April 21, 2009
Posted: 1459 GMT

Hello everyone,

Yesterday's Idesk poll shattered our previous participation record. THOUSANDS of you weighed in on the Ahmadenijad at the UN anti-racism conference question, so thank you!

We played around with today's question and settled on a survey about the environment. Because tomorrow is Earth Day, we are asking you if you consider yourself "environmentally conscious."

We're not just talking about recycling, but also about wasting less in the first place, re-using plastic bags, turning off lights, buying smaller cars or re-using rain water in your gardens.

In the comment section, tell us what you have been doing differently to try to preserve the environment.

I will be reading out poll results with Guillermo Arduino and discussing some of your comments with him live on the show. Guillermo will discuss some of his new "green habits" as well..

So vote – and tune in!



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Marc   April 21st, 2009 3:47 pm ET

Hi Hala and the I-desk team
We're recycling in Belgium for years, but we dont know where its going.Maybe in Africa where a lot of old cars , pc's and plastic are dumped.
Here, the local government gives subsidy for rain wells, but after a few years, the owners pay tax on their rain well.So who is screwed?

It is not that people do not want, but they are from all parts of the government opposed.

The government thinks only of their own and not the people or the environment.
Bye bye from Belgium.

Anne   April 21st, 2009 5:59 pm ET

Like Marc says in Belgium we have been recycling for many years, not as much as Germany who is the top in the subject in Europe but anyway! There are still many questions open but I think it’s a start and we are in the good direction.
Even at my work we established a work group for new green ideas inside de company; Turn de PC off for the night, turn off the lights during the day, turn off the air-conditioning en open de window…
Chacun à sa propre échelle…

Anne de Belgique (cocotteloup)

Marc   April 21st, 2009 6:23 pm ET

A small country like Belgium will not have any inpact to the world environment.
If the large country like USA, China, Russia and others want the make an effort.
Bye bye from Belgium.

bl8ant   April 21st, 2009 6:47 pm ET

Hi Hala,
Tomorrow is Earth Day, and when i turned 16years old the 1st Earth Day was declared. For me it was more than auspicious, I have embraced so many different attitudes and let go of so many attachments, I gave up my beloved car 15 years ago and only ride a bike, that was my biggest sacrifice , i loved the freedom to hit the highway whenever i felt the in Paris in 3 or 4 hours, Portugal, in 3 days, a certain Control over one's life...mobility. I can't pack my 3 kids on my bike very

We moved to Amsterdam. Lifestyle here is best enjoyed on a bike. and you can pack 3 kids on a bike here!!! lol
another quirky thing ...the hot water faucet in the kitchen is broken, but we also have a dishwasher, i have refused to fix it, and we use the machine 3 times a week. we recycle glass, paper, batteries .
We use a big straw basket to take to the market, no plastic/paper needed. We support the local farmers in the open street markets rather than the chains of supermarkets...want more? it's easy actually and it just feels better to be deliberate in eliminating the little hypocrisies we live with. as much as we can. :o)

oliver   April 21st, 2009 7:27 pm ET

Cnn its my life i loved good channel the best in the world and i love behavior hala gorani in news because she have good talk and good voice haved and every day i see cnn

abayomi   April 21st, 2009 8:19 pm ET

As individuals, how much potection can we offer the environment, especially in countries where the system does not support the little efforts you might want to put in. Environmental protection cannot be achieved by individual effort, it has to be a collective effort by both government and the governed.

Itai   April 22nd, 2009 1:08 am ET

a great topic!

i recycle most stuff
i recycle paper and all kinds of metall as also glas
i re use plastic bags if i go to the market i take the old bag with me to reuse it as often as possible
i never throw batteries into the trash i allways bring them to a depot
i often use rain water in my garden .. in this case not because i wanna save water ... i just use it because its better for the plants 🙂
if i go to a shop and buy stuff which is packed into unnessesary plastic or paper or what ever o make it looking biger, i take all the unnessesary stuff away and let it in the shop!
this is to show the shop that the unnessesary package is bad to oure resources and that they have to put it by them self into the trash on theyr cost .. so if they keep using unnessesary packages to make stuff looking biger or greater its not for me and its only against them self
if i have old electronic stuff i search for people who can use it and i spend it to them or i bring it to a recycling depot or factory
i my self dont have a car or a mtorcycle i use a bike or i use the public traffic as a train or bus or such things
i also save water when i wash my dishes ... i wash them all in the same water and then after it i wash the soap away seperatly ... so i can save the water

my friend always turn all light on and i allways walk behind him to turn all unnecessary light off :))
if i clean the house i try to use products which are not bad for the nature... like some kind of biological soap wich is also very effective and better then much chemical stuff for oure earth 🙂
i in winter i try to use the heater as low as possible... maybe i have to wear a pullover in winter ... but in the other hand i produce a bit less CO2 🙂
i also often use the grey recycling paper if the chemical white paper is not nessesary .. also i have no problem with recycling toilet paper 🙂
if i buy producta as soap it is important for me that i can refill the bottle and that i dont have to buy all the time a new bottle
if i wash my clothes i try to use minimal soap and no additions and i dont wash if the machine is only half full!
in the house i use lamps with eco-light ... a kind of energy saving lamp which have a longer life time and use a lot of less energy then normal lamps ... these cost a bit more ... but what they cost more i can save when i pay the electricity and also if i have to buy less lamps (because the longer life time)
i also buy fresh food and i hate food in plastic anyway or food in a tube ... bahhh :)) ... sometimes i also have to buy such industrial cosmonaute food ... but i try to keep it minimal 😉
i also don like te coffee from the machine which needs a capsule for each coffee ... this system is evil to our nature!
if i go hiking into the great nature i also dont throw away any trash as the plastic around the sandwhich ... i often do the opposite and collect all the trash i find ... like old filters of cigaretts which i find sady often in nature as also other trash ... i take all the trash with me in a seperate bag nd bring it back to the city :))

and also i would like to add...
to me i dont care if tomorrow i earth or heaven day ... i give the best all days!

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