL airforce dropped not only bombs but faeces in barrels from palali camp in jaffna area) and indiscriminate shelling in jaffna when i was 10 which was in 90's.if anyone thinks that srilankan government is trying to protect tamils from terrorism then you are fooling yourselves.i don't think tamils should not have a heart to forgive this sinhala regime anymore.i am not a ltte sympathizer or trying to defend what ltte are doing but you can't compare ltte with other terrorist groups.if you guys have a heart then think,think of the innocent civilians.some peple think this civil war is an internal problem and there is no need for others to intervene.but this OTHERS are already involved for a long time in this civil war and they don't really care about the tamils of srilanka.if they did then this genocide would not have gone this far.would it?who is funding and supplying weapons to sl government?

Pregash   May 15th, 2009 11:03 am ET

Thank you CNN for opening up this forum, it may stand to have a greater effect than most think. Please, I urge a discussion, especially from the oppositional view. I would glady challenge anyone. Let's bring out the truth from this matter and unite to save lives ASAP

Majuran(M-Jay)   May 15th, 2009 11:10 am ET

LTTE are the true freedom fighters

thirumaalan   May 15th, 2009 11:10 am ET

the LTTE peoples not terrorist they are freedom fighters, we should see the past incident in srilanka then only we agree LTTE IS A FREEDOM MOVEMENT,

Anita   May 15th, 2009 11:14 am ET

Who started this war?
It is Tamil lunatics who started killing Sri Lankans first. All those idiots including their supporters are responsible for Tamil issues. Not the Sri lankan army nor the government. They are just protecting all Sri lankans against LTTE bombs.

Sundra Anand   May 15th, 2009 11:14 am ET

I feel there should be a political settlement (autonomy or equal rights / privileges with the Sinhalese majority) with a separate state being carved in Sri Lanka for the Tamils with their own Chief-Minister and their own Universities etc. similar to Tamil Nadu in India. This is essential to prevent oppression and discrimination at the hands of the Sinhalese majority which started in the 70's leading to the creation of the separatist movement like LTTE. And in the wake of the mindless killings of innocent Tamils by the Sri Lankan Army on purpose despite being warned by the UN, UN peacekeeping troops should be deployed to ensure that a Tamil state is created with it's own Chief-Minister and the unfair Sri Lankan constitution be amended.

Of course, a separate Tamil Eelam would have been desirable but without International support (like the US, NATO or India) this would be impossible as the current situation at the war front suggests. Perhaps, the biggest blunder in LTTE's strategy would be Rajiv Gandhi's assassination which lead to the LTTE being labelled a terrorist organisation and their financial assets being frozen and funds transfer being banned. Of course, the deciding factor was China's assistance (in exchange for a naval base being constructed in southern Sri Lanka) which lead to the assistance of India's military trainers and radars in Sri Lanka which played a decisive role in LTTE's defeat in the conventional war, which would lead to the LTTE to resort to guerilla warfare again. Also, India is to blame when the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) refused to appoint officers from the LTTE but instead chose cadres from the EPRF which lead to the inconclusive war between IPKF and LTTE. Of course, being Buddhists, the Sri Lankan Sinhalese majority are behaving very much unlike Buddhists. Despite the UN and International Community are protesting the mindless killings of innocent Tamil civilians, the Sri Lankan Sinhalese government are blatantly denying these accusations. Perhaps, an International intervention would be needed in this matter.

Eelaminthan   May 15th, 2009 11:18 am ET

We are all witnessing human tradegy without any witness. Today Sri Lanka has already started slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians despite the International community call for a ceasefire.Sri Lanka is the only country executes a genocidal war to kill its own citizens on the name of so-called "war on terror". It is shamed that UN is unable to stop Sri Lanka state terrorism. Will CNN stop this war immediately and send UN sponsored humanitarian mission to bring the truthout from the war zone and save thousands of lives from Sri Lanka brutal armed forces.

Theeban Jeyan   May 15th, 2009 11:19 am ET

Hey Laci,
What kind of planet are you living on? Who said they do not want to go to Sri Lanka? Why do not you tell your terror government to allow international media in Sri Lanka? At least, tell your terror government, even its ok to not allow anymore international media but avoid to depot them from Sri Lanka. (Recently they deported channel 4 reporters from Sri Lanka, because they showed the entire world what is happening to Tamils in Sri Lanka.) If international community mined their business, then there won’t be a country called Sri Lanka. Whenever you guys need money, you need international community but if they asking about GENOCIDE of Tamils they need to mind their own business? You guys should be shame on your self about what your government is doing against Tamils. (Recently the prime minister of terror state of Sri Lanka officially said, the fighting will not be stopped even if the Tamils may end up eating sand). What ever you guys said, what ever you guys did,finally we will won and we will get justice.

John Darson   May 15th, 2009 11:20 am ET

Another 1700 Tamil people have been massacred TODAY by the Sri lankan army. Situation is getting very very bad. Illegally banned Chemical weapon and Cluster ammunition is used to eliminate the Tamil population. I urge the UN to intervene before it is too late

Anita   May 15th, 2009 11:20 am ET

Dear Hilary,
How much money did LTTE front organization donated you?
Did you declare it?
By the way, where were you when LTTE send half of the world suicide bombers to Colombo?

pa   May 15th, 2009 11:20 am ET

LTTE..... Now they (blood thirst terrorists) are breathing barely. No more LTTE in Sri Lanka…. First of all I would like to thank for all our heros.
Prabhakaran is the No.1 killer in the world. It is the No.1 terrorist in the world. It hasn’t done anything for the innocent Tamil people besides murdering. When innocent Tamil people have suffered without foods he has eaten like a king. When innocent Tamil children have suffered without a proper education, his daughter has gone to the best universities in the world. When the weapons have been given to the innocent children by this killer, his children have played with toys. This killer hasn’t done anything for the Tamil people. Only thing he knows is murdering. Not only Tamil people but also so many innocent Sinhala people have suffered because of the terrorism of this killer. How many innocent Sinhala people, children, monks, and political leaders have been killed by this killer?

Now his drama is over. No more LTTE… no more Prabhakaran…..

Again we appreciate the great job you have done… our heros

Always we salute for our Heros

kopalamani   May 15th, 2009 11:22 am ET

international countries! please save the tamil peoples from deaths and sex tortures ,starvation death and genocide

Monu   May 15th, 2009 11:24 am ET

The LTTE is expression of Tamil discontent of the Sri Lankan government and the way the latter has dealt with the Tamil national question.
The Channel-4 crew was deported on the directions of Sri Lanka's Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse for reporting allegations of abuse, rape, and ill-treatment of Tamils held in internment camps.

expert in International Law, Professor Francis A. Boyle said, the Obama administration is violating the 1948 convention for continuing to give "green light" to the Government of Sri Lanka to destroy the LTTE no matter what the cost to innocent Tamil civilians.

'Powers have to repent for what they are doing': Vickramabhu Karunaratne It will be nonsense to think of eradicating the LTTE, writes Vickramabahu Karunaratne in a recent article highlighting the need for alternative thinking. "All global capitalist powers including India will be forced to repent in time to come for their aggressive participation in human suffering of this order. [...] The LTTE cannot be blamed for not surrendering to the Sinhala army of the chauvinist regime," he writes.

"The LTTE is ready to engage with the International Community in its actions to bring an end to the humanitarian crisis." The statement came as Sri Lanka Army (SLA) continued its indiscriminate barrage causing untold human tragedy. Initial estimate by the LTTE Peace Secretariat Thursday afternoon was 1,700 civilians killed and over 3,000 wounded within the last 48 hours. The catastrophic situation has been made worse by the acute shortage of food and medicine,

jude   May 15th, 2009 11:24 am ET

ongoing 60yrs of civil war, what is happening ?all liars and acting behind the scene.
can't they see any differece between freedom fighters and terrorism?
see the whole tamil comumity is supporting for the freedom fighters.they were the defenders for the past years. sri lanka couldn't fight against them. so bring all nation and lied and make believe them.don't you know who is terrorist act in sri lanka now? no food, no media, no medicine, killing , raping, kidnapping. doing war crimes,
they are baverians an murders. another hitler!!!!!!!!! we are tired of these evil doers.
we just want the freedom. where is UN? WHY IS UN FOR?
is there anyone has mind of god. humanity. understanding,
watching everything what is going on in sri lanka. no body behind sri lanka in the past years. now there are so many countries behind the scene. for their own benefits.
there is no justice. this is what happen in the last time of world
god is going to return soon. everyone has to face his judgement.

Santhi   May 15th, 2009 11:25 am ET

Any foreign human rights organization is unable to enter into conflict area and prevent the abduction and extra judicial killings of civilians including journalists in Sri Lanka. . Why even there is no investigation is conducted on these incidents?? Because these atrocities are done by the Sri Lankan government.

West has an absolute obligation to intervene directly with both the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE in order to protect these innocent Tamil civilians and to terminate the massive war crimes being carried out to civilians by the Government of Sri Lanka.
Yet the U.S and other nations are failing to respond to this genocide with the urgency that is required. Usage of phosphorus bombs, cluster ammunitions and banned arms are being used against civilians-international community must send the reporters into the war zones and government controlled areas. IC must bring as much diplomatic, political and economic pressure to bear as possible to genuinely support the peace process.

IC must realize that LTTE took up the arms after a non-violent means of fighting. It is the time to lift the ban on LTTE, and recognize the independent state for Tamils in Sri lanka.

Prem   May 15th, 2009 11:25 am ET

Please stop the war

kumararaja   May 15th, 2009 11:30 am ET

no thing to spaek..its killing while seeing the pictures of the innocent stop....we beg u srilanka pl stop..........

Raneesh   May 15th, 2009 11:33 am ET

The International Community (IC) must see the segregation between a democratically elected government and a terrorist organization. If the worries of the IC are just the suffering of the civilians who are unfortunately caught in cross fire of Sri Lanka’s war against terror, the same IC equally should be worried about the suffering of the civilians who are caught in the cross fire in Iraq and Afghanistan. The IC can not have two different agendas for the situation in Sri Lanka and the situations in the rest of the world.

Also it is fundamental question about the ‘sources’ on which the IC and some media organizations relay on when expressing their concern about the situation in Sri Lanka. It seems majority of them are relaying on the propaganda of a terrorist organization rather than official news sources of a democratically elected government.

Dr Keith   May 15th, 2009 11:33 am ET

You guys r joking here.One question,have you all ever lived in Sri Lankan tamil dominating area?Do you know how Sri lankan State unleshes it terrerism to innocent tamil peple with out any witness?DO you know nearly 100000 people have been killed by State so far?do u know the history of tamils?do u have any prove for involvement of LTTE in any murders?The LTTE is fighting agaisnt state terrism only with the help of whole tamil people.The excuted daring operations with out hurting any singale civilians-Katunayakka Air port Attack.They take all precoution to save civilians in their attack unlike state.
You are making your self and other fool by writing against LTTE and tamils with out knowing there suffering and endurence.
I lived in those area for whole my life untill governement forces forcefully evicted from my house and land.This is wht happening for last 61 yrs in SRi Lanka once British left in 1948.Before British era Sri lanka-it named after independent and its sinhale name-was 3 country.Tamils enjoyed 2 kingdoms out of three and even last king of Srilankan was a tamil-Rajasinhan.We wanted to live with sinhales but sinhales rejected us.Our homes,properties,villagers and lives have been constantly succumed to governemnt sponsored violents with the help of arm forces.Tamils were systematically eradicated,persecuted,raped and killed.There were mant national wide riots sponsored by government of sri lanka shaken our bottum but still we were democraticaly fighting for opression.Untill 1983,in Black July,goverment oganised nation wide riots to wip out tamils and riots were going on for days to months.Some villager become sinhale villagers having killed all tamil.
SO we havent started this arm stuggle for fun ...its life or death problem for tamil unlike other real terrerist like Al-quida who r fighting for their religon and kill all man kind. please god sake dont write here what u have heard or seen.but truth is far away its hiding in the tears of innocent ,hard working and lawabiding tamil community.
loud lies are better heard than wwak man`s truth.We tamils are weak.We have left alone only to the mercy of the last question why State doesnt allow any jurnalist to war tone area?

kiruja   May 15th, 2009 11:35 am ET

many thanks to CNN i desk. bloody srilanka racist government is doing elimination of tamil people from their motherland. Rajapkshe company is very brutal group. they got animal behaviour because their ancient people from lion animal thatswhy they got animal habit.
singalese peoples are sheep they don't understand the real situation. Sinhala modaya

Nathan   May 15th, 2009 11:38 am ET

A lot of singalease people and some singalease disguised as English, don,t seems to understand the cry of the most of the Tamils, You can talk about defeating the tigers all day long, but the fact of the matter is not tigers the innocent women and children who are blown to pieces in 100s to 1000s now without any medical care or food. If you Thick heads think, that to kill a couple of hundreds of tigers, you justify the killing of these innocent people in 1000s is beggars belief.
And think the rest of the world will be with you. Even if i agree with you for a moment that tigers are terrorists and holding the people as hostages, no one with even a quarter brain would not kill all the hostages to kill the terrorists. Only the russians did that once in against Chechens and admitted that they were wrong, The table is about to turn and you will know by the end of next month who is the real terrorists are. said enough?

Devi   May 15th, 2009 11:39 am ET

The International Community should clearly see the difference between tamil CIVILIANS and the ltte. Singala racists have succeeded with their false propaganda, namely that the ltte is a terrorist organisation. now they are trying to put tamil civilians under the same name and the international community more or less is believing them. Why is everyone watching how ppl get raped, tortured? Why isn't any action be taken? Does that mean tamils don't have the right to live?

Geoge   May 15th, 2009 11:44 am ET

The first causlty of war is truth and Sri Lnkan Governement is nicely doing this.The tamil and their savier LTTE will hope the truth will win one day.The truth has to come out from the iron curtain like Nelson mandela`s story who was a terrerist .
Hope god will not give up tamils unlike international community.
Like any other genocid whether in Ruwanda or Kosavo IC doesnt interfer immediatly but wait untill genocid is over.The war criminal cant escape from worlds eyes but we tamils have already lost 1/30 of population to state forces attrocities and further 50 % migrated to some other contries.We are to extinct from Sri Lanka

Fulail   May 15th, 2009 11:50 am ET

The comments that i read above, its seems to be most of them are LTTE supporters.. why the hell you people cant understand, at last the war is almost 90% over. And i damnly sure that Prabhakaran is dead during the Tsunami when it hit the north/east (i wish if he's dead) or else a pussy cat hiding inside the bunkers. Well USA should stop interfiering. They first should stop the war in middle east otherwise just back off. US government is the biggest terror of them all, hunger for oil and at the end no oil. just killing civilians. Thanks to Al-Jazeera showing the truth and what USA govenment really is!

cheran siva   May 15th, 2009 11:52 am ET

"referundom is the best way for the best solution for the decades of ethinic conflict in sri lanka"

subaash   May 15th, 2009 11:52 am ET

Lets not debate whether LTTE is a terrorist group or not...

But if GOSL is doing everything within the limits of a Geneva convention and treating the Tamils properly in IDP camps and elsewhere they need to answer the following questions
1. Why are u not allowing humanitarian groups into these camps to help the suffering people who needs medical attention ?
2. Why are you not allowing international media into SL when we had Gaza/ Afghanistan/ Iraq allowed them in. This shows that the Tamils are treated much worser than the terrorists in the above countries
3. No government (elected democratically) anywhere in the world kills its own citizens under the banner of routing terrorism. Infact the GOSL is actually sowing seeds with more vigor for next 2-3 generations to step into a rebellion lifestyle by doing these kinds of GENOCIDE against INNOCENT Tamils
4. If Tamils were treated equally, why do we have Tamils from Srilanka all over the world (US, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, India) as REFUGEES
5. What answer GOSL has on the satellite images taken by human rights team on May 6th and May 10th showing heavy shelling in SAFE ZONE ?
6. Why is the GOSL changing the safe zone frequently. If we go by satellite images.. they announce a safe zone, have tamilians gather there and then shell those places and kill them and announce a new place wherein they have a new set of tamilians coming in...but GOSL projecting as if the same tamilians are displaced to the new location..





keith   May 15th, 2009 11:52 am ET

sally u have no heart.U better see unbiased news and see the history of sri lakna.

Rita Monroe   May 15th, 2009 11:52 am ET

It is a disgrace that CNN took it's own time to report about the humanitarian crisis. My tamils friends have been dissapointed & angry at CNN's biased one sided reporting. I have heard that there have been rallies in front of CNN (Atlanta) begging you to report about this "blood bath", but you were "DEAF DUMB & BLIND". All you reported was when there was a bomb blast in the south and the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in Pakistan (you infered LTTE could be behind it). SOME independent reporting – what a joke!

You never bothered to even report the calamity which occured in the North & East of Sri Lanka during the Tsunami- excepet Anderson Cooper was in the South reporting about the train wreck & other villages there (it was terrible – but there was more in the North & East). I know for a fact that a lot of Tamils & their friends begged him & others in CNN to go to the North & East.

Well to the topic at present it's about time the West took action instead of mouthing platitudes that LTTE should release the civilians & lay down their arms. Who will they give this to – the murderous government? Who will toture & slaughter them and then continue to bomb the innocent civilians! Why does'nt the International community give a practical & viable solution and demand to go directly in to the war zone and verify facts for themselves. WHAT COWARDS!

Amila V   May 15th, 2009 11:54 am ET

Sri lanka is our country (Sri lankans).Definitely we will kill Blade prbhakaran & destroy his terror group, All Sri lankan Tamil peoples are our Brothers & sister. They want 2 escapes from terrorist .we can look after them. without any help

Rajesh   May 15th, 2009 11:55 am ET

LTTE may have some other vision. But what ever SL army doing to the common people is unjustice. And how India is simply watching it;s own people's killing. Anydoby can understand that it's a communal killing going on against Tamil's in SL. It's bad on SL 's part. It has to protect all nationals with in their country. They have to stop fighting and try to sort out the issue. If LTTE is vanished after some year some other group will come up. so the gov't must hear the problems of migrants and try to solve their issues.

Arul   May 15th, 2009 11:55 am ET

I request world community to take immediate action to stop genocide in srilanka. It is big surprise why world community watching this worst humanitarian disaster without taking any action. LTTE is fighting for the basic rights of Tamil people, they are not terrorist group.
Please do something to stop this genocide before losing many human lives.

William Baptist   May 15th, 2009 11:58 am ET

Sri Lanka says LTTE killed 700 civilians but UN says Sri Lankan killed more than 100, 000 Tamil Civilians. YOU DECIDE WHO IS THE REAL TERRORIST.

Ravishankar   May 15th, 2009 11:58 am ET

Although the Sri Lankan Government’s media blackout and eviction of all outside observers has compounded the difficulty of knowing what is happening, the UN, human right organizations and international community have evident from satellite images. The GOSL genocide against the Tamils has now exceeded the horrors of Srebrenica. GOSL is ignoring UN, United States, United Kingdom, France, and other countries warnings because GOSL is getting help from India, China, Pakistan, Russia, and Libya who are well known for human rights violations in the past. GOSL is using banned weapons such as chemical weapons and cluster bombs. Further delay for the international community to act on it will cause more people to loose their lives. Therefore, the international community must act now before Vanni becomes another Rwanda.

William Baptist   May 15th, 2009 12:00 pm ET

Today's News from Tamil Eelam so called "Safe Zone"

'Safety zone' in smoke, close-quarter fighting is on

The entire safety zone area is in smoke since the early hours of Friday as shelling by the Sri Lanka Army was destroying all the structures within a narrow strip of coastal land which is densely populated with tens of thousands of people. 75% of the population remains under bunkers as close quarter fighting was heard. Hundreds of civilians are being killed and maimed in the carnage caused by the SLA, which attempts to enter the remaining part of the so-called safety zone before the election results are published in India.

People were dying without water and food as gunfire by the SLA was reaching from all the directions, a rescue worker who remains under the bunkers near the hospital told TamilNet. Casualties are uncountable.

Nobody is there to take care of the wounded at the hospital as all the civil activities have come to a standstill.

No civil movement was reported as SLA was using its maximum fire power on densely populated safety-zone which has been under siege for months.

danny   May 15th, 2009 12:00 pm ET

The problem at this very moment is the plight of the civilians forcibly kept by the LTTE, which is a terrorist organisation, although most media are reluctant to call them as terrorists. so, why these tamil sympathisers cannot press LTTE to release the civilians. there is no point of pressurising SL govt to protect the civilians. what SL govt forces is doing is to take out the civilians from LTTE death row.

LTTE is on the verge of defeat and they (LTTE) say that civilians want to be with them. i don't think that any tamil civilian want to die with LTTE. so, when all these so called tamil sympathisers blame govt, i have a serious doubt about the real objective behind their claims. They want to save terrorists – NOT civilians.

Anu   May 15th, 2009 12:01 pm ET





Anu   May 15th, 2009 12:04 pm ET





Sinha Weera   May 15th, 2009 12:07 pm ET

To all the bleeding hearts in US,CNN, BBC, UK & others. If you guys are so broken hearted about the situation and want SL to stop the eradicating on the LTTE, why don't you help the Tamil diaspora and lif the ban on LTTE. Ask your government to lift the ban, and ask FBI to remove Prabhakaharan & company from their most dangerous list. While you are at it do the same to Bin Laden and Al Queda also, I am sure you will make others happy as well.

Betcha you or your government would ever do that! Wonder why? It's easy to arm chair critic anything, as long as it doesn;t happen in your back yard. Wait till these tiger cubs grow up a bit more in US like they do in EU and Canada and soon you will find out about their real agenda....

Anywho all we are doing is getting more hits to these web sites. SL government has already finishing off what it stared... the world and specially Sri Lanka will be a better place without the LTTE terrorists.

Nothing is over until the fat lady sings right...? In this case I can already hear the "FAT PIG" singing now...

Rohan   May 15th, 2009 12:08 pm ET

Considering what the US and the UK did by forcibly evicting 2000 natives from their homes in Diego Garcia, they have no right to tell SL what to do. How many Americans know about the plight of the native Chagosians and the circumstances under which they were thrown out of their homes? How international rulings against their actions have been ignored? Why is the UN and international community so impotent when it comes to war crimes and injustices committed by the high and mighty?

If the US could have marched into somebody else’s country to protect their interests and fight the treat they face from terrorism, why can’t a democratically elected govt (SL) be allowed to fight and destroy terrorism in their own country? Is this all because of valuable Tamil votes for the English parliamentarians and the campaign contributions Obama took from LTTE front organizations? These double standards are DISGRACEFUL.

Dave   May 15th, 2009 12:10 pm ET

This is not an issue of LTTE or not. This is the issue of Tamils. LTTE are fighting for the rights of the Tamils. Sri Lanka got independence in 1948. Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese had all the rights. Year by year Tamils rights have been changed. Tamils lost thie language as official language as religion. They passed a right that ONLY Sinhalese Bhudists can become the president of Sri Lanka. Tamils have to get higher grade in school in order to get into Universities. All these happend before LTTE came into power. If the LTTE didn't come to ACT there would be no Tamil left in the country now. Only solution to this problem is LET the Tamils rule their own land and own people. If not this issue will never be solved even if the government defeat the Tamil Tigers. There is absolute no freedom speech in Sri Lanka. If anyone talks against the government, You get shot next second. Wake up Human rights.

Samantha   May 15th, 2009 12:10 pm ET

Please note that LTTE is killing innocent Tamil people for their so called Tamil Ealam. Sri Lanka Govermnment already liberate East from the LTTE and now we can see the development of the that province with good government controll. Now No more LTTE. LTTE is having only past no future. What they can do is to lay down arms and surrender to the goverment forces or committed to suiside. Now Tamil people live around the world feel more freedom because fot ehend of the LTTE. Thanks for the SL Army forces. For the more information please visit

sameera   May 15th, 2009 12:11 pm ET

no more terrorism.
Please help innocent srilankan rescued tamils to get rid from LTTE and to begin a new life as proud srilankans.

SRI LANKAN STATE TERRIOSM [cindy]   May 15th, 2009 12:15 pm ET

I dont where and how the world and sri lankan racisit people got the terriost to call LTTE......if ltte werent there ,i wont be alive..and the tamils living abroad,its so shame how sighalese supports there curel and animal minded government.
TO LASI WHO SAID I LIVE IN SRI LANKAN AND THERE IS NO GENOCIDE JUST FEW PEOPLE DIED BUT ITS A WAR [let me tell you something dont see the genocdie becuase your not tamil,your singhalese who support state terriosm and i lived in sri lanka and let me tell you what i went through in 1995 ,i was only 7 years old,i lived in bunker without food and water for more than 1 week............we have to sleep in the woods hide from those animal minded armys.......we were travelling on our way to temple...and army forces stopped and separeted the kids and teens from parents.......THEY SHOT MY AUNT AND MY GRANDFATHER FRONT OF MY EYES REMEMBER I WAS ONLY SEVEN THE IMAGE OF THAT SEEN STILL LIVE IN MY HEART...................and for you people its nothing ,you guys live high life high education,thats why tamils work hard because we know how hard its to live in our own land because of sri lankan terriosm................we cant be untied in what way...we have no equal rights no freedom ,no education no proper food WHY???
TAMILS ARE HUMANS AND WE DONT WANT TO LIVE WITH THE ANIMALS.................................I THANK CNN FOR THIS OPPTURNIY .....and please world see the truth

TO LASI tell your government to let the media take the truth
you anmial minded racicist you all will go to hell
LTTE are our freedom animals can never defeat them even if you did there is more abroad....and i will become one and fight for my people rights!!!!!

John   May 15th, 2009 12:15 pm ET

UN is watching action movie via satellite "Kill all the Tamils in Vanni" Directed by India,
Producer: China, Russia,Pakistan etc.
Actors Sri Lankan and Indian forces and innocent helpless Tamil civilians.

Nilantha   May 15th, 2009 12:15 pm ET

Sri Lanka is Sinhalese country. Tamil Nadu is tamils country. Please understand that. In sri lanka you all, Sinhalies, Tamils, Muslims, Burgers can live. But remember this is only sinhalies country in the world.

milantha   May 15th, 2009 12:16 pm ET


subbu   May 15th, 2009 12:17 pm ET

US govt.must take strong steps to avoid genocide killings of tamils international community must impose severe sanctions to the govt.of srilanka and use their power to establish new state of TAMIL EELAM

Senthil   May 15th, 2009 12:18 pm ET

Dear Friends,

Please read the history. Clearly differentiate the Freedom fighting and terrorism. LTTE is not targeting any innocent singhala people. But So called srilanka government not follow international war law, and bombing their own country innocent tamils to eradicate the tamils in their(!) country. Once the equal rights to live, learn, employment, speech, rights are not given to tamils then only they try to get rights by freedom fighting. If Rajapaksey is not involved in genocide means, why can he allow the International community, press, red cross to the NFZ or safety zone? Support Tamil Eelam. Save Tamils.

Ink Dot   May 15th, 2009 12:19 pm ET

Who is winning the war. Sri Lanka claims Tamils in the war zone are also Sri Lankan citizens. They are dying in thousands. If the Lankan government's claim is true, it is their loss. The tigers say they have been waging the war to protect Tamils but obviously they have not been able to prevent the loss.

Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka by the children of an emperor who won a war, militarily, but realised that it was a mistake. The prince who went to Sri Lanka was a Mahinda. Now the 21st century Mahinda is responsible for the death of thousands. Many influential monks in Sri Lanka have been pressing for this war. Although they regard themselves as Buddhists they are clearly not. Buddhism has sadly been sidelined in Sri Lanka.

Until recently I thought that despit all the battles Tamils and Sinhalese will still be able to live under the same administration, although there would have to be a federal autonomous structural change. I am not so sure now.

Sri Lanka could have been as affluent and peaceful as Singapore but the unresolved conflict has pushed it back to the past. Sri Lankan leaders are not listening to friendly advice from other countries who want to help.

So who is going to celebrate the victory after such a tragic loss? Will it be the lion flags or tiger flags? To drape the bodies or to hoist them outside cemeteries.

There are no winners in this war.

T.Tilak   May 15th, 2009 12:19 pm ET

The Sri Lanka issue has shown how the double standards of the western countries. What is most disgusting is as to how these countries which have banned the LTTE as a terrorist org could show any sympathy to them. Inability to things in the correct perspective. All we have to say is that "they know not what they say and what they do".

Jayantha   May 15th, 2009 12:21 pm ET

Sri Lankan government shows how to remove terrorism from the world. It is the duty of a legal government. There is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. That's why tamils trapped by LTTE terrorists escape from them and join hands with government troops. WELDONE SRI LANKA.

ashan   May 15th, 2009 12:21 pm ET

today is last day for LTTE

Lucky   May 15th, 2009 12:21 pm ET

This genocide of tamils must be stopped.
Why isnt the government alowing media in...wouldnt that solve all problems?
LTTE want media in , they can prove to you they are not using human shields

all this is a doubt, for all means ltte can be using human shield but
wouldnt all these questions be solved if media is allowed....

Thousands of tamils are getting killed by the army
This is genocide
This must stop!

SRI LANKAN STATE TERRIOSM [cindy]   May 15th, 2009 12:25 pm ET

Prashan   May 15th, 2009 12:25 pm ET

LTTE are pure terrorists! There is no question about it! FBI labels LTTE as far more deadlier than AL Qaeda and thats right! LTTE terrorists are the most brutal ruthless terrorist outfit in the world! LTTE atrocities against civilians is infinite! They have brutally massacred so many innocent farmers, pregnant women and even so many others through suicide bombings!

LTTE terrorists used ceasefires for regrouping and rearming! LTTE terrorists always wanted a ceasefire just like right now only to avoid defeat! LTTE are never interested in peace!

Important to remember that LTTE terrorists are blood thirsty criminal megalomaniacs who are anti civilizational! LTTE wants to only massacre all Sinhalese! International community should not be deceived by LTTE propaganda!

Government of SL is the best ever! LTTE terrorists must be crushed and thats what we are doing! Welldone heroic SL Army!

Venki   May 15th, 2009 12:25 pm ET

Sinhalese people, don't you guys ever have brains? what have these small kids who die in the "WAR for nothing" has done to be killed. I pray for another natural disaster in Sri Lanka and only then Sinhalese people will realize the value of every human life. Don't trust your politicians, they created this problem.
Have you ever seen your father, loved ones and relatives been abducted by the ruthless Sinhalese armed forces and been killed in front of your eyes. I am against all form of terrorism, including the state terrorism, but just killing innocent Tamils doesn't mean you have finished the Tamil issue, the curse and tears of Tamil people will never leave you in peace.
Have you ever come across any Tamils got inside your house and raped your sisters and took away all your wealth in south. Can you ever think of something like that. That's exactly what's been happening in North by the Sinhalese army on Tamil people.

If you have, so far listening/watching to your Sinhalese media channel, its high time now to change to other media and see what they report and analyse it (those who have brains and heart). Understand, your politicians are killing innocent people of srilanka and not people from another country.

People who have commented here stating that they are tired of Tamils and protest, please we Tamil people have been tired for at least half a century making you dumb Sinhalese understand our rights and the problem, just live one day in your so called army camp and see how you feel.

International Community, just calling srilanka and pleading them to stop this WAR will never work out and probably see more Tamils being killed by the srilankan armed forces, Warn srilanka and put sanctions on the country thats the only way this war could be ended to safe handful of tamil population left in the northern state of srilanka.

Obama, India has failed to stop war, just to win the contract of supplying military equipments and supports to Srilanka before Pakistan. Srilankan forces want to kill the remaining tamils before the Indian election results comes out, please act prudently to save our Tamil community.


Cindy   May 15th, 2009 12:26 pm ET

Its clear that Sri Lanka is in a similar situation as Rwanda or Sudan. Tamils are the natives of Sri Lanka and they have the right to fight for their freedom in their own country. Sri Lankan goverment SHOULD STOP the MASSACRE OF TAMILS! GROW UP people, massive Tamil civilians are dying everyday and so does Sinhalese Military, NOT THE POLITICIANS!!!

Maya   May 15th, 2009 12:27 pm ET

CANNT LIVE WITH SINGALA extreamist who says that this is only Singala Budhist country.

Tamils & Sinhalease will never live together happily. history says..


trishi   May 15th, 2009 12:28 pm ET

If the Sri lankan gov. really wants to solve the tamil issue they could have done it long time back. They don't need 61 years for that.

IC/UN/US should give them a deadline to find a solution. I hope they will not wait for another 50 years.

Cindy Wu   May 15th, 2009 12:28 pm ET


arni   May 15th, 2009 12:30 pm ET

Tamils would like to say LTTE....
For the tamils
Of the tamils
By the tamils
we ll fight for Tamil Eelam until our last brath, we would like to live in Tamileelam or in the Grate history.
white and see. singaleese will get a lesson from us

Apsara   May 15th, 2009 12:31 pm ET

atlast some voice of rationale Sally!!!
all of you who are quick to condemn the GOSL pl answer me this;
– was it the Govt. that bombed the Central bank and was it tamils who died in hundreds?
– was it the Govt that blasted numerous bus bombs in Pettah, Maradana, Nugegoda, Piliyandala, etc. to name a few and again was it tamils who died in thousands?
– is it the GLSL that still continues to shoot innocent farmers in execution style
– was it the GOSL that killed Kadiragamar who was one of SL's best embassadors against terrorism?
– can only one party fight a war?? if not then if LTTE is the sole fighter for the tamil people, then if they care why are they continuing with the fight watching so called 'so many tamils being killed by GOSL' ?. there cannot be a war if one party surrenders
– if its genocide then why arn't all the tamils that are living peacefully in other parts of SL among the 'killer' sinhalese getting killed yet?
– is it the GOSL that takes children forecebly from their parents so that they can be trained as soldiers?
– is it the GOSL that prevented civilians from crossing over to the GOSL controlled area by shooting them?
– if its genocide why are there so many IDPs in camps and why isn;t the Govt. killing all of them off as most of you seems to think happens here?
– if its genocide why are the people from all walks of life in this country contributing to essentials to be given to these IDPs?
– if its genocide why is the army everyday delivering cooked rice packets by chopper from Colombo to the IDP camps? (well if its genocide I would say why bother??)

I can go on and on in this stop repeating and adding onto someone's fantastic ideas without actually thinking about whether your comments makes sense. don't demean yourselfs and propegate hetred like some jobless creature.

We as people who are continuing to live in this country, need the war to end. that's why we back GOSL whatever our personal politics are.

so IC, come help the IDPs, they solely need you. we, inspite of being 'killer sinhalese', are doing our part to provide them with whatever we could voluntarily. all of you who claim to care for your tamil brethren...don;t only talk the talk but walk the walk too.

I hope Hala atleast this comment gets posted.

PS; someone compared Nelson Mandela to don;t insult Nelson Mandela.

Thusan   May 15th, 2009 12:31 pm ET

Even if the world thinks, this war is against Terrorism, which is not. If they're waiting for the tigers to be wiped out, what's going to happen to the Tamils in Tamil Eelam? Is the IC going to let the sinhalese bhudists to rule them even after? Who will protect the Tamils? LTTE came to act to PROTECT the Tamils against the SL forces. If Obama want them to lay down their arms, them Obama should send army to protect the Tamils from SL forces. If there's somebody to protect the Tamils or Tamil Eelam is recognized, I believe the LTTE will lay down arms.

Appaya Lanka   May 15th, 2009 12:32 pm ET

Let Tamils live in peace....

Tamil Tigers is the heart of Tamil People in Sri Lanka.
Without LTTE Tamil people can not survive in Sri Lanka

Mary   May 15th, 2009 12:32 pm ET

It is not a rebel war. It's a genocide. They want to destroy the minority tamil people in Sri Lanka. They are real racist. I am thanking to the US president Obama for caring the people who are suffering the war zone. Take imeediate action and save the tamil innocent civilians who are trapped in the war zone. They do not have food, water and medicine. Please help them imeediately. Please save their lives also. God will bless you all who are helping those people..

Anu   May 15th, 2009 12:37 pm ET


Dave   May 15th, 2009 12:37 pm ET

STOP the GENOCIDE and Save the Tamils in Srilanka.

Appaya Lanka   May 15th, 2009 12:37 pm ET

Once the equal rights to live, learn, employment, speech, rights are not given toTamils then only they try to get rights by freedom fighting.



ashok   May 15th, 2009 1:25 pm ET

Leave Sri Lanka to manage her own affairs. It is because of foriegn country interference that is broblem is there for the last so many years.

Sharmi   May 15th, 2009 1:25 pm ET

Tamils around the World call upon UN and all Governments to:
• Call for an Internationally Monitored Permanent Ceasefire
• Urge Unhindered Access to UN agencies into the “safe-zone”
• Take lead in ending this humanitarian tragedy and help find a peaceful settlement to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

If Sri Lanka does not accept this:
Apply economic and diplomatic sanctions against Sri Lanka

Anu   May 15th, 2009 1:28 pm ET

PLEASE send in reporters and report the TRUTH

This is the difference between SInghaleese government and us Tamils – Tamils want reporters to go in and report the truth, Government want to prevent reporters from going in and hide the truth – ASK YOURSELF WHY!!!!

maran   May 15th, 2009 1:30 pm ET

No More LTTE………………………pls

Bala   May 15th, 2009 1:33 pm ET

We should understand the root cause
The Tamils grievances is over 60 years old, while the arm struggle has been going on only for the last 30 years. Soon after the Sri-Lankan independence, the Sri-Lankan government was quick to implement anti-Tamil policies, making the Tamils feel aliens in their own native land, and depriving them of basic rights.
Tamils were protesting against the discrimination in a Gandian way (that is what people do in democratic countries), but the Sri-Lankan government chose violence as a weapon to suppress the Tamils legitimate aspiration, and force them into submission.

Separate state for Tamils is the only solution!

thayalan   May 15th, 2009 1:36 pm ET

tamils they are not greedy to capture other people's land and properties. I have seen in 1983 riots in colombo so much of tamil business people were beaten by sinhalese people and sinhalese people stolen tamil peoples properties and money.

tamils want freedom to live in their own country they are not slave for sinhalese. mean time briton has responsibility to serve the tamil people and and make them to live in their own country with equal right.

s v shabanathan   May 15th, 2009 1:36 pm ET

In 1505 the Portuguse colonise cri lanka, and administer both kingdoms separately. In 1658 The portuguse are replaced by the Dutch, Who continue with the separate administration of tamil and sihala kindoms. IN 1796 The British take ove sri lanka,1802 sri lanka becomes a British Crown Colony, and is named :CEYLON: the both kindoms are still administered separately. BUT in 1833 The Colebrook-Cameron Report is produced. For the first time in over 2500 years the island is brought under one administration In 1948 Ceylon gains independence from britain. and give power to sinhalese even no constitution protect the rights of minoritie tamils. Britain has the moral responsibility of rectifying the histroical injustice committed to the tamil nation. we asked to un to Immediate & permanent CEASEFIRE on humanitration grounds and allow the Immediate access Aid workers& Media Access to war Zone the find all the truth.

kumar   May 15th, 2009 1:36 pm ET

Stop the war immediatly. Safe the tamil people.

sasiekala santhuru   May 15th, 2009 1:37 pm ET

Please help and save tamil people in VANNI Srilanka Now Srilankan government round up the save zone and using Pospharas chemical weopans and firing the people who hoands up. Please take action immediately. Tamil tigers freedom fighters Onlyn solution Tamil EElam Immediate needs FOOD and medicine . In vavuniya people are seperated from their family including children one camp,women another camp and men camp. After that army removed the organs from body. Womens are raped by srilankan army. Children have been forced heavy working for the army.

Gowsheka   May 15th, 2009 1:38 pm ET

The real terrorist in sri lanka are the racist sinhalese government who dont want any tamils on cylone (sri lanka) he even admitted no one except buddist are allowed on sri lanka this shows that mahinda rajapkse and the government dont give a s*** about the tamils in sri lanka.

please help the tamils

break the silance of the media and tell the truth about what is happeneing in sri lanka.

please every minute counts the quicker you take action the fewer people that will die because of this cruel sinhalese government.

KAR   May 15th, 2009 1:39 pm ET


Sofia   May 15th, 2009 1:42 pm ET

It is very sad to see the Singhalese comment so cruel in this. People are being killed not the Tamil tigers. Another thing is is very obvious that the Singhalese do not care for the Minority in Srilanka (Tamils). Singhalese are proud that those people are being killed by the Srilankan government. One thing they should understand this is the first time LTTE is willing yo give up and asking the international world to take part in the solution. Never before they gave up like that, I guess we can say they are losing but for a good reason. But that doesn't mean they will be dead, because very similar thing happened in 80s when the indian army came to help Srilanka, LTTE were nowhere to be found.And slowly they built thier military. So no one can say that they are defeated by the Srilankan government. Common sense, anyone here really think that the Tigers will be wiped out. It's impossible because 100's of thousands people believe they are freedom fighters. It seems that those innocents in the warzone will be killed by the Srilankan government very soon with in number of hours, but when that happens, the real war would start. Thats a truth. Candians and other Tamils all over the world are helpless in this matter but those who lose thier husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, grandparents... and in some cases all the family is dead except one, those ones will wake up and stand up for their family and will fight. Srilanka will be the most dangerous country in the world soon time when this war ends. That's a fact. No international community is helping now, and when those innocents turn out to be the dangerous in the country I don't think any country will step into save Srilanka. Everyone should also remember that Tamils are not only from Srilanka. Tamils are found everywhere in the globe. Especially in Canada, we protest for 5 months, leaving our work, school, everyday life behind to help those innocents, we will fight for freedom. We wil not let the Srilankan government wipe out the Tamils. International community is aware of the torture the Tamils are going through in the camps. Singhalese will need to protest to the international community to save their Own country at some point, hope it's very soon. It's commen sense, 30 year war cannot end in 6 months without a right solutions.... I think many Tamils outside of Srilanka have lost thier LOVED ones and they will not sleep unless thier loved ones rest in peace.
God bless all. and to those Singhalese brothers and sisters, imagine your littie daughter or son dead, This is an emmotional situation for the Tamils losing thier loved ones. It's time to be a human!!!!.

S.RAVINDRAN   May 15th, 2009 1:43 pm ET

The tamil people in Srilanka was suffer with Ceylon politics(Raaja Pakshei). we just have only one way to save them. we all must help them. come we vote for them. I support TAMIL EELAM politic.

Aaliyah   May 15th, 2009 1:44 pm ET

Why don't you all go to HELL and leave Sri Lanka should mind your own damn business.

Its ok for the US to fight terror, but not us??!! Why should the "third world" countries always have to listen to the US and UK? Its OK for them to wage war and be atomic powers, but if any other country does it, then it is taboo!! You are all just cowards, and no one wanted to do anything about Sri Lanka when so many innocent people were killed coz of the suicide all of a sudden everyone is dying to help Sri Lanka...guess what? WE do not NEED YOUR HELP.

Just stay the hell away from our country.

Mohan Dass   May 15th, 2009 1:44 pm ET

I request the Kind attention of srilankan's citizens. please dont compare your mistakes with afganistan and iraq. Her the thing is different. You have accept that you are executing a genocide. Dont justify your brutel murders. Nobody can destroy tamilans from the world till our tamil alive.

Dont try to hit in the lava, since you dont know the depth and vigarous heat in that. I thank CNN for taking this humanitarian measures. LTTE is not a terrorise groups like thalibans, kijbhul mujahideens, they are executing a holy war towards tamil elam not doing brutel murders in the name of god or religion.

So it is fulland full Self detrmination and liberation of Tamil Elam. Hence we beg your kind attention of all the countries, who are beliving the human values, please extend your supportive arms for the regognation of LTTE and help to revoke the banned against LTTE.

We are not against to anybody we just fighting for our soverinity and recognation.

remi   May 15th, 2009 1:47 pm ET

The International communuty should interfer mmediately to stop killing innocent. Already more than 1000 people were killed and woonded today . I beg please take immediate action.

Kamini P   May 15th, 2009 1:50 pm ET

Srilanka is for Sinhalese only. No one else has the right to interfere in our country. Stay away western countries. We will get rid of all the tamils not just LTTE in no time. We have enough support from China and Russia. US mind your own business.

revathy   May 15th, 2009 2:20 pm ET

the sri lankan government can't paly the lying game with the international community anymore, because all the truth about whats happening in there has been unvailed by the Tamils. Good luck!! Srilankan government and it's blood drinking animals.
Tamils are being treated just like a piece of junk......but not anymore. watch them be free and get a permanant ceasefire to get back to their homes very soon!!!
Tamils will be free very SOON!!

Keasavan   May 15th, 2009 2:21 pm ET

Sri Lanka must allow the international media to enter inside the war zone area and let the International medio to bring out the truth. What i suggest is UN peacekeeping forces to be deployed in Northern Sri Lanka for a short period and the Govt must have dialogues with the LTTE. Let the UN make a refrerandaom to know the Tamil's wish and let then decide. What my another suggestion is India must not interfere in this when UN intervene in this matter.

Let the India bea a by stander as it always doing in this conflict. Let the Tamil unite and strengthen thier supports at this crutial moment.

Valarmathy   May 15th, 2009 2:21 pm ET

All countries should take an action to stop killing innocent Tamils.

Jeevan   May 15th, 2009 2:46 pm ET

Ask your self these questions.

1. If Sri Lanka is doing a rescue mission then why does it keep bombing hospitals and killing innocent civilians with heavy weapons.

2. Why is the IDP camps off limit for so many aid groups? Why is there shortage of food? Why are the people not allowed to move freely?

3. If this was really a war on Terror then why is the media and aid groups not being allowed into the conflict zone? And those who do get in only get limited access and can't report about the battle.

It's time for U.N. to step in to save the innocent civilians.

Dhanasekaru   May 15th, 2009 2:52 pm ET

Thank you CNN for opening up a special forum for the genocide issue.

While the whole America is debating for the rights of a womb before even birth (abortion rights), Srilankan army with the help of India, Pakistan and china killing thousands of children , women and men. The images we see are horrible. Think about a photo where 8 month pregnant women is shelled and the womb is out killed.

Its now or never for the remaining few tamilians to survive. US has to intervene and stop SRI LANKA's GENOCIDE.

NOT ALL SINHALA ARE RACISTS.   May 15th, 2009 2:52 pm ET


My Tamil brothers & sisters please be rest assured that we the silent mojority of Sri Lanka, namely sinhalese, are ALSO outraged by Rajapakse's crimes against humanity. The current president & his JUMBO CABINET thugs are very inhumane indeed. Not ONLY they are killing Tamils, but even the Sinhalese who speak against this government. 11 meadia perosons had been killed, 26 seriouly injured, 8 MPs killed by this blood thirsty regime. Time for civilised world to wake up & see what is really going on this beautiful Island.

Mathura   May 15th, 2009 2:59 pm ET

To all those singhalese who urge other countries to stay out of SriLanka's problems...the comment from Kamini P highlights the main objective that is shared by you all, that ONLY the singhalese are permitted to be happy, ONLY the singhalese have the right to basic necessities such as food, water, shelter; ONLY the singhalese have a right to life. After reading through most of your comments, it seems that it is too late to look for some sort of a conscience within yourselves. I understand that you are incapable for seeing tamils for the HUMANS that they are, not mere objects to test war weapons on.
In reference to Aaliyah; you do not need help, but the tamil people do. You have a voice, they don't. You have food, shelter, happiness. Guess what! THEY DON'T.
Unfortunately, Kamini's state of mind is the typical one shared by the SL government.
They will not stop until my people are dead.
People wonder why I, being a british tamil student, born and brought up in the UK, would give a damn about anything that is occuring hundreds of miles away to a country that I have been to ONCE in my lifetime.
The truth is, the blood soaking up the soil of Srilanka is the same blood that runs in my veins. Srilanka is where numerous generations within my family have grown up, and I know for a FACT that this is the reason people my age; students, are relentlessly trying to halt this genocide.
Most of you, especcially the singhalese, are going to laugh at me for thinking in this "sophomoric" frame of mind. I may be British, but my heart lies with my brothers and sisters who are suffering because of what they are; tamil.
I believe this week has been a week to remember. Our problem has been acknowledged by Mr Obama himself, increasing my respect, even Britain has played a major part in the mentioning of WAR CRIME that has been committed so clearly by the SL Government. It's just a baby step, but it's a step.
Good ALWAYS overrides evil, and if there is a God, there will still be a handful of tamils left to populate the motherland, Tamil Eelam, whether you fools like it or not. =) You may think you're winning by wiping out the whole tamil population in SL...darlings, you're forgetting the THOUSANDS of tamils who you kicked out of SL many years ago, who are now fighting for a voice. It has been heard, so wave goodbye to your "victorious days". The world will acknowledge the SL government for the MURDERERS that they truly are.

KAzem   May 15th, 2009 3:02 pm ET

Countries such as UK and USA are telling both sides to lay down weapons but When other countries UK and USA stop to intervening with IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN they DO NOT LISTEN!!!
UK AND USA have no damn right to intervene when they have BLOOD on their HANDS. Its a bit rich coming from them!! USA is fighting int he name of terrorism and So is the sri lankan Government.
Both the LTTE and SLG have blood on their hands but the LTTE need to stop using their own people as a sheild forcing the CHILDREN to fight. There is complete EVIDECE when you talk to the CIVILIANS. I work for an organisation and was able to speak to a few people that have forcibly been taken away and have been murdered for escaping.

New channels such as BBC and CNN need to stop being Biased!! Deliever the truth only!

Sinhabahu   May 15th, 2009 3:04 pm ET

This is the end, folks, this is the end. In a few days, a new era will dawn on Sri Lanka. This is history in the making: the world's most ruthless terrorist group (according to the FBI themselves) has been defeated by our forces.

This is a good lesson for the whole world on how to tackle terrorism. The international media would do well to recognize our great feat instead of just repeating the LTTE's terrorist propaganda.

gowsheka   May 15th, 2009 3:07 pm ET

we need everyone's help to stop the genocide of tamils in sri lanka in 1 hour thousands of tamils have died and many wounded some people are even dying of starvation please help stop the genocide of tamils we need all the support we can get from international communites Please help save the lives of tamils in sri lanka!

Ben   May 15th, 2009 3:07 pm ET

Well, sure its terrible, but does britain as a population really want to see british troops shipped off to Sri Lanka? Do we really want to see our young men die because of another country's problems? When you think about it like that, the only people who are going to support british action in Sri Lanka are Tamils. As much as something needs to be done, sending our troops in will be a bad move – plus it will make any given govenrment extreemly unpopular. Sorry Tamils, but its just not going to happen.

Krish   May 15th, 2009 3:08 pm ET

Justice will win one day!!!

We, Tamil, will win soon and our supreme leader Prabhakaran will govern our own land Tamil Eelam!

my question is all the "democratic" nations what you are doing... just watching innocent people die by SriLankan criminal government using your ARMS???

Kumari   May 15th, 2009 3:16 pm ET

The LTTE has brutally killed so many innocent people from poor farmers from rural villages to commuters travelling to and from work by blasting overcrowded buses in Colombo, Maradana, Mt. Lavinia, Piliyandala, Katubedda, etc. and trains at Dehiwala, office compexes like the Central Bank, Sinhala politicians, popular Tamil politicians like Lakshman Kadirgamar, Jayraj Fernandopulle, Tamil intellectuals like Neelan Thiruchelvam, Sri Lanka President Premadasa, Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Its only a warped bloodthirsty terror group that is not capable of any human feelings or thinking clearly.

Let Sri Lanka solve its own problem,

If anyone thinks that this WAR ON TERROR carried out by the Government of Sri Lanka in order to protect the lives of the innocent Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim and other people living in Sri Lanka should be stopped then they should consider Osama Bin Laden a Saviour and a Protector of the world.

Arumugam Vinothan   May 15th, 2009 3:16 pm ET

Please help stop Tamil Genocide in Srilanka. Tamils need a seperate Tamil Eelam to live. Until Tamil Eelam is established there is no peace in Ceylon. North and East of Srilanka belongs to Tamil. Stop Sinhala military sponsored/supported colonization in north and east of srilanka. Tamils are suffering for more than 60 Years.

Sab   May 15th, 2009 3:20 pm ET

Le monde nous a abondonné, la situation sur le terrain est inimaginable ! Nous restons là à regarder cette horreur se passer ! SVP aidez nous ! N'exterminer plus les tamouls ! Le peuple tamoul ne peut pas vivre sur cette terre cingalaise ... aidez nous a crée notre pays pour arrêter se massacre continue qui dure depuis 60 ans !

rajapakasa   May 15th, 2009 3:21 pm ET

USA , UN and world should act save innocent tamils.They should send army to help those suffering people.Terrorist srilankan govt and indian govt is not gonna listen the world.After tamil genocide happen world is gonna say sorry.Please dont give statements for 3 months act now.

John   May 15th, 2009 3:21 pm ET

Kamini P,

Thanks for speaking on behalf of the rogue terror state. We know this rogue state belong to sinhalese and we Tamils never said sri lanka is our country. Our nation is Tamil Ealam.

Shanthi   May 15th, 2009 3:22 pm ET

Please read the comments by Kamini P, it says it all. This is the mentality of 99% of the Singhalese and now you figure out why the LTTE was formed and why they have to be so ferocious to defend their people from those evil monsters! LTTE was never a threat to any International country. Srilankan government is more qualified to bear the name "Terrorist organization" than the LTTE itself!

Sudda   May 15th, 2009 3:22 pm ET

Tamils,Sinhalese,Muslims and other communities live with no differences or racial hatred all over Sri Lanka other than the north where the LTTE wiped out the Sinhalese and the Muslims. LTTE tried to create a division amongst the communities. They kill innocent civilians and far thinking Tamil polititions, anyone who opposes them is punished with death. LTTE is a curse for Sri Lanka, Hope the Govt of SL will defeat them forever soon. There is no racial discrimination in SL. Anyone who visits any private or Govt. Institution in SL can witness that, how we work together as brothers and sisters. Tamils in Europe and other Western countries are scared they will have to come back because they wiill not be considered refugees when the war is over. Thats why all the demonstartions. God bless Sri Lanka

Roshana   May 15th, 2009 3:23 pm ET

Sri Lanka is another country & terrorism is the terrorism.If a major country can start a war against terrorism why cant we do that.No one else has the right to interfere in our country.This is our country.If America can attack terrorists and civilians why cant we attack LTTE Terrorists.None of our attacks msd the correct target that means 100% accuracy not like the American.We dont need ur support Americans.Just mind your own business.

josey   May 15th, 2009 3:26 pm ET

SL spoke personals have been saying " no injury or casualities"again and again. I lost my sister-in-law by SL army's shell. My aunt been killed, one of my friend's family been killed by SL army's shell. everyday hundreds, but today it is raised to thousands. How can SL government and their spoke personals LIE to the world that there is no killing or shelling. God will punish their families and genorations, for their actions and words. No way we Tamils can get togather with these liers and have the future. International communities should involve and give Tamils rights and freedom.

Also, everybody say innocent people in the "no fire zone" shold come out. Can anybody say how many people came out to government controled area and how many are there now. What happened to the rest? My own people are in there. They regret that why they came, they would have died in their own ground instead they feel. How can every one ask to come to gov. controlled areas. Are they giveing assurance for their safty and lives. At least fulfill basic neeeds and save the life of the people in the camps, before ask the rest to come in and die.

Chathurka   May 15th, 2009 3:32 pm ET

It's hilarious really to read some of these commetns which are the own demented illusions of some individuals. People who ask refuge in other countries purely to extend their own benefits, and has'nt even set foot in Srilanka claim that there is a genocide in Srilanka. To all such mentally challenged individuals I kindly request you look up the meaning of genocide in a dictionary.
The LTTE is cunning, We have to hand them that. They have cleverly played on the image of Srilanka to portray it as a country of violence. How ever people who fall into this trap are no better than rabid dogs. They only hear what they want to hear. Why is the international pressure being increased only at the time when the LTTE is at its death. Why didnt the international community pressurise the LTTE to stop killing innocent civilians. Mind you it wasn't only sinhalese people. They ruthlessly killed the very tamils they are "apparently" fighting the war for. The only reason for this is Financial reasons. Its simple as that. People do what ever is financialy more beneficial.
I salute the present government for having the back bone to stand up, not only to the LTTE, but the financially motivated international community as well. May the days of the LTTE come to end. The true Srilankans are all behind the Srilankan Army. Mind you not the Sinhala Buddhist army, But the SRILANKAN ARMY. May Prabakaran have the same horrors he made others witness.

Nathan Surya   May 15th, 2009 3:37 pm ET

UN satellite pictures obtained by the BBC appear to show shelling damage in a government-designated safe zone for civilians in north-eastern Sri Lanka. fore more click below @

eelammalarum   May 15th, 2009 3:39 pm ET

David Miliband, British Foreign Secretary, accurately described the situation the innocent Tamil civilians are facing in Sri Lanka "as close to hell as you can get." After more than 8000 civilians were blown into pieces in the last three months alone by the bloodthirsty Sinhala terror regime, the fate of 50000 to 100000 civilians still trapped in the government designated safe zone spells the same in the next few days as the military embarks on a final battle. Civilians are succumbing to injuries because hospitals are unable to cope with scarce medical supplies and starvation as the military has refused to allow any aid to go into the safe zone. In fact, the only remaining aid organization ICRC has suspended its aid mission due to incessant shelling in the war zone and most local doctors have fled the fighting. The world can't watch by the sideline any longer as the one of the greatest human tragedies unfolds.

"Consequences of inaction will reverberate for generations. Inaction by the International community will be construed as its approval of this crime against humanity."

selvan   May 15th, 2009 3:39 pm ET

What are the so called defenders of the human rights and the democracy of the world are doing? While innocent Tamil people are being wiped out. Is it because there is nothing to gain form protecting these defenseless people. This so called international community just talks about human rights, democracy and freedom but in reality they don’t care about who lives or dies.

Supun   May 15th, 2009 3:39 pm ET

Now no longer the lttE is the guardian of innocent Tamils. They have already played enough with innocent lives. What pabakaran did was, he used the mistakes of existing Sri Lankan governors to miss led innocent Tamils, through which they tried develop their elam. Every person is a owner of this whole world. No one can say that America is belongs only to American's because is surrounded and separated by a ocean from other countries. America is our not yours. Now we have a our Sri Lanka. It's one earth.

Peace   May 15th, 2009 4:01 pm ET

Peace May 15th, 2009 1019 GMT
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
I hope the only soulution for Tamils is Tamil Eelam due to the war since over 30 yeras. Over 150000 people died and over 300000 people dispalced by majority Singala Bhudiest. It is enough, they need peace and that only gives by separation from Singal Bhudist.

I found this comment on CTV news regard Toronto Tamil Protest. At least few people research why we protest?

Adam Brown
So I did my research with this so called terrorist group. For many years I did not really have an understanding of the problem that was occurring in Srilanka. What sparked me to do my research was mainly because I was a victim on the Gardiner; I had to wait 5 hours to get back to my home. At the moment I was very upset with this community till I did the research. What we are seeing in Srilanka is Genocide. The Srilankan government has been trying to eliminate the Tamils for centuries. Tamils consists of 25 percent Srilanka; if the tigers (LTTE) did not exist the Tamils would have been wiped off completely in Srilanka. According to Doctors Without Border last week at a refugee camp a body of a 16 year old girl was found. According to medical report Doctors cleaned out 1.8L of Semen from her body, she was rapped by the Srilankan Army. This is not new there; there are many cases like this that has been happening. The media intends to not cover the issues mainly because Srilankan government has banned all media personal covering the warzone.
At this point I understand the frustration the Tamil Canadians are going through but these protests are not just happening here they are happening around the world. There is this pro Tamil website I actually was spending hours with my wife reading the news. It is very sad of the issue that is happening there and our prayers are with them. I completely support the protest that this community holds and I urge all non Tamil Canadians such as myself not to be selfish and to do research of what is happening and support their cause if not then we should keep non-supportive comments to ourselves.

Devinda Fernando   May 15th, 2009 4:02 pm ET

R.I.P to over 1000's perished today.I am a Sinhalese. I'm really saddened to hear that today alone 1,000s of Tamil civilians including children & women died. What i do NOT understand is that why our government is using heavy weapons while they are only fighting about 200 Tiger boys & girls. Intention is clear. Mahinda's agenda is to wipe Tamils who supported the Tamil cause.
clicke here if you want to know more

Rajapakse brothers are guilty of crimes against humainty. If UN fails, NATO should step in & bring all those committed to international court.

Roshan   May 15th, 2009 4:04 pm ET

Why this Silence? Sri Lanka is ignoring the whole world and going ahead with the slaughter of Tamils. Is United States going to sit and watch or going to lead by example. As we all know United Nations is useless. Only United States can make a difference in this world. Yet Obama was silent giving no hope for hundreds of thousands of people stuck in the cross fie. It started with single digit deaths, then it was hundreds then last week it was thousands. Now an estimated 30, 000 – 40,000 people could be killed in the next 48 hours. This is war on terror? gimme a break. I hope Obama takes some firm action to put an end to this cruel genocide.

Prashanthi   May 15th, 2009 4:05 pm ET

If the Srilanka government tells the genuine figures of the death toll of civilians (Tamil + Sinhala) who were killed in this conflict over the last 35 years (Please don't include the Srilankan armed forces and L.T.T.E members).

The whole world can understand the truth how the majority planed and work it out to wipeout the minority.

I’ am sure Srilankan government do not has courage to deliver the actual genuine figures.


Odel   May 15th, 2009 4:05 pm ET

A mass tragedy, who is killed? Innocent Tamil civillians! Who is celebrating? It looks like most of the IC and especially the Sinhala state of Sri Lanka. Victory at all cost! There is no justice in this world.
A country living on foreign aid and income, a large part of it goes from the Tamil Diaspora, has bought all the weapon in the world to kill it's Tamil citizens. Now the GOSL is out with a begging bowl again using the Tamils to collect money from around the world, apparently there is no money to feed the Tamil refugees but enough in the pot for development in Sinhala area. God help the Tamils!

Varathan   May 15th, 2009 4:34 pm ET

When the sri lanka brought down the Tamil Flag in Killinochi, It came out all over the world. Now President said, They don't need lecture from WESTERN world, but they are begging for money to buy Chemical weapons. Sri Lanka rejects West 'lectures'

Sarj T   May 15th, 2009 4:36 pm ET

Sri Lankan Tamis are dying in the hands of the Sri Lankan Government (Sinhalese). They are killing innocent Tamils and getting away with mass murders... this is insane! now there's proof that not only are they killing, raping, kidnapping people but also selling organs of victims to other countries. Sri Lanka is the "STATE TERRORIST"

Thushana   May 15th, 2009 4:36 pm ET tamil people...there's a sri lanka...

well, if i were a singalese i would really for tamils...but i simply don't understand the reactions of singaleses....

even in camps tamils people are Rathrapuri a hindu temple is destroyed...these are the proofs.....



conley   May 15th, 2009 4:36 pm ET

President Obama asked the LTTE to lay down arms. What will happen after that?..Will he protect all the Tamils? If he did mention that then they'll probably lay down arms. LTTE took arms only to find a solution to this ethnic issue. Tamils have tried this politically, Sinhalese government rejected all our rights. Tamils are being killed every second by SL forces using white phosphorous bombs. Please STOP this....... WE will wake up tommorow and read the news 50,000 Tamils been killed in 24 hours. PLEASE U.S.A DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN. STOP WAR THEN TALK ABOUT LTTE laying down arms. STOP THE ARMS BEING FIRED,then we'll talk about laying down arms. U.S.A have all the POWER in the WORLD and must act immediately to bring this GENOCIDE war to an end and Find a Permanent solution to the minority Tamils. 60 years of suffering is enough.

Nagulan   May 15th, 2009 4:39 pm ET

Thanks to CNN
I don’t understand why USA and, UK not to take action to stop genocide Sri Lanka? Sri lankan government is purposely aiming at Tamil people and continuously bombing in safe zones and killing everyone in the name of “war of casualty Killing Tamil. It’s not new to Sri lanakan government, because they are doing this from 1956.

Tamil tigers are freedom fighters and they’re fighting for freedom. LTTE want the media in , So they can prove to you what’s happening .


venkattan   May 15th, 2009 4:48 pm ET

please stop killing Tamil. If sinhala govt is not killing then allow international media. That's all. If ppl who say no international media, can they explain why? If you are not killing then why are you not allowing CNN or other channels. Why you deport channels. All people who support government genocide pls tell. Today I saw a video of a helpless kid succumbs to his wounds.

Jana   May 15th, 2009 4:52 pm ET

US govt and UE must stop the civil war in Sri Lanka because the Sri Lanka govt is killing tamil civils !!!!


Thank you CNN for your attention.

SriLankan Tamil   May 15th, 2009 4:54 pm ET

Today it was announced that the United Nations would send Vijay Nambiar to Sri Lanka for the second time to try and negotiate on behalf of the trapped Tamil civilians, just as the Sri Lanka army launches a final assault against the LTTE:

It was announced at UN headquarters on Thursday that UN chief Ban Ki-moon is rushing his chief of staff Vijay Nambiar back to Sri Lanka to press for protection of the trapped civilians.

Allow us to bring some facts to light about this supposedly “unbiased” negotiator, who appears to actually be on the payroll of the Sri Lankan government, though indirectly – something that is obviously known to the United Nations. Vijay Nambiar’s brother (Satish Nambiar) is a paid consultant for the Sri Lankan army, and has been since 2002. What is the link between this Sri Lankan military consultant and the United Nations? It is hard to determine, but despite the obvious link through his brother, there is also a small resume of Satish Nambiar’s located on the UN website:

Very odd since he hasn’t worked officially for the UN since 1993. We should also note that after visiting Sri Lanka, Vijay Nambiar first reported back to his brother in India, before reporting to the United Nations in New York. Under such urgent and dire circumstances, why would he spend days visiting his brother rather than returning to the UN to report about this important matter.

Satish Nambiar has been quoted by the Sri Lankan defence website several times, most recently glorifying the defence secretary for his great accomplishments in routing the LTTE.

What does this mean? The UN sends an “impartial” negotiator to Sri Lanka who’s brother has been a paid consultant to the Sri Lankan army since 2002. This same brother is also now the Director and President of the “United Service Institution of India”, which is organizing an event in Delhi on 27th May 2009, titled “Present Situation in Sri Lanka and the Way Ahead”, where the speaker is “His Excellency Mr. Romesh Jayasinghe, High Commissioner, High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka”. This “negotiator’s” brother happens to arrange speaking engagements for the Sri Lankan government, while also being a paid consultant for the last 7 years.

Already there is a conflict of interest with the UN sending an Indian who is affiliated with the congress party, accused by most Tamils as being the real designer of this war in Sri Lanka. But on top of it, his brother has been a paid consultant for the Sri Lankan army for 7 years, and is even now arranging speaking engagements for the Sri Lankan government representatives in India.

After Nambiar made his first failed visit to Colombo to speak with the Sri Lankan government, instead of returning to the United Nations to report the outcome, he went to India to spend time with this brother on “vacation”, the same brother who is a paid consultant for the Sri Lankan army! While thousands of Tamil civilians were dying, he delayed reporting to the United Nations and instead vacationed with his brother in India. When he finally arrived at the United Nations he refused to speak to the press, even though it has always been his custom to hold press conferences after such important trips.

On 4/26 Nambiar’s brother, Satish, submitted an article to several newspapers, which was subsequently published in the Indian Express and quoted on the Sri Lankan government’s official military website (

Writing in the Indian Express newspaper, Satish Nambiar said, Sri Lankan Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka “has displayed the qualities of a great military leader nations are blessed with from time to time.”

Writing on the Army Chief Nambiar further said, “Resurrected from the grave as it were after the attack on him some years back, he has displayed a single-mindedness of purpose in pursuing his goal of decimating the LTTE. Needless to say, he has been able to achieve his objective because of the full support and encouragement provided by the political establishment led by President Rajapaksa.

“The demise of the LTTE is possibly,” said Nambiar, ” now only a matter of days. The total demolition of the once universally feared organisation that introduced suicide terrorism and the use of improvised explosives (IEDs) as a form of insurgency warfare is a tribute to the determination of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces under its intrepid commander, Sarath Fonseka. General Fonseka has displayed the qualities of a great military leader nations are blessed with from time to time.”

He further said, “As someone who was briefly involved with the peace process in Sri Lanka in 2002-2003, I have already acknowledged the outstanding performance of the SL security forces and the efforts of General Fonseka, a person I met on a number of occasions during my visits to Sri Lanka during 2002-2003 and developed great respect for, both as an individual and as a soldier.”

So what he have is the following:

1) Nambiar’s brother has been a paid consultant for the Sri Lankan army for the last 7 years

2) Nambiar’s brother has written propaganda articles for Indian newspapers, which were subsequently quoted by the Sri Lankan military on their official website

3) Nambiar’s family is connected to the congress party, which is responsible for the present war in Sri Lanka

4) Nambiar’s family is deeply involved in the Indian military, which holds a grudge against the LTTE for its war with the IPKF

5) Nambiar’s brother has arranged speaking engagements in Delhi for the Sri Lankan government’s high commissioner to promote the Sri Lankan government’s war against the LTTE (

6) After visiting Sri Lanka on behalf of the UN, rather than report to the UN in New York, he instead went on a vacation with his brother in India, the same brother who is a paid consultant of the Sri Lankan army.

7) The United Nations website contains a small resume of Nambiar’s brother on its website despite him not having officially worked for the UN since 1993 ( There is obviously more to this than meets the eye.

8) The bias of Nambiar’s brother was evident even in 2002, when he met with Tamil paramilitary groups, but refused to meet with democratically elected Tamil representatives while visiting Baticaloa as a paid consultat of the Sri Lankan army.

Now that the reasons for the complete failure of Nambiar’s original trip to Sri Lanka on behalf of the United Nations is abundantly clear, with over 10,000 innocent Tamil civilians killed, and 20,000 severely injured as a result, what would we expect the United Nations to do at this crucial time? They have now decided to send Vijay Nambiar back to Sri Lanka again to “negotiate” on behalf of the civilians. Are you certain he isn’t negotiating on behalf of his brother and the Sri Lankan government? In no other field, whether business, diplomacy or anything, would they allow such a conflict of interest to exist with thousands of civilian lives at stake.

Please wake up and realize that the United Nations is not here to help and protect the innocent. The only people the Tamil people can depend on for help is the Tamils. You have tried convincing the international community and the United Nations, and as a result there are 30,000 Tamil civilian casualties in just 5 months. While the UN sends people paid by the Sri Lankan government to “negotiate” on behalf of the Tamil civilians, thousands of civilians are dying day by day. When the LTTE was strong and the Sri Lankan army was on the brink of collapse, the international community tricked the LTTE into the ceasefire agreement. The ceasefire agreement was nothing but a cover to arm and train the Sri Lankan army further, so that they could launch a final war against the LTTE.

Today the UN and the international community does not want to even speak with the LTTE, despite showing so much interest in bringing the LTTE to negotiations in 2002 when the LTTE had the upper hand. This shows that the United Nations only respects violence and military might. When the LTTE was strong, they were requesting the LTTE to negotiate, but when the LTTE is weakened, they no longer have interest in negotiating a settlement to this conflict. Instead they repeatedly call on the LTTE to lay down their arms and surrender to face a certain death at the hands of the Sri Lankan army.

Learn this lesson well. The international community only respects you based on your might and capability to commit violence. Some foolish moderate Tamils have in the past criticized the LTTE for not trying to pursue peace, but now the futility of that path has been clearly exposed for all to see. The LTTE chose the path of peace in 2002, and the international community took advantage of this to weaken and destroy the LTTE through proxies. The end result is the entire world stands silently as 10,000 Tamil civilians have been murdered – all because the Tamil people did not possess the military might to protect themselves. The only solution to this problem, the only way in which the Tamil people can be protected, is if they increase their military strength and bring Sri Lanka to its knees through violence. Only then the international community will respect the rights of the Tamil people.

sahan   May 15th, 2009 4:54 pm ET

You all think LTTE did a innocent war?
What about bombing out people huh?
come to Sri Lanka and see the truth. C the things people are sayin who has escaped from Ltte.
They thought LTTE is 4 them. but alas! they kill there own! now there kissing SL Army soldiers with joy of freedom!
any person who is crying out there for LTTE, just come to SL and c the truth!

Varathan   May 15th, 2009 4:58 pm ET

At this moment, 1000's of Tamil civilians are being murdered and maimed in the safe zone. This zone is going to be GENOCIDE ZONE in the history. Please give voice against crimes against HUMANITY.
Tamils have no food, no medicine, no freedom....

STOP RAJAPAKSE BROS   May 15th, 2009 4:58 pm ET

Rajapakse bros are killing Tamils in great numbers and they are killing our own Sinhala media person who speak against them. Rajapakse is ruing Lanka's image. Rajapakse should be stopped. According my buddhist beleives that he will suffer for these. STOP THIS CRUEL MAN & HIS GOONS>

gWashington   May 15th, 2009 5:04 pm ET

War on Terror in Srilanka?? Never been such a thing. For the past 60 years it has been a war on Tamils. Begining with the non-popular 1912 massecre of tamils,the "sinhala-only" act, the standardization of tamil students, open firing at peaceful tamil protesters in the 60s,1983 holocaust of 3000+ tamils in Colombo,systematic habilitation of sinhalese and removal of tamils from their own land,Rapes,Abductions,torture,open threat to neutral media,eviction of NGOs and truce monitoring, restriction of food/medication, Shooting civilians who seek refuge into government controlled areas, concentration camps in the name of rehabilitation, and many more to be identified yet....
I would personally like to thank UN.USA,UK, and all the western nations for being deaf,mute, and blind on this situation. If they could've been any more slower, then Srilanka would have successfully eliminated around 100 000 tamils instead of the 12 000 dead so far.

Sumithra   May 15th, 2009 5:05 pm ET

To all the people who favors the Sri Lankan government: Open your eyes look around!!! I cannot believe how you can stand this kind out barbarianism!! My family has a history of working for the Sri Lankan armed forces (for the past 3 generations), and have been taught to perceive that the Tamils as Tigers and that they are terrorist.

But now I am totally convinced that the Tamil Tigers are FREEDOM FIGHTERS and that the SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT (or is it a ruthless TYRANTSHIP) can be safely declared as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

My heart bleeds for the innocent civilians being crushed to death by the barbaric Lankan government. For the first time in my, life I am ashamed to say that I am Sri Lankan.

Jeya   May 15th, 2009 5:05 pm ET

It is genoside. Srilankan government is killing thousands and thousands of civilians. I am sure that USA bring pease in Tamil Elam.We would like international community to intervein in Srilanka to shut Mahinda Rajapakse and his family run politics.Raping is fun for Srilankan Army like Japanees army did to chineese people.Please refer to the hisory.

A True Sri Lankan   May 15th, 2009 5:06 pm ET

Devinda Fernando, you are a mad. You are not a Sinhalese. There are hundereds of LTTE supporters here, like you.

Don't tell lies about the situation of our country.

LTTE killed innocent sihalese and Tamils as well.

Govt is about to escape SRI LANKA form terror and Prabakaran.

Navaratne   May 15th, 2009 5:10 pm ET

Guys do you know in thelion eats the goat, and cow.
The snake eats the frog. And so on I can quote so many are
killing so many other, for their clean predominance and existence.
So are we the Singhalese people of Sri Lanka killing the Tamil
people. If they can fight against us let them fight severely and see
who is the strongest. The nature itself designed only the fittest to
survive. Then why you all are wagging your tail. Wait and see as we
planned we will kill and remove all Tamils in the Northern and Eastern
provinces and plant our generation all over Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a
country for Singhalese. You Tamils go back to Tamil Nadu in India and thats your place. We will KILL ALL TAMILS until the last one dies.
Do whatever you can do!
Good luck to Tamils

news4sen   May 15th, 2009 5:12 pm ET

Since 1948, Srilanka have denied Rights for the Tamil Citizens.

The Tamils fighted democratically till 1980s and then many militant groups have formed.

It is right time that UN and IC enter Srilanka and give protection to TAMIL CITIZENS.

The United Nations have the R2P the TAMILS in that War Torn Island.

According to War Crimes, Srilanka is the worst Govt which have bombed its own Civilians, Hospitals.


UNITED NATIONS, IC ,USA,Europe should BAN SRILANKAN GOODs, ARMS Embargo , BAN Srilanka into Economy forums.

IMF should NOT GIVE MONEY to Srilanka

rajes   May 15th, 2009 5:12 pm ET

The time is 12.50 pm in canada. I could not stop my tears. The minute i got the call from back home my body is shievring. Aren't there any body to save my people who are dying in tamil eelam? You singhala animals don't think that you won...One day you will pay for this. Now you guys are rich. You have taken our people lives. Also taken their jewels. Don't you sham of your community, you guys worst than the dogs. Whenever you see a tamil what you think right away?...Only raping our flowers nothing else...Why are you doing this to our daughters, sisters and to our mothers animals. Why?.....Something wrong with your births or genes...May be too many sperms from too many people....You animals....YOUR anchester is ONE MR.VIJAYAN WHO WAS A WOMANIZER CUM RAPIST....THAT'S WHY..... ALSO HIS 700 HUNDRED FRINDS...THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE ...BEACAUSE OF THAT YOUR THOUGHTS ALWAYS...RAPE RAPE....ETC ON TAMIL GIRSLS. VIYAYAN'S OWN FATHER IS A KING..HE IS THE ONE WHO DEPORTED HIS OWN SON AND HIS 7OO FRIENDS FROM ORRISA WHICH IS IN INDIA...SO..THE TRUTH IS THIS. HOW COME THEY OWN SRI LANKA THEIR OWN LAND....ANIMALS SHOULD LEARN THE HISTORY PROPERLY BEFORE SENDING COMMENTS HERE. I BELIEVE GOD.WHATEVER GOES WILL COME BACK SOON. I AM A TAMIL THAT'S WHY I COULD NOT CURSE INNOSENT KIDS AND LADIES WHO ARE SINHALESE...YOU GUYS NOT EVEN WORTH TO OUR LEG DUST. I AM PROUD THAT I AM A TAMIL. EVEN IN MY NEXT BIRTH I WANT TO BE A TAMIL.....

R.Sinnadurai   May 15th, 2009 5:14 pm ET


news4sen   May 15th, 2009 5:15 pm ET

How can the WORLD Blame LTTE as Terrorist ??

Nelson Mandela was a terrorist in the eyes of White South Africa..

Even George Washington was a Terrorist in the Eyes of BRITISH when he FOUGHT for AMERICAN independence.

The Ban on LTTE should be removed and UN should conduct a Referendum ( LIKE EAST TIMOR ) in Tamil AREAS of Srilanka..

Shankar   May 15th, 2009 5:16 pm ET

It's a pity that world is watching a genocide and not acting.Political probelm can't be solved militarally. Imminent military victor for SGOL and plotical victory for Tamils. Who wins?Like ceazear, wining the whole world and loosing his soul to god.

Tamils will have the last laugh.

A True Sri Lankan   May 15th, 2009 5:16 pm ET

If you have a doubt go and see what is happening there.

LTTE is shooting civilians who are trying escape from them.

In near future no more terror, no more devils like Prabakaran in Sri Lanka.


Sumithra   May 15th, 2009 5:40 pm ET

To the kind attention of "A True Sri Lankan" and "Navaratne":

I do not wish to DIGNIFY your petty comments, by responding to them.

Rest of the world:

These two are good examples of majority singhalese mentality.
In singhalese they say "Modayage rate murugayage kodiya" (Barbarian rules the country of fools) it is so true in the case of Sri Lanka. Rajapakshe and the noted above just proved this sighalese proverb.

Singhalese bros & siss who had left heartfelt, peaceful humanitarian comments : You are a true singhalese, true human beings... I salute you my friends.

Gorby   May 15th, 2009 5:41 pm ET

Ultimately the attitude of the Sri Lankan government is the same as that of the Sinhalese majority, i.e. any Tamil civilian death is a price worth paying for a ´victory´over ´terrorism´. Now 6500 (which would be about 8% of the ófficial´ total ) deaths in barely 4 months is not enough to bring the Sinhalese to stop their ´democratic´government´s barbarism. Out of the remaining thousands of Tamil civilians still in this death zone there will surely be mass carnage due to the use of heavy weapons used by the Sinhalese forces. A party in Colombo I suppose?

What they fail to realise and accept is that the LTTE was their very own creation. They were and are a military response to more than 25 years of peaceful protestations against discrimination and such. The Sinhalese had the opportunity to prevent the current situation way back then by backing equality but refused to due to the overt racism that they had then and still have now (read the opinions of Fonseka for a demonstration). By defeating the LTTE there is no proof whatsoever, and there never has been, that successive Sinhalese governments will address the issues that started the damned war in the first place and this fact is even more profound with the current Rajapakse administration.

While you may attack the LTTE for it´s ´terrorism´ in the south, you don´t appreciate the fact what the Tamils have to endure a far worse scenario at the hands of the government and it´s forces over these years. Arbitrary airforce bombings, rapings by government soldiers, economic embargoes etc etc. So again, clearly adding to all this trauma with what will be mass murder by the state forces is fine for those in the south so that they can continue to live in their high rise apartments without the guilt of blood on their hands.

Those above from Sri Lanka who complain about us who live in other countries complaining about the deaths of our families and our people don´t realise that they effectively live in another country themselves. The north and east of the island couldn´t be more different. In any case it was not our choice to be living elsewhere, it was imposed upon our elder generations by the discrimation that was occuring in those times. If you could ask those same people now, they would never have left given the chance.

I plead with the international community to prevent a situation such as that which occurred in Bosnia. Time is of the essence and there is not long before the government achieves it´s aim against the Tamil people. There is more than enough power and influence within the U.N. to stop this happening. Please do something!!!!!!

Tharanga   May 15th, 2009 5:42 pm ET

WAR ........There's No more WAR in Srilanka ...Sri Lanka Army killing (innocent) terrorists who killed sinhala,Tamil ,Muslim peoples during 25 years...Some others got eyes after terroists getting huge blow...He he he Its now ending ,,,,, Prabakarn's dreams distroyed..... Srilanka cannot breack for anyone...

A True Tamil inncocent civilen   May 15th, 2009 5:43 pm ET

Sri lanka government killing innocent Tamil people sinces 1958..its long term genocide ..why the international community keep silence ??? i lost my mum when i was 8 years old by air attacted by sri lankan army...we all a vitness of this genocide ...

IF YOU SEE Channel 4 (uk TV) they relise reality of the refugees caps ....

WE are human being ...we are not like dogs .....tamils are dieing in the road like dog ............
why the srilankan goverment doest want to stop the war ??? becoz in the safty zone there no one singala peoples ......
Safe the Tamils ...stop the genocide ......give us a new life ....

Tharindu   May 15th, 2009 5:43 pm ET

I think most of suppliers will run out businesses of so called peace keeping, arms and many other international funds money, if the war would end by the Srilankan government by defeating the LTTE. May be that would be the the reason most international committees want to stop this. Most are calling this is genocides of Tamils. I wondering then why our Tamil neighbor live very friendly with our family and working in same office that my father work. Is fighting with Terrorist can be genocides of Tamil ?????????????????????????

ghajabiram   May 15th, 2009 5:49 pm ET

I am an indian. I am telugu person by birth born and brought up in Tamil Nadu (71 million tamils live here in this state). I really love this language and proud to be part of this soceity. Tamils are known for their hospitality and accepting everything (culture, people and beatings too...). How long can they bear the pain. Some day they'll rise. That's what happened in SL.
Mahatma took up non-violence againt the British. British are known for their strict abiding of law. That is the reason non-violence worked out against them. But I know people who died of hunger strikes in late 1970's in SL against tamil oppression. The world doesn't know the names of the people who died as an end of that non-violent struggle three people died as a result of fatigue. But when a man took a gun, the whole world heard the "VOICES OF TAMILS". BUDDHA is the word the SL president should never utter. They don't know what real Buddhism is. India is the nation where BUddha was born, his teachings are non-violence. If it is so how can they kill people. I saw a particular law in late 60s where a tamil student needs to get 245/400 whereas a sinhala student needs to get 214/400 to get an entry into medical school studying from same medium of instruction english. My God. This is sheer non-sense. This means Sinhalese themselves are accepting are a bunch of less-knowledged persons.How can minorities be treated like this? If there is God (if there is one) why so many atrocities around this world. Why arms? Why war? all for the good of few business-minded people. Be Buddha

Puv   May 15th, 2009 5:50 pm ET

Those of you (Sinhalese) who try not to see the humanitarian crisis in the Tamil areas of Sri Lanka: just to proof your argument, why don't you ask your gouvernment to let the media in the war zone? By doing this simple move, you can easily convince the rest of the world that your armed forces ('thuddakemmunus') are actually fighting against terrorists not TAMIL FREEDOM FIGHTERS.
For those of you who see the crisis: please do your best to stop the genoside and ask your countries to send food & medicine.

Richard   May 15th, 2009 5:57 pm ET

The total disregard by the government to the call of the Obama administration to stop shelling civilian areas and hospitals is irrefutable proof that this government is hell bent on wiping an entire population of Tamils. In the process it is committing a genocide which the timid world is refusing to acknowledge but is the real truth. The spineless UN is sitting idly and watching this happen just content to make some stupid statements here and there. The security council is being held hostage by the countries with authoritarian regimes like China, Vietnam and Russia. I wonder what purpose this institution serves other than giving validity to dictatorships and regimes committing genocides. Nobody cares what this organization says anymore. I think it is time for the US to act unilaterally to alleviate the suffering of the Tamil people by immediately taking some strong action including military strikes to make the genocidal government of Srilanka to listen to the call of the international community.

Ronald   May 15th, 2009 5:59 pm ET

What do you call the thousends of people killed in LTTE bombs in the colombo city.
Who carried out air strike in the colombo city where millions of civilions live, who attacked the sri lanka air port which is used by civilians. Does the world remember the many killed at the JOC Boom, The central Bank Boom. Who used human booms. This is called GENOCIDE. Killing armed LTTE cardes who dont wont to surrend is not GENOCIDE.
It seems that relatives of the LTTE cardes living around the world is worried about them and not about the Tamil peoples.
So please stop the GENOCIDE least now....

thayalan   May 15th, 2009 5:59 pm ET

Dear tharindu I also hv a very close sinhalese friend> we don@t say all the sinhalese are racist some are good human being> sri lanka is not only for the sinhalese people

Sugu   May 15th, 2009 5:59 pm ET

Killing tamils not new to srilanakan goverment, because they are doing this from 1956. to now.

The srilankan government has killed over 10,000 innocent tamil civilians over the past three months. They continue to bomb make-shift hospitals in the so called ’safe-zone’ area. A genocide is taking place in srilanka, and if the UN does not intervene, it could result in the complete annihilation of tamils.

The Sri lankan government has killed a lots of tamil people. this government is a terrorist Government. LTTE fights for freedom of tamil people not for terrorism. They are not against to any other country. The Srilankan army kills innocent people and put the innocent people into the jail for a long time. Army commanders kill the tamil boys and sell the body parts to earn money. If there is not LTTE then there is not Tamil in Sri Lanka . So the international countries must help tamils from genocide.
tamil tigers freedom fighters!!
they’re fighting for freedom!!
please EU lift the ban of Tamil Tigers


kaushy   May 15th, 2009 6:00 pm ET

Please save innocent Tamils from Government. Srilankan government doing genocide over innocent Tamils . We are fighting for our freedom Please President Obama take immediet action to save tamils from singala government. Please do some action right now otherwise after 2 days we can see any people with life . There is no docters .

Thank You

Sarma   May 15th, 2009 6:03 pm ET

Please stop the carnage against the Tamil by the Srilankan regime. This is worst ever genocide unfolding against Tamils and thousands and thousands massacred while I am writing and I don’t know why the world Silent and watching this carnage by Srilankan Regime

Rubasinga   May 15th, 2009 6:04 pm ET

Lot of people made their comment in this site. I am a sigalease person and would like to tell something about the truth by visiting different part of the country with one of my tamil friend. By observing the tamils live in srilanka they have been dragged and forced by the srilankan government in different ways from education to basic need such as food and shelter. That is the reason they first opposed the government by hunger straight. Later they realised, it doesnot works. This is litle by little created to make their own free land and the LTTE organiztion was formed. Therefore, we all sigalease should understand who were created the LTTE indirectly. If we gave the right rights to the tamils, we all may have lived peasefully and may have saved lot of lives. Some of the commenters have made statement like LTTE is a suicide bommers. At this moment we all should understand one thing they fight against the government and the government army. Did they kill sigalease people in Srilanka. I have personnelly visit their area too. Eventhough I am a sigalese they treat me well and they told me this war is not againt the sigalese people and request me to tell our political leaders. But, who was listen the truth and think about the country. Every one think about their pocket including our presedent Rajapaksha. But, one think every one shoud understand there will be a reaction for every action. If you people bleave in god, I hope that he will save all thelive in earth.

A True Sri Lankan   May 15th, 2009 6:06 pm ET


Tharsha   May 15th, 2009 6:07 pm ET

LTTE is not another word for Tamils! there is equal rights for Tamils but the Tamil diaspora do not want to admit it! Tamil is one of the offical language, Tamils living in the North can study in Tamil and everything such as education, medical facilities are given free of charge (this is not even done in (USA)! The diaspora poured millions of dollars into the terrorist organisation and it has become a business venture for many Tamils living abroad and the demonstration which has become violent in UK and Canada shows that these ppl r not happy that GOSL has rescued 135,000 Tamilians trapped in the war zone! no one have highlighted this significant fact! even today there were abt 10,000 ppl came into the army controlled area! If all these protesters are really protesting for the freedom of Tamils they should have shown their jubilation when such large number of people r freed and volunteer to help Sri Lanka! But all these ppl try to do is help Prabahran the leader of a banned terrorist organisation to survive so he can kill more Tamils and Sinhalese!
It is a pity that International community is buying the propaganda generated by pro-ltte supporters and helping the one of the world's ruthless terrorist organisation!

hush   May 15th, 2009 6:10 pm ET

Just think..............LTTE is a very profitable business......war was the face and Prabakaran is the Joker ......

there are few people who enjoys the benefits of of this LTTE business, who lives a luxury life in Europe .......

They dont want war to end .......

No war NO business..NO MONEY

they hire few junkies who can write crap on the web and do little bit of hacking

AND see what they have written on CNN ...........hehe

Dhammike   May 15th, 2009 6:11 pm ET

The final rescue mission on the way; LTTE continue to fire at escaping civilians

Sri Lankan soldiers have reached the final phase of their hostage rescue mission as they opened up an escape route for the last group of hostages held in the Vellamullivaikkal area last morning (May 14).

According to the latest battlefield reports, troops of 58 Division were just 1.5 km short of dominating the whole northeastern coast of the Island by last night. The expected linkup of the 58 and 59 Divisions, who are merely 2km apart on the coast will mark the total liberation of the coastline in the Island nation from the terrorist hold.

Troops of 53 and 58 Divisions since Wednesday (May 13) started manoeuvring southwards along the western and eastern borders of the newly declared civilian safety zone(CSZ) in order to keep the terrorists engaged on the northern frontage. The 53 Division marched along the bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon whereas the 58 Division crossed the open coastal terrain amid heavy LTTE shelling and machine gun fire. The manoeuvre became a success, as the hostages in large numbers have been able to find their way to the government controlled areas across the southern frontage.

Yesterday alone, 3306 civilians were able to wade across the lagoon and seek refuge with the 59 Division soldiers. The group included members of 782 families. The civilians have told the soldiers that they were being fired upon by the LTTE with machine guns and mortars, as they started moving towards the government-controlled areas. According to the sources, four civilians were killed and another 40 injured in the LTTE fire.

Meanwhile, infantrymen of 58 Division yesterday rescued another 206 civilians. The latest reports indicate that the same Division soldiers have rescued over 600 others this morning (May 15).

Troops during the yesterday's operations collected 19 bodies of the LTTE cadres along with 32 T-56 assault weapons. Among the other items found were one rocket launcher, one "Baba" mortar, one Radar antenna, one 12.7 mm machine gun, one gun mount, 3 RPG launchers, one radio set, one 12.7 mm machine gun barrel and a large stock of ammunition.

Nila   May 15th, 2009 6:21 pm ET


Homo Sapien   May 15th, 2009 6:24 pm ET

You be a Sri Lankan, be a Tamilian, be a Rwandan, But first try to be a Homo Sapien (human being). LTTE "so called" terrorist organisation is being fought by the SL army for the past 25 years. If they(SL) are saying that only 5 sq. km is to be captured why the hell are they bombing everyday. They have waited for 25 years why can't they wait for 3-4 months take steps to move the poor civilians in war zone out into a good place inland SL and then fight with our "Maravars"(brave people)

SIVA   May 15th, 2009 6:26 pm ET


A True Sri Lankan   May 15th, 2009 6:28 pm ET




HE... HEH... HEH !

Peace SRI LANKA   May 15th, 2009 6:28 pm ET

When was the last time a sovereign country negotiated with an internationally renewed terrorist group?
It is unfortunate that LTTE has kept all those innocent Tamil brothers & sister of our nation for their advantage as human shield, We had more than 150000 Tamils came from the zones in the last couple of months, they are safe in the government hand. Mums & dad are not worried if they will lose their child to LTTE, as a child solder
All the Tamils if they care, should tell LTTE to Stop killing the own Tamils who trying to flee from them.
Come to Sri Lanka & visit how Tamil, Muslim, Burgers & Sinhalese live in Colombo, especially wallawatha Colombo 5/6.
WE DON”T KILL TAMILS LTTE KILLS Innocent TAMIL Brothers & Sisters.
We have Tamil politicians, how about karuna , is n't he a Tamil
He realise that diplomacy is the answer , he is a minister now. He was 2nd LTTE ranked.
People we need a change, a change FREE OF LTTE, CHANGE IS COMING

para   May 15th, 2009 6:29 pm ET

International communitty ,Please hep in the tamil people in vanni from Srilankan Terror State. Artilarry attack, chemical weapons. Why are you waiting? It is not enough tamil blood?

dharshini   May 15th, 2009 6:29 pm ET

We need the peace in that beautiful Island in the indian ocean not a Blood ocean.
red is the colour of the Blood. It does not have cast ,race,age,colour of theskin. it is invaluable. please preciouse them.

kathy   May 15th, 2009 6:30 pm ET

this is genocide.don't tell any reason for.see what is happening today in vanni.please save tamils please.

Lasantha   May 15th, 2009 6:31 pm ET

Most of those who talked about Sri Lanka are not living in Sri Lanka.That's why they try to show that Sri Lankan government has taken steps against tamil civilians.But, if those terrorist tamils like Pakeer could be able to visit just for few minutes with the war victimized people could have realized what the reality is.The butcher,Pirabaharan, the most famous coward killed not thousands of people but lacks of people during last 3 decades.I invite to those foolish commentators to visit and spend your time with the innocent tamils.Ask them how they were treated by LTTE and ask them now how they are treated.Now a lot of LTTE leaders surrendered and what do the say?Have you ever listen their stories?Who is George Master & Daya Master?Now what do they say?Even those bloody leaders accept that they have killed thousands of innocence. .Sri Lankan army solders donate even their food packets for those innocence.I ask from those canadian tamils have you ever thought about the difference of the life spend by civilians and Pirabaharan?Those tamils who were against him were killed,amputated punished.He conscripted at least one child from one family.That was a must.But what he gave for his daughter and two sons can be seen in web site.

What kind of right has he got to speak of tamil civilians?Has he treated them?Has he let them to do their own their business?

He even used foods sent by the government and foreign countries for civilians to make bunkers.He did not give them even enough foods for even children.But that murderer and his bloody colleagues had so many parties.He still spends a luxurious life.But no matter because this is last few minutes of his life.

Now every terrorist supporting countries ask for cease fire?Why couldn't you ask that thing when LTTE attacked to Sri Lankan army and they were not doing so?How many times Sri Lankan government tried to settle the problem with peace talks?Each and every time they grew up.

I am asking from those foolish guys, have you ever heard a terrorist group who used schools,hospitals and public resoviours as their camps?Who has introduced suicide attacks for world?Non other than LTTE.Non other terrorist group killed villages of civilians in the night without having a reason,but LTTE.

The Buddhist's one most sacred places,
Dalada Maligawa,the place where Lord Buddha"s sacred tooth is placed.
Jaya Sreema Bodheen wahanse,the tree that helped Lord Buddha when he is getting enlightenment
Were attacked making all the Buddhists cry in the world.

Are you guys would like to see some one destroys your religious places?All these things done by LTTE.

But now what happened?This is what we call what goes around comes around.

A True Sri Lankan   May 15th, 2009 6:31 pm ET



kiresh- jey   May 15th, 2009 6:32 pm ET

please help to stp. the genocide in sri lankasave the tamil civilians.take action against sri lanka government. there ia no food nowater and no medicice pl help us . free tamil eelam.
thank you cnn.

Tharsha   May 15th, 2009 6:33 pm ET

I don't think so lending money from IMF is considered begging! So did USA begged money from China recently? how many countries have borrowed money from IMF this very year due the economic crisis? i think it is appaling for countries like USA and UK to blackmail SL with this IMF loan! This is what they are so fond of doing...if a developing or third world country do not listen to them, no matter how messed up their conditions and demands are then they cut their sanctions threatened to take back the loan or refuse to give the loan that they already approved!
This loan is needed to help the IDPs for resettlement and food aid by Hilary and UK playing with the lifes of thousands of innocent civilians is just sick! I hope that USA will atleast learn that they themselves r in the position of borrowing money from other countries and what will happen to them if they do not get these funds!
I am merely disgusted by this double standarded!

Rasi   May 15th, 2009 6:36 pm ET

LTTE is portrayed by the SL government as a terrorist organization, so that their "WAR ON TERROR" can go on without watchful eyes. It is sad to see that many of the great governments of the world have actually been taken for a ride by a tiny country in south asia.

What was once two kingdom were joined for convenience by british rulers and left to fight for themselves after independance(1948).

What was once 18% of total popluation is now less than 12% minority Tamils. And the SL Government is doing their level best to reduce even that through systematic, well planned, slow GENOCIDE, have no confusion about that. The Inventors of the "WAR ON TERROR" doctrine should have known that someone more maniacal than themselves would come along, and take this to another new level of absurdity. That's what is happenning. SHAME ON THEM.

TAMIL people have only been asking for self determination rights, to rule themselves in the LAND THEY'VE OWNED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Why would this be a crime?? Can any sane person answer this to me?

Current Situation

The SL government & Army has banned and kicked out: peace monitors, journalists, aid agencies, food and medical supplies and free movement from the war zone, aka "Safety Zone" and in some cases from the country altogether(CHANNEL 4 News Crew, Human rights Watch among others). And letting out only planned propaganda through state owned & bought-off private media. It is them who are calling LTTE "terrorists" saying they are hold their own people as human shields and the western media is eating up what SL media & propaganda machine regurgitated. Think for a moment, LTTE who relies on the people for support and survival, would not last if they turned against their own people. In the last 30 years of civil war over 150,000 people have died, an overwhelming majority (98+%) of the dead are innocent Tamil Civilians at the hands of SL army, then why is it still the LTTE, who are the "terrorists"? A simple exercise of listing attacks on civilian targets by date, would reveal the real truth behind the claims.

TAMILS ARE UNDER EXISTENTIAL THREAT UNDER SRILANKA'S RULE, had LTTE layed down their weapons SRILANKA WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME AT AN ACCELERATED PACE and no one outside would have heard of the race "TAMILS, of EELAM(old kingdom)"

A True Sri Lankan   May 15th, 2009 6:37 pm ET






Appaya Lanka   May 15th, 2009 6:40 pm ET

SAVE TAMILS from terror SRILANKAN government

PLEASE.............................take action quickly.

Tint   May 15th, 2009 6:50 pm ET

In Colombo alone there are 300,000 Tamils live where Sinhalese and Muslims are the majority. And In Jaffna where there is a Tamil majority live you wont find any Sinhalese and Muslims. I think anyone who has a tiny brain can see where there is is the Genocide.

The funny thing is those who cry about killing haven't told a word about LTTE terrorists keeping those poor men as a human shield or shooting at them when they try to escape. No one talk about Kids of those people who got kidnapped and forced into war while their leaders kids lives in Europe with all the things they need.

The good thing is half of those last remaining people there were already moved to government areas war gonna be over within a week now. So Tamils who live here are Sri Lankan They have same right as we Sinhalese and Muslims have. And for those who are NOT Sri Lanka better find somewhere else for their "montherland" Trying to nab a part of Norway would be better since they love Terrorism and LTTE.

A True Sri Lankan   May 15th, 2009 6:54 pm ET

Appaya Lanka you are a mad.

Try to find a new job.

LTTE is going to over.

Tamilan   May 15th, 2009 6:58 pm ET

Terrorists – what is that mean? If LTTE is a terrorists group, then what is our government going to be?

Our government is a big terrorists group. please save the people from sri lankan government.

A R M Hazeen   May 15th, 2009 7:02 pm ET

The LTTE is the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world

Achievement – Ethnic cleansing i.e. thousands of Muslims expelled out their homeland.

Pride – pioneers in suicide bombing

Leadership – simply dictatorship

Preaching- credit card forgery all around the world esp. in London

Goal- enslaving and killing all the Tamils and their democratically elected leaders in their own homeland i.e. taking place at the moment

The LTTE s Humanitarian outcry is merely to evade the meeting their inevitable Waterloo.


Sunday SILL, Monday KILL   May 15th, 2009 7:03 pm ET

Dammikke and Lasantha – thank you for the report.

It was a fun piece of fictional literature to read.

Pls dont talk about Dalada Maligawa and sacred place... what your so-called buddhist gov is preaching is SILl & KILL. While throwing Dansal parties during the holy wesak season, innocent civilians were being massacred in the north!

Soldiers giving their food packets to civilians trapped in war zone? This is a good comic relief in this stressful situation!

GAP   May 15th, 2009 7:06 pm ET

The ppl saying bullshit about Tamil tigers please come to Sri Lanaka without just posting the bullshit comments and look at the real situation here.If international stopped this war against terrorism then ppl like Billadan,Sadam Husain have to ask their human rights.Those ppl living abroad and having a great education there, while children in here using guns instead of books... Their minds are poisoned. Don't do sins by posting idiot comments without knowing the real situation.Because the curs they making will follow u too.

pradeep   May 15th, 2009 7:07 pm ET

all the comments that are against the Government of Sri Lanka says, SL army is shelling to tamil Civilians and it seems that the voice is same in all comments. so it is proven the comment is made one.

ok... my friends.... war is over now.....

pls come and give money and goods to IDPS, no use of arguing it. they are your and my people... so lets hand together help them and we ll give them freedom and happiness that most of Tamils who lives in overseas enjoy. no need complains to government. because you(Tamils live in overseas) never ask a separate state from those countries and no Tamil lives in sri lanka ask for it except Praba.....

Roh   May 15th, 2009 7:14 pm ET

Do not foget how killed people in Sri Lanka by LTTE.THEY ARE TERRORIST.IT IS TRUE.

tamil   May 15th, 2009 7:17 pm ET


rap   May 15th, 2009 7:19 pm ET

so..... war is over now........... grant your money that are forcibly taken by LTTE though you live in Europe, Us, Canada etc, to the Tamil IDPs who has lost everything up their lives and help them to make their house and help them to stand them self... that must be your duty.... save for them voluntary... since no LTTE carders now come to your place and forcibly take money for buying weapons to LTTE.Because LTTE is over....

Nuwan   May 15th, 2009 7:20 pm ET

Sri Lanka will handle their business and,
you guys better mind your own business too,
As long as Sri Lanka not bother other countries you gotta be fine.

ahivbaba   May 15th, 2009 7:22 pm ET

very soon sri lanka is going to be isolated from international community.

Subas   May 15th, 2009 7:23 pm ET

Silence of International community encourage the Srilankan terrorstate
to kill tamils.UNO must take action under Act of R2P against Rajapaksa
terroristregime and bring to the internationalcourt .
Sinhalese think the war is over.The real war is begining now.
we ,tamils will fighting still we get Tamileelam.

Silentdude   May 15th, 2009 7:25 pm ET

When we stood-up peacefully against Racists, world said we were Tamil Nationalist.
When we defended our dignity with vigor, world said it was Tamil Terror
We are strong believers in Tamils freedom, World can't stop our struggle against Sri Lankan serftom.
We have been in the inferno in such realm, we will rise again from the ashes like phoenix- in Tamil Eelam

gowsi   May 15th, 2009 7:26 pm ET

i have read that some of those singaleses friend said that their govt fighting against terror!!! lol,,
is that how do you fight against terror?! killing a baby even if it in its mum's tummy, u have all seen those pictures of those childs hand came out of her mothers' stomach by ffff.. arilanka shelling!
one of that asking the publishers to go and see what is happening in srilanka,!! first u wake up and see how many people been killed by your terror govt.

life or death, we will and want to be with tigers and want them to rule us, they are our truly anf sole representatives,
warnign THE SRILANKAN GOVT. to GET OUT of our country TAMILEELAM

IF THEY GOING TO KEEP THIS GENOCIDE AGAINST TAMILS on going , warning that they may have to face a disaster, may be not by tigers because thay are fighting for people's right against GOVERNEMENT and it's terrorism don't prefer attacking / hurting civilians,( BUT THEY WILL if there is a need for that - there is a ,limit for everything EVEN for PATIENTS)

Chula   May 15th, 2009 7:28 pm ET

The British and US govt. is trying to play a past colonial game by trying to enforce their past powers on a Third World Country.
We have nothing against tamils and we have been living with them in harmony for years. Some of our bestfriends are Tamils.This is a batte between a govt. which is trying to establish peace and one of the world’s ruthless terrorist groups. Actually the people shouldn’t even entertain terriorist supporters like so called MIA. Most of the tamil supporters in other countries (Tamil Diaspore)eg.UK,USA,Canada,Norway etc, support the LTTE . If they don't support the Ltte, they know that once peace is established in Sri lanka, they have to say good bye to their asylum protection, cushy livestyles and come back to Sri lanka and work for a living like the rest of us here. That’s the bottom line...they don’t have any love for the normal tamil people living in Sri lanka.
Why is the Tamil Disapora not condeming and asking the LTTE to release the Tamil Civilians in the North to the Govt. Safe zone??????

It is sad to hear that civilians are in the cross fire. it happens in any war. Why has the US air strikes on innocent civilians in Afgan not being highlighted. What gives the US the right to go in and bombard another country and kill their civilians. Why is the world not doing anything about that. It is very hypicritical how the West is trying to push their past colonial powers on the smaller countries and avoiding their faults. DOUBLE STANDARDS.
Is the world aware of how the LTTE has penerated the NGO's and going in as aid workers and threatening the tamil civilians not to move over to the Safe zone.
The western world should stay out off another country's issues unless they are asked by the govt. for assistance.
Western media reports on Sri Lanka is always Negativey. Absolutely nothing positive.
Why cant you report something good about the Sri Lankans. The Sri Lankans in the South (Sinhalese mainly together with Muslims and Tamils) are collecting aid from the civilians and sending it to the Tamil civilians in the North. Highlight that. Most Sri lankans support this War on Terrorism except for the Tamil Diaspora for obvious reasons (their cushhy lifestyle will be lost). We stand behind our president for peace. We live, eat, drink, dance, work, sleep, party and even marry Tamils but the Ltte and the Tamil Diaspora are creating problems for us who live here peacefully with all races. Most of the Tamils in the West have never set foot in Sri lanka and are crying wolf. The tamil diaspora loves to exerggerate every possible issue. Genocide lololol. Are you aware that the capital city of Colombo is populated mainly with Muslims and Tamils. And you westerners will do anything to support the hood winking Tamil Diaspora.
Stay out of our country and go fix your own countries.

Thanu   May 15th, 2009 7:30 pm ET

Why does evry one see this war in a politica view. can't no one see the people sufferiing their. I understand that America is also involved in a conflict but what SL is doin is ethnic cleansing. They want to completely wipe out the tamil community.
American soldiers are not raping women civilians... they are not taking pictures of naked Civil Women with their phone. thw Women in Irag are not being treated as prostitutes and they are not being asked to service the armies.
What ever the UN has decided to do...first of all they should stop the deaths of innocent people and provide them with food, shelter and a peace ful life ASAP.
Please some one help!!!!!!!!

Bala   May 15th, 2009 7:30 pm ET

Tamils had enough sympathy from all the countries, now evry countries must take action against Srilankan government.
From all these comments the should realise that tamils and singalese are two different communities and can't live as peace before.
So this is the time world to devide the country in to two and give freedom to north and east and this will happen.
Thanks to SL government and the singala people to give this oppertunitty to Tamil.

Jeya   May 15th, 2009 8:29 pm ET

British Government has all responsibility to save the Tamils, as we are part of Commonwealth community

Rathy   May 15th, 2009 8:32 pm ET

Dear CNN I Desk,

I would like to thank you for opening up this forum.

Firstly, this forum brings out the fact that there is unrest and disagreement between the Tamil and Sinhala, two very seperate and different, nations.

Secondly, the International community and UN are obviously not taking appropriate measures to solve this on-going problem but are standing back pretending to be 'helpless'.

So I ask – why does the UN exist? (if not to interfere with world problems especially when a government is carrying out genocide on its own people?)

Thirdly, as a British citizen, I must mention, it was Britain who united the two nations in 1930s, so it is Britain who must take responsibility and solve this problem, hence the occupation of Parliament square (amidst many other activities).

Fourthly, I can't help but wonder what else can CNN do? Surely being not allowed to enter Sri Lanka must be frustrating. Surely there is something the people of the media can do?

I would like to conclude by saying this:

Tamils are generally a hard working and persistant group and we will not rest until the GENOCIDE ends and TAMIL EELAM (a seperate state for the North East of Sri Lanka) is born.

It is time for the International Communities to realise this fact.

vairavan   May 15th, 2009 8:43 pm ET

The tragedy which is unfolded in Sri Lanka is man made, it could have been avoided if people tolerate each other and respect human value. It is easy to destroy everything within a minute which take long time to construct. The so called fight against terrorism is a pure racism of Sri Lankan government. This made only a deep separation between the races (Sinhalese and Tamils). The so called democratic worlds are just sitting and condemning the atrocity in biased way. In what way the so called democratically elected Sri Lankan government protect its own civilian? By bombing and shelling into pieces. keeping innocent civilians in concentration camps without adequate basic needs!!!
It is time to wake up to resolve this humanitarian tragedy!!!!!!!!!
No governments or IMF should give loan or funds to Sri lankan government in the name of reconstruction. Definitely it will be used to buy more arms and a part of it in the pockets of corrupted jumbo government officials.

Premini   May 15th, 2009 8:50 pm ET

May 15, 2009 today alone 10 000 CIVILIANS have died by the chemical bombs used by the SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT. How many more need to die, for the international community to LISTEN and ACT on these CANNIBALS. Do you need to see pictures of 6 month babies mutilated, pregnant women brutally attacked and mutilated, exposing their unborn fetus. Are they not human enough to live? IS the value of human in Sri lanka LESS than human in US OR CANADA OR EUROPE. The pain you feel when blood shed from your son/daughter is the same pain TAMILS feels in SL, except their deaths are more BRUTAL and HORRIFIC....


The SL government have been systematically elIminiating the TAMIL People for centuries. First it was unfair and unequal treatment in education, trade and Job opportunity. Then the 'Singala Only act' came, eliminating the TAMILS language, then the atrocities of rape, violence, killing/ disappearance of civilans occurred. Then atrocities increased in frequency and bruitality. HOW MANY MASS GRAVES NEED TO FOUND. The international community kept SILENT for all this. When nobody to question or witness the account, the SL government is killing the TAMILS in large #'s and any form to do it.

PLEASE DON'T LET ANOTHER HITLER EXIST, HAVEN'T WE LEARNED ANYTHING FROM THE PAST. Please lobby your politicans, key decision makers, educate or join us in the protest.

Thaz   May 15th, 2009 8:51 pm ET

Sri-lanka's goverment is using the Tamil Tigers as an accuse to kill tamils. this is unfair, because the tamil civillians havent done anything wrong, and they have to pay a price. I think you should intervene and stop the war, and also bring peace to sri-lanka!
The Tamil Tigers have agreed, if there is peace, they will give up their weapons, but there is no peace coming...why?....because know one knows whats going on inside sri-lanka, and how to bring peace. The ACTUAL terrorist, Rajepaksha, will not allow any media into the country....why?...because he doesnt want the world to know what bad stuff he has!!......PLEASE STOP THE GENOCIDE OF TAMILS, AND BRING PEACE TO SRI-LANKA!!!!!

Balasubramaniam   May 15th, 2009 8:53 pm ET

It is only genocide. It is well understood now. However, the action by international community is still not enough. I left a commnet before some time but I could not find it now

Thaz   May 15th, 2009 8:54 pm ET

Also...Britain have to they went to the country, messed it up, made a sinhala president and left it in a horrible state.....FREE TAMIL HOMELAND PLEASE!!

a true tamil girl   May 15th, 2009 8:56 pm ET

people who say LTTE KILLS THE innocent tamilss ... u lot hold it there becuase LTTE buisness isn't to kill innocent people in tamil eelam its all SRI lankan ARMY n government's who does all that sort of things and try to hide it and blame it on LTTE... its like a little kids who do misstke n blame it on others....

sri lankan governmnt are equal to sum stinky shit devils. ewwwwwww

if YOU say LTTE's are terrorist then what you call SR LANKAN GOVERNMENT's ????

the stinky damn shits killing all that tamil out there and trying to rule over the country .... I DONT THNK SO does all Tamil people...

TAMIL TIGER'S dont want to kill innocent people out there its SRI LANKAN government's jobs.

people who got HEART n FEELINGS towards a LIVING life they won't support the SRI LANKAN government who kills the innocent tamils out there.

SOME PEOPLE dont even knOw the value of a LIFE , for example SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT.

ONLY WE ARE ASKING WE WANT our HOMELAND 'TAMIL EELAM' where we live peacefully ....NOT THE government ....

we all humans (RIGHT?) ...Tamil's aint a enermy of SINGALA PEOPLE , we dont feel friendly with singala people becuase of what the government is doing right now...

Kevin Lau   May 15th, 2009 9:05 pm ET

Its already clear the crisis in Sri Lanka has surpassed the Serbenica issue.

Is it just me but didnt the world say " Never Again" after Serbenica?

And now we are here today witnessing a genocide and Concentration camps!

The Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Libyan government are helping out the genocide by providing the Sri Lankan government with arms. These countries mentioned must be forced to stop providing the genocidal sri lankan government with weapons.

As earlier mentioned Tamils protested peacefull for over 30 years and no one listened, The Sinhalese Majority opressed the tamil people and stopped peaceful protests by force. Then in 1954,1978, and 1983 the unthinkable happened. Anti-Tamil Riots! Tamils were burned to death in the streets just because they were tamil. Shops were looted over 6000 thousand killed in just july of 1983 alone!

da   May 15th, 2009 9:08 pm ET

let Sri Lanka handel its own problem. This has been there for more than 20 years, war is not pleasent but should have an end..

Peravin Mariathasan   May 15th, 2009 9:10 pm ET

How come that the world hasn’t responded to the brutal actions going on in Sri Lanka? I just don’t understand. The world knows about this problem, but it won’t broadcast it. There are strikes going on around the world, talking about the in humanitarian actions going on in Sri Lanka against the Tamils. The Tamil population gets reduced daily through shelling and other brutal ways of killing humans. Then why hasn’t the world taken any actions yet?
The Sri Lankan government is saying that it is killing the terrorists, but why are they not allowing any media freedom, to report about this “good act” of fighting terrorism. Isn’t it obvious, that they are trying to hide something . I know there are reports coming in from the area about the war, but all these reports, are only benefitting the Sri Lankan government, telling how good their intention is etc. All biased bull shit.
You guys have stopped Hitler to completely to wipe out all the Jews. Why won’t u stop Rajapakse to wipe out all the Tamils?
There are millions of questions which I would like to ask about this Genocide. But that would be a waste. The war has to end before it’s too later.

LOVE LANKA   May 15th, 2009 9:12 pm ET

Dear Rathy,
Glad to here Tamils are hard working people ,that's why british bring them for slavery to SRI Lanka to do their dirty jobs. When they left they forgot to take those slaves with them.
Anyhow tamil will rest in another few days when we catch the biggest idiot, Baberian alive. Then you will wake up from your PEELAM dream. (seperate from the whole world)
Hooray for our troops!!!

Bala   May 15th, 2009 9:20 pm ET

Mr true srilankan,

You are one of the good example for the world that tamils and singalese can't stay togather any more. So please send more comments and prove the world that truth.

Amy   May 15th, 2009 9:21 pm ET

As you may know, Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) gained independence from the British Empire. But the British didn't leave the island as it was. the island had two kingdoms, one in the north and east for the Tamils and one in the south for the Sinhalese. In 1833, for administrative convenience the British empire merged the two kingdoms into one administration. Since independence the Tamils have suffered discrimination and now violence and a genocidal war against them. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or the LTTE were formed in 1972 as a result of the brutal treatment and killings of innocent Tamil civilians by the GoSL (Government of Sri Lanka). Since 1977, they have been fighting for a separate state to assure the security and safety of the Tamil nation on the island. The Tamils have the right to self-determination as the land they have been living on for thousands of years is their rightful homeland and they have the right to declare a state and country for themselves. This is the only solution for the Tamil minority. As they are under the rule of the Sinhala Buddhist majority, they are being killed, tortured, raped and detained in interment camps for only one reason: because they are Tamil. The Tamil Tigers who have been labelled to as a Terrorist organisation have been named that to lessen the brutality of the war against the defenceless Tamil civilians. This so called 'War against Terror' is a cover-up for what is really going on in the country. This is so the West can support the Governments actions and so they can do it without being caught out for breaching humanitarian laws. As I am writing this, the Tamil people in Vanni are being indiscriminately bombarded with cluster bombs which are banned in countries around the world. Some say that the Tigers are using the people as a 'human shield' so that is why the government is saying that they are aiming to wipe-out the Tigers and are trying their best to avoid high casualties. Well that's a load of rubbish as they know that innocent Tamil people will die with these so-called terrorists which are the only force that are defending them, also these people are in a small area of land. They also bomb hospitals with many severely injured people and places in the so-called safety-zone. Another thing is that the GoSL are stating that Tamil rebels are the ones who are bombing the civilians, but do you really think the Tamil Tigers will kill their own people and they don't even have fighter planes! The Tigers are being used as a scapegoat so they take the blame for the atrocities committed by the government. Many of you may not know a lot about the history of Sri Lanka's conflict or the situation going on now as journalists are restricted from the conflict zone. Those who speak out are detained, sometimes tortured or massacred by the State. Another thing is that terrorists have no say, so the news we hear is biased as we only hear one from side of the conflict on the news. All I hope is that the British government intervenes as they have a moral obligation, as the island was under their colonial power last, to stop this genocidal war against Tamils by their own ‘democratic’ Sri Lankan government.

Nimal   May 15th, 2009 9:23 pm ET

Why dont you go there Lasi and see yourself... I have to warn you... you will see the Sri Lankan sinhalese militry behave like animals.. They Torture the men, rape the girls and kill them afterwards,... they bomb the "safety" zone and hospitals with Chemical weapon.. They use the civilians as Human Shields.... is this war against terror? I will call it genocide.! Please Help! Save the Civilian Tamil.. Why is the goverment refusing to let press, and the human rights organisations to come in the "safety zones".. How can everybody see that this is wrong, except for the Sinhalese people...

Savi   May 15th, 2009 9:24 pm ET

Someone up the top wrote "Singhalse,Tamils,muslem are three nationalities in Sri lanka". Okay, last time I checked, Muslim wasn't a race. Maybe if we stopped all this racial stereotyping – That sinhalese people are only Sinhalese if they're Buddhist or Christian, for example – we could better our perspectives on everything. I myself am a Sinhalese (Buddhist, but that doesn't further verify that I am Sinhalese) Sri Lankan Expat and I really sometimes doubt my view. But the thing is that all wars will end in the loss of life. It's just the way this is done that we have to be careful of.

I do not wish the Tamils to be suppressed. I want everyone in Sri Lanka to be equal. But ask yourself: If Tamil Eelam is formed, do you want to just move every Tamil in Sri Lanka there, even if they're happy with living amongst Sinhalese? And do you really want to be restricted to one part of the glorious island all Sri Lankan citizens, despite their race, would be able to share if there were peace?

khan   May 15th, 2009 9:32 pm ET

Hi, this khan from india i don't know what to say the person or child don't know where he or she will born but in futecher know like to borne in srilank or srilankan tamilean i pary to god don't do this things in the world we all or u children kindley

kathy   May 15th, 2009 9:36 pm ET

if it is srilanka's own problem. why indian armies in the war zone now.this is politically well planned GENOCIDE.please STOP RIGHT NOW.DONT DELAY PLEASE. PLEASE SAVE LIVES OF TAMILS.

s.surya   May 15th, 2009 9:38 pm ET

Dear Sir,
CNN representative and Mr. President Obama and Un Security Council
Peaceful demonstration over the weekend turned into Gardiner express way (Toronto’s busiest highway) finally the media and leaders and all Torontonians and the entire world understand what is happening in srilanka. I understand that these protests are inconvenience however so are the deaths of innocent people in safe zones in Sri-Lanka? I know the resolution is not immediate but at leastNow is the time the Canadian Government and American Government and UN should start to get involved so innocent lives will be saved. I would like to bring this matter to world urgent attention that the Indiscriminate barrage of shelling by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on the so called ’safety zone 6 kilometer’ starting from Saturday night to Sunday morning killed more than 3,000 innocent civilians including large number of women and children, medical sources in Vanni said quoting the injured who managed to reach the makeshift hospital. Dead bodies were scattered everywhere and 814 wounded managed to reach the makeshift hospital up to 9:25 a.m., doctors said. The death toll at last count, over the past one month is 12000 killed and over 23500 critically wounded. The number is constantly increasing. The Sri Lankan government is currently killing five hundred average people a day (Last Week) what is happening in Sri Lanka, Same thing if the Freedom fighters do in Sinhala area that’s terrorist what is this every humans to be safe life why genocide Tamils in sir Lanka we are Tamils we need permanent solution and permanent peace please every country help. The government may win the war, but innocent Tamil people will never get peace in their life. Everyday some innocent Tamils are disappearing in government controlled areas. No law, no order, no investigation. Loved ones do not even know what happened to them. They are scared to talk what going on real. Does something for these innocent Tamils need get permanent solution The government has banned all the media from the conflict zone Tamils have been denied their rights United States is deeply concerned by the continued unacceptably high levels of civilian casualties why international community remains silent International Community and United Nations were responsible for this Killings Mr. President Obama and UN Get involved attention to this problem otherwise within 20, years China control the world
Please kindly consider the srilankan Tamils deadly situation as an important humanitarians’ matter and take immediate necessary actions to protect our innocent Tamils life American Government and the world should start the process so innocent lives will be saved
Thank you for CNN Now Telecast Our Situation
Yours Sincerely
Valvai S.surja

Thuva   May 15th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

Please help stop the killings of civillians in Sri Lanka.
Please help Restore humans rights in the country. The tamils in the country have been discriminated for far too long. Only if Tamils are granted equal rights and allowed self determination will the war end.

rajah   May 15th, 2009 9:42 pm ET

me too, left a balanced comment on the 14th at 22.46 gmt, cant see that now why?

tam   May 15th, 2009 9:43 pm ET

No1 can defend that all actions of the LTTE are correct but there is only so much that any1 will be willing to take. The Tamils tried the democratic approach but failed as they continued to be oppressed by the Sri-Lankan govenment and so to fight it the LTTE formed.

If the war is an internal affair then why should international communities perscribe the LTTE as terrorists? they did nothing to other countries! and with what audacity can the Sri-Lnkan govenment apply for the IMF loan funded by international countries? they dont want to listen to other countries but they want thier money?! the LTTE are terrorists but what responsible government attacks hospitals and areas that they designated as 'safe zones'?! channel 4, an independant media showed what was truely happening and they deported them! why? anyone with any brain can see that what the sri-lankan government is doing! they think Sri-lanka is a Singhla state and tamils have no place in it and so they kill all Tamils in the name of fighting terrorism!

a true tamil girl   May 15th, 2009 9:44 pm ET

how can u say us to let goverment to handel it?????? it's not their own problam it's our peoples life.... it's not 20 years it's been more then 30 years..stop killing the tamils right now....

i think the srilanka goverment think the war is pleasent. they shoul no it have an end............

Chandra   May 15th, 2009 9:45 pm ET

God please save the innocent people , just imagine leaving the kids and family and being seperated , how much suffering tamil peoples are undergoing there, some one in any form has to decide and do the neccessary action to stop this, and bring peace to them. these all politics through out the world aremanipulating the disturbing the life cycle and peace. Let all unite together and atleast pray. Long live Thamizh. HOPE OBAMA WILL DO NECCESSARY ACTION

sanyraja   May 15th, 2009 9:47 pm ET

I’m a Tamil person this is nothing to do with singhalis killing Tamil or Tamil killing singhalis this is against the word call killing and evacuating or whipping out terrorism (LTTE) the world famous and dangerous terror. When I wont to go our mother land of Jaffna I should pay for prabakharan each of my family the same when I need to retune to Colombo pay again and our business 50% LTTE are taken monthly basses this is the history for past 30yers. Let Sri Lanka government to solved this problems and there already prove 90% my Tamil people are under the government side and there are feel happy to escape from shellfishery prabakaran..if I explain about that Moran(prabakaran) I was ageing my time, just wont to say to international community and my stupid European Tamil donkeys who still sleepy mind don’t support to LTTE any more the taken our life, strength our Jaffna long a back we need to go back to sri laqnka soon letter, let sri lankan govement to handle the matter against this terror team and prabakaran let him to pay what he has don to our Tamil people, he should die hem self we have to give our fully support to sri lankan government on this time otherwise if you shake had for to international community or any Europe or Americans this will continue another 30 years my dreem to sri lanka like Singapore please my Tamils annas thambies fucking wake up the movement doesn’t need any help from any body there need our help only

val   May 15th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

The only permanent solution to this 60 year old conflict is 2 seperate states. Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka, the two ethnic communities have very big differences that they seem to be unable to work out. In a marriage the trust is needed by both partners, both communities don't trust each other. THE SOLUTION: TAMIL EELAM

Robin   May 15th, 2009 9:48 pm ET

Just let's be one step back. The main culprit in this catastrope is "Media". Sri Lankan Government effectively banned all media and killed journlist who published war news. But did this stop International Media like CNN to bring this up to the world. There were plenty of news about this horrific developments even from 1-2 years before. If CNN sent professional journalists, If CNN provided adequate weights to this humanitarian blunder, If CNN educated the American People and the World fairly what actually happening – is it a freedom struggle or war on terror – This could have been avoided long time ago. We could have saved 30,000 Caualites and so many billions worth of properties. I think, rather than always looking out where went wrong – this time need to look in, every institutions including CNN – how to avoid future blunders.

Selva   May 15th, 2009 9:51 pm ET

1 – how concerned you are about the situation in Sri Lanka?

We ‘Tamils living outside Sri Lanka’ are very much concerned about the genocide happening in Northern Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Army (SLA) is using heavy and chemical weapons against innocent Tamil speaking civilians. They also attack from air and sea same time. They attack schools, temples and hospitals. People trapped inside the war zone have no food, water and medicine. Since the SLA continuously bombing into the area where Tamils are trapped, they have no sleep and they are having to live inside the bunkers all the time. More than 10,000 civilians died and more than 25,000 civilians badly injured within last three months. People are mentally becoming ill by having to see their family members, relatives and friends dying in front of their eyes.

Aid agencies and media are banned from the area where the genocide is continuing since last six months. But since only very recently UN is releasing the satellite photo evidence of Sri Lankan government’s (SLG) war crimes.

SLG is claiming that they are fighting against Tamil Tigers (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam). But they are only doing a genocide of innocent Tamil civilians. Are they punishing the Tamils for supporting LTTE? Are they thinking that all Tamils are Tigers? Are they thinking that by killing Tamils, their fight for freedom can be destroyed?

LTTE have lost their controlled area in Sri Lanka. But genocide by SLG has made their fight for the’ Tamils home land’ worldwide now. Tamils living outside Sri Lanka (TOS) have now joined the fight for ‘Tamils home land’. British Tamils, American Tamils, Australian Tamils, Canadian Tamils, Indian Tamils, Malaysian Tamils and Tamils living in France, Germany and all other countries are now under one umbrella, protesting against SLG’s genocide and fighting for freedom of Tamil home land. They are holding red & yellow tiger flag and picture of Mr V Prabaharan (LTTE Leader known as Tamils National Leader) in their hands.

2 – what are your connections to the Tamil Tiger movement there?

Tamil Tigers are our family members, relatives and friends.

3 – what do you do as a Sri Lankian living in the UK (mention how you contribute to the campaign)

We are participating in protests with our families. Our protests are non-violence events. We protest to get the attention of international community. We request the world to force SLG to stop genocide and provide all humanitarian aids to people who are affected.

4 – what outcome do you expect of the current situation?

International involvement in Sri Lanka to bring ceasefire and a permanent solution which recognize ‘Tamils home land’.

Peace   May 15th, 2009 9:54 pm ET

International Community have to punish the most Ruthless Sin-gala State Terrorists in this world.
Sri Lanka State = Terrorist State
Sri Lanka President is a War Criminal


Sin-gala Sri Lankan Forces Ready to slaughter more than 160 000 civilians in the war zone

according to God Bhudha Dharma

Son of Bhudhas do you have heart ?

sinthuja   May 15th, 2009 10:01 pm ET

Dear obama
sri lankan goverment killed more than 1000 innocent tamil people within 48hrs, please ask sri lankan govt to stop the war , if they dont listen, please take milletary action, i beg you, please take action

rajah   May 15th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

If the ICRC & other interested countries, can stop the civilian killing first, then have a secret ballot (otherwise they will have to meet the bullet) among the Tamils , living in srilanka and rest of the world, if they want to live separately or live with the Sinhala people, the world can arrive at a fair solution.

Sophie   May 15th, 2009 10:08 pm ET

I just don't understand why you don't try to stop the war, WHAT YOU WAITING FOR ??????? ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ACTION AT THE END AFTER ALL THE TAMIL CIVILIANS HAVE BEEN KILLED?????? please stop the war NOW!!!

soniya   May 15th, 2009 10:16 pm ET

It is only genocide. It is well understood now. However, the action by international community is still not enough. I left a commnet before some time but I could not find it now

sutha   May 15th, 2009 10:17 pm ET

This is not the time to debate. This is the time to act and save lives. So please we request the international community to respond as quick as possible. Prevention is better than cure. If you file cases against the Sri Lankan government what is the benefit for the people who are dying today. This is not a war between Sinhalese and Tamils. This is the war between the Sinhalese politicians and the Ltte. So why you allow the people to die. Sinhalese supports the government, Tamils supports the Ltte but nobody take care of the people.

siva   May 15th, 2009 10:22 pm ET

British left 3 factories 1. In Jaffna 2. In Kilinochi 3. Batticoloa SUCCESIVE SINHALEASE GOVERMENTS shutdown those factories. Not allowed to build any more in Tamils areas? Why?
Tamil’s supposed to die. This was the plan from the beginning.

In Tamil areas food movements restricted, but allowed to take to Sinhalese provinces. This how they treated Tamils. Oppressed the Tamil people.

No University studies or Campus in Tamil Areas, most left the country.
That’s why freedom fighter took up arms to get our own freedom to live with dignity.

Malini J.   May 15th, 2009 10:24 pm ET

Leaving aside racial / cultural differences, by just being a decent Human being...doesn't the Sri Lankan Govt. and those who are supporting them have pity for what's happening on their own backyard? All their human values been buried deep...Shame on those who are causing all this misery for the poor innocent people...especially kids!!

As what someone earlier had said...The LAW OF KARMA will surely be acting sooner than all the Mighty Powered Nations to give all this CRUEL people a taste of their own doing.... SOON!

By the way, what is UN for? Do they need ample of time to think before acting FAST? or they need to see a certain percentage of brutal deaths before deciding it's time to interfere? So much Power yet so little action! God Bless them ALL...

bandara   May 15th, 2009 10:26 pm ET

sri lanka is only for Sinhalese, sri lanka govt is fighting with ltte, during the fight, people get killed is normal.all the tamils should go to india.
they dont a right to stay in sri lanka. current govt is going do job
well done

Jenan   May 15th, 2009 10:49 pm ET

Its sad to see after seeing and hearing about sufferings of the Tamils people some are still trying to deny this and talk about war on terror, this shows the mentality of the sinhalese government and its sinhalese people. The sinhalese have been discriminating against the tamils since independece, when the tamils took the fight in a peaceful, unarmed manner, they were bashed by the sinhalese thugs and thats what leaded the creation of the LTTE, and today the sinhalese government is doing a ruthless and barbaric act against the Tamils, they are using chemical weapons, heavy artilerry and even food and medicine as weapons,, and people are kept in concentration camps, rapes , tourture, dissapearence and murder are daily happenings there.We need themout of our Tamil Homeland, and we want the world to act to protect the Tamils and take action against the state Terrorists.

Larry M   May 15th, 2009 10:51 pm ET

Freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of talking to press are all taken away from tamils in Sri Lanka. Any governement can kill their citizen with these restrictions. Sri Lankan government genocide is worse than Hitler. At least Hitler avoid bombing hospitals and their own people.

Inthu   May 15th, 2009 10:54 pm ET

Violation of international humanitarian law:

High-level [Sri Lankan government] officials assert that the ethnic Tamil population trapped in the war zone can be
presumed to be siding with the LTTE and treated as combatants, effectively sanctioning violations. Sri Lankan
forces have repeatedly and indiscriminately shelled areas packed with displaced persons, casing numerous civilian
casualties. This includes numerous reported bombardments of a government declared “safe zone” and of the
remaining hospitals in the region. Concerns of indiscriminate attacks by SLA forces are heightened by reports that
they are using multi-barrel rocket launchers. Rockets fired from multi-barrel launchers cannot be targeted with
sufficient precision to be accurate against military targets, and their broad area effect makes their use incompatible
with the laws of war in areas where civilians or civilian objects (such as schools and hospitals) are located.

– Dr Anna Neistat, Human Rights Watch, US Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings, 24.2.2009

sherrie1690   May 15th, 2009 11:01 pm ET

I have no wish to interfere with Sri Lanka handling its own problems, but from the reports I've been reading and the photos from the international news services, it's beginning to look as if there will be no civilians left alive to be governed when the fighting stops.

Renuka   May 15th, 2009 11:03 pm ET

The Srilankan government are killing tamils!!! LTTE are freedom fighters. Srilankan government are RACISTS!!! If Sri Lanka doesn’t have anything to hide, why not let independent observers in??????????????????

ALl singalease who talks and support are not human at all!

The ONLY sollution is TAMIL EELAM

Devinda Fernando   May 15th, 2009 11:06 pm ET

People are caught up between two evil men of 21st centuryLTTE is a terrroist organisation. Sri Lankan Sinhala government is a racist state. Both side are killing innocent people. In this case IC should use ‘R2P’ to protect people. Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a recently developed concept in international relations which relates to a state’s responsibilities towards its population and to the international community’s responsibility in case a state fails to fulfil its responsibilities. read more about ‘R2P’ @



Siv Johnosn   May 15th, 2009 11:08 pm ET

Thousands of tamil people are getting killed every day and world is just simply saying so called "Deep Concerned" messages.

US and other international powers are saying that LTTE should lay their arms and surrender. Thats fine and good.

But what about State terrorism ? Who is going deal that ?

The worst thing is UN couldn't stop this war and couldn't be able to handle a small nation like Srilanka.

Therefore I don't understand WHAT UN STAND FOR ?

Let all those people die and then UN could visit to their grave yard and
take some pictures with Srilankan Government Officials.

Parakrama de Silva   May 15th, 2009 11:16 pm ET

Sri Lanka is fighting a ruthless terriorist outfit. The International Community istrying to unstable the Government of Sri Lanka by siding with the proganda put out by this outfit. I would like to say to the International Community let the Government of Sri Lanka deal with this and keep your noses out of it.. Why did the International Community stay silent when this outfit was bombing transport systems carrying innocent civilians, school children going about their legitimate tasks? Where were they when the sucide bombers were killing people?

Prabu   May 15th, 2009 11:18 pm ET

Terrorists, If LTTE are terrorists then you called all the tamils living around the world are terrorists.

LTTE fights for freedom of tamil people not for terrorism.

linda   May 15th, 2009 11:25 pm ET

i agree with lasantha

ANKAYATPIRIYAN   May 15th, 2009 11:32 pm ET

We have only one solution.All the Tamils agree the tamileelam by 1976 vaddukoddai refrendam.The tamileelam is tamils great ambtion for without fear life.

abiden   May 15th, 2009 11:45 pm ET

please help us !!!!!!! there are now only 165 000 people who are ine the safety zone please help them. NGO, UN, EU, international community and others please stop this war.... WE NEED A CEASE FIRE IMMEDIATLY AND WITHOUT ANY CONDITION !!!!!!!!!!!!! TAMILS are crying you have to do something please help us

Sujani   May 15th, 2009 11:46 pm ET

Last week alone, we lost 3200 lives in one day in Sri Lanka. 1000s of others are injured, but what will be there fate without food/water/medication/doctors/hospitals, etc? Women are delivering babies without any painkillers, they're undergoing Cesarean operations without anesthesia, amputations without anesthesia! Pls just stop for a moment and put urselves in these ppl's shoes... I can not verbalize the suffering of these innocent ppl..i can not stress the importance of an immediate ceasefire! Every minute we waste, a life is at risk of being bombed on or at the risk of starvation as the s/l gov't has placed embargoes on food, water, medicine, etc.. The nazi sri lankan gov't are the true terrorists and are responsible for a number war crimes

What's happening in Sri Lanka is NOT a Civil War, it's NOT a War on Terror, it's a GENOCIDE! When a Gov't targets and slaughters innocent civilians, it's a Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing. Even a child can understand that! This humanitarian catastrophe is beyond boundaries, beyond politics, it's about the value of a human life. And we as human beings must unite and stand together, in solidarity until the International Community ends this bloodbath! This is a 60 yr struggle for independence/freedom/equal rights/an independent state, and the world needs to recognize that. We've lost almost 100 000 lives in this fight. And clearly, the Tamils of S/L can not trust its govt, which is why they seek the International Community's aid. The S/L gov't traps ppl in what's called a 'safe zone' and uses illegal/banned weapons/phosphorous bombs to slaughter them.

Sujani   May 15th, 2009 11:47 pm ET

The Sri Lankan Gov't is the true terrorist. Trapping people in their so-called 'safe zone' where people are stripped of their clothes, hand-cuffed, and left in isolated rooms, only to be raped/tortured/starved.
What's happening in s/l is a GENOCIDE, it's not a 'civil war' or a 'war on terror'. They're using illegal/banned chemical weapons to wipe out 1000s of innocent civilians. What's the diff b/w the SL gov't and the Nazi's?? 6 million jews were slaughtered for the sole reason of being jews...the same fate is upon the tamils..the international community must intervene!

The S/L gov't is begging the international community for money cuz they've used up all their reserves on the GENOCIDE.

Pls don't provide any financial aid to Sri Lanka, it will most definitely not reach the affected tamils..The money will be used by the s/l gov't to train their "soldiers" so that they're better equipped to rape more women/children, and slaughter innocent people.

Sarviga   May 15th, 2009 11:50 pm ET

Just by reading some of the comments on this blog, it is obvious to me that some people, especially those of a Sinhalese origin, still have no idea about what really is going on in the Northern part of Sri Lanka.

For one, I would personally like to ask everyone who supports the Sri Lankan government in the war, if they know how it feels to wake up every morning and wonder if their family and friends are still alive?

I would dearly love to know if they ever had a situation were they went off to work in the morning and got called back an hour or two later to hear that a close relation has died due to the Sri Lankan Army shelling the safety zone?

And, I especially would like to know if they know how it feels to be an orphaned Tamil child who because of the idiotic prejudices and discriminations of the Sri Lankan Government has lost their parents and everyone they ever knew and loved?

The answer to these questions would probably be no for the majority of the Sinhalese people who have posted comments on this blog saying that the International Community should not interfere.

However, if you ask Tamil people these questions, most of them would answer yes and if not, they would have in some way another faced similar situations.

This is the reason to why we want the war to stop. We know how it feels to fear for the lives of loved ones. Everyday we worry about the Tamil people stuck in Sri Lanka with no where to go. We worry about them because we love them.

The International Community MUST stop the GENOCIDE that is taking place in Sri Lanka. It is NOT right to sit and watch people die. It is NOT right to let the Sri Lankan Army rape young Tamil girls and NOT do anything about it. It is NOT right to be ignorant of what the Sri Lankan Army did in Haiti.

Please, please, stop the war in Sri Lanka. Please, STOP THE GENOCIDE!!!

senthil   May 16th, 2009 12:20 am ET

There is a bloodbath going on as told by UN. Still the world is silently watching as if nothing much going on ... UN counted the civilian casualties gone upto 20,000 in tthe past 4 months... its so frustating that no one dare to stop this brutal war and save the further loss of lives .. Everyone including obama is just giving statements which is obviously of no single use .. still its not too late... if there is humanity left in this world, someone has to give enough pressure to stop this ruthless war

malini nadarajah   May 16th, 2009 12:23 am ET

international community is responsible for the dying people in vanni area. tamils around the world have been requesting to save those peoples life. but tamils request is being ignored.If THERE IS A PLANE CRASH IN EUROPE OR AMERICA there will be a rescue team will arrive within in hour. why? are tamils are consider as human beings? they are part of the world. shame on world. I am really disappointed.

God bless tamils who suffered in vanni reigion.

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Ravanan   May 16th, 2009 12:33 am ET

If Eelam is not achieved by the Tamil bravery It will definitely be created by the STUPIDITY of the sinhalese. The sinhalese have more enimies than they had before starting this GENOCIDE campaign. For every innocent Tamil life they have taken 10 more are willing to join the LTTE. more than 500,000 Tamil youth from Tamilnadu are prepared to fight for the Eelam Tamils. The Sinhalese in south will see an increase in violence in the upcoming days. If they think the LTTE cant strike in Colombo anymore, they are Dumb. When it comes to a point, where the Ltte are not worried about the Internatinal community anymore, the Sinhalese will see what real terrorism is!!! The war will be brought to their door steps. In every Eelam Tamil's heart REVENGE is the fire thats burning furiously. Sinhalese will feel the pain very soon!!!

Bandara Alwis   May 16th, 2009 12:39 am ET

I am a true Sri Lankan. Love our buddhist country. I voted for our president Mahinda. Buddha never say kill Tamils and celebrate Vesak. I heard our beloved army killed hundreds of people on Vesak day. One day we all Sri Lankan have to pay this killing.

Now I can't believe government or army news because,
1) Government said only 70,000 living in safety zone until march. Now they said there are more than 115,000 people came from safety zone!

2) Army says only 400 LTTE is rest for last six months. I am wonder how 400 LTTE can force one lack people.

If our government don't have anything to hide to world, it should allow media and international community to go camps freely, hospitals as well as safety zone.
God bless our beautifully country.

Tamil   May 16th, 2009 12:42 am ET

Hi Kadira,
I hope you born and studied in SL. Please read more about SL history. I am so sorry. SL government stated to chance the SL history for long time ago.
You know who was the last king in Kandy?
Do you ever heard about tamil kings names " Sanglian", "Ellalan" ?
Do you know who was king in "Anurathapuram" before " Thuddei Kaimunu"
Please don´t write SL history here If you realy don´t know the history.

My brother family lived in Colombo since 1953 and all of them sendt bak to Jaffna as a refugees in 1977. Why?

We want our homeland back.
I will teach you about SL history. OK

asantha   May 16th, 2009 12:54 am ET

i'm sinhala ..... but i know wots going against to tamil people....
its real genocide......... more than 20,000 people were kill by sl army in past 6month............ international should help tamil people

Abisha   May 16th, 2009 1:05 am ET


jegan   May 16th, 2009 1:25 am ET

please people of the the world open your hearts...there is a genocide in sri lanka...tamils are being wiped out at the hands of the buddist extremist monks and the goverment...what kind of goverment kills 200000 of its own the right thing....ban sri lanka...the sinhala people are commiting a genocide....women are being raped....tamils have no rights in sri lanka....please help....tamils are 8 % of the population...sinhalease are 80 %...we are out numbered...they are destroying us....this is another rwanda waiting to happen.....HELP

arulrasa   May 16th, 2009 1:30 am ET

this is the best time to international community to intervene in srilanka issue and stop war immeadiately. International community should findout better solution for tamils in srilanka.

Charles   May 16th, 2009 1:39 am ET

The war should be stopped at any cost. IC should make sure the Tamils get a reasonable political solution.

tamilvendan sadasivam   May 16th, 2009 1:53 am ET

To all world leaders,

Please stop killing tamil people in srilanka. please free tamil eelam so that people can lead a peaceful life..


tamilvendan sadaivam

SIVA   May 16th, 2009 1:57 am ET

Many commentators seem to think that the capture of that small terrotory is going to end the war. That will be only one phase of the war. many world leaders have said a military solution to this war is not going to finish the struggle of the tamil people. It might definetly satisfy the Sinhala ego – based on the fact that there is no territiry held be the freedom fighters. But this is going to be temperory. The struggle will have to continue with diffeent techniques. But I dont think the southern part of Sri lanka can ever sleep in peace. Time will prove.

Gemba   May 16th, 2009 1:58 am ET

In one way i feel sorry for the people who are commenting in favor of theorist in Sri Lanka.. You know why ?? majority of them are in Europe and in Canada due to refuge visa.. so in case this war stops, these people will lose their visa.. that's the main reason they are supporting this war. Every Sri Lankan knows how cruel the LTTE is. How they treat the innocent civilians.. tens of thousands of civilians were killed by the so called LTTE..

If America fights against Iraq , Afghanistan, Israel fights against palasthene, arnt they are the most human rights violations ?? what is the right those countries has to bombard another country ?? Sri Lankan govenment is a elected gov with the civilians votes. So please dont poke your hands to Sri Lanka. We are the people who suffered with this blady LTTE terrorism.

At last what i have to say is, does USA is ready to forgive Osama ? Will they hand over Osama to a another country and let him live alone ?

Why did USA killed Sadam husain ? Why didnt they let him live or handed over to another country ?

The only answer is USA is against Terrorist. Then please note Sri Lanka is also against LTTE terrorist. The most dangerous in the world. OSAMA didnt have a air force or submarines. But LTTE had.

So be away from Sri Lanka.. Let Sl Gov and SL people solve this problem..

Jag   May 16th, 2009 2:00 am ET

It is shameful that western countries and world bodies such as the UN is listening to fabricated lies of the world's most ruthless terrorist organization, the LTTE. They are responsible for most of the civilian deaths, both Tamils and Sinhalese for the past 25 years. If it was not for this war, Sri Lanka would have been a developed nation by now. I am glad the SL president has taken steps to eradicate this LTTE menace, and the western countries should commend him for doing that. Follow his steps if you want to make this world a better place for future generations.

There is no law saying each nationality has to have their own country (May be in another 20 or 30 years Tamils can get that either in Norway or Canada), but please leave Sri Lanka to all her citizens. Leave SL alone to manage her own affairs. Do not believe what terrorist organizations tell you. Sri Lanka has not attacked another nation, it is just trying to protect her land from murderous LTTE.

It was a peaceful nation before, and it will be a model nation to all developing countries pretty soon.

bani   May 16th, 2009 2:14 am ET

I endorse the comments by Parakrama de Silva, posted on 15/05/09 @ 2316 GMT. Your programmes appear to be one sided. It is bad for your media image. Do not dabble in the internal politics of a sovereign state when they are trying to eradicate terrorism. Unfortunately human lives when cought up in cross fire will get affected. All we can hope for is that it should not be a deliberate act of genocide of one race or another.===============

prabash   May 16th, 2009 2:18 am ET

he guys in srilanka all we live together so tamils no need sepaerate ealam.... prabakarana only want ealam.our heroes fight to free the civilians in safe zone..... look news on srilankan tv u can realize it. then those tell our army shootying pls tel us why those tamil come to our heroes and u can see those ltte shoot them so pls dont blame our army they are great courages........ go srilanka go. all srilankan with u...................only few minutes to the prabakaran............ so praba surrend to ur tribute to our army and all others who take part to accomplished this task succesfully may triple gem bless all them........

Vanni   May 16th, 2009 2:18 am ET

We are reading the comments, but The entire safety zone area (GENOCIDE ZONE) is in smoke now. The Sri Lankan military has launched mustard gas attacks against Tamil civilians in the "safe zone." The military vechile are running over civilians who is in the trenches. Army is destroying all the remaining structures in the zone. Over 160,000 people still in the zone. When over 375,000 civilians were their, Government said only 65,000 people, indian foreign minister said 70,000. By murdering and maiming over 25,000 people, they brought 192,000 to concentration camps. Remaining 160,000 people are going to be buried in the death zone. It is almost toolate even for obema admistration. UN is useless, if they act now they should be able to dig the death zone to count the numbers, by delaying they even miss the chance to count. Sri lanka is smart, they don't leave any witness. People were dying without water and food as gunfire by the SLA was reaching from all the directions. I already lost many of my relative and friends(two of them from stavation, one in the government hospital). There is NO HUMANITY IN THE WORLD.

Shakthi   May 16th, 2009 2:22 am ET

I don't why these ppl mind there own business and leave this internal war for us ........ and I can understand why these people didn't do anything or says any thing about hostages ............ they are innocent Tamil civilians ......... when Sri Lankan army doing every thing to rescue them without any harm, and we have prove that ltte shooting fleeing civilians from ltte. I saw that international news chanals reports that SL army firing shells...... after army captured the Tsunami village on 15th we can see clearly there is no such damage has done to those houses from shells . I still can't understand why there international news chanels still defend lttle ??????????????????????

Shamila   May 16th, 2009 2:42 am ET

All the people who are crying genocide should actually come to SL and see whats really happening.

The LTTE is holding the very peoples it supposedly represents at gun point and shot at point blank range if they try to escape. Everyone trapped wants to just get out and the LTTE is preventing that.

It's unfortunate that the LTTEs so called fearless leaders are true cowards in that they wanted to hide behind women and children. People coming out of the safe zone are crying out to the army personnel to save their children from the LTTE. They are being dragged from their parents arms and put to the front line. And when somebody's coming at you with a T56 in the line of duty do you really think the SL army/US army/UK army will check his age?

And about the indiscriminate shelling allegations, why the hell would the SLA do that? the LTTE confined to an area less than troops can see each other across the land. Small caliber weapons are more than enough for the clean up. If the GOSL is committing genocide why is it trying its best to cater for over 150000 people who got out? Why is the people in the south are prepared to donate what ever they can to help the escaped civilians?

About the free media, do you really expect anywhere in the world in a war situation totally free media coverage would be possible? Was the Gulf and Iraqi wars actually covered by the free media? What CNN did in the Gulf war is being carried out by the Government news channels here in Sri Lanka. This is a war effort and it is bloody no doubt about that. The GOSL has to keep the nation in a single direction to win the war.

To all the Tamil people around the world....Its over. Come back to SL things are different than they were may be 10 20 years ago. Every body here is tired of fighting being divided. Its your peoples choice you can either stay abroad and weep for something that will never happen and put the real tamil people actually living in the country to a worse state as done by the LTTE or come back and help build the nation fellow Sri Lankans 🙂

Sellathurai   May 16th, 2009 2:48 am ET

We have done so many demonstrations regarding the genocide killing of Tamil’s. International community hasn't heard these voices yet. Every day people are dying. It is not the time to discuss but international community has to take immediate action to stop these killing. No one is going to win but only innocent Tamils are losing their value lives. Please take immediate action.

Balasubramaniam   May 16th, 2009 2:53 am ET

Just during the last 24 hours, after president Obama requested to stop the use of heavy weopons, Sri Lanka government used those weopons and killings are going on. The international community should understand that how the Sri Lankan government ignores all these requests and continuing the genocide.

It is a good work from CNN, atleast the public opinion is taken. We all are not LTTE; but affected civilions from the war for more than the last three decades.

Anuruddha   May 16th, 2009 2:56 am ET

Pls, do not disturb to Sri Lankan President. Who has majority of srilankan's mandate to solve this problem. Then what is the other countries worry of this solution. I am sure if USA does wrong thing no body talk or look at those. What happen recently in Afgan ? With the latest technogy they have targets innocent civilians. But Hon. Hilary is just execused & asked to forget about what has happen to other community ?. Is this reasonable ?. I think Srilankan Troops daya by day loose their lives this humanatarian process with out heavy weapons by facing heavy weapons attack from LTTE. If SL Troops use heavy weapons, 5 Minutes is more than enough to end this business of miserable Pirabhakaran. I kindly appeal Intl' community to do not bother about what is happening in Sri Lanka & try to make their attention on their businesses. It is a need of this hour.

Muthuvel   May 16th, 2009 3:01 am ET

Expect GOI, all the people across the world raised concern about the killing of human being ( Leave whether LTTE or Tamilan), till now GOI not asked to stop this non sense, just say that, we are asked not to use major weapon, or we are helping the refugees, Please please have a concern about the human hunting in lankan

jana   May 16th, 2009 3:01 am ET

The LTTE is over .. we can all agree to that ... what they did was horrendous not allowing people to leave, herding people like cattle from all the way from pooneryan to mulatvu, creating human catastrophes by killing civilians, shooting at them and recruting men, women and children for there fary tale cause... as the LTTE ends we must look forward and that forward is the unity of this country, this gov. will establish the political atmosphere for a free and unitary Sri Lanka where everyone is free to belive what they wish. The gov. cant ack out of it when the whole world is looking at Sri Lanka now adn the ogv. doesnt wana back out of it cuz by providing the tamil people there political solution will make the govt. more popular... the int. community should help the government by helping them build infrastructure providing jobs for rehabilitated cadres etc. etc. AND NOT by taking away a loan needed by the gov. which can help in the development of the northern and eastern areas and bring the country back to economic stability... BY Denying these loans you bring back terrorist, that is when the gov. cant help these tamil civilians due to the lack of funds they resort back to terrorism, we know that the only thing that stops terrorism is development... and I DONT understand the LOGIC of the int. community trying to deny a IMF loan !!! .. its down right DUMB !! ..

Santi   May 16th, 2009 3:16 am ET

The US has the responsibility to stop this bloodbath happening in Sri Lanka. Please stop this genocide by the Sri Lankan government. This war can not be win by this war, on contrary it will cause worse humanitarian crises ever. LTTE and self determination for Tamils must be recognized in order to avoid further tragedies to Tamils.

dr manel pasqual   May 16th, 2009 3:18 am ET

government is very fair in war. ltte was done lot of harm to people and to country. we want war to end

Priya   May 16th, 2009 3:20 am ET

They're fighting a war on terror??? If anyone's fighting a war on terror, it's the Tamil Tigers fighting it's war on terror against the terrorist government regime of sri lanka. Even if many Tamil people were not Tigers supporters before, the atrocities that the sri lankan governmnet commits against the innocent Tamil civilians, both inside the Tiger held area, and outside, in their controlled area has caused many to side with them. They are the only representatives for the Tamil people and if it wasn't for them, this Tamil people would not be alive right now.

Allow me to explain in depth of the methods of fighting a "war on terror." These include calling ICRC civilian hospitals near the fighting in the "no fire zone" as legitimate targets, and repeatedly shelling all of these places, with huge red crosses painted across the roof. Preventing food, clean water, medical supplies, and even the most basic humanitarian aid to enter the region to sustain these innocent people. This includes bombing heavily populated civilian areas with internationally banned weapons such as chemical cluster bombs, missiles, rocket launcher propelled grenades, shells, mortars, combustible bombs, etc... This means that in the safe zone in the Tigers controlled area, if these people do not die of bombs blasting them, they will definitely die of starvation.
This includes separating the Tamil civilians who managed to somehow flee the zone and are directly forced into government control to be divided into separate male and female compartments, where the males are beaten, and the women are tortured and raped by the sri lankan army. This type of behavior was encouraged on numerous occasions by the sri lankan defense secretary in pep talks to the government troops. All children are forcefully taken away from parents and have gone missing in recent weeks within these camps, and youth are placed in special camps. In these camps, they are stripped and chained together in twos, to prevent them from fleeing, and to make rape even easier for the government soldiers. Women must forcefully abort their children, many young people disappear in these camps to be murdered so that their organs can be sold to the international and private hospitals for organ transplants to improve the sri lankan economy.
Women are treated as a bird of the house, respected as gold, and hold the family's honor and pride, and to break the Tamil pride, the sri lankan army uses rape as a weapon.
These are the sri lankan government's tactics of "liminating" the LTTE, when in fact, by committing these atrocities, they only expand support.

Nilmini _ for our mindful Sinhala friends   May 16th, 2009 3:24 am ET

unfortunately thogh there are few of you to valuse and realize the actual issue of our country. We are forced to hate each other. Last time when I visted Sri lanka/Jaffna the place was full of Sinhla tourist who was sufocated with welcoming gestures by the Tamils of Jaffna. Both spoke their own language and was feeling so warm to be htere. I speak good sinhala and born and brought up in the south and west. But always critisized by the Millitary for being a Tamil. Its so hard to be a Tamil in Lanka... The owrd orignated from Sanskrit ( hindu) and both of us descended from India and why we are fighing like fools here?

Chan   May 16th, 2009 3:25 am ET

From its beginnings as a gurrila force, LTTE has over the past several years changed itsself to be a conventional force ready to negotiate peace. Few years ago when 1000s of Sri Lankan solidiers were surrounded by LTTE, they did not anihilate them. They freed them to return. LTTE did not destroy the tea estates. Ltte did not destroy the hotels to stop tourism. Mostly they left the sinhalese people in the South and Central Sri Lanka to live in peace. Now that LTTE is destroyed, several gurrila forces with little control will arise from the embers with varying levels of vengence to attack the Sinhalese people and their economy. Is this what the majority sinhalese want from their government?
Well seat belts on and lets have another 50 years of misery for the whole country while India, China and every other country in the world sell arms to kill both sides, sri lanka in the name of democracy for the sinhalese and gurrilla forces in the name of freedom for tamils.

Ashan   May 16th, 2009 4:05 am ET

To all who say that the Sri Lankan government you should think again. and look at the bombing which has killed innocent civilians including Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.

And the Sri Lankan government does not use chemical weapons. they dont even have it in their arsenal.

Im not a racist but I am a Sri Lankan and would like the war to end.

Tamil Canadian   May 16th, 2009 4:08 am ET

As a Tamil Canadian BORN IN CANADA, I am BEGGING the international community to INTERFERE IMMEDIATELY. The Sri Lankan government claims that it us undergoing a 'War on Terror', but are the mothers, fathers, elderly people, children & UNBORN BABIES the terrorists? If they were really fighting the LTTE, & had EVERY INTENTION of saving 'their people', then WHY WOULD THEY FIRE IN THE 'SAFE-ZONE' ? The world needs to OPEN IT'S EYES before its too late. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO TURN INTO ANOTHER DARFUR / RWANDA. The world can start by putting sanctions on this country. It's economy is suffering HUGELY and right now, most of it's money is going towards it's military which is killing Tamils. This one step can make a huge difference. Secondly, PRESSURE THE GOVERNMENT INTO ALLOWING MEDIA ONTO THE WAR ZONES. You've heard it from us a thousand times, it's time for you to see EXACTLY what is happening in these IDP Camps & the 'Safe Zone'. Do NOT allow the Sri Lankan gov't to continue these attrocities. SAVE MY PEOPLE !

Kanishka   May 16th, 2009 4:19 am ET

It's a legitimate right of a democratically elected government to combat terrorism and protect it's civilians from a group that is listed as terrorists in US, UK and over 40 other countries. If anything IC should provide more co-operation to Sri Lanka to flush out the remaining terrorists. There's no good terrorists and bad terrorists in this world. So the same rules that applied to Taliban and Al-Queda in Afghanistan and Iraq should apply to LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka.

SAM   May 16th, 2009 4:23 am ET

Hi Mr.Chris: you have to understand the fundamental problem in Srilanka. Your comment reveals that either you are a Srilankan or you were misled by an anti-Tamil.

If a government is not taking care of its own citizen then it becomes an international issue. In 2005 the United Nation has passed a resolution called R2P. Which means “Responsible to Protect”. If an ethnic cleansing or modern world genocide is taking place in anywhere in the world, the international community has the responsible to protect the civilians. They can even send the military to protect them.
In Srilankan case, Tamils are completely (religiously, culturally and linguistically) deferent from Singalese. They are not able to live together.
Tamils and Singalese immigrated to Srilanka from India long back then. Just like Europeans to North and South America.
Don’t bring an argument that Tamils in Norway and wherever, they going to ask for a separate land for them in the future. That is a rubbish argument. Tamils in Srilanka only started the struggle after they got marginalized in education, work and so on. But in Europe and North America they were treated as one of them. Therefore that is not even considered to be an argument.

All my advice to you is try to see the other side of the coin.

Thanks for reading.

Rukshan   May 16th, 2009 4:30 am ET

We are not surpriced by comments made here by some of timils living outside Sri Lanka, but some of sinhalese who has different political opinion don't like to see the end of the war by Rajapaksha era. It's said that today is the last day of the murderer. Friends you got to find some one else and some where else for eelam. If you live good according to your religion what ever it is, you don't need seperate states. Look at singapore, tamils live there too. In Malasia, you people in Canada, USA, Norway, Denmark, Germany, but you don't trying to form eelam there. You can't even think of it. If you do so you know what happen. Do you know how many tamils living in Colombo ? Have anybody thrown at least a waste paper to them ? They work, they earn, they live here without a problem. We even buy goods from tamil shops, we don't mind hire tamil's tuk tuk. To be honest these tamil tuk-tuk guys are the once who offer fair rate. Do not forget government provide health, education, and lots of other services free not only to sinhalese but also for tamils and muslims or any other nations living here. How does poor govt. like ours provide them while rich govt. in the west not provide anything FoC but encourage you for insurances.
Do you think after the end of this war(hopefully today) will government kill tamils ? Have you seen sinhala mothers breast fed crying tamil babies. I watch these with tearful ice. I saw some civilians running for their lives while LTTE firing on them. I saw a poor father fed some biscuit to his child. You got to stop talking when these displaced start to talk. In fact we have heard some. Therefore, please remove eelam sunglass and see the world.

Everyday govt. provide 600,000 meals to 200,000 people who are in refugee camps. We will show the world how to love people one day. On that day you will suffer what you comment here. Now at least these people have safety in that camps. As George Master very correctly said no body like to live away from his home, they too are no the happiest, but they can relieve thinking their lives are safe.

Did you see how we collect essential goods for them ? It is sinhalese who give anything they have. Have you given one cents to uplift their lives ? Today is not too late to start. Talking is easy but acting is very hard. We are even giving our one day salary on this. If you are a father or mother you can feel their sorrow. So let's help them what ever your opinion is. Only problem is you are not getting true information.

One day you could see Pirubaharan been spitted by tamils for killing their relatives. I m sure this will happen. If you love him do it secretly. Otherwise these suffered people will take some actions against you.

By the way have you thinked how many sinhalese killed because of this mad thinking ? civilians, political leaders, soldiers (their families also suffered very much). Any life has equal value. There are no two values for two nations. So please don't spread this mad thinking around. Everybody likes to spend life in luxary manner as you do. We too lost around 30 years development due to this mad thinking. Otherwise you would have seen another Singapore here. Even today it's not too late.

So let's get together and develop this country and spend rest of the life in harmany. My tamil friends, join us and forget all these things and start new era. Let's encourage tamil-sinhala marriages to end this.

Peace to everybody !!!!

Tamil Eelam   May 16th, 2009 4:37 am ET

Oh my dear Tamils, Please join our "Diaspora Tamil Force”.

We will launch our first strike against Sri Lanka soon. We bet within 10 years we will wipe out Sri Lanka from face of this earth.

Contact your local recruiter’s further details.

Savinda D.C.   May 16th, 2009 4:53 am ET

why don't the obama admin. (hilary ..etc) understand that our Al Queda is the LTTE. this is a ruthless terrorist organization which kills innocent civilian for their own personal gains irrespective of whether they are tamil, sihalese or muslims. why don't people c that more than 50% of all tamils live in or around the suburbs of colombo in peace and harmony. if they represent the tamil people why kill them ?.( how many tamil leaders have they killed)..............i can go on forever ...c reason , why we should end this war...our country is a paradise which is meant for all races and religions to live with respect for each other and harmony.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shehani Vivaka   May 16th, 2009 5:15 am ET

haha, I think this is useless topic to talk about, I can see there is lots of people who are supporting LTTE terrorist using Sinhalese names and pretending as Sinhalese and talking against Tamil people to show world that Sinhalese hates Tamil and there is a genocide in Sri Lankan, which is totally a fake propaganda.

Please, leave Sri Lanka to what they want to do, Its a government that selected from people's vote, they have rights to protect the people in the country and they doing it now. (Rescuing civilians which keeping by LTTE terrorist as hostage).

Sri Lanka suffered from this bloody war from more than 30 years, and now its almost going to end, please don't come and spoil the situation.... PLS LEAVE SRI LANKA TO SOLVE THERE OWN PROBLEM....

Helaya   May 16th, 2009 5:17 am ET

hey my dear friends this is the sinhalese country ok. but any one belongs to any nation can live here with peace. that is sinhalese nature. dont misunderstand our hospitality as a weekness. we know how to handle those nuts very well as happening these days. we will not allow any outsider to invade and capture single inch of our prestiges mother Lanka. dont try to change which are written in history............ also dont talk about the history which u dont know.

finally beware from the lions . this is lions den...........

Upul   May 16th, 2009 5:23 am ET

Go ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my brothers we will protect Sri Lanka like did our ancient kings. This land is our's. bloody white skin people eroted our resorces in past. we will newer allow them to come agin to this land. They don't want to save Sinhalees or real Tamils. They are all selfish people.
We will vanish LTTE soon. Near future we will be a developed country.

God bless Real sri lankans

DS1492   May 16th, 2009 5:30 am ET

Tamil tigers may be a terrorist group in Canadians eyes, but not all tamils should be catergorized as terrorists. Many don't want to help stop the genocide because they just don't care. If a nation was trying to wipe out THEIR race they would care but since its not their problem they are being ignorant and putting down those who protest for their people. If the srilankan army is killing for casualty of war, please tell me why men from the singalese army were brutally raping tamil girls? Ignorance is contagious, so please don't assume facts without knowing everything from both sides. Help stop the genocide please!

sheha   May 16th, 2009 5:32 am ET

you idiot cant u see this is our homeland ,ur also. Aren't there Tamils in colombo now. most of population of colombo is tamil,
do sinhala people hurt them
you fuckin idiots if LTTE is the represent of tamil people y they cum to sl Army
Hvnt u see that little tamil children are carring army persons with care & heart full of love,
We are treating ur people than you?
That are the tamils in foreign countries do for tamil people, they just helping for mother fuckin LTTE to troble their ownkind and other Sri lankans, pls understand the truth

Paddy Lea   May 16th, 2009 5:35 am ET

Why the dickens should any one do not think of the peacfull existance of a community that is trying to make ends meet. All you good souls assume of the current situation without seeing but beliving all hear say and making an ASS of U and ME. Survival of the fittest when it comes to activities in a jungle. Who is benifiting on the count of all this. The politicians the tiger leadership and those guys who are supplying arms to both parties. Who cares about a poor family doomed to suffer when these two faced slugs have a comfy life.
God bless all of us.

oracle-One   May 16th, 2009 5:41 am ET

The sri lankan govt is hiding behind the word "word on terror" to carry out it desire of eliminating Tamils as a Nation.
Hitler too was elected so is Beshir. We all know what Hitler did and we know what Beshir is doing in Darfur. The irony is UN and most of the leaders from Free world knows what is going on in Sri Lanka but do not have the guts to stop the slaughter of Tamils just like it failed miserably in Rwanda.
Sri Lankan Government's, Military run concentration camps, continuous bombing of Hospitals, use of cluster bombs and chemical weapons against voiceless Tamil civilians, rape, torture and disappearances all points out to GENOCIDE of Tamils and crime against Humanity.
The Rajapaksa family, the sri lankan govt and its armed forces in north and east will burn in hell. The screams of Tamil children and parents, the blood they spilled and the tears they shed and their curse will for ever haunt and destroy the Sri Lankan Government, its armed forces and its pathetic supporters.
May God protect the Tamils and create a Home Land for the Tamils and may the Tamils live in peace and unity under God's rule.

PRABU   May 16th, 2009 5:42 am ET

To all ltte friendly tamil friends.. i was one of refuges who escaped from
that custody of THE MURDER PRABAKARAN years back.. please open your eyes and see.. Charles Antony (praba's son) got whole bunches of gifts for his birthdays and roses for his daughter,. at the same time that cruel father attending to the parades which distributing cynide capsules to the newly passing out ltte child soldiers.. yes i know i'm accusing my own tribe.. that is the bitter truth... we have to admire the true story.. all you and me know that and try to hide it and get the world community to stop this on going war... it IS against the terror,, NOT against us,, TAMILS.....

Nuwan   May 16th, 2009 5:57 am ET

Lot of stupid arguments here,

you guys and IDESK should listen what escaped Tamil people says
and surrendered LTTE suicide bombers and carder says,

even when they not accept the LTTE , why you guys really care about a world's most dangerous terror group?

All you guys should visit Sri Lanka and you should see what happening on here from you own eyes and you should listen them from your own ears,

otherwise you see whole lies from and blame the Sri Lankan government. Did you guys trust what osama bin laden said those days or did you guys believe what saddam hussein says? NO you didn't because they were terrorist.

But now, why you guys listen to Prabhakaran?
The most dangerous and STUPID terror leader in the world.

Noel   May 16th, 2009 6:01 am ET

Brainwashed 2nd and 3rd generation tamils enslaved by LTTE and their goons have never been to Srilanka nor do they know anything of its history. Why have LTTE killed far more tamils than the singhalese or Muslims during last 30 yrs including tamil opposition leader Amirthalingam and many other tamil parlimentarians? Why do 53% of tamils preferred to live among singhalese and muslims in the south and away from LTTE terror stricken areas of North? Why did LTTE have to force three hundred thousand innocent tamils of Vanni to provide LTTE's own security? As recorded from the testimony of IDPs by foreign correspondents why do LTTE fire at tamil women ,men and children fleeing Ltte captivity if LTTE are their liberators. Why did LTTE reject SL government's 2000 peace proposal granting more autonomy to North and East of Srilanka than what is enjoyed by Tamilnadu under Indian constitution? Even when LTTE was virtually ruling in 2 districts of Vanni, not even the sympathisers of LTTE from other areas ever wanted to live as their subjects in Vanni. If you have an iota of sympathy for the civilians who escaped from LTTE clutches and those who are still forcibly held by LTTE never try to revive the bunch please.

Thirukumaran   May 16th, 2009 6:11 am ET

As a tamil from the day i was born we were under LTTE ruling Area in Baticalo. I have the tamil Blood. My parents are from Jaffna. Initialy we hate SL Army. But After having our Freedom under Mahinda Rajapakshe's government now we are living hapily without the fear of LTTE. Now we understand What Prabakaran was tring to do with innocent tamil people like us. We hate prabakaran. He is trying to feed his family and tring to live a happy life by betraying the tamil innocent people.

As a Tamil i wish prabakaran will be vanished very soon from our ancient Tamil history . Now We are having a happy life i pray that the innocent religions of us will be rescued by SL Army very soon by destroying prabakaran who destroyed half of our life.

I wish there will be a day that both Tamils and Sinhalese can stay together in one Country....!

I greatly belive no international intervene is required until prabakarans DEATH.....

oracle-one   May 16th, 2009 6:13 am ET

The sri lankan govt is hiding behind the word "word on terror" to carry out it desire of eliminating Tamils as a Nation.

Hitler too was elected so is Beshir. We all know what Hitler did and we know what Beshir is doing in Darfur. The irony is UN and most of the leaders from Free world knows what is going on in Sri Lanka but do not have the guts to stop the slaughter of Tamils just like it failed miserably in Rwanda.

Sri Lankan Government's, Military run concentration camps, continuous bombing of Hospitals, use of cluster bombs and chemical weapons against voiceless Tamil civilians, rape, torture and disappearances all points out to GENOCIDE of Tamils and crime against Humanity.

The Rajapaksa family, the sri lankan govt and its armed forces in north and east will burn in hell. The screams of Tamil children and parents, the blood they spilled and the tears they shed and their curse will for ever haunt and destroy the Sri Lankan Government, its armed forces and its pathetic supporters.

May God protect the Tamils and create a Home Land for the Tamils and may the Tamils live in peace and unity under God's rule.

Shamila   May 16th, 2009 6:15 am ET

Speaking among extremely agitated pro-Tamil Tiger members in the House of Commons, Liberal Democratic MP Malcom Bruce, who visited Sri Lanka IDP camps last week said the Internally Displaced people in the camps are very grateful to the Sri Lanka Army for giving them the opportunity escape.

Malcom Bruce MP said, "I can and should report what people said. They were grateful to the Sri Lankan army for giving them the opportunity to escape and were glad to be out of the conflict zone. In response to direct questions, they said they had not left earlier because the LTTE had basically said, "If you try to leave, you will be shot." They had evidence of people who had tried and who had been shot at. That is an objective fact."

come and see the facts people.....

Truth   May 16th, 2009 6:15 am ET

The Sri Lankan government and military have responded to growing evidence of their war crimes with a series of lies. Their spokesmen continue to insist that the army is not using heavy weapons in their assault, that the troops are engaged in a “rescue operation” and that the LTTE is to blame for using the civilians as “human shields”. The military boasted that 1,500 civilians had been able to flee the no-fire zone on Thursday.

There is certainly mounting evidence that the remaining LTTE fighters have forcibly tried to prevent civilians from fleeing. The LTTE’s use of Tamil civilians as pawns in their futile efforts to pressure the major powers for a ceasefire flows from its separatist program and perspective, which always represented the interests of the Tamil bourgeoisie, not the Tamil masses.

However, the LTTE’s actions in no way justify the army’s deliberate attacks on civilian targets, which is a war crime under international law. The shelling of the remaining hospital is part of a strategy that the military has employed repeatedly over the past three years of fighting. Artillery shelling and aerial bombardment are used to terrorise the civilian population and create a stampede, opening the way for an all-out offensive on LTTE forces.

ali baba   May 16th, 2009 6:18 am ET

i work as a volunteer at NFZ. Yesterday I saw the horrible thing in my life.

3 women; 2 young and 1 middle age; were caught by LTTE as they flee.

They were lined. Their cloths removed. Then their legs were cut. They bleed to dead.

siva   May 16th, 2009 6:20 am ET

WE cant live under SL goverment. we want freedom

Eranda   May 16th, 2009 6:21 am ET

From what i see most of the comments made against sri lanka are by people who live abroad and have no damn clue as to whats happening.

Do you people ever wonder why most of them are so worried about the war ending in sri lanka?????? most of them haven't been in sri lanka for even half of their lives! but they are jumping around and holding prottests against the sri lnakan governments actions against the LTTE!

Fact – LTTE is undoubtedly one of the greatest terror organisations in the world and needs to be stopped
Fact – The reason why most ( i stress MOST) of the tamil ex pats are campaigning against the final war is that once the war is over they will loose their visas to stay in the respective countries, because they are staying there under refugee status.

Fact – The Sri lanakan people are fighting against the LTTE and NOT the TAMIL PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Some of my best friends are tamils and i would feel offended if any one said that all tamils are terrorists! Because they are not. They despise terrorism as much as any Sri Lankan Does. (eg – Same reason why LTTE keeps on assasinating tamil diplomats who have exposed the LTTE as what they really are; a terror organization and not the saviors of tamils as they claim to be.

Fact – The reason for the majority of any discrimination that happens is because of the acts off the LTTE it self. ( I accept that in the past there have been incidents of discriminiation. To say nothing happened is playing stupid. But that doesn't mean it's happening in a mass scale. Actually people are now finally getting over the fear and mistrust and striving to work together)

Finally one last question to the CNN EDITORS – when you asked the question "Should the international community intervene in Sri Lanka"
On whose behalf are they gonna intervene? Because if they try and make any efforts to stop this final offensive they will be intervening on behalf of the LTTE and their power hungry, blood sucking leaders and not the IDPs. The fact that the military forces of sri lanka have made such gains to point of finishing off the LTTE is a lesson for other countries.
(I personally feel that with the Obama administration taking over the war on Terror has weakened considerably. and their attitude towards Sri Lanka just clearly shows it. Its so sad to see a such key country in the war against terror is headed by some one who is weak on the subject)

disna   May 16th, 2009 6:52 am ET








asa   May 16th, 2009 7:00 am ET

Sri Lanka is free country, and we are not slave any one. This is internal matter we can solve over problems. Why can you mind you one business and let us finish this. For up 30 years so many mothers lost there children and families lost there loved one. This must end. LTTE don’t want see a end. If they care about there people why ant they allow IDP to leave No fire Zone why shoot them? What LTTE have done for there people for 30 years? Give one example,
The funny thing is only the sinhala people giving every thing (Food, Cloths, Medicine ext…. for the IDPs ) not a single tamale have given any thing for the freed civilians living in IDP camps We sinhal people looking after them, you all came and see……….Tamils
Living in abroad not taking or giving any thing to the freed civilians SO U UN THINNK ABOUT THIS……………… LET US FINIS THIS AND LET US FREE OUR MOTHER LAND. LIVE FECE FULLY.. Sinhla People are not anomy of Tamils, LTTE IS THERE ANOMY

Srilankan   May 16th, 2009 7:06 am ET

What most of you don't know is that the army is not using heavy weapons to crush these Tigers.Now the tigers have started running away .The patches you show in Satellite images are from the tiger shelling .They used there Artillery guns to do those That was long time a go now they don't have enough area to keep their guns.

If any one is telling that army has shelled the area you people can take latest Satellite images and check the roofs of the houses in the areas liberated by the army . If one has used shells You won't find roofs in one piece.So stop reporting what has not taken place & report the truth.

There is no escape for tigers now. Still if they want they can lay down their arms and surrender.What the tigers are doing now is using innocent tamil people as human shield to protect their tiger leader .

CNN why don't you report What peole who have escaped from the tiger ares has to say .so please report the truth.All the srilankans are helping those people who have escaped from tigers.We are looking after them very well.

Rajan B   May 16th, 2009 7:34 am ET

I've see few thousands of comments on the struggle in Sri Lanka versus Ezham Tamils. Simple question so what next? What's going to happen to the Tamils? They are all supporting the Tigers unanimously. Government recently opened a Gas Station in Kilinochi a Tamils town, but it's all written just on Sinhalese. What does it say to the World? From all these comments the and I see all the Sinhalese people are saying the government is fighting terrorists and all the Tamils are saying that they are fighting Sri lankan state terror and unanimously claiming Tigers being Tamils government representatives. This clearly indicate the ethnic differences and frustration and do you all think The Tamils and the Sinhalese going to live united in the years to come?


Ravi   May 16th, 2009 7:36 am ET

This Srilankan genocide should be the last one in the world after Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur, the powerful mono ethnic government military masscare helpless civilians in thousands without witness in a systematic way. The existing UN system should be modified to prevent this kind genocide any more. Just keep watching the genocide until it finish and then prosecute for war crime is not the right direction for the civilized world.

Ashok   May 16th, 2009 7:36 am ET

The international community should involve and stop genocide against tamils in Srilanka. Tamils should have their rights.
UN should consider SL crisis and this is what tamils are looking forward immediately.

Budda never said kill people and get your victory.
Where is media, where is human rights, where is freedom.
Let us pray for peaceful in our country.
Let us live together. Let us think good. Let us work hard for our country.
Let us be a human.

Killing innocents will not solve the problem, there are more and more people to fight for tamils freedom.

Each and every Srilankan should obey every natiionality who are living in Srilanka. This country is not belongs to one single peron or his personals.

Sesha   May 16th, 2009 7:36 am ET

Lanka mahathya, LTTE bomb Colombo after the 83 riots. Didn't you know how many tamils were killed by sinhalese thugs who was supported back by Sri Lankan government. Since more than 30 years you all doing genocide.

adithya   May 16th, 2009 7:38 am ET

you only need common sense and open eyes to see who is the curse of the tamils.. LTTE is leaving their family members to come govt. controlling areas to save their lives & brutally shooting @ other civilians who tries to do the same..
Still the tamil diaspora shouting that SL govt. killing tamils. most of those are tamil hostages who migrated to foreign countries saying they are not safe in SL. they know if the war is over after the LTTE is finished, they have to come back to SL......
that's why they r still trying to say sri lanka is unsafe zone for them...
I want to know then how the majority of community in colombo municipal are tamils.. isn't that an unsafe zone for them??
those tamil cannibals always ignore that fact...

Arasu   May 16th, 2009 7:39 am ET

Hellow world!Stop Killing people! and Let Buddha to smile!
The people's govt should take care of peoples but srilankan govt thinks singalese are the only people and not Tamils so it kills thousands and thousand of people daily.Because of their mentality this war continues for years and years and it never ends until Tamils have equal rights.
So i request world to force srilankan govt to stop the war and let Tamils to get their equal rights .
If they get their rights then there is no need of LTTE and war.
World can understand the Srilankan Govt is not right as because they not allows any media to explore actual.
If srilankan government not stops killing Tamils then the singalese people will lose their peace and life all over the world which worsen the world peace.
Also the Srilankan Govt spends all the aid funds to war so World donors stop funding them till war ends and let Tamils to breath.

Rosita   May 16th, 2009 7:48 am ET

My dear Sinhala friends. WHy are you so upset? your Sinhala Budhist government and Rajapakse and co. are killing the innocent Tamils in the verge of killing LTTE. Whether the Tamils support LTTE or not, all the Tamils hate Sri Lankan Sinhala goverment. Tamils are the first settlers in Sri Lanka. But, because of the majority and hatred Sinhala government, Tamils have been systematically killed by the Sri Lankan Government. SL governement does not like any other countries' interference, they just want to commit genocide on Tamils and hide their actions to the rest of the world. SL government wants to please the Sinhalese and monks by wiping out Tamils from their Tamilland, and use their land for Sinhala resettlement.
Sri Lankan army are the worse, undisciplined, uneducated, bad-behaved army in the world. Rajapakse and Co. have to answer to God one day soon......

suja   May 16th, 2009 7:59 am ET


You singhalese started tamil genocide at 1948 but still continuing genocide as the name of 'war'.
we,tamils formed LTTE for tamils safe from singhalese.
World should be act soon to save Tamils

Dum   May 16th, 2009 8:30 am ET

We can understand why Tamils all over the world are doing all these things. that’s because they r Tamils themselves. Although tigers are terrorists they are Tamils. so up to some extent we can accept Tamil peoples wails. But why the hell are these US & EURO people interfering this thing... Everybody knows Srilankan government & army rescue innocent Tamil civilians from those unrefined tigers. Tamils all over the world may have a reason to worry because they are losing the ELAM. but those white people..... why????
LET SRILANKAN government solve their own problem... as they are doing it very well now.. rescuing over 150 thousands of innocent Tamil civilians...

athithya   May 16th, 2009 8:41 am ET

You can't say foreign countries should keep out! Say what suits you yeah, cos i think you're forgetting where the Sri Lankan goverment gets its money from for the weapons it uses to kill, yes, Tamil people!
The only reason we maeke such a big statement here in the UK is because it was the British Government that came to Sri Lanka and didn't grant us a seperate state in the first place. We're not blaming them at all, we're merely asking them to right what historically is one of their wrongs. Our people are VERY patriotic and i'm saying this to those that see the protests in westminster as a 'nuicance' or 'another hassle on the way to work each morning'. We know it's not efficient us being there, but how else do we get peoples attention? I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't have known about the crisis without the protests going on.
Another question i have, how many innocent men, women and children need to die before the world can see our people need help?! There are still some Tamils that haven't received aid sent for the tsunami! How many must die before it can be reported truthfully? Only now have the international countries discovered the true spite, lies and incentives of the SL Government, with David Milliband and Hillary Clinton being branded a terroris, UN photos showing huge craters in the 'safety zones', and rejection for a ceasefire, who are the real terrorists ?
I accept the tamil tigers did wrong in the past, but do they not deserve credit for holding on for so long? When up against such highly sophisticated weaponary!

Eelanathan   May 16th, 2009 8:45 am ET

we suffered enough with SL govermnet. We lost two thrid of population in war. We cant live under control of majority people. They think Srilanka belongs to them. it is stupidity. our people tried to solve this problem by dialogue. Srilankan Goverment cheated every time. International community pls help the tamils.

Prasad hewagamage   May 16th, 2009 8:58 am ET

LTTE Has killed so many innocent people for so many years who had nothing to do with the government or anything but just trying to live a normal life. Why dont you all tamil people speak against those killings if you really wanted a separate land. By killing those innocent you wanna have your own state? I honestly don't get it.

yes there were few corrupt politicians who took this so called war for a ride for many years for sure. Has anything happened to any of us? Has those so called war ( Freedom fighting or Peace negotiations) has given us a better life , future or mainly a piece of MIND? The answer is "NO".

This war was not created by any of those people live in Sri Lanka. Neither Sinhalese nor Tamils.

These wars were created not accidental. And comes under Business and Foreign Investments under the word "wars" by first world countries Including USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, SWITZERLAND, ISRAEL SOUTH AFRICA, FRANCE, GERMANY ...etc..

All of these countries manufacture weapons & sell to every country which has on going wars like India Pakistan Sudan Palestine n "Sri Lanka" in order to collect our GDP which should have been put back into build better roads n educational systems in order to create jobs for every ones not just Sinhalese. also for Tamils n Muslims. build better health systems and retirement plans and so we don't have to suffer but just to live like those in the developed countries.

Why don't you get it? As a Sinhalese I am ashamed to say that we were part of this stupid war which few looney politicians had started who had no priority for our nation as Sri lanka But them self n their bank accounts.

Think about it my friends? Has any of those countries have any of those on going wars in their on lands? NO

Why? Coz They look at us and learn from us. So why would they wanna get into the same trap loke us? Well again look what happened to USA? They can't even stop what they have started with Afghanistan n Iraq. This is called "What Goes Around Comes Back Around" .

So my friend why don't you just stop your meaningless crying and look at the positive side of this ending of this problem we all have got in to? They want us to be separated for ever in order to make money with this problem.


Why? coz they think

Rusiru   May 16th, 2009 8:58 am ET

The diaspora's shouting is useless....the Tigers have been defeated and victory has been achieved.....long live Sri the international community...mind your own Hillary mind your own Obama....find out what happened to the 100 Afghans before preaching to us....we fought a just war and won our nation back...we stand to salute our valiant soldiers and great President!

Jayantha   May 16th, 2009 9:11 am ET



Kim   May 16th, 2009 9:20 am ET

LTTE Brutality must be ended.
Terrorism must and is not be supported by the International Community in any country.
Terrorist are the same what ever there name is...........
Terrorism should be wipe out from the world not only from Sri Lanka.
If some one supports a terrorist group their countries should take actions about it regardless of their nationality.
I think we should celebrate the victory of Sri Lankans and should ended the terrorism from the whole world one and for all.

Mohan   May 16th, 2009 9:29 am ET

you will hear from most peopl that down south all ethinicity's are living harmoniously with each other, however the reality is far from that, the tamils are trified of the White vans and the shinghala is terified of sucide bombs but they have no choice but to live there because there is no univercity up north, no proper employment, no prpper health care, no proper security and many more i could give a whole list.
Those that say that they are happy with their "Tamil brothers and sisters" down south have either met Doglas devanda or the exLTTE commander karuna and not a real tamil person and also the most tamils so south to get out of the country and not to make a living.

They say that we have been asking for seperation since the begining of the independant lanka, not true, it was the government that sew the seed of seperation fuled by hate towards us. They implemented shinhala only act and alienated us, they gave primary status to Buddism and pushed all others to second class status. and theyare the one who have been mass murdering us, and all those who are saying there is no ethinic problem are nuts look at whats happening to them they need help and not a candle whe they're dead.

Devi nAVAM   May 16th, 2009 9:31 am ET

Dear Sir,

When I in 1983,I was shocked when the Sri Lankan armies burnt the Jaffna Library which held centuries of books.Moreover I was shocked when I saw The SinhalaPresident and a minister in a jeep as if they were on parade.What did the innocent Tamils did to suffer qall the injustices at the hands of these barbarians.I am a singaporean born and I could take all the cruelties done to these people.The armies raped women,entered shops and got things without paymentThe worst was they murdered boys under the age of 30.,The armies are mostly illierate and they cannot speak the language of the people.Never believe the Sinhala government. they speak lies.Because of these cruelties some men who couldNOT get into the universiies based on race,jobs based on race and when Tamils were burnt alive in Colombo 20 years ago the LTTE WAS BORN TO SAve and protect the tamil people from the atrocities of the alien governMENT. WHO HAVE ONLY POWER TO KILL,BUT THE WAR HAD HARD3ENED ALL tAMILS WORLDWIDE.i SUPPORT THE ltte>aND THEY WILL RISE UP AGAIN.

Sal   May 16th, 2009 9:34 am ET

To the person called " Tamil"

I'm a Sri Lankan and I have never heard of a story like this.
Ur country...........
hard luck.......
We muslims, singhalese, tamils and others live here for generations. Never heard a story like this.

Sorry, boss......

Take it easy

Amber   May 16th, 2009 9:44 am ET

LTTE Brutality must be ended. Terrorism must and is not be supported by the International Community in any country.
Terrorist are the same what ever there name is.
Terrorism should be wipe out from the world not only from Sri Lanka.
If some one supports a terrorist group their countries should take actions about it regardless of their nationality.
I think we should celebrate the victory of Sri Lankans and should ended the terrorism from the whole world one and for all.

Nikirat   May 16th, 2009 10:00 am ET

If Hitler had not invaded the neighbouring countries and did not pose a threat to the big nations, the holocaust would have been a silent affair like the indscriminate killing of civilians in Vanni.
The goverment of Sri lanka now find LTTE only as an excuse for its wiping out the tamils from their own territory as many in the goverment alliance including the commander of SL army are openly admitting racists. Sarath Fonseka is known as a racist even in the military circles and Rajapakse has given the powers to carry out a racist's agaenda for the sake of clinging onto the power.

shan nalliah gandhiyist norway   May 16th, 2009 10:02 am ET

LTTE was created by Sinhala racism,arrogance,idiotism,brutality,3 pogroms, more than 200 massacres towards helpless Tamils from 1958!
Sinhalese never learn from past,never show compassion or justice or friendship or equality or freedom ,they never change,they never listen moderates! IC/UN/USA/EU must help from Tamils from these perpetrators!

tharani   May 16th, 2009 10:03 am ET

State terrorism in Sri lankam, The SL President family conducts genocide.. thousands of Tamil people r being killed by SLA, Tamils we are fighting for our freedom..

Mithila Johansen   May 16th, 2009 10:09 am ET

Sorry but as a sinhalese I feel that both sides has been effected not just the tamil but also the sinhalese and LTTE is a terrorist group and need to be wiped out so there can be peace and unity in our beutiful little paradise Island.

bavan yohendra   May 16th, 2009 10:12 am ET

The Tamil Tigers are the only ones who have ever spoken up for the Tamil people, for our livelihoods.they are are not terrorists.The Government of Sri Lanka has implemented a genocidal strategy by placing an embargo on food, medicine, and other essentials. They have expelled all non-governmental organizations which were active in providing aid. The Government of Sri Lanka continues to escalate human suffering by carrying out intense aerial bombardments using cluster bombs. The government is also responsible for a media black out in Sri Lanka by preventing international media from reporting the genocidal atrocities on the ground. We need to Stop the Genocide...the only solution is an independant state for Tamils = TAMIL EELAM.

nuwan1   May 16th, 2009 10:22 am ET

Hi all,
War is gonna end soon.what ever the ltte terrorist supporters shout SL army will win this.International community UN,US,UK india EU china Russia supports SL because eveyone knows LTTE are blood thirsty terrorists.They kill and shoot their own people inorder for survival. there leader forcfully recruite children as soldiers while spending all the money he gets from tamils for personel wealth.

Ltte terrorists introduced suicide bombing,killed 100000s of people killed world leaders .killed children women and was the root of current terror trend. and they very clearly showed the world recently that they dnt care a single bit abt tamils by shooting the tamils that are fleeing from their area.
SO LTTE is one of the Worst Terrorist groups world has seen.Even as i write their existance is a only matter of hours.So all the Ltte supporters better understand this truth.That Ltte and the Dream of Peelam is over for ever..

Manu   May 16th, 2009 10:57 am ET

No Tamil civilians who are actually affected from this war can even think about having access to Internet to post comments in here. Internaet is a distant facility for 95% of the population in Sri Lanka. We all could see how those people hate LTTE and their leaders for destroying their lives living a luxury life from the money collested from around the world.

However we can still see so many comments coming from International Tamil diaspora who are trying hard to show a different picture to the world and save their refugee visas. Defeat of the LTTE terrorist gang is a big dissapointment for them as their investment on LTTE terrorists and their weapons are just a waste now. It's obvious that the Tamil diaspora is so desparate at this point of time. They are the people who funded LTTE collect massive quantity of weapons from which they can even destroy Sri Lanka many times and kill entire population in the country for many times. Therefore all the comments still coming from international Tamils who supported LTTE terrorists are not credible. Their intention is clear to anyone when they never talked about hundreds of thousands of Tamil civilians (their own people) got released from LTTE hostage by Sri Lankan army and send to IDPs but they always talked about the hard core LTTE supporters who are still with LTTE leaders. This means even the international Tamils don't care about the Tamil civilians who suffer from LTTE. They only want to save LTTE leaders hiding behind the rest of the civilains in the zone surrounded by army.

This time there should not be any mercy for the terrorist leader. Once Prabhakaran is captured he should be kept in Galleface ground and ask from the family members of people who lost their lives for the bombs blasted by LTTE on buses, trains, buildings, temples and schools – to throw stones on the psycho who is responsible for destroying the entire country and killing 60,000 of civilain lives.

Anita   May 16th, 2009 11:00 am ET

Dear all,
it is time that the International Community and the United Nations apply the R2P act to Sri Lanka and act as the Geneva Convention demands. The genocide of the Tamile people in Sri Lanka, carried out by the barbarian forces of the sri lankan army have to be stopped by the IC. The state sovereignty of Sri Lanka has to be questioned, since its government is not able to protect its own civilians and on the contrary kills thousands of innocent civilians in the Safety Zone. Among them children of different ages, women and men. Many of them lost their legs, their arms, their eyes and their lives!!! Isn't this worst-case scenario not enough to classify the onslaught of the tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan government as a genocide? How can the world, the IC tolerate the aerial bombardements of hospitals? Hospitals, in which injured people are waiting for treatments with pains are to be protected!!! Sri Lankas situation is getting worse and worse every single day and the world shouldn't fail to stop the genocide of the Tamils! It has already failed once in the matter of Sebrenica?
I call upon every single person, who cares for the human rights, who believes in them and who wants to answer the cries and plights of the innocent tamils in sri Lanka to eventually intervene in sri lanka's genocidial war. Stop this bloodshed and arrest those who are misusing their positions by not caring about the massacre of innocent civilians.

Manu   May 16th, 2009 11:06 am ET

How the hell CNN and international community decide the destiny of Sri Lankan civilains. Sri Lanka has got a government elected from the democratic election. It's only Sri Lankans who are suffering from this war. Not the International nor the International Tamils or South India Tamils. It's the Sri Lankan Tamils who are living in North and East suffered from LTTE. Though they don't have access to Internet to answer you who selfish Tamils who still support LTTE terrorist dreaming about a seperate country in Sri Lanka, LTTE will be defeated soon. Sri Lankan too have lives and they too should live without suffering from LTTE terrorist bombs.

No matter how hard you cry and how hard these puppet media networks try LTTE terrorists should be destroyed and the destiny of the LTTE leaders should be decided by the civilians whom he kept as hostege for his survival.

Manu   May 16th, 2009 11:21 am ET

mind your own business. Sri Lanka has got 20 million population who suffered from LTTE terrort activities over 30 years. For International this war would have been a gold mine because they could earn billions by selling weapons to LTTE terrorist gang as well as to the SL government to fight terrorists. This time LTTE terrorists will be finished. There won't be a war any more. Sri Lankans can live peacefully after destroying LTTE terrorists who is now ranked as number one terrorist gang in the world.

By seeing the huge weapons captured from LTTE, it's not difficult to understand that there has been so much of support from International for them to collect so much of weapons and unlimited funds.

So it's obvious that those LTTE supporters who live luxury lives in developed countries worry about their investment on LTTE terrorists and desperate at this last minute of LTTE. They all have the opportunity to fill this Internet forums and give their openions.

If anyone wants to hear the real story on LTTE from the actual people who suffered from LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka, go and see Sri Lankan news channels and listen to the Tamil civilians who are fleeing from LTTE hostege.

Thilak   May 16th, 2009 11:22 am ET

Lsten, Tamilnet says:
No one should mourn the passing of the ruthless and sanguinary LTTE!!!

sambandam   May 16th, 2009 11:25 am ET

Save the Tamil civilians. Take action against Srilankan government

nandha   May 16th, 2009 11:30 am ET

I know like most of us that's the Tigers who fight against SLK government terrorism to save tamil people.

T. ANGELINA   May 16th, 2009 11:31 am ET

In one way i understand why no one is doing anything ...
to u they are nobodys...
i guess u wouldn't understand unless YOUR country ,YOUR LIFE AND YOUR FAMILY was at stake!
but let me put dis situation in a way ur selfless hearts could understand.

if a powerfull country came lets say USA and BINDED 2 country for example france and the uk ..... because uk has a smaller population it would NOT have a VOICE

so if people were to VOTE it dosnt matter if 100% of the brittish vote oppose it the bigger country WINS!

NOW if u were one of them who voted and saw no change ..............


suja   May 16th, 2009 11:34 am ET

Bandara Alwis

if you want a buddist country, go to china.
ceylon is tamils country.
singhala vijaya is immegrant (came by bload)
he created a ethic and named to that ethnic arrogant singhalese.
singhalese have not any root.

We, tamils need justice
we, tamils want safe life

Sahan Wijewickrama   May 16th, 2009 11:46 am ET

Seeing most of these comments make me feel kinda sad towards the ones who thinks that SL should stop this war. There was this black n white conflict in America in the past. Just as it is here with Tamils n Sinhalese. There were conflicts between them but never occurred a situation like here in SL. Now look where they stand. First ever African American president was elected. Tamil Eelam supporters took the wrong path when they chose to act as a terrorist group. Coz of that decision they will never achieve what they wanted in the first place. Also during their so called freedom fight they were so helpless that they had to abduct their own people to gain advantage at war. That happens when you fight a war that you can't win. The Tamils overseas sees this situation in different perspective coz they have no clue what heck is happening here. But if they have elders with intelligence who lived their past lives in SL, ask from them and most of this LTTE supporters overseas will realize that they were living in a dream world. No matter what I say no matter what they say no matter how many comments there will be written here this war will end soon with the downfall of Eelaam.

Udesh   May 16th, 2009 11:52 am ET

I can't believe all the LTTE terrorist supporting comments displayed. I'm not sure how many of you are living in Sri Lanka. For the truth is told by the people coming out of the no fire zone..How their "brave" leader is treating them by are taking the food and medication sent by the government. Its not me who is saying this but the people who are escaping the LTTE. They actually fire at the escaping civillians. You can watch some of the videos in Youtube. LTTE is not a Tamil liberating party but just a terrorist group whose doings are so long that it is impossible to list out here. Prabhakaran took children of Tamils by force to make his army while his children had the best childhood with education in universities abroad...How can you comment on genocide when I strongly suspect that some of you live safe and sound abroad. I am a sinhalese but to me they are not tamils they are Sri Lankans.....By the way to some who think the terrorist Prabhakaran will escape dream on.....A leader doesn't hide in the no fire zone amidst the civilians so he can't be fired at. He is someone who admits defeat so that "his people" are unharmed.

Karnan   May 16th, 2009 11:57 am ET

We Tamils have protested all over the world for Last 2 months asking for an immediate ceasefire to stop the killings of innocent civilians (not LTTE). All went on to the deaf ears, our voices been ignored, now enough is enough .we realised that there will be no Justice for Tamils, No point calling the ceasefire anymore as the SL government has occupied almost the whole Tamil homeland, but surely this will not bring the freedom for Tamils. We have been ignored by the whole world, We will fight back, we will never surrender. All the Tamils in the world are now angry , we will take revenge , no one can stop us . According to the Newton’s law, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
I am a father of 1, British citizen ,have a good job , but there is no peace in mind. I love EELAM and my people I am now ready to go, fight and die for my country and people. I have seen many dead bodies of Tamil babies ,women, and elderly who had been massacred by the Sri Lankan government .
A Kind request to our honourable leader MR.Prabaharan , please don’t trust the international community ,you have given them enough chance , last 8 years we Tamils have showed our commitments to bring a peaceful solution with the help of international community , but we have been cheated by the world , Enough is enough.As long as there is a place for us to land we are ready to come to Eelam and give you a hand .

keith   May 16th, 2009 11:58 am ET

I think international community has to take responsibility for current situation.The LTTE came to negotiation while it was strong possition and in the verge of capturing Jaffna but as good gesture to get international recognition it came to negotitian while goverment busy assulting and got beaten up again and agian.But later killer state busy breaking peace agreement ,IC has been also busy baning LTTE in foreign country without listening to the tamils cries.
Now its the duty of IC to safe gurd tamils from killing SL foces.
The tamils simply dont belive or feel secur with occupational forces.
For example,UK channel 4 reporter succesfully shed the lights on treatment of tamil in the nazi style concentration gamps.
The IC community should immediately take actions to save tamils and over seas concentration gamp.
Simple but basic things have to implemeted like allowing independent news agency to see and report war news.We tamils lost trust and doubts credibilty of the government news long ago in 30 yrs course of war while armed forces have been busy killing and deporting jurnalist.Further,We dont belive LTTE forcefully detain people since forces brutally treating those who forced to move goverment controll area-nobody like being seperated,raped,killed and forced to stave.Indded there are force to come to SL control area by putting pressure in the form of shelling their shelters ,hospitals,and deny medicine and food and only to tell out side world that they are escaping from LTTE.But they like to stay with LTTE whom they blieve.
The war crime tribunal has to start investigating war criminals and generals in the armed forces rank.

Eranga   May 16th, 2009 12:12 pm ET

As a Sri Lankan, I would like to mention the war will get stop sooner as possible. Only few VIP Tamil Tigers are running all over the place. Its like hide and seek. All other Tamil people are rescue from Lankan forces. Thanks for that.....

pathum   May 16th, 2009 12:29 pm ET

Dear All,

From the very moment I was born I have lived all my life,every second of it here in Srilanka. I had seen the war through the entire course of it.
Now I'm glad it's nearing it's end. Ruthless LTTE , #01 Terrorist organization in the world according to the FBI and proscribed as a shameless terror organization by the whole of UN for child soldiering and by majority of the globe, is nearing it's last hours,if not seconds.

Srilanka had enough of this war,over 30 years it devastated it's economy.Killed in thousands. But now LTTE is about to pay for it's crimes against whole world.

Before I go ahead with any other comments, I would like to answer all who had commented that there is a tamil genocide in Srilanka.For those of you think like that,those who think that this war is done without transparency, please visit which carries aerial footages of the NFZ. On the contrary you'll see that LTTE is firing at fleeing civillians. If it was a genocide, SL Army would have ended this war long ago within a matter of 20 minutes using MBRL's alone.But they won't . They are a humanitarian army. Their purpose is to free the civilians from the LTTE terror clutches. So they had taken more casualities to them selves in order to prevent collateral damage.I hail to them.They are not humans,but divine gods in human form.

Shan   May 16th, 2009 12:35 pm ET

There are many more thousands of civilians have been killed by Sri Lankan army even after Mr Obama speech on May 13. Sri Lanka do not care world opinion or its people. We need to teach them a lesson on their language, which is stop the ALL AIDS TO SRI LANKA and place a ECONOMIC SANCTION until they come to term with Tamils.

subashini   May 16th, 2009 12:48 pm ET

In Srilanka before the Protégées, Dutch, English men came to Srilanka it was Rule by Tamil people. Tamil people are the Aboriginal People of Srilanka. Sinhalese came from Orisa (Kalingam-India), they are nothing to do with Srilanka. Actually Srilanka was a dominated country by Tamils. They had good relationship with Tamil Nadu-India. But when British people leave Srilanka our Tamil people would have ask (when Independence time) the separation for Tamil people has earlier like Jina in Pakistan. So it would have solved as India and Pakistan. But our Tamil leaders failed to do that, because they have trusted the Sinhalese people will be as friendly and genuine (trustworthy) but lately Tamil people was cheated by Sinhalese even though after independence little by little asked the Srilankan Govt for equal rights to the Tamil people by our Tamil political leaders as so many hunger fasting, But our leaders massacred by Sinhalese police men and Army by the order of Srilankan Govt. After with out any solution our political leaders created LTTE to fight against Srilankan Govt using weapons. This is the one is going on about 30 years but at the moment Tamil people was cheated by Indian Gov. There fore at this critical situation we(Srilankan Tamils) think we can get our Tamil Eelam by America,England,Australia,Canada and European Community as trust worthy. Because we are fully cheated by Indian Govt specially by Indian Congress (Soniya and her colleagues). We are in desperate situation. So please we are expecting immediately stop the war against Tamils and make them peaceful. The polite Request to the above mentioned countries not India. Please give our Tamil ealam for us.

saman priyantha   May 16th, 2009 12:58 pm ET

Sri Lanka is an independent democratic country, which is against terrorism at the moment,Not against Tamil people.We only have the power to make decision,weather we break this country into two or not.ALL of those who comment here against Sri Lankan Government for LTTE are strictly advised herewith, that they may be victims of supporters of terrorism.AND all who are refugees from Sri Lanka those who supports to LTTE,must remember that they should have to come to Sri Lanka and they must have to pay the fine for supporting terrorism.IT IS STRONGLY SAID THAT SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT IS AGAINST TERRORISM NOT AGAINST TAMILS.

Gorge   May 16th, 2009 1:05 pm ET

Dear Sinhala friends,
U all r desperately trying to convience us that SL army is helping tamils even after seeing Satelit pic droped the brick.Well...Well...U all look desperate since cats out of the bag.
U all knw U all hate tamils bcs ur bible-Mahabamsa totaly against tamils and u all inspired by that fabricated stories.Secoundly,ur school books still teach and spread poision against tamil by telling the young ancent sinhala king`s story-who killed his father to come power and he couldnt sleep bcs one side was sea and other side was bloody tamils.He is regarded hero in sinhala nation even war criminal Mahinda Rajapaksa is nick-named and celebarated as Dushtagemunu for illing tamils.
we tamils dont hate u all since we dont teach anything like that to our kids unlike u all.
if u all can live with tamils u shud all have to learn to love tamils but u hates tamil it will never change.
last request,if u all really love tamils can anybody donate at least a dollar for tamils who r in the concentration camp and staving.If it sinhala people would have they allowed to stave?
How long r u all going to cheat the world?
DOnt u all belive that the world has civilized now?

Supun   May 16th, 2009 1:06 pm ET

I am a Sri Lankan..As a Sri Lankan I think foriegn countries must stay out.
If you really want to do something FIRST STOP KILLING PEOPLE IN AFGANISTHAN!!!! Who the hell are you to interfere with our country?

NO matter what those Lying CNN will say.. SL will be a free land in few hours. If somehow bloody Piribaharan survives, please give a part of CNN for him to live, bcz if he goes to any country with human beings he will kill them. He dont know anything else. Just see how he shoots inocent children.. that basterd ..


Pamo   May 16th, 2009 1:12 pm ET

LTTE is killing thier own kind saying they r going to build elam for tamils. What is the freedom u get by killing ur own brothers. Sri Lanka is small but big enough for both tamils and sinhala people to live happily and peacefully. Don't try to devide our country. It will be cuting u r birth mother into two pieces so each brother can have a pieace.

taz   May 16th, 2009 1:30 pm ET

what really happening in sri lanka is srilankan govenment fighting against the terror. this war been on going for nearly 3 decades and finaly its coming to a end. all these comments about that srilanka government killinginnocent people and bombing inside the war zone are nonsence and the realit is tamil tigers holding innocent tail civilions as a human shield. The srilankan army trying there best to rescue the innocent people from the hands of the L.T.T.E.
The funny thing is no one really care about how many innocent people died in other areas in srilanka from the attacks of the L.T.T.E and no one really care when they force innocent tamil kids to fight for their behalf. if the givernment want to finish the war by wiping out all the tamils who stuck in the war zone they could have done it already but they been patient and in a mission resuce the civilians and rescue the country from the terrorist.
Finaly i think all these tamil people who lives in europe and america may be dislike th fact that once the war is over they have to go back to srilanka and non of them will be able to appeal for asylum again. I think they scared that they might lose lose their luxsuary life in the western world. I believe all the western governments should be aware of this fact. You can try to hide the truth, but truth will find you.

Tharma.k   May 16th, 2009 1:35 pm ET

Please stop the genocide in Srilanka.Take necessary action to safe the lifes of thousands of thousands people.

Devi   May 16th, 2009 1:38 pm ET

The singalish people bomb tamils who lived in there mother land.Even the Singalish goverment rape woman and girls and then kill them.For many years tamils have suffered and many countries say tamils are terrorists.Canada is a failure. Would you want help if your family and your country is dying and the goverment is not helping you.My uncle is there and I never met him and my great grandmother is there and I am worried about them. the goverment ignores us. I think obama is the one who will change our lives(tamils).

Anuch   May 16th, 2009 1:47 pm ET

I've been in Sri Lanka throughout my whole life..And as a person who has been IN da country i've seen wat LTTE done to the country. Half of the LTTE supporters commenting here are not even in Sri Lanka..Dey are trying show da patriotism using a laptop or a pc.Wat da hell does they know about the current situation in the country? Da sad thing is dese ppl are still fools to believe tamil net...If ul are real patriots come to Sri Lanka and go to ppl hu are been rescued and listen dem. U lived a grand life in other countries while those innocent people were living in the hell of prabakaran and the LTTE..If u r a real patriot u shud b happy for them to be rescued..Army soldiers had given there food packet for the people hu were rescued and given dere life to save dem..DO NOT INSULT DA SRI LANKAN ARMY....Thousands of army soldiers die from this RESCUE MISSION...and da ppl are been rescued are TAMILS... Do u think dey stay in dose bunkers away from there families for months and die in this mission to rape girls?Oh please!
President Mahinda Rajapaksa is saving the country..All will be living under one flag soon...Just without wasting time on tamil net try to come to sri lanka and see the real situation...Whoever watever says everything will be over soon..No one can divide our country! Specially not the LTTE supporters who get paid for talking for the LTTE....

laseika   May 16th, 2009 1:52 pm ET

we want tamil elim

Young Tamil.   May 16th, 2009 1:58 pm ET

Can i just raise a point ....
The Sri Lankan army are killing the Tigers saying that the Tigers are the 'bad guys' and the Government are blaming the Tigers for the mass killing on the Citizens. But think about this, there are hardly ANY Tamil Tigers left and yet there are still mass killings of the Citizens. In addition, the tamils are saying that the Tigers aren't the 'bad guys' – so why are people saying they're terrorist and why can't people just OPEN THEIR EYES and see who the culprets are in this case.

I honestly think that ACTION should be taken INSTANTLY; because TIME is RUNNING OUT and srilanka isn't going to be 'sri lanka' anymore.

Pluss.. I agree with Bandara Alwis. There are lies coming out of both the government and the army... The Sinhelese aren't keeping their facts right and are persuading the media and so on that they're the 'good guys'.
This is truly stupid and i just noticed that MANY comments are being posted each minute.... Sooo... ACTION must be taken NOW!... Stop waiting around as Tamils are goign to be instinct!!!! >=[.

Thank you.
Young Tamil.

Aki   May 16th, 2009 2:17 pm ET

It is a humanitarian issue! who is the sl govt to kill another human being. They say LTTE is terrorist to me, so is the govt, attacking innocent civilins and filling their pocket under the name of war. It is easy for anyone to comment being far away from home country and leading a wonderful life. If you ask people who have witnessed and still witnessing, you will understand the pain. The war has been a series of revenge and payback. Where has the budism lessons gone????? weren't you thought to forgive, not to kill, not to be greedy???? and you still call it a holly budhist country????

Thiyagu.V   May 16th, 2009 2:41 pm ET

Deasr Sir,
when ever tamils ask for their rights the sinhala government started riots.People peacefull negotiations failed.Tamils were forced to take up arms. The shala govts trys all methods to stop tamil representation in Ceylon parliament .Analyse the action of SL .government in the divided Eastern Provivce of recent past.LTTE was forced to take up arms when peaceful negotiations with international help failed. and the SL .govt failed to place their terms.The present war was forced on LTTE by the present govt.

silva   May 16th, 2009 3:09 pm ET

The plight of the civilians caught in the conflict is indeed very pathetic. The Sri Lankan government is announcing that the people are fleeing from the conflict zone in to the Government controlled areas. But certain charitable organisations on the ground, working among the Internally Displaced People (IDP) with their meagre resources are saying that this is simply not the ground reality. It is nothing but government propaganda. The Rajapaksha regime is desperate to show themselves as the true 'liberators' of the Tamils and hence the spin-doctoring of the humanitarian mask, while the civilian Tamil population is going through a humanitarian catastrophe.
The problem here however is two-fold. Tamil civilians are not in a position to trust their lives with the Sinhala army. Hence, crossing to the other side is a major psychological nightmare – it is seen by them as walking into an "enemy trap". The government side is not seen as an angel of mercy.
Secondly, the sense of loyalty. These people have lived under the Tiger rule for many years. This they did voluntarily. Now that the going is tough, just running to the other side does not solve anything – they are certainly not running over to greener pastures.

It is known when the Government forces entered and captured towns from mannar(Northwest srilanka) to Mulithivu (Northease srilanka) it was nothing but a ghost towns.However, Now the question arises where did all the thousands of civilians disappear?who stop the civilians flee to government control area. They did not cross over to the government controlled areas. That much is sure.

The point is, the government is trying to claim a high moral ground by creating this imaginative scenario in which they are seen as the saviours of the fleeing IDPs. What they are failing to acknowledge is that these IDPs are citizens and hence the State has every reason to protect them from Government aerial bombings and armed terror. As citizens of the land they can live where they will. It is the State-sponsored genocide policy that must stop.
Displaced civilians who do manage to leave the war zone are held in government-managed 'concentration camps' to which there is no media access ,no NGOs ,no out siders and only control by army. There are young women’s are screaming at night time said,People living nearby to relatives in foreign country. Some women’s and men’s who lost their parents in army bombing been taken into the container and disappeared. People also hear screaming for help from inside the containers.
There are news agencies, UN- John Holmes and websites who claim that the civilians interviewed in the camps accused the LTTE for firing on them and preventing them fleeing. How far these news agencies can expect the civilians living under such terrified conditions to tell the truth other than what is wanted by those who have detained them.

"Now, what is happening here is genocide in many forms. Needless to say scattering people all over to unknown and unfamiliar places will ultimately lead to a weak population and result in damages done to our culture, education, and relationships. I can foresee a maimed Tamil generation with no hope in the future. The international community can make statements. But none will pay heed. For me the future looks dark and gloomy.
The Tamil civilians do not have to be pawns in this lethal game. Scoring points with innocent people's lives is utterly despicable.

The sad truth nonetheless is, the rhetoric of eradicating terrorism is just a misapprehension of the ground reality. The Government has managed to secure only a "Symbolic" victory after losing thousands of lives. The battle seem to have been in favour of the State forces. But sadly the war is far from over.

Walking into vanni does not eradicate the perennial Tamil Question for self-determination. Unless and until every Tamil civilian feels safe and free in their homeland the Sri Lanka state is simply deceiving the Sinhala masses.

Sadly, the real cost is paid daily by the poor Tamil civilians. By doing so, the Government is not gaining the sympathy of the Tamils.

End of the day, for Colombo, its all part of a big deception. Tragically, for the IDPs its crucifixion.

Anuradha   May 16th, 2009 3:19 pm ET

Sri Lankan Government is handling the war situation better than anybody else in the world . Rescuing more than 200,000 lives of civilians who happened to be Tamil is the best proof. It is also honorable that they do this in spite of all the international pressure.
The objection to end the war from Tamil diaspora is obvious for their selfish reasons.

Naveen   May 16th, 2009 3:29 pm ET

A simple question –

If Osama was cornered like Prabhakaran would you stop the war on terror in Afghanistan??