March 10, 2009
Posted: 1325 GMT

Here at the I-desk, we firmly believe in the importance – and more importantly the virtue – of the prevailing attitudes of the time. This is to say, that in our line of work, it’s important to capitalize on new forms of media to integrate viewers into the broadcast.


No more of this fourth wall stuff. Yes, we trust in your expertise and your collaborative import.


Our first attempt at this is through our daily polls, all of which are scattered throughout this page. Each morning, Hala and I (and sometimes Javier) correspond via various forms of communication to choose the very best and most pertinent topics.


Through a rigorous method of banter that often involves tears, frustration and a hefty dose of rejoicing (along with moments of epiphany) we choose from a highly competitive list to bring you the most pertinent issue of the day. From there, we whittle it down to a clear, concise question for you to both vote on and, if you so wish, comment on.


Thus far participation has seen its share of fluctuation. Michael Jackson’s declaration that he would be doing a 10-show stint in London precipitated a wide response—a fact that has multiple layers of meaning we still haven’t actually come to grips with.


We know that you have important things going on. That you might not always be near a computer or have access to the internet is understandable—and all that we ask is that you rectify this and participate in our poll with a quotidian dedication.


We’re not desperate. No, think of us as the 2 year-old who chews on the tip of a marker not because they like the taste but because they’re interested in the result. Yes, that’s our dedication to you, we’ll chew on the marker (and get our lips all colored and toxified).  


And if you have technical expertise to do so– we’d appreciate if you made an application for the iPhone specifically for our poll.

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tarek (BB)   March 13th, 2009 8:59 am ET

hi and how are you.
i wish you a good luck and a good future.
best regards to you , hala and cnn.

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