May 7, 2009
Posted: 1500 GMT

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John   May 7th, 2009 5:56 pm ET

If my bank was not gonna survive, it would have been bankrupt already. The worst times are already over. Any bank or company that made it till now, will make it till the end!

Marc   May 7th, 2009 7:17 pm ET

I think the question is, how long will the bank survive. Maybe it would even be better to build a new bank instead!

(my Bank is the UBS, no offense it's just a philosophical question)

Gaya   May 11th, 2009 7:16 pm ET

I strongly believe and urge the international especially UN to intervene for number of reasons:

To stop the Blood sucker “Sri Lankan President” from killing innocents.

To stop Sri Lankan Militants raping women and children at age of any. To stop these filthy animal acts of Rajabakshee’s so called militants. And his brother proudly claims such act as bravery. As all know Sri Lankan Millitants are well known for raping. Some of the Sri Lankan Militants were punished by the international for executing such act in Iraq. Animals behave much better than these so called militants.

To allow international medias and diplomatic to gather/reveal factual information regarding the bloody acts that Sri Lankan government has launched against the innocent tamilians.

To reveal the brutal act of Sri Lankan government and to take off it’s Mask of blameless. To punish the War monger Rajabaksee and his people in front of the international war court.

Above all to save the innocents that are being killed/rapped seconds by second by the so Called Animals and Blood suckers “SRI LANKAN SINGALEESH GOVERNMENT.

What more evidences needed for this international to take actions against this Singhalese blood suckers.

Neranjan   May 12th, 2009 6:33 am ET

First of all don’t write comment on wrong polls you dumb ‘GAYA’ Sucker, then who the hack are you to blaming Sri Lankan, if we don’t know any better I say you’re also a LTTE terrorist dude, so be careful what you’re saying. President came to power from people’s votes in order to finish this terrorism in the country & to take necessary action that most previous leaders failed to do.

LTTE terrorist are shooting at people who tries to escape from them & keep their own Tamil people as a defense wall, but Sri Lankan Military does not drop bombs to them like Americans does to Afghans. And please don’t write lies dude Sri Lankan Militants were never punished by international, I don’t know maybe you might be such raper.

As the whole world knows American militants controlled the media in operation Iraq freedom to hide the massive killings they did. But in Sri Lanka there is no such media controlling, we all see what actually happening. Only few international Medias were banned from Sri Lanka due to providing false stories to the world just like you dude.

Finally mind your own business, because we/people in this country decides what best for us not the international.

yuga   May 12th, 2009 7:16 am ET

i'm directly talking to the GAYA...i dont know where u came from or who u are and i dont care....
i really appreciate if u comment about the war in my country by knowing the correct facts....I'm proud to say I'm a Sri lankan and i'm proud about our Forces.....because i'm standing on my motherland and i feel the truth...

do you ever heard what is the world says about Sri Lankan forces and their war behaviors. i guess you don't. u just framed to a so-called
raping fact and the president and just calling our war heroes 'blood sucker' .you better know,who are the real blood suckers....the people who came out from NON FIRE ZONE(NFZ), u better ask from them, the real people who taste the both Sri Lankan army and LTTE....they will make your mind clear about the real blood suckers.

as you say, the tamil people are innocent.Me, my country and our all the forces know about that.....but you better distinguish the terrorist from the 'innocent tamil person'. may be you dont know there are lot of tamil people in the other areas of the Sri Lanka and they work with the Sinhaleas and help each others because they are SRI LANKANS...those people have no separations whether they are tamil or sinhala.....

u better ask from the people who have escaped from the NFZ how they were treated and now how they are...u better ask from the tamil mothers who staying with the Sri lankan army "where you can assure the safety for your growing ten year old son?" she sure will say "it safe with Sri Lankan army for my son". because she knows her son will not disappear on some day and return to her with a Gun to kill their own people....

gaya..u just talk about the brutality about the Sri Lankan army whether it is so-called.but haven't you seen the brutality of the LTTE..

what have they done to the little children..... may be they are on ur brother's age...while your brother is playing they are trained with heavy machine guns.....

haven't you seen how they use the girls in the same age of your sisters.....they corrupt their minds and make them suiside bombers...

did the LTTE leader prabhakaran ask his daughter to be a Suiside Bomber....??

just think my dear fellow is your argument are fair....may be u just don't know what is going on actually.....


so the fellow GAYA, you better be aware pointing your finger on Or war heroes....because you are not pointing only to them...but for my NATION...a nation made by several nationalities but they owns the Blood of same mother, the MOTHER SRI LANKA and futher more u have said "What more evidences needed for this international to take actions against this Singhalese blood suckers." but i would like to remember you there are no evidence to do what you people need to do to my motherland and you people will fail with out no doubt because WE ARE SRI LANKANS and WE ARE SO STRONG more than you image.

Asith Fernando   May 12th, 2009 12:23 pm ET

IC shall assist govermnet of Sri Lanka to eradicate the world's most terror group of LTTE due to abuse of children of their own.

Chellappah   May 12th, 2009 12:56 pm ET

Thanks for choosing the srilanka cituatins to vote.
current cituation is very very bad in northeast Srilanka(vanni)lat saterday night (10/05/09) morethan 3000 tamills killed by srilankan govenment, they used all type of world band bomb (chemicl, claster posparas bombs)
please consider voting by number because this broplem for only tamils. percentagewise sinhalese 3 times higerthan tamills
I would like to mention, If LTTE killing tamil civilions, how is 90% of tamils are supporting to LTTE . Now all over the world tamils are demostrating to support to Tamileealam
when you put the Srilankan govenment false news, that incarage to srilankan govenment genoside

devika   May 12th, 2009 4:03 pm ET

Yes , the entire world must help sri lanka to irradicate the LTTE terrorist from this nation once and for all .
Can you see how these terrorist who have gone as asylym seekers are behaving in UK, Australia & Canada .
As child soldiers are sent to the war front by these shameless terrorist group children who have no clue of what is happening has been already brain washed & parading in all major cities in the world . It is time the world take action and deport all these terrorist from their peaceful countries.
Thank You

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