March 31, 2009
Posted: 1451 GMT

Hello everyone,

Just as I settled in to write this, our international desk put London-based correspondent Paula Newton on the air: breaking news – the Bank of England has just been evacuated after a bomb threat.

The city is on edge as the G20 meeting starts getting under way. Bankers are the bad guys, these days. Central bankers are also responsible for this mess, say the critics, so any package left unattended in the financial district is assumed to be a bomb.

Anti-globalization and other groups have promised protests. Bankers are told not to wear suits Wednesday so as not to attract attention. Bankers are the new villains. When times are tough, people need someone to blame. The heroes of the market boom say they are now victims of with hunts and global mass hysteria. Ditch the pinstripes and Thomas Pink shirts – it's for your own protection.

We'll be covering the security and the political angles of the G20 meeting. Financier George Soros says the G20 is a "make or break" event for markets. French President Nicolas Sarkozy says he will get up and leave if no concrete measures come out of the meeting. We'll take you live to Paris for more on that.

Also on tap: the Afghanistan conference in the Hague. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is there with a high level Iranian presence. We'll look at what was discussed a few days after President Obama announced an increase in troop levels and money to the Afghan war.

We will be running my interview with European Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana. He tells me the E.U will do more to help solve teh Afghanistan crisis. Tune in to find out how.

All that and the day's markets in just over an hour.

See you on TV,


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Bill S   March 31st, 2009 11:41 pm ET

Hell-o Hala,
I get the first post today .Going after the bankers,Hala you should sent a short note to you pal richard .I think he wears the suits and shirts you put in your post.I hope its not to late for Richard.The G20 will be all over the tv,so we will wait and see.Everyone will have a different take on that.Afghanistan Hala the I -desk could do years of shows on that mess.And never come to a end that will make all sides happy .Thats all see you on the other side of the screen Hala
Bill S

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