March 24, 2009
Posted: 1812 GMT

Here at I-desk, we staff are always working to bring you the latest and greatest–as well as the most significant and pertinent– news of the day.

The dry hum of nonstop activity tends to place each of us individually in our own cocoon of self containment-totally separated from anything non-news oriented.

To this extent we aren't always able to respond to  or even acknowledge all of the comments left on our blog. But let it be said: we are not ignoring you. We read all of your comments. And sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry and sometimes we even need to get someone to translate.

 Below we'd like to highlight some of our favorite viewer comments on the new show,  to encourage you to continue giving us your feedback on the issues of the day (and on our coverage of it):


First of all I'd like to congratulate Hala for her beauty and grace....and say that here in Brazil we could have this format to present the news: agile, interesting and fast.
I just loved to watch the way you do this program.

– Julio, Brazil

 Hey Hala & iDesk viewers,

I've been watching this new show on CNN and have been more impressed with it's presentation than the milliard of other news shows on the channel.

It's got character and some degree of personality which is always nice – it makes one feel a sense of familiarity with the presenting team.

I hope you (Hala) and your team will use this airtime as a forum to highlight the plight of many opressed peoples the world over and stress the need for our shared humanity, desire for peace, patience and most importantly MERCY.

It would be nice if the news agenda was made to reflect REAL issues, not just sensationalism and what is being rolled off all the other 24 hour news channels.

Peace out!

–         Khadija

 whatever happening in the show i love the show and i enjoy.god bless you and keeping work.

-Daniyal Pejman

 Hi Hala, I love your new show, it's fast paced and gives us all the latest news from around the world. I love the sport segment with Mark, you two are always funny together.

IDesk music is awesome, I feel like dancing when I hear it and your new Atlanta set is fabulous.

But the best thing on IDesk is you Hala Gorani, a great anchor and journalist, always very objective and fair, you care about news from all around the world and make CNN really International.

Keep up the great work the whole IDesk team

–         Rados


 We'll do our best to highlight issues and those comments we find most thoughtfully articulated each week here on the blog.

 For now, keep on checking back in with us and we'll keep on checking back in with you.

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tarek   March 24th, 2009 6:30 pm ET

hala you forget to put down my comments towrds you as an icecream, lol.
best wish to you and the rest.

tarek   March 24th, 2009 7:02 pm ET

to all i desk, i wish you best time. i would like to say bye bye my friends i really had a good time by commenting about deffrent subject, but now i feel fedup of making commen t that no one respond to it, made me feel my comments are funny and not that good, so no need to comment any more, unless you pay me. lol, just joking but there is one thing i want to tell you and its a secret, i donot like to edit my words and i dont like to read my comments twice, its understadable any way. so pleas take it easy have fun until this hard time goes a way and people return back their jobs and houses,
my last words to you ( be with GOD , GOD will be with you ).
best regards to you all.

Zuzana   March 24th, 2009 10:05 pm ET

Hello everyone,
I just wanna say that I am big IDesk fan. Since I first saw it at the CNN, I felt in love with this programme. I really enjoy Hala, think she is the best anchor, she is spontaneous and professional at same time, she knows how to be funny when it is proper. And I just admire her. Many people before me wrote in their comments all the positive things about this programme, I just have to agree. Love everything music, way it is presenting, live discussion with reporters and also Mari Ramos weather and the way she is doing it, etc.
I was gonna comment on your blogs and polls couple times, but was always too lazy. Now reading your last blog made me finally to do it.
I have a question. I just saw shot with Hala presenting IDesk in relation with CNN Road to Recovery. To me it seemed like Hala should be presenting Road to Recovery as main IDesks topic. I am not against it, just wanna make sure IDesk will stay as it was so far world news gathering programme.
Oh no you are already punishing me for this CNN says "poor signal" what am I gonna do? lol
Zuzana, Slovakia

Vineet Kaundilya   March 25th, 2009 7:58 pm ET


I used to watch your show daily and try to compare with other show like QMB etc. What I feeel that sometimes it is little bit monotonus like a news reading.I would suggest you to make it little bit more lively by having some creativity some little jokes, some little information( like the profitable moment in QMB ). May be you can also sit sometimes in chair and anchor the show :).
This is a one hour show and without creativity it will be boring.

Please don't think this is a critics this is only suggestion.


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