April 22, 2009
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Lisa Cash   April 22nd, 2009 3:23 pm ET

I'm always surprised that you read the results without mentioning how many poll takers participated. 😉

San Francisco & Germany

Vivek   April 22nd, 2009 7:31 pm ET

A past horror can never be the excuse for a sustained, directed program of containment against a people.
Mere 'technicalities' of wether the IDF killed people 'as per rules' is a moot point.
Life is life and should be held sacred everywhere – and paranoia cannot become the basis for lethal action as a means to instill security by force.

Carl Zaisser   April 22nd, 2009 7:31 pm ET

The question is not IF Israel committed war crimes in Gaza. Anyone with lucid intelligence who read and followed what went on (going back to 1947 and 1917, in fact) in Gaza would be an absolute fool to question the IF. The REAL QUESTION is when will the Western media, European democracies and the United States stop pretending there is even a question about these war crimes and human rights violations. This media and these governments are complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and the genocidal strategy and acts committed in Gaza last December and January. Just kindly wake the hell up, will you?

frank   April 22nd, 2009 7:32 pm ET

Isreal committed war crime and it has to pay for. this is not the time of saying " we are sorry".

Sam-from kenya   April 22nd, 2009 7:33 pm ET

Yes and we all say it, they even killed innocent chicken!

Georges   April 22nd, 2009 7:39 pm ET

crime is crime and this masive crime should not go with out spotting and addressing from the international community. We are evolving into a new era where Israel should be protected by limiting its negative behaviour before it is too late.
Georges (Switzerland)

laura   April 22nd, 2009 7:44 pm ET

It is a crime and it is a crime to deny it. If we want history not to be source of future "terrorists" then we have to stop Israel now from killing under its justification of existing in this word. If it needs to exist then it needs to be clean and not a criminal. What it has done since 1948 is more than enough. and it will always be haunted be its crimes.
Laura (Geneve)

Alaine Apap Bologna   April 22nd, 2009 7:44 pm ET

Your personal views on Israel have created a conflict of interest on what happened in Gaza. To me, this shows poor journalism- sorry!

Bushra K.H   April 22nd, 2009 7:52 pm ET

No two thoughts about it. Israel didn't only commit war crimes, it has repeatedly committed crimes against humanity. About time they're taken to task for that.

Spiro   April 22nd, 2009 7:52 pm ET

It is time to correct a historical error of giving Israel more than it deserves. Now it became a monster that influence the international community and change facts. We should wake up and create peace and equality just as we care about green environment and animal rights. Those are souls of inosent children which still alive and seek peace in heaven. For their sake we need to wake up.

Captain330   April 22nd, 2009 11:30 pm ET

I thought twice before posting, but the second time i thought whether or not i will post i noticed what the world led me to think ....

Today i have to think twice before saying something about isreal !!!!
Why ? Due to an overwhelming propaganda led by the israeli government to always remind people what happened in tha past to them ....
Feeling of compassion, i would say YES, what the jewish underwent in the past couldn't be forget, but to use this pretext to kill thousands of people and making them homeless, i say ENOUGH !!!!!! It has been done too much time in the past without saying a word !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 1948 they came in an INHABITED land, and with the help of western power, they began their expansion !!!
They barely came that they began to start war with their neighboor (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon...), weakened by that and due to several agreement signed with isreal, arabs countries were unable to help palestinians, and it has kept on this way since today....

Do you think Israel committed “war crimes” in Gaza,
I'm laughing when i read such a question .... Is it necessary to ask it ??? Can't you see it !!!

Ahmedinejad was too excessive to say such things in such context, but there was nothing racial about what he said !!!! This is the true !!!

One day, i read an interview in the "Figaro" a french newspapers with shimon peres, it was during the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of israel, and the reporter asked him if they were always thinking about exapansion, and peres declared it was something they didn't reject ....
It doesn't forebode better days ....

PS: excuse me for my rough english i'm french and you know, english and us make two ( french statement ^^ )

someone   April 23rd, 2009 10:50 am ET

we all saw the pictures, no question Israel has committed war and human rights crimes in Gaza, I just wonder what other crimes in the past it has committed without the world taking notice to, but for my part I think that the whole idea of "Israel" is a crime.

Justice Now   April 23rd, 2009 4:59 pm ET

Well, also try to ask whether Hamas firing indiscriminately into Israel with the intention to kill as many as possible, is not an act of war crime.
I don't think the world want to be honest about solving the issue of Israeli and Palestinians. When will the world also stand firm and call on all right thinking Moslems to stand up and denounce the use of Koran and Islam in the cause of evil?
When will the world demand that the Muslims world also live up to the demand of showing respect to other religion -Those they often disrespectfully refers to as ‘infidels’-, who gave them the right to call others infidel, when others are not even allowed to criticise the evils linked with Islam?
How come that all the conflicts and terror around the world are often carried out in the name of Islam and those perpetrating such evil often seal their evil with verses from the Koran and other Islamic citations to prove their point.
Think of the development around the world and see the difference in the action taken by the world community.
In Sudan, Muslims are freely and systematically massacring the African populations in their own land, the world refuse to call it what it is genocide
In Nigeria, Muslims are freely killing the Christians at will and without any provocation.
In Palestine, it’s about the Islamic Hamas having the agenda to wipe out Israel without compromise, this are just to mention but few.
The question is how long must the madness continue before the world question the ‘Peaceful’ nature of Islam. When will the world accept the fact that the current practice of Islam is complete opposite of what peace should be?
Unfortunately, the world seems to bulge for terror and do everything to pacify those that use it as a means of getting their way. The world was ready to attack Israel for mistreating Palestinians but not ready to recognise the independent struggle of the Tamils from Sri Lanka , the people of Eastern Nigeria (former Biafrans), the Southern Sudanese (Also Darfur), and so many others.
Israel has the right just as any other country to defend itself and to destroy any threat to its existence. Palestinians have had far more support than any other known independent struggling group, yet they have not show any serious sign that their intention of having their own state is not to go after the destruction of another nation, rather than to think constructively of building their own country and live in peace with their neighbours.

Bruce Allan   April 23rd, 2009 5:02 pm ET

All the Palestinians had to do to stop the Israeli "invasion" was to stop firing rockets into Israel. How difficult is that to understand!!

Captain330   April 23rd, 2009 6:55 pm ET

Well, first try not to get confused with problems which come from coran which are mainly related to bad interpreting because this is an other matter ...

Then, I don't think that you need any kind of religion to react to an agression. So, from this point, i think we can talk without putting faith and religion in the subject !!
So,Justice Now, you're actually totally out of the matter...

We are always turning around the same point, there are those who think about current events without caring about the past and those who don't !
And the frustration and the violence which come from palestinians and other government like Iran is due to the memories of the past and refusal to accept things to go on the wrong way .

Bruce Allan, i just would like to reminsce you about the fact that these rockets were mainly landing in the middle of nowhere, and a so excessively equipped power like israel is widely able to intercep these rockets !!!

Hope   April 23rd, 2009 7:08 pm ET

Is this a trick question? my goldfish can answer it...YES.

me   April 23rd, 2009 7:32 pm ET

what bruce allane failed to mention above is that during the 6 months truce between hamas and israel before the massacre in gaza hamas did not fire any rocket, meanwhile israel continued to kill palestinian farmers and civilians on a daily bases and held a siege on gaza until there was no clean water to drink and even no electricity in gaza.

Sayah   April 24th, 2009 10:42 pm ET

Hi everybody!
Let us just talk and avoid making new enemies.
I understand the right of Israel to defend itself for the simple reason that the “Jews” suffered a lot throughout history merely for being “Jews”. Auschwitz- Birkenau was the culminating point. Millions of innocent people were transported by trains from different cities in Europe to these concentration camps to be gassed, experimented on or left to die by illness, diseases and starvation. Of course, the majority of them were Jews, but there were also gypsies and coloured people.
However, what I do not understand is the European countries stubbornness to face the past; to assume their responsibility for not preventing that genocide. More than that, they have thrown their burden over the shoulders of the Palestinian people. And now, it is up to Gaza and Jericho to pay for Europe’s past wrong doings. It’s what we can call the theory of “Payer les Pots cassés”.
Sometimes it comes to mind and I start wondering whether the Palestinians have something to do with Auschwitz.
Justice Now; yes, but HOW and WHERE?!

Bruce Allan   April 25th, 2009 3:10 pm ET

No one can deny that Israel massivley overreacted to the rocket firing by Hammas. What I find very difficult to understand is why the Hamas leadership allowed it to go on, if you take it to its logical conclusion, Hammas fires rockets and Kills 6 Israelis, Israel masscres 1000. How many times can this happen before the civilian population is completely masacred by Israel. I would place money on the fact that the Hammas leadership who allowed the firing of the rockets were safely ensconced in the Lebanon. The blame for all the innocent civilians killed can be equally shared by the Hammas leadership and Israel. Does nobody care about all the innocents? It would appear not.

Captain330   April 25th, 2009 5:59 pm ET

I'm totally in agreement with Sayah !!

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